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Al Annual iSfopklioliIiTs' Mcei
ins; in Denver Xo Oufside
Interests Appear.
Burlington and Other Hill Offi
cials Are N7ot Xumbered
Among the Directors.
1i Special to The Tribune.
DENVER. Oct. 1.0. AHhotiyli nppar
! ently well founder! i eports have bPftu
" putting the Denver ami Iiio (Jrando un
der Ilarriman control one day and un
der Kill control the next day for
month paKl, the annual meeting of t ho
htoeliholdcrs of the eonmany held al
noon today in tliis city lid not rovcal
any .sensational features.
The stock holders selected the old
hoard of directors, without a single
change, and approved all of the acts
of the board of directors during the
past year.
The new board of directors is as fol
lows: George .7. Gould, Edward T. del'
ferv. Edwin Gould, Howard Gould. A.
II. Calef. Winslow 5. Pierce, Arthur
CoppclJ. Charles IT. Scblaoks and J. R
I he.i directors will meet m New
York within a few days and olecl. offi
ceis of the company for rho coming
Erv ear.
The board as elected this morning
is a GouJd board and does not. reveal
il the presence of any representative of
IK:' the Durlington or of the Union. laei fie.
reorganization of the operating de
parrntenl of the road lakes place it will
'. occur vfler the directors meeting in
jJP. ! ; New York.
w" ( . The fact (hat Vice President. Schlacks
rjs? .is to rennin where ho is and that lie
145 Y has worked for yearn wilh the sub-
; ordinate now operating the road is
rajJ r said 1o preclude the probability of any
j y Kweeping change?.
ije .
CIiViMNXATI. Ocl. 10. Thai any pro
r.J'; ' pored gmeral advance in freight rntej:
na (-.will ds-turl) eisllng hiisiiic condition;:.
I.HUfl that such an advance is not justi-
M3 :,fi( and will h vteoionslv contested by
I III" lending .vlilppe.i-s' orgiiui7.aliou of Ihe
' tfJ "nnlrv, was the (eimr of resolution?
'adopti d at a meeting of representatives
;,. I v( shippers ;intl other commercial organ
lgj '. i;:ntinii from many parts of the cotmtrv
r& - np,fl n,'ro ''ay.
few T,K dav was devoted lo a discussion
M' 1 of Mir- fir( Hlhiatlon. ami M whs do
's .' t'-rminil al once to inaugurate a strong
W liio..nimt in opposition to the eonlcni
5: 'philed advnnre in rales, find that a com-
miim lit erejiter whoso duty If shall lie
v'r lo propriRiilo a campaign of education on
frricht rates .-mil lo hMi all the powers
W n( I'ii gctn rn lonferfiice in dealing Willi
k tli.u suhjoi t
: Urpi-rxsi-nuiivos of trade orsanir.a lions
ni f:om St Iniis. I'lltshurp, C'lilcipo. In
ui -'diannpoilH. folninhus. Cleveland. Toledo,
W . fin. Innnli. rjiolunoini; Va.. Evaiisville,
Wi ;irn ll.tnif-. nn, other western cities,
orj in- !' iHiifr a iiK-etiiiK- here today to
illsi inaK a pnitesi aaln.u what ilnv de-
; eta! Ik ,i ianiai(;r) on iln part of (lie
m railroad- for a general advance In freight
hi The ii'i linn follows .i preliminary con
f rMK-e In Id a Wr, k !i;o in tills t-il v, ;f
OMsl I'idi d h repi' i it.i"e.s jf trade or-
Ij: How to Make Better Cough X
t .Syrup Than You Can Buy ?
f I
V A full pint of cough syrup
V enough lo Insl n family a long time ' y
V can he made by the recipe clvcn y
y below In five Tiiinutes, for oiilv 31- y
y cenf. Simple n.s it is, thero Is v
: notin'ng boiler al any price. It v
y usually stops n deep seated coimh y
. V III twenty-four hours, and Is "u y
V splendid houachold remedy for Y
T whooping cougli, cold?, hoarseness, V
V bronchitis, etc. y
V Take a pint or granulated sugar. T
: add i pint warm water and stir T
about two minutes, put ounces V
V Pines In u pint bottle and fill up Y
, .5. with syrup. Take a teaspoonful Y
i, every one. two or three Iiours. U Y
: keeps perfectly and the taste Is Y
.J. pleasing. Y
J. The chemlcat elements of pine Y
J. which are very healing to mem- Y
J, branes, are obtained In high pro- J
J, portion In PInex. the most valuable
: concentrated compound of N'orway J.
T Whito Pine Extract. Nono of the J.
weaker pine preparations will work J.
X with this recipe Your druggist
.i, has Pinex or can easily set It for J.
-!- J'oii. i
Strained honoy can be ned In- ?
.L stead of the syrup, and makes a X
X vcry'flno honey and plno tar cough J.
.!. syrup.
canizallons of several cities. Tlio object
is to combat the arguments for higher
freight rates, as mado ii a pamphlet re
cently issued by the chairman of the
Trunk Line association.
This pamphlet, in iioit, makes the
argument that the au.vhaMiuj po'wor of
railway earnings Is less now than in
1807. and that, therefor", freight rates
should be advanced av. Kist 10 per cent
The trade organizations aver that the
carriers' sworn statements to the Inter
state Commerce commission prove ceu-cluslvc-lj
that there Is no need for ;i ro
duclion In wages and thav the true basis
of comparison of railroad epilations Is
not financial rcsnlis. On ibis basis. It
Is declared that the car'icrs' sworn sta
tistics show tho following:
.Vet Income for all ""railroads In the
United Slates for JP07 was ? I (!, 101.1.13:
for JS7 It was $Sl.L,57..'iO'i. I-Jxeess J0'l7
over 1S07 Is ?36S.203.0.S2. nu increase of
153 per ecu I.
In connection with theto ligurcs. how
ever, uothlmr Is said abiut iTi.: Invest
ment from 1S07 to 1907 of hundreds of
millions of dollars in rnilr-vuls. The net
Income of 5lin.4ni.IOS for ino7 Is the net
return for all the railroad capita! invested
up to that time, while the net Income of
SI.l'57.r0G for ISO" represents the income
only from lln capital invested In rail
roads up lo that dale.
The first date. ISO", wan during the
financial depression following ike famous
panic of ISO::, when inanv of the rondf.
like many other kinds of business. wro
running at a loss: while the year J007 won
the most prosperous year ovor known in
the United States.
Following out this hue of financial ar
gument. It might bo wHI to note that
while in 1907 tho net eaniinK.s of all the
railroads was ?1 IP.Mi,i!)R. ml.i i...n venrs
before, that, in 1M7. was onlv l5Sl"2."7,
."i0i. in the year 1S07 the net earnings
were nil.
HOT SPRIXGS, Ark, Oct. in. That
Ihe anti-trust laws of Arkansas, probably
the most drastic of any stale legislation,
do not apply to railroads in making uni
form Interstate rates, was held by Judge
Henry Evans in the United States circuit
court here yesterday.
Tin- ease was that of tho stale against
the Roek Island & Hot fpriugs Western
railroad, asking more than a million dol
lars In penal lies, because of alleged vio
lations of tho anil-trust 1-iw in the. en
tering Into of an agreement of ratr-H be
tween Ml tie Rock "and Hot .Springs-.
.nidge Evans first sustained a demur
rer of the dcfendanlr. and then dismissed
Hi" suits on the ground that the stale of'
Arkansas had repealed part of the anti
trust law when It created a rallroa-I com
mission and gave H authority to order the
adoption of rales.
In eiterl. ihe decision recognizes the
jintliorily of the railroad commission.
f? ! I 'ntGnSel5) inter&stin Novelette in NOVEMBER number of
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MWfhv lira 0 ,iavo playful ami romping I
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i' 1
Ira G". Rawn. vice president or the. Til I -nols
Central, has been elected president
of tho Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville,
to succeed W. II. McDoel, who will re
tire from the presidency on November 1,
but who will retain his place In the di
rectorate and as a member ot the onccii
tlve committee. Mr. ttawn has been con
nected with the Illinois Central since :'J0:;.
having been made assistant to .'!. T IJar
ahan at that time. Before going to the
Illinois Central lie was general superin
tendent of the Baltimore iM Ohio. Mv.
Ilawn started his railroad service as a
telegraph operator on tho Baltimore &
Ohio at Cincinnati twenty-nine years ago.
J. n, Paul, general superintendent, of
the Louisiana division of the Texas &
Pacific, after being conjiected with tho
company since 1SS4. has resigned. Page
Harris, superintendent of the eastern di
vision, will succeed Mr. Paul. Mr. Paul
began his railroad career as u hrakeman
on the Toledo, Wabash & western rail
road In 1S71 11. A. Brown of Marshall.
Tex., has been appointed suporiuicmb.-m
of tho eastern division to sneered Mr.
I fan-is. Mr. Brown Is at present chief
train dispatcher. He has been connei.tcd
with the Texas &. Pacific for more than .
twenty years In tho telegraoh depart
ment. Robert S. Lovett was elected a director
and member of the executive committee
of ihe Baltimore & Ohio railroad at a
meeting of the directors held In New
lork on October 11. to till the vacancy
caused by tin- death of E. If. I larriman.
.. T. Ilnrahan. president of the Illinois
Central railroad, has been electa) a di
rector of the Ocean .Steamship company.
The Central of Georgia railroad owns the
steamship company.
Announcement has been made bv Pies
ident ?. M. Felton of the Chicago Gr-at
western of the appointment of W. G.
Lc-roh as assistant to the president, with,
offices in the Harvostcrbulldlng. Chi
cago; H. O. Barnard, treasurer, and G.
I-. Phllleo. secretary, having resigned,
'he offices have been consolidated, and
Coykendall has been appointed sec
retary and treasurer, with office In the
Grand Central station. Chicago.
A. L. Craig has been appointed general
passeimcr agent of the Chicago Gr-al
western, with offices In Chicago, vice
.1. P. Elmer, retired, at his own request.
Mr. Craig was formerly general passen
ger acent for the Oregon Hallway .fc
Navigation company and later huM the
same position for several years with ihe
Great Northern.
George 13. French, general iig.-nt of -the
freight department of the Chicago. Mil
waukee & St. pan, has been' clecied
president of the Spokane, Portland & Se
attle railway. This road, which Is known
as the "North Bank road." is a 11111
property, and Is one of the Important
feeders of the Mill syst-'in.
C. C IJoltorf has been appointed as
sistant superintendent of 1 lie Chicago.
Burlington fc Qulncy. with heathiu'irtors
at IJendwood. y. D.. with jurisdiction ovor
Ihe line from lodgement to Dead wood
and all branches connecting with that
Marvin Ilughltt, president of (he Chi
cago & Northwestern railway, has been
elected a director of the New Vork Cen
tral, the Lake Shore Michigan South
ern, and the Michigan Central railroads,
to succeed tho late E. II. Ilarriman.
George B. Kennard. ticket clerk at the
Desbrosses street ferry station in New
Vork City for the Pennsylvania, was n
welcomed visitor to the local "Pcnnsv"
offices Tuesday.
Tho wife of C. .1. Ohnstead. Chicago,
representative of I lie Wcstlnghou.se Air
Brake company, died at Chicago on Tn-s-day,
October 5. and was buried at Con
cord, Mich.. October G.
The stockholders' meeting of tin- Na
tional Railroad of Mexico, that, was called
in tho Oregon Short Line office Moiidav,
was again postponed lo Wednesday.
Jay Gould, son of George Gould, has
been elected a director of the Wabash
railroad, lo succeed Judge William B
Sanders, who has ictired.
Adolph Drahos. traveling freight agent
for the Denver .t Rio Grande, left the
local office Monday to be gone a few
days In the Tintlc district.
Kpnt O. Iveyes. Ioeal cr.maiei.eini ngcnl
for the New York Central, went to Idaho,
Monday night, for a short trip.
J T. Malloy. commercial agent of Iho
Chicago ,t Alton at Denver, arrived in
Salt Lake, Monday, lo stay a week.
Enginemen may become traffic solicitors
by adopt in? advanced methods of hand
ling engines, so as not lo Jolt passengers
in starting or stopping their trains,
avoiding reckless running, and by firing
lightly, so as lo prevent black smoke.
There Is no trick In It. All that is nec
essary Is to take full advantage of your
knowledge of the district over which vou
arc running, and of your engine. Shut off
steam when It is not required. Regulate
tho feed water, so that the supply will be
Just equal to the evaporation. Fire light
ly, scattering the coal well ovor tho
grate bars, so that the dust and gases
from each particle of green coal will be
arrested and consumed Instead of being
thrown out of the stack in black smoke
when the engine Is fired heavily, or fed
more than It can comfortably digest.
William Cooper, an engineer on the
Pennsylvania railroad, met with a pecu
liar accident recently, near Railway, N.
J The fireman, having noticed that
something was wrong, climbed to tho
other side of the cab and found Cooper
lying apparently dead on the lloor Blood
flowed from an ugly gash in the man's
head, and close beside him lav n good
sized stone, covered with blood." In some
manner the train picked up the stone
and It was burled agu.ln.st the head of
the engineer as he leaned part war out
of his cab window. The Injured man a
reported as being on toe way to recovery.
Blon J. Arnold, the eminent eicctrlcal
engineer, whose opinions jusiiv comamnd
I the highest respect, Is quoted as saving
I In connection with the proposed enforced
electrification of steam railway In Chi
cago: "it is an engineering fact, now
well established, that our gosur rallwav
termlnals. where traffic is consf-.int
switch engines arc shunting back and
forth, and suburban irulns are run fre
quently, can be operated more cconmi
eally by electricity than by steam."
A four-years' course In railway admin
istration for students alining to fit them
selves for railroad positions or to lie sla- I
tlstlciann of the public railway commls-
sions and like bureaus, has been eatab- '
llshcd at tho University of .Michigan un- i
i der the direction of a faculty committee,
headed by Prof. II. C. Adams, statistician j
for tho Interstate Commerce commission. I
A committee Is engaged in formulat
ing rules for the aerial sp-?edwav. ls
work has not been mado public, but the
members do not deny tliaL tho followiij"
essential regulations will be adopted: Avi
ators to turn to the right when this can
be done without turning turtle; otherwise
to duck.
Russian capitalists -.re understood to
be negotiating for the construed Ion of a
railway from Rybinsk (government of .la
roslav) to Obdorsk, in Siburia. miles
It Is to run through the north Urals ami
will open up new districts and shorten
the route from Siberia to the North
The cost Is estimated at $(15,000.0'.)''.
According to a consular report Cm
traffic receipts for the fiscal yi-ar "ended
June SO. 11)01". of all rallw.ivs in Arger
lina. Increased by 5U.C1S. 110 (gold) or
S per cent.
No director to fill the place of the kite
E, II. Ilarriman was elected at ihe an
nual meeting of the stockholders of the
Erie Railroad company Tuesday. Tlie
former directors were re-elected.
The SI. Louis, Iron Mountain & South
ern Is reported to bo contemplating build
ing a line from Itenson, near Charleston
to u point on Iho Mississippi river on
positc Hickman. Ivy. .
The foreclosure snlc of the Ta'riv
town hfte Plains & Mamaroncck..
which was to have beep held October S
has been postponed until November t'0.
An increase of 1 cent an hour in the
nay of the shop employes of the Chicago.
Lurhngton .t Quuiey and the Great North
ern has been announced.
Tribuno Want-Ads.-3cil
.Main 5200. Independent ::an
Colorado Roads Are Forbidden
to (Jive Free Transportation
Even Within State.
Special to The Tribune.
DKNVJSK, Ocl. 19. Tlie interstate!
Commerce Commission has issued orders
to tlio Colorado and .Southern, the Den
ver and lfio Grande and other state
railroads which will stop the issuing of
hundreds of passes in Colorado each
It has been the custom of thu rail
roads to issue free transportation to
those requesting it ivho came to Colo
rado from other sections on a pass, and
have the return portion of tho pass for
identification. It was mosllv for. side
trips out of Denver, and w';as- looked
upon by the railroad largely as a court
esy to ollicials and cinplo'vr& of1 lines
outside the slate.
: It is understood that Mi Voakum's par
ticipation in the purchase of the Missouri.'
Kansas .t Texas is of a personal ualuro
and does not involve tlie Rock Island svs
tem, as corporate entities. H la pointed
out that under the present Jaws the
Rock Island company, as a corpora lion,
would not be permitted to exercise con
trol, even jointly, with the Ilawlev In
terests over the Missouri. Kansas ,c
lexiiH. as the lines of the latter in some
respects are parallel In competing with
lines of the Hock Island system, notable
the .St. Louis & San Francisco. Tho fact
that Mr. Yoakum becomes an important
factor in tlie Missouri. Kansas k Texas.
However Is taken as indicating that dose
reciprocal relations will be. established be
tween ti,at lon) ;tm t10 nock Island lines.
Loth properties are in a position 16 bene
fit from Interchange of traffic. Mr.
Vnakum's lifetime work has been In
ii i 1'"r Im :,nl developing the southwest.
Tills mad .serves that territory, and his
connection with it will aid in tlie devel
opment of the property and the building
up of the country which It serves. Mr
llawley's and Mr. Yoakum" relations
ha v always been friendly In railroad
properties, and this purchase onlv brings
t hem together In a more concrete and
olloetivc way.
A traffic arrangement has hist been
perfected between the Southern Pacific
and the Alchison. Topeka ,t Santa Fc
railroads, whereby tho latter gets the usu
or the former's tracks between Los An
geles and Rakersfield, Cal. This is with
Hie privilege of soliciting local business
be ween Los Anseles and San Francisco.
The use will be in return for the nsr
of the Santa Fe tracks between Phoenix,
Am., and Bengal. Cal., by wav of tlio
Parker-Bengal cut-off. The. last nlneiv
miles of the cul-orf is being rushed to
completion between Parker and Bengal
and will be finished by Marefi 10. 1010.
Tlie deal was arranged bv E. II Ripley
and K. H. Ilarriman just prior to Mar
riman's deaih. All San Francisco freight
via the Washington-Sunset route of ibc
Southern Paeifh- will be sent over this
traek. and the Santa Fe will be enabled
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of Cu
to establish through train service between
Los Angeles and San FrunelHco.
An order of foreclosure nnd for the!
sale of tho Western Maryland railroad was
signed by Judge Morris In the United
states circuit court nt Bultimore. Md..
October :i. John I-IInkley was appointed
special master to execute the decree, and
lie will later announce the conditions or
the sale. The order was signed under1
proceedings by the Equitable Tmst com
pany of New York In pursuance of the
proposed reorganization plau of thu road.
It followed a hearing early In the week.
In which was combined a hearing on
claims by Lee L. Malonc's executors,
who have heavy claims acaln'st the rail
road company for sales of. coal lands. Ad
mission Into the case was granted to the
Equitable Trust company because of its
succession by merger to the Bowline
Green Trust company of New York.
Tlie bureau of statistics recently Issued
a summary of the lake commerce of the
L nlted States during the month of Au
gust, which shows that tho figures of
total domestic shipments from "all lake
ports were larger than during any month
ror which reports have been received. Tlie
August shipments in the domestic trade
?X llUniii merchandise aggregated
l-'.oU.O.n net tons, compared with" IO.OCn.
H!) net tons shipped during August. 1008,
and is.125.150 net ions shipped during
August, 1007. the latter figure being tin
largest monthly total recorded by the
bureau up to that time.
Samuel' Rea, vice-president of the Penn
sylvania railroad has authorized the
statement that It may he possible In
Pe.bruary. lf ti), to run certain trains of
the Long Islam! railroad Into New York,
hut that the new station cannot m fully
completed and opened for trains from the
east and from the west until Mav or I
June. 1010. because there Is .still a Verv I
larcc amount of work to be done In the
slaticn and van! jmrl 1 II RllltlYVcIil., V....l
The Atchison, Topeka Santa Fc. rail
road Will equip all, of its freight cabooses
with telephone Instruments. When a
freight Is left on a siding some distance
from a telcgrapb office, or there Is an
accident on flic main line that should bn
reported Immediately. . the trainmen will
make connection wltlv the telegraph wires
by means of an extension pole that Is
carrier! In the caboose and arranged In
At the annual meeting of the St. Louis
Southwestern the retiring directors were
re-elected and Edwin Gould was re-elect -ed
president. The annual report for tho
liseal year ended June no. 1000. showed
there was no change in the capital stock
during the year, although there was an
increase of 5t9t.22o in the refunded-debt.
Additions nnd bei.terincnts were made at
a cost of ?227.0Sn.
Thi Rio Grande .t San Antonio mil
road, which Is being built north from
San Juan, whore It connects with the
M. Louis. Brownsville ,c Mexico lo. San
Antonio, a distance of about 210 miles,
has passed into the hands of B. F.
Yoakum and associates. The road is fin
ished to Chapln. It Is reported that. It
will be operated as a part of the St. Louis,
Brownsville & Mexico.
The Illinois Cen ira) will put on a new
de luxe train November IT. from Chicago
to Jacksonville. Fin., via the Illinois Cen
tral lo Birmingham ami thence via the
entral of Georgia and tlie Atlantic Coast
Line. The train will leave Chicago at
! p. m. and arrive in Jacksonville the
second morning. A through sleeper from
ht Louis will also be added.
Tlio supreme court of Ohio, on Tues
day, held the franchise of the Oakwood
Street Railway companv of Uavion valid
over the objections of Thomas B. Ilerr
inan. the city solleitlor, who claimed that
It was invalid both for alleged irregular
methods in the passage of the franchise
ordinance anil tlie Invalidity of the law
under which Un? ordinance was passed.
At Norwich, N. Y., this inonlh, the
grand Jury reported three indictments
licainsl the Pelaware. I.:irk:i vv.-nm.-i .f.
'Western for violation of tho state law.
requiring railways lo pay Ihcir employes
iwb-e a month.
The telephone is lo lake the place of
the telegraph In dispatching trains of
ihe Southern Pacific along the lines in
Louisiana. The new system will be In
stalled as soon as the necessary arrange
ments can be made.
The Chicago. Milwaukee ,t SI. Paul has
added its name to the list of those roads
which did not kill a passenger in tlie
vear ended June :irt. lono. The total num
ber of passengers carried was l'i.2fi I . fi5 1
' I
Aline. Yale, a noted authority on
beauty, told an overflowing audience ot
women at the Lake, Theater Tups
day aflprnoon how lo enhance and ro
lam youthful (-harms. It -wis not mere
ly a lecture, but a thrilling entertain
ment divided into four acts.
As a prelude. .Mine. Vale, a beautiful
woman herself and magnificently
gowned, spoke of Salt Lake's prosperity
and remarkable growth and then delverl
into a discussion of the. subject so dear
to the feminine heart. When it is con
sidered (ha! Mine. Yale has been be
fore (he American public for many,
ma n v years, women gazed, upon her in
admiring awo, for slm appeared not a
day older. Ihan twenty-five, beautiful
in race and perfect in figure, vet the
madame is past the prime of life.
Tho first act was a I a Ik on (he sci
ence of beauty culture. Mine. Yale
typified the "Golden Girl." Her cos
tume was of yellow satin, the front
panel of amber cut beads, which formed
a dazzling picture, .showing off the
white arms and neck to perfection.
The second act has. devoted to "Yale
sy.slein of physical culture."
The costume was knee length, pale
blue I a tret a and lace, with black hose
-wav jm
and shoes, giving an appearance of a H
large French doll.
In the third act she appeared in a H
fi'reok tunic, white and silver worn JH
over white lights which displayed the jfl
cliaTins of a perfect figure. In .- part
of this act Mine. Yale gave on ethical H
half dance styled chillis' ,,ay.
In ihe fourth act Mine. Vale's co? H
tume was a magnificent, creation of. H
American beauty rose satin ..festooned jH
with pearls and lace. She took occa
sion in this scene to refer to the ilif H
fercnt. proparal ions which are offered
under her name anil to describe their
Billings, Mont. H
October 2:71 h. lo 2Uth, inclusive. Tick JH
ets on ale from Uregon Short Line
points to Butte. October 22nd lo 251 It, IH
good for return to iNovember'lth. See H
agents for further particulars. 1
Two Killed in Wrock. H
COLUMBUS. Ga.. Oct. 10. Two wo.t.-ii
were killed outright and another serious-
ly injured here Hiih afternion when a
switch engine ran into and demolished .i iH
street car. IH
placed on sale
Brsss 2si Iron B6ds fr balance of I
I Now is your chance if you intend buying. Don't miss this opportunity. J I
I rfm ron Bed, like Iron Bed, like ffifffiW I fl
J cut, only cutonly j' I
$27.00 Bed, sale price . . $3,3.95 $43.00 Bed sale price . . $27.5 j
$34.00 Bed, sale price . . $2. $50.00 Bed, sale price . . $3.TO j
$39.00 Bed, sale price '. . $24.& $65.00 Bed, sale price . . fp0 1
' $41.50 Bed, sale price . . $2. $80.00 Bed, sale price . . $SH0 I I
i : I
j j $ 1 00 Bed, sa!e price $6Sa00 j
Don t fail to visit our cottage on the second floor. See the finest display of j
t furnishings ever shown west of Chicao-o. I
: i 1 . -z .
I P- W- Madsen Furniture & Carpet Store j I
rzzz: zr-Tzr...".r; ' : ! H

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