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'Vice President J. Ross Clark
Praises "High Line'' and
Utah Celery.
T. Rosa Clark, second vice .president;
U H. E. Wells, general manager; M' P.
H Cullen. superintendent. nnl CL .1. Bnlch.
H assistant to the general manager, all of-
B flclals or the Salt Lake Route, with hend-
H quarters "at Ixifi Angeles, were present at
H a. meeting repiirdlnfr trainmen of this
H road whVli wnn hHd lit the office of
TV. II. Bancroft, rlrt vie? president,
H yesterday.
H "Tho meeting; was merely a. routine
M affair and thorn Is nothing to rIv out
about It." Jald Mr. Clark at the Hotel
H Utah vcBterday -veuins. "W aocom-
1 panled" President Lovett this far nnd
H were here for th meeting en thut ne-
1 count. Wo did not make the trip 10 nt-
tend It. I set to Salt Lake City quite
frequently and always enjoy my visits
1 "Wc came over t!i" new high line and
found this to be In excellent condition
and absolutely safe. The Hne. Is belli?
used throughout. althounii we yav sev
H era I places where workrn-n were rteaiing
awny old bridges and drcuMnc up thi
embankment. They were just putting 011
the Mnlshlnpr touches and iiiuK'ns the
new hlph line look belter.
"I have an ample quantity of l tan
celery for mv Thanksglvhu: dinner ami
will leave, here at 11: 15" o'clock lonupil
In order to he at home Thursday. This
Vtah celrv Is the finest that 1 ha "
j evr eaten and 1 could not Imagine itn -
thing better."
31 r. Wells nlso declined to say nn -thing
ahout the meetlnc held in Mr.
Bancroft's office yesterday. "There Is
not.Ulnr about It thai we woulrl mind eo
j Inp printed, but It would not Interest
tho public." ho laid. ,
All of the I.o Angles officials left at
11M5 o'clock last nlsht for their hcad-
Union Pacific Adopts Unique Advertising
In Its Dlnlnq Cars.
A table mat with the picture of the
Hotel IHah on one sldo and on the other
a bill of faio of the 151 Domndo hotel
at Flaee.rvllle. Cul., as It was In IS49
i ustI by tho I'nlon Pneitic Railroad
companv to advertise the wonderful
prowth "of the west. This mat and an
other, which plves a Icw of. Saltalr
and a description of tho unsurpassed
bnthliiR facilities of this resort, are both
in service on dlninc cars on this road.
A book of :iH) pages, advertising Hie
wst In General alid l'tah In particular
and entitled. "The .Empire of the YVosl."
1 as alio been Issued recently. This de
otei nvnty-olght paficy to Salt Lake
it v and Of,-d"U canyon. Other works of
iI-Im i-ompany alonp Ihls" line are: "Salt
I-ike Cltv." "Where to Co and What to
See." "Utah," and "Beautiful Opdcn
Canyon." , . ,
The bin of fare .as H was In the El
Dorando hotel In IS in. Is intcrosilnp. It
Is 11s follows:
".onp, bean, 31; ox tall (short). 50c.
"Kulrecs: Sauerkiaut, X: bacon,
filed. l: bacon, stuffed; fl.."0; hash, low
prade, 75c; haah, 18 karat. ?1.
"Uoast: Fteef, Mexican, prime rut,
SI M; beef, up lonp. l.oO: beef, plain. $1;
bef. with one potato (fair size). Jl.'-'o;
lerf. tamo (from the stales). ?1.30.
"Came: Codfish balls, double, 7.c:
xirlr.lv. roast. $1. srlsr.ly, fried, Toe;
Jackass niliblt (whole).
"Vegetables. Raked beans, plain. Tnc;
hak"d beans, pi-eused, ?1: two potatoes
(inetllum size). 30c; two potalocp, peeled.
"Pastiy: Rice puddlnp. plain. ne;
1 lite pudding and brandy peaches, ?2;
rli-e puddiitp with molasses. SI.
Square meal with dessert," 33, payable
In advance,
"Cold scale" at end of bar."
I A Household Mftdlciiie
That stops couclis quicklv and. cures
oMs is Foley's Uonev :iud Tar Com
lotud. Airs. Anna Peber. SoSG Jef
ferson street. Soulh Omaha. "Neb., says:
"I can recommend Foley's Honey and
Tar Compound as a sure cure ?
ioucb.3 anil colds. It eurcd my daugh
ter of a bsd cold and my neifhbor, Mrs.
3'ensou. cured berlf nnd tier whole
family with Foley's Honey and Tar
' ompuuud. Everyone in onr neiychbor
jiood speaks hichly of it.'' Schramm
.'ohnson Drucrs. five itorra.
IThnukfgmnKvlHy rate (0 Odcn and
return ia namlieryor electric lino,
M.JO i oiiud trip. 'I'tckeis on'salo Xo-
ember UD-.'JO, pood rot limine .Decern
ltr I, Mijrh si-hool footlmll pame,
Tliankssivin day. Special round trip
M, qood 11113- l ruin up to - . in.
Tribune Want Ada,
JM' ?.laio 5200. Indcpoudoiit 3tJ0.
Bast Remedy for Constipation, Sick Haad
ache. Sour Stomach. Belchlna; and Uver
5 Drops
TI-! if Ibe testimony of Mr.
B. Uf nb-, Goodfl, Iot
Mr. Roil rrriltt : "I htB
r TTi'jFj 'f'n hoot on! botil? of
I vsOi Orop" nnd It his ciirnl mo
v I YOsT of Bh:cmtiim, I Ixvg hrl
IT ffl ) Itb:umslm for thtri
JK5 Yj JL ynrr; xrcnl on crutches for
f tffi Wf about two jer. nr.ti could
f fmr Vll BO'" rrst l,3l7 " n'rtt- After
I U7 '11 taJcnff onA-hslf t-oitlo of "5-
I Til iff I Drop" I tt.-j well In week."
e2S 7l -T. T. Jo'Jt. .TunUta. Ky.
Ill Ml Tile: "I had Rhrumatlim
lidl lwi 'r ter.l7 ycarp, on'l wax
fYw If U conficttl in my room for two
lllX T jra-i. In two we-V.8 after I
Jill eermr"r!l mine joor "8-
V Drop" I wje up. nd in on
fl I rronth I hi'Uaid ray crutchea
' t V Kr7t cd am norr abls to
in J '5r work."
HI QrfU "B-trpJn Is tta het rtned)
1 A -rJtematlri,liwbaf,Scltlci,
f-T Hrjnlsii, KWuty Trtrtli
If ,n ltlrrt ilnutt.
It is a preparation for boUi internal and
r-Tternal use that gives quick relief to the
ufferer. Applied externally. It stops
mJl aches and pain. Taken Internally, it
dissolves tho poisonoiiB substance :iud apsist
nature in restoring tho pystem to a healthy
condition. Sold by Dra agists.
One Dollar per bottle, or sent prepaid
upon receipt of price if not obtainable in
your locality.
WBITE TO-DAY for a trial boll! of
nropa"antItmtltjonr!lf. VowlU glaaijr end U
V you postpaid. obolutelr free.
Swanson Rheumatic Cur Co.
174 Lcka Street - - Chlcax-
)?r salc by SCHRAMM -JOHNSON
Keel ctoict
Notable Act Is Coming
One of the Tour Venetians, Who Oicn fcr a, Veek's Bng? cement at tho
Empress This Afternoon.
Rose." lH'lnnliif; Thuratlay nipht
for three nirlit: ;ind two in;illne.-.
Grand Opni eompuny In "Uo
homhin ":irl." Mils in'tonioon mi
a.l:". "II Trovaiorc" tonight. Cur
mln. s.-in.
Sum Bernard In "He (!,nnr h'ro'n
Mllwauln-c." last half of week, ho
;;Iniiliii: Thursday iiihu
OnrilECM THEATER Advanced
vaudeville. All vc-k. .Mntluee daif
at J2cnli)' performance, S:13.
OA fJRK'MC THEATER ("iarrlok Slock
company will play "Tho :ollo;;
Wlilow" all week. Matinees Thurs
day and Saturday at 2; IB. .Evening
performance. SI5.
E.MPRESS T I T E A TJ1: XI Sullivan-Con
fildlne vaudet illc. Matinee dallv nl
'-'slO. Two performances each oven
Insr at 7:30 and !:ln,-r Bill changes
Weiincs-day afternoon.,
b'or validly and strength, ihc now Hll
winch opons at the Empress this after
noon piomifcp to cellp.se any previous
week's ofrerlns: at that Iioupp. "The
Arl.M Ij-ytcKe." said to he tho mopt rre
tcnilou.M act n-avplhic the Sullivan -(.'on -wldlne
circuit, v.-Ill head the new hill
Ten fasfinntlnz yotinc: women, who arc
seen in th-s sketch as models, and the i
heavy jsconle mounting and Intricate elec
trical -effects, are feature? of the net-Miller-Easle
and Millar ar aerial pMii
na.st whose hlUltnr puts them jn rank
with the host in (heir line. Nihlo and
illlp), two burnt -cork artists, arc said to
have KMinething In the wav of biU
llant dialnctje that will prove surpris
ing. (Cafe Fowler, "The fllrl a I lh
I'lano." presents a novel musical offer
ing:, while Rae r'.roscho ami roinpan:
will he soon In a sketch bv Will Civwv.
c Tit It letl "Rottie ti-10-n." The Four Vene
tlal.s eunie as an added at t nicllon and
their offering Is said to be as melodious
Js It is artistic.
The audiences that have creeled the
Sheelian Opera company at the Colonial
this week have made inanKc.vl the popu
larity of thai orsanlzatiun's worl "The
Bohemian Olrl" will he unir at the nmtl
nce this afternonn and the company's
eiiaiireinciit In S.'ili 1 nl:r will ilni:n tvllli
"11 Trovntore" this evening.
'I'll- Nichols lxter.s are creating . much
of the mirth at the Orpheum this week.
They are attractive young women, but
Indicate that they ;uc devoid of vanity,
Inasmuch as they cover their faces with
burnt cork. They sine well anil duilp;j
their performance keep up a rapid llre
of Till ly sayings tvplcal of the fouIIi
ern negtu lass. Their performance is
not only original throughout, but they
meet j, Tiih ponular favor the moment
they make their appearance.
V.'llh over inon student? and their
friends- paekd into the Ciairlck last night,
the ."neelnl high sclinoj perfoi'iiianc of
"The College Widow" by the iJarrick
companv was one of I hp most suecess
fuf and uniiic oeealoiiM over arranged
at tht't theater. Mr. Tot ten. Mr. Sey
mour. Miss Clifton ami the oilier mem
bers of the company received personal
encores during th ovenliicr. MIks Collier
has deelojied Into Hie chief fun maker
as P'lora. lgulu!. a Tallresx. There vl
be a matinee of "The Collcpc Widow"
Thanksgiving day.
Sam Reniard- Ihe well-known come
dian, wlio Jias never visited any of the
wesiern eltlei. most of his time having
been siicccHfil JMicnt on liroadwav.
determined litis ycj,r to visit California
and l lie- Intermediate cities, a resolution
now bringing him to the Colonial this
week In the moat 5Uccessfii of all his
pla-yp. "He Came From Milwaukee." be
ginning on lln aflctnoou of Thauks
ghing day. The nlol tweals a consist
ent story. In which Mr. lrnard should
eonvulj'e his audlcm-c in working out ll
ludicrous situation;;.
"The Red Rose." which come to Hie
Salt Lake theater tomorrow afternoon.
Is said to be a rlol of color, music, cos
tuuips. dean comedy and pretty lils.
The piece portrays, in a wliolchoni" man
ner, the Roy sludent life in I'ari. Tlie
precnt!uz couipiiuv is said to be nn
ui'uallj larse. including Zoe Raruett.
Shlney )3rotightoii. CJrai'e Ellsworth. Syd
ney tie Hrey. Marguerite Jje 'nn :'ni(j
dhers of prominence. Th clionm ou
tainp ronie remarkably beautiful young,
Three vaude llle kelclien by a Snll
Lake author, who 1? wMl kno;nj in local
literary and new spaper circles, will i,p
given tbelr premiers at the SJiubert
tbefttefi Thursday afternoon. These,
with a fourth sketch of proven iner"
will compos; a spfclal bill, whl'-b wm
be preeriir.,i at Vhe Shubcrt for the ba.'
jtiK'" of lh week.
The ino.st pretentious of ihc three
nketrhes Is a unlnue siuclng act called
Th Jolly lirlllent," the scene of wi
Is laid In a tunnel, where four men ar
slnglns as they drill. It Is said to be
astiy different from anything ever pre
entd In vaudeville and gives promise
of securing an Immediate booking on one
of the vaudeville circuits. "From Slice
to Footlights" is a musical turn com
pletely of local composition. The lyrics
and libretto nre by the author mentioned
above, while the music wa composed
by on of Salt Lake's most prominent
musician?. Three professional actors,
brought from the eunt, will present tliif
sketch, which also haa lh promise of an
early vaudeill booking.
Hatty Donovan, brought to Salt Lak
for the purpose, -will appear In the third
ekstcb, e'msaolvsuc single, iibs Dono-
Famous Actor
Coming toZion
Sam Mornanl off I ho siac ami Sam
Bernard iii,th theater arc as unlike as
il is possibly for two human beuia to
he. No one who siw the star in "Ho
Came From jMiliv.'tttkce" on Ihe street
would for u minute lake lum lo be an
actor, ami particularly a comic one.
When tin? aclor comes out of his dress
ing room, made up for (hu stage, ho
seems to have left the real Sam
Uoninnl, logclher wilh Ihc Jailer's
si reel clothes, lianiinr.oii Ihe wn.ll.
au Is said lo be a charming vouir--woman.
while the local author is said
lo have furnished her wilh a brilliant
line or snappy materia! with which t
bring out her ability.
"1 am pleased lo recommend Cham
berlain's Couch Itemed v as the beat
thiner I know of and safest remedy for
coujjhg, colds and bronchial trouble,",
writes Mrs. -L. B. Arnold of Denver,
Colo. "Wo havo used it repeatedly
and it has never failed to kivo relief."
For salo by all dealers.
Thanksgiving Food Sal
Of tho LadiosV JiasL Side guild, at
Walkers' fitoro Wednesday morning.
CJnm pudding, miuce pics, pumpkin
pics, chicken s.ala.1, cakes, doughnuts
anil cookies, home-made candies, jollies
and preserves.
if you want lo rent that furnished
room, uso Tribune want ads- Call cither
phone. Bell .T-'OO. I ml. .'160
65 Years Young
DoeB a Harder Day's Work Than Ever
After Stomach Trouble
j Vanished.
Ttead this interesting letter:
" i 'suffered for many years with jn
digestion and rheumatism and tried
many homo remedies, patent medicines,,
and doctor's prescription?, but would
onlv get relief.
"I have friends who were cured of
r-iomneli trouble by CVII-O-jA tablets
and this induced rue to try them. I
bought a box nt the Iloag Drug Store,
and after a few dayo. J noticed a big
improvement in my condition: my food
wonld not sour on'my stomach or blont
me; the stiffness pe'emed to leave my
joints, and made me unconsciously stop
lively. My friends all spoke of how
well I was looking.
"J bought three more bo.ics of
MI-O-NA tablets and took thorn exactly
as directed, and I can truly say that
they have made a robust young man of
me. I am 65 years old. and can now do
a harder day's work than in my young
er days.
"Ihope you will publish this letter,
so others -who suffer as I havo can
also be benefited." W. S., Sneod, 3229
X. Missouri Ft., Indianapolis.
MT-O-NA stomach tablets are guar
anteed for indigestion and all stomach
Tils. Large box 50 cents at SOIIKAMM
JOHNSON DRUGS, i4The Never-Sub-etitors,',
5 good stores. .
m I11811SSP f??
I be ''y lf
4 heir for all timisand all seasons. k V -
A beer possessing the bracing proper 'lies SSM ' -ii PL0
of a tonic so mcdhU for bratvn workers iP feii ''1'
'and brain icoricsrs A. beer that fiiMlW ? -' 5 jof
labor of the ovzrtaskM. A9 beer that W' ' - t j lvict
con (jucrs sleeplessness and subdues dys- MPS '; III
pepsia. A bser that banishes lassitude JmjS r- - M
and changes exhaustion to healthfuiness, WM '4'$ '' MM I i'10'
buoyancy and vigorous activity. A beer .
that in the time of Thanksgiving adds j E:'6 .-r -0 '
to ihe happiness and good cheer of those .JPBra .6V$ Yv. i "
who HAVE and, dispels cares and ' Mmy&l ' -1" jMf' I
dissipates troubles among the less fcrtu- MwlQ. '"''-HfllF' - r' ' ' -' l"h'
nate. So essential at this time of the MifMI0S' ' 'mf'' ':' '''' 5,l,l
year when (tonedrop of nature makes M lf lmf 'Mtl ;; ' " Sr--
'the tuorld akin." The silver lining (iptfW VW 1 ' xi
I I eer eer wlout' a cloudthe " j
: 's Yv' f 1 ,j ' ' ct!y'Y
Without it there -will be a "missing t T:a . j.- ...Y;;.', ... 5.
link" in yoicr Thanksgiving dinner. ,r r .Yvr,;.-V . , . j H WM
Order a case TODAY. Both phones 17.' . v ' ' ' ' j ' I flfc
Made and bottled only by J'ip '. 1 V 1 Pf f
5th South and 10th East, ,77, ' fe.
Salt Lake City, Utah y jski''''' ? :' -fl P
J . J fe
: Rrttj
With Joseph F. Shcehan.
Wednesday Matinee.
Wednesday Night,
Kvcnlnr prices r0c to $L', .Matinee,
25c to ?1.S0.
Thanksnlvlng Day Attraction,
Matinee and Night,
Friday Matinee and Night,
SAM BERNARD In "He Came From
Evening Prices .10e to Matinee,
Thanlwsghlnsr Day. 25e to 51.50.
Special matinee Friday, 'Jiic to $1.
In Kenyon Hotel. E. L. WHIc, Mgr.
Dine Points on Half Shell.
Green Turtle, aux Quenelles.
Consomme Ucnai.ssancc.
.Salted AlmondH. Celery en Blanche.
Ripe Olives.
KHct of Samltapj:;
Meuniere Ponuncs I'arisiennc.
Supreme of Chicken. IVJnxim.
Saute of Lamb Chopu,t a. la TSIonaeo.
Ticlgnct Houfde, Crcmc au Chocotat.
Vounc IMab Turkey, Chestnut Dress
ing, Cranberry' Sauce.
SuckllnK Pip. Stuffed, Raked Apples.
Prime Kastern Corn-Fad Reef.
VorkHhlic Pudding.
Crrnmcd Potatoes.
Raked Sweet Potatoes.
Rrusseis Sprouts.
Cauliflower Hullandalsc.
Fresh Eastern Iohsler. LMayonnAisc.
English Plum Pudding. Hard and
Brandy Sauce.
Tuttl Frutl Ico Cream. Fancy Cakes.
Homo TUado Hot .Minco and Pumpkin
Camenibert Cheese. Toasted Wafers.
Xuih and Ralslnn.
Cafe Nolr.
Dinner from Noon to 8;30 p. m.
51.00 PER PLATE.
Thurs.. Frl., Sat., Nov. 30, Dec. 1-2
Special Matinees Thanksgiving Day
and Saturday.
JOHN C. FISHER pesenls the great
est musical eoinedy success since
his "FLO UO DURA,'
Book and T.yries by Harry R. and
Robert R. Smith,
Mu.sle hy RuhiM'l Hood .Rowers.
Direct from the Globe Theatre, N. Y.
Special Feature,
Prices- F,veulns. 25e, 50c. 7."r, SI. an,
SI. 50. S'.'.OO. Matinee. Jbc to 5I.i
Seats now on sale.
i i
Week Com. Sunday Mat., Nov. 26.
Charles and Fannie Van.
The iS'ichoTs Sister.?
Me)etl. Kelly and Lue.
The l-'our Floods Ward Hakei
Rnimer and SpiHane
Curr6.it Newh of tho Day Told In
Motion Pictures.
700 of the best seats for 23 cents at
dally matinees.
Nlcht Prices 25c. BOe and 7Sc.
Blue Points. Half Shell.
Olyinpla Oyster Cocktail.
Nallcc Celery. Queen Olives.
Cream of Chicken, u. hi. Heine.'
Consomme Royal.
Broiled Striped Rass. Pomme .lulien.
Anchovy Unttcr.
Fresh Lohxler, a la Xewbur.
Raked Chicken pie, Faiullv Style.
ReJsnct Souffle, au Subayon.
Claret Piineh.
Roast Prime. Ribs Raef. an .Jujs.
Stuffed Utah SpriiiK Turkey, Cran
berry .Icily.
Sucklln?: PI?. n,eMnut Dressing.
RakeI Apple.
Mashed Steamed Potatoes.
Swoiit Potatoes, Southern Style.
Utah Aspurajnin, Holla ndalse.
Raked Hubbard Squash.
Fruit Salad.
Hot Mime Pie. firccn Apple Pie.
Strawberry Ice Cream.
Assorted Faney Cakes.
Ralplns. Roquefort Ch. Dent'.-'
Aater Cakes. Coffee
5th Bier All-Star Week
JP" '" i2L ml jA jlk 1
2-30. 7.30 9:15.
Special Matinee Thanksgiving.
World's Newest Sensation,
The Very Essence of Art.
10 Fascinating Model Girls.
A Scene From Music-Mad Venice.
First Time Here.
Will Crcssy's "Bottle 6-K)-0."
Regular Empress Prices lo-2u-I50c.
fff Tho Garrlck Company In
EH Thurs. Evening npjL Mats.
OB University Night lllK Thurs.-Sat.
HI Next Week. "For Fair Vlrnlnlo."
Kinsley Development company, a cor
poration of Utah. Location of principal
placo of buBlr.csH. Salt Lake City. Utah.
Notice la hereby gtven that at a meet
In?: of the directors, held on tho 16th
cay of October. 1311, an noscssment of
2 millB (one-fifth of 1 cent) per aharo.
was levied on tho capital stock of th
corporation, payable on November 20.
1311. to 1C. A. Dunyon. treasurer of tno
company, room 71. Mclntyro building.
South Main ttrcct. Salt Lake City, Utah.
Any stock upon which this acaesanient
nittv remain unpaid on November i'O.
1911, will be delinquent and advertised
for salo at public auction, and unless
payment is made before, will ba sold on
tho 11 tli day of December. 1011. to pav
the delinquent assessment, together with
the cost of advertising and expenso of
sale, N. A. DUM'ON, Secretary.
Office. 721 Mclntyro Building. South
Main Street. Salt I.oko City. Utah
By order of the board of dlmelorn tho
time for the payment of tho abovrftmcn
tloned assessment has been extended un
til and including December 1911, nnd
any stock on which the awessment aha II
remain unpaid nt tho close of business
on that day shall be delinquent, and
unless payment in made before win bo
sold on the 15th day of January. 1912,
to pay the delinquent assessment, to
gether with the cost or advertising and
e.xpenso of sale.
Dated November 20. 1311.
o22SZ N. A. DUNYON. Secretary.
j Tribune Want Ads Pull
. . jl . f0,
I Cafe 'il
I , . nmt
Under the Bank. Main and Second .mis
South. ''Stat
) Atinf-
DflV i'1
y I fon
........ Je wai
Mr.M. J hrrJ
- . rpci
abiltini Cocktail :iinc
Rluo I'oinls on Half Shell 5 rii'
Chicken Ulcra. Crculc. j ,,3t a
L'unsomnie en T a't-e ; "
dfilet of Sole Court Uouilloui Vr jI0
1 'diii mcs Pre..-, ion J Hk:
Celerv I J earls Oili fornin K'aii:dicd 1 m
Chicken aud Uvster Patties en j at
Sllprome i U M
Sprinp; litiiiib t.:hoP.s :i la Neloon 1 ij'1
StulVod .SuclcTnie; With Apple nd
Ltah Voun: Turkey j for w
( lli'.slnu!, Dic-biuj;,: MtClj:
Cranberry Hau.-o
Punch ii la Rope j W
Raiiauu fr'alad jMayouaisi- j
Mashed Point ops t 'Drop,
Pirowuod .wee Potalori; f tut i
Sifted Pens en Cnses i fc
linish Plum Pmldiiif: ),r
Mran.lv and llnrd Same
Charlotl e Iiiism , j 4 In t:
Mince Pin Pumkin Pie .Pllir i
Cafe Noii- j fcr,("
PRICE SI. 00. iuS
Music and Entertainment Every J 11
Evening. 1. Hei
Denver & Rio Grande Time
Effective November 12. 1911. i
Provo. Mantl, Marysvale 7:50 a. m. .rer
Mldvale and Ulnpham 8;00 a. m. i '
Donver. Chlcnt.'O and east S5j "l, :
Park City .'SA a h,
Osdon nnd intermediate points 10:Ju a. nji ;ir"t
Ogden. San Francisco, Port-
land 12:a p.
Opdon San FranciBCO. Port- ,iUUT
land 2:5- P- "'f V 1
Mldvale and Blnsham ':c;0 p. mj h,.
Denver. Chicago' nnd east .... 5:20 p. nJjMtli
Provo. Sprlnsvllle. Tlntlo .... r.:30 p. mFHjjjj
Ogdcn and intermediate pohws o 10 p. jniM w
Denver. Chicago and cast..... i:10 p. rflfejtja
Osdcn, Portland nnd Seattle. . .11.10 p. 'fca.
Ogden, San Francisco, Los Jm L'V
Anfrclcb .. l" a. rB
Offdcnand Intormedlato polnls.10.00 a. It
Th tle. Sprlnsvllle. Provo 0.20 a. nfl .
B ngham and Mklvale 0:o a. tM
Denver. CIiIcsbo and cast.. ...12:30 p. Ui
Osdcn and Intermediate point 2:15 p. .B
Denver. Chicago and cast ..... 2:30 p.
Oeden. San Franclico and west 4:55 p. J
Park City and Intermediate 5:00 P- Slllflai
Blnsham and Mldvale biio Wl
Provo. Mantl. MarysvrUe COs p. flll I
Osrdun. San Francisco. Port- SII 1
land - VU E.
Denver, Chicago and cast.... 10. && P-- T
Ticket office. 301 Main street. PHltrol

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