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Three Editions Were Necessary
o Supply i lie Demand
' for the Paper.
hi Matter of Fealure Stories,
No Paper in West Equals
Sunday Tribune.
H "It was a perfect newspaper. 11 would
bo difficult to equal and It could not
be excelled." Thl is the way liun
dreds of renders of The Sunday Tribune
Hj expressed themselves In regard to the
i.suc of yesterday. "Tho only fault 1
have to tlnd with it," said one old-timer.
1 nno who has road every Is.suc of Tho
Tilbune since tho paper was established,
'is thai it in too big; there is too much
in it." "Why don't you toot your own
1 born'.' Why don't you carry out the
1 old maxim of 'Ho that blowctli not his
Hl own horn, tho samo shall not be
j blowod,' " is the way another put it.
And why should not Tim Tribune loot
Us own horn, exult over not only its
Sunday- issue, but over every Issue? For
no other Salt -Lake newspaper Is any
where near its class; in fact, there are
Jionc that arc in tho also run class when
compared with The Tribune
fl Extraordinarily Largo Edition.
The issuo of yesterday was tho largest
edition of Tho Sunday Tribune, save the
annual edition, over printed. The do
maud necessitated the running of two
extra, edit lone: from Its press. Jn so far
as tho ma'ttcr contained in its columns
Is concerned, it was the best. Typo
graphically tho paper was a picture and
the illustrations were tho most perfect
that could be primed upon a fast press.
In its news service no paper botween
Chicago and the Pad lie coast has as
puod service. The news Held of the
globe was covered by The Sunday Trib
une in a most thorough manner. The
best newssalhcrers In tho various capl
tals of the old world contributed to the
columns of The Sunday Tribune. And
this news was presented rcadnrs of The
Sundav Tribune in an Intelligible man
ncr. One did not have to hunt over
every page to sift out the news. It
was classified; not thrown together. T1ip
linotype mailer was not, to use a print
' cr's term, "thrown at the chases and
have it land at will." but the makeup
was an pood as was tho matter, as prol-
j ty as were the pictures.
HJ News Field Admirably Covered.
This news of tho world at largo, of (he
Inked States, of the state of Utah, of
Salt Lako City was as careftdly edited
as II was carefully gathered. And it
was news. Tho happening of tho world
were recorded In The Sunday Tribune;
the posslp about current topics was pro
sealed; the happcnlnps In the religious
world" were detailed; the local field was
gleaned in a most thorough manner:
whal happened In llic social swim in
Salt Lake. In various other cUlcs and
towns of the slate, in the capital and in
the metropolis of the country was given:
woman's clubs affairs wore summarized:
Hie sporting pags were filled with news
and gossip of tho world of sport: in
short, all the news that wan fit to 'print
uss found In tho columns of The Sun
doy Tribune.
Great Ficluro Reproduced.
One feature of The Sunday Tribune
was the reproduction of the painting
of the driving of the golden spike, which
united the Central and Union Pa
cllic railroads on that mcmorahlo day in
May, ISfiO. at Promontory Point, and
pave to the country the lirst transroii
tinental railroad. Nearly 100 figures are
shown in the picture. Its presentation,
in vtew of the flood calamity which has
tied up the Central Pacillc. was timely.
Uncle Sam's national mutcum. which
will be thrown opfn to the public this
week, was shown in picture and a de
icrlption of it was presented.
Other Big Features.
In short stories were tho "Adventures
of a New Congressman." "The Genc
leves I Know." the "Remarkable Ad-
j ventures of Mary Zeal." "How Join
Belcher "Was Whipped but Not Dc
fited," and tho first of a sc
ries of storied, namely: "The Jewel
Mysteries." In fiction there were two
chapters of that delightful serial. "51-10
or right," and "The Co-respondent" and
"The Portion of the Youngest." thej-e
two complete in themselves. There was
i "Detective Connor's Heart Adventures."
third of a series of detective stories.
"For .Juvenile. readers. "Prince Domino and
Muffles" again appeared in a page illus
tratcd story. For old and young alike
w;is the latest In a song hit. "The Man
Who Owns Broadway." Theso were a
fow of the features which The Sunday
HBl Trlbuno g;ivo its readers yesterday. Pur-
don the remark, but now Is the time to
Worse- than an alarm of fire at
iiisht is the metallic couh of croup.
Careful mothers keep lrolc3"s Honey
and Tar in tho house and give it at
the first sign of danger. Foley's
JIone3' and Tar has saved many littlo
lives. Xo opiates. Schramm-Johnson
Drups. ,
I James McGann Burial.
The body of James McGann. aged 70
years, who dfyd In Seattle last week, was
laid at rest In Mt. Olivet cemoiery Sun
day afternoon. Brief services wore held
at Joseph William Taylor's undertaking
establishment and at the sravc.
Humors feed on humors the sooner
you got; rid of them tho better Hood's
Sarsaparilla is the mcdiciuo to take.
Ii Typographical Union MectB.
Tho regular monthly meeting of thf
Typographical union was hold at ISaglea'
hall Sunday afternoon. Only routine
business was attended to.
The Sanders-Granger Floral Co.,
Now occupying tcmpovarv quarters
at OS West Third South, will, until lnr-
ther notice, sell all varieties of carna
tions at .75c a dozen.
Following Impressive funeral services
h-ld tinder" the auspices or Mount Morlah
lodge No. 2. F. & A. M.. at the Masonic
temple, tho body of Robert E. Pence,
who died Saturday of general paralysis,
was burled at Mount OlIvcL cemetery
Sunday afternoon.
The funeral was attended by many
friends nf the family of the deceased
man, which resides In this city, and ad
dresses were made by the Rev. P. A.
Slmpkin, pastor of the Phillips Congre
gational church, and the Rev. b. L. Bow
crman. pastor of tho Inimanuel Dupllsl
church. ., , - . ,
There was many beautiful floral trib
utes and special music was furnished by
a. Muarlctto from the Immanuel Baptist
To Whom It May CJonconi.
T will not be responsible for any
dohts contracted liv mv wife. Mary
Francis Woodard howcll. from this
date. WM- SnOWELL.
Th Third ward rhapel was crowded
Sunday afternoon by the friends of the
lato Mrs. Mary Irvln". widow of the lato
John IrvInK whose dath recently caused
dop regret to a'-l who had known and
lo'vcd her. Bishop Eardley conducted the
.rrvics and the ward choir rendered
consoling music with additional solos
well Tendered by Miss Sylvia Ball. Mrs.
Pearl Smith and J. W. McMurrln. rhc
speakers wero Bishop Bardies. Royal B.
Young. Joseph W. Taylor, Carl Badger
ami Mrs. Nellie Y. Taylor.
Tho dotal tributes wore many and of
great beautv and a large concourse of
friends followed tho remains to their last
resting place in the City cemetery.
Wo invite all who have any
hind of bankinc business to
transact to call or write and in
vesticato our terms and facil-
2.15 Main Street.
(In the business heart.)
Miller Infant's Funeral'.
Funeral services over tho Infant son of
Mr. ami Mrs. Ray -Miller will be held
this afternoon at :t o'clock at S. M.
Taylor's funeral chapel, 231 Bast First
South street.
Learn to Dance.
Odeon academy. Adult class for bo
pinners commences Tuesday, March S, S
p. m.
Meeting at Unity Hail.
The commonweal Industrial company
and the Mutual Supply company will hold
a Joint meeting at Unity hall this evening.
A. private safe may be rented in tho
fire and burclar-proof vaults of the
Sail; Lake Security and Trust Company,
32 Up. Main street. $2.00 per year.
Salt Lake's Only Bungalow Section,
End Sugar House car.
Learn to Dance.
.Odeon academy. Adult class for be
ginners commences Tuesday, March 8 S
P. m. '
I Sugar Howse Revels in
Sight of a Reaf, Live
Salt Lake Police Officer
For the first time In its history tho
newly annexed portion of the city which
was heretofore known as Sugar Mouse,
luid a patrolman detailed to patrol its
streets Sunday night, and therein- hongs
a talc.
j According to the telephone message re-
I reived from Clark's drug store Sunday
1 evening, thciV was need of an officer
Jn that section of the city. Desk Scr
J geanl Lenzl was Informed uvor the
phono that things were doing In that com
JJ inanity and Patrolman Ivast. he of tho
large framo and level head, was detailed
for dut in the newly acquired terri-
For the sake of ,i pertinent example It
might be well to say that when Paulhan
made his first nights with his areoplane
1 in San Francisco, he. as well us the ma-
chlnory of the areoplane. met with con
tddcrablc difllculty, which was due to the
attraction the flying machine had for
1 the sparrows, thousands of which fol-
lowed It through tho air for the lirst
k throe days. Paulhan mot with tho same
' difficulty when lir tlew at iho fair
, grounds in this city, tho new machine
I necming to o.wilp tho curiosity of tlio
'J birds to a great degree.
As soon as Patrolman Knst allghlod
,! from the Sugar House car ho Immediately
, jj became tho attraction, and many were
the youthful spectators who enmc to
worahlp In awesome silence. His every
Big Reduction Is o Be Made
on What Is Termed "Night
Manager Long of tho Western Union
local office announces thai on and after
March 7 the company will bo prepared
to handle long night messages at the
rate usually " charged for ten-word day
messages. The groat telegraph concern
has an Immense wire mileage that Is
to an extent Idle during the night hours
which do not earn anything. At the
saino tlnio tho wires during the day arc
overcrowded with business. To the end
of equalizing tho volume of business and
to encourago tho public to take advan
tage, of Iho night wires, which must be
maintained In any ovent to take care
of tho dav business, the company has
Inaugurated this new service, and It is
apparent that the present management
of the Western Union Is going to let the
public have tho benefit of iho reduction.
Tho announcement states that ' A spe
cial night lottor service will be estab
lished as soon as practicable. The eh.-irgo
for this iorvlco will be the standard
day rato for leu words, for the trans
mission of fifty words or toss, and one
fifth or such .standard day rate will be
charged for each additional ten words
or less." , , ii.
To bo taken at these rates, "night
letters" must bo written In plain Eng
lish 'language, that Is to say. code words
or communications written in foreign
languages will not bo accepted. lhc
messages will be taken at any hour up
to midnight and transmitted at the com
pany's convenience during the night for
delivery tho following morning. l;oltho
present the new service is conlincd to
Western Union oflleos in the United
States. Tho tariffs charged lor night
letter?) arc so low it is expected that the
new service will be largely availed of
by business- concerns and others to
oulcken their correspondence by using
the telegraph Instead of tho mails. A
night letter sent by telegraph will reach
Its destination at the opening of business
hours tho following morning, thus sav
ing as much as three or four days when
long distances arc involved.
move was watched with the keenest in
lerest but the novelty his apufranCe
created soon wore olt and thou tl e "town
bully.- with chesty mien, was heard
prophesjlng what would happen lo "
certain patrolman if ho ever thought of
taking the "bully" to the Salt 1 -.!?,.
City police- station. 1 ljdla
Some one ha said that some men arc
born great, some achh-vo sreatnesa d
some Ihiv.. greatness thrust on then
Sad to relate, the "lown bully" disco?
creel that. ,c had greatness hrusl upon
nim in no uncertain manner when the
large hand of the patrolman descended
upon his coat collar and agitated his
ungainly person until his clicst Instead
of being Inflated, was hugging I is Tnh.n
column. He was then K,?,?t"F led Co ho
fJ'S.lSW.S5 age!dCk llem "-&
that he would be good In Urn f ii u a
wf then told to hie himself to in" Ion "
This he lid to the accompaniment of ' t he
grins of a long-suffering swarm of
youngsters, among whom he had evi
dently reigned supreme for years nasi
After remaining In the Sug ur IIo use dls
trlct until JO o'clock, at which tl me Uic
Place had acquired a Sunday ca im
Kast returned ut the headquarters a d
reported the oc-curreme.
Otis 11. Scott Nay Xow Escape
Prosecution on Charge
of EnihczzlemeiiL
"Have Changed My Mind; See
My Letter": Woman's Reas
suring Wire to Prisoner.
Cupid has threatened lo put ono over,
so to speak, on tho minions of the law
and unlcaa all signs fall. Otis II. Scott,
of San Hornardino. Calif., who was ar
rested In Salt JLako last week on a
charge of having embezzled and stolen
$2000 worth of diamonds and $1200 in
money from Anna B. Mn retina, mny bo
reloased from the toils as a result of
a chango of heart upon the part of tho
woman in tho case.
Scott was released fvom custody last
Thttrsdav by District Judge Thomas D.
Lewis, but was re-arrested Sunday morn
ing at a local hotel bv Detectives Curran
and Ripley. Sheriff J. C. Ralphs of San
Bernardino county arrived in Salt Lake
Sunday morning with requisition papers
and expects to leave with his prisoner
Retains Composure
But Scott is not greatly worried. Ho
has protested his innocence sluco the first
arrest and staled repeatedly that "ev
erything will be straightened out" upon
his return to California. The following
telegram received by Scott Sunday from
tho woman who swore to the complaint,
scorns to bear out Scott's prediction:
"I havo changed my mind since com
plaint was tiled. See my letter on the
way to you. (Signed) ANNA.'
It has been pretty generally conceded
by philosophers that It Is the Inalienable
right of a woman to change her mind
whenever she chooses. If there Is no
technical legal obstacle, Anna Marcans
probably will be permitted to relent and
Scott may go free shortly after he 'teaches
San Bernardino.
May Accompany Scott Back.
Attorney Harry .1. Robinson of Salt
Lake, who has had charge of Scott's
case since the arrest was made, may ae
companv the prisoner and Sheriff Ralphs
to San " Bernardino. Scolt has also re
tained 15nrl Rogers, ono of the most
prominent criminal lawyers in California,
to assist In looking after his Interests.
Scott has insisted since his arrest that
the diamonds in question were presented
to III in bv tho woman and were his prop
erty, lie claims Ihut he has been
wronged and badly damaged llnanclally.
as ho had a big business deal pending,
and his arrest following the woman s
complaint has Injured hlni in the eyes of
his associates-
In .ill its brauchea,
631 Judco Bldp.
Bell 5600. Ind. 1027.
.Apostle Hyruni M- Smith was suddenly
taken ill at Erlglmm City Sunday and
was brought lo this city on a ate O.
; L train. It was told that he had
been stricken with appendicitis, and Dr.
r. F. Wilcox and the family or Mr.
Smith arranged to meet him on his ar
rival here.
Chew Piper Heldslr.k tobacco f.-r a
week and It will be ur choice ln- a
life tlnif fliampagnf flavor.
Ell'ecf, Entrance hy .Smashing
Large Glass Pane in Obser
vation End.
Thieves late Saturday night broke into
the private car Wasatch of General Su
perintendent Dalloy of the Rio Grande.
Knlrauco was effected by breaking one
of the largo panes of glass in the obser
vation end and whilo the car was ran
sacked nothing of valu was taken, owing
chiefly to the fact that wlion these cars
are not In use tho valuable property Is
The enr was on a sidetrack below
Third South street.
The Wasatch Is tho firsj broad-gauge
private car owned by the Bio Grande,
being tjuillt In ISi'O for General Superin
tendent A. 13. Welby, shortly after the
road was widened. It. -was used by Gen
eral Superintendent Young and all the
others who have headed tho Itlo Grande's
operating department here. It was al
ways known as "B" prior lo 1H01 when
names of the mountains, etc.. of Utah
were given lo diners and other special
A private snfo may oe rented in fhe
fire and burclar proof vaults of the
Salt Lake Security and Trust Company,
32 "Up. Main street, $2.00 per year.
The lliff Methodist church was crowded
Sunday evening, the occasion being a
sacred coni'crl. However, the pastor,
lhc Rev. David W. Crane, took the op
portunity to say a few words about the
early closing movement which is being
agllated by tho retail clerks. Tho Rev.
Mr. Orano said:
"Do not blame the merchant. Karly
closing depends upon lhc public. Spend
your money early and allow the. clerks
to do Iho same and then come to church
the. following Sunday morning, oven If
you do not have a ccnl to put in tho
contribution box."
JVilin Farrtnglon, tho well-known liv
eryman, announces to Mio public, that
he has purchased iho entire s' n.k ami
business of tho ironic Carriage com
pany, at 2.'I3 South First West street,
and will have the finest line of carriages
unci lijilifc livery in the city.
John Anderson's Funeral.
John Anderson was buried Sunday aft
ernoon from O'Donncll's funeral ehupel
on West Temple street. Tho Rev. E.
Floreun of tho Swedish Lutheran church
presided. The body was buried In tho
City cemetery
McCoy's Sta"bl03.
Carriaccs and Unlit livorv. PhoneB 81.
Dr. A, Scott Chapman, dentist, has
removed to rooms 131-5 Mercantile An
nex, over Walker".) Store,
Wanted PosiLion as bottler; first
class I'xperionce. M. Hnhort, 00 West
Fourth South.
Tribunc-Roporter Printing Co.,
GG West 2nd South street. Phoiio 71S.
i mmm
Large Amount of New Business
and Several Old Matters to
Confront Them.
Purchasing Agent May Pass, but
License Department May
Re Contested.
There will be plenty of btiblness be
fore the city council nt Its regular meet
ing tonight, notwithstanding tho fact
that tho eommlttcoa did littlo business
last Thursday night. There will be a
largo amount of now business to come
beforo the meeting and several old mat
ters laid over from last Monday night will
bo threshed out again. The council will
meet as a committee of the whole this
aflornoon at 2 o'clock with Mayor Brans
ford and talk over the various recommen
dations In the mayor's annual message
with a view, to taking sonio action upon
Among the matters lo be considered by
the committee of the whole Is the ordi
nance creating the oftico of purchasing
agent for the city and also tho creating
of a license department from the city
auditor's office. It Is likely that the pur
chasing agent ordlnaifco will be reported
upon favorably but there Is sonic question
about the license department matter.
Should the committee concludo ltn work
this afternoon some report will bo made
to the council tonight.
Nothing on Franchises.
There will be nothing done in regard
to the three Interurban franchises, as
they have been referred to a special com
mittee composed of one councilman from
each of tho iivo wards of the city. Presi
dent Kerry has not named tho members
of this committee eo nothing luis boon
done In the franchise matters at all. Tho
committee will probably bo named at tho
meeting of the council tonight.
Kiom all Indications there will bo a
strong effort made by tome mombcrs of
the council to have reconsidered the tc
port of the public grounds and watcr
waj's committee denying tho petition of
Strange .t Magulrc for permission to con
struct their asphalt plant In City creek
canyon. The report wjis adopted by th'
council last Monday night but. a notice
of reconsideration was given and the mat
ter will be fought out again. The report
denied the Slrango & Magulrc petition
and also recommended that P. .7. Moran
be compelled to remove his asphalt plant
from the canyon by the first of next
Saving Is Contention.
It is contended by xomo of the coun
cilman that the placing of tho plants In
the canyon will bo tho means of a great
saving to the taxpayers of the city In
regard to tho payment of special paving
taxes, as tho contractors will be able to
secure material at smaller cont and there
fore can do the paving at a cheaper rate
than If compelled to locate, in some other
pari of tho city and have to haul all their
material to their plants.
The mailer of canceling tho loa60 of
II. S. Margetts 011 the gravel pit near
the Warm springs again will come be
fore the council tonight, as the report
of the committee was laid over from
last week. It was recommended by the
committee last Monday night, that the
Margetts leaso be canceled because of
his encroachment upon city property out
side the houndH of bis leaso and also that
lhc city refuse to sell him Its rock crush
ri. It is nut likely that the report will be
Jffoatod, as the matter has been con
sidMcd In caucus and It has been de
cided by a majority of the council that
th-- report should bo adopted.
LABBE MllSfflil
Takes as His Subject Sacred
Literature of the Mor
mon Church.
A large congregation attended the
evening services in tho Seventeenth ward
chapel Sunday evening. The regular
service was added lo by special music
and the presence of U. II. Roberts, who
made the address of tho evening. 11c
took as his subject tuc sacred lileral.uro
ot the Mormon church and spoke for an
hour, dealing with the well-known books
coming under that head according to his
Idea, the Hook of Mormon. Fcurl of Croat
Price and the Doctrine and Covenants.
Mr. Roberts chiefly followed the Ihcmc
of the literary merit of these works,
quoting copiously from each hi support o,
his polnls and argument. 7Io followed
I his (home through various stages leading
up to tho statement that tho books and
their purported utterances were not inan
madc, but of divine origin.
Plan on Foot to Procure Old I).
& R. (L Passenger Station
for This Purpose.
Some residents of the west side nota
bly among the railroad men and their
families, aro starling a movement to
secure from tlic Rio Grande tho present
passenger station to be transformed Into
a reading room and club for tho em
ployes of that road. As Is woll known,
two or three months will sec the pres
ent station give way to the now Union
station on Fourth West and tho building
will remain In the very center of the
railroad's freight yard, which will be
come even more busy than at present.
There Is another building thero used
for tho baggage room, and this one. it
has been argued, will be amplo for thono
ofllces that would have to remain In
the freight yard, so tho pusscnger sta
tion will not be needed.
Railroad Y M. C. A. work has been
found a success, and Miss Helen Gould
hna personally taken much Interest lu
ll. This fact was what led up to the
present movement, and the plan Is to
have, tho building secured for tho men,
when it will be rctlttcd as a lib ran,
gymnasium, bath rooms and such other
features as go to make the successful
Such a ono is conducted at Helper, and
It Is also used for educational purposes
among the young folks, but this would
be unnecessary at this point.
The movement will lake shape as soon
as possible, and when It Is known just
when lhc passenger terminals will bo
removed lo the new Union station of Hie
Rio Grande and Western Pacific.
Wall Paper Cloaning.
I G. TTnzel. Bell DS75, IuO. .3031,..
Chief Harlow Classes Saturday
Exudation Anent Police
Force as "Rot."
News's Silly Attack in Relation
to Bail Bond Cases Also Is
"I have mado no recommendation to
Mayor IJransford or tho city council re
garding tho dismissal of any officers of
this department tomorrow night and you
can say for mo that the story which
appeared in tho Dcscrel News Satur
day is all rot. I havo no idea that any
patrolmen or detectives arc to bo re
moved and I certainly would know about
any such action, as tho recommendation
would como from the chlnf of police."
Chief of Police Sam Barlow made tho
above statement Sunday afternoon to a
representative of The Trlbuno and smiled
broadly when asked., If Ihcro was any
truth In the statement that Chief of
Detectives George Sheets and others ot
the plaln-clothcs men were "fighting to
keep their jobs." as alleged in the L)cs
crcl News Saturday, lib replied:
People and Silly.
"The entire story is so feeble and silly
that it Is scarcely worth mentioning. It
Is a notorious fact that tho News has
been trying for years to 'get' Chief
Sheets. Hut tho story which appeared
Saturday In tho weakest attcmpL at
criticism that bos been mado for a long
time." continued the chief.
"The News doesn't appear to have
knowloldgc that tho police department
practlcully has no Jurisdiction in bail
bond cases. The ball commissioners of
the department arc authorized to accept
cash hail only. The police magistrate
must pass upon securities offered. If
any so-called "straw bonds' have been
accepted wo are hi no way responsible.
Any complaint about 'professional bonds
men' should bo made whom the respon
sibility belongs. 11 is not our affair.
Poolroom Instructions,
"Some "lime ago I Issued instructions
to tho dotectlves to waste no time about
poolrooms. It Is uccossary for them to
visit these establishments frequently lo
have a knowledge of the clement that
hangs around such resorts. Bui tho plain
clothes men understand that such a thing
as loitering about poolrooms will not be
"Thero may bo some men connected
with the department who Intend to give
up their positions but I have not been
Informed of any such caacy. If patrol
men or others wish to rcslKii. that Is
their business. T?ul 7 havo recommended
no dismissals aincc last week."
Robert Altlson. a. miner, 36 ywtrs of
age. was brought to thf Keogh-Hammond-
hospital Sunday afternoon suffer
ing from painful but not serious Inju
ries, resulting from a fall of ground
In the Butler mine at Bingham.
Attlson was pinned beneath a quantity
of earth and rock and was hurt about
tho head and limbs. No bones were
Burton C03I and Lumber Co. will
move their uptowu oflico io thoir yards,
551 South 3rd Wcsh stroot, on March
1, 1910. Phor- 808.
Expert piano tuner and repairer. Lcavo
orders at Onr&tonscii & Anson Co., 7-1
South "Main street Kithcr phono "1073.
Baptist Minister Expresses
His Views on Modern-Day
Tho Jvcv. louis S. Bower ma 11, paglor
of tho immanuel Baptist church,
preached Sunday oveniug on. the ".Prize
Fight." lie took for his text I. Corr.,
ix., 27. "But r hulTcf. ni' .body and
bring il into bondage." Jn parL ho
spoke as follows:
Tho word hero used hy the apostle
Is a slrong one and litem lly means "to
strike heavily In the face so as to ren
der black and blue."
It was no light contest with gloved
hands and many attendants thai the
man Paul had in mind. The verse, be
cause of soino local excitement, has been
often in our minds. 'With reference to
a certain anticipated contest we have
not worried any over lis coming to our
city. In Iho initial discussion, In com
pany with a brother minister, wo called
upon Governor Spry and received as
surance from him ao to his stand on
the matter. In substance ho said: "'I
do not anticipate that the light will come
to Salt Lake and that I shall thus need
to face the question, but If tho attempt
Is made. I shall certainly enforce the
law.'' And tho law is plain.
We aro glad to have a governor with
backbone. So we have, not thought of
any likelihood of our stalo being dis
graced with a contest of tho character
known as a prize light Modern prlzo
fighting belongs to tho order of th
bull light, tho samo cock and the an
cient arenas. It Is brutal In the ex
treme, and with the gambling spirit is
utterly demoralizing to a community.
We aro thoroughgoing admirers of
sports, but not one word of apology can
bo offered for modern nugllism. It. wl
the so-called nice tracks, should be abol
ished utterly, and the sooner the bolter.
A magnificent physical organism is some
thing to lc admired, but not something
to be used In ignoble ways.
Alas! that the perfection of physical
condition Is st quickly followed by the
debauch and then the wreckage of dissipation.
Tornid liver, biliousness and ;jaundiec
arc all due to overwork of Iho liver
too much starch in Iho diet. Christian's
Natural "Food aids the liver in its work.
Ono trial will convince. Foods ami
pamphlets to be hud at Schramm-.7ohu-son,
Drugs, "Tho Never Subsiitutors."
Five stores "Whcro tho cars stop."
Kodak Pictures Finished.
Mail your films to us. Salt Lake
Photo Supply Co.. 177 Main street.-Ex.
olusivo photo dealers.
Room 625. Newhouso Bldg.
Ladie3 of the G. A. R. Will Meet.
The James C. KIce Circle No. 3, ladles
of tlic G A n., will hold its reBu 5?
nJ.0?,l,."5 Tyesday. Mut-ch X. at Bugles hull
at :i,o o clock.
Would be lost in Salt L,nk0 if U,G Con.
tury were not in. JbuRintf.9. .55-57 Post.
I ol0t.o ldRCC, r:.x.
This Ts Declaration Made Ivy
Kephi L. Morris at the
Sunday being Tast day In the Mormon
church there was no regular service held
at the tabernacle, but merely a special
organ recital for tourists and visitors.
After several splendid organ selections
had bocn rendered by Prof. .7. .J. 31c
fJIcllan. Ncphl I.. Moi-rlfl. president of the
Salt Lake stake, delivered an address on
Elder Morris opened Ills remarks by
declaring that the Latter-day Salnta are
of a necessity a religious people. Their
origin was through the revelation of Ood
lo Joseph Smith, ho said, and despite the
opposition with which the church has
mot. it has progressed rapidly. In mem
bership, socially and otherwise. Llder
Morris said that the church now has a
total membership of from 100,000 to 500,-
0- .
Tho speaker related the story of how in
the early days of the church its follow
ers wore driven fromplacc to place, and
how under the leadership of Hrigham
Young Ihcy dually settled In this valley.
"Thev came hero with no friend and no
capital." he said, "and their only asset
was faith In God. That is why 7 said
thai tho 7atter-day Saints wero of a ne
cessity a religious people."
Elder Morris spoke at some length on
the advance which ho claimed the Mor
mon church had made in various lines,
and declared that the philosophy of the
Mormon religion, Jn many ways, is even
ahead of science. lie declared that aome
of the Mormon teachings wero many
decades In advance of their time.
The Veteran Odd Fellows are re
quested to meot at St. Paul's church
this (Monday) afternoon at 1 o'clock
lo attend tlie funeral of the wife of
Veteran N. Rowc, a member of Park
Oil 3' lodge No. 7.
Chief Veteran.
W. .T. Moore. Seerclary.
James McTcrnay. for many years one
of the best known business men of
Salt Lake, is at the Moly Cross hospital
in an extremely serious condition, and
grave doubts arc felt by his friends re
garding his recovery. Mr. McTcrnay has
not been in good health for several yearri
and recently underwent an operation.
Fivo days ago Mr. McTcrnay was taken
to the Holy Cross hospital suffering from
gastritis. Since that time his recovery
has not been as material as had been
hoped for, and it was announced by tho
hospital attendants Sunday night that
there had been no Improvement during
tho day.
Christian 's Natural Foods arc a scicn
lihY. combination of (ho finest grains,
nuts and fruits in their natural form!
They not only prndtico health by remov
ing the cause of disease, hut enable
thopc who havo health to retain it. Foods
and descriptive pamphlets to be had at
Sc.hr'intni-.Tqhn&on. "Drugs. "Tho Never
Substittitors." .Fivo stores ""Where the
cars stop. "
With impressive services, the body of
Charles Knight was consigned to Its laat
resting place in the City cemetery Sun
day afternoon.
Funeral services were held at the
Fourth ward chapel. Bishop Charles
Worthen presiding. David McKcnzle.
Sylvester Cannon, Bishop Spcrry and
others spoke. A quartctto selected from
tho Fourth ward choir rendered several
musical numbers.
New Wall Paper and Picture Store.
Our new 1910 slock, which is now in,
is tho newest, largest and aiost complete
ever shown in this city. "Wo aro now
located in our beautiful large now
storo at -11 Maiu street. Georgo W.
Ebcrt & Co.
Alexander Dclaney. W. E. Collins and
W. G. Kruil. wealthy easterners, who
havo been touring California, arc due
hero from the west in the private car
Pilgrim. With tho delays caused by the
washouts on Pacitlc coast roads their
hip cannot at the present be called
"The Pilgrim's progress."
The landing of the Muyflowor is also
scheduled to take place after the flood
conditions show signs of abatement, as. a
private car of that name is due over the
Rio Grande, coming from the west. Il
likewise h:w a large party of tourists.
Attention Rcbckahs.
All Rcbckahs aro requested to meet
at 1. 0. O. F. .hall loday at 12:lf lo
at lend the funeral of Sister Carrie
I?owe of Park City.
The Sanders-Granger FloraPCo.,
occupviiic temporarv quarters
at iS "West Third South, will, until fur
tehr notice, sell all varieties of carna
tions at 7nc a dozen.
"The stars incline, but do not compel."
By Cosette.
Monday, March 7, 1910.
Ride forth today with fearless soul.
But keep the reins in thy control.
Uranus is in ecliptic conjunction with
or C,i0n, ,on lh, , day. The moo,
cornusf occ"I-8 'c Place of Capri-
i,wa.rs J" bencfi: aPccl today, favors tho
a. c',,or'fet,Ic' but many imbue them
Ith too much force, in which case they
will be In danger of being over-bearing or
imoS r 0,30 Pr0UC 10 s' Wlnd?y
In this aspect Mars Is hold always to
be Blngu arly favorable for the III. Sur
geons, doctors and medical specialists
generally should be gifted wit U great
power of help and cure'. B
onST1 hC'UUl1 r VCSt Is undcr B00d
There Is a favoring sign for all who
?rakn-,V,,V S,.m,rp or l5ol,,t?d ltrumc s
or apply heal, to metals or food. '
ro'&V8' f-,,F,-ers, soldiers, sailors
for 11 Ji,C,day hm, a ')rovc tovorabla
?Li Li 110 ,w"'ur. ""forms, liveries or
other signs of rank or service.
Neptune Is in unfavorable position
?tr2 ."BHlnst carelessness in prepar
ing for Important undertakings. Bulld
toda?. paJ' CS1)ecl4il hecJ 10 foundations
period0" shouI,J avoId quarrels in this
fJIHtuic:"ll,M , arc Bd r bakers.
wiVh 7h?nKrs-. cooks,' a,,l a" connected
V lL.i b"sIn,0S? of reserving, smoking
, Un , ft!?? Py-d-stuffs. The sign Is good
also for taking in the home-kltchcnr
hJ, 1? sta,ndeth a sign of a captive man
pound by chains between great posts, it
LU , ? foretell tho imprisonment of
one who Is now great and powerful-
Feraons wllh this blrlh-datc are ruled
oy signs that warm against Indecision and
ugucncsB of purpose.
Children are born today under stars
that promise unusual strength of will. It
should bo cultivated and not repressed.
r.L,se training Is noedc,) to- prevent" it
Horn I'ecjuiiljis. jucce, obstinacy,
will nil
Laymen's Missionary Gfll
to Begin With a B
At Oilier Sessions, mfc
Methodist, Ladies
The Laymen's Mi30niUy
will opon under ausplcl0s rlSI!
at 7 o'clock tonight with a hSf
for men only at the First wP
church. A total of 117 peJB
cured plates Sunday and thKl
doubt but that the affair wIlliMJ
by fully -150 men. 'M
Three of the strongest spJE
nation-wide movement tvlimB'
lhc banquet this cvcqHK
Nathaniel fc Thomas wlllK
gathering on the "SlgnlfliB
National Campaign," IL
China on ".Men and
George Sherwood Eddy om
' Call of the Non-ChrlstiaB
banquet will be presided nHI
. ,.L- Ritchie and the InvoR
delivered by the Rov. WIIKHI
church pastor of tho FirH
A partial list of the sncnH
be heard at tho varlouo rm
convention follows: S, KarlH!
retary of the Methodist LavH)
mcnt; George Sherwood EkriB
Isaac Taylor Headland of pW
W S. Lewis. Dr. B. If lH
Africa, G. II. Jones of kK
Eubank of China, J. rj. HoK
Philippines. Hii
A splendid enthusiasm, dW
aervailvc, for the great codHf
manifested .Sunday afternoH
meeting of the general comtB
Irst Methodist church. TwBT
the convention was more lHL
by tho reports of the co4W
finance committees. It was lSfj
all churches and from all sAV
total of -ll" persons had rcSnl
for the opening banquet. IBb
Tn consideration or thiiBu
planning to attend, but whB
lected thus far to scuro
thought wise to make proj
additional number, totaling jHK
the banquet.
The committee on IlnancSl
through O. L-. Cox. that IriHi
cent of the estimated cxpBu
7fiO, hnd been secured. iFl
Question of C-ipaafli
In the open discussion it TnV
that possibly the public inrS
thinking that the sessions :Bz
vcntlon were restricted onwfi
gates. It was requested to nB
in the pulpits and papers tiBb
reason the attendance toIBx
serslon is 150 is the HmllBf
the dining hall and that fMv
Tuesday and Wednesday iAv
Methodist church are open ,B
No one will be denied tho nSv
as comes but few timeSfBS
of hearing these world-fanBB
ccpt for the incapacity oKV
Methodist church, which B
date four times the nuraHfl
the banquet. "Women arctBV
tend all sessions except 'H
Monday night. 'Sfl
The following ImportaiiBfl
were appointed at bundav's"l
Decoration J", c McClalniM
bals, J. II. Gertz. -V
Music J. II. Pap. Dr.
C. II . Zimmerman.
Literature L" OHlhkov. .M
I'shering J. F Harding. S
mond. A. F. Greaves-WalkerM
lor, A. D. McGuire. F. M01H
J. Lucas. I-Ioraco Dunbar, eBI
L. M. Glllilan.
"The Layman's MlsslonanBJ
uas the subioct of an abll
tho Rev. William M. PadSfl
the First Presbyterian chiHW
evening. Dr. Vaden tookKV
I Chron. xvi, "I, "Let moAV
the nations, tho Lord reigSfl
Dr. Pa den said
"This Is tho rallying calKV
men's, missionary movcmenlBfl
men are responding lo thcSfl
that tho men of ChristcntAM
cars to hear and willlngnBS
lhcmsclve-. We hear so mBB
llglous indifference that
facts Is worth the while. "flH
about the-decline of InterestHH
tian church. Here arc somaBPP
January. 1010. The censtujBK
the various churches whliBK
Christian name in tho UnltBM
port some Ihtrty-thrcc to tliBfe
a half millions of nicabcrBJP
perhaps twelve millions a
This leaves a Protestant ccrHR
twenty-two millions. LastylBff
Increase of S00.0UU In thefBj
churches. All the larger cnUtHJI
show an increase 'Site UniKj
a decrease That bod' haHfi
more members than It hnd niuH
ago. The Christian Scientists !
no statistics since 10M. anuJBI
ably reached their ztnitli of
"So we hear that MomctSE
tercst in the Christian 'cMflBE
aggcrated reports are floawa'Mr
fewness in our church houje
arc the statistics for JatiliaiaMff
census shows that 61 j1'Bt
millions who are. reported,
tian churches, forty-three
male, fifty-seven per centSH
the Catholic church the
equally divided. The Cunt-tli.
show the largest proportion
about sevcnly-flvc per ntA
grcgationnllsts next, about MM
cent. All tho other largenH
Hons show a less than imM
F.ut the men aro not activecmB
of the ministers, church o"MH
school superintendents, uncjUB
portion of the Sunday snK
and active workers in
meetings are men.' More mH
dav school than In the uayH
places In which women HM
out-do the men is in atteniJ
slonary enthusiasm. iflHj
"The laymen's mlsslonarj
meant to remedy this
seems to have been stigge5tHB
of the student voluntecnHBH
tion said to .one man:
were us ready to PropagMT
claim to believe, what u PB
release for service. !JH
called the laymen's mlssiqH
tec was the outcome "BH
conventions, each lasting HI
arc being held in scvcntyH
American c'llcs' JM
Accept no siibstitutoJiPg
Honey and Tar. It
safest remedy for 'H
throat and luug troubjB
uo opiates and no harnH
member the name. FoIeyH
Tar, and accept uoH
Sehramm-.lohnson Pruga-'JB
Return rromB
Mr. and Mrs. Milton fl'H
family have returned um
where they have spent m. ,H
months. They are at m
punitory to reopening tinMl
Foley's Ktdnoy K-lM
any case of Kidney 0jBt
bio that is uot bej-ondm. .
medicine. No nicdicinoMI
Schramm-Johnson JJrWN ,3

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