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Mitt AIFS lEf MILES I Ittllfllll 1 01 ELS
5 Pictures by Albert Levering I
if 'he New Fable of
the Same OldThiag
With Improved
j Trimmings.
jM XE iliero was i Husky cm
ir. UJ ,om 'I to erne1: 1 1 1 r Wllip
t,B,,W uroun'l fi smoky Works
R'n'.Jrt did ii"1 ''fl'Pr an attractive
,;:Mta from tho Cnr Window, al
i PiBnh it blossomed with a frag
';' fef crop of Dividends every
"pie the Directors got together
rfcBthe Bak Room
'Most of lhp American Work
"'wRmen employe! in this Hive nf
fcistr;, came from remote parts
.4 En rope. Each wore his Head
' 'Hnre-ly m front of his Ears and j
d t a k - ti .in f'tli to support Hie
,TonPnslitution lr was the duty of I
' pe Husk. keep these im-
ipnMrted Rabbits, n rhe -rump and
MJrtv.se Hi" Owlpul
rofcyti- made hunt-ell so -troug
IpmKh the bin Center Doles that
, j''ey declared him In every time
Melon was sliced, and when ;t,
Ine time lo S ramble the Egcs
ft pull oft' 1 he i ii and W lun-i-
lie was standing al Ihe head
1. hftthe I j in- with ;i Dasket on his
j 'giflo it eaine ahoul that one w ho
V PBted in a Thatched Collage
.' i.A prow up on Cold Spuds and
t&sfter s,iv a Manienre St until
'.(M,was 'IS ears of aue. went
uptsfcci one day to find Gold Fish
Btninin- aliout in every Room
1 tin Si Servants hloi-Umg the 1 1 a 11 -
'.'Mc had suim- Irou'nle m finding
Hi. ir
mAgs that would go over ins
tMdKiekli's and Hi- Silk Kind felt
.jfcy for quite :, while, hut fin
av,'1 y lip adjusted himself to his
1 A .M i:iK AN -.run bas been
iti "t- L r',i'- ..i'i"o.."l Tor -i enr.
heifflL '""'s -0,"c rirdonishiug
Ltfl changes iu America, (-pet:- t
hanJPlv 1,1 'V,'cw v '"J1 particularly
thf American youug -jirl
Bf'Wucti y r.cni .nv!ly ie Kavf,
h h'IE l'0f n :l,rU!,t,,'nf,l T" x'emg
jKoof- of ou'if girls going ami
1 "jnii'.1? Tom tbe public on. I t ho
fc'1 K.-iK.ol.-. Ti,f. Vr,, fHir
'jjM8'' t'',,,fl. wilh childish f.y, H and
i'C.rc l,r;i "v 1,1 li;nr ,1I 1,),'v wcre
1IDillB!'brrl '"'OLli-I'l'-OOUHlv mul up
j tJpPri;itp. Since my return I
ftB'0 looked iij 8 1lj lo M-r nv
Wfiua hao seou in their place is
s!!3f hmif of you nc' oc.Muri'n ?vi-
T''MV " ''ler 1,1:1,1 HlP ?,'l,r,f"-jP11-
I uh to admire, but these
a JnBP)8litu,cs hav powdered fa.-eg.
taim'"1 1111,1 bl;ll,;fn,J 'os.
t Bhey sport immen-c bat- and le-
T(Krl ,l,vlnM,ves like hu,n- women
OJWt11'-' work. Nothiui; "nas, ;ibton
! 'WHivl a. t... rMn:.rl:;tli,. f.-:iture
ayl3,fctVi" ' lu: l""""iv- of tin -o
yT9 urc thiuloiie boiit?"
b-Anol h.- r n,,,n, i; , ,, ,- in
Bfi'T w ,,,, ,,, A-n.-riea 's col-
J"v' '""df ,iiiiilar . uiii
I jfM' '.;". 'hii" I -all. on the
MW ,"i hl ' ' ii horrifiiTl
JB l"c n,n,r lt vir,m,-, ;,ir.. w,0
--E"" 1 '''" 1 ' il e third-
hl K ' :,,-,!''-' '" ''uwl i In Kirciifs;
i HfPi-r'''J "nni "'' "'f --' - l'"s
.difK,! ' -MOd onsc ,o wael ff
'liifE il11" ".'!'or'-
' 1 ifil ,h, 1 ''' ' ' Of tl.rm
VW r,'rh. ""t.- h;,n , I.O ir,,. 0
TiaJgltf'' I'111''1'' 1 dol . -. i ;,,)
i0 fl t.J I i,i,l,,r'
,,el-i5K.r, ,';ir"""" "nl hpr,
lit l3Kti -t01 1 -O" t'Hc-i with
" 'SMd f!iniii?"ajr,lijg i'lu'ir hotuo!
if' jfifj M'Nt ,,a"' Pav.-niH, tin the
l5v,i" " allow iho
t iiicrtjKkf. uJ, -t 20 :" ' ' :' :" "
'!lSTl "nr - Did v, rv
l,' ''E," Thn;v Vouna tirle ,.
aliKmi,," ,h0 nostoflPico and
II S of'espoudenco with
' fl ,WftiU n 0 tb'"ir p.'Ornfs
I". "fcT S' J"OVf"l " 1'" i'l,n-,r;il
rr J?whalS(1ll, "r av" lt l r
rieiBiu r. r"ad th0 u'"r
l ittfK n ;' V-'T'-nt. -.o donl,.; (Vol
' ntldrLKVaT'tud" ' God tht.t vour
tbTKw on ;! incftr''e of 9lun do
i,r .trt ? :'ni1 tUrh vulpnritrv
,P tn1 L.-Vit al' Up, ?
new Prosperity and l-.'.'ai to de
plore ihi' appsrenl Growth of So
This rugged and forceful Char
acter to whom the Muck-Rakera
referred as ;i Baron, had a
Daughter who Btartcd oui as
Katie when she earried th
Coffee over to Dad every Noon.
When she go1 her ftral Chip
Diamond ami Father switched
from the Dudeen to Cigars, Bhe
tiook After Your Children I
Minlt Does Not Need an Immoral or Lawless Mind
ikB Today to Lead Our Young Girls or
tJW Boys Into Mischief.
ir By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Do yoil KXOW tlio- ha to no
such secrets hidden from ou?
Jnet because they ar. your ohil
dron dues not mako tlieui models
of propriety.
f pour yonnc bob ha.; never
talked to you about pex attraction,
nevcT spoken on the subiectj it'
on bare never t old him the tilings
be niuai know sooner or lutiT, the
Liro.-it fundamental truths of life,
you need not feel at all sure that
he is nut hiding some Bccret from
rf your young daughter ha
been loft "as innocent us a. babe
unborn1 as parents are bo fond
of declaring tbeir foH tl be. and
it' you have not taken f in r to
make her fool sh1 can eomo to you
wjt'a over thought ami feeling,
then on noed not be too sure ii(i
ba uo cxperipTico wbieh she docs
not tell vou.
Our new papers, our free libra
ries, our moving picture shows, our
theaters, .-til awakou the curiosity
and feed ihe Imagination of ountr
The loci ision and protection
which our grandmothers had i"
their youth ar- impossible to give
t'i any girl today.
n does uot nee.1 an immoral r
lawless mind today to lead our
young ciris vr boys into mischief.
there is everything in the
atmosphere to awalcen a desire for
ad on i ure i n .' h mos I mora I
nature, unless the parents look- to
n that normal and wholesome en
tertainment is provided their ohil
dren during the early years of
transition from childhood to fully
developed men and women.
in) besides th wholesome enter.
,'aionu'tit hre must be wise in
st nu t inn .
Qirls must understand the mean
ing ol their relation 'o tlie world;
i h- m iim know the impofttaBea
ami respect the meaning ol k-i at
tract ion.
They musl understand the
l Bacredness of their bodies, and
The Barcley Corset
It guarantor.! not to ru?t or break
for one year. They cost no more
than the btore cornel.
tailor-made and are not for !. In
no-. Btore.
Can phone 30!i-K nni an expert
wrll slndiy ?iiow you thiK wondei ful
Keprssentattyea wanted throughout
the state
ANNA M. GOOD. 40 Woodrufr Apt.
Buulness Hours 2 to 6 P. M.
at I he Waldorf a i l;ii hrj n. in
those peaked Sierra Nevada Let
ters aboui four incliea high.
Katie used to -jo to St. Jo
si ph fa I lll once in hile with
Marl in, i he Lad w ho helped
around t he I Irocerj .
Kathei ine regarded w ii h mncb
Favor a Pallid Drug ( Hera who
acted as a ( Hearing House for all
Local Scandal.
Bui saj u hen Kathryn came
Wlien a Certain iMarkee Crawled Into Her Lap and Purred Into Her Ear
and Threatened to Curl Up on the Kug and Die If Sbc Refused Him, She Sim
ply Keeled Over with Excitement.
was known in Sigh School Cir
cles as Katherine.
And when Pop gol in on the
main Divvy and began to take
an interest in Paintings, the
name went down on tin Register
back from a vine-clad Institute
overlooking the historic Hudson
and devoted to the embossing
and polishing of ihe Female
Progeny of those who have got
I away with iL she began working
they nni5t not be left to an
ignorant vanity, which makes bo
mun young girls imagine 11 ia
their own peculiar fascinations
which cause nun to seek their
Young boys must be taughl
reverence i"i- woman as the
mother of the race, the companion
and 2'iido of man.
The most dangerous type of
mother on earth is one who boasts
of Ahe absolute innocence of her
danghtei while glorying in the
daughter's popularity with young
On.- . uch mother refused to be
lieve the daughter'? innocence was
lost up to (be very day when
i in- groat tragedy of nnwedded
motherhood Pell npon the unfortu
nate child.
Look- after your children, good
people, and beionifl their be!rt
friend- and comrades.
! The Buccaneers
January 22, 1638. '
Tijk reign of the bucaneers,
that remarkable body of
men who for more than
a hundred years wore the
terror of th Caribbean, may be
said to have had its advent with
the Spanish massacre at Tortuga,
which took place two hundred and
Beventy-four years a;u today
January 82, 1638.
Maddened by the ruthless slaugh
ter of their brethren, the bucean
cers. who at that time were more
smugglers and trader:- than set
robbers, raised the black flag
against Spain and Spaniards, aud
i efore the end came paid them a
thousand times over for the Tor
toga a it a ii
ll in sale to say that no page
ol history is move thrilling than
that which deals with these wolves
oi the sea, who, throughout the
seventeenth century, iu the arib
bean .-ml the Pacific, performed
Buofa miracles of daring achieve
ment against the Battlements and
commerce of Spain.
They were a cosmopolitan
CTOWd, tUOSC buccaneers, English'
men, Freuchmeu, Dutch, Indian,
negro, all bent pu war to the knife,
against everything on sea or shore
that bore the seal of the Hidalgos.
In courage the reckless, dare-devil
spirit which knows not what it is
to blanch or tremble the buccan
eers have never been surpassed.
I, ike veriest romance icad- the
: things that they dared and did. H
bravery ia a venture, then the
names of Morgan, Davis, Montbar,
d 9orn and Lolonoii must surety
be written high np in the calendar.
And great democrats, too, were
t hoe sea wolves; and in 'heir wa .
as uoue and square as could bp.
The Bpoil ws equally divided
among the crews, and in the jjnmb
ling which followed the man who
played had to play fair nr for
feit bis lite. ,i a time when th
world was bowing down to hing-
and taking Off the hnt to titled
aristocrat b in gold lace, the bucca
neers were practicing the principles
of :i true human equality; and as
for their robbery, il was no worse
than that which wat oinj; on all
! the Snuffer on all the Would Be
back in the Mill Town, and when,
Ish'1 'jut through extinguishing,!
itho little Group thai remained
j looked like the Qmnanl of the
Old ( lua r I ;it Wa U rloo
j i I
Pal her had to si ick around be
cause occasionallj the i 1 1 1 thou-l
sand Good Tempered Boys on the!
Pay Roll would begin to burn
pvith Wood Alcohol and the
j AVronirs of Labor and puil of.' a
j few Murder?, merely to hasteto
the Triumph of Justice.
By the way. Kathryn had a
I Mother who used to hide in a
I room upstair? and timidly in
; spet her uew Silk Dresses.
Kathryn applied the Acid Test
to her People and decided that
' they never could Relon?.
She swung on the General
! Manager for a Letter of Credn
1 big enough to set Ireland free
I and went traipsing off to the Old
j World under the ehaperonage of
I a Neti York Lady who had seen
BetteT Days although she still re
tained hor I orgnei I p.
ow ii ill be admitted thai
j William J. Bum-- is Some Sleuth.
J but when it comes to apprehend
ing and running to Earth a prat
tling American Ingenue with .:
few Millions stuffed in her Reti
cule. the Boy with the mildewed
Title who Bits on the Boulevard
iill day and dallies with the Lircen
and pink Bottled Goods 'has got
ii all over Burns like a Striped
Aw ning.
All the starving members of
the Up-Against-Il Association
were waiting at the Dock to cop
the prospective Meal Ticket. Not
one of them had ever Shaved or
Worked, and each Wore his
Handkerchief inside his Cuff and
had Yellow Gloves stitched down
the Back and was fully entitled
to sit in an Electric Chair and
have SOjObO Volts distributed
through the Steel Ribs of his Cor
set j
A: soon as Kathryn began to
meel the Roqueforts and Camem-1
berts she discovered that they
had Lovely Ey.es and certainly
knew hiw to treal a Lady.
Kathryn bad been broughl up'
She never had I b against!
those Will ing Performers from
Gaseonj who wore Red Ribbons
and Medals and who rushed over
to kiss the ll.md and then look
deep into her Byes and throb like
a Motor Boat .
This trlass of Work simply shot
her Pulse up to 130 and made her
think that she was Cleopatra,
floating in the Royal Barge and'
From the Window of Her Chateau in the Burgoo Province tho Lady
Cashier Can See the American Tourists Going By in Their Hired Motor Cars.
on Philadelphia Literature, and
even during her most ambitious
Social Flights she had en
countered the Type of Man who
remains on tlie opposite side of
the Room having trouble with his
White Gloves.
surrounded by crawling Slaves.
When a certain Markee
crawled into her Lap and
purred into her Ear and threat
ened to CUT up on Ihe Rug and
lie if she Refused him, she simp
ly keeled over with Excitement
Alter she recovered she found IbbI
herself actually Engaged t the HI
Representative of one of the old- 11
est Families in tin- Sauciaaon
Districl of the Burgoo Province
and as manl a Chap as ever bor
rowed Money from a Toe-Dancer.
She hurried home t' keep it
oui of the Newspapers and io ieii
those who would listen that
American Men were Impossible.
Then the Markee oanic over
with his Solicitor and a Bottle
of Chloroform and a full kit of
Surgical Instruments, and the
Wedding was fully reported by
: the Associated Press.
j The Captain of Industry Sued
up Son-in-Law and knew that
when the Money was cone the
I Markee could always get a job
Ihanpin up Hats in the Cheek
I Room of a first -class Table
d'fiote Restaurant.
From the window of her
Chateau in the Burgoo Province
the Lady Cashier can See the
American Tourists oinrr b in
their hired Motor Cars. Her
Cheek flushes with Plicrht when
she happens to remember that in
I another Three Months or SO
Friend Husband will come home
lonp; enough to show her where
to -sign her Name
n hat is more, she has the
Privilege of walking out at any
lime and picking Flowers with
the Understanding that she is not
to let it be known that she is re
lated to any of her Relatives on
either side of the Atlantic.
MORAL: Europeans have a 1
Right to their own Money.
(Copyright, 1911, by George Adf i
How to Make the Sun Show the Beating of Your Heart I
SO MK lime bet. wo en the hours of
10 and o o'clock of sunny day
take a sheet of heavy wrap
runsr paper, a tew pins and your
penknife to a room haioe a south
window Draw down all the shades
at all the windows except one. sunny
Window to make tho room as dark as
Draw the shade ball down at the
sunny window and pin tlie paper to
the nViRflfl to clo?o fch InWAi half ot
the window. Cut oui all ihe light you
can and then, with vour penknife,
cut a round hole in the middle of
the paper about one inch in diameter.
over Knpipc under ihe sanction of
the hii)c?t authorities.
o buccaneer was as hud as were
those arch robbers, Cortes and
Pizarro, who, with the blessing of
the King of Spain, went forth o
write their infamous name., in
Idrmd and flame in Mexico and
Peru, ft was no sin, the buccaneer
thought, to lay in waiting foT the
silver and gold and precious tios
that Spanish ships were carrying
from those countries to the land OX
the I ons.
At any rale, iho buccaneers
were not without their use is the
Through Hie hole a dusky ha.r of suo
liebt will fall on the floor. Brine a
table up to the bar of light BO 'hat a
spot of li'ht will test on the table
Then get H hand wash bowl, fill it
half full of water and place it on the
table jus! where the spot of light will
fall ou the water at thp middle of thei
At once a dancing spot of white
liyht will appear on the wall or ceil
ing. If on the wall, move the table
and bowl about till the spot of light
rests on the white ceiling
Tbc-n invite Iho folks bo the show.
As they come in aud tstke seats where
IT was oue hundred and fourteen
vear$ ago January 23, i"Hs
-that GayosOj the Spanish
governor of tho province ol
Louisiana, scni word from ?-."cw
Orleans to the Spanish authorities
al Natchez to haui down the rla:
or Spain and evacuate the country
it once. After the usual Spanish
delay, on March 30j under cover
of darkness, and leaving every
thing uninjured, the yellow banner
W8i Dulled down and folded, and
the Spanish troops Hied out and
turned their faces toward New
The nexi morning March 31,
7.s--the Btarrj flag of the ra
public went up where the Spanish
ensign had so Ions waved, and the
United States w;; it la si in
possession of the territory in the
Southwest which had been
awarded it by the Treaty of Inde
pendence. immediately after the Spanish
evacuation of the Natchez coun
try," as it was then called, con
rs -e; up the " Mississippi
:."!-itorv.' and Win (loop Sargent
wan snt to orcrtni-'e the eovoru
ment. Sargent arrived at Natchez
August ,;. and three weeks later
came thi little American army of
occupation. Th--.. nearly .ten
voars after the inauguration of
tieorire Washington was estab
lished the territorial integrity of
th. republic, as Franklin, Adams
nnd las had secured it by treatj
against the indirection of her
enemies, Proncb, Spanish and
British, and the United Stale;.. I
with its rightful proportions for
ever secured, was at last fairly
started on its independent career.
The flag wont up at Natchez
none too soon. The quarrel be
tweeij the Americana au5 the
Spaniards over the navigation of
the Mississippi was an old one and
j boded no eopd to the newlj
i iorcied republic. Jay'a suggestion
1 that the Uuited States consent to
the closing of the threat river for
twenty -five years came pret near
i breaking up the union. The south
ern sti'tes swore that they would
secede if .lav's idea, wne adopted,
nnd tbe uorthern states declared
thai they would secede if if was
not adopted. Feeling ran hih,
and it looked as tiioujfh the young
nation was doomed to an early
But. fortunately, Pennsylvania.
NW Jersey and Pbode Island
came over to the southern side, the
treatv was postponed and the
dancer averted.
fn the meantime Spa-n. seeing
that Uncle Sam had " blood in his
I eye.'' was "indUCOd" by the. dip
lomats to set out of the Natchez
country and permit the Father of
Waters to "flow nnvezed to tbe
sea. ' '
Such, in brief, is the story of
thp rounding ou: of our doniaiu
from the Atlantic ocean to the
Mississippi nnd from what i now
tho southern line of Georgia to the
Great l akes and the Si. Lawrence. 1
world. Without intending it. or
realinc it, they did a great work. j
They retarded -'nd curtailed Span- I
isb colonization is North America,
an.! at the same time, by weaken
ing 8pau'sh commerce paved the
way tor a fairer and healthier in
tercontinental trade Thus, in lino j
With Shakespeare's dictum, that
we may "gather honey from th
weed and make a moral of tbe devil
himself," it may be boob that evi n
the sea Bends of the Caribbean
were helping alone the true eh li
gation of the world. i
- -.i-'w f y.i - ,j ; . ;
M "' ' ';: I ' '
Uorr Hole J Cat Through Payer.
P fete 1 r f ,
Hott Bonl ! Placrd to Moke son Spot.
" " ' Si I
Bow Haud la ifcld to Rcslatcr Puis
thev can all -ee tin Bpot of light, they
laugh at the frantic lumping dance of
the white star overhead, and wonder
what will happen next. The lecturer
asks all io Bit perfectly still and slow
b tho spot quiets down, though it
trembles slightly with occasional
nervous jumps. Then Mr. or Miss
Lecturer sajB that u all think the
solid earth stands perfectly still, and
the bouse standi perfectly still also.
Anybody can believe tbnt t;ii we mag
mfv the motions of the apparently
solid ground by the aid ol this motion
The next minute the spot jumps Into
a highland fling, and the learned lec
turer pulls up the shade at one of
tbe windows and looks out- Mayb- it
is a coal . art passing by. U shook th
ground and the bouse.
Next the lecturer asks a boy Sd the
audience to come to the table and roll
I UP the left sleeve to make bis wrists
quite bare, and then to rest his wi -on
the edge of the bowl while sitting
at the table. This must bo done care
fully so the spot where We can t'cel
the beating of tbe pulse shall press
the edge of the bowl.
Every on is the room sits perfectly
still and presently the trembling spot
of light begins to wigwag as the
swinging ol pendulum or the beating
of vour heart. The boy lifts his wm:
from the edge of the bowl and the
reeular beating of the spot stops and
as everybody laughs, it wiggles aJboni
eraxy aver,
Let a girl try the motion magnifier,
and all can see that h- r pulse may be
different from that of the boy.
The motion magnifier ean be rte
veloped into one of the most amusiug 1..1
and instructs e of home-made scientiti-'
tc. (ne can ecn map out earth
quake -hocks with it. and it will re- 1
spend to the faintest oi vibrations -movements
the most sensitive persons
cannot feel. Keep vour paper and T IBB
- BOOn you v. ill rind in this section h
description Of some other interesting I
things you CSJ1 do with yOUI motion
magnifieT I
Hheumatism is iu realitvan internal inflammation a diseased condition of !
the blood cells which supply the nourishment aud strength necessary to sus
tain our bodies. Uric acid, an irritating, inflammatory accumulation, gets
Into the circulation because of physical irregularities, and then instead ot
nourishing and invigorating the body, the blood irritates and inflames the
different nerves, tissues, muscles and joints, because of iUj impure, acna I
condition. The pains and aches and other disagreeable and dangerous symp- m
toms of Rheumatism can never be permanently cured until every particle or I
the cause is driven from the blood. 6. S. S. docs this because it is f perKct I
blood purifler. It goes down to the very bottom of the trouble, VJ I
cleanses the circulation, invigorates the blood, and completely drives xneu- .
matism from the system. Plasters, liniments, soothing lotions, etc., may
be used for the temporary relief and comfort they bring, but a
be effected until S. S S. has removed the cause. It frees the blood of every I
impurity and makes it a rich, health sustaining fluid, to bring permcnt I
relief and comfort to those who suffer with Kheumatisui Boo on K he am a-
tism and any zucdical advice free to all who write. g

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