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llflES 19 LIGHT
istration Bill Will Occa-
tDays of Discussion in
Upper Branch.
liBavrd" Aid for Ambi
5B in Distress Not Re
ardeA With Favor.
MKLNGTON. rarch 6 The posi
es bank bill will .be received
ihouso tomorrow and promptly
icnvflral weeks' oblivion in com-
I'ho administration railroad bill
s the center of the senate slapjc
houso will continue its consul
if appropriation bills. Dreary
as probably will be the order
tss for the next few days, or
ipress has warmed to another
aminislration policies,
the railroad bill is taken up
sfc, it is likely that tho agri
appropriation bill will be put
the senate. This will not take
l Jors of tho houseware beginning
1 fzo the araendmcnts to the post
7 igs bank bill passed by the scu
ll Saturday. The one that is
fthe most; comment is that which
feVent postal funds from being
I in 2 por ccnL government
fwhilo making all higher inter-
ing securities available for
"j? Festment iu time of war or other
ia icallv no contest was made
((this amcudmcnl whon it. was
?i iby Senator Borah. It was no-
ib'v Senator Carter, who had
2 If 'the bill, and the votes against
i Slap at President.
Wight of President Tat Is New
lipeech, calling attention to the
frnon of the government to sec
Jej' holders of the 2 per cent cou
"foula not suffer loss, and sug
ffthat the government givo tho
fijelicf b" using postal funds to
3bse low class bonds, some mem
j?conEress sco in tho senate ac
ipiroct slap at the president. Tn
'Mother way is tho adoption of
i Kudmcnt explained, and that is
JiBfact that those who were in
'bp' the bill believed it could be
Bpny by making concessions to
"jyas charged on tho Democratic
mjat tho adoption of the Dorah
i Jjichfc was not in good faith and
iwotild be dropped in the house
illy eliminated iu conference.
difmaJ conference- at the While
. tst week it was agreed that the
J. tration billo shall bo held in
J cos until the appropriation bills
sod. If this rule is followed.
HZJw Weeks of the committee on
HUes and postroads. can be trust
ers ilep tho postal bank bill bottled
51 tho tinio is propitious for its
rr jin the house.
lJ toad Bill Apparently Safe
M (senate will hnvo an .opportunity
dj 'a few days to coinparo the ma
j and the minority viows of flic
3 too on interstate commerce on
Y ministration bills. Tho mnioritv
jUd' ftwhich -will support the bill in
n in which it was finally drafted
ornoy General Wiekcrsham is
r presentation tomorrow. Uu
igrcenienfc already reached, it
irintcd in tho record with the
Senators Clapp and Cummins,
is presented several days ago.
the debato on tho railroad bill
to last several weeluj, fiepub
ate leaders have, promised
: Taft that it will be passed
material change.
sUonably this altitude will pro
id discussion, accompanied by
ition of what is termed Whilo
ports from the senate c.ommit
rritones indicate that tho slate
is in trouble and that Senator
:e will have difficulty in getting
1. The exact cause of the dc
t cpnarcnt. beyond the dissatis
oxprC?SO(l with the qualifiea-
5?rJ-nVor",so w
til3hisarl:n1C bCaTiUKS wlU
v-rk Barrel" Bill Proposed.
,to have a small omnibus public
rlWTssi. 1 llc SU11:1 fc 's opposed to
VFviiL V-' 1 - "rors Di in rup
iM S ob-lpct,ns to another -'p, Vk
11 probably will not be brought
'S0?? hul concerning
ifeS rSL,w,,lch "rc on tho prerii-
hWL rn(1"S )0,,5cv(, lf action on
d .JSS'f, ,s Mayed they can bo
"IflHirvo; - p,nnittees and passed
jF,vatlrC,I,v liU, dcto m the
r PPropnntioii hill is
1 8, h0HSe- A11 1s- week
5CV Sll S'- Co"iralion of tho
lmf mi i i,'bo.uf- rcil(,y to bo re
llSL S l'm e?'l'tive; executive
r IS? y tin Kaa 1)111 10 Lfi ton"
li? wa ?nJ-US0 L'om'ittcc on it.-
?V -forPP. Ril c?,n,I'rcc and it
VPi ij. ccatitu'1 wlle,i tko bill will
by .r-1 .
Job Have Always Bought
Testimony in Merger Complete,
and Case Js Ready lor
Special to Tho Tribune.
NEW YORK, March C Special Ex
aminer S. G. Williams declared today
thai tomorrow would see the end of the
Union Pacific merger hearing in this
city. Thc case will now go to Salt Lake
for argument before the United Stales
court, the original tribunal.
The case Involves the interpret:! t ion of
the Sheridan anti-trust law and has been
bitterly fought by both sides. Thc con
troversy. It. Is said, will not end In Salt
Lake. for. no matter what the decision.
It will be taken to thc United. States su
preme court.
A great volume of testimony has been
taken here and it will require some time
to present, the arguments at Salt Lake
Z Melodrama. v
- SALT LAKE TI 1 EATEtt "The v
v Round Up." Evening,
I Devotion." JSvenlng, S;lu. -i
.Comedy. -I
I- ster's Millions." Evening. S:15.
v Bachelor's Romance." Evening. i
' S:15. , v
:- - t
I- Vaudeville. v
I- vaudeville. Matinee. i':15; evening, -i'
f S:15. f
vaudeville. Matinee, ':H0; even- !
I- lug. :."80 and 0:15. v
v Motion Pictures.
T II E A T E R S Motion pictures. i
4 continuous performance, afternoon
and evening. v
4 ..... T
Floods and washouts on thc railroads
arc playing havoi- with thc thoalrh-al
world. particularly with vaudeville,
where (he artists in thc several acts have
to make such long Jumps. On account
of washouts four of the regular acLi which
were scheduled for the Orphcum Sun
day failed to arrive and the result was
a patched-up bill. Thc acts which did
not appeal were thc Eight Geisha Girls,
Mine Panlta, Brown, Harris and Brown,
and Jean Clermonfs burlesque circus.
Then. In addition to Ibis, Mrs. Douglas
of Douglas and Douglas, comedy aero-,
bals, sprained her knee so badly that
their act had to be curtailed. IJenee.
Manager Sutton had to face a great
problem Sunday evening when, with a
sold -out house, the conditions cited had
to be met. He met the emergency, how
ever, and the regular number uT acts wore
It is an ill wind that blows nobody
good. ITine and Rose, who are 011 the
j'antage circuit, were tied up here on
account of the Hood west, unable to get
to San Francisco, hence they furnished
tho opening act Sunday evening. They
are a verv clever pair, but were handi
capped, owing to the fact lhat a part
of their act was the f-ame as the act -f
Jimmy Lucas, hence they had to cut.
that part out and make the bcsl or
things. They received merited applause
and responded to thc encore.
Thc Temple City Quartette headed by
Bowman Johnson, lyric tenor, supplied
tli second act- This quartette Is not an
amateur quartette, but has been 011 the
Pacific coast for the past three years
and in all Ihc leading cities It was
very popular. Lt Is now having painted
two drop-curtains, one depicting fcaltair
and thc Great Salt Lake, and llie other
Temple square by moonlisht. which they
will use with their singing act, used with
electrical effects. This was their llrst
appearance here on the Orphcum cir
cuit. They arc all Salt Lake boy and
they were given a more than cordial rc
ceiulon. In quartette and solo their work
was most creditable and they were com
ellfd to respond to several encores.
Frederick Allen's sketch. "After 1-orly
Ye.-.rs." with M'. and Mrs. John Du
.10111 portraying the characters of Ulram
and Lucinda Stebbins. was Kiven a try
out. Both were with the YUllnrd Mack
companv at the Grand and Bungalow,
and their portrayal oC the ; characters was
.xceedingly well done. Thc drawback to
the Xtch is Its length If the author
who also produced "His Phan oin sweet
heart" and which made a hit on the
Orpbeuin circuit, will cut live minutes
froni the sketch it will take, for the sub
ject matter is all right. The sketch deals
with a quarrel and the reconciliation
between a couple after lorty years of
wedded life. . , , , , ,
Jimmy Lucas is a show by himself in his
songs and dancing creations. Ills mcLlioa
of introducing himself Is unique and his
Impersonations of well-known actors and
actresses were more than clever. lie
made a hit with the big audience who
recalled him several times.
Bernard!, the quick-change artist who
was at thc Orphcum all of last week,
a nd had remained for a day or two or
res', prior to his long jump lo New York
where hc goes from hero, repeated ills
act of last week. It was received as
cordially as his performance of last
week. ... .
J. Francis Dooley and .Miss Lorlnne
SavloH in "Pavement Patter.' have an
rn-t Ilia 1 is a scream. Thc big audience
was in a roar of laughter all the time
they were upon thc stage Both are
exceptionally clever and the audience
were lolh lo let them leave. They were
recalled again and again.
Douglas nnd Douglas, comedy acrobats,
have a clever act in "The Clown and thc
Girl." Owing to the accident lo Mrs.
Douglas It had of necessity to be cut
The Orphcum orchestra rendered ex
cellent music and this, with the kluo
dromc pictures, concluded the bill. Tho
four missing acts will appear at the mat
lnci today and the remainder of the
Tho initial performance of "A bache
lor's Romance" was presented by tho
Mack-Leone company at tho Bungalow
Sunday night. Although neither Mr.
Mack nor Mls:i Leone appeared in tho
east, the largo audience gave evidence
of Its geiuilno approval of the manner in
which the play was presented. Tho first
act was well In progress before It was
realized that neither Mr. Mack nor Miss
Leone were lu tho cast. Then at thi
close of tho act. Mr. Mack stepped before
the curtains and remarked that, as his
wife was In thc hospital. It was doomed
by the management unwlso for hlin to
appear in the lending role on account, of
the possibility of his being summoned
to his wifo's side at any moment.
"A Bachelor's Romance" Is the
story of a young man's strugglo against
odds to make his way iu life and gratify
his ambition and thirst for knowledge.
Many obstacles arc thrown In his wav.
and, being "green" and 'thrown upon his
own resources In the city of New York,
direct from his mother's farm, his diffi
culties arc multiplied. But In the end he
wins out Elmer Booth substitutes for
Mr. Mack and Is deserving- of much
credit and received many rounds of genu
ine npplauso for thc manner In which he
handles his line:. Irene Outtrlm, who
had been scheduled to appear in another
role, took the character that was to have
been placed In Miss Leone's bauds, and
that Miss Outtrlm more than creditably
performed her part was made evident by
thc way In which thc audience received
her work. James Rennle. Frederick
Moore, Reed M. Clarke Joseph Kennedy,
Harry Babb, Pearl Ethler and Rosa Romn
(Mrs. Sutton), all did remarkably well
under the existing conditions of a first
night production.
Several members of tho cast were at
the last moment, owing to the Inability
or either Mr. Mack or Miss Leone to ap
pear, assigned roles other than the ones
lhat had been rehearsed. One rehearsal,
artcr the new arrangement or characters,
was all that the company had oppor
tunity ror In order to place thc play on
the boards Sunday night.
One member of the company who Is
deserving of a great deal of credit, is
Miss Roma (Mrs. Sutton), wife of Man
ager Sutton of the Orpbeum. Miss Roma
was called upon on short notice to take
one of the principal parts and was per
mitted but one rehearsal beforo she ap
peared. But, judging from tho manner
in which her lines were spoken and thc
manner in which she portrayed thc char
acter of thc coquettish Nlobc Farquhar,
one might think that she was more than
familiar with thc part and had appeared
In It before.
"A Bachelor's Roma nee" Is a clever
play, cleverly conceived and well written
and well worth seeing as presented by the
Bungalow company. The play continues
through the week. Mr. Mack appearing
i In thc leading role beginning tonignt. and
Miss Leone appearing Just as soon as
her physician gives his consent, which
will probably be within the next day or
two, if indeed, she does not appear to
night. The usual matinees will be in or
der throughout thc week.
When George Barr McCutchcon wrote
"Brewster's Millions" It was recognized
as a strong story. Wlnchell Smith and
Myron Ougloy made of it splendid, clean
comedy and thc presentation 01 it iy
Roval Tracy and his company at the
Colonial theater Sunday night dellghUid
a capacity house. Mr. Tracy makes a
good Monty, rising to thc rcnulremsuts
In thc scenes that call for genuine com
edy. He can "go some" when It comes
to showing how a man can spend a mil
lion dollars In spite of rale making the
most of his intended losses profitable.
In the main his support was ,?ood. al
though several of 1 tic minor characters
did not speak distinctly. lona Brlgnt Is
a splendid Peggy. Interpreting with
charming case and grace, a role easy to
overdo. Tho Janice Armstrong of Marie,
liorlou was an excellent piece of work
and Viola Grant was a good Trlxic Clay
ton. Henry Carl Lewis has staged the
play In excellent style, paying particular
attention to the mechanical effects in the
third act. thc beauty and realism of
the storm scene calling forth hearty and
prolonged npplauso. lu responding to nu
numcrous curtain calls Mr. Tracy made a
little talk expressing his delight at being
able 10 get back to Salt. Lake, a city
he has always loved. Brewster's Mil
lions" goes all week and next Sunday
night with matinees Wednesday and Sat
urday. "A Father's Devotion"' drew a. large
audience to Its opening performance at
the Grand theater Sunday evening, and
the plav and the players amply deserved
this good attendance as well as the gen
erous applause tendered in recognition
or the good work that characterized the
porrormance. Mr. Lorch lias thc part of
George Forrester, whose career of crime
Is relieved by thc one bright virtue of in
tense love which he exhibits for his
daughter. Margaret (Miss Lillian brock
1 well), and his eventual repentance. In
the play is Ihc character of A. IC. Austen,
a wealthy financier of London. England.
Forrester and Austen are friends and
their families arc intimate. Austen re
ceived a valuable consignment of bonds
and Forrester plotted to steal them, al
though living an apparently respectable
life. Austen's son and Forresters daugh
ter fall In love with each other, and ex
change vows even while thc cider Austen
Is being killed in his office by a pal of
Forrester. Young Austen, having that
day quarreled with his father and left
his cane In his office, suspicion of guilt
falls upon him. Shortly, however, he
overhears a conversation between thc
criminals in the Forrester laboratory,
where thc spoil Is divided. L-pon being
discovered he is doomed to death, the
lot lo kill him falling to thc father of
bis sweetheart. Fori ester plans to blow
up the. building, together with the cap
tive.; but upon receiving a piece of a
torn plavlng card as a token once given
bv him to a voting fellow who had saved
his life In Colorado, he redeems Ids prom
ise then made to repay the fa'or. In
stead of his Intended victim, it is 1-or.-reslor
who dies in the explosion.
The play Is a good one, nnd It is well
presented by Mr. Lorch and his com
pany. It js notable thai the plays now
being put on at this theater arc of ex
ceptional merit and that thc manner of
their presentation is of an advanced
order. "A Fathers Devotion" will con
tinue all week, with matinees on Wednes
day and Saturday afternoons.
After being dark for four days owing lo
the acts being delayed by the floods on
tho Southern Pacific '.11 Nevada, tho Mis
sion theater will reopen Its doors this
afternoon. Telegrams received Sunday
announced that the various acts would
reach Salt Lake this morning and be
readv to go this Monday afternoon. The
bill "is promised as one of thc best thc
popular Third South street house ha-s yet
offered its patrons. The headllners of
thc bill are thc Romany opera troupe, con
sisting of seven members, three men and
four women. Their singing has created
a. sensation in every city in which they
have appeared. Another headline act Is
promised in the three Keltons, marvelous
masters of everything musical. Tralnor
and Dale in "War Time Memories," have
made a hit in every city In which they
have been seen. Miss Dnlc has a sweet
voice which she. knows how to use. while
Tralnor has a line of war time talk that
never falls to make a. hit. Whitman, the
flexible wonder, is promised as another
big feature of the bill, as is Gertrude Van
Dyke the girl with two voices of dis
tinctly different tone. The Mission or
chestra In new music and new moving
pictures will make up thc bill
. One of thc very funniest reels of mo
don pictures which has been presented
In this cltv for a long lime is included
in the programme at thc Luna theater,
and judging from the reception Sunday
evening 11 will he thc means of draw
ing exceptionally large crowds. Thc ex
cruciatingly funny production is difficult
to describe, but thoso Interested In this
class of mot Ian pictures can't afford to
miss thc "Newlywcda" at thc Luna this
The seat sale for Mine. Sehumann
Heink will bo resumed at tho Salt Lake
theater today. Many persons promlnont
In Salt Lake society circles have secured
the best scats and tho occasion Is marked
to be the most fashionable as well aa tho
most artistic event of Ihc season.
" 'The Round Un is thc greatest show
on the road." said Georgo D. Pyper Of
the Salt Lake theater Sunday night, "if
you don't believe it read tho reviews in
the Denver papers. When an audience of
Broadwav first-nighters are forced to
stand on their scats and yell, there must,
be something doing. I advise all who
can to got tickets for tonight, because
I am satlslled there'll bo a riot for scats
before tho engagement Is ovor. and many
will bo disappointed. Some idea of the
massive production can bo had from the
f'u-l that It requires more men than
'Ben Ilur' to stage It. A whole nrmy of
redskins will bo seen riding down Into
a western canyon and then the savages
Cleansing of Women by Cuti
cura Remedies.
Women, especially mothers, find, that
lbs Cuticura Remedies aro tho purest,
t sweetest and most ef
fective, for preserv
ing, purifying, and
beautifying the skin,
Bcalp. hair, and hands,
fov tbo treatment; of
inflammatory and
ulcerative conditions,
as well as restoring
to health, strength,
and beauty palo,veak
nervous women.
and the regulars will engage In a bat
tle, which will be especially realistic from
the use of Catling guns. 'The Round
Up has proved a sensation everywhere
and It. goes without saying that, it will
resume its career of prosperity. Maclyn
Arbuckle will head the curft with his
inimitable Impersonation of 'Slim' Hoover,
tho fat sheriff. Albert Phillips, Elmer
Grandln, Joseph M. Lothian, Sidney
Gushing. "William Conkiln. S. I. Richard
son. James Asburn. Jacques Martin. Og
den Crane, Fred R. Stanton. Eileen Er
rol, Paula Gloy, Marie Taylor and hosts
of other favorites will be seep In the
A carload of horses to be used in the
production of "Thc Round ITp" 1s due
In Salt Lake this morning. Dr. A. C.
Young, state veterinarian, notified Man
ager Pyper of the Salt Lake theater late
last night that he would have to present
a clean bill of health for these horses or
they would not be allowed off tho train.
Mr. Pyper several days ago wired tne
company at Denver thc requirements of IH
thc Utah statutes and received word 1
that everything would bo attended to.
so it is preseumcd by them that thc man IH
In charge, will hold thc proper certificate. fM
I If not the animals will have to undergo
I an examination by state officials.
;.yvj;i, you most, in a I
;-'-t f smoke, t h c I
:- If it be pricetake I
1.": note of OBAK. I
If it be tastetake 1
double note o f I
v OBAK. 1
j The clever blending dial- 1
$ lenges comparison. 1

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