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Presiding Bishop Nibley in
I abernacle Address Predicts
Abolition of Poverty.
Elder Rulon 5. Wells Con
d4mns Hymns That Re- j
Reel Martial Spirit.
Heioic tlii regular conferem a f the 1
Pioneer stke in the labernscle roster-1
" W. Nlhtoy. presiding bishop of
the Mormon church, declared that the.
time i nut several i orations removed
whn fK- church hanlrave perfected upon
earth .i communistic system of ahrtence I
j lomparM lo which Ine faMei l"topla.
mmm,' iva tut' a riiinit magrehtft There!
tafaafaafJ will )c no rt.-li and n pew. selfishness
'Ni l rt to be it chara-iTli If of nU-
J manitv and those endow ed ruth Mm-
nor faculties shall bm them 10 the
H ' oenetit of their fellow men rather than
PPJ to Um aggrandisement ' ibeir personal
fortunes, he said. The gu things of
iH the c.i nil shall know no personal jiro-
JJJI d all thtrncn temporal shall
iH be J"hIi head of luetic
Pllllj ih-it ..hall very tior the fraction of a
PjJJjJ ' .airhreadth in'il. dealings vxh the
PPH Dividual.
Mission Means BfttCh.
PPPJ 1 "Such ia trie mtseimi of the church'
PjjjjJ declared the blehop. "Th9 I-ord nan
PJJJJJ cms!. lii-.ed in this liM up a work
Pllllj thai la peculiar us compered to all other
Pllllj Tnlz4ilor tha- have come Into ev-
il i 'i ni a s.t- tii" dial of time first moved
PbbbbJ on IU amy. In i til age of light that
PlIlH has come lo the earth through Imreised
J knowledge and advAm-emeui of tn.m-
PbbbB i kind Ciod has added a spiritual light
PJJJIJ different than any since Cartel Ural lit
PJJJflj lit'- hclif that has guided the world
PllllJ. , up through ih centuries. Noi only
Pl does iffer the highest spiritual life.
aV t i
l enante of the church of Jesus Chrtai of
( Letter-daj Haluts make equal provision
J for the solving of temporal problems and
Pllllj ,i tli satiation of mankind in this, hta
PB1'.: physical life. The church i" equally
9WW concerned the things of today B
Pllllj with those that pertain to eternity.
J "Mont religions Keck oniv after the
fl i .id' junii the hereafter,
iH forgetful of the faol tii.it the soul's ad-
PiiiiJ rancement in the lift come mual
Pllllj predicated i prosreea in the life
j la. The material welfare of our
PlIlMJ pet pie Is a dutt mill ui ecrual to that
J llielr plr It u.il welfare, for the two
j art rlosrU linked. Our ductrlnea and
J covenantM prcai-rlhc for ua the things
J ih-it n.itUp for material welfare. We are
ppj told frii God on iitiih iiow baajl to cart
J f-T our lioillet". We nae divine ndl--e
PlJ tN to food nd drink, aa to our eleeplnc
J and akl:is lii Coi tnere y no
pH deirtnieiit of maha life that ihh Kraal
J church ia not utile to advance and lm
pH prove. Phyalcallj-. hilellectualy, morally.
J gpirltualty ami in every other way, we
PH offi r tl i;otilit op;rtunlt' f--i dc-
PiJ ifdopmeni.
Church Temporal Head.
PlJ 'Am! In the not distant future.
pil poaaibly Keiir'ation 01 two from now,
pij probahi) more, for ui- plan le h hlg
pil one. r!i,j man 'a aclflahneea i- meat, we
PlJ xhall enter Into Ho- fnllneaa of (he earth
pil Ha Qod meant u In. The church shall
PH com :ic head of all thlugr,. both .plr-
pil Itnal and temtwral. The jo i (To ring.- of
pil poert nr of u;mr -hall vanleb ftmn
pH the eat ih nr. iipm before the morning
pil aup Jroat a CumulatlOtlg Of w-eniil!
rhall ha leiied to the common plane,
pil and thi lave and tindcrllngf" of the
PH rii'e aaell be lifted to an equal vantage
"I do not :::! to be tnlflunrertood
Ihla prediction. I - contending i
ill men hi, nil h .'iu.,1 in rverv
xen. Thert win always iuioiik ua
. r i.ik'KM intclleit. siT-atrr capacl-
na and loftier nlm. bui ttioae thue blest
with upei..- atdlitlea riiai: earn how!
In the ..etv-ce (f the comtnoi. good lhey
aie meant lo ue their Ood-clx-en pow-1
we And eo of courae tbera will be
leaden f men, oit the corruption of I
modem lead-Mhij, And government shall I
'-ease. Seiishn will be conquered and 1
foe effort of each individual jbiu.ll be I
toward the advance men) of the race
HI " " "hide."
BM Progress Made.
Biehep Nlbley went on to av that the
Church ii taplilli roal.lng toward" this!
pejioi ,,r perfection. He enumerated the:
vork It In now doing bv wu ..r atlng!
Bfl for ihe poor, educatlnfi the younc. pp-1
vi.ting em ploy men I f.r it people and ad -1
itlff I o' (l ,
member, lie referred to the tithing
principle a- tr,r K, ,, r,r thr. ujti,naU,
flan. Inilmailng that r en t u.iti . lusle.idl
.f fix lug ten pe, cent "f their .-Hrniiia I
1 Hi Individual - ill turn Into the pub
H He offei-a of the church A full 1041 per
ail he produce, to be divided
etultebly nmons ua mam berg,
B!hop SIMe) vigoroualy aaaalled thoee
l who '. I: lb. ihut.-h c.nj' ,.f i.
i tn t-piporal -iffil,-. me i !
pBmH I? was the duty and the mis-loii of the;
PHVI1 I Kirch to ent. r I.UMnr and improve hi-!
OndltlOna. M,. derrled the "ro;.-
uar "lodeuktandlrijj" concernln toe
J e".:v- ..f tfe U! It t.U'ine, :
H r - i e nd In it tithing prlniplen. dc-
' let it e ".ere na no Intention on the.
part of the church leader to deprive anv
PSVI- ' ol th i 'lurch of his full freedom
aiKt rightful liberty. "We er-k to rilti
B ' peopl wni, education ni 'tiilght-
ment to their etorloua deatlny." be aaid.
fter palmitic th- toaeate picture of
PBVB the futute the htariop touk paina to etate
H big prophecy -a., conceraed with
tha: ao'lallrm was fwlum
H' ,Ji that v.Mild a.I'mpt to forvr 1 1
equi dlatrtbutlon of th world'!
PPH: :r'nr ti. r opk bad heen edu-
l ! rated up to that point
PPH! "Th.- church could not atiempt toj
PPPI ' In ing about Ibla frfc t condition at rlrea-
B t. 'ni .-ai w-niid not t horoog.-.!-
PPH ' f understood. We wouUl be ai-aii..l as an
PPH I unlawful combination, a trual. nut the ;
PPHj tm will come when we . all be "ailed
PPPa, supreme plan. K.- i
PPH) lOd' .,'iall gli-n Ida work a-c..rd'u
PPHr e Ida Itghtf and ability and we ahull
PPpHf evolve .-nd develop a community the like'
PPPH. of which ... . the.
eat tit since days of Eno h."
Attacks Martial Hymns.
ill The first gpeafcai at the tnM ve-1
PPpH- ' terday n Ruiou s. Well, who de. '
PPPB ' I'.vercd himself of uti Interesting critique
PPPVv n whet he teriiie,! the taiiacv and in-1
PPpBl ' i-onaUteoo of certain relhjiou hvmna.
PPHL!t uel after the choir hail rinlsbed an ex-1
PPHl '1 ceilcnt rendition ..f "Onward Chrlaiian I
if ldietw. Marri'lni; as to War.' tie'
PPPPJl Vl launched an attack on thai tltnc-hon-i
PPPMi ,j . ' r) hymn. Isie,l chiefly on Ihe nilUtarv
PPPPaT if: inctaphoc. which he aatd w, not the!
PPH '.. i..t- - spun tot -'tu:- ..; worship. Ih-
PH ianke.t i;o. that Ihi am was not,
PPW Of Mo-iimn i omMnilir,7i and i!. that tar I
i ,M all lt sttri-lnc melody the ncids ehould i
K,. 'a hp iv written befor.. It U .ung In Mo, -BLaVrji
f ,n"" ' vices. Having consigned this
i hymn to th scrap heap the sparr t,v j
PPPPKCfJ v op a long hst of ibe wondlM
PPPnS ( f Which h said not in keeping
PPPMV with th iest tilrnls of Morraonism
PPPPr Minus that ding of Gods wtll.upneaa to.
PPpBk t forgive ;bose thai t.eeV-d in him leach
PPPpNfi i dHiiferous doctrine he said. "The all- '
PPPPJL- ; important idea of repentance and reform I
PPH;. , ltng fr.ltn Horn H'l!-.' n O.l
PHn V everhln. Practically e.wrjpod!
PPPPJkL' i heUcvea in He, -,. rvrrKrw. dos no'
PPPPjKT in! l'v lip to his '-ommand-
PPPHf: menta Tin vctj dvHa iiie and;
PH Irecablef I
Kt' j ApoaUs Fran- I n ... s tiie last
PJijPjV' i apeaks Ih I'ng.h about t -
PH .-mire;. .N iri-vi and ursd th ntr'nl'r!
PPPjt 'ih ef accepting tl.n i th infallible 9ril.
pppK ; Ood,
Produced Cyanide of Potas
sium and Asked tor Y;iter
When Arrested.
A B IVtler. formerly of Salt Ikc.
Btaanped With using the malls with In
t"nt i defraud, who as arrested at
Ban Diego Krida. hod cyanide of ims
alum In his poflfcet when he was ar
rested and afiparently made :im 'ffort
to end his life with this, according to
n pe.-i.-ii delivery wtr reoetved h- wn
iiam i list. . BOperintendent of the
local branch of the Plnki rton detective
latency, es;erday. "lie asked for a gl-tss
of water." said Mr. Wilsle. "and the
officer who watched hfm saw mm produce
i ;...ri and stopped him before he
mild '.ike t. The officers sre not sure
that h really Intended to take the POi-j
eon, however, 'ut win endeaor to find
OU( Wh be had it on his person. Kdler
ha- see mod lo he of an iiccoinmodatlnK
disposition, offeiing to plead eulily to
any bafaTe thai the ofDoer would prc
fer .-'gainst him."
1 Accnicrt and Arrested Attorney Wj; Run
ning a Poultry Panch.
rft la to 'Dm Ttibunc.
MX DIF";0. CaL, .Ian. IS. A. B.
Bdlcr, who la m jail here charged with
rai eatata frauda ha been regarded
! myatery it H' vlclnltj of Second ido,
thle county, where ha owns a amall ranch
and vmi enlaced In poultry raisins: 1 1 c
) ia president of the P' ondldo "aley
I Poultri aaeoclatlon and member of the
' I'.f- ondldo ehumber of oommerce, before
w lilch li-c3 h ha.-. made ciithu.- iasttc
booeter epeechet Tmrlng hi two years'
do ti the valleyne hd little lo
say about uli ptM. One of his nelah
I bora remarked todav that he thotiaThl
i Kdler waa a retired preacher or lawyer,
llr waa arrested under the pnrr.e nfHoyU
Si it' w hi -i suma.M w.s the name
I signed to one of the letters Intercepted
! here by )'itnffire Inspector I.owe who
awort to ihe complalnl acralnal lur.
Kdler Iihk r. 'fuied lo make any stiit-'-ment.
lie will le :irrs.it:!K r tomorrow.
Sergeant J. J. Roberts Points
Out ( iood W "rk Through
Indianapolis System.
Sergean .bom .1. Tobiui4 .vnd Patrol
man C. C Caratanaen, who weie railed
:., Ii'dlanapolis yotne inn a so to tMlt
in the AicMmiiKai dynamiting irar'.-. re
! turned late BatUtday night. They were
j bald aj edtnebeea from inst. Saturday
until Wedneeday and left for home the
day after they had taOUfied They vis
ited one dny in CblOBgO with George
I Roberta, the aerpemnt'a Mn. who la at-
t'-nding "llec- ibere, and then cume
I dlie.-t to Hall Lake City.
"W"' had a nice trip." aid the sergeant
yesterday, "but it waa loo cold then to
i suit us.' The poHcj officers showed ua
the town, of which they itwimofl to be
ju il proud, and everybody wag good t
i ua Or course, we were Interested more
tan lu anything else, In watching the
arorklna ol lb polici; department. The
I..'.-- men .,n the pol- force tiiere
in a city thai la about ihivc times the
m ' ball Lake Cltj and seem to bm e
.1 c,i oiK.miiatlon. I lu re ;irc. twelve
dutj sergeants on the night lilfts and
i".' i r o'olock at night th patrolman
always go in pairs. In the day time Hie
r'!i' do not patrol the streefe, but ate
i : .- to be found on the corners. In
t an way tln-y direct the. traiflc and can
always be found when they are wanted
"Wh.ii Impressed me more than any
thinn elae, however, was the way in
il i the "lo1 and i rippled pottoemen are
cared for and their fumllics provided for
I their death. They i.av what
Call the Indianapolis penflon fund,
i ifcl it supported from .-c.eri aourcea.
A report foi ihe pusi year snowi trut
itu-rc "re received ihe following
anioun. Payroll seseeemcnt, Jj.7.!'"..".'. ;
ta. armOrtlonment, if'?:'!.:: matured
bondi Sjl9.7; intereal on bonde; IM19.S9;
nremiums on bonds, "'- M; Intereal on
deposit i 131.ae; rewards, 1709; fees
3o. M ; donations, st.
"The expenditure of this money is
shown In the report, and after paying
pensions lo more th.ui Aft persona, there
was a balejice tor the year of nearly
- . According t-. tn- rules, if a n-nn
is disabled or has served a i-ertjin time
..I Hie Joice he is retlr'd on 'l a rnontli
for the remainder of his life. If a patrol
man dies hb- widow receives a pension
Of .? :n a montli unt'l she mnrries ai-aiii.
and in addition thin eve.- . hlld of n
deccssed officer receives s a month uniii
nt U Id '-.irs old.
. h'.-.-e Something pn tins oilier
Started here, but It has he-n going hut
few -.r-inihs while tin organisation
there is twelxe years old. and eol -ouentlv
we have been ,!,.e. fo do but
little so fat. Our organization hers l is
a goeal start, however, and all we need
is a little as:uetance from some tax
Patrolman Hie hard Hey nOQ Was ioe of I
LIH active men m starving Oie assoria
UOO here and DrSietieallv r-ery officer
indudlna the chief lieutenant. captiUii
"f detectives and sergeant, belong
r,iic is t sick eomnii:te Htirj when a
man is uWaoled or sick he Is visits nn.i
the other officers kept posted constant I v
as ' his condition .mri needs."
Follow ing the departuie of .r !de M
CJaat, well known locally a theatrical
manager, for Loe Angeles Saturday' nlgi i
There he has taken over .t Chain Of pic- !
lure houses, several new appointments
liave been announced at the Oarrlck.
Wbei re .Mr. OOX waa iuauaicr
;-f,rK. licrr. for -M;, ireaurer of tr.e
Salt lik" theater and one of the most
populsu and t sperlewced th.atrJ.-ai men i
In the tntermountaln ountr. has as
sumed th,. treasure rshlp 0f the Oarrlck I
James P.ogers. on of the dire, tors and:
OW.r- of the Carrie); ,; -im,i.
active msnaKrinrnt of the theater, glv I
It ids entir p-rsonl attention in r;.r !
futui'. where in th- past he has devoted
bWI u portion of his time ro the direc
tion of the house. Those who nrc ' .-.
iilhar with Mr. lb-Kern's experience and
udtrmenl in matte, theatiTcal win -ee
in the charut the dawn Of an
brighter perin.i t,an the popular stock!
house ''s snjoved to date
The personnel of the ca rpa ; ag!
f'. I o.j t-ma.-.s as " .: M
K. ce-- announces that r-.c has eomplt
"1 arrangenier,T, f, .... f . v -( u,,r.
ng the Onian of the present aseaon of
a number of the gr-tt dramatic sue.
4-esaes now appearing on the American
Bishop h'lbley Returns
' ' ,v JJiwg prvidiBr Msbop of
t.ie MorrrK.n r,ur"h. has returned from
.'vr"J JE?' ftp ii Chicago. New
WW and Washington While in '-hlcagr.
H p MNe. iuiaiste.1 3eorg alf
snagt ' lbs Ho-i rth. b the e.
le-tron of furnishings for the annev to
:n batel
Wooers ot My Lady Nicotine
Not Denied Opportunity
to Nnoke.
Onh Faintest Tinged Blue to
Be Noted in Sabbath
Ye.steiday the ".-afe nd sane" .-'ab-b.ith
returned to Salt lJike City aftOr a
three week's absence, durlnc which its
place was taken on the local calendar
by a t ret.-li of hours Known as l-ilue
Bundaj an old act that tried to come
heft, but WOtl no applause.
The "Sunday grouch' was becoming a
well-known malady tale city and its
absence yesterday wat .1 great relief to
t:n. whose out-- it ih lo "Millie and
look pleasant' seven daj.. of the week,
Including hotel clerka. waiters and newa
paper men.
' T ,,. ra two St:id:tvs were hard davs
for me and nv aaautants.V said the I'.ead
clerk of onf of the pt'.iminent hoteh yes-
tordav. "T!ie 'S'ululav ;ivui.1i" occa
sioned bv 'tic deprivation of the llgual
clgart, and thrlce-dailv 'appetisers' near-
iy drove ds mad The usually genial and j
good-natured guest would first inuulte
,;f to whether the Snndav ' losing was I
only a huge Joke, ind then upon peine j
Informed inat it was no joke at all would 1
show symptDfnji of the grouch and hv
ntihl wa." complaining of th. service on
the .vllcbtegt prrtet
Why Visitors Complained
"The -tisiior.' to tve cite who must
make thir temporary home- in a hotel
.ip. naturally restie.s.s in then- strange
suiTOunduuH anil are mor affeotod by
'iri.-l enfOT cenir nt of the blue Inw
I than aro those who have homes and
I many frlendain the city. To be without
j . gan and sit in a lobby hair and twid-
I die one's thumbs all lav is certainly an
ustpleaaanl experience."
Wltb the exception of doors to btatids
in front of bar rooms the portals to
I the ciR.-ir .-toTc.-: swung back and forth
I si doriog 'he "ante -reformation" 'ia::
prior to the fmirteenth instani. Likc-wl.-,e.
one wan permitted to drink om
thing besides water or coffee in the
restaurants The clubs of the Htv also
l-.cpr ,,pri tVieit prill rooms and cigar
St mi: .
Court Decision Followed.
in the decision handed down Friday he
Judge Boivmnii in t'no city court. In which
if the case of Ihe .-itv KgaJnSl M-1- for
violation "f the Sunday closing law. was
thrown out of court, the stores dealing
exclusively In smokers' articles were per
mitted to do business on Sunday, as were
the stands in hotels and cafes, but the
restrictions against the stands In front
of bar rooms were in f-in-e. Conces
sions Mere also made to grocery stores
and meat markets, by which they were
permitted to fin orders until 10 o'clock
yesterday morning and the dairymen
were also given until th.tt hour to coiii-
picr.- the delivery of milk. These re
strictions were not violated.
While the matter of oonaMOrtbg an
am'-ndnient to the Sunday closing laws
may not come un before ihe com mission
IfOi eeveraJ dais, the mayor and com-!
. misslonera expressed themselves glad that
a judicial rullric upon the subject had
been obtained.
W. F. Cuttner, secretary of the Salt
Lake lodge of Klks. began making reser
vations yesterday on the fourth train of
trie lug excursion to be rdn to Loh An
geles February 3. three trains already
having bnn filled and from the rale or
dets for Ucket and heiths are coming
in ;t is practically certain four sections
of too big special will be needed to r an.,
the cx.'urslonirts.
r ii. Uanderfield. aaalatani general
pajsnnger agent of the Ball Lake Rout.',
and his office force are working "t time
in preparation tor the even, and it Is
evident that t tic 1000 marie by toe ex
cursion committee sex-era 1 week--, mo, will
ie reached, end it is not Improbable that
that number will be exceeded,
The,- wHI he a 'a: from Ncpi,. an
other from provo. one from the Tlptic
district, while from the Twin Falls. .!a..
section will tome i" speda 'ars, o.,e
from Rock Springs, Vyo., one from B i
ham City ami I. zan and three 01 four
front 1 igden.
Hundreds of laiimad ticket- and lick eta J
foi Pullman havi eiready been disposed'
of bv .SeirciAiy t.'ultnet and :,e sal. wllli
continue up to th pjaht the trains ou!)
ot:'.. The lirst softlon will lej,,. t.ie
(Tnlon depot a: o'olock Saturday night
anrt ,' others will folio as non as i,
sistenl with comfort an.i safety. On 'H' !i
aeotloa there WtJI be B muiiiier- of the
gene;-a oonrmlttee who is familiar with
the eoenes ajoris the route.
.Members of the i:i. n, f fJHJl, KOV.,
delnrttJons Who ar" n-a going on lite ev-
curslon. left resterflsji on spe. hii train
fe.- the Western Pacific, accompanied hy
a. v. Bay bould. traveling panengei
agent for their respective bomea. Reser
vatlons have been made for tuose who
wdi go ! the excursion and they arc
Still !n the city, guests of the Salt Lake
Govetnor To Name "Utah" Day
.1. II Mandcr.'ic'd. general Height and j
p.-. .emjer ajei:! ,.f ti Sn! I ,1;.. Kol.le.
has raoefved a telegram from Doujrias I
Vhite. industrial agent, from Los An- '
geiea askitur inm to rejQttaat Qevemorl
Spry to uppolnt a sne ial iate to be oh- 1
STif-d Hf "I'tuh dav" at the land show
to be held In that .(.. T - govecnot
stated It. -r nirl 1 that M ManU'ifleid
had spoken to him about the matter, but ,'
thai be adahed to confer srlth several I
Sa't Liki people who Intend maklntr an!
exhibit at toe show tx fere naming the i
i Neve - r-'ueial 7 :i.v-r:..;.
1 '!'-. at - 1 . fc.;- i Mat
Neve, aged wfta oiei tn Sevier, this
state. Januar; N, will he held Tijeoav
afternoon ot 1?. M at t-e p.ret Imle
meeting hoiie. Knepd" may tew th
realy of trie deceased on the dav of rhe
funeiol at ih reldnce of her daughter
Mrs tOd-Tar-l Tlln. t '.Vllminrton ave
nu.. from 11 to 13 o' dod
Mrs. McKmp.in 111.
lOsa Kathejin.. McKUinln and Mies Ada
McKlnnin of the letter Day Saints bo
pital. were summoned to their home In
ltandolp-;i yeaterday on a . o-.mt of '!;
Illness ..f their mother Mis- GaXrlce Pun
ronde taking Mias McKlnnin.. place
aa nlgfti nsruitewdeal ai ! boepltai
during her aoence.
Brown Weleomes Tv:
Mr. and Mrs. George K Brown IIS i
fcath Fourth Kat street are rejoicing
over tl-. visit e: lb sior1' thi vester j
da - ypp s 'heir boms SWd r sin i
warn I
BALT ' IKK Tin-. vi BR - '.Mma.
Ilfhere Do You T.lve?' for an en
gegameal Of three evening perfotm-
anc.a and n Wednesday matinee
beginning tonlcht. I nrtatn. 8:15
tonight, Mr LresUe Carter in "Two
W omen." for an cncacT' r.ient of
thr-f uiclits ami a ATednssdsy mat
Inee. Ourtrun. S.15.
'"Die Clrl of the Golden West."
"P ' Fr'da.y ,-p,i .Saturday, Febru
ary '.' and 3,
i.TUdelle all week. Matinee dal
ly, ut Ida, L cnlng. 8.15.
eis present "The Crisis, all
week. Matinees Tburaday and Sat -upja
aftemoonSi at l:A.. Bven-
ing. S;13.
LMPRLSS THRA1 BR Sullivan -Con -i
sidlne vaudeville, Matinee .iaii-. t
S SO, Two evrninji performances,
it f:.ip and 0:11 rip changes Wed.
losdav afternoon.
Following in fie long bat of pia?
which have been produced at ihe I'lar
rick tlnce its reopening early last fall
-pia; s that bavei In type, characterisa
tion, locale mid action, completely en
OOmpassed the ranee of modern drama
flie Oarrlck this week is offering "The
I Crisis," W inston Churohlll'S Ot-amatl.a-j
I tlou of Ms own fiuhous novel of thoi
! ?a:;ie name !
Plays of the same period, the civil j
w.-.r days notably "Secret Service"
have been produced by the Garrtck play
ers with marked sucoeas, but the oircet,
Incisive appeal nnd human r.ote of "The
Crisis" have been keyed in harmony with
Human emotion aa In no other plav of
ihe same period. "The Crisis" of the
Stage MB "The Crisis" between rovers
is a distinct tjpa Of Itself, and finds
It .strength In plot, character and a.--Hon,
rather than in the technique ent
ployed in H: adapiatlon. Winston Church- I
ill is more the novelist than this ora
matlst, thoush he succeeded in striking
the same emotional chord In the play
that made the novel fine of the master
pieces of modern literature.
' The Crisis." a 8 Played by the r;r-
rici, players, w-in andoubtedly bring raucli
needed Inspiration to io. ;ii theatergoers.
It Should not only attract unusual atten
tion to itseit, but if ought to stir Inter
est In stock production In general. At
the opening performance Sunday nigh I
an atmosphere of SS,tIsfacUon pervaded
the house and cutubln bed a happy cur
rent or understanding over the footlights,
' The Crisis'' has bean so widely read
and rllSCUSSed llial there are few rertd
n and playgoers who arc not familiar
iiih (he Interesting story of (he young
northerner and his struggle for his coun
try Ogalrisl his heart. It g ;l -,ne play
with an uiivoated power of arousing en
thuslssm Indeed, Hie ent)iusla?m is
dmibtle.,s due to the elements of patriot
ism national patriotism, and pride in
the triumph of a wholesome young Amer
ican and his blunt, virile way of unrav
eling thi difficulties presented lo him.
The love story of Stephen Brico and Vlr
ginlo Carve), which ha.s been deflly wo
ven through the maze of confljeting con
victions and prejudices, civil and person
al .strife, has few aojuals in charm and
sparkling vitality.
The derrick pla.er? throw themselvefl
lnt the unwinding of the story with
contagions enthusiasm. Miss da(r
! strikes n very womanly note in her por-
I trayaj of Virginia Cnrvel. Ilej relUC-
lance sad ultimate submission arc finely
worked out In thai dl tion. manner, fa-
I'-bil expression, m that expression of
subtle -hti.tcs of meaning, that sol her
IqulU a pa it nnd above other loading
women who have played in local stock
within the last decade. In life. With her
own southern t pe of beauty and tcni
perament, .die might have been Virginia
Carvel instead of Miss Ida AdaJr
.lames DurkJn has caught exgCtl) the
right spiiil ami manly tone, in Which to
play Biice convincingly. Me gh es the
part a direct manliness and power that
always carries sympathy with it with
out the suggestion of artificiality and
pathos thai might result In less skill
;'ul fiends. Ills words are spoksn with
S I IgOr thai carries S note or command'
and makes bis g dominating personality, j
His bis moments ring tru. and his
triumph Is ool leavened with mawkish-
V. iliiain Bernard, Whp, it would y;prn.
hai lo- (sands full In the direction of j
such s production as the Oarrlek's "The I
crisis." appears .loop- Whipple. He j
:n ik of the hard-shelled abolitionist aj
gem of ctiarscter portrayal, 't?lte: Bey-I
moin Phiyi with rare effect th- .-raft- I
old Hopper. 1 1 would seem superfluous !
to add that bis make-up I? a work of I
art. John Sumner has never appeared
ion cne uaiTiea stage M) H pfrarticlar into
which he nts more anuggly or with bt-
ter effe.-t thttn In the character of the
j big-hearted, hospitable, southernly chl-
I vaJroxu Colonel carvel,
I Mr, IL-rblln plays the impulsive Clar
ence Colfax with a dlsUnguishad sic that
lend-; a plaasinf dignity to the part.
Josej.ii Byron Tot ten, the versatile, piays
I a capital Carl Kichter, the young Qe
'man In Whlppjt office. Mden Collier
In ilounees and ''oops, appears k Puss
j Russeii. Although it is M romps tut iveiy
snuill part, none will leave the GaGrfek
Itbis steak without a vivid picture of her
poCia i tiitf.-r-... tee memo - . liltv
jabetii (loss. Margarst lil!s and Nan
i Ramsey are aJi cast in Inconspicuous
I though essential pans, which they play
for full Value.
I "T.u Crisis' i-. splendid!) mounted in
font gets, in Which three different sat
I ting aic ufod. ParfJcularij jilcaaing Is
, the scon., of the SSCOBd act. sbowtng Ihe
I lawn of the Carvel bom at twilight,
with the mansion In the background,
I with the flreflys nkltttns about in t.jmi
j nous flight. "The risls' will be the!
I OatTlsk'a o':iiiiS ,i r; r.m, mati
aeci BTI Thursday and Satuida .
The hel bill the Otpheuni has p-e.
sen ted tg monthg is the on.- ti..-.: opened
t.-Hierda. It Is a vaudeville hill of the
first orde- There s not a blowhole In '
SO) "f the acts and the most of tham 1
are topnotchcr.
r,e ,.f the funniest .-ketcl.es that has
been seen in Salt Lake tn man a day
is the little skit put on by Mrs. Gardner I
CrnSH and her ompany. Mrs. Crane Is j
a srre-un In her purl of the iJttle Sun-
oeam Tlje a. is the ston of a sight
la a Piifl ctiii .ie,er. Two' actors, find
ing theessel e short or money, hm- a.
scalper a ticket that calls fur transpot -atlon
foi a Uiar t.nd bat wife. rin- ..f
'h actors ma kaa up as the wife fm
the satne -ar rtsdsocrts io hr M.e artor'a I
cil wife hom he has not s'en foi s-jme I
, Question of Who ill I lead
Department of Public
Health Not Settled.
'franchise issue vexes
'citizens Divided as to Riht
I of Saltan Road to Come
Up Town.
Little hut routine business will be
tranSSOted at the regular nir' tlng tonlcht
of the city commission. In the four
weeks that the eOSSBlISSlOB has been In
offh e n has transacted a large amount
Of business. Several Important matters
ar.. still pending, among which are the
appointment Of a hc'Jth commissioner
and question of jrrantrg a franchise
10 Ihe BaltStr railroad for running '"ars
through th' business se-tton of the city.
The members of the commission are
still unable t-. agre. i t selection for
head of ttie health department. Several
commissioners favor the retention of Pr.
Samuel G. Paul, the incumbent, while
'iiiieis favor B change In this, as well
a? other offices Meanwhile. tr- Paul
11 continuing to discharge tho duties of
the position and win remain in the po"!'
tion for some week? to come
Th commission Is giving thorough
study to the Salter matter. Tlu cltlsenS
are diioed on the subject, (he business
m'-n favoring the request oi 'he railroad,
while the residents of the well side are
opposed, large on account of the -ta-
du.' t over the Oregon Short Line I racks
This viaduct Is l"" narrow to permit the
pa.s-sage ef i vehicle -.chile street rar
fs cropsin- ard tio west-alders object
to permlltln- UU more l-ars to u-e the
st ructure.
The oonunissloners recognise the in
justice e,f oompelllng the ,caltair com
pany to enlarge the viaduct at Its own
epcr,e., while using It only thtee months
In the ear. bui concede that the w-et
fide should also receive consideration.
The commission will make a ilslt of
Inspection this week to west side nd
Inspect the proposed changes and may
reach s decision within the nest several
Funeral services for Mrs J. N. Sharp,
who died Saturday, after a lingering
nines'.- v III be held this afternoon at 3
o'clock from the family residence, 477
East South Temple street. '
Organized Effort Made to
Carry Fight Into Senate
Against Reduction.
a, co iin c to John Derp, president of
the American mining OOngrSSS, a oa4!
ha'i been Issued to members and others
Intt rested to loin hand? in bringing svery
resource to bear to blockade the paassjre
in toe Cniierl Siaic.s senate of any bill
that Is alined to reduce the tariff on
metals Mr. Pern declares thai mineral
producers realised there was no chance
to prevent tho passarrc of such a meas
ure in the lower house of congress and
therefore hnd been conducting a will
organized effort on the senate.
The call Issued Is intended, lie says, lo
brine the necessary amount of pressure
to bear for the concentration of all the
strength the mineral producers Can mU8-
let tigaiti I the passage of any such bin
The campaign will bo directed from the
headquarters of the i oncn-js In Chi
:m,i commercial l ,,j icm in mineral
producing stales will he aked to aid In
the work.
it Is understood thai ti.e proposition
now before congress contemplates put
ting Lie tarlfl on load or the lead contend.-
of lead ores at 38 per cent. (t
i ,ct fort.i bv mininsr. nn-n tfutt the
passage of such a measure would show
h tendency to kill the industry. They
argui tnat under such a law as thai
proposed bad imported to this COUntrj
from Mexico would pv about t'.'O less
Dei ton than under the present law, tnk-
inrr away about two-thirds of tr.e pro
t. -civil whlca the American miner re-i
C'-i-.-ej, a . against the underpaid oeon la-I
borer of Mexico. 1
tin?e. Mrv. i"rane hi the . eal wife. Plenty
i of chance for -ome oomplICStloo ani
i for some high -class sctlng,
Mrs. Crane is certainly happily cst
for the pad and she v In- inc hand.
.Mr. rriuie, i,. p Relnhart, William Hsrbsl
und Louis Prohoff have iarts in the
piece full of rau actton. fjeorgc Oen
peii h;is the part of the negro porter
and tu'ds a tm-ge contribution of fun
to the gavcty of the piece.
Miss Renos DyrlS slngt w-ondcrfully
well. Siie has a rich, strong voice and
a pleasing manner. She sadlly comes
wi'l-.oi t;,.. , f i j' .infers th..i handle
j principals' roles in ginnd opera. Miss
jrris sang three entrancing songs and
' then she favored the audience with "Boli-
nle Annie Laurie." Her Singing of the
'etnOUS Scotch ballad w a, a tare treat
: and wus duly appreciated .
The Flying Ward.' have toe fiist'-'t
j trapes ;:ct ever shown in Salt Lake.
, Tbev work with ltghlning rapldlt and
I their tricks ate fan of tnrUJs.
'lencro and Ballej- are graceful dan
ars, a stat..ti-,eiit that is sspecially true
Of Mls flaile-. They also sing a couple,
of oiiks of their own composition.
Acrobat who aro amsslngly agile and
I one of whom Is a good comedian are
Cunndighri m ajid Marion. The put on
a tine act.
Ruby Raymond Janes Hughes and
it Ore ham ate clever In a singing
and dancing nd. their dsncing helng
Spec la i I -j good
COrrigan and Vivian are experts with)
the lat-get rifle and ih reallj- make I
some aatoniahlng trick shots.
Th Intermission offering of the Or
pheum oi chest r is a sele-tlon from
"Lohengrin." and is fa ull lews;-- :cn- I
The attraction to be aeep at tr Salt
laike tiieaer tonight, and Tltasdsj and
wadneadajr nights with a mutinee on
the lattei da;-, will be Josspli l W'eher s
'- ' esf r .- i' 'a- e. "Alma, Whore
Ho sou Live?" lie t. be deeertbed
as neither farce not burleaqu. nor yet
mulcI cornedy. but something of "all
tl ret of these Orlalualh I was a
Prenci musical pla; presented fm a
lOSJSJ ' m '' Pans It waa first een In
ids cowatn in e-man ha-'inK been
t-arislaiel "ntr- that lang-uag 'oi ...e '
' ya,,ir-, r tillip's ,--, 'c-, rhetr. '
Thi" .ia-.pT t.".. re,e(ej sorr.e . .- p.
ami tnt o t iusogestl. . ...
m it, this has ben eumlnsjad in the
Dwellers in Apartment House
Miss Provisions Stolen
From Refrigerators.
wtnie Lawrence K. Reynolds, whose
horns is in tho Camming ..pan , nets
on First avenue, was enjoying his post
prandial iar last night and thinking
deep thoughts a- to why the cmrbureter
of his automobUs was balking, he beard
a noise on the oao pofch. ito ran Into
the sdiolning partment, where tan
neighbor. W. .r. Bhaaly. was peacefully
dOSlng I" hi hlg armchair.
Wake up, Shealy," he excitedly whla
pered as he shook tho sleopo,
Shealy, startled out of bis doss, an
grllj exclaimed, 'Whafs the mattei with
"'"Purclar-. I heard them on the back
porch" answered Rcrynolds be pushed
shealy towards Ihe back door.
When the two marl reached the porch
they saw a form fuel rounding tbe corne
of the house Reynolds picked una sin-;-
of telly standing on top of the refrlgt
and hurled through the sir St llM re
treating form Bhealy Btpppcd to set
what was inb.'lnc ftmn I.im rcfro;.-r.iior.
if anything, Reynolds turned to bis ic
box across the way.
Be goliv!'' sxclalmed Reinolda rr,ef,
col our piece ij bacon and some
"And our beefsteak and s bottle of
mllic.'' chimed In Shealy.
"What's this."' continued Shealy. ac tw
dropped to his knees on me riuor ana
pidied up s small object "li looki like
an olive; It Is un oli.e." decided .-hcaly.
with an the peeltiveoees of Sherlocso the
Monk. "Send for the police."
Looking around further on his lianas
'and knee.; shealy found another olive,
then another one and nnally he discov
ered -i -trine of them running down the
stairway "Thrv must have itoten s
bottle of oHves!" shout. -d Bhealj as h
rose to his feet tied started down the
stairway, followed by Reynolds, They
traced the olive trail around the house
and Up 'he street for a blOCJt, Where It
While the two amateur detectives were
looking around tor the i"1 ,r-''1 several
neighbors, who had been attracted by
the commotion Hnd strange tintl's of
Shealy and Reynolds, came up.
"We saw a woman and a little hoy.
both soantllj dressed, hurrying up the
treel s Uttle while ago," said one.
l raw them too." said another
While the assemblage waa discussing
all the circumstances, ihe police came up
in the patrol wagon. Shea), explained
to them the robbery of the refrigerators
and the trwil of calves. "ll must have
been some poor Woman who w:is hilll-
ery, ' "aid the policemen as they drove
ti wav
"That was what 1 hud already de
duced." remarked Shealy "If she had
onb corns and nske.i me for something
to eat i would have willingly given n to
Report Is Optimistic; Predicts
Business Revival; New Fea
tures for Local Store.
"Like ever..- one else who goer- east, I
nave returned home filled with the con
viction that we in Salt. Lake and t'tali
are on the threshold of a great era of
development, a.nd that business during the
next few years Is going to bo of large
volume, i um very optimistic concern
ing the future
This statement wat made to The Trib
une yesterday by Lester r. Freed, vice
president of the Freed Furniture Car
pet company, who has just returned from
a business trip to Grand Rapids, Mich.,
Chicago end New York.
"When I was at Grand Rapids,' said
Mi. Freed, there were "Mai furniture buy
ers there from nil over the United States
Ail were preparing for b busy season
In Chicago and New- York OVerybOd)
seemed to have money nmi the theaters
and i gfes w'-'i e crowded. The efTc-t of
the cunning national political campaign
hat, been discounted so far a', it relate?
to bus.iness.''
As an evidence ol hi.- faith ihat the
coming ) -ar is to be a prosperous nne.
Mr. Freed sab) th.-u lie 'u preparing
to eniai-Re- the business of the company
here .iri'i would add a number of novel
features thai he saw in eastern stores,
alto following out 5om oriiclnal ideas oi
his own.
Hotel Concert Please
The gfcClellan Hotel Utah orchestra
pave ue tegular Sunday nighl concert m
the lohh of the hotel last night. The
pro ramme was co.T.no,i'i of several fine
numbers and the orchestra wae assisted
by Mrs. Liaxie ThOtnas Edwards, soprano
and Waltci Wallace, basso
American version. The presenting com
pany is headed by Miss Nannette Flash
with Chailcs a. Uurray and other well
knOWn play, r.i in the cast.
Mrs. Leslie t.arter comes to the Go
Inula) tonight In "Two Women ' which i-
conceded bj critics i0 i... her greatest
personal triumph since "DuBarrj Com
ing under the management of John cort
theatergoers are guarantee that frK'
Catte:- ... j!l Uf s-inporle.1 v ,-,,. 0)-
strongest companies nosslblg to asseni
bla. rue pav 1.- said lo be superbly
ino intod. Mrs. fane,- will be seen In
a dual role w Inch affords her the creat
es:! a.tlmr opportunities she has ever
had S!. ., ,- i ...,pp,-ted ... Frank -
lyn Lnderwood, a favorite hi salt Lake.
j Tor Ion, e,ISaemcn! of Two Worn..,,"
; .natinee''"0'' a WedneoSSy
The aeat sale foi ihe coininc eca -e-!
' 1 '"' "t the t;oldet, West. will
begin at the Colonial box office tomo -
row mo.nlnc at H- o . ,. fhere wl! )V
BO telephone order, taken on thtir-t
ua;. or the sale ,,,, .,,,, ( .T.0
purchase ,,..ket, tomorrow Will be re
son Soros idea of the sue of the or.
e..n,.at,o,, h ,, v pr..,rnt ,,,7 '
WUrm Mta of principals a,e carried u
treVh 5
I win uja present "Kxcuse
Colonial ro, an engagement or" r"''
nini.e ., most .,f it. un V .
this weJe, v ' Fil e:. I1"' wn"
pan- of .rett- i J B
th- hesni.ue a ! ., , . " fU SS
off ;. of .'.e b..- ; .fl:'
eaaon Mauds and Gill iraT Z I "' 'J"'
In I heir opening act and oVZ i f?rtori
I roths? numbers "ther-" . "v J1,rUe5
melort'.. noveltv and a,. 1 . "f
gi-os piaying g -
Bow iiKin May Make OssMfl
ing i.:uujMiv:n LiveiyM
" I tif
Judje VMnt.ikci !ias AlrrX
,l!l UP ,I:ir HKlUfJ''
District Bench.
Mm. ? , rmveafaB i
month. M,.-r. .
i..e;, ..f'.lMlUj
'i'-trie. IVJ,n jJJ- i
The terms office of J,,,, . I
Morse, M l. r;irc;ue. t p
'!.-t.om: :,- ,, fcflV
r-ie-i,.-. . j...
i; i, .JB -nr
-t i. wni i-'B '
old .tr: reiiomituitlo,,. hut t
of r.rc(.!l '-loU'ls have ;,rifcei wm J
(JtcJal ho If;; .t, ,-,,, , jB ','
tic. i, ivm
ii-- W'hi't.iker o'lHB
'rlv,sl";' P1! .'i.!ugsaaT!,fi
Bowman i-ioPgW'"'
same tribunal.
WTiitaker Ambitious. Wp
Judge Whittikei a.M Ired M
ni" "-l.il honor: .-.i-.sai
l-i " '"tSssbw"-'"
I" r to -rKiS
IP 'i THj--
.lu'l,-- V-'Inti.!'.' '-ardtdSsaV'
The Iicv, .'1. -,.;.- .."..,m-.v-
l.-udslulur' . ....... to .1 HlttttaLa) I
hit biaaaCei
wa a rear do,.;. 1" .-aitie SmW "
afr.-ild v ould fin .1 W!llukr BH
! r rlt d
tot . 'f'.ir foiB1
P'r up-' -'.,.; laaaf 1 i:
damp. Ill I'.'-i. -e iijdge i
mailing and he still K bitting un gaHas
A:- rsirtinflH
Will Inker fltjit umrTi
0P "I ft I'-1- I I '.vii f,f t.fM'T "'
knov, he j m itgKaj
Steadily Persistent. 1
mad" VjIbjBF
b nt. ,.ii'.t'.fca i
tin aie'nni; i-' ml and t thsfl
t hat tl.-Tc will 1" leltljIB'
minute, unill v.fns, o- fHl
e.it.-'l for tho nomination. LaVm
.liiiiu'.- Mow man tenisssHLgr,
was '-ii a.i c 'I R. p'ib:riBr
f"r failure in p;i idgri isHiel
.1 .el... P.''-,' takr.' tttKaMl
however, that :. man who frvsB
hi :.elveen tlie IP '
and veallc "i iilleaBpJ
publican SiHllfc
ni.); ; - - '-.-it.cn v o-, i t'Bff,
n.h ice i -T i j . i . u n ' -he fV
put... P?
the committee lefuSdl to LaaflS
It i ' ,
toforo It MfjHLj
In M . 't ijP1
will f i ApdL.
all th. hnU--, -f.-"re.- Ti SH
w ii. of ..iir -c i.e. rej.u li u fB- a i
vMUi.-in. Hen. c
It 'VnamI"
i''JsM '
tlsns of life thiol. si. out iiie ."JUnSKSBl
... '"Mjb' "
In noii. in, i ni ic- the nfBW .
all!. no that end luflV
In Amenea Represents Innff
men! nl Seventy MillioBJ';,;
iih -lii ill ndfhieineOTt-
, at --1I-06
ir.g wa 'nfcLr
Ic K "etr- 'Bk?
. ,...:. r ""'myfcr;i
i.i is., j.. ra I've 'BJe
by Mr-, n B. Cutler JaW
li. Mr !a'-y 'fBaari1
the growth or the M. C Ml
men!, saving thai ' the 'V- 'L te
er.i.i... :,t." i i ,1!nfl
tT,, ,-i,in,n..' tasssp
t i ,,let 1- ' '3-aa
I. .. en coramer.sura te with the )?aKt
,i.irtna taasBSBtag,
'l-kSBaaVe. 1
llglollH " rfC. "
stlmnu'te x'-i.ns ' , 'i
I mis "JaH.
'merit, he Jfek
IT. rlt.'f. o .:' PJrtl T
atM. 1
Ai'U'l - eSBBBTWl
(jt'KJ I . ( )RTiMISTlCj;.
JB 3
h nu, !" aaZ
o , -. Vf.r:( M- dit'eBBBM
lug year - ng - he A
-.I"!.- HO -ilsaBBSar
e of r.r..si . M ' '
ume until L-l V". wr"n"w SBmVc 1
.cm ik" Vi-:t: Horipi'-al' J-. '
W. ''awDaHSl
-aitr. llCaH"paSBSBSB
Salt Lakers m Yor- Wgs
lo T,v- Ilibiine. . ffaHbJV,
. .
' 'sV

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