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II More Ocean Mammoths for Atlantic Travel 11 "-ffS5iS ""I 1
I'i Special Cable to Tho Tribune.
1 . LIVERPOOL, Aug. 27. Much is
M heard today about tl - race for naval
jm supremacy. But tho race is no leas
'V Itoan in tho commorci.il contest, and
M -just now most of the crcnt steiunship
linos are preparing fresh giants for tho
ocean struggle. I lore again the rivalry
M is between the British and the Gef-
H mnns, both being eager to hold the
Bfl blue ribl)on of Atlantic transport the
B9 chief shipping route in all the world.
B9 -'When the Lusitanin and Mnurctnnia
HfB rclegntpd tho German Doiitschland to
BS a subordinate place as an ocean liver
U tho challenge was renewed', and today
H ?n both sides of the North sen there
H is strenuous endeavor to create new rcc
H ords in tonnage and speed. The White
B Star lino is well advanced with the con-
j etruction of two new monsters, the
B Olympic and the Titanic, the Hamburg
Am en lea line answers with n still bigger
vessel, the Hansn, to the great delight
BBB of the Kaiser, and now the Cunnrd
BB: lino gives hints of plans far beyond
BBb anything 3-et designed. So the contest
B proceeds, with much minor rivalry to
H' keep it comnnny. Lot us examine the
Bf', now ships as they are known up to date.
Hf About tho New Ships.
BJ j The Boston route must be considered
I' first, because the latest ship to take
the water is the Franconia, a new
J' twin-screw vessel of tho Cunard fleet,
which will be the largest liner that has
i ever entered J3oston harbor. It is just
1 seventy 3eara sinco the first Cunardor,
J the Britannia, opened up that routo,
a nnd thougli the Franconia is far be-
I low tho Mauretania in speed and ton-
I "age, she demonstrates well enough
I the shipping advance that has been
I made itt the span of a single human
, Por the Britannia was 207 feet
long, her tonnage was 1151, her speed
Si knots per hour and her cabins only
accommodated 115 passengers. Now
the Franconia 's length is G25 feet,
her gross tonnage 1S.O00 tons, her dis-
placement 25,000 tons, she can carry
2GO0 passengers,, and her power is twen
ty times as great as that of the Britan
J nia. If, as in the case of tho Britannia.
I the new liner were to become ice-bound
r off her destination, the Boslonians of
J, today would have to cut. a channel far
bigger than their forof.ithors who
made a passage 100 feet wide and seven
miles long to free the old-time steamer.
Over 3000 workmen labored on the
( liner for twelve months up to her
launching at Wallscnd-on-Tyne the
other day, and now an arm- of deco
rators and fitters are at work on her
interior, getting her read' for com
mission early next year. Every new
feature that makes for safety and
steadiness is embodied in her "design,
but though that is so, grace has not
1 been lost, and experts agree that she
I is a beautiful vescl. Her sister ship,
the Laconia. has just been laid down in
the same shipyard and will be launched
next year.
1 I something of an authority, too, for she
j I has used it for a hundred and' twenty
1 six years. She claims, in fact, to bu
i tho oldest woman in the world. Her
J eon, Todor, who lives with her, is a
j hundred and one.
( Both are peasants and have had tho
roughest of lives. The veteran dame's
parents wore peasants also. They lived
in the same little village, and the fam
ily was already numerous when Baba
came into the world, in May, 17S4.
For over a century she worked in
Next in point of rondlnor.r. nro tho
White Star 11 icrs, Tltnntlc and Olym
pic, two ocohn giantn under con
struction nt Bolfant, isoborty who
arnroachcs tho shipyards in tho north
ern Irish town can holp noticing tho
energ' -with which . thoco vcKnolB nro
being pushed forward. Alroady thoy
aro immense in bulk, and when they
are completed they will be 45,000 tons
each, or more than 13,000 tons bigger
than the Mauretanin.
The Olympic is so far forward
that the hydraulic rivetting of tho shell
is practically finished and all the iron
work ,of tho structure is complete up
to the shelter deck, the highest coutin-
bellion -were seared into hor mind, so
that she can recall with wonderful do
tail events that happened over a hun
dred years ago.
Todor is also well preserved, but
there wero periods in his record whou
the hoe was given up for the sword and
spear in tho wars against tho opprcs
hjvc Moslems, and the exposure of those
campaigns has loft its mark on him, so
that of tho two his mother seems tho
halor figure today.
Over a hundred .younggr folk, rang-
Hfl &2&m Bll1 thy w,u ,,K ,r wc are Riven tho ac-
Bfl JS " counts. Every day we collect on bills that have
BBS CKs lA . n Previously presented to debtors time after time
BBH i " our clients. We collect money on these accounts
BB9 fKa?- because the people owing- same know If tho claims
BBfl aFe ?f ldJucted there will be "heaps" of trouble
BBfl 1SS5 5 aneau for them. Your time Is too valuable to spend
Bfl WimJFt if !,n TrS-rl S'"V P"y People. Give the accounts to
BBI i Jrt? Wtfkr JOHN J- WALLACE, Manaosr.
Bfl KmMfisk Jk m XF- oSa1,1 ,LnJco C!ty- Utah- JSntaWiohed 1830.
BBH , MfllftMfflf'N " FREE Ur booWct "Modern Collections." IT'S
noun dcok In tho phip, whilo Lite brWlqo
dcelc plating unit jivollug lm boon!
parrlod out, .Kvon tho orootlon of tho
f rnincvorlc of. tho Halorooma on kiiio
dooltn is wnll ndvnni'jl, a:id tho Rtalr
vityu In thn poootul ml third oIiirh (imr
tore aro rondy, Tho main Btalrcaao In
tho Baloon Rootlon v111 talto hosiio time
ing in age from ninety-five to twenty,
claim Baba as a relative, and maintain
her in comfort as an old age pensioner
on their voluntary allowance All over
Bulgaria she is a celebrity. King Fer
dinand sends her his compliments nnd
a present every birthday, and visitors
go lo sco her ironi far and near. She
can still take her walks abroad, and
see and talk with all comers. Abste
mious to the last degree, she shuns the
liquor and tobacco so much enjoved by
her "boy" Todor, but her self-denying
regulations arc a matter of habit
rather than the necessity of an impaired
constitution. Her age is merely a tra
dition, .you say? Well, to support hor
claims there are records in the Ortho
dox Greek monaster" near by, handed
down by a whole succession of priests
who have passed awa- during her re
markable span of life.
Leave Salt Lake daily at S:-15 a. m.
and (3:00 p. m., making run in -15 min
utes, effective Sunday, August 2Sth.
s'unda3' excursion tickets good on theso
-vains. Ten other trains.
Salt: Lake Statistics j
Adrian Schoutcn,. CGI West Third North
street, girl.
Henry Louis Abbott, 1033 West North
Temple street, boy.
Thomas W. Heaps, 1049 Thirteenth
East street, boy. . .
Kobert Sanders, 415 Twelfth East
East street, boy.
Hubert L. Meed. 921 Second North
street, girl.
J. C. J3urns. 9 Wlllanl court, girl.
Thomas WIso, '-'37 East Klrst South
street, sir).
Charles E. Savage, 217 West Fifth
North street, boy.
Wiley A. Jones. f49 West Third North
street, girl.
Hans Pearson, Holy Cross hospital,
aged 49. died August 20. septicaemias .
Ann .Bedford, 592 West Capitol, avenue,
died August 27. nuuto enteritis.
Marriage Licenses.
"Fred Green and Elizabeth Hansen, both
of Suit Lake City.
Bruce F. Stevens and Cora 13. Clark,
both of Ogden.
Edwin Haimun and Mary A. Hanson,
both of Sail Lake City.
Thomas C. Clark and Mary Deane,
both of Eureka.
. William Schaefer, Salt Lake City, J and
Alice Bowe. Ogden.
C. L. Bunford and Eleanor II. Love,
both of Salt Lake City.
C. C. Ray and Nora Chrlstensen, both
of Salt Lake City.
Building Permits.
Van D. Spalding, alterations for
brick garage, -ii Fifth East
street 300
Boyd Park. Iron blue-print house,
G2 South Main 200
Clayton Investment company, al
terations brick office, 72 Eat
First South street 100
Lorenzo E. Elggren, one-story,
six-room double brick dwelling,
R10 Enst Lowell street 2,1500
1-1. B. Elder, one-story, one-room
frame barn, rear 214 East Fifth
South street 500
Page fe Co., one-story, one-room
frame barn, roar 328 West Eighth
South street , jqo
Real -Estate Transfers.
L. FT. Young et al. to Le Grand
Young, lot C. block 29, llvo-acro
Plat C , 5 4 000
Elizabeth A. Wheeler to Loralne
Investment company, part of lot
1. block 50, plat A io
Waldo E Bowdle to Smith Bros.,
lots 2 and 3, block 3, Burton
T l)laP" 10
Loralne Investment company to'J.
M. Wheeler, pnrt of lot 2? block
20. pint D jo
Christian M. Sorcnscn and wife to
Bcniamln Hanley. part of lot 15.
block 1. five-acre plat A S00
Two million dollars guarantees the
security of every abstract made bv the
Salt Lake Security & Trust Co., 32 TJp
Main. 'Wo own our records.
longer, nn It will o::ccl anything yot
oon in marine architecture. A tow
dayH ago preparation-! began for launch
ing thin Vermel, tho hnavioot and hyg
cut that han yot taken tho water.
Tho Titanic, the sinter ship to tho
Olympic, in making nimilur progress,
no time bolng lowt on either vessel.
World's Oldest Woman' Still Hale and Hearty
l Has Spent a Hundred and Twenty-six Years in Remote Bulgarian Village
Special Cable lo The Tribune,
f SOFIA, Aug. 27. Though doctors
f" differ 'as to the use of sour milk as an
I article of diet, Baba Vasilka, a resident
I of tho Burgarian village of Bavelsko.
j is convinced of its qualities. She is
tho fields- earl- and late, yet the hard
labor has not dulled hor faculties nor
obscured her memory. In hor early
days Turkey ruled her country with
sanguinary tyranny. The scenes of
that dreadful time of massacre and rc-
Baba Vasilka Is 126 Tears Old and Her Son Tudor Xs Itu. u'hey Are Peas
ants and Havo Lived all Their Lives In a Little Village In Bulgaria.
They are each S50 feet long, and it is
understood they wiil bo fitted with
turbine engines. Tho Morse' d&ek and
harbor board has commenced tho con
struction of a huge now dock at Liver
pool, but as it will not be fully com
pleted for three years, it niay be
guessed that tho provision is 'mainly
intended for the still bigger Cunardor
that, report says, will run to GO.OOO
tons. Definite information is not forth
coming at the Cunard offices on this
latest plan, but it is not denied that the
news that has come from Germany of
the now Hamburg-American l'i nor
liensn, has roused the Cunnrd direc
tors to a determination, to produce
something that will lick creation for
some years to como. Anyway, this now
Mersey dock will accommodate vessels
1000 feet long and will have deep wa
ter entrances to facilitato docking.
Now MoiiBtor.
Herr Ballin has incroasod his prcstigo
in the eyes of his imperial frioud, tho
Kaiser, hy his forocast of tho now mon
ster, nnd tho progress shown iu German
marino craftsmanship since the Purst
Bismarck was produced in 181)1. Tho
Hansa's tonnage will be about 50,000,
or 18,000 more than the Mauretania and
5000 more than tho Titanic. Tho
Hansa will not, according to present
accounts, aim at ocean speeding. Sho
will havo turbine engines designed to
run hor at 22 knots an hour, but her
cargo and passenger accommodation
will be immense. So carefully is sho
to be constructed that sho will not be
in commission before tho beginning of
Apart from the 'natural rivalry of two
great maritime nations in the Ameri
can passenger and freight trade, there
is another influence on tho American
side of tho Atlantic that has made for
shipping developments. Sinco tho Am
broso channel and other New York har
bor improvements wore carried out,
shipping men have found tho limita
tions to the dimensions of their vessels
removed. The biggest liners thoy havo
Boise and Interurban Railway
Company, Limited.
Cam leave BaJso for Caldwell, G:15.
S:00, 900. 10 00, 11:00, 12;00 a. m. and
1:00, 2:00, 3:00. 4:00. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00.
S;00. 9:00. "lOO p. m.
Cars leave Caldwell for I3olso G:20.
7:30, 3:30, 9:30. 10:30, mO a. m. nnd
.12:30, 1:30. 2:30, 3:30. 4:30, xo:30, C:30.
7:30. S:30. 9:30 p. m.
BncfiaRo and exprooii.
BapteaRO for Botso and Cnldwell only
xExpreaa to Eagle and lntcrmedla;o
tolnt3 only.
Of Stockholders' Mooting to Consider
Notice Is hereby given that a special
mcCtlnp Is called of tho stockholders ot
the Continental Milling and Power Co. for
the purpose of amending article five of
the articles of incorporation of said com
pany, which amendment provides for In
creasing tho capital stock of said company
from 5250.000 lo $1,000,000 and changing
tho par value of said company's stock
from 25 cents to $1.00 per share.
Said meeting will be held at room 229.
Commercial club building, office of said
company, on tho 5th day of September,
1910 at 10 o'clock n. m.
B. S. RIVES. Secretary.
Krypfok Invisible Bifocals
No cement, no blur, no discol
oring, no way of getting tho
reading sight off.
What an advance over tho old
way. You will be pleased to
wear thorn, for they arc tho
acme of comfort, convonienco
and satisfaction.
Columbian Opiica! Co.
337 Main Street. Phonos 5360.
Opposite Postofflce.
Any lens duplicated in 60 minutes.
over dreamed of can now gain ready
access to Now York, and the difficulties
at presont lio more iu tho harbors ot
tho old world than the now.
Thus has tho spirit of entorpriso boon
refloated eastward. This new Mcrsoy
dock is a sign of it, so is tho romoval
of the White Star boats to Southampton
and tho promise of tho authorities there ;Tjfi
to decpon the entrance of tho chief jwfej
harbor in southern England. And now, itk
to moot the growth of .the Gorman ship3,
the Elbe' is being taken in hand by tho
authorities of Hamburg, detormined to imfa
maintain tho position of their city in 'KW
tho commerce of the world. Wfci
Altaian & 2tn. ' '- v
' 5TH AVENUE, 34th and 35th STREETS NEW YORK flS
I Mr. and Mrs. Condron arc pleased to announce the j
I engagement as chef, of Mr. "Wm. Hunger, who comes
I very highly recommended.
j "We intend that our dining room service shall become j
f second to none; and with Mr. Munger personally super- ;
I intending the preparation of such delicacies as Armour's :
choicest No. 1 Loins and Ribs, and the Jensen Milk, Corn
Fed Poultiy, etc., one is assured- the very best. :
Let your holiday be complete and come and take j j
I your Sunday dinner "with us.
' John Condron, President.
Tribune Want Ads Poll 1
The Big Willie Store lP18g lIPlip The Big White Store J
P. A. GORENSEN, President. K JM? iBl! J' J' DALY' V'Ce Presldent' JEM
I ThatVcar? " 'jP J'K " CJI It'o easy to pay J fp
It's tho little monthly" payment J& pllP? jllrlW jBSP the IX L Way I 4
f That adds comfort to the home." . TO Wjfe pgMj me i I
The Mmt Important Event in I J
j Salt Lake's Furniture. History 1
j Tlte Formal Opening of Our Completed New f
Store aed Mammoth Storage Warehouse 1
! Every man, woman and child in Salt Lake City is invited this great event-the culmination of a mgantic ur,rtr I H
; taking, the realization of years of planning and designing, and after the expenditure of hundreds of thoufT !i 1 M
with the greatest and finest furaiture store and the iargest and best toz:i tnz I
A beautiful souvenir to eacfi lady and child I II
Splendid Free Gifts to those who II
Attend Our Grand Opening J
On our opening day we will make the following presents to four ladies absolutely free. Come and see t
tae Monarch Range, One Mahogany Rocker I
One Hoosier Cabinet and One Mission Clock i
I Music by one of Salt Lake's leading orchestras will add to the pleasure. J
-Aff iia ft.

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