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Discussions by Winston
Churchill and John Redmond
at Belfast of Home Rule
May Provoke Riots.
Unionists to Hold Demonstra
tion. Feb 1 ; Presbyterians
o( Ireland Take the Lead
in Organization.
w ONDON, 'ir H ''I?'- now tht
I political storm center 'he Knlted
Kingdom Home rule has. been dla-
I J i .-: tn England ai I Scotland by
If al himlltti and rnlonlsts. but no
ares". nthulam h been ormif J. either
Ar Mf.Ant. In Ireland. outaldi
I'latsr. tha popU firmly are OOHvlnCSd
'hay ara to have home ml Olatarftaa,
however, hi up to their eves In fight.
Several rlen.nnptratb.il hav been
d In vrVouf pn .f Ulater to protest
ag!ni- any change I" tha form of got -B
nirrn! of the country On, of the
dentonet rations in n!fant bv the
Industrials; in Omajrh it was largely made
tip of termers, amall holders arid farm
laborers. who nhowerj t a StrOgg Op-
poi on to bono mla a did theli oily
- -t tn ln the latter piar again the.
. risterites r'edeed themaaives to form a
r-ovlnlor.al government If the hill la
H Fiver voter tn lifer, hoover. Is not
Unionist Tr.ere 1. In fact. fairly
'. sprinkling of Nationalists. In many
the Unionist member re
turned In the lajtt election only by nar
'"w majorities, .e margutfl of Hamilton,
for Inatanre. winning by only ISO vote
Londonderry One 'i'clfloii of Plfnat
ItSstf la re;-ren i e 1 FOMpfa DtVlIn, a
Nationalist leader
Rioting- a. Certainty.
In this isStriet the battle-ground for
home rttls r'''- the present a' least. tVie
rnvr'.,":i' and S'atlor lllsts soon ar" to
"? .1 rceerln Winston Spnrr
ChnrcWH. flrt lord of the admiralty, la
n r, r.ijjeftpjati of th government for
H bona rule, nnd he l tn tie td-on panll
hv tohr Redmond. the Irish Nationalist
I'eade- and bv oMier frlah rolltlcian
TlH date s-le. o f-.r the meeting I" Feh
wiary and T'n'nnits find Nationalist
af Ralfaat are predicting Ifvrfw nlabt.
o matter whre the meettnr 1 held,
f.'labor.v r iH'" rrerautlona will he taken
'or 'v. DTOtOCtlon of Mr. ("Inirrhill.
i'-o-jlrl be h miner) h Mr. IVrlmnnrl In
H e rJr'e from he reubjonre nrhOTC It la
to h a rueat tr the plaf-: of meetlnc.
rt.h Mr Fl'dmnndV isunJ egOOrt of N'a
idlllU, It la alnoat rertain that ther"
H win he rlotlnr
BXCOBI for a latt of IJovd -Oenrre
-hanreHor of the ext-heijuer Iti i?M6. nl
I- anothar bv Mr. Blrrell hlf aorretarv
for Ireland. In 1007. no Liberal ptates
man haa irfti In IV'faat for eighteen
vaara. and when Mr. rhurohiil and Mr.
rtedn-And Rd4rM fha meting it win be
" 'ie flra! time a Liberal rblnef mlnlatof
1 and the NigtlongJIgt ''l'r have fcnoker
H '"!!! fl anie rilat'orm In the ril'.
Unionist Organizing1.
t'nlonlata .Tar.lalnc a roun"r
demonatralin. hut the fr lord of the
admiral-. In a1A r,tir:c a noltey wbh-b
H aI father with onni ehemrn-. dr.
H nouiHMd. will h h ranter of attraction.
N will he n !nter"tl'ia moment In th
.nte-eatina lif of Mr. Churchill
Andrew- Bon;i' !-w th TnlonUt lea.l
w1: r-i t-i Pf,i on Kaater Stm-
dav. Arm tA rmhr fA Mr. Churchill
1 I nd tnere will i- .irnt'irr tjaroonatriltlon
ao hnt Belfaat tiaa a llvev time ahr.,,1
Th annonmced determination to fight.
IrfctQ.fr than n- ept toroi U tali-'
'ng the form of rrn ntjiat ion In Tlati.
Orja rei 'a i,r i n;Anif papei f th
rp-tntmni of i magtori to Imrtrwtl
th mamhet ..f tb Itno Orang loditB
In !h uae Af a ni. 4nr William Moor-,
member "f narliament, haa taken the
'fl tn r.ffer- 'he MM nf nryl fOT r), ,) .
Ing pijrpApev nr.. a i-n a, jnr in a that aa .1tif.
' of th- na-e. he would give truet
yorthi ft the n'MMA- permlr-alon
a drill t no-e- tb bill of rlrhfa. h d-!
lared vraMetfJrU -ould not b nrevenfd
inc atT-ti. and d'llllng rmili 1
.-i-'r-ri a,i under i, nnni rrT, two
j I J bit)Aaa
A Church Fight.
The Iilah Ualonlotg ha taken the old
i It hall of pefat f0r their headnnartera
and thy v thla will be th home, of
the pro Ifional ov rnmnl iliojld bom
rule btcoma .m aoi-ompliahed fai t. The
t' I nloniai demonstration will be held
hi Kelfaat Feht-iary 1 It la beln ur.
rnlied by Frahvter1ana of Iraland. and
it rmmia to be even BV r larfey at
londod than lia preji epvirr. Invltailnr.a
For Infant- and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
I I Ar entitled to whatrv(.r
I adviro snl xporirnr-o
thf offircrs f this inati- i
I ! I t nt ion can pivo thrrn rr
H I rordiiiff thir rinanrinl
I j I .iffairs or eOBGBJVillg Qfl
J I af jirid romtincrat i
i . invPAlmont. of thir nil"
1 H foadi Ton in invjteH to
' r J r0nrr v'th iia on au
iH 1 batiness matter.
B aaaH
HHI OOT Doubly Srnire.il
I GerttfiCaltei ol Deposit
'tH DtW 6 pfjff "nt interest,
! : I and aro free from tax
fl I tion.
32 Main St
fl fl
OUG ems
In Her Chateau
I HaHBflyMTfl
BpagHJ Table to Th Tribune.
Paris. ,ia -v While loarebing
about her chateau at rolignao the
PrinMM Edmond do Po)iena. fonnexlj
Misa Wineretta Bingtr, daughter of th
lte famae Sin.T of ftv York, found
a magnificent ..-olloction of garnet.,
opal?, iacinl ha. amathyvta. lapphirea
and riilnevi hidden in out of t lie way
rornrr. lnriian jowalflrfl wbo have
heen pcrmitTo,) to cxaniine the gorma
arc of I he ojiinion that their value will
amount to many thousand of dollar?.
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Avniver RnvrH"k. Washington, nwr Tort
land: Ore. and the preaidlos of San
Kran boo and Monterey. Cal . one or
both of Which may be Included In the
California atrafCgtc grAiip
N'.'t . oma a prOAosa of he.iv. dim
Ination. for it Is held that probably ona
onlv of tho following poata should be
retalnel :
PenlrtOiln HarrlaAn: Indiana- COlumbtll
Harrak!. Ohio l"nt Bhorldan, llllnota,
Tort Dea Motnei lown; Crook, Nabraa
ka: Onmha. NebraakiLi Laa van worth.
Kanaa.": Rllay. Kanaaa: Sn1llng. Mlnne
aota: .lefferson Barracka, Missouri.
snei'inR- and JafEaraan BamcJn might
he retained tf it were dacidadi to make
tlem atatlonn of all arms. Rllev miRhl
acrvo aa. k euitablo location for a a v. dry
i ir poata faoovunandad for retention
tr i'""tt gut, Okiahoma, peculiarly adnt
e for IIM aa a nrhool of arll!ler and
muakotrs fit.
Bliss, Tuu, snl Hlinchuca, Ar.r. .
rr-erjofi ai ' a-, airy outpAt for fcomo
t'nio in the vouthern border, and Fort
Ayor, Va.. arhert ir probably will i
irj Lo ratain auxall garrison naar
i rial capital foi '-cArt duty nri
..i 'i i- ceremontail purpoaaa.
The report aaara that each aucre
Ing eratary Of war haa been ham
nered In K'tttnr rid of iipcF an v.
panaiye poata bv lo.ai and political in
rlueni It 1p asserted that no lou
titan J"n 000 haa been spent n su-h
poata m Uta laat ten vearr. and avary
dollar to -peiiie(i hejan ati argument
apalnpt their abandonment.
"Doubtlega thlg arguinant win he paad
anhi 'o pravanl the concentration de-
alred bv the prnt aeretarv of war."
the report rontinnea. "and iinleg ap
proaehad In the eplrit of the graat husl
nj .Arroranon which rxithleasly tear
down i gisatory bui'dlna no Wirr
ulfed to lt ntada to rort a twentv-yrr,-
balldtng found na aaaaxy. tka rr--anl
movamcnl for efficient and e-onom-Icellv
pd-nlilnterrn fArtj, will fail. as
have preceding efforta."
After the prip. pneumonia or t.-phoid
fever, tako Ii a a.-J 5 BaUMparilla it re
Btorei health and trength.
h. hren acrepfet Ti- lri1inm rrsb--
terians fiom all pr' of the rountry for
nvcn'lon on :haf Hay and het the
formal proU I aolnsl th bill will ba
mad Th nblecttona Af rjhnar hae been
at forth R gl 1 Hon. rhoioas ?:nlalr.
one of the leading merchant of Belfast.
former Liberal. rho left that partv
ipon ihm Introduction of Mr. OJadatonVi
flrat home rule bill In ISiS and einr than
haa been a leadei of th Ulti-hopM rulers.
Thr ar t:ian-- objections to the
rn-a:re li said, h'.t i-mong the chief
Is 'hat It womM ieeien th status of the
'lttienv m pf 1'latrr men. T'njer the
I'nion tlie-.- had the same serrlre. stat-ia
p - raaldant of Etngland, th pam rula
Af loaj sffslra. C;n aame representa
tion In parliament and enloyed the bene
fits of Its legislation To daativa tham
of this would be an uttWHriantab'e
d'sraoatlon of their citizenship. ep
staj aa their forefat '.-lers were ent
t.'lpter Sf'A years ajro by the 'state fcr
the put-pos of aasisttng. bv their habita
of Induatry and thalr 1oyaJtv. to hold
Ireland f.r th Hrltlsh natiAn
Disaster Predicted.
There was no dojbt. he added, that
civ I vtrf and dl'Arder areold follow Ibt
eeiabilahment of home rtjie. and would
ph;ns;e Ind'iP'r- and .Afi-rer-e into p
iIoms dtaaater The aam rull my,
be prcdticed bv th Insolvency of a bom
: jI government, for the resource ef
l:...-.d fa" '; 1 t : b.-.-, bw
th amount neeaasarv to run The gov-
' -net't. i1 M waa a.-ari etv -onrev-able
that I-:ng!an4 -ot.id make up 1 V-deflceri.-i
Then there as the relight ar t
Af th -st T'lster I nlonlsta . or,s!der
that safeguards acalrst rfatloaallol In
JubM. e would a. . be Brojth th papr
?h r written an I nl in Lai
Istlon. Sir Thomas COntlatMd, had ad
vanced tka proprlt of Ir!i:i,l b-. 'apa
tiounda. as gvldencad by t trwd
. iraa k - :-,,i in x;..,ita and
imports tn 13ia the sum of 40.orto.ftoo
pmbahly the gretat rer ap.ta of any
try In Knropa. Horn n;le would
act this proaperHy l.arJt, tf It did r.or en
Irely rntn the lndustrlaa whlrh Ireland
had to thank for her present iriAreaa'd
happy poaltloii
Children Ory
I Manchus Called Upon to Vb
I dicate, as Armistice in ( ;hm;i
l as Expired ami Will
Noi He Renewed.
Presidenl Sun Yal Sen Sends
Note in the Powers Accus
ing Yuan of Intriguing
for Dictatorship.
NANKING. Inn.. II The armistice
tkal boa baap In operation sev
eral weeks expired toduv. but no
definite steps have been taken for
it? renewal. Neither Tnnp Shao
Ti. the representative of Yuan Shi Knl.
nor U Ting Pang, the Republican min
ister of jaatlca, expects aartoua righting.
Dr. Wu said In this connection:
"There Is no one to fight, all are our
Chang Usui), commander of the imperi
al troops, hHS Ins central base al Su-
'."how-Fu n the northern r:irt of Juang
Bu pro Ince.
t'nder direct command are toon
SoacI ;iK-iteis. Inured to the winter. The
revoluUontata' center is Lyhwal Kuan
In Ngnrwei province, about 100 mUea
from Naui.inc: T ha ravolutlonlata number
H.nno mn, eager for fighting, but not
CJcneral 'hansf now OCCUPlaB a special
-ar a point Af vantage from which he di-ri-i
ts bis trAop bin algnlflcant fact I
that an engine )a attached I both end"
of the rar. iiit retreat, however, la cut
off 100 miles 10 tho north by th cltlea
along the railway line, which a few day
ago wan) over to the revolutionists.
Abdication Expected.
ll I hcllcved here that abdication will
rome when Yuan Shi Ksi is satisfied
that the Chineee troops In Tekln are BUI
fl lenl in numbers to control the Man
Th senate was inaugurated here ys
terdav. It Is made up of 42 senator,
who .Tpne-ircri in foreign dross. rre?ld'-nf
Sun Tat Sen, In Mh speech, urgeri unity,
ll s.-tid that it waa propose. 1 by the
nv recirre to build up. not tO deatrOy,
At thi lone of the pieslrtent'a addn H
there waa an mpreaalve Been, the mem
bers rising In a body and giving three
ohaera for the republic The hall waa
decorated handsomelv and a military
band played popular airs familiar to the
President uri has ?cUt a telegram to
Yuan Bhl Kai Informins lilm that If ab
dication is imminent he would hold ha. k
the p.cpubllcan troops for two or three
Sends Note to Powers
LONDON. Tan. II. A dispatch from
Tin Tain to the Kxchance Telegraph
sav? Ihe Iniperlsl famlb met at the pal -ace
i IVkln 0:1 Sunday to consider the
question of abdication. Yuan Shi Kai
haa oonsented to the convening r the
national assembly cither at Hankow or
according lo Uri Oallv Telegraph a
Tekln correspondent. President Sun Yat
Se has ent a uole to the powers,
through th Pekln leKatlon?. sflcmai
Inc Yuan Sh) Kai the champion of
tlie Manchua and accusing him of re
pudiatlna hla pledge and agreements
f intriguing to leCUTC tha dlctator-
The president sa c ti.e RePUbllcana
have not ,-i,ange. their terma. but will
Insist upon a guarantee that rrrn-il;-Yuan
Snl Kai will work BOlely for found
republican government
Bomb and revolver enfracej are 1n-cre.-lng
1n Tekln Tien Tain and Muk
den. There have beep thirty -two of
these In Mukden In the lal five da-
si anghal dispatch to the Telegram
ays th national convention at N'an
l it reg.-.lverj unapimouslv not to ex
tend a'Tv.lstlce.
Wu Makes Threats.
PKKIN. Jan : "The Pekln nern
ment i? iring to secure an ei(inslon of
the nrmlsti. e. but Wu Tmr Fang, re
publican minister of luetic, has tele
graphed threatening to renew hostilities
tomorrow uuteaa abdication t accom
plished. Th! thousand more of Yuan
Shi Kai' t roop r.-iv.' arrived In Pelcfh
bringing the total up to 7000 men.
Tleh Llung. former Tartar geiieii
N'anWing. viio has been onnoted strong
'v tt. rre-nier Yuan, lias fled from Pekln
and l yuPDored 10 hae gone to Tien
INPTAN'AFOUci. l-.d . Jan. 21 With
the miners demanding an Increase of Q
enta a ton on a mine tun on gpd I
Co p,r rent Ineraaga for day labor ab'Mii
i-e mi pea. an.i the eperatOTi ddctaiii -for
reductions of b cell top atd a
U par "- cut In wages paid for da---
labor, there Is little prospect ,.f the
bituminous coal miners and operators of
Indiana. Illinois. Ohio and wstern
Pennsylvania reaching an agrremen' on
a wag a'Aie. when tiie- raauaa t i 1 . 1
icir.t e-.-frenre tomorrow.
The delegates to the convention of the
t'nitd Mino Workers of amarica nre
.ypcid to cnmplto their work on tha
proposed new constitution within a few
R Intrnatlonal Nem- Bai vice
CHICAGO. Jan. 21. A allver rorfln
pUte bearing th Inscnpiion "At Rm'
was ci ong the ejueer collection of wrtl
ce oonflacated bv the paii.o in th co
caine dive cor.dU'-t'd bv Kugepe Huston,
t.i drug Wing of Chicago " Old Violins
and bits of aJuable Jewelry also indl
csted t. mhal lengths druir fiends will
go tA purchase cocaine. Mu-ton WOoJd
accept any sort ,f ymluabl m ex- hatig
fOT th drug
ha. e iift'e ambition. the.r own
troubles oecupv their thoughts. Tlicy
are gaif Olia, despondent. 1 Doi
makers and most wretchel compan
Bgek women shonld try Lrdia L".
Pmkham 's Vesjetable Conpond. For
j nesrlv fort- years it has been the
I Btandbv of American womanhood,
j over-o .mc aarrouanaaa, backache and"
(th blues.'" which r all smptomt
' of one cause
It strengthens tlie proier nere
! and muscles and thu correeta dii
I plarementa
( Continued from Tage One. :
t)im both by working In a bakery. He
waa idle, shiftless an.i Ignorant. Nla
Ibndnaia for the aoolaty of womes led
bint to answer advertisements inserted bj
glrkj seeking poeltlona, and have them
all a; his Hal In the hellef that he ould
give them employment. It eas a daoo)
Af this kind that bttMafhl little Rath
Wkeeler to bis place on March t. 1119
Thai was the last she wa sen ullve
Three wgeka aftejr hr fiisappearun-
'o(c'- wda placed undr arrest, and a
aearcta of the flat revealed the charted
remnaata of iiie child's body wrapped
in 0j doth on the lire escape. OhafPld
bone w;re aJoo found In the tire place.
olter was convicted on April 2', 1110,1
ar.l entenced Ave days later. The cafeal
was appealed and two continuances were
granted, delaying the execution almost
tWO .-ears. The delay In carrying out the
aentenca haa ca lined widespread Indigna
tion, and probably will result In a re
form in judicial procedure In ihls State.
OSfllNING, N Y.. .fan. g. -Albert wj
Woltar, the youth who murdered and
burned Pule wheeler In New York ncarl".
two y-sis ago. will he executed nt Sing
Sing prison h-fore dav light tomorrow.
Th visit of Wolters aged parental who
came up frrun New York in the afternoon
was affecting, but th doomed youth Went
through t without emotion. The mothOl
collapsed In her sou's aims when ahe
met Dim. After his parents left the 011t.l1
"Poop old DlOjther. How sorry I fpe fer
lur and dad. too 1 don't n-ind going tO
the eleptric chair, hut Its terrlb! on
them, 1 will he glad when Ha all over "
Woltar sent word to warden Kenned
late tonight that a atatemeni would
pl.cef in 1 hat offidal'a hands when the
murderer ift his ceii to sn to th death
hair. Warden Kennedy said he had DO I
hint aa to whether 'he statement would
i.. n repetition of the prot ( at ions of 1
innocence or a confession
The siatz-iTient sent to th govern or re
cently bv Wniter repeated the allegation
mud at his trial to the effect that nn
other man who roomed with him com
mitted the Tiuirdr. The police never erera
able to And any trac- of BUCh a char
acter as Woiter tried to describe and hla
description Waa so broken down in the
eroaa-eaxamlnetton 'hai the subject of
it v. regarded aa mythical.
Si rnternational News srvbe.
LOS ANGELB8, Jan. 28. According to
Assistant Dlatrlot Attorney W. J, Fcrd.
who has been handling the Investigation
before the CQUnty grand jury Of the
alleged bribery by the defense of Jurors
in tha lat BdoNamara dynamiting raae,
the yrand Jury will report lomop
row. 1 1 l thought bv those who
have, been following the, Investigation
that the grand i'.ry will return at
least three indictments. Una of these,
it la ex pee ted, will be directed
against a prominent member of the Mc
Ivamara defense; another against a rela
tive of this man. Who is helleed tn 1
brought the money with which DetOCtlV
f'en Cranklln la alleged to have bribed
a sfcNamara Juror, and the third indict
ment will probably be directed against
Franklin himself
Chief Counsel Clarence narrow of ihe
McNamara defense, returned (rom San
Francisco this morning, after a fw dava'
ibaence. He haa retained Attorney Earl
Rodger to represent him here fn the
event any contingency requiring tha ei -,--
i' es of an attorney should arise. Rodpers
gave out an Interview a few day a hco
to the federal grand Jury to this effect.
Th fed.er.ii pr.in.i fury will reconvene
tomorrow .ind, Ii a said In a raw da-.-s
a'lll take up ihe Investigation Into the
alleged fraudulent u- of the malls in the
colle. Hon of the McNamara defense fund.
Fineat baritone inppr in the wes
featuring hpccial ton; Rqthskclle,
( afe.
Bv InternatiAnal News Service.
NEW YORK. Jan 28. Tha rn of
tim iichi of Polka F.ngei Brandt to escape
aervini a tbirty-ysar aenien,- for bur
glary at the home of Mortimer L. Sahlff,
Rla former employer, shifts tomorrow from
New lork to Albany, where District
Attorney Whitman will file .1 VOlUmlnOUa
report tending to show that th young
man Is a victim of n huge Injustice
mute evidence, against the contentlona '
former Judge Alton R. Parker, Paul O
Cravat h or some repros en tati v a of the
great law firms, that the man dcaerVM
his full sentence.
Pvf-rv Indication points to a commuta
tion of Prandt's sentence for three rea -sotis.
The first, according to th ordinary
procedure In such case la that upon all
the evidence in the case, if thla Were to
appear as a new prose-utlnn. a public
prosi ulor would not p warranted In
aubminlng th ,-a t0 an unbiased luri
nlth uni hope of oMalnlnc a verdict of
guilty of burglar- S. oni t'lat the man
rUnded guilt; upon a misapprehension
of the effect or upon misrepresentation of
what the conaenijences or Riich a plea
Mould he Third, that the extraordinary
t'Vfrl'v Of t!i sentence dmand? commutation.
B International News Sep ir
LAWfUJBNCB, Mass.. Jan. TV--The mill
strikers have arranged s tnoru'ter pa
rade for tomorrow to Influence some of
the men wi.o are weakening not to re
turn to work. An extra fori ,,f soldiers
was dt.iiled tonight to guard th mill
property The militia men have been or
dered not to interfere nlth the demon -strattAn
unless the mill psoparty l. at
tacked Hundred At the s;rikera are beginning
1a f th effects of thlr long day off.
M Bt of them nre pradlcailv wlthoul
fnmb with whl.b to buy food and ful
and the dealer ate threatening to cut
off all credit.
Richard A. McCnrdy ill.
B International News gervtoa.
Mop.niSTiiwN. N .1 fni - Rich -aid
A. MoCurdy, 'otmr president of th
M "'Mi 1.1 f naurance corn pan . n at his
I horn hre aerloualy with an Infectad
I FaOt. He arrived horn aiiddeply X'. -
from New York on a stretcher In th
baggage cr ! a Lackawanna train and
waa quickly laken to his mansion In
Booth stre.f.
It had not been known that Mr. Mc
Curdy was 111 and his arrival home In sn
ambulance caused great aurprlae
Clara Barton Improving,
By Internationa! N'n Servi.
WASHUfOTON, Jan. ? - Miss lara
Barton, th civil war nurse and founder
f th p.eil r-rr. T.-0 )-lltn been ; for
stme time. Is much Improved, accoxd
lt,g to a report r.-,Ved from hr home
n Olen Echo tonight. She was sola to
rr.-'-. ahait her room tola.v
Mississippi m
Victims Attempt to Cross j
Father of Waters in Row
boat ; ( )aughi in Ice Jam
CAIRO. ML, Jan. -Twalve oaraona
are blirNed to have been draw lied two
miles ranth of here at " o'clock thla
afternoon when a roWbOSd in which thev
were be,,,c brougnt to this cltv fmm
Bird s Point became lost In an ice jam.
The passengera were part of LIS who
left k noon Cotton Ball train el Bifda' 1
Point. Mo., and were left without con
veyance acroag the river because tha 1
river frrniaii fen;ed to risk his sleani
er in the Ice and heavy fop.
Three boatmen were hired to cnrr th
pasj-naers b. tin.- side -f th riv-i. Tw..
of. them I'.".!-: five iiase:iEe 1 each.
PVank Jonea, aald Lo be an expei ino, i
boatman, permitted twelve lo get into
hla boa t.
I The boatmen of th two Hnh'er f err lea
were ahout fifty yard ahead of Jona
woe), thev heard shouts fOt hl0 and.
turning, saw Jones battling fiar.ti.n-'
with a monster float that 's sweeping
hla craft bevond control. The heavy fog
I then hid the ost Party from .lw ;nd
nothing has sine been heard Of the fer
ryman or hi" passengers
Mosl of those In the ot s..at ar
thougbl to have ben in a part- that
boarded a train at t!!ourn. Mo bul thali
Identity lias not hen established.
Searching parties On both Bldefl of t!ie
river peni the afternoon arid early nigl.t
patrollna fh banka but at a late hour
reported that their search had been fruit-
Bv Inirnat lonal News Sdrvlce.
NF.W YORK. Jan. :'. -The body of
Charlai v Harvey, aculptor, who ds-
appcHTc.i a few u'as ago in a fit of
despondency ovef tlie refusal of a. plas
ter ioiip. ia which he had pinned hla
hopes fur fame ami fortune, waa found
tod . with in? throat cut in a patch of
woods near Long Bridge In Bronx park.
In one hand was a razor, tho one that
(be man had Used to kill himself, and
ten ieei a.-,.- another razor was found.
In Ape pocket was ?!0l In hills and In
another .in amerlcen Bapreaa company
hill Of lading bearing the dead man's
Harvey was little move than thlrtv
efi;-s old. lie had maintained studio
apartments In the Lincoln square arcade
alnce lie returned from Paris a year ago.
While In )':iii he won several inedals
for his work, and was believed to be
p-osperint here. His studio is said to
nave been occupied for several yanra
by Howard Christy.
A year ago Harvev received an order
from' h French concern for a plaster
roup. which, his friends said today, was
to have adorned a cathedral under course
of conat ruction In a French olty Re
cently, hla friends say. h learned that
his efforts of n year had gone for naught
and for aavoral days before his disap
pearance he aa downcast and refused
to spcaii to anyone.
Harvey was a native of New England
His friends say his mother lives cither
In Bridgeport, Conn., or Great Barring
ton: Ma,
l.t"(5? A NOBLES, Cal,, Jan. M. The
third International aviation meet at
Domlnguez field eloaed toda. having
lasted nine daya Aviator Rutarford
Page of New York City was killed In
the meet, Howard Gill Af Baltimore waa
badlj Injured, and tha oilier aviators
will share aiiAnt inV)i"n in prize money,
t.in. oln Beaj hey and Phil O. Parmalee
Will get most of ft.
Th record for making three figure
eight? in succession whs broken at the
meet by Rea. bey. w ho did it In 1:09
end a few momenta later by Pat male,
whose time -was 1:0B'S6. No other rec
ord was made.
Night flying was a feature of the
mt. and army and navv officers said
t demonstrated the use of the aeropl.'inc
for this sort of work In warfare.
ai tod ay' a exhibition, Beaches vol
planed from a height of 5000 feat, and
B'anch fmart Scott, the only wonjan
gviatOl 3t the meet, marl saiii fancy
figures in the air.
NEW YORK. Jan. 28. "Not a wo-d .
not a word. gentlmn." ! Hovemor
Wood few Wilson's reply to a group Af
newspapermen who mt him on hla ar
rival here tonight from Providence. n
the expectation that he might have
something to sa regarding Col. Henrv
Wattereon'a suggestion for a "court of
honor" to declsj Whether th governor's
campaign manager 1 ad authorised the
solicitation of campaign funds from
Thome f. Rvan.
The governor will top here ovr nlghf
and then leave for Trenton to be pres
ent when the legislature meets in the
HA LIP AX. N P . Jan. U - A party of
seventy-two Mormons, psoetly Bcamdina
1 isns and half of them women, hound
for T'tah. arrived bv- the steamer Gram
pian todav. Thev t,,)d th American
immigration off. da's, who inspection
they bud to pass, that thev were no
polygaunlata. and they had th required
funds to prrnlt i!ilr landltig.
Impur blood runs you dovn -makes
von an easy victim 'or organic disease
Burdc.v. Blood Bitters puralea tho blood
cores the naugi butlas ou ip
"Doan'a Ointment cured me of aese ia
that hnd annoyed me a long tim Th
cur -vas permanent."- Hon. B. w Mat.
thews. Commlaaloner Labor statistics,
Augusta. M
Regulate th bowels, promote vtsv
natural mov ement v. ure constipation
Dean's rtgu!ls Ask yout druggist for
them. CSc a box.
Bab- won't suffer flv minutes with
croup If you apply Dr Tbomaa- Klectc
Oil at once. acta iWr magic.
Get Rid of
Hot water. Cuticiira Soap and a little
C'u'virura Ointment do t ho work fpeed
ilv, sgreoahlyand economically. JJbcral
sample, with 32-pag". book, free to all.
Address "Cuticuta." DcdL 16E, Boetoo.
Ernesi Walters Entonibcd
w hile Working on Logan
i )am . May Be Rescue-1.
Special to The Tribune.
LOOAHi Jan. Ii. Brnaii wait
ra, Norwegian, employed by the Moran
Construction compans In the building of
the dam at the mouth of Logan canyon.
us burial by cave-In In tha explora
tion trench at the dam site today
Waiter was digging in p" le-an '
belOw the level f the r1vM bed wh-l
the accident oecured. It is thought the
dirt t ame looaened by the recent warm
weather, t p to a bite hour tonight, tn
workmen who have bee,, steadily digging
to rescue Walters were . yet aaveral feel
away from where ha was roppoind io do
at the time Of the CSVO-lrU
There is ft bare possibility that um
Shaath piling in the trench may have
held ha.k some of th- flirt and thai
Walters nmv be laken nut alive.
Wave of Revfonn at Newport) &
I. ; Gamblera T'TI onl Liquor
Bv International News Service.
Nrowi'ORT. R. i . Jan. .--Newporl
waa as dry as a ben today as a re
sult of rh campaign against gambling
and the fcale Of Ihruor. Cafes and other
placen. including ihose who do not care
to purchase a city license, but bav a
ureeti plaster from the f.-. Ier.il govern
ment. Kept th-lr bottled stimulants In
Movs Or under beds lest they become
victims of a wholesale raid, while the
thirsty cooled their heels out aid a. Tha
ClubS were represented by a full mem
bership, but the curtains were drawn
Rev. William SafFord Jonea, pastor of
Channlng Memorial church, who is sec
retary of th Cltiaena' Unloni preached
a sermon ,-ignlnst gambling and the vice
traffic her'' Mr. Jones said among
other things: "It ir. a hopeful "Ign when
we hecin lo worry over moral rotten
ness In the com m unity It means the
birth of higher social and civic Ufa
It shows that in spite of deceiving ap-
pearancea th world i tcaiiy growing
bet tor
"The moral wrath of decent men and
women in all grade? of abclat are be
ginning to feel the very disgust With
which we contemplate the degradation
of our fair community, ihe rising tide
of moral determination which bodes ill
to cheap and time-nerving politicians
nil this Is a sign of hope, the promise
of a better dav "
Arrested on Suspicion
RRNO. Nov . .inn. 28. -Officer at
Haaen, n-.- . g treated on description and
brought to Reno a man supposed lo be
Coopey Bills wanted for the killing of
Bd Tbnkey near Oerlaab, Nov., January
'.'.J. Posses have been trailing tha fugi
tive several days.
The prisoner grive his name aa tuitln
F. Carrlgan of Ourango, Colo. Ha aaya
he left there a month ago arid la a
miner. H -as he knows the nicht
watchman at Ourango,
This Oifcr Should Be, a Warning to
Every Mau and Woiuafl.
The newspapers and medical jour
nals recently have hml much to aa
relative to n famous millionaire 'g of
fer of a million dolara for a new
This great multi-millionaire aa too
husv to worry about fhc condition of
h,s stomach. He allowed his dyspepsia
to run from bad W ored until in the
cod il became incurable
II is misfortune serves as a warning
to others.
Every on who suffers with fXyapop
si, for R few years will piv-f evgry.
thin? he OWQa for n new StOptach.
Dyapep?iA iq comraonl-. cau-ed I.-.
n abnormal st3te nf the gggtric juices,
or bv the lacl.-. of tone iii the walla 91
the stomach. Tba result i t h h i tbc
atoniaeh loses itv power to .litest.
Stomach, The result .s that, the foni
ach loses tfs pmver to .lirresf. food,
We are now able tO supplv COrtaio
missing elements to help to roaton
to tho c.itric juices their digastivi
power, and to aid n ma lunp the
stomaefa si rone and n all.
We h now thai nOXall TlvMienva
Tablets are a mosl dependable remedy
for disordered stomachs, indigestion,
agd dyspepsia.
We want von to irv Ihcm and will
return - our morjev if vou arp not. mo,-e
trsn satisfied with the. result.
Three sizes. 'Jr coal. 50 'ents. and
1.00 Ramembdr, yon obtain
Bxail Remedies in this community
onlv nt our stores The bextill Stores
Drueh a- Franken, : So. Main
Smith finit: Co, -2r, go. Mnin.
"Find Trustee's m
'"r"'-J 1 '"htil hBBrTllll
-.--,-. t iilways ;-'ibJBl'' I
r.ers..n.'i1 . lfci:in',l:.n,.(.1 Wk I
trust. . i v h ' P r
rses, he inn v i. inJ I
' "!?i ll
' rust cipa. I.v This , J j
Is equipped i., ,-ar, 0r trBu
.-.r -mall
the long experlenc, ,,r t' jM
.-.ia en.ihb n i( , ri,)(15f
ciec.t se, It " .M-..l.S,J10
ill.. I Iter on . BT
1 . n'm'e-
w mush I Ui )imiEsc5
NKVV r -;i-.v,uiif!?
sue '' '-f
for i rnpn "lnd
.-(immlitec rornl'!. r.- furl
eg " 1 1 1 I hi' rs anr..-!.',..n!pi
'.-ll. r. 1BP'N
''''DnssF ;1
nnd would seek the ImmpiJij
urc H
'Is I.-- ''-;ilM taP
Wftllace that was organ! zimI lnHT '
-' -. m'paaafaF
!' tbc bun. I 'i lanw1'
ported bv Ge'orge Gould. BBrTJ
i . ' ..,-.- ,i . , Ph( K
'.he Pie u-!tt.-- WllfTBI
the f'nancing 'm9
' fci -
Sloan's Liniment has aigSr''
ing effect on the nentiK
stops neuralgia, toothachefM
sciatica pains initantly,
Mrs. t:. M Dowrer, of JoUagP" 1
Mich , writ's: "filoau'a UDimntta
o of Nciu .t'lgiri. Hie. f-.ilni fengS 1
eono Jirel I -au 1 1 'i'.y pr jnjr LagHs1
aid itop thein." j)
is also good for rheunnH
sore throat and sprtioaE
At iji ditri ?rii!c v ttaKj
Dr. Earl S Sloan - BooaKi
LTnlcsa your jcwclrjB
s . iuU In rfP"
ui' ni nn ifs bonntv conciB
th.-i! I ' 'lit; fill.
nsl Ms t i help oii in rleaKsi
inc: ni-w m-mt ihl's for jK
ll is .-ii ;i r 1 1 si if rra forBft;
Ir ;i)nl i.iir jowrlcrl 9M.
1 1 ;i ! ' ' in;ry jiicccs isV.
wnrlvH of arl I
aT x
Honest Wor
Honest PricM
Painless extraction of tth H,
.ll work ir.iarantaed. I
; We Treat You W
Cfflco hours ?:30 m. ttH
Sundays, IMoWW
J WEBSTER'S boantf Tn fait Limp Leather, flexible, Btampe jH
stmias on bld nd wde. printed on Bible paper, with rtD
DICTION ABYnd cornrs rotinded ; beautiful, utrong. durable.
Blnsmica the Rener1 contents as deacribed elewhere there
4 osrr aica and ovcr ubjcct5 bau:i;n!lv ii!uitrated by fM
thrr-e -color plates, numeroaa aabjecta by monotone, 16 psgei o
Tsluable charta in two colors, and :hr late United State Cenni. ttflHI
I Wa orLce sia oiiscaUvi Oictieuary coupons saJ tia H
Dictionary by Umm
! 22 Cents Extra lor Postajel

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