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Trounce Minor Records and Tie
Double Leaders; Unger
Leads Singles.
By Leased Wire to The Tribune.
DETROIT, Mar. 5. Chicago, In Ihe
shape- of Big Jim O'Leary and a special
(rnlnlond of bowlers to the number of 110,
took charge of the tenth annual tourna
' me iiL of the American bowling congress
and the records began to shake almost
before the first drives. Early in tho day
the minor records were trounced, al
though In the doubles the leaders were
n)y tied by Zimmerman and Campbell of i
J South Bend, Ind., who equaled the 1203
of Cook and Crewson of Urbana, O.
In tho Mingles, however, Max Ungcr,
I a Cleveland man, turned the trick of rcl-
cgatlng George Oakcy to tho rear, tho
new leading mark being 619, seven pins
above the Madison man's two-day rec-
V ord, Ungcr's contribution proved a good
one, with a whirlwind finish of 211 for
the honor of passing the Badger expert.
H, C. Albcrtson of Dcs Moines notchod
651 for a temporary sixth place also dur-
V lng the day, and Will Sage is now the
high Chlcagoan, being in ninth placo.
j Standing in tourney:
Colonials, Madison, Wis.. 2S03.
Llbcrtys, Rochester. X. V., 2789.
Elks, No. 31, Syracuse, N. Y., 27S7.
Bonds. Columbus, 275.'!.
Grcenwals, Akron, O., 2720.
Krollmntts, Cincinnati, 2720.
Lord Listers, Chicago, 2700.
Washington, Xo. 1, Washington, Pa.,
Orients. Cleveland, 2702.
Old Landmarks, No. 1. Columbus, 2690.
Double Scoro.
Zimmerman-Campbell, South Bend, Ind.,
Cook-Crowson. Sebring, O.. 1203.
Hall-Lane, Washington, 1193.
I Sheppard -Sutler, Washington, Pa., 11S1.
Balslcr-Halnes, Omaha, 1179.
Emwert-Gazzolo. Toledo. UGS.
Tolson-Tumer, Sebring, O.. 11G0.
Monti-Johnson. Detroit, 11G0.
Mayer-Smart. Cleveland, 11-19.
Pattcrson-Funckc, Belleville, 111., 1148.
Max Ungcr. Cleveland, 649.
George Oakcy, Madison. Wis., 612.
Max Deman. Detroit, 611.
Otto Wahl. Cleveland, 636.
Frank Frohnauer. Columbus; O.. 632.
II. C. AInertson. Des Moines,. Ia., 631.
J. Grubcr, Cleveland, 62S.
F. M. Boughton. Detroit, 625.. j
William Sage, Chicago. G23. . ,
L. Bonnlng, Detroit. .620. ,
I Coach Dinion Eosigns.
By Associated Press,
i COLUMBIA, Mo March 5 It wns an
nounced lost night by tho athlotic com
mittee of the University of Missouri that
the request of Edward Dlmon, former
Princeton quarterback, that he be released
from his contract to coach the Missouri
eleven next fall, had been granted.
Dlmon was secured to tutor tho Mis
souri team soon after Coach Roper re-
turned tc Princeton. Recently he asked
I to be released from hi3 contract, stating
that business complications In Philadel
J phla forced him to take the step.
Gillett's Aeroplane Decidedly Original
Farman. father of tho biplane, Wilbur
and Orvillo Wright, Glenn Curtlss, Blcrlot
and other man prominent In tho aviation
world may ho forced to pay attention to
P. E. Gilletl, a Salt Lako resident, who
has completod the working model of an
airship that Is entirely different from any
aeroplane yet known to tho scientific
Mr. Gillctt. who has been working upon
flylng-machlno models for more than
twenty years, has at lost completed an
aeroplane that Is decidedly orlglnnl. Gll
lott Is In no clangor of being sued for
Infringements on patents hold by the
Wrights and others for. with tho excep
tion of the propellers, GiUott's car Is dis
tinctly now and unique.
The above picture Is tho reproduction of
a sectional drawing of Gillett's perfected
By Associated Press.
BUFFALO, N. Y., Mnrch 5. Tho
Drobach-HIll team won the six-day bi
cycle race, which ended at midnight.
The Demara-Stein team was second and
the Bedell brotheVs, third. The men
rode ten hours daily for six days, cov
eting 1353 miles and eight laps. John
Bedell. Kill and Demara fought out tho
final sprint for their rcspectivo tcamn.
Bedell was leading by a narrow margin
when he fell. Hill won by five lengths
from Demara.
Wasatch Defeats Provo.
Special to Tho Tribune.-
HEBER: March 5. The Wasatch high
school defeated tho B. Y. U. second team
here- tonight in a sensational basketball
game by the score of 31 to 33. When
time was called for tho second half the
teams were tied with 32 points each and
extra tlmo was called for to decide the
Tho line-up:
Wasatch. B. Y. U. Seconds.
Buys L. F Chipman
Forglo.... R. F Spafford
Clark C Zabreskl
Murdoch R. G-. Glllman
Luke L. G Steed
Fletcher, referee; DoGraff, umpire.
I . $50,000 Worth of I
I , Sold Since the Opening
I ; of the Auto Show
H a That's going some, isn't it? "Well,
H 1 that's just a beginning. There are rea-
H v sons behind a record like this. Here
H they are:
I , 4x5 MotOF.
I j i 60 H; P. Rear Axle on a 40 1
i EL P. Car. j
I I A Triple Ignition System. I
I Full - Floating Type Rear
I I . Axle, on Timkee Roller I
I I 1 Bearings.
I $1800, Factory Price, Complete j
H Early Deliveries. Order Now. 1
1 Ufab, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. GEO, T. ODELL, Gun. Mgr. !
model. The feature of tho Salt Lako ,
man's machine is the bird-like motion
given by tho balance planes, both of
which aro movable. Tho wings if tho
term Is permissible arc patterned much
after the wings of a bird and have a
similar motion. In the Farman, Santos
Dumont, Wright and Curtlss machines
the planes are practically stationary, Mr.
Glllott believes that Ills movable planes
will give him a better balance nnd make
aviation much less a gamble with death.
Another feature of tho Glllott machlno
which has appealed to many scientific
men who have Inspected the aeroplane Is
tho buoyancy of tho affair. The planes
aro hollow and tho space betwoen tho
ollcd-sllk and metal surface Is filled with
hydrogen gas. thus relieving the engine
of much of Its labor. The engine 1b lo-
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, March 5. The Aero
Club of America today comploted tho
calendar for balloon races for tho season
of 1010. It Is as follows:
July 5 and C Air Craft club of Pe
oria (provisional).
August 12 Aero club of Indiana, In
dianapolis: race A. for balloons in classes
1. 2, 3, of tho Federation Acronnutlquo
Internationale rules, 600-2200 cubic me
ters capacity; B. for balloons In classes
4 and f of the Federation Aeronautlquc
Internationale rules, 1200-2200 cubic me
ters capacity.
September 17 National championship
balloon race from Indianapolis. The pi
lots making tho three best records in this
race will be considered nominees to rep
resent tho United States in tho Interna
tional balloon race for the Gordon Ben
nett cup. This race Is only open to pi
lots of the Aero Club of America and
to balloons of 2200 cubic motors capacity.
The first place on the toam is reserved
for E. W. Mix. winner of the Interna
tiona! race of 1909.
The International balloon raco will
start October 17 from St. Louis. The en
tries up to date include three balloons
each from France, Germany and the
United Stales; two from Switzerland and
Italy, and one each from Great Britain
and Denmark.
The Salt Lake Gun club will hold a
bluerock shoot at the traps today, the
shooting to start at 10:30 o'clock. AH
members aro asked to attend and tho
public is Invited also. There will be
several visitors from tho east present,
among them Harvey McMurchny of the
Hunter Arms company. McMurchey is
a crack trap shot and will show the
boys how easy It Is to break targets.
Thero will also bo present "Winchester"
Cummlngs. who has come to Salt Lake
City to live for at least one year, and
If he can get along with the Hotair club
he may remain here longer.
President Dorsey Burgess -will be at
the club with his 20-gaugo guns, and
says he will try to mako a clean score
for twenty-fivo birds.
Tho riflo boys will also bo present to
practice over tho range.
Japs Pay Fine. ,
Warden John Williams of Mllford coun
ty, arrested two Japanese tlshermen last
week who. wqre caught without the neces
sary state documents, and were fined $25
each for trying to beat Commissioner
Chambers out of the fish and game license
fee. The Japs paid the fine and said that
in tho future they would be more care
ful. They wcro given a copy of the llsh
and game laws and were asked to read
It carefully.
While the 9-year-old daughter of J. L.
Wcilor of 153 East Eighth South street,
poacofully slept, burglarn ransacked the
sleeping apartment Saturday night short
ly before 10 o'clock and carried away jew
elry valued at about" 350,
Mr. and Mrs. WcIIer were silting In the
kitchen when the burglars entered the
boudoir, whoro the child lay sleeping, and
emptied tho contents of tho dresser and
commodes upon the floor. A light wns
burning in the kitchen, hut tho thieves
were evidently not at all norvous and took
their time in searching the room, despite
the fact' that Mr. and Mrs. Wellor were
catod In tho forward part of tho machlno,
while tho aviator occupies a scat In the
roar. This gives an oxccllont balance.
The foreign aviators and Inventors
have, as a rulo, used a single propeller,
patterned something after the arm of a.
windmill. Gillett's machine has three
conc-llkc propellers, two on the Bides at
tho rear and one. with a reverse motion,
in front. Tho Salt Lake man's aeroplane
is remarkably light, owing to tho fact
that he has utilized all waste space and
constructed tanks or sections to bo Ailed
with hydrogen gas.
A number of Salt Lake business men
have intorcstod themselves In Gillett's in
vention and a stock company will be or
ganized shortly for the purpose of manu
facturing Gillctt machines for, commercial
State Fish and Game Commissioner
Chambers received word Saturday from
Sevier county that Warden Byron Han
chett had arrested three men for
shooting deer. Hanchott has beon on
tho track of those men for the past four
months, but not until last week did he
havo the pporlunlty to "bag" his game.
Each man had killed a deer and was
lined 5100. In any other state In the
union the same offense would havo cost
the violators not less than $500.
Mr. Chambers said that ho has given
his wardens instructions to camp on the
trail of all violators. Chambers has a
long list of names of people who arc said
to bo fish and gamo violators, and Eays
that ho will never rest until he has
caught them all. All violators aro placed
on tho "blacklist."
Special to Tho Tribune.
PARK CITY. March 5 Andy Malloy
says that he has discovered a 138-pound
boy who can put It all over Peter Sulli
van, and ho Is willing to match the un
known against Sullivan at any time or
ploce for a suitable side bet.
Jack Rogers has arrived hero and is
doing hard work to got in .shape for" his
twenty-round boxing contest with Tim
Crowley, scheduled, for March 12. Both
men are now In tho best of condition,
and, as they box at catch weights, they
will enter tho ring at their best. Tho
miners aro backing Crowley to win.
By Leased "Wlro to The Tribune.
NEW YORK. March 5. Hal Chase
and a delegation of the New York play
ers of the American league left today on
tho Pennsylvania railroad for Athens,
Ga.. where they will train for the base
ball season. The Yankees begin work
Monday morning under tho leadership of
George Stalllngs.
Ban on Basketball.
By Leased Wire to Tho Tribune.
LA PORTE. Ind.. March 5. The climax
of tho basketball career of Miss Margaret
Smith, socioty belle and known through
out the state as a player, came today in
her hurried removal to a hospital, where
a hurried operation for appendicitis was
performed. Appendicitis resulted from
violent exercise in tho playing of the
gamo and has resulted In tho dlsband
mont of tho team of which she was a
member and was a claimant for the state
championship. The high school authori
ties recently put a ban on girls playing
the game.
Richard R. Lyman Issues
a Bulletin on Good Roads
Joseph Howell, Utah's representative in
tho lower house at Washington. D. C.
and Prof. Richard R. Lyman of tho de
partment of civil engineering. University
of Utah, have begun a vigorous and ex
tensive campaign in the Interest of good
roads in the state of Utah. ProfCKSor
Lyman has prepared an article on "Tho
Construction and Maintenance of Earth
Roads." In this article It Is pointed out
that pavements of various kinds, and. in
fact, gravel roads also, are so expensive
that an extensive system of roads
throughout the state of any .one of these
cannot bo constructed. The entire arti
cle Is an argument In favor of building
roads of ordinary earth, and keeping
them In good repair before any very gen
oral effort Is put forth to construct hard
This article has been gotten out hv
the experiment Htationvof the University
of Utah In tho form of a bulletin. In
It tho standard cross-sections fixed by
law by the last Icglslaturo aro given,
and drawings are also produced giving
tho details of constructing- the King road
drag, which is a cheap device, by uso
of which, at a comparatively small cost,
earth roads can be kept nearly always
in good condition, and tho remainder of
tho time In fairly good condition. Three
thousand copies of this bulletin aro to
be distributed throughout the slate for
the purpose of convincing the people
that this method of road construction is
that which should bo adopted first.
In order to reinforce the arguments
set forth In tho bulletin abovo men
tioned. Mr Howell has obtained 3000
copies of a booklet Issued by the de
partment of agrlculturo. entitled "Tho
Uso of tho Split Log Drag on Earth
Roads." and this excellent paper will
be distributed with tho bulletin sent.
out by tho University of Utah. This
government pamphlet has beon prepared
by D. Howard King of tho department
of public roads, who Is probably tho
greatost expert on the use of spilt log
drag. This article also emphasizes the
Importance of maintaining the earth road
In good condition. It shows that In ac
tual practice a road maintained with
tho spilt log drag is not only kept
smooth and comparatively hard, but that
It also reduces the quantity of dust
which accumulates on tho road. Con
cerning: this matter the bulletin says:
"Clay, when mixed with water and
thoroughly worked, becomes remarkably
tough and Impervious to water. If com
pacted In this condition it becomes ex
tremely hard. Another valuable result
of dragging is the reduction of dust, for
the particles of clay adhere so tenaciously
that there Is but little wear when the
surface Is smooth. Dust on an earth
road Is due to the breaking up under
traffic of the frayed and upturned edges
of ruts and hoof-prints. If the surface
Is smoothed after each rain and the
road dries hard and even, no edges arc
exposed to crushing, and the only dust
which forms Is that due to tho actual
wear of the road surface."
Those who aro Interested in this move
ment expect to be ablo to turn tho at
tention of tho good roads onthusiasts to
tho earth road, and they hope that In
the course of a very few years an ex
cellent system of smooth, hard, dry
hlgnways or earth will bo constructed
reaching Into every part of tho stato
of Utah. This thing, they belleVe. can
bo easily attained, while they arc con
vinced that efforts put forth to build
extensive road systems In a more ex
tensive way will only result In discour
agement and final failure.
Rob Room While Baby Sleeps
less than twenty feet away while the
robbers wcro at work.
Tho baby girl was not awakened by
the presence of tho burglars. She know
nothing of the visit until aroused bv her
parents after tho room had I been found
to be In a topsy-turvy condition. The
burglars had entered the house through a
window and left through the front door
luaylner the window wide open. '
The police department was nromntlv
detailed upon the case. A neighbor fur
nished a fairly good description of ho
Tribuno Want Ada.
Bel Main 5200 lndeponflont '36Q.
1910 ReO Four Cylinder $1251
Thirty horse-power flfty miles an hour flH
' Notice that tho driver's seat and con-
K 1 ' trol are on tho loft-hand sido of tho
car. This is tho new and right way jH
convenient Xor dismounting to the side-
This car is the equal of any car built last ye9
at $3000 for what it will do, for appearand
and its superior for economy, endurance, an
get-there-and-back ability. W
An amazing thing to say and a book that undertakes M
prove it, is either worth reading as an interesting fan
tale or worth $2000 to you in real money. Get til
book and see the car. 9
ra jjjj
Sharman Auto "C(J
Also Selling Agents for J9
COMPANY. Principal office and place
of business, SO" Ncwhouse building, Salt
Lake City, Utah.
NOTICE Thero aro delinquent upon
tho following described atocjc on account
of assessment levied the 25th day of
January, 1910, the several amounts set
opposite the names of tho respoctlve
stockholders as follows:
Name. Cert. Shares. Due.
Dr. J. H. Bean 92-1 200 G.00
E. J. Benson A-59 30 .00
Walter F. Arms A-61 35 1.05
J. C. Keener 133 100 3.00
Blanche D. B. Nettle
ton 101 100 3.00
Blanche D. B. Nottle-
ton 1D2 300 9.00
Blancho D. B. Nettle
ton 193 400 12.00
T. H. Murray 224 200 COO
C. C. Hlndman 228 200 6.00
L. M. Truxell 230 300 9.00
Mrs. C. Prey 200 100 3.00
Frank Harris 415 100 3.00
Frank Harris 41G 100 3.00
Frank Harris 417 100 3.00
Frank Harris 418 100 3.00
Frank Harris 419 100 3.00
Frank Harris 420 100 3.00
Frank Harris 421 100 3.00
Frank Harris 422 100 3.00
Frank Harris 423 100 3.00
Frank Harris 424 100 3.00
Frank Harris 425 100 3.00
Frank Harris 42C 100 3.00
Jay T. Harris 450 100 3.00
Richardson, IIU1 & Co. S01 100 3.00
E. D. Van Tassel SC2 GOOO 150.00
Annotto It. Jewell S72 33 .99
M. J. Maloney A-893 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 906 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 907 100 3.00
Richardson. Hill & Co. 90S 100 3.00
Richardson. Hill &. Co. 909 100 3.00
Richardson. Hill & Co. 910 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co, 911 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 912 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 913 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 914 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill &. Co. 915 1()0 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 916 100 3.00
Richardson. Hill & Co. 917 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 91S 100 3.00
Richardson. Hill & Co. 919 100 -3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 920 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 921 100 ' 3.00
Richardson. Hill & Co. 922 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 924 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 925 100 3.00
Richardson, Hill & Co. 926 100 3.00
Charles E. Kimball... 951 100 3.00
S. F. Chrlstlanson. s .. 9S6 50 1.50
Ole Larson 997 50 1.50
C. C. Hlndman 1062 50 1.50
W. P. Book 109G 1000 30.00
E. J. Lambson H0S 100 3.00
J. B. Gould 1301 100 3.00
Mrs. W, C. Arnold 1323 500 15.00
W. F. Mauldln 1414 500 15.00
Jennie E. Robinson. . .1524 500 15.00
Arthur A. Brown... A-11G0 25 .75
Henry T. Rcnnick. ..A-1G31 1000 30.00
Henry T. Rennlck. . .A-1557 1000 30.00
Henry T. Rennlck. . .A-1559 1000 30.00
Honry T. Rennlck. . .A-1560 1000 30.00
Henry T. Rennlck. . .A-15C1 1000 30.00
Henry T. Rennlck... A-15C2 1000 30.00
Honry T. Rcnnick. . .A-15C3 1000 30.00
Honry T. Rennlck... A-1565 1000 30.00
Henry T. Rennlck. . .A-1566 500 15.00
Henry T. Rcnnick. . .A-15G7 "500 15.00
Henry T. Rennlck. . .A-15G8 500 15.00
Honry T, -Rennlck... A-15G9 GOO 15 00
Henry T. Rcnnick. ..A-1570 500 15.00
Henry T, Rennlck. . .A-1572 500 15.00
Henry T. Rennlck. . .A-1573 500 15.00
Henri- T. Rcnnick. ..A-1574 200 6.00
C. W. Hartley A-1585 100 3.00
C. W. Hartley -1536 100 3.00
Blanche D.
Nettleton . A-1594 400 12.00
j. C. Keener.. A-1652 500 15.00
J. C. Keener A-1653 500' 15.00
Mrs. W. C. Arnold.. A-1G77 400 12.00
William White ... A-1795 300 9.00.
T. L. Brown A-1S13 .1200 3G.00
Trustee Utah Sav
ings & Trust CO..A-1927 400 12.00
C. J. Hahn ...A-1947 500 15.00
Mrs. C. J. Hahn....A-104S 500 15.00
A. H. Weatherhee. .A-1953 1500 45.00
Joseph H. Qulnn....A-1967 50 1.50
Mrs. M. A. Terhuno.A-1972 300 9.00
?; JrGrX;,; A-19S6 coo is.oo
Mrs. DeW. B. Lowe.A-2031 50 1.50
F. E. McGurrin A-2033 GOO 15.00
Joseph Brocklcbank.A-2076 GOO 15 00
J1 ?apn ;. A-20S1 100 3i00
L. B. McCornick....A-20S8 200 C.00
Chas. E, Kimball... A-2103 S00 9 00
W., F. Maudlin A-2104 600 lo'.OO
A. C. Ong A-2106 1500 45.00
Edgar C. Ross.....A-2119 500 15,00
C. II. Walker A-2203 100 3.00
N. Kaumanns A-2205 300 9.00
Milton Altpoter A-22C5 200 6.00
A. J. Rushing. A-2272 100 3.0U
W. M. Havenor A-22S7 100 3.00
Nellie C. Johnson... A-229G 1000 30.00
3. S. Mitts A-230S 1000 30.00
A. N. Holdaway A-2330 400 12.00
M. D. Joseph A-2345 100 , 3.00
Fred T. Noyes A-2371 500 15.00
W. S. Pyle ..A-2372 300 9.00
W. M. Havenor A-2409 12 .36
George T. Badger. ..A-2 111 100 3.00
C. E. Allen A-2I3S 200 6.00
J. L. Hamilton A-2502 100 3.00
E. Storer A-2515 300 9.00
E. Storer A-2516 200 G.00
A. N. Aveson A-2534 200 G.00
W. S. Romney A-2559 200 G.00
F. R. Snow & CO...A-2573 500 15.00
W. M. Havenor ...A-2G05 100 3.00
W. M. Havenor ...A-2G11 100 3.00
Lueretla A. Miles. .A-2G1G 250 7.50
Lucretla A. Miles. .A-2G17 250 7.50
Lueretla A. Miles. .A-2G1S 250 7. GO
Lucretla A. Miles. .A-2619 250 7.60
Sheets-Neel Co. ...A-2621 100 3.00
Child. Cole & Co. .A-2634 200 6.00
Nathan Rockhlll . .A-2644 1000 30.00
Jas. A. Pollock
& Co A-2CG0 100 3.00
Sheets-Neel Co A-2G99 100 3.00
Badger Bros A-2704 500 15.00
W. B. Andrews ...A-2714 100 3.00
Chas. E. Kimball... A-2719 200 G.00
A- L. Larson B-4 100 3.00
Utah Savings &
Trust Co. ., B-22 200 6.00
C. II. Dowse B-30 100 3.00
Chas. E. Kimball.. B-46 200 G.00
Badger Bros B-52 1000 30.00
Child. Cole & Co.... B-59 500 15.00
Louis Seckels ..... B-64 300 9.00
M. Davis 5... B-72 100 A 3.00
J. F. O'Nell B-7S 200 6.00
J. M. Macfarland... B-79 200 6.00
May Stansbury B-St 500 15.00
R. Guivcr B-S2 500 15.00
TI. H. Horner B-S4 500 15.00
II. B. Colo B-102 500 15.00
H. B. Cole B-104 500 15.00
TT. B. Colo B-105 500 15.00
M. B. Colo B-106 500 15.00
TI. B. Cole B-114 22 .GG
Fanny C. Sinclair.. B-118 20 .60
Marjorle T. SlnclaIrB-119 20 .GO
Archie C. Sinclair. .B-121 20 .60
Edith S. Martin ... B-122 20 .60
Fanny C. Sinclair.
guardian B-123 20 .(TO
Thorn Smith B-130 100 3.00
Tohn Sooonlcy B-133 1000 30.00
P. L. Smlthcrs B-136 1000 30.00
In accordance with the law and by or
der of the board of directors. January 25.
1910. so many shares of each parcel of
such stock as may be necessary will be
sold at the office of the comnnny. S07
Ncwhouse building. Salt Lake City, Utah
on tho 21st of March. 1910. at 2 o'clock
p. m. of said day to pay delinquent as
sessments thereon, together with the
costs of advertising and expenses of ;alc
Secretary Ynnken Consolidated Mlninc
Co- f-S7
Department of the Interior. Land Office
nt T-Talloy. Idaho, February 11, 1910
Notice Is hereby given that on the .Sth
day of April. 1910, at Rupert. Idaho, be
ginning at 10 n. m. of that day and con
tinuing thereafter from day to day (Sun
days excepted) as long as may be necf-'
sary. we will offer for sale nt public out
cry to the highest bidder for cash at not
less than the appraised value thereof all
lots In blocks 1 to 7, Inclusive; 12 to' 1G
inclusive: 23. 29. 32 40, -13. 50 to 54 ln
culslvo: 60. 63 to 6G. Inclusive: GS to 79
Inclusive, and S2 toi 90. Inclusive: and all
lots In the oast half of blocks 11 and IS
ond the south half of blocks 66 to 69, In
clusive. In the townslte of Rupert. Idaho
as delineated and designated on the plat
of said townslte, approved December 7.
1905, ond amended by sunlemontal plat,
approved September 2, 1909.
The purchase price must be paid In
rash, to tho receiver before the cIopo of
his office on the day the bid Is accepted.
C. H. Paul, engineer of the reclamation
?ervlce, will superintend the sale of said
All parties are warned under tho
penalty named In section 2373. U. S. Rev.
Stats., against any combination or ac
tion tending to hinder or embarrass the
sale of said lots or to prevent free com
petition between bidders.
FRED C. BRADLEY, Receiver.
017G9 .
Notice Is hereby given thl
tax for the purpose of exuj
sewer has been levied and cl
ordinances of the City Couna
February S, 1910. and MarcM
spectlvcly. JK
Said special tax is levied 1
lowing described real propi
Lako City, to wit: In lots 1
5, block 74; 5. 6, 7 and S, h
C; 5 and 6, block 117; 1. 2. 3'
US. plat A; 1 and 2. bloch
1. 2, 3. 4. 5 and 8. block 10
6. 7 and S, block 72; and r
71, plat C. Salt Lake Cltyj
ting on the south side of:
street between Fourth West
West strets, on the north i
Nortn street botween Four
Sixth West streets; on the.'
First North street between!
and Fifth West streets; onf
of Fourth West street b
North and Second North str
sides of Fifth West street b
North and Second North sti
the west side of Sixth We
tween First North and (
streets, in Sewer Districts '.
of Salt Lako City, and is,
ablo In live equal annual;
beginning March 1. 1911. In
rac of six per cent per ai
whole amount of said tax 9
putcd from the date of thfl
the ordinance confirming the
tax. to wit: March 3, 1910M
at said rate on the whole nmfl
tax unpaid shall be due and jM
each installment. If any lium
interest aforesaid is not paid
when same becomes due, taenB
amount of the tax unpaid m
said installment and intere
will become due and payebM
draw Ipterest at the rata qtm
cent per annum until sale, O'aB
crty assessed. One or .mare Jjj
stallments In the order In
payable aforesaid, or ui6'fl,pM
bo naid without interest at
within thirty days after
tho ordinance confirming tnll
tax; and ono or more H
mcnts in the order 'n.WIB
payable, or the whole taxH
be paid on the day any iwm
due by paying tho amount
Interest to said day.
All special taxes aro
office, room 102 city and cotuM
Salt Lako City. 'BB
Dated at Salt Lake' CIMB
1st day of March. 1910. W
City Treasurer and CollccjBl
Sewer Extension No. 225.B
Third partial cr'1""'" h
The undersigned board
tees of Green River schooltMf,
River. Emery county. utdW
bids up to 6 o'clock p. m.-'iBhw
for the erection of an elSk
building and gymnasium. IWJ
Plans, specifications
bidders can be found
E. J Cook. Green RIVCR
the office of Watklns SEl
Dooly building. Snlt LaMRI
Each bid must be accon
certified check of G per c.WE
guarantee that the aRMB;
enter Into contract and
bond within one week aIW
awarded, otherwise the aBE
felted to said district. K
The board will meet
the above staled time ai"
llcly open and read aatajp,
Tho board reserves Emm
any and all bids.
By order of saIQ
Datcd at Green" RiyB7
Construction of canal '.
Wvo. Excavntion of aPjPBp
000 cu. yds. of earth antMKN
rock. For spociflcation9.
M, Covey, 933 East 1st S

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