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Talks of-Faiiious Purl ami Tells
ol" Wonderful Possibilities
of Country.
New KiiilwHy of Which Judge
Dartch Is Cliief Counsel
Means Much to Country.
An interesting; visitor in Uio oily is
Walter J. Von la of Acapiilco, iho famous
port on I ho Pacific .const of Mexico. It
is now tho second urea test harbor in Mic
world, but wltli the completion of ihc
Panama, canal It will bo In I lit direct
pathway of all the commerce moving via
(ho Orient.
Air. Voale has lived, in Mexico for fif
teen yours and Is well versed in its gen
eral history, arid especially Its wonderful
development from an Industrial stand
point now going on. Jlo is here with a.
a lew lo placing a. large body of land
which he owns, consisting of an entire
Maud two or three miles across Hi' bay
from Acapulco. The land cniu-istn of
JSrt.000 acrea and Is known as El Potrero
Island. Us lands are perhaps I ho rich
est and most fertile of any known, being
of alluvial forma tlou and made from the
decayed tulo which has been decaying
and depositing itself over this area for
centuries. A remarkable fact about Hie
island is that It has been formed by Iwn
rivers flowing into the boy. and thus
water for irrigutlon is plentiful, should
Irrigation be desired: but the rainfall
amounts lo from 75 lo 100 inches annu
ally, so irrigation will not be needed ex
cept in certain cases.
At present growing on SOOO acres of tho
island is pa rm grass, which will support
three head of catllo per acre Ihc year
Iiciiiiuj. miiis acreage is unuer icnce. me
posts used being of mahogany, ebony,
rosewood and other valuable hardwoods.
Suitable for Coconnuts.
The land is pari Icularly suitable for the
nlslng of cocoanuls. which is a- very
profitable business, as the ires bear
early and live from ILTi to l.in years. The
trees require but little attention other
l ban the picking of the nuts four times a
ear, which work Is performed by small
boys who receive ;i cents a day. The
nuts grown there, are used for the ex
traction of the oil, and the oil Is shipped
from Acapiilco to all parts of the world
for the manufacture of cocoa nut-oil soap.
The island is also especially adapted
lo t lie growing of oranges, lemons, pine
apples, cotton, and. in fact, almost
everything except wheat.
Acapulco has about "iOOO people, and
two large railroads are in course of con
struction, thus adding to the future out
look. One road Is being built direct to
Mexico City and will bring the capital
and the Interior in direct communica
tion with this seaport, which is the near
est to the large city, Is large enough to
hold the entire Mexican navy of the fu
ture, and is destined to be one of the
really great Pacific coast ports.
When asked about tho Mexican Pacific,
the toad of which Judge G. W. Bar ten
of this city is chief counsel. Mr. Venlo
I stated that It is a line of great possibili
ties, destined to open up an immense
area along the coast between Sullna
Cruz and Manzanlllo and touching at
Acapiilco and other ports. The full de
tails of the country to be Utppcd b y this
projected line were given in The Tribune
last Monday, but Mr. Veale adds that
it Is a wonderfully fertile stretch of
country, and while It bus not produced
any great amount up lo the present, it
is solely owing to the fact that there Is
no way of getting the produce to a mar
ket, and this lack of railroad facilities
will be obviated when tin new lino Is
built and there arc sufficient people to
produce a largo tonnage
Climate Ideal.
The" climate of ihc whole region along
the coast. Is Ideal. Even In summer It
is not unpleasant, as the Japan current
fans a breeze along the coast from
morning until late at night.
Immigration Is going along slcadiiy on
the const. Above the port of Acapiilco
a Seattle coiupany is operating and will
colonize from the northwest. A short
way above this company's tract, at Sl
huntaneljo, a Canadian company has Its
land and has agreed to placo 1000
Canadian families on the land this year.
At the mouth of the IVo Balsa river
the Rothschilds of France have .'tSO.OOO
acres, which arc now being prepared for
a btg French emigration, and a short
dip lance up that river, where It is fed
by Ihc Maruucs river, a company from
Wallace. Ida., has a tract which will
also be colonized, and there arc. In addi
tion, three or four other American col
onies All in all. Mr. Veale gives a most in-
Ii' resting story ot inc rcpumic 10 inc
south, of which so little Is really known
i except by those who have lived there.
That It has a wonderful future seems
to be assured, and It Is Just such things
as these groat railroad and colonization
schemes that are going to build up the
The quality is irresistible in Langs
dorf 10c cigars. Sclirainni-Johnsou,
Ionian school
Tli-- Ogdcn high school debating team,
composed of Mias Ilorne. Mr. Allen and
Mr. Corny, defeated the Granite hlgii
team Friday afternoon, when thov dis
mayed the nuesllon. "P.esolvcd, 'I'hat a
Tariff Should Be Imposed for Revenue
Only." On the Granite team were Miss
Mabel Reed. Victor Hampton and Miss
Irene Baglcy. Ogden had the negative,
while the Granites handled the affirma
tive. The debate Friday afternoon' was the
first time in the history of the Granite
lilqh school that 'students there have
participated In such an event.
In all its branches,
C3I Judgo Bldg.
Sell 5600. Ind. 3027.
I' Postal Is in Line.
In the language 0r the street, the
"U cstcrn PJuIon Telegraph companv ap
pears to have "put one over" on the
Postal Telegraph company. Friday
morning the Western Union announced
that It had made arrangements where
by telephone -subscriber.'? could telephone
the office and have messages sent and
, rharge,d to their respective accounts.
Now. however, comes the Postal com
pany with the announcement that this
mic has been In effect in Its offices since
the middle, of lust January. "It pays lo
nd -ertise."
Kaoni 623. Ncwbousg Bldg.
I Norman Mack Corning.
N'orman J. Mack, chairman of the
Democratic national committee, will visit
Salt Lake City In May and will be mi.
, rertalned by local Democrats. Mr. Mack
la the editor and publisher of the Buf
falo Evening Times and of the National
I The Sanders-Granger Floral Co.,
-N'' v occupying- temporary quarters
at IS West Third South, will, until fur
ther notice, hcU all varieties of carna
tions at 7.jc a dozen.
Tribuno-Roporter Printing Co.,
j CO West 2nd South street. Phono 713.
Medina lo Consider Subject lo
: IJc Hold Soon; Will
Bro-cf. Hall.
The DistrietC.'ounell of (arpcnlors. on Ihe
evening of March It), will hold a meeting
at the Federation of Labor hall l,o in
corporate under the laws of Utah. Tho
council has Just purchased thirty-one feel
of ground on Church Hlrcl, across Fourth
South from Cactus school, for a consid
eration of S0O0O. The council is being
Incorporated in order lo lake over this
On this land Iho council expects to erect
n hall for Its life, in the fulutc. which will
bo another beautiful monument to or
ganized labor In Suit Lake City. Tho
present officers of the council will lllc
iy be the officers of Uio Incorporated
company. They follow- '
President. 13. J. Wilson; vice president,
C. M. Meyers; recording secretary, I'!.
Caffal: financial secretary. II. 13. Mel
ton; treasurer, John Kv.ins.
Ilr.y and Grain.
To my many friends and customors: I
am again in business at 310 West First
South, undor tho heading of C. II. Miller
Grain companv, nnd nssuro tho same
courteous treatment an in tho past.
The following applications for offi
cial clemency at the hands of ilie stale
board of pardons, which will meet at Hie
state prison Saturday. March IP. have
been submlted by Inmates of the state
For pardon George B. Smith, grand
larceny: George L. Guntner. grand lar
ceny; Duslne Mower, forgery; Albert Ar
rowsinlth. statutory offense; .1. 15. Day.
burglary, second degree; Harry Shea,
petit larceny.
For commutation Charles P irohncs,
grand larceny: Henry Johnson, rape.
For parole S. B. Donuin. statutory offense.
John Fnrringlon. iho well-known
cryman, aunounccs fo iho public ilia;
lie has pure.liasod tho entire at .:) aud
business of the Homo Carriage com
patvy, at 23S South First West street,
aud will have tho finest line of carriages
and light livery in tho city.
McCoy's Stables.
Carriages and light livery. Phones 81.
Former Clerk of Health Board
Finds Himself in a
Two complaints wcro issued by tho
county attorney Friday against V. L.
Hansing. former clerk of the city board
of health, charging him with commit
ting a public nuisance add with abus
ing a dependent neglected child. Some
time ago Mr. Hanging took Marv Proc-
ror, a lwycar-old- girl, from tho juve
nile court to work for him. Tho child
was taken sick Thursday and Mr. Han
sing took her back to the juvpnilo court
and secured permission from tho couritv
commissioners to have her treated bV
the county physician. Assistant County
Physician Kirtloy diagnosed the girl's
case as scarlet, fever, whereupon Mr.
Ha using refused to permit her to return
to his home on account, of the daugcr of
exposing his infant child to the. disease.
I'lie county oflicials tried to compel
Mr. Jlansmg to permit the girl to re
ttiru to hi? home, but he refused and
she was taken to the county infirmary
Thursday evening, whero she will re
main in quarantine.
In one complaint Mr. Hanging is
charged with permitting the girl, know
ing she had scarlet fever, to go out from
his home and thereby endanger the
health of the citizens of Salt Lake coun
ty and thereby comuiittiug a public nui
sance. Jn the other complaint he is
charged with abnsiug her by refusing
o permit, her to return to his homo
knowing that she was afflicted with the
The case of the state against G. K M I
Pappas. charged with forgery for utter-1
Ing a forged Instrument, was dismissed
by Judge Lewis of the district court Fri
day upon motion of the district attorney
Pappas was charged with forging thr
name of Gcorgo - Makla to a chck for
$100 on the Merchants bank last Octo
ber and with passing the same. The
complaining witness In the case did not
appear In court, hence tho charce was
Toot Bridge Wanted.
A petition was tiled with the cltv re
corder Friday by Elizabeth Bacr and a
number of other residents of that local
ity asking that the city construct a
wooden foot-bridge, over the Ninth South
street canal at First AVcst and Ninth
ovum oiitti, j in.- ciumi mat me onlv
bridge at tho present is a wagon bridge
and that it Is so congested with wagon
trafTIc that pedestrians arc practically i
shut out from the use of the bridge. The
matter will bo considered by Ihc cltv 1
council Monday night. J i
Held Up; Strongarmcd.
C. KurpKc. v Japanese, reported to the
police this (Saturday) morning at 12:ic
o clocl: thai ho had been held up and
strongarmcd by two n-groos on Richards
street and tobbed of SSI. lie left a de
scription of tho negroes with the police
and a number of plain clothes men have
been detailed on the case.
A private safe may bo rented in tho I
fire and burglar-proof vaults of the
Salt Lake Security and Trust Coinpauy,
2 bp. Aram street. $2.00 per year.
Mass Meeting ol' Those Inter
ested in Movement Held at
Federation ol' Labor l.n...
To Defray Expenses of Proposi
tion, Clerks Will Give Hall
at Saltan March 25.
Mure than 30U persons gathered at.
tho Federation of Labor hall Friday
evening, crowding the big auditorium
to its capacity, aud listened lo several
stirriug addresses by advocates of the
carlj closing movement roec.nl ly iuaug
urn tod by the retail clerks of the city.
The purpose of the meelin was to
promote in the general public of the
city a movement lo do its shopping
onfly (Saturday, and among those who
addressed tho mass mooting wore the
Rev. P. A. Simpkiu, pastor of tho Phil
lips Congregational church: iho Rev.
Herbert K. Hays, pastor of the Third
Presbyterian eliurch: Mrs. i. Andrews
of Walker Urol hers' depart incut sloro,
and Iho Rev. 11. A. Ilansou. Mrs. do
soph M. Cohen, president of the Wom
an s league, wa& to have addressed the
meeting, but as she was unablo lo bo.
present, she sent her regrets and stated
that she is heartily in favor of the
movement and on behalf of the league
will -give her most hearty assistance in
every possible manner.
Strong Arguments.
The J'ov. Mr. Sinipkin delivered a
strong address, in which ho urged that
tho stores bo closed carlv Saturday
nights,- showing how this i necessary
for the health and welfare of the wom
en employees especially. The J?ov. Mr.
Hays also made a strong talk in favor
of tin! movement to close tho depart
ment stores at IJ p. m. Saturdays. The
I speakers assured the dorks that" the rep.
resent. 'it ive citizens of Salt Lako (Mtv
are at the back of them and all that re
mained is for lliom lo go ahead iu a
cool-headed manner. Both speakers as
sured t hem victory in the end.
After the mass' mooting a meeting of
the clerks present was held, at which
addresses were made .bv .1. G. Willis, A.
H. Harvey and If. E. i'urrie. Iu hie ad
dress Mr. Currie referred to the girls who
are on strike from McDonald's candy
factory, staling that although J. G. Mc
Donald had boon bogged to reinstate
tho girls and give them what he claimed
was their just demand. Mr. McDonald
would not give in. Ho suggested that
tho clerks refrain from the use of Mc
Donald's products, and his remarks met
with the hearty approval of tho meet
ing. To Give Grand Ball.
Announcement, was mado at the meet
ing that- the clerks will hold a grand
ball at Saltair the cvouing of Friday.
March 2;. The tickets will be 50 ccuts
each. The proceeds of tho affair will
be used lo defray tho expenses of the
early closing campaign.
Attention was also called to "t.n"
day," which will come next, '"hursda
Letters from some of the most promi
nent department, clothing and shoe
stores of the city were read, advoealincr
the early shopping campaigu and pronP
lsiug the clerks their support.
"The stars incline, but do not compel."
Saturday. March 5, 1010.
Courage with prudence blcrftl.
ell shall thy efforts tond.
Mercury and Saturn occupy relative
positions this day that make an intricate
aspect astrologlcaliy. Caution and cir
cumspection are advised, for there is
danger of untoward results even to the
best-laid plans.
Employees must take heed against er
rors: especially In tho forenoon, and par
ticularly in the matter of writings or cal
culations. Persons of gicat wealth must beware
against signing documents in haste or
writing letters under the influence of
prejudice, hatred or avarice. They will
bone-lit most today by acts of generosity
and forbearance.
Circulars, letters of promotion and pub
He announcements should be succcss-
Thc aspects are held to be good for
persons of wit and quickness.
The best promise of the time Is for
those who possess great steadiness of
character nnd calmness of behavior ex
ercising care as lo their duties, affairs
health, diet and amusements.
Persons fond of science and studv
should lind their Judgment acute and good
under these configurations. Perseverance
and thoughlfulness will bo benefited.
Women employees must avoid gojsln
and carelessness In their work, especially
being careful not to do Important things
hastily and carelessly In the morning
Herbal astrology denotes todav good
Tor wheal, violets, thyme, chcrrv. parsley
peppermint, peach, pear, beans, elder"
birch, artichokes and rose under Venus
Engage men and women today for any
service, shop, office or house.
Women and men with this birth date
: likely to have intuition and rpiick un
derstanding that, rightly governed, should
aid them greatly during the twelvemonth.
Child ren born under the signs ruling I
today arc often dowered with extraor
dinary affection and capacity for sclf-sacrifico.
Dr. A. Scott Chapman, dentist, has
removed to Tooms l.'M-fJ Mercantilo An
nci, over Walker's Store.
Kodak Pictures Finished,
j jVTai your films to us. Salt Lako
I Pnoto Supply Co., 177 Main street. Ei
I elusive photo dealers.
David Keith, Jr., Entertains Friends
The hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs.
David Keith was the scene of a bril
liant dancing party Friday evening. The
event; was complimentary to David
Keith, Jr.. and about ,100 of his vouth
ftil friends were present to enjoy the
pleasures of the entertainment. ' The
house is particularly well adapted for
such an event, fho large hall iu the
center making au ideal dancing- floor.
From the balcouv the sweet strains
or waltz and twu-slcp, as played by the
J roubadours. enticed the young folk to
niter into the spirit, of the hour, and
toward 13 o'clock the good old-fashioned
"barn danco" was giveu with
spirit and was thorcuigllJy cnjoyei
Patrick Ryan of Salt Lake has bought
the property known as the old brick
yards, southeast of the city, for 510.500,
The property, which was sold bv th.
Dcsorel Savings bank, consists of 'about
forty acres, and lies between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth South ctrccts and Ninth
and Eleventh Kust streets. ,
Looking over the balcony upon tho
bright t aces below, it was seen that
the belles and beaux of a coining gen
eration will vie with those of the past
and present in grace, beauty and wit.
Uainty maids in while gown's with rib
bons, hosiery and slippers of delicate
shades and young boys in their tux
edos made a picture' worth looking at,
and that all was ha merry as possible
goes without saying. The rooms had
beep tastefully decorated and iu the
dining room refreshments were served'
all evening.
! was a most successful and en lov
able party in every wav, aud tho yo'ini"
host ot the evening was extended muuv
.qlikU.njlil i,'Qj3d wishes.
This Is Order From the Public
Works Board to Davis
& Heuser.
Objeet, Is t,he Early Completion
of Aqueduct and Sewer
Tho board of public works at. its
meeting Friday night instructed tho
clerk to notify Davis .v- lleuscr to com
plete the Xorth Temple street aqueduct
at. tho earliest possible dale so. that
it will be rcad3' for use in the ovcut of
high water in City creek. The con
crete work on tho .job has boeu finished,
but the dam at Iho Jordan river end .of
the nqnodnct has lo bo removed before
the aqueduct can be used and Iho si root
has to be placed in condition, who.ro
the excavating was done, boforo' Hie
contractus completed. The board wants
all of Ijiis work done at onco and will
so advise tho contractors.
Tho work of repairing the streot pav
ing in the business-district, will be com
menced today. Chief Inspector Pitzpat
rick stated to tho bonrd that. P. J. Mo
ran intended to begin that work this
Kli A. Folia nd. superintendent of
buildings for the city hoard of educa
tion, appeared .beforo the board arid
asked, that tho contractors be. request
ed fo complete the sower near the new
.Jefferson school at tho earliest possi
ble lime. Tho request was granted by
Iho board and Ihc Kennedy Construc
tion company will bo notified to com
plete the sewor without, delay.
J. W. Mellon was given an extension
of throe months' lime in which to com
plete Ins contract for tho grading of
l'oitrth N'oii.h streot from East. Capitol
avenue- to tho Uoulcvard. Tho contrac
tor claimed that tho board delayed the
work Ihnt leugth of time iu awarding
the contract.
Tho-board approved estimates for
work dono on public improvements
''joy'itnig to the total sum of $lo,.
ii sonjyEi stock
Scars & Jeremy Company Said
fo Have Been Insolvent Yhcn
Sale Was Made. .
Alleging false and fraudulent represen
tations In regard to the sale of SIS shares
of stock In the Sears & Jeremy com
pany, Isaac ami J. c. Jorgensen and
l'otor Frost filed suit in the district court
Friday against Alice Scars and William
G. Sears, asking that the contract for
tho sale of the slock be canceled and
for the return of J500 which they paid
as a part of the purchase price.
It is alleged that on February 27. 1I03,
.Mrs. Scars and her husband entered into
a contract for the sale of the stock to
the plaintiffs, and at that time they al
leged that iho slock was worth S2000, the
price at which it was sold to plaintiffs,
Snd that the company owned certain
property in the city and was not indebted
to exceed tho sum of 51775
All these representations:. It is claimed,
were false and fraudulent, and at the
time the contract was entered Into. It is
alleged, the company was Indcbleded in
the lolnl sum of more than $7500 and was
Insolvent. Hence It Is asked that the
contract be canceled and that the 5500
paid on li be returned.
OF Divuoin
llali-Dozen Women Are Re
lieved of Matrimonial Bonds
That Gall.
Charles Hollhci's Is Guilty of
Contempt and Goes to Jail
Five Days.
Judge- Morso of the Third district
court had a busy session Friday after
noon at his regular weekly divorce
hearing. Six divorces were granted and
a largo number of orders to show
cause wore disposed of.
Annie M. Covordnlc was graulod a
divorco from J.'obcrt IT. Covcrdalo on
tho grounds of cruelty and non-support.
They wore married in this city October
17. 100(3. and Mrs. Covcrdalo testified
that, iu October last hor husband boat
her with a slick of wood and on Christ
mas day he again attacked hor and beat
hor with his lists. Shu .mIro declared'
that ho had failed to support hor for
some- time past.
Desertion is the ground upon which'
Anna Z. Jones secured a divorce from
David T. Jones, whom she marriod in
this city March 6. 1P09. She declared
that her husband deserted he.r in loss
than a month after their marriage. She
was allowed to resume Iter maiden namo
of Kucbalua.
Poor rrovidor.
Mary A. Mack told Judge Morse that
Joseph Mack had failed to support her
over since March 22, 1900, and sho was
granted a divorce. They wore married
at. Diilufh. Minn., July" IS, 1901, and
have two children, the custody of whom
was awarded to Mrs. Mack.
Hazel Samuels testified that Prank
Samuoln had not supported hor at all
since, their marriage. September 7, 1907.
Sho was also granted her freedom.
Dcsortiou and non-support are tho
grounds upon which Beuiah D. Baglcy
was granted a divorco from Charles
Iagley, whom she married in this city
March 12. 1901. Tho desertion occurred
June 9. 1909, and Mrs. Baglcy testified
that her husband had not supported
her for the past six months. Thov have
three children who wcro awarded to
Mrs. TJagley.
Nellie Y. McCounaghv was granted a
divorce from John V, iUcCouuaghy on
tho ground of failure to support for a
period of more than a voar. Thov were
married in York, Nob., 'May 20, iSSG.
Jail for Hollbcrg.
Charles Hollbcrg will spend t.ho ucxl
five days in tho county jail as the guest
of Sheriff Sharp. Hollbcrg last Friday
was ordered to pay his divorced wife,
Louio Ilollborg, a certain sum out of his
wages as alimony for tho support of his
children. Ho failed to do so. Further,
he failed to appear in court Friday af
ternoon as ordered bv tho court and a
bench warrant was issued for his ar
rest. Ho was taken into court by Dep
uty Sheriff Isaac Emery aud the court
adjudged him guilty of contempt and
committed him to tho countv jail for
five days.
Mrs. A. W. McGill was awarded torn
porary alimony in the sum of $100 a
month ponding tho hearing of hor di
vorce action filed against. C W. McGill
She was also awarded $50 attorney foes!
Judge Morso ordered Albert J. Ger
rnns to pay Martha S. Gcrrans tempo
rary alimony in tho sum of $G.20 a week
ponding the hearing of her action for
separate maintenance, which was filed
this week.
The hearing on the motion of JTclcn
Ii. Root for attorney's fees in the di
vorco action filed against her by Dr.
li. F. IJoot was continued for one 'week.
Dr. J. W. Gray,
Veterinary surgeon and dentist, moved
to 23S South First West. Both phones
Wall Paner Cleaning.
G. Hazel. Bell :S7o. U(l. 3qsi,
I hose w-ho know V. ,1. llalloran,
capitalist, and club man, will be inter
ested in his portrait as recently painted
by John Y. Clawson and which now
hangs in the Commercial club, of which
Mr. Jlalloraii was president for some
time. Tho picture is a striking example
of the now j-lyle of treatment adopted
by ilr. t lawson, who has for -years boon
prominent m art circles of this, his na
tivc city, as well as San Fraudaa and
AneIca whwe some of his por
traits have created much favorable com
mom , , art exhibits.. Tho likeness to
k oi 1 m Ti5m bf .udca a" who
ii?li ," , llu coloring and style arc
excellent and the portrait, as a whole
has won additional honor for the
PHii.tor. .The pose of Mr. llalloran is
characteristic ml ,K. portrait
Scb3' C0miileutl1 Ms intimate
Inhuman Drivers of Horses Will
Be Punished, Also, Says
Chief ol' Police.
Canlnci:. tho habitat of which arc the
p tree tii. hnvo been placed under tho ban
by Chief of. Police Barlow, and hence
forth all such will be taken to Ihc po
lice station and summarily dealt with,
which mcami that they will bo shot.
Dogs found on Uio streets .wit Ii tho
proper license ing attached to them will
not be molested by the patrolmen.
All drivers who Insist on driving
horses which, Iu tho opinion of tho pa
trolmen, arc overloaded, will also bo
taken to the police atalion. where the
drivers will bo forced lo put up ball for
their appearance in court or remain In
the city Jail until their cases aro called.
If the drivers nrc found III-trcatlnK their
horses they will a bo be haled to the
Drivers muni henceforth be careful to
drive on Iho rlKht side of Ihe, plreet; ac
cording to the city ordinance, or they
will alao bo haled to the police illation
and will be prosecuted for a violation of
the city ordinance.
The enforcing of this ordinance Is in
response lo complaints which have been
received ot the station, showing that the
greater majority of the accidents re
ported to Ihe police from runaway teams
haw been due lo the drivers taking the
wrong sld" of Iho si root.
Following Is a list of the lecturers and
subjects upon which they vdll speak be
foro the parents' classes of the Ensign
stako Sunday morning, .March fi. com
mencing at 10 o'clock. A goupral Invi
tation Js extended to the public to at
tend these classes and hear tho k-clures:
Eleventh Ward William E. Uydaleh.
Twelfth-Thirteenth Wards Professor
Wllford M McKendrlck. principal of the
Wobcr academy. 'Object Lessons from
tho Life of the Master."
Eighteenth Ward Professor George
Corny. 'The Duty of Parents lo Chil
dren." Twentieth Ward George S. Glhbs.
"The Good Boy Who Is Sometime;; Had.'
Twenty-first Ward II. J. Toulgcr,
"Thoughts on Religion."
Twenty-seven ih Ward A. W. North,
"Playgrounds for Children."
There aro few as good aud none bet
ter Ihnn Langsdorf 10c cigars. Schramm
Johnson, drugs.
Amalgamation of Concerns With
Same Objeet in View May
Take Place.
Amalgamation between ihc Comrtion
wcal Industrial company, recently or
ganized, and a proposed farm supnly
company, will be discussed at a mas
meeting lo be hcW at Unity hall next
Monday evening. Ml. citizens who arc
Interested In the movement for reducing
the cost of living In Salt Lake aro In
vited to attend. Tho articles of Incor
poration for iho co-ope.ralivo farm oom
pa.'.1.', u0la,n lhc following provisions:
The ultimate purpose and design of
this corporation Is to produce and sell
lo Its members at tho exact labor cost of
producing them all the commodities con
sumed by man; to be independent of all
manufacturers and wholesalers of all ar
ticles of every kind and description. As
the exact labor cost of producing cannot
be ascertained In advance. It is proposed
to sell all such goods at the regular mar
ket prices and at the expiration of three
months to ascertain the profits of such
articles sold and return them to the cus
tomers In the manner hereinafter pro
vided. "To accomplish these purposes, it is
proposed to acquire larg tracts of lamp
to farm and cultivate the same on Iho
most Improved economical methods; to
establish thereon factories for tho manu
facture of all products produced there
from, such as creameries, canning fac
tories, sugar factories. tanneries, boot
aud shoe factories, denatured alcohol
plants and all other manufactories that
may bo useful and advisable and to breed
cattle aud poultry thereon."
City and Neighborhood
the Juvenile court, w:-s In Tooele Citv
l-rlday holding courl.
' , SAl.miU? bank clearings Friday
wi 5Sai,Uil as compared with SSC-,-year
UlC com:sno"dI"S' dayjlnsi
wa& .stricken with paralysis several weeks
ago. has so far recovered Hint, ho is able
to leave tho house.
Friday evening lo a large audience at
temple l, nal Israel on "Jewish Ideals
aud Present Day Applicability."
arc rejoicing over tho arrival of a nine
and ono-half-pQund bov on March Z
Mother and baby are doing well
r.VLJ,iK 9"AXITE STAKE tabernacle
Lo?11 rv,cnl, the Granite Ward Dra
matic club, again presented the coined v,
asticnrauMoncobCfr,: " ,nrKC and C,U,msV
Lake Labor Temple association, which
was scheduled to bo hold Friday evening
R ,lhc c;Icnitloii of Labor hall, was
postponed for two weeks.
MISS M. CAMERON, who has been In
!New lork for tho past three wool:"
where she has been purchasing stock
preparatory to opening up business for
lIS'iiW a,TiV0 homc 1,1,8 (S"luy)
ine,MJSiri rXC: t ih committee on build
ings and grounds of the citv board I of
flc Friday afternoon a I which Insurance
policies amounting to about 0.000 were
renewed. v,vUU nm.
nib MLMBERS of the Granite School
Dramatic club scored a big success at
th., Cottonwood ward house Thurednv
evening w'hen llicy presented ''Trlss-'
he"n Jl G Moss w Pleased wft'h
atuilcnls? 'ompllshcd by the
.1ESSE LEK 15 years old. ami Earl
Doxle, 1 1 years old. who ran aw y from
dud are supposed to be in Salt Lake Cltv
urc being searched for by the pollco or-"
l eers oi this city, all of wi om have
descriptions of the boys.
THE MEMBERS of 'the Sundav school
IWrtment of the Unitarian church gave
i delightful dancing party at Unity hall
1-ridav cvcnlnsr. Tho young people of the
Sunday school were dressed in Colonial
costumes and the cffecL was beautiful!
During tho evening dainty refreshments
enjoyed the evening.
THE STATE BOARD of land commis
sjoners will take a junket to Oasis next
Mr,U?.y .l0 ,v,slt ,no ''r'f-'itlon system of
Vim . s LumJ lVr Irrigation company In
Millard county. The trip will bo made
upon Invitation of the officers of the
company. similar trip will bo made
later In the month to the Twin Falls
system nt Twin Fnlls. Idaho,
A MORTGAGE was lllcd with the coun
ty recorder iYlday by which Jamc3 U,
Members Are Kecninfl
Short Weights M
Determination Is AnnM
Forcing Dealers tM
Public Fau'ty3
Members of the Salt' TS
Merchants association liavjl
ing close tab on the DioljjM
ufacturers and dislribulerRM
past hnvo mado a practicflM
tho public through shorlvjB
the result is that tho "ftH
sinner" of frill Lako isfS
a full sixteen ounces 0fH
ho pays tho price lixed'H
creamery combine.
"Wo have a- iegul;ir:1B
our association which w
poods and inako3 a wriliH
results to the association VB
wookw," said a nieinbcr'iiM
cialion yesterday. "Untirl
a c.o Ihe local bnltor pnctH
tributors wcro puttiuj; UH
packages which thov soldlfl
and marked 'LT-Jfi ouncesU
'pounds invariably wcighccfH
toon ounces than sixteen oijH
(meant that one croamcrv &B
instance, was making ficvtH
dollars a month through thH
niakinc each pound of bfl
weight f rom 1 to 2 ceutsSH
the creamery company dbefl
tho grocers as well as thB
wore keeping tab ou weieiH
putting an honest sixtecnM
evcrv package ami tho pubfl
the benciit. ifl
Attitude of P.ctaH
"The retail grocers of tfl
ihat ihry aro undor some oH
their customers and one ojH
gat ions is to sec that the cdH
honest weight. On the otbfl
grocers aro continually 'sdojM
mau ufacturers and packers V
wo havo boon able lo gotM
relief from tho state officiaH
day T bought a Jjox of bncoH
T paid 2.'5';. cents a pounilH
it with the 'Omaha woightjM
the box and there was justl
one-half pounds tlilToreUM
'Omaha weight.' and wliatjB
weighed Ju Salt Lako We'jl
trouble iu buing orange3.B
is almost tho rule that befl
1o a dozen shy wheu wo cofl
Butter PropositicM
"Coming back ;o this ,fl
ositiou, the retail morcliaB
seeking some means for VM
gross frauds ou tho publieB
leading labels. You may iH
certain brand of butter wS
mark. 'Put up March S.'jM
stamp is put on each packfl
purpose of leading; the publHi
that tho butler was churned M
when, in reality, tho buttel
package which was 'put up
was prabaldy churned three I
in some Kansas or Illinois -i
cordiug to the ad ertisemeif
particular brand of butter,il
churned in frilt Lako and il
from Ulah cream. The vcrl
the package, if noted carom
ovor, is a confession that it
in Utah for the packages 'M
'distributed by' because tin
mau would be liable to pnX
tho label said that ho manul
This sort of deception wjfl
away with if Ihe retail mofl
bring it about, for we bcliofl
to our customers to see tbfl
what they pay for." H
King Is ArrestcM
E. B. King was arrested
Gjorgu Chase on State streH
Second and Third South strfl
afternoon, on Information fiH
the Ogden police that King;l
at Ogden for obtaining njH
false pretenses. Captain BrlH
Ogden police fore - took KijH
Ogden, Friday afternoon. KfH
used of going into the cfdH
Ilomcnway ,t Moser at OgdciuMl
sen ting himself as an agent qH
dall-Dodd Automobile conipai
a check for $5 from tliar coiK
cashing the check. iK
A private sarc may BC-rcufMr
fire and burglar-proof vaultaB
Salt Lake Security ami Trust
o'2 Up. Main street, $2.00 per
j In Hotel CorridjM
L. HARRIS of Qzdm Is ajH
A. I". WRIGHT of PoctAclflH
tcrcd at the Wilson. lM
O. A. HUBDARD of SprlnjjB
the Knutsford. JH
II. ROBERTS of Ogden is 00
IT. E. SPAI LDIXG. a pro'iM
grower of Twin Falls, bin., ls JH
!". .1. HAGEN'UARTII. an JL
man. Is a guest at the KcnyMfc,
engineer, is at tho Culicn. B
at the Wilson.
W. W. LEMEX. a mlnltW7
man of Denver, is at the Kg?
of lluttc. is a guest at the
Moylc and wife and Oscar V fcjk
wife mortgage to the ZIPiL
n:ind & Trust company VW?W
street Just, below tin. IndcUffltf
phone company building 'JHK
$00,000, to secure the I"lvn'Wj
issory note for that amoUnJMglf
cleanup in the t'.tj. IlealtliMTTif
Dr. S. G. Paul has tiled Chi
Hon with the cit" recorder -,?
the council asking that 'JMfc'
parlmenl bf permitted to '(BkM)
teams for the next fifty lKbu
In hauling away the Rar''Z'
accumulated during U
residence district. '9f(&!r
southern part of the stiufl'MJr
Sundwall or the UnlvcrsIOJ-
Ibirm"Lshow Ilia" lhc souBjtS?
from which tho samples W LS
unfit for use. II hs "M :
tormlncd whether or "SBl'.
causcd an epidemic ".',Mb;!?t
southern part of the "'"LJpj
Friday by .Mary E.
Jacob Jensen and Wir'i-HB
mortgage ou part of ccUWKg
2 south, range 1 west, 'mJUSS
dhin. executed December WCW
cure the payment of a Pr0IlHlK'?l
which II Ih uUtged. lucre Wfc
In addition to that amouitjjt
usked ror 511S.- attorney

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