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Li : :vv ' " Pictures by Albert Levering T ' " -vr. '. H
111 Tke New Fatlc of
the Tlirough Train,
f the Two Passengers
! j and Nothing Doimg
J m tke Way of
j Transfer.
Inp"rO High School Heliotropes
1 named Lib and Angie -were
i very Thick. They ha.l
themselves photographed -with
1 their Heads together and used to
Dab themselves vcith the same
Piece of Chamois.
Whenever Lib got a new Patch
for her Silk Crazy Quilt she would
divide ivith Angic on a 50-50 ba
sis. And -whenever Angie got
ready to sleep on a Piece of "Wed
ding Cake she would pinch out a
good sizable Hunk for Lib.
Eacli Girl kept a Nightie at the
Other Girl's House and, long after
they had retired, the Inmates
would hear smothered Giggles, in
terspersed with Fragments of
what He said to Her and what
She said to Him.
The Period of their Adolescence
was about 30 years ago, when Ro
mance was still alive and Knight
hood was in Flower around every
Dancing Academy West of Pitls-
IThc two Chums had made a
Pact. They were- to be Friends
forever and ever, aud neither was
lo hold out" anything from the
Each carried iu a bockct a
Four-Leaf Clover presented by
One to whom she had bared her
After supplementing the Grad
ed Schools with a full course of
Mrs. South worth and learning to
pla' ''The Maiden's Prayer" on
the Mclodcon. naught remained
for them in the way of passionate
Diversion except to go ahead and
get Married.
They waited three years for the
Fairy Prince of their Dreams to
come clattering down Main Street
in his Coach all "White and Gold,
and then began to mistrust the
Schedule. So 11103' effected the
usual Compromise, falling grace
ful ly into the awkward Embraces
They Had Themselves Photographed With Their Heads Together.
of two corn fed Lizards named
Otis and "Wilbur.
Tn (he Shake-off it befell that;
Angic got Wilbur aud Lib drew
Otis. The two Brides were some
what envied, as ."Wilbur was a
Good-Looker with raven Pompa
dour and large snappy Eyes,
while Otis was supposed to pos
sess the Faculty of copping the
Encourage Emotions; Dwell
in the Land, of Romance
The Emotions Are the Ideals of Life, and the Ideals Must
Be Encouraged if One Wishes to Escape Becoming
the Paragon of Death the Mummy.
never loved before. Let
J thope Trho always loved
,H sow love tbc more."
H Let u take a cood look at the
Egyptian mummy.
Tts littlo hands arc quiet; its
jB little mouth is pinchcl n? if it
'H were trying to keep back the
IH secret's of the ages; its littlo eyes
arc closed to all life, to all emo-
H U is a perfectly proper little
H ladv, in a fayhiooabb' accepted
HL sense.
!H It not only sIiotvr no emotion
H' now. but it looks as if bad
H never felt any. Its little heart has
H heen atrophied so lone: that if it
aver longed and ached and loved,
11 there is no sign.
iH Do you want o be like the
H Egyptian mummy f Do you want
H to bind every emotion, which
H; means every initinct of life, in
H; mortuary bands?
Hi Of course you don't, but vrhen
IHj vou put a restraint on yourself
H for fear you Trill laugh too Ion?,
m or smile too often, or love too
Hj much, vou are doing it.
V Ideals Must Be Encouraged.
fl The emotions live on the ideals
of life, and the ideal must be
encouraged if one wishes to
escape becoming the paragon of
death, a. mummy.
H- To enr.ouraco the ideals, Tcad a
B sweet, clean love story often, und"
K put yourself iu the place of the
lover. J)onft be ashamed to go
H'- about your daily tasks dreaming
H. of princes and potentates who "will
jH come bearing their hearts in their
H Dwell in the land of Romance.
H U will utrcngihen your powers of
T imagination and sweeten you for
nQ 'lay thai ; coming when .fancy
. '8 subjuod by fact.
. W'en vou sec a little love frtory
' li. don't scoff at It an a sign
of weakness, but respect it as a
sign of strength,
"Wo a pi all born for love."
said Disraeli. "It is the principle
of rxiflonco and the only, end."
llo did not let bis burden of
public life deprivt! him of this
heritage, and the lovn story he
lived ha a. more human interest
than the deeds which engraved his
' name in marble.
Girl of Many Loves Better Wife,
Odc may love fooliphly, but it is
not to one's discredit, and much
to. one 'it credit. "For to bo wiso
and lovo exceeds man's might that
dwells with gods above."
What if air castles have no
foundation and aro bused on
dreams, the buildiug of them is
not onlv a great .103' to the aerial
architect, but the man, or woman,
who builds often is a joy to
other?. The visionary are always
hopeful; the romantic aro always
sweet and tender.
Thn old woman who smile at
a memory of a love story her days,
havo long since, told is younger,
broader in mind and charity,
sweeter and more wholesome and
j helpful than tbo old woman who
regards a confession of love as
an admission of weakness or
The. girl who is emotional and
lores many, and shows it, will bo
a better wife, n more devoted
mother, than the atrophied young
woman who has her heart in iron
Refuse to feel anv emotion, and
ihe day is coming whon in your
crcat anguish you will find that
you can 't.
"T cannot love as T have loved,
and yet I know not why; it i the
cue great woe of lif. t- feel all
feeling die."
"The one great woo of life!"
That is something worth while
avoiding, and the onlv way is to
encourage vour hear! to expand.
Jlowovcr, the purpose 'of 'his
Fable is to indicate that each Gal
found out loo late that .she had
Dutchcd her Book and backed in
to Ihe wronjr Paddock.
Fate separated the Young
Couples and many n Full Moon
deflated itself before Lib and An
gic had another chance to get to
themselves and fill up on Oolong
and cautiously exhibit their
Wilbur was a Hustler who
lacked Terminal Facilities, lie
was. full at SI. Vitus Activity and
was always transferring a lot of
Papers from one Pocket to an
other and getting ready to in I cr
est Capital in some Mcgalhorian
Enterprise paying 20 per cent per
Annum, but somehow he never
"While negotiating for a Rubber
Plantation in Yucatan he would
hear about Two Million Acres
waiting to be Irrigated in Colo
rado, but before lie could turn on
the "Water he would be lured
away by the Prospect of develop
ing some Monte Cristo Proposi
tion upon the Mcsaba Range.
In the meantime be wore Cellu
loid Collars and owed for every
Round Steak that he had carried
home during the preceding Five
Otis, on the Other Hand, played
nothing but Cinches. He was out
for the Pastry. Tt was not bis
Fault if the Widows and Or
phans who invested ou his Tips
all wound up as Department
Store Employees.
He double-crossed his Partners
and whipsawed his Customers
and bluffed the Courts and bullied
his way into the Strongholds of
While the V. S. Grand Jury
would be in Session, trying to get
him with the Goods, he would be
motoring in Normandy and toss
ing Showers of Silver to the
Do not mistrust the Tale; for
every Buccaneer from' Broad
Street, N. ,Y., to the St., Francis
Bar at the Golden Gate, was once
a Poor Boy with Store Clothes on
his Back and Grand Larceny in
his Heart.
When Angic went to visit Lib,!
after the Lapse of Many Years.,
you can Gamble that they had
Some Talk to Unload.
Angic carried a. Wicker Suit.
Case costing $1.SS, and her Gen
eral Gct-Up;was that of the Hon
est Creature who may be: found in
any Hotel Corridor at: 2 A. M.
massaging the Mosaic Floor witk
a Mot Cloth.
"Get me!" said Wilbur's wife,
dropping wearily to a Divan inj
TlUCin-T has piisscrl slowlv up the
stairs to join other dust cov
ered relies of past joys, sor
rows siikI experience in the
attic of Tlm The Credulous Woman,
and her departure fs due to the men
dacity of the man whose happiness
depended "ii Uneplns hr here.
Me hastened her departure, he
made hor going both possible anil
The Land of Fruit and Flowers
Tho home of the grapefruit, orango, pineapple, etc.; where
RICH SOIL, EQUABLE CLIMATE and abundant rains make
BIG CROPS of perfect fruit and vegetables A CERTAINTY.
Growing season 365 DAYS IN THE YEAR. Perpetual Juno
We nave the finest citrus fruit and vegetable land on the
Isle of Pines surrounding the ONLY DEEP WATER HAR
BOR of the island for sale in 10, 20 or 40-acrc tracts at only
$50.00 per aero; one-fourth down, balance on easy terms.
Steamers now landing at our town of Los Indios. Own a ten
aero grove and BECOME INDEPENDENT, Immediate posses
For booklet and further information write to J. J. MOR
RIS, Agt. Canada Land & Fruit Co., P. O. Box 1759, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
the Style of Louie Quartorze.
"Pipe the Lid ! It is a. 190G Mod
el and the Aigrette is made of
Broom Straw. Take a Peck at
the shine Tailor-Made and the
Paper Shoes. Ever since they
wished that False Alarm on to
me T have been giving a correct
Imitation of Lizzie the Honest
Working Girl. Bach Evening he
comes home to give me a Sweet
Kiss and promises me a trip to
Europe aud a Set of Gray Squir
rels, and next Morning, when T
get up to remove the Oatmeal
from the Fircless Cooker, I find
on the Back Porch a large Rough
neck in a Sweater who has come
to shut off the Gas or take away
the Parlor "Furniture. Then 1
think of you, with your Closets
lar can be fastened, so thai lie on have
the ividtl) of the yard for stretching his
An inspector of the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Auinuils once
found a Great Danc'in a terrible con
dition, aftnr nine vours on thr chain
without once being let. loose And often
there are tortures of thirst added to
imprisonment. I'Vw, indeed, are the
dogs that urn given frchh whtor daily,
and tvhose drinking vessel, when knock
ed over by the chain, is duly refilled.
Such omissions as these come from
want, of imagination. They are un
conscioun cruelty. Perhaps' may bo
ranked under t.hc same head the prac
fieo pf lotting doga follow motor cars
and motorcycles; and yot it is difficult
to believe tlifit any man or woman
could be insensible to tho signs of ex
haustion and to the sufl'oring from
thirst of the poor animals after a race
The Credulous Woman
nacesMry by hi own depravity: now
iliat 3)10 lin h gone from u forever
lie realizes llmt much of his security
,iu pearc of mfnri went with her.
,N"ot many years aco woman in her
attitude toward man war as blind
as a liltlen at birth. $hc believed
In him fo Implicitly, nhe accepted hla
word fo literally, that every utter
ance wan rf yarded as sacredly as (
It were srospel truth.
Instead of appreciating this child
like, faith, he bu?ed It, oonWlmc!)
for his defcpFe, and more 'often for
his nmu?p.m?nt. If h told her that
a whale nwm Into his office door
and she believed him, 'the next day
ho invented a school of whales with
the leader blowing a horn. He shat
tered her faith. He became an bold
in his Inventions that lie didn't safe
guard his exits and she found he
watn't telling the truth.
For many generations .she thought
It the part of wlpdoni to make a pre
tense of n, faith :di did not feel, but
of recent ycara even that pretotifc
hns dropped front her. Her grand
mother believed Ihe story of the
achool of whales, but where I the
granddaughter today who believes
her husband If he tolls a rational mle
of a minnow?
These aro the timet of the woman
who doubt: of the unman who de
mands proof. Jn business, love, In
social life, nnri In every relationship
between man and woman the man Is
finding that he must Make Good.
He can no longer yy U Is good and
have that word accepted.
If his halo has dropped from his
brow and assumed thn Phape of horns
behind his ears, h has only hlmuolf
to blame. The Credulous Woman
passed to the attic of Time slowly
and painfully. She was happy In be
lieving always.
.She turned back many tlms to
clltis;' to her faith, and every turning
back, every sign of renewed confi
dence, wns vmet with bolder attack
on her ci cdullt j
! hanging full of Huffy Frocks arid
your Fingers crowded with Jew
els and your Man rushing in every
few Minutes to slap you in the
Face with a Hundred Dollar Bill.
You can take it from me. Dearie.
T would jump the whole Game,
were it; not for the Children. I
have put in my whole Lite trying
to realize something on a 'Prom is-
The Wife of Otis Interrupted. With an Imporious Gesture.
sory Note that was a Bloomer to
begin with. He has kidded me
along ever since the World's Fair
tit Chicago, feeding me on Canned
Stuff and showing me pictures oT
Electric Runabouts and Country
Places on Long Island. Tn the
Meantime 1 am playing in Great
Luck if I cun get. a Trolley Car
to stop for me."
At this point the Wife of Otis
SOUK of us koep dogs for love of
their friendly company. Others
invest in them ;ts ;i source of in
come. Urillaf-Savarin said that
to invito a guest, to vour house is to
la Ho charge of his happiness from Ihe
moment of hi. arrival to that of his
departure. The axiom applies for more
strongly to flic pets we bring into our
Homes. Whereas, the guest, need not
como unless he wishes and can depart
when he hkes, the pel has no choice.
It can exercise no free will. .More the
guest, can ask .for what lie -mule. The
dog s needs are oflen nnguessed. Only
arrcction and consideration can divine
Many 0f us arc unwittingly cruel to
our pets. With mistaken kindness we
ovorlced them and, by .doing so, invite
abiding and often fatal ailmenls. Too
much food cause-it indigestion of ;. verv
uncomfortable kind, leading to ill tem
per and biinppisbness, just :is j l0
case of human beincs. especially when
combined with insufficient, exercise
Lapdogs led on a leash do nut let
enough exercise.. They need to run .-Pud
1 risk. As to I ox terriers, rough and
smooth, and all largo dogs, it is crueltv
lo keep them without it. Thev are
trained for swiftness, muscular devel
opment, and powers of endurance. Thev
should run miles every dav with a mini
mum ot two hours.
M is neceasary to keop watch dogs
chinned, but it j absolutely ,.nioI ?0
Jet them go for days without occasional
release and regular cxerci.se. The
kindly owner sees to it that the dor
ib loosed and that u run is .ivin hp
creature whenever possible. Tho bore
dom endured by chained dogs is voiced
by I hem iu t he most lamentable of
yawns, with that noto of hopelessness
in them that one hears in the cry of
neglected children.
"lie is too tierce to be let off (he
chain, sir.""
Of course he is! Cause and effect.
Had lm not been kept on the chain
without occasional relief he would not
hav(. become tierce. Long hours of list
less inactivity, often without even a
bone for occupation and amusement;
and there are IKi.'i days in the year.
In Switzerland a plan is sometimes
adopted by which the yard dog ib
allowed a certain amount of liberty
and exorcise. A si out polo is fit retched
across the yafil about twelve feet from
tho ground and firmly fastened. On
I his is an iron ring with long chain
attached. To the chain the dog's col-
of two hours or more at tiptop speed.
The dust from the car or cycle is thick
est at the level of tho 'dog's mouth
aud, together with the heat of exor
cise, creates a violent, thirst. It was
pitiful to see a poor dog the other dav
following a niotorcvele mako a dash for
a pail of wafor fef N. ready for some
horses, but tear on again without hav
ing had a single drop in his frantic
haste to keep up with his owner.
("anine pets ?.rc not the only ones
that suffer from unconscious cruelly.
Canaries contract catarrh and asthma,
owing to their cages being hung iu
draughty windows. Other causes of
discomfort are cages loo small, perches
too slight for the natural grasp of the
claws. These birds delight in sunshine,
but, many of I hem spend t h 0 L'rea tor
arose' and. pulling the rose-coll
ored Silk Wrapper more closelijl
about licr made-to-order Forral I
interrupted with an Imperious! IL
Gesture. , 1 1
"Back up, Angie!" she ex?
claimed. "You should be a Hap?
py Woman. Ton have your Huii
b.-.nd's Love and you have yanp
Children, both of which are de
nied a Woman of my Assured
Position in the Two MinutcClasi j
of the Terrible Splendors. 1 Tali j
about Hardships 1 Do you kno ! .
what it is ' lo lead the Grand v
March, surrounded by 800 .Absct
gai-Th rowers, Harpoon era and )
Cannibal Queens, who are pointl f
ing 3-011 out as the Wife of the Vf
Malefactor who is about to be
Tried in the Federal Courts? Did'.Jfo.
you ever Stagger around all t
Evening with $100,000 worth ot
Tiffany Merchandise fastened onfe
to you expecting every Minutetf
to be hit in the Coiffure by soma; 4
Raffles? Did you ever, during aj? L
Formal Dinner, hear the Door Bcllti f .
tinkle and find in the Hallway i$ &'
Reporter from a Morning Paperl fer
who wishes to ask your Husband! ;oh
if he denies his Guilt or can give!
any Reason whv Sentence oC$ ?
Death should not be passed upon ft
him? Arc you Wise to the Fact rg
that the Wife or a Successful g
Business Man now occupies ai
Niche in the Hall of Fame right IS;
next to the Sister of Jesse Jame3? uV
You are iu Great Luck. No one' Si
takes a Shot at a Failure." r
1, ;!c
i S,
K &1
i Lft
against the other and had a Good
Cry, after which they chirked up
and paid a lot of attention to a j
well-preserved Bachelor who I fa
dropped in to get warm and take Jm
a slight -Fall out of the Side- If 2
Board. I jg
MORAL: When Wealtfi walks (j g
in at the Door, the Press Agent
comes in through the Window. 3t&
(Copyrlchtcd. 1012,bv Gcorro Ad0
part of their lives in gloom. They sing i p
too woll, and their shrillnoss is stoppeu i- U
by veiling the cages with a clotb. jl fjjj
Chosen for their power of song, thoy f? &";
are snubbed for using them. Tt ro- A
minds one of tho medical student yho K is
bought an alarm clock to -wake him t m.
early, and when it did so with a noiay I
chiller tiling his boot at it. If g,
Some of the most; touder-hearted ara
guilty of such thoughtless acts as these, : t
often from sheer ignorance as to th T
struct tiro and necessities of the dumb "
creatures that aro dopondent on thnm. ; jj1
A romantic, girl brought somo gazelles ,
from the east of Kurope and shut them I t
in cages on tho lawn. Accustomed to : t tti
the- freedom of tho hills, to leap from i lii
rock to rock in perfect liberty, th" , , w
graceful littlo animals soon pined and ; ;
died- AH from want of thought. , ; y
Trlbuno Want Ads. f
Bell Wasatch ;T200. Independent 36f. j
rDo Yon Use Electric Pwer?
There are many advantages to be gained I l
by doing so. I
Our power customers do not have to de- y
pend on a SINGLE power plant, for we 1
have SEVEEAL plants connected to our j;
system, each independent of the other.
With duplicate transmission lines, several :
water power plants aud, in addition, a steam
turbine reserve plant capable of handling I
the entire load, the probability of a shut- 1 J
down is very remote. I J
Electric drive cuts out losses due to extra I
belting and friction of long line shafts. It 1
makes possible an increase in the output
and size of your factory with practically no
expense for increased power demands our f
I power plant can take care of that.
Cur rates are surprisingly low, and make t
the cost of electric power so economical that III'
we have superseded steam and gasoline j f
drive in numerous cases. For special con- I , j
ditions of service our Optional Load Factor 1 S
Power Rate is remarkably cheap. Let our jm
power expert investigate your conditions, I
explain our rates and make recommenda- 1
tions. ; I
Utah Lighl and Railway Compaay ' i
"Electricity for Everything" I

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