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ifcL Lxxxn .. m io7. salt lake city, monday morning, January 29, 1012. m pages five cjents
1 1 )enied a Hearing bj
&ood r.i imbarding the
e Finance I Commit- j
ee With Appeals.
Democrats to Caucus j
ublic Buildings Bill,
ate to Discuss rhi- j
tr.'uion Treaties.
KINGTON. -Ian. J. The Dem
fasti c steel bill probably will
pas? thn house tomorrow. -da-Jorii
leaden! 'Inlm to have as-j
BUWiti' es that it will have the
f the Republican r.'-icrresylves In
(Penrose, ( hairman of t ic sen-
conimittre, being bombdrd
Bbpe&ls for hearing from in
hlch claim v. .. had not had an
ty before t !" ways and means
Of th I-.oijm. Whether the en
ISSiveg will -ndosvur to lino tip
Bamocrnts and Bhul off bearing?.
Moped. Democratic Lender l'n
and his supporters express sa.t
nth the situation and hop to
i the prealdent, before the am
rins. revisions f the chemlcsli
Itton. wool and agricultural
Dt of Veto
can leader in the house feel
thM revtaion hills not based on
of the tariff board will be ve
Mentatlves Payne, McCall and
f had a conference with Presl
: on the subject and they look
O BUCh a vault
tBln? of 1 1 steel bill from house
hi it iv. two weks Inter
n Mi. I ndarwood's tariff pro
ind the time win be tievoted to
ssurr--. The pensions approprla-1
carrying about CO .M'.OoO.mihi. will
d Tuesday. It proooses ef
BVlnR of 1250.000 by abolishing
1 pension officers In various
fight s expected on tiiMt fea
j fortification impropriating bill
w the pension bill
HJemoi l it. will . .- ,j. us ;omoi'
kt on the $167.00.00o public
bill. Chairman Fitzgerald of
ropriatlone cummlUe, Leader
bd and Spec".) t'inrh oppose H
iterem of economy and oecauee
I It Is Impossible for the gov-
architects i.o undertake anv
k for two years.
Halon of .r i'-ti-- i among t be
ta or the proposed Invcstlga
llie money trust la expected to
he ;,ij.-iis. Chairman Henry of
t committee ! presets Cor the
tlon aR.llnr: the wishes of Mr.
t Hie stcl bill's arrival In the
he prc.p05.yt arbitration t -mier
rlend and France win hr. dls
i Senator I odge on T la
the senate to A imt f0r t(lc
dehste. Friends .f the trea
a canvass of the senate Beams
1 to t!ili pe??a;re tv -1 1; n.-. npt.
In talk of e senate Democratic
n the direct popular election o
Th- matter is BtlU ,n con. ,
nth the houac.
AglK''1-1'- 'I he TvUu.no
P'!.n ! -.din
l'.Tn,M X''" 'l iJiplrtUiatte
l,Jrl1mr1 "." '',el,ai Mconl
1 ,rtar--C ' Aranjuea by
ft rC,'-:"- ':c !:. Ind-a.
Of grt'rMy8t !r','' ' '" I ' Kr
ll 'f' !Kd ' " t r.':..k
1 tiffe,.r'"r" ' T; " II..-.....,
w one
rf J " " " Partir-wiar
,dhWr f""" iVmi.M r:,-
't l'K )(j Jv DAN'GtiK
pgOMr,,, v.i... u.v
CtJ. ri . r" - lh-h lioin.-s
r BHats T r, U''n "', "" r;'"' - rma
I ' '' ''' -"H.nK ,-.peu, thc
& flftaaaael u n woald
erg Plpn 1,,J'r-'
I je as
'bids parents farewell
Albert E. Woltcr.
J. J. Moore. Wealthy Clubman
of San Francisco, Victim oi
Former Chauffeur,
Tragedy Follows Attempt ot
Woman to Secure Divorce
With Sensational Charges.
fAN' KKANflrfCO. Jhii. -8. J. -t
Moore, wealthy clubman and mal dosleu
q( Sim Francisco, who was shot last
nlgVit In a revolver duel with Samuel L.
Timothy, . chauffeur, near the residence
of Mr Moore In LIltlBboro, a suburb,
died to!ieht.
The single bullet fired by Timothy,
who was fin employee of a wealthy
nelgbboi of Mr a. M...irf and whom t!e
dying man -.:iierri of having been rid
ing: with Mr."- Mooir. slrn-k Moore hi
the adbodmen and lodged In hla iwk.
An ope: atl.. n Was peifor-.ned at the hos
pital to which he was moved shortly
at:?:- the Shooting, but the probe failed
to reveal Lhe ffiai bit of lead. Up to
n late hour todai atendlng plryslclana
believed Moore hail a fighting chance to
i .,-!, bul hi was asljsed with a link
ing rpell as night daime on and died
There are no known witnesses of the
d'i,'!. and the wuereahouts of Mr;, tor.-.e
at the lime Has not been definitely re
Declares Innocence.
in an Interview todav, Mrs Moore de
nied that she bad been uut riding with
"T was not out tidhir with Timothy
Saturday nlghi or any other night, and
when the time cornea I .an prove it."
-he n;iin. "I in my house all -vcn
inp. Mv husband was Insanely jealous
nf me. and last night's happenings wore
onlj part of a h-s iolenr nets on
i-.i pott ittei 'm dix-ori e way. denied
ir Redwood City, ' he threatenod to kill
aj of roy witnesses at the trial. Tlm-
Othj wnn one Of those wlln.".-ten.
I know uttie of the man Timothy
lie ivirl''d for us a -ear Of sn ,'IRO. but
I had no idea that he bad niertainpd
any affection foi iwr-. That I would e"
out with him wh i i knew my husband
had -pies on my trail all the time is
"i have bean dogged for a year and a
bah, In til ihut time my husband could
not 5 t any witnesses agaJnal me upon
which to Win his case in court I am
Innocent in thla matti
Moore's Statement.
S.",n after the ahooting Moore niadr- a
atatemenl to Cltj Attorney Eirkbrldo,
which, an made public, follows;
i have boon !ivinx al the Pacific
i n club in San Ftanc1sco since my
separation fnoin my wife, but ha
made several trips hers t, watch
her. i.hl night, laying tn wall
traaT the house. I vavw her In the mo
elilnc with thl chauffetir. I stopped
the oar and ordered her to got out.
sjha r"-tu?e,j and i opened fire.
Timothy, itj jail nt Redwood it. aticks
to ills aiateuwnj that l.l- engiut failed
him while, h way drUlnn pas'- '-io Mooro
houae the road, and i1 ti in whom
he hllrfd to he a hlghwaytnap. opened
lire on htm. Timothy's :latenifiit thai he
fired hut one shot l borne oul by th
statement of Chief of Police Roland who
arrested him, ih"' only one bomber of
!i)b rSVOlvor vn$ found to have bon dlt-
Timothy nq employed by Moore tor
about a month .. year Afgo. He ls no
(Continued ou Pae .Six.)
Ruth Wheeler.
HOlfl BaMBBBr 3&ft?laniufaBKBBBSBH'9$i
Slayer of Girl Goes to Electric
Chair at 5:30 o'clock
This Morning.
Ry International Ncwb Service.
0S6TNINO, K. Y.. .Tan 28. All j
pr. parutiois a-,- ooshplote for ii,-. j
electrocution of Albert K Wolter al
Sine Sim; prison early tomorrow
movnin State Ellectrlolan )ais
row morning, State Blectriclan Davis
was at the orison today with his a.si.'. -mi
testing tho wire:; and arranging all
mechanical details.
Wolter?s Btpp-fataer, mother and spir
itual adviser, the Rev-. Charles Buer
mann, were with him this afternoon and
BDent about- an hour and one-half In
the death house. Woller. it v.a -aid.
showed little emotion when farewells
weie said, but his mother left the death
house in learn und entered a carriage
with hor husband and inc. clergyman.
They returned iu New York tonight!
VFoltera spent most of the day reading,
During the afternoon he aske,i for a
cigar and writing paper and they were
given him", Whatever disappointment be
may have fOlt was oonossled most effect
ually when woid w.-i: carried io him thai
the governor had refused to Interfere with
Una sentence ., death.
Wolter will m the chair between
half-r.ist mr and sl a. m.
Murder Was Brutal.
Woltor, ;i5o.j 19, will die for the mUr
der .-a LG -year-old Ruth Whaaler, iiom
he killed tn lii.- flat on Vjust Seventy
fifth a tree t In March. lf10.
Woher BtlU maintains the same sense
less. indifferent air that, he carried
throughout trie trial and during bis
Ioiir t'-rm or imprison men i. 11 doc not
aoam to realise the enormity of his
. rime or the aovertty ot tho penalty.
Wolter has beep In the death house
at Sing Hns one year, nine months and
sixteen days :iince sentence wa passed
on him. This la the Longest delay ever
enjoyed by a oondemned prisoner in New
Two other records were hTqken in hla
case, He is the ypungea) criminal ever
sentenced to death tor murder in t.'u
;;;ate. being juat ti.s! eighteen years of
as- when ho v.r. nfuwJ. and r.io tna!
was r,i speed lost, consuming only twen
ty -elg-hL days.
Story of Crime.
W hen he committed the crims Woitsr
wa;i ll inp with a yoimg woman by t
nari'.o of Kat- Muii--:. who Mippo.i-d
(Continued on Page Two.)
Ni:" YORK, Jan. 38. President Tat
:-jent Bunday Quietly, most of it ai l-he
home of his brother. Eleury Y. Tat:,
and left tonujl foi I . laud.
The president walked on Fifth avenue j
with bis brother for forty mlai)tes .
church-going ilme tins morning, and wa ij
kept hur- acknowledging salutes from
many persons who I'GcdgnlSad him,
Callers at the llnr W, Ta't home
during the day Included An baa iador
Reid, rormer Lleuteoant-Qovernor tVood
roff, and Chairman S. S. Ivocujk of the
Bapubllcan county committee. Secretary
Hiiies sai-t politlua ware not discussed.
The provident was a luncheon K-a-jt ul
A.kiip'-, Ocha, editor -t th Tiroes, and
mt man' member.- of lhe paper'. ataJE
Seerrtnry llillee wa the only other guest.
After ttie luncheon h- preSldem t.oK
r-:otor trip IhrousN t'enlral j.arl: and
fpent the reel of the afternoon win. iib
brother tauiil;.. Mi. Tf( loft foi tbi
. 1 at v :0 p. rn., and is due io arrive
in Cleveland at il'30 tomoxros morning
Katie Miiiiev.
General El ' Alfaro, His Two
Brothers and Two Other
Ecuadorians Slain.
GUAYAQUIL,, .Jan. ii. -A mob broke
into Hie tulto penitentiary in spite of a
double (iianl and lynched GonoralH Ul-
roy Alfaro, Blavlo Alfaro, Hadario Ai-
f.iro. I'ljiiano I'az and Marui-I S- rruno,
prominent covolutlonlsts,
With the putting to dc.iiu pi General
f'lo; vlfaro, fomi' i president of ESuca
dor: his brother. General FlaVfo Alfaro,
former minister of war and onunander in
hief of ttie revolutlonarj forces; CJen
eral sfcdArio Atfaro, wtio la believed to
have been a brother off the two Aifaros
and Generals Pai sa and Manual Serrano,
th lending li-lit.- in Bucador'a latest rev
olution, have been snuffed out.
Thla revolution, although II had been
a lonjr time brewing, began a few days
after ih" sudden death on December -
last of President l&nlllo Batrada.
The iirsi of the drastic measures taken
by Uiosi' who oppose,) t))(. revolution was
carried Into effect hist Thursday at
Guayaquil whdn Genoral Pedro Mooteroi
who -.,..- proclaimed president by the
troops afier the fiem':. of GCatrads, was
ahol and beheaded by a mnh that Inter
burned in- body. Too shooting of Montaro
took i!.o In the court room where the
Ke: ..ii had ...it been med by court-
martial Mid sepionced to hlxtoen years'
unpriaonment for bis eonmectlon with the
The re.,p.-. ovldontl angered at what
thrv conaldored a too light sentence,
lii-1!"'! Into the court room and after
riddling Montero'B iod.- with hulleiM,
dragged ii into ie open. Tbon they ds
caplfcated it loiin . bonfire and threw into
lhe (lames the torso and head of the
man who once vvns a popular heio in,
Italian, Hungarian and Polish
, Citizens of United Slates In
dignant at Being Classed
Below Chinese.
Pnies Call Attention to Serv-j
j ices Rendered to This Coun
try by Count Pulaski
and Kasciusko.
i i; international News Service,
Nr; STORK, fan. M. Governor
Wood row Wilson':, attach upon
the immlgranta from southern
Italy, Uungarj and Poland, con
tained In the jifth volume of his
(look. History oi the American People,"
brought forth a torrenl of Indignation
iofUi from ropresentatlvte clttsenfl of
thla city in all walks of life.
Not only did Governor NViisorl. in hb
hook, aaj people cOmlllg from the part
of ISurope mentioned were undesirable a
rifh: nS, bill he classed them belOW thr
Chinese, nol only a: workmen but In the
matter of allegiance .
"in my opinion.'- declared Loon r-
WOSet, editor of lhe T.: gOdnlH F'olski, an
influential T'oiinii newspaper, "the nomi
nation of Governor Wilson will be a
ealamlt to the Democratic party.
"Hi.-'. iQSUlt to Polish people :.nd to
people of Polish extraction would be
slronglj resented at an election, ilia
unjust defamation of Ihelr raer ss e;,
pro.seJ in his book will exert them to
use even.' possible influence for his de
feat 'This applies as much to the Slav as
to the Pole. The four million people In
this country bom in Poland or o" Polish
extraction would make their.selvce .pit
at an election.
i am afraid thai Dn WJlsorj is not
much of a student of American history
if be Is the author of such s statement.
I am afraid be has never read of the
services rendered this country when it
WBi struggling for lib.;1 ; by Kiciuskn
and Pnlaski.
'Tim lait"! lu his attempt to obtain
Kbertj for the Americans, spent million.
of bis own private fortune."
Declares Wilson Unfit.
"How cnii such a man anneal to the
Hungarian citizens for bis support," de
manded the Rev. C. L Orbaeh, president
of the Slavok Press, the leading publlca
lllon of its kind in thla country, who is
aiwa:. doing his utmost for his fellow
I countrymen. "Any Hungarian who has
I an atom of self -respect after reading
j that book will not vole for him. Re
I gardless of his attack upon our neonle.
any man Who BhOWS prejudice in the
matter or creed, race or nationality is
not fit for the presidencv.
The Hungarian doeta nol oorae i.''re
becsuiss he cannot make ids living In
Hungary He comes here because he
la nol satisfied with th political con
ditions that cxi.-t in his home country,
Tir. n lleon should know tlic history
of Mungar: shows r-.at they are tne moa
liberty-loving peevpi. 0p tvorid.
II is T'la' in of us below the Chinese Is
an insult lo Christianity and the whits
rai. He is not a fit man to ask the
people to elect hiiu president Of this Won
derful country."
"Dr. Wilson as-ill have to do a lot of
explaining to Hungarians and to Poles
and other nationalities he quotes In his
booh as undesirable and Inferior to Chin
ese." was the comment made by C. D.
B rko, editor of the Amerlkal Mogyar,
Nepazava, a llundi-lon newspaper oi na
tional Importance, "tf he vis the nomin
al iOTI
"if that catastrophe ahould occuc I
Will translate th whole section of volume
live and translate it truthfully and have
it circulate Widely to those upon whom it
refit etc "
Says Pole Is True.
Rev. John Strelskl of St. Stanislaus
church, one of the leading Polish churches
of this countiy, was astounded when the
matter was brought to blfl attention. The
priest was always pi cud of the services
his countrymen had rendered the United
Btaties and it brought tears to his eyes
when h read the extract from the "His
tory of the American People, " us written
by Prof. "Wilson.
"This matter di he brought to the
attention of t'. convention of Polish
prlestg whivh meets in Detroit Rebruary
7 and 8,
"The Pole i.s a true citizen and loves
liberty. That is why he comes to your
Country, lie eome here to work and h
works by manual labor fie is an up
building Of Industry. He ll tilling soil
where it was heretofore thought Unprofit
able, 'DOes Mr. Wilson know that the firt
Country in Europe whte.h gave a const!
tut ion u it;, people w.:a Poland? l5oee
Mr. Wilson know what Kosciusko and
Pulaski and nanv-'tous others did for lib
erty in rhi f iwdr; , We aays v are not
intelligent. Does h know thai Paderewsk!
-ind Mm" Modjeska wars PoieB' r i al ), .
sas ) an insult to the iiil ra ". I ean
nol nderstsnd hie, oft!tude He dve?
. not knon 'f iiat. he Bjpejoks'
Royal YoutK
To Visit tKc
United States
gc- aBBnanNBaasI
Bu P""fltSsaffliBBV,JtB
flReaaBBBflnBSBStflzlaflkfiMES'tuh'Vs ' AgflB
BtSrWjsvSKrrii' -v TKt SBBBr
B&bbIbbbemBVv' -t M"tli -: v y viA
HfflE BBBfiVt.
Second Sun of Emperor Wil
liam to Offsel Recent Trip
of Duke ot' Gonnaught.
Americans of German Descent
Expected to Take Part in
Grand Demonstration.
K Internationa N'ews service.
WASHINGTON, .Jan. :s 'i o overcome
and. If possible, to over-hadow the effeol
of the duke of Connaught's receht trip
to the ( nited states. King George's
greatest rival Emperor William, plans an
otTleial Adslt from his faonte son, Princ
Adalbert, In command of one 0f the new
German armored Cruisers, probably the
Mbltke. it is antlolpatsjd here that his
visit win be accompanied by a demon
stration of unprecedented popularity on
the part of the American public, a large
part of Which is of German descnt.
It had been planned to Bend Prince
Adalbert, Who is now at Kiel, on tho
Hieinen, whjeh I? a llrsl-elass - r'.!-r"i
but no longer new. It was learned at
the German embassy today, however, that
this idea had been abandoned and the
prince would come either on the Moltke
or the Von der Tonn, both of which have
been completed with the ."ar.
Big Cruiser Selected.
It Is believed t'.at. Me Moltke, being
of 23,0aO tons, fh fastest and most pow
erful armored cruiser I" the ciernisn
navy, will probably be selected, The Von
der Tann is 4000 tons smaller than the
It war. stated by IXcsi Admiral Waiti
Wright today that whether r'riii'-.e Ada!
Ixrt visits America .Js a royal prime, us
It is understood be will, or as a simple
commander in lhe Qemuui navy, he will
bo gh en a reception suitable to hla royal
It waa stated at the German embassy
today thai the Piemen, which Is now in
the Caribbean sea. is going home ami
will be relieved OU her BtStlOd by one of
the new onilsere. it !s understood thai
Prime Adalbert will be sent otr at that
time, po that his if It will take pla,
within the next few months. It Is barely
possible, however, that it will not oocm
until the fall.
Will Visit Washington.
Keen should he make the ii as a
commander rathe: than as a son of llv
German omperor. Prince Ad.'.H.cit wiil.
thiougii the tiate departmsnt, he Invited
t0 Washington. The belief wa:- expressed
today that the precedent of Prince
Henry's visit in !90i' will be closely fol
lowed. in th a t event iir wui i- accompanied
on his Journeys throughout the country
by a military and naval gusrd of honor
The state department will appoint a com
mittee to prepare a prognuame which
will not tnl lucludc visits to historic
poim and points oi great Industrial ac
tivity hut the prime being a bachelor,
ft ball the While house as well.
Pince Adalbert la ""ow S8 aia of age.
CHAMP CI. !K Cil l:
sa.N FRANCISCO, J.m. .S. - i.; uio i
Ciark was given his first boom In this
state for the Democrat U nominalion foi
tbeprealdency today bs the organisation
of the .int.' tM:amr Clark lestgue.
Robert H. Do Witt, chairman of th
Democratic tute central committee, wus
msde prealdent and was authorised to
apuein'. a committee of fifteen to dlreot
the organisation ol local clubs through
out the state.
Theodore h. Brii. defeated candidate
for the RRxvsrnorahlp at the eleatlon oi
into and iSteie BtenatOV .lolm B. San
ford j among the members of lite
nets' .a.---.
Instead of Being Made a Bri
gade Post, Head of War, De
partment Would Aban
don It Short!) .
M wi ( thi;k pqsts
O.N STIMSON s list H
Excuse Is Thai the Army Is
Improperly Distributed and
I here Is Extravagance
and Inefficiency.
WASHINGTON, .lan Secre.
tsrjf of War Sfimsnu. acting
upon in exhaustive report from
the general staff, ha. deolded LH
that n 'ess than sixteen and
probably eighteen existing armv posts
should be abandoned ar Ones, "in order
to put an end tr. the extravagance and
Inefficiency resulting from improper dls
trlbutlon of the mobile army.''
The post.-, condemned are Apache,
Ariz; Boise barracks, Id;.; Brady.
Mich . Clark, Teg.; .-oeg Wright.
Wash.: fay. N T ; Lincoln, N D.: Logan
1 1. Roots, Ark.; .Mcintosh. T.i.. Ma.
Kenzie, Wyo.j Madison barracks, N. v.;
Meade. S. D.; Ni.-u,-ara. N. Y.S 'Ontario.
N. Y. ; Wayne, Mich.; Whipple barracks,
Ariz.; William IlMiry Hannor., Mont.
md SToliowBtone, Wyo
Of Port Apache. It Is .ald a possibility
Of Indian trouble near this post still es -
isls. and that Port .lav might be re- LbbbbbI
tolned us Jieadrpia rters of thi etstei ii
division, and us the site of the eastern
military prison.
May Go Later.
The'-r. it; another formidable 11st ol
posts, which, while not recommended for
immediate abandonment, arc declared
not to be located with a view of Bocur- jl
Ing enconomy of administration aid
supply, or a fun measure of military sf
fectivanesa 1 onsoQuSntly their garri
sons will not he Increased and ultimately
will be withdrawn to su. ii concentration
centers as congress may authorise
These posts are Ethan Allen, Ver. ; iIbbbbb
PlattSbUTg barrack". N V ; Robinson. LbbbI
Neb.: Missoula. Mont.. laan. "olo. ; iBBBB
Douglas, Utah, and D. a. Ruaaqll, wo Lbbb
The lotter rw.l is shown fo bv e-cr
to daio $4,935,440. It K said pot to ba
located with a view of maximum econ- LbbbI
omy or strategic effectiveness.
Secretary Stimson's report If made i
an.-wcr to B hOUSB resolution ,-,y Repre
sentative Bulksley of Ohio.
The inquiry had developed Interesting
Information regarding the plans of tl
fTnlitary strategists for the futirre oi
position of the army and It Improve
Object of Plan.
The principal object Is to lUspOSQ ,,f jH
the present small ?rmv with dlsttgdi re,'
ersnce to its mission in case of war. Th raaBBBal
first Involves adequate fon-eR for foreigs
sarrisons which en :iot h reinforced
from the United ytat aftr the outbreak
of hostilities. WM.b the rest of the army LbbbbbI
mobile foroo Is to be organized and dis
tributed among about elgh Kreat straieg!- Lbbbbb
ral points in the l'nltl States, tns'eaJ MBBBafl
of scattered in posts, as now.
Two or three of these ?r-.upj would
be on a line between the ft Lagreace jH
river and Atlanta, eoverinsr the AMnM' iaBBBBi
Beaboard 1 two or three groups would be
ou the line between Puget sound and
Is Angries, covering the P9t lti- sen - H
board: at least two group? between
Oreal lkes and the Rio Orande, serv
ing as first reserves for either Beaboard H
and for the development of the national H
Ciard and volunteer forces to be organ
in the interior.
By the conrntratlon of the araiy in LbbbbbI
cluhi posts. It Is assrted, the annual DOS)
Of maintenance would be reduced ahout H
Strategic Points.
The following posts are said to h H
bo located as to pencil of their being H
retained as strategic concentxation H
points: Fort Porter. Buffalo. N. Y. (Al-
ban) is suggested as an alternative po- H
Bttlott): Port Oglethorpe, Georgia snpjid- H
iaUy desli-able for cavalry brlgadel; Port H
M Pherson, Atlanta. Ga. (of great stiat- H
ogle value with reference t" the south
Atlantic and gulf coasts): Port Sam
Houston, Texas (the best strategic no- H
for the southern fiontier: Fort H
Levwton, near Seattle, Waab-, and Van- H
(Continued on Pae Two )
Written by
CO. of Chicago in a rrp-ent I
business editorial told many I
sound truths which arc here J
reproduced for the benefit I
of young mcrchantti particu- I
larlj . and ;i ls for older mei- I
chants who do not yet see t;
Continued onPao Plvaji

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