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)t alt lake Ktibmu
!-.( v.1 everv rnorrMnjr by
!: Lsks Trlbuns PubMshtag CompM?
Usllv ar.d P-:nrty. rn rrontli f l.SS
Dally and Suirlav. threo months s.fl
r!iv ar.t BnadAjr nn var 1J.H
FuT'dsy Tribune, .n er ?
fiend--- Trlbuns at orttha l.ff
mt-Wsslclv Trlhunf on ysar . 1 59
Tfc TrllniOa f rn ssia Tn 'iv m
Tcrtnr.t ,!.- nf ;h f '-M States.
Hssrtsrs ..f ths Vr- r?-.e- s.s-"rtaJn
ths nanjst el Um Iocs I a,rr.r in say
lly by ttlerihar.lna; this offlcs.
C BrtiHh. Spftll Ap(rr. Sols
f.sstern Advertising Agsnt. Usstern nf
ftct, Trlbur B itMIn Nsrsr fork; West
sm ifflr. Trtbun B'llMir.ir CtlOlfA
HviKnen onmutllesUeM shonM be addressed-
"Tns 'ir'.ouns. Salt lk CJty.
Utah "
Mattr fer puMcatJof to "Editor
Thai Trrtittns Salt Ksks Ot- rtah."
Private Branch Exchange. eOMHrC1
In all departments. cs'l U'aeat-?: s;b')
!ridr1ent IntareommaalcatlBg systsrn
-o-re.-llna- ail iiMrlmr!i. rail 30
' Dtsn at tha Postoffles at Pall Lake
ltv aa Oond-ClaSM rnattsr
Monday, January 29, 1912.
H TVrar n niatrni f i'nt Imnsf papfr fOf
H ait Lake Otj an. i nil I'tah v est r--l.iv
H "n-n:nc . Trihunr was'
fl I ' ' li rsc npr Tr'nrv found t iv n
mf naifir. for him Trhers he t
B hornr-. vsji a mrrc .srttat'ur. He should
H c)BN to t'tsh IBd ' "baiJeaaj
somc of thp Muinc nan left
H voiterijrt v " Sunda.v. much to BBS relief
g of an anno-.ed public Whrn things
H resume their (root, it till be better.
H i -ithfT ftoii the talking thr
H Uniilv," said voiin- Thr" lor
gggj et re-rntl. Which IbOWi ihnt hr is
B MjUIIJI man pf MJBMy who tnl.r-
H Nobody coo. into polities' without
H hopinif to get omethiex out ol it."
H savn the Nsvr York Sun. Well, j. poll
H tirs pincu'ar m tbifl Besides, topside
H our own Apostle StBOOt
B Thr etoxjdpvtten the Honpi
H 3pr'eotatn e n now tee tot Uien
B arlvf how it in t() li "ridden over "
H What the liomorrat? now .ire domy tn
H 'hem. they did to the DeanOOfAts on
the same q uorlion in tho oxtrn o.if.n
of 1909.
H The trltthe in Eesierh cities tiiat have
i.l"iel :hiMr nipmbrr not to n--r I "t
H tor until tho price OOCttej d'wn
Mfi to win if oulv th can persuade
i )0tjtai membtri 1 " join. Moonse of
H btittn i i-rtain to btinc lown the
1 Krport is that the K)uitable will re-
H place Its bumel boildiDA srith a strne-
tnro ion eotnporeej srith Bnrroondu)B
H ait.yecrSiperSi bi ono that will in met
H be BlOproofi H 'hl much will this
H efjearity have leen proved to have
H tionnl esJue.
h Snioot beiosji ibeeoti Pfovo will be
favoro,) itli Stntc
motii.g the present STOOkt tho State
Dairvjtien ' A tSOels ion f JaUUATJ 'Usf
ami l ehrnar.v let), tho Btote pTortleol
tur; Bpciety (Sunmry "joth). n.i th
stato rrv PAXfoerp1 OopTeAtioti (Feb-
'2nd ).
The real newspaper mor. .f 1'iah rlpi
M e?il to rer ndiat,- ine bilks and frnuds
who soi'eht to dominate them at th
ie ent met ting in -alt l.Hke. If tho
one bO rerolted :it tho imposition
aoiight to I. fnt,l pon them will
htaiifl Itri'i. new ,-rii shonid iann
1 thr nen paper field of tins Stnto.
I BO firo COsASAieeiOBeT of Not Vork
-i ' that MOre than six thousand build
Bs boaujej. thr liijuitalde hao r.er-n
ot on hrr in that ntv bv cnrolrs
kinokers. durinc the past tr. VOfUv.
lrom whieb it Appowre that the rot
Hi ! the tobacco that if SSBOkcd onh
moaII part of tb.- cost of smoking.
DotfoM KM f-irnorl .lown tho pTOpO
to hae thro.,eiit .tree; ,itr
fare. PofHafi th otor wore up
prse.1 m the to-pf Jodieiel Idea th;it
relief for tho people i illegnl
injr connacation ,.f propcitr. In all
such matter the people aro more hou
M n,l eeaefnj not to -lo nron- than
t enatcr Tillmsn says that I oi W hi
f tor. on skejsdd rie proof of wij h'
,kv i r.-car.i t,, finan.ing i
OsjOOtsjor WiI.op'. Presidential cam
paign by Mr. Kan. Well, that
wht Yxatterson offere.J. )Mlf rlman
ietu.d to s'e. Aod w0 iHsslfsip few;
vi, Houbt that Wb tier sou bta the
Ht 1 tooof.
Neiun a meeting of tho bsttyo0rs
l t i f altna and i.-ioit to llOeoas the
tnstter of adxaii.iuc the i viKr
beets of their growing, hr t v ont a
'on. tbe Sslma Sun sorronfultv asva:
- Ibe sugar trust bcdds the ke to the
situation, and wilt rontiuue to hold it '
hieh ) certair.lv triem preoeat. M t
i ' ' ""Met the re if the .eetrat...rf
. sbsjdld form iroaclad eoaibtssj sad
M; nt raise beet f..r ftorv at al
Hir unlets they eobld get tnr sMHioM
B; ' ft'v teuts; wnat would the tn..t .p.
t theof
1, r" Demos-rats bae psjajsesl bill iaj
i j : the House rosjniiief the PreeAdsast, be
L for appointing ans Federal pidge. to
uake public "all endorements BsSJShl
Hw i bsbalf of Aai applicant A Ota
B" hit of pit work, following Bryoji 1
malicious lead, and ineffective evasj it
pasaed: for the Praeideat a
Pusulejjes of appoint meat
Hl l' Ihu hkmpered. This whole qHCstianl
whs thoroughly threshed ovit in tbe
Andv .lohnsoii and tho ( !oelud days,
and tue President came out victorious.
Tim husines move- et forth in de
ail iu vesterda morning's Tribune.1
the removal o:' the sVttenrbai h. thej
Keith O'flrion. and tho Paris Millinery
mercantile houses to Stute :roet. indi
I cate S hilfinc Of tho distributing COS.
tor af mercantile goodi in his cit.i j
: that j. iirnif i imf . The rensua of 1010 1
Isjsawed the l.itruost growth nf this city
to he oat anil southeast. These Cro.ir
moroantilo movem"nt. therefore, show
that business js responding- to "the
demonstrated inrenso in our pop
ulation, and thai weigh: of the
popuisfon of this eitv js not onh
s'niffe I. bttt is more ami mure shifting,
all the tnie (a favor of the- sontheai.
The addition pf Waterloo and Sugar
House ward, together with tho taking
in of the tun n v platted subdivisions
on the east bench, account in part for
the southeast ?ain in population; but I
there i no doubt, as predicted long ngo.
that, in response to ihe gre3 10000
of water supph. the population is rx
naadiag more to the southeast than in
anv other irection A visit to . the,
southeast portion' of the iiv will
demonstrate thi poiut fulh to any ue
who Cares to inquire
The rejsAOVdl of tho Auerbach busi
nase win be the mot eottspicuotis ot
anv so far as iength of occupancy and
traditional preemmenee gO lor. ,A;ior
bi h A Bro. ' i r sign ami pierCASltilo
eetablishtoeal that is a very old land
mark m tho eitv. Betabliahed in JrJ.
th.it Diercantile house ha. maintained
ir.s.elf fa he front rani; of the busines- .
institutions of the eitv. and no old Bel
tier fail to roe.il! tho goo. I effect on j
baaiboas thai that firm had in the oarlv i
days, lad this good rffcci has boon
continued throughout the yoars.
The Keith O'Brien great department
forr. although yopager in point of
tine, ins attained s preeminence
roaroelv reached b) anv other ill the
eitv, aid its removal to Stats strael
will le a .-i os. to Main street. The
same m.-iv be said of tiie Paris Hillj nerj
wiii'i) ,s one of tho gresj astAblieh
moot in it. lino in the western roun
trv. The shifting of bale of these big
establishments; indicate the strength oi
tiie jndgmonl of solid bjudgessj men
that the center of distributing trade
ti eon too far to the sreat, that it musl
go eastward and southward in ordot tr.
respond to the demands of eentraliti
and odnvenienee of thopping The
ehangOB that this nill make :n the gen
oral business activities 0. the eitv are
plain. The new cmtralily thu created
will on doubted y respond to the judg
menl of the ominonl business men who
arc making it. and doubtless Ihoy wili
r-nii.o thfir edvantag in the ehangc.
It is praetieally (ertnin, however,
thai iho pla.-rs vacated bj these great'
firms will be occupied b other, be
cause 1 r. Main street ccatnlity of dis
tribution I- so firmly fixed, that u
V ill not srane for i long titne in come,
and II. use of the firm- indie. nod w ho do
mit retain their present places will
donbtteai io sueceaded by others, who
wiii ilsjo roeeive then- ihirq of the pub
lie patronage, and the irrovrfti of the
cft.V will gie enough tr(a.o for all.
The move indicates more -lr.ngl
than over before the espaneion of the
busineas districi of BaH Lake City and
the growth 1. 1 mercantile trade here;
for, it i- sure thing that ;he old lo
CAtions will bo lo-.-upied, and tbough
the grist ira.le gf the removing firm
will, for the most part, remain with
thus firms, there wi bP good trade
lot 1 for those who BUCeeod I hem in
their old place-. The wide significance
of the ehange a - htatei is t !.,. e..,u
lien of the trade of Ball I she, the
broadening out of the business district,
ai.d t. u liising of a new energy t,,
the vast bnpiin'ss enterprises that een
tor lit re.
The o'd I.Tiitoned motho.l a't.i'!.
in? min p.e -.v;is to ,a it; the new
mo.,,. ,, attach is tu prevent anv
body from eating it. Objection ha
beOO made in girls' schools m the East
to the pupils eating miner toe on e.v
i : contra rv grounds, one reason be
Uuj iven that to have 01000 P'C at
lunch makes the g,rs prowey and in
attentive to their lemons in the after
noon: another, that to have mime pie
for dinner In the evening makes the
girl wakeful, and deprives them oi
their sleep. This s,t.tts deep seated
and uareasoaine animosity against
miner ti , srfaieh is both reirehensibli
and beyond defense, for, it DAiaee p iaj
makes the gill- drOWiy, eoit.Uulv it
ought to je). them to sleep in place
of lepriving them of sleep, still ,jeji
potiifn II always ariulrarv, and, in,
spite Oi if self omradiciori reasoiiri
sn'l illogical inference, the : lit i -n . n.
pie propaganda has susceoded in a
number of the Mrhoos. and the girls.'
will have no mlnec pie hereafter.
MoSAt Ho'voke has banished it eutiie j
h ; Simmons ollege m Boston allows
t onlv onre a vear. and Welloslev I
peintu it nniv on 'luaiikgiv ,nK aud
t hrottaas.
The irteeoio ilahje reasons IfgOd
"against the rating ot mime pie are as
notiiing. however, lompaiei sviti, the
charge that mime pia is rumo.is to the
ompieuon. Ue are mnuni-ei. ho
ever, that this also is a tallae. int-e
ths rosies . t.loomingest girls we ham
ever knostn ere habitual eaters of
nunte pie in i- .isou. and loved it.
W can but lament, tr.erefors. the pa
iahtaf of ibis toothsome teii.acv from,
tbe itirla' aehoois of the tat, and la '
meat with the opil their deprivation
of M,tatv. ,j,d . ale. and altogether
de,r,4,e -r , ,lt f01 , , Wjrt
mav hope that this wholly uuwairant
cd crusade against mime pie will not
extend further we-t than the home of
'the raid, nnappvcciating Massacbus-ctt.
We have at all timc- bOOO much
I interested iu the farmers" trains which
carry dire-t to the farmer the special
Instruction whirh i calculated to help
th.-m in their work, to Increase their
! profits, and to introduce new and sci
entific methods in their tillage. Ke
eentlv. we have disCUSSed the matter
from time ta time; and in response
to an edilorial we hae the following
from Prof. Lewis A Merrill, who i
the very active director Of that fann
ers ' instructional work;
Salt Lake CJtji I ta i .lan ; )S)1-
Luilor Tribune:- our eilitorjal in I lie
Tribnni- of Januar' Itli under t he title
"The Paitneis' Trains, ' is cary utuotj
appreotateii hy the members -f the Farm
era' Institute orp of th Afirietilt ural
in leiaiion to tiie tiip given farmera'
lvo. fai ti-fvl -.riu uave t. 'i i
Infcrinea. Our .tife law i-etpures tliat
we hold Institutes for the wmnen when
ever we qoM 'hem for the men. and during-
the pa! several --ear we 'invo hf
spe-isi meetings rw s women during
the iin . and -, l n me"i!ns; luring i li
evenlua. V'r ldo on our staff tWO
w-rnia t;atue i.i :!! loner, wlio
at aP.ing ihelr entire im to work I
among the stouten of the State, Last
vwr Prof. i'in. Tin pin. ths efficient j
poultry Inatructot ' the Harlculturel I
College, ! tijrel lo the women iu1 tneni
ltl ev m- iieint- of till .';ate on prinllr.
uhiet. Olll train -n the past Pave
tak'n iiji tiie v e: - '.Ines ' work em-l5oie-
In your ortltoiiaJ. We rlo discuss
I at every tow n visited, avers pha.se of the
(dairy question Including cere of milk,
wind include In our sxblolts tvmty known
device tor insurina eteanllneas In tho pro
duction of mtik. To make these subjects
von mm " Imprasalve, We havt erpployed
an evpori from stlnnesota, Hurlna the
pas' tw.i years. ,iN . Hen i; KMredge,
I President of tho state lialrymen's. Asso
ClatlOD. ami who ha a reputation for
I producing first ! milk, both of whom
haVS lo,-tiOi iin Ihose loptoa.
The w liter frls that in the SdltOT Off
Mil Ball I.nko Tiihune. the Intension
work has a line Mportei 'r fear, rtOW
evsr, that you are got In possession of
all the faets In relation to i.ui work.
I am prepare, I to prove that wo ar
I spending more time m demonstration
, train work limn anv Slalo in l'n Union:
l am .iisi-. ready with eta tint lea to prove
tha DMsTS attention ;s phut to WOmen'S
work in tills siate iiian in apr- other
State. Mr .lohn Hamilton, who has
charge f KArmers' institute worh
throughout the Pnlted Stated mado the
t.-iti-ment reeont!s- that lie know nf no
sin to where more efftrtsnt Or mere
effective work was ruiu iloue than in
wO have ii-od' . and ate 6rganl8lng
hoys' an.t girls' eluhfi along the very line.
supgest-r! In your editorial, and fe.
li.rfore that are, are strictly In ae -,-,t,
with voir Ideas tn iiio.n matter.
fn cOUCtuaton rormlt ino to thank vou
fot tho sugae'.tion made aivl oncnurjure-mr-nr
,.!Vro-l We feel partlcularlv crat,-.
ful fot the puhlleitv ci'"n o.,i work
llitougli vour Humns.
Verv sltiegraly
I.1-W1S r. S'KKRIf.l
In o far as tho abov give. g ror
reef jon. wo are vorv glad to Civ" the
public the benefit of it. The editorial
referred to was based on the propo.si
tion thai the farmers' wives, son?, and
daughter should receive tho benefit of
the instruction delivered from t he-.o
farmer' trains Wo ;,r, glad lo know
that the suggestion ras anticipated,
and that the instruction actually em
braces the points upon whir-li we dweit.
And, Since the incident :ive an on-
portynity to niake this plain to tlmi
pidilie f the State, we a i e veiv glad
ot the oofTegpondence
The main Ihiiig in g tlii.s in.nter.i
ivo fur as we ,-iro eoueerned. i, that
tho instruction delivered from these I
train' shall be as wide as the neeilsi
of the Stale ami a dir--.-t as possible
to those who i an best profit bv it To
this end WO h'ie bcCA an active friend
of this work fr..m the lirl. and BTC
glad of verv oppornuity to Bdvadcs
it. ImprovQ t. and .see it applied whore
it will do the most good.
There a loud demand in 'ah
, Ingtpn lor a change of the date of the
Presidential inauguration. bocgUIC of
the fraguani itoripa, oold, and dis
agreeablcne.s (,f the pre-ent inaugura
tion day, the tunrtii pi March. Al
most invariably the day is stonnv.
cold, ami .-o uncomfortable to those
who lake part in the inauguration
ceremonies that colds, pneumonia, and
various physical troubles are almost
certain to Ic -visited those who
are prominent H, ti,r exercises, Ac
cordingly, there ha boon for a long
! time a demand for a change of inaugu
ration da.v . ami a b II i- now in
: i ongre-is, reported favorably bv
j the Hon.se judiciary committee, . bang'
j i ue the date from March to April
1 but. little is s;ij, gbottl it, and tbe
j obAnees of it being enactnl into Jan
1 are rather lim.
We believe thai it would be a good
thing to Change the inauguration dav.
; not fOf any icasou stated bv the coup
plaiu rs iu Wa-hingidji. but lor rea
sons of imbli.; noftey, And the dav
should be ehangOsli not to a later dav
in ;ho year, but to an earlier one.
The inaugural should bo upon thr
first Say of January, or, if that dal
ones on Sunday, then on the Monday
following. Tor. the old procia.-t Ian
tion of giving cflect to Ibo election
as held is no longer either neceggan
or tolerable in nor modern life. A- n
i now. we e!o( t a new oiigrrss, av
in Nyvemiiei of the present year,
ThAt I ongress does not assemble tin
til uiorc than a vear later, utile. it
is eallyr! iu BfsBuial session. There
alwavs g short ses.sion or the jeagtB,
to be sure, on ibe inauguration Of the
Preaident. to confirm bis Cabinet ofti '
ter. and sdch other urgent ap
(ointments a he wishes to makp "bv
and with the roascnl of the Senate.":
There should be a change in all
tb.s; the new i ongress hould meet
on the first of danuarv after its elec I
tion, or the first Monday, and the new
admiuistrstion should take )u. -,t
the same time. It uj true, of course,
that tbe formal election of the new
President under the present laws, bv
the Pies.dentiai elector, does uot take
place until Januarv gf the ygai -ue
i-eediug the h no sing of t tie ele--'
tors, it would be an easy matter.
however, to rhange tins, gad to make'
'lie av of tii glSWtiUn '''e else
tots along m tin- middle of De
cember or n few days later, allowing
, some four to ii weeks after the popu
: lar election for the electors to meet
m the capita; wf their various State
: and cal the-r ballots for the PfOal
dbattal candidates. The result of these
ballot could be taken to Washington
immediately, and by the twentieth of
. December al intest ,-ouid be spread
before engross and ths result b
dare J.
This would ivr us immediate re
I suits from the -election held. The
I new President would take hold within
:w.i months t the time of bis elee
tion, and the new ongies? would mee'
at the same time, within two mon'hs
gtter it election. The old I -umbet
BOme method of waiting more than a
'vear I r the regular session of the
new Iv elected ' ongress to begin is au
liquated, unsatisfactory, often ex
ngberatihg; and the final or short ses
sion of a ( ongress one of the most
mournful thing in the world, a sur
vival of s dominance whieh the pe
pie have decreed shall pass away.
The bill now pending in Cong'r
for the postponement of inauguration
lav to April iu place of March would
make tr?e new situation even WOTH
than the present one. a. postponing
for a month the change which
now too much delavod What is
needeil j to get the retmb declared
bv the people at the November olefl
tion into practical working ru ler IA
soon as possible; and thi can be done
under our present system of Iran
nortation and communient ion VOrj
easily b the first isav the first. Mon
day) of January next succeeding the
November election If anv Cheng!
ihonld be made, gild ATS think that
the ehange i desi table, that is the
sort of change for ongress to enact.
The Democrat! Of the House of Hep
regentatives are in too much of a hqrrj
with their metal tariff revision bill.
They are too arbitrary about it. alio;
for if was clearly unfair to choke oft
tiie amendments proposed, especially to
the lead and E1DC items. That sort
of nrbitrary work is not good in the
framing of tariff bill, .'hat i' the sort
Of work hat brought the tariff bill
of 1908 into disrepute and CAUBed 'ho
country to repudiate it The stand
patter-- in both hOUSOS of I ongress ggj
the extra so-jon of IftOfi which passed
J this repudiated bill, would not listen
to reason. They declined to get any
scientific or accurate information cither
about ,'he taritls. the market, or I lie
difference in the cost of production be
tween this country and other i outlines.
Thoy refused all cnlight entncnl . and
pgggod ;l bill which was Dpi onlv an
affliction to the country, but i direct
repudiation of Iho pledges of the party
which had to stand gpogAOr for that
bunko law.
Ahd norv iho rjrpmOcratvC House of
Reftre0ntAtivee i proceeding in jull
that blind, fatuous wnv to amend the
metal schedule without having anv in
formation anv scientific reports or tOaf
timony, any real idea of the facts or
principles Involved in.4he changes which
ii makes, g simrt. mis Democratic
House a passing a metal revision m
precisely the same ignorant, stupid, and
reprehensible way that the Republican
StandpatteTS passed the present law in
1900. The repudiation by the countrj
of that vicioni IgVf was a repudiation
not only of the terms of the law- itself,
but of the method whereby it was
paAsed. The people of this country have
palled beyond the stage when thev are
blind to what is going on. Whop thev
i see a tariff law enacted without anv I '
regard nhaVejvor to effects, and with-1 '
: out anv effort lo get the knowledge
neceaaary to pas a just and fair tariff f.
law, they rebel, and thev will rebel
against this Democratic vioiousngss just
la sturdily and as generally us they
rebelled .n."in.st the itandpaf vicious
I ness.
Ba k of ail t hat . boa st sr, a find
! Republican Benate confronting this
Democratic Bouse, and not In tbe least
jlikeh to conform to its lead. Tiie Sen
i ate wilj cgftainlv amend this vicious
1 House bill, and will amend it in the
; very particulars in Which the House
refused to do the fair thing in it pro
trailed session on Saturday. Indeed,
jthe Senate mav becOms BO liaguatodj
with the whole matter a to refuse to
pa. guy tariff bill at ail
Hut. in CASS the two houses should
sgree on m revision of the metal
ehodnloal the President stands ready,
j and is reported in tho dlgpatcbOf as do-
termined. to veto nay bill of the kind.
' He ha laid down plainly Mtid solidlv
j It if attitude on the QUCStiog of tariff
reviaion. He sril have the revision
made mi sisenfHi, li or. oi the a-lviep
ot egperts who know what thev are
talking about, ami not bv ignorant om
Rgognee for political purposes. Per the I
first time iu the history of the country
ve have a Praaideat who i determined!
to have a tariff thw framed on seien
lid. an.l practicgj lines; not a revision
made nt baphagArd and lor the purpose!
.i political advantaged It is well that
0 e haVO thla, and it is well thai the
country has the assurance that tbe
Prosideat will veto soeli (1n aiMtti
Measure as tin partsd ;.v tba rouse.
The Tariff Hoard has made in. n rl
upon the nfttal eheii:ie. Preeident
Taft deelare- that he w ill ,.t sign
anv tariff bill that is not based up(,n j
?he recommendation of the Tariff
Hoard. Tag cbar dnt, od 'ongress.!
therefore, hj, ,f ,t i, iq Mrne8f ID
i . ising the tariff law. to proceed to j
the revision of the wool and cotton I
schedules, upon whi. h the Tar.ff Hoard)
has reported. If it refuses to do this.'
its work will be abortive, and the
i'reient win be faHy aatified by the!
Amerirsn people in adhering to his
anno. ro ...j purpose to veto this met. '
- ': ipidJty, as well a anv other!
legislation ngt approved bv the ex
perr on t t.e Tar fT H..rd.
Is assured ycu when you Uv Dr. Pierce's family medicines for J&Slmjki
all the ingredients entering into them are printed on the bottle- 7feggH iHM
wrappers and these are attested under oath as being complete and WM
correct. You know just what vou arc paying for and that the ' ' M
ingredients arc gathered from Nature's laboratory, being selected .-gBjjHgHlw
from the most valuable native medicinal roots found growing in fHgfSfl
our American forests and while potent to cure are perfectly harm- raM ,;M
less even to the most delicate women and children. 't-dW
A of a drop of alcohol enters into their com- fytiwjlk
position. A much better agent is used both sjfWfipsW K
for extracting and preserving the medici tttil
nal principles in them, viz. pure triple m ft
refined glycerine. This agent possesses in 7
trlnsic medicinal properties of it own, being a most valuable I
antiseptic and antiferment, nutritive and soothing demulcent. I
Glycerine plays an important part in Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discove ry m trlc CUJJj
of indigestion, dyspepsia and weak stomach, attended by sour risings, hc.irt-huni, fJM
breath, coated tongue, poor appetite, gnawing feeling in stomach, biliousness and HJ
dred derangements of the stomach, liver and bowels. I
Besides curing all the above distressing ailments, the "Golden Mcdic;il PiscovciVB'
is a specific for all diseases of the mucous membranes, as catarrh, whether of the nastS'
passiages or of the stomach, bowels ot1 other organs. Even in its ulccrativi stages it tvS?
yield to this sovereign remedy if its use be persevered in. In Chronic Catarrh of thsaW'
Nasal passages, it is well, while taking the "Golden Medical Discovery for the ncccssanaw
constitutional treatment, to cleanse tne passages freely two or three times a day with Oil
Sage's Catarrh Remedy. This thorough course of treatment generally cures even tbftnV
worst cases. aw
III coughs and hoarseness caused by bronchial, throat and lung affections, cxccdbB
consumption, the "Golden Medical Discovery" is a most efficient rcmeoy, especially
Jthosc obstinate, hang-on-coughs caused by irritation and congestion of the bronchiS
mucous membranes. The "Discovery" is not so good for acute coughs arising frojS
sudden colds, nor must it be expected to cure consumption in its advanced sIagcsn3
medicine will do that but for all the obstinate, chronic coughs, which, if neglected 08
badly treated, lead up to consumption, it is the best medicine that can be taken. I
lo find out more about flic above mentioned diseases and all about tin: body in health ami jjM
case, get the Common Sense Medical idiviser the People's Schoolmaster in Mfdicine--reviscd angSr
up-to-date book of 1000 papes which treat3 of diseased conditions and the. pr.uri ,, :u,-, r,fu rrJj I
ment thereof. Cloth-bound sent post-paid on recr-ipt of 31 cents in onc-ccnt staninj to na- cn fLav
mailing only. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. ' J :
; f r Wr ! 3 K
W """S' U's not long till ev- , ill
4 l V erybody will want Ljj
f) ' m Much of the work can be done now
iffl as wc as later. We are ready for
t 4 1 111 'H you with new and sty'!ls,l wa
M I I Wa SfJ papers, good workmen and prompt IT
o J ' , ' losjp attention will follow. See us about Wt
l work now, even though you do
The Tribune Gives Your Wants Ihe Lames! OrculaK
I 1
F und
on are tm ited tn build
up ;i s,t, ibgs account al our
bank s tbal you may have
an emergency (und, al
though yon are not at all
likely 1 meet w it h t he emei
geuc after you have the
account rur obaer at ion
and expi Hi nee teach tun 1 hat
the man w iin accumulates n
ingfi deposit Forma habits
in :li-' proi h that male- ;
Iinai cial ''enicrcem ji-s' J
stranfgers i hhn. Bui be j
inis tii--- money.
We p;r j hi I par 'en!
com tounded I irice a 3 1 b r,
in laviD'gi lejiogit. j
The Nat ionai
Copper Bank
1 Jj 1
National Bank of the Republic
a inai ga 1 - . . AApart.
msnt co.'i4uct.l In ro?viiciion vvlin th
It: k. Ssf aep&sit boisn for int (J I
D ej oat tory
Prsrk Knox, president! Jimii A Mu'
ry. vice prnsldsnt: W. W. Earls, csshi.r
E. A. Culbertsr..-. ssslstan; cssn r
Capita ; si 4 - ltl U trffet mIS f
St. lln.S ilr.'r V
On a recent test of a mill in this K
city, U3ing steam drive, it was
found that TWOTHIRDS of the I
total power used was required to
drive the line shaft and belting IL
Electric drive, with individual wtf
motors, was substituted, cutting
their power bills in half, due to the Bl.
elimination of the constant loss in jftj
belting and shafting. Rf
Ask our power expert to show
how the cost of power may be re- I
duced in YOUR factory. I
"Electricity for Everything." Sj
When nothing else w"4 m l
start dirt You KNoi Jft;
will do it 3 FAST OMI I
vVorks Without Wjuite saWcSVSB?i

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