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' Happenings Galliced Throughout "W Tg , . jt tf "A . What Is Going On in the Country Through '
in intermountaiii JMiipire m,";,ti'-' . I
IEden Department :
ft Office under First National 3ank, comer 24th and Washington
?Bell Phone 301. Independent Phone 351. Office hours 8 a. m.
m 6 p. in. to 3 p. m.
J 'he Tribune
fnreh 5. -That Attorney Sani-
5 if Sail Lake, who dcicnded
VI Ion " charge of murder in
J irec for the Mlllnsr of John
ri Know Greek, a yenr ago at;
4 Srccontlv discovered uddi
1 Ko which will tend to east
J CdhWnt light on the klll
3 Jutntonu-nt mnde by him to
2 "ere Fov.-.ll tliis afternoon In
T vii postponement of the scu
ll , was to have been passed
BtconUeted of murder In the
4 rro There is uu appeal lo
I cour ending, and for that
$ lias been o haste in pass--3
. When the case was called
, iCy King announced that he
3 Sposlpouemcnl. which was
next Saturday.
3 Ithot the iVwhonJZY
i 'rom John Contos at the Ii t
when he was shot down by
j ibecn located nt last and 1 Is
" III be produced before the
'J Amotion for a new trial on
;.; rf after-discovered evidence.
a r
q1 Che Tribune
&t March G. Mrs. Carl Allison
i 7tho S. S. club at her home
enty-lhlrd street last Tuos
' on. Tlic afternoon was spent
t te. of which there were six
ad prizes were won by Mj-s.
a inson and Mrs. J. Douglass.
It fershaw and Mrs. Joseph My
" a1 off the eon-solation prizes.
iVWWUltom Allison won the
5'lfcc. At the conclusion of the
i M" a delicious luncheon was
rPfhe hostess.
eent were: Mesdamcs V. C.
'tge II Bushnell, R. Ebelintr.
;lmson, B. Johnson. C. E
Flinders. Sam Kershaw. IT.
Icr. Joseph Flygare. James
BffJ. Barnes. J S. Benton. J. C.
flfergo Browning, J. Douglass.
JKiriey, Herbert Seagers, R. S.
fc F. A. Faris. Frank lloLel-
KfAlllson and Mrs. Jack Chis-
Knstoiu W.vo.
Kfangcrs Robbed.
Jmtin Tribune.
IKarch 5. W. M. Burnett and
Wirg. who say their homes arc
Tfrollryi. were buncoed for $100
''fence man in Ogden tonight.
fetnerners are on their way to
lico. While, waiting for their
JjlJdepot they were appioaehed
(ifc'ho represented himself as a
Jiltl7.cn of Salt Lake City. A
3f(the city was proposed, and
spartles reached the Twcnty
Jit viaduct they were met by a
3f6f the stranger. Some- one
3trame of matching dollars,
ill the South Carolinians were
?Burnolt had been fllm-flamcd
itfid his friend out or ?0. They
tmhnattcr to tho police, but no
laftyet been made.
01 Control Named.
(Ke Tribune.
,BMavch 5. At a special mcel
JjWcounly eomhilsslonors held
on a board nf control for the
,pj nty Good Koad.s association
Dd and the dale- for the good
In htfon. to be held in , Ogden.
; o plcnihcr 21. 25 and 2tJ. The
id'jta of the following: Judge
tY ll, chairman; Will Wright,
ii son. A. V Bigelow. Ralph
J If Browning. A. R. Haywood.
. to Id rial-old Peary.
toMeresting Lecture.
'he Tribune,
i'l March fi. Superintendent Jj.
blsi iii spolic before the Weber
; b hers institute at the second
.eOlfln tho sub-high school this
ak 31b address was devoted to
i? 9, "The Teachers' Duty Re
aes 100I Property" and "The
iift'iipll and .Oral Composition."
KV W. McKundrlei: of tle
tiemy also delivered an ad
i!t;i 'Arithmetic and the Lower
ad athetnntlcs." Professor J. II.
University of Utah was the
& r. His subject was "Ma-
ii BEtesentation Charged.
Cho Tribune.
0i March 5 Claiming that Jo
51 Vof the Ogden Valley Trout
jt rt company misrepresented
js atlng to the company when
ipromiasory note In payment
3T. J. Lewis this afternoon
ply to rhc coniplnint of Barker
irinct court asking that the ae-
llsct the note be dismissed.
2 Vlat !U tllc timc ,,c agreed
1 .oclc in the company it was
j resented to him that David
jtf his shoddies were, heavily
j? an the company and thai tills,
ill, extent, influenced him in buv
y g
iiic Tribune.
jtSitnli.Iarch r.Munli is to
Jiclal bond election, to' be held
e xIaycrs will vote o the
Mof bonding Mantl Clly for
of this Is for the pur-W5f-n!,nfc',"e
l'fosent water sy8
4'"?,&tUlU bu'S'an
iabd take notice," because of
.Jh Are l.lr5;cr nart of 1110
& tZ !?.,U.1 fil,n'ers arc silu
2(lp;. llysi t,0,Torale limits.
; if1?8 of Primary wjitcr rights
0 CO? levins from Manti Clly
V' '00 acres arc od J
wrSyiVlSUt U,f corPnac limits
SV nf'11'"?61'''1 realizing that
K W '", Cbrporation
iSAfii"0 1,e,"ts rrom moneys
lrniC,mlIm,P8' ar(1 organl.
cdfr3 10 Ptllon tle district
en invci,rs l,cre March S. to
Sd'i h.?'iitlw clly, ""tews anSl
b '? t Llllc ?ltlon for dctach
,f 5 F. L.?6 resisted. lnasmiu-h as
the ? PJ-oeeecIInss of three
Ml?, ' U,tcllV carried to the
' tihU iQcM against the
f,j' 3alV arc similar. A
istt 've H,b0,ng maJo ly l1lc
11 18 ,i L tv,L? co,ltrl of the Irrl-
1 ll5 J at,,!.1, P01-tIon iscd iipon
rLi 7bi .LlV"xl over to them.
sert1 AHfctcil for this purpose
f, nlPi.iCounf:11 11 fc days
i S i L1',51" of lh case.
G,T( 1 naa y.ct lK"M1 tnkcn. as
g t i? extent to which the
V which for 'wp'hs In repair
c0 Suf . P'13 diagonally
- h o J101 bccn "Breed on.
-flfl)' lei ?0rPralion. has lierc
jqO Ctl the entire waters of
of rdrr
,onrtUTatcrin Sanpoto.
c ; Sanpitch river Is
h .;p0rUl fame to 'the
M 'iVJI J"f?l,r I,our" the river
Jje jject and that unless quick
targ - s"l'pt nway'
, 1 k
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEX. March "..Upon affidavits filed
by Mrs. Martha Moran and Ray Rich
ardHon, In which It Is declared that they
cannot obtain a Talr and Impartial trial
before Judge J. D. Murphy in a civil ac
tion brought in the city court against
them by K. "W. Townsend. .in p:dfr was
Issued by the court today transferring
the iK-tlon to the district court.
Townsend claims that the defendants
entered Into an agreement with him
August . J00U, for tlic conveyance of
real estate at :!00B Adams avenue, but
that the defendant now refuses to make
the transfer. Townsend says that lie
already has paid 5100 on the purchase
price, and asks the court lo award him
Judgment for that amount.
Jolly Bachelors' Dance.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEX. March S. The grand ball
given by tho Jolly Bachelors' club at the
Royal Dancing academy Thursday even
ing was one of the pleasanlest social
events of the season. Music was furnished
by Salter's enlarged orchestra. The hall
was beautifully decorated with flowers,
flags and bunting, and attractive pro
grammes, designed by Frank Matthews,
a member of the club, added to the
pleasures of the dance. Refreshments
wore served at midnight. The commit
tee on .arrangements was composed of
Watson Ecklund. chairman, and Herman
Grether. The next dance to be given
by tho club will be held March 15.
Order of Acceptance.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEX. March 5. District Judge J.
A. Howell tills afternoon Issued an order
allowing Emma J. TTinley. the adminis
tratrix of the estate of the late Alfred
S. Hlnley. to accept $F.O00 from t he
Southern Pacific company in full settle
ment of her claims against tho company
for the death of her husband nt tlic Le
may wreck last January. HInlev was the
engineer of the passenger train which
crashed head-on Into a freight train
standing on the siding.
State Engineer Replies.
Special lo Tho Tribune.
OGDEX. ' March Fi. Setting fortli that
his office is within the Jurisdiction of the
third district court at Salt Lake City,
Caleb Tanner, stale engineer, this after
noon filed a reply to tho action brought
by the Weber and Dnvis Counties Canal
companies in which a writ of mandate
was asked to compel the state engineer
to file certain appropriations of water for
Irrigation purposes in his ofllco The
slate engineer Insists that the action bo
transferred from the Second district
court to the court at Salt Lake City.
Pre-Easter Services.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEX, March 5. "The Four Great
Realities of Existence as Interpreted by
Jesus Christ" will be the theme of a
pre-Enster series of Sunday evening ser
mons in tho First Presbyterian church
in March. The sermon on Sunday night
will deal with "The View Which Jesus
Christ Gave to tin- World Concerning
Life." It Is the contention of the. speak
er that the Christ had a different Idea
In mind when he used the word "life"
than lfas either the scientist or everyday
man of today In using the same term.
. Pleads Not Guilty.
Special lo The Tribune.
OGDEX. March 5. George Strccler.
charged with assault with a deadly wea
pon upon Mrs. A. C. Riley, entered a
plea of not guilty In" the district court
this .morning. Streoter is out on ?500
ball pending his trial, which will lm
held at the next term of the criminal
Suit on Assigned Note.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEX, March 5 Walter Richcy is
seeking lo collect $210, tlic amount of a
promissory note mado In favor of Xor
nian Stark by J. B. Ellis and others,
September 30. and assigned to Richcy
by tlic original holder. The plaintiff
says in his complaint tiled in the dis
trict court this afternoon that Stark
assigned the note to him January ul of
this year.
Suit oil Notes.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEX'. March 5. "W. D. Brown, the
receiver of the Japanese-American bank,
has begun actions In tho district court
to collect four promissory notes, made
in favor of tho bank by E, D. Hashi
moto and S. Jchimura. The notes made
by Hashimoto aggregate ?l!7F and those
due the defunct bank by Ichlmura
amount lo 51100.
License to Wed.
Special lo Tlic Tribune.
OGDEX. March f. A license to wed
was issued by the county clerk this after
noon to C. C. Ranstead of Elgin, HI.,
and Lucy Pierce of Ogden.
Special to Tho Tribune.
EUREKA, March 5. TIntic Tent Xo.
13. Knights of the Maccabees, took for
mal possession of their new homo In Ihe
j Miners' Union hall tonight. After the de
gree team had put several candidates
through the mysteries of the order a royal
good time was had and refreshments par
taken of. The ten L Is rapidly Increasing
in 'membership, having reached the 100
mark and expect to reach 200 beforo tho
first of next month.
At the regular meeting of Tintic lodge
Xo. 711, M. V. O. E.. the following officers
were elected for tho ensuing year and will
be installed into office on next Thursday
evening: Exalted ruler. James L. Wil
liams; cstfcmcd leading knight. Henry E.
Wall; esteemed loyal knight. William F.
Shrlver; esteemed lecturing knight. Wil
liam Moellev. secretary. Edward Bonner;
treasurer. Jerc E. Drlscoll: tyler. William
Embleton: trustee. P. J. Fcnnell; delegate
to grand lodge, Elijah Bowen; alternate.
J. A. Henacl.
The Elks will dedicate their new hall
on March 28 with impressive, ceremonies,
and a fine programme Is being prepared.
There will be a dance at tho Elks pavilion
and a grand banquet, making It one of the
greatest social events ever given In Eu
reka. Invitations will be extended to the
membership of the different lodges In the
state and a big crowd of antlers are ex
pected from Salt Lake, Provo and Ogden.
Tho new amusement hall which has
been erected Just west of the L. D. S.
church will be formally dedicated on next
Wednesday evening with appropriate ex
ercises, consisting of a musical pro
gramme, danco and feasting.
Bad Work of a Student.
Special to The Tribune.
LOG AX, Marcli 5. Thin morning one
of tho owners of tho saloon located just
outsldo of tho city limits was brought
Into court on a charge of selling liquor in
this city and pleading guilty lo tho charge
was fined 100. A college student went
to the saloon man's house, and by means
of representation that ills father was 111
and had to have some liquor, secured a
bottle of whisky. Ho got drunk on It
und then got into a fight. Marshal Peter
son finally picked him up. and after a
good deal of questioning got the Informa
tion as to where he obtained the whisky.
Park City Ore Shipments
Special to Tho Tribune
PARK CITY. March Park City ore
shipments In pounds for the week end
ing today were as follows:
Daly West l.-WO.OOO
Sliver King Coalition . ..I.17,H0
Daly-Judge (zinc) .-. 7!l0,-i::0
Daly-Judge (115.000
Little Bell . 201.000
,'J'olals : L0 lfi,370
Politics and Pensioners.
Special to Tho Tribune.
PROVO, March 5. Mr. Pratt, the In
dian war commissioner who has been sil
ting here. this week for the purpose of
registering applicants for pensions, lias
had a very busy time of it and today
It became apparent to him that ho would
be unable to register all applicants by
Saturday evening, the time fixed for his
leaving here, and that some of the 'appli
cants would therefore get left. Ho ac
cordingly notified Governor Spry, who at
once ex leaded the time until Wednesday
evening next. The impression Is rapidly
gaining ground that many veterans who
hnvc no real chance of getting a pension
are being urged to register in the hope
that their support for the party ticket
may ihus be secured, .since the represen
tation will be made that the (success of
the Bepubllcan party will bo necessary in
order for the veterans to realize. There
Is a good deal of talk going on here about
this phase of the matter.
Deaf and Dumb Boy Dies.
Special to The Tribune.
SFR1XGVILLE, March 5. Otto Eweng.
20-ycar-old son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P.
Eweng of this city, died some lime last
night very suddenly of heart failure. He
was in his usual health yesterday and
worked all day. and ale a hearty suppor
last evening. He was discovered dead
In his bed this morning by tho family,
lie was a deaf mule, a graduate of the
deaf and dumb Institute at Ogden He
was a very bright and Industrious young
man and was well liked by all who knew
Special lo The Tribune.
PKOVO. March fi. When asked today
what effect the bill which has passed the
senate of t lie United States would have
on the work under his churge. Engineer
J. L. Lylle of the Strawberry Irrigation
project said: "The bill which has how
gone to the house for thdr consideration
provides for the sale of 50.000.000 worth
of coril Ilea les. the moneys to be used by
the reclamation service. If it becomes a
law. and will enable the bureau to finish
the Strawberry project a year or more
earlier than has been estimated under
the present system of appropriations by
congress. Willi sufficient means to go
ahead with the work. Mr. Lytic thinks
11)0 Strawberry project can be completed
and water ready for delivery to the users
through the canals and latlerals In from
two and a half to three years. The esti
mates on Its completion tinder the appro
priation system is from three and a half
to four years. "
Provo Fruit Growers' Union.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO, March 5. John -Dorrig and TL
M. Ellis, representing the Pioneer Fruit
company of California, wore here today
and met with the fruit growers in ad
journed session. The committee hereto
fore appointed reported that they had
been nble lo effect a union of the fruit
growers of Provo for the purpose of op
erating through one sales agency In dis
posing of the fruit crop. The following
committee was appointed to further pros
ecute the work and report later: Otto
Poulson, D. M, Crandall, E. F. Peck. E.
D. Woodhouse, R. Loo Bird, Franklin
Duftin and Ray V. Wcnlz.
Wellington! Funeral.
Special to Tho Tribune.
DRAPER. Marcli fi. Funeral services
were held this nfternoon over the body
of Alice, the youngest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Wellington, who- died at
Murray last Monday of cerebral menin
gitis. The blshroplc of the ward pre
sided. Interment took place In the
Draper cemetery.
Special to The Tribune.
MURRAY, Marcli n. Two sites for the
erection of the two new school build
ings have been purchased, one on what
Is known as the Brewery hill, on the
west side, and the other Jusr south of
the smelter, on the east side of State
street. The prices paid for these sites
were S1000 and S2500 respectively. Plans
are being examined, and work will bo
gin at once on the new buildings.
Friday ended the sixth month's school
work, and the pupils sustained a satis
factory review. It Is believed that a
much higher percentage of promotions
will he made at the close of the year
than was made last year.
There arc occasional cases of conta
gion, but careful and thorough fumiga
tion has prevented an epidemic. .
Divorces at Logan.
Special to The Tribune.
LOGAN'. March 5. Judge Maughan to
day made the following court orders: In
tho case of Sophia T, Larsen vs. Jacob
Larson, in which the plaintiff sought a di
vorce on the grounds of cruelty arid the
defendant filed a cross bill asking for a
divorce on the ground of Infidelity, the
court found all the issues in favor of the
plaintiff. Xo order was made as to the
property, hut one will be made after a
hearing to be had today,
Maud Waters was granted a divorce
from George Waters on the ground of fail
ure to provide.
Factory to Be Pushed,
Special to The Tribune.
MURRAY. March 5. At tho last meet
ing of the directors of the Utah Produce
company the manager was authorized to
get plans for the erection of tho can
ning factory, which Is to be situated on
Seventeenth South street, near the Ore
gon Short. Line railroad. As soon as tho
plans arc decided upon work will be
started on tho construction of the fac
tory. The company lias also been con
tracting flic last week with the farm
ers for the raising of tomatoes and ex
pects by the end of next week to have
the entire acreage signed for.
Special to The Tribune.
MURRAY. March 5. With the pur
chase or the tract of land adjoining the
Lund school. It ls certain that the boys
at the detention home will be able to
make a fairly good crop of farm prod
ucts this season. Already work about
the big farm has commenced. Spring
plowing is being done, while consid
erable spring wheat has been sown.
One youngster, on account of good hc
haX'ior, was allowed to go home this
week, making tlic number of 'nmalcs at
present twenty-two. This evening the
boys at the school presented an amateur
performance which pleased immensely.
All school work will cease about the
middle of May, when outside work will
command the attention of ivory one
around the institution.
Mining Man on a- Mission.
Special lo The Tribune.
PROVO. March 5. Frank Birch, su
perintendent of the Iron Blossom and
other Knight mines, has' been called on
a mission to t ho eastern states and will
leave In April. Charles Zabriskic will
succeed Mr. Birch as superintendent of
Ihe mines.
Jurors Drawn to Serve.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO. March 5. The following jurors
have been drawn and ordered to appear
In the Nllstrlct court Monday morning,
March 1-1: Warren B. Smith, Lafayette
Parker of American Fork; Isaac Chilton,
George GoatC3 of LchI; B. A. Jolly. Ma
ploton; George Stevenson. Alpine; John.T.
Pyne. Provo; Jacob Robertson. Spanish
Fork: Joseph 15. Green, Pleasant Grove,
and John Firth. Goshen.
Abandoned His Wife.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO, March 5. George IT. Stcgccl
of Pleasant Grove was arrested today in
Salt Lake by Sheriff JSmery for Sheriff
Judd of this county. Stcggcl Is wanted
here on a charge of abandoning his wife
and children, whom he left at Pleasant
Grove. He will be brought to Provo by
Sheriff Judd on Sunday.
Extensive Sheep Thefts.
Special 'to The Tribune.
PROVO, March 5. Sheriff llcnrold of
Juab county. Deputy Sheriff AI Hales of JM
Utah county and Edward Roberts of
American Forlc have gone to the desert
in the western part r the state to In
vestlgate a sheep-stealing cane. Mr
Roberts reports the loss of 200. head of
sheep, and other sheep owners hnvc lo?t
from llielr herds. The officers and sheep
men believe that there is an orgnnlzed
band of sheep thieves, who gather si nig
glers from herds and remove the marks
and brands from the stolen animals. Tin
business lias been carried on for som IH
time, and It is now thought that tin jH
thieves will be apprehended.
Asylum Inmate Dead.
Special lo The Tribune.
PROVO, March fi. Robert E. Pence
aged ) years, an inmate of iro State IH
Mental hospital, died today of general
paralysis. He was committed from Salt
Lake City May 1 1. 1000. He is survived
by a widow and two children living in JU
Salt Lake City. The body will be shipped ll
to that place for interment.
Home From Europe. IH
Special to Tho Tribune.
MURRAY. March u.Lconard Henly jH
and Abner Snarr. Murray boys, returned
Wednesday from Europe. Mr. Ilealy
spent much of his timc in Holland.
while Mr. Snarr was in Belgium.
Water for Springville.
Special to The Tribune. IH
SPRINGVILLE. March f.. Work Is now
being punhed on the pipe-line for the cltv
waterworks. The water will he in town ll
ready for distribution in a few weeks.
New Humane Officer. jH
Special to The Tribune.
MURRAY. March 5. Hans Hanson has
been appointed deputy humane officer
for Murray. IH
Provo Man Arrested.
George 'H. Stcggell was arrested bv IH
Deputy Sheriff Emery Saturday afternoon
and taken to the county Jail, where he is ll
being held for Sheriff Judd of Provo. Il
Is charged witli failure to provide for his IH
minor children. '
! f !; You are especially bidden I
jjf to yisit this store upon the I
1 . Eighteen and Twenty East First South Street I' I
CJThere will be mosic, souvenirs and Our beautiful new store is ready for j ' I
1 other entertainment features, announce- your visit. On every side you'll see the I I
ment of which will be made in this smartest styles in ready-to-wear cloth- I I
paper in due season. Our announce- ing, furnishings and shoes for men, J I
I ments will appear regularly in the daily women and children. We especially ask j
j papers. "that you note our prices. I I
Sssidsome Spring MM Elaborate. Showing I
Styles for ae p I I
most fashionable styles ' j mficd' fasliious. We can I jl
great ariety. Our prices M mduccmeiit. Suite and ' l
I have been accustomed to
18-20 EAST FIRST SOUTH riety at prices below or- jjl
I paying. (Four Doors East of Main) dmary. H
1 Tttt T A TVT r HT T r J? All the goods in our old store were sold to the Union Clothing store, whose announce- jj
1 oJrliIlJL IN VJ 1 IvjH ment appears elsewhere in the paper. The goods in our store are all new. j H

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