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I It Is a Cinch That Mutt Is "In" Very Prussian With His Spouse : j V ' Ihl(V ' FjshM
Curtey Leaves Tonighl for
San Francisco to Negotiate
With Coffroth.
offers oi liooooo Leave
Nice Margin ol Profits
foi Promoter.
Jack t'uiley will Imvo for San Tun-;
ciaco tonight nnd within ton davs ft
1 deilnlie announcement where and
lien I he .lohnson-Flynn light lh he
held, la sapsc-ed. Curie) has three of
feta of 1100,901 fai th tight, .lartudge.
wMcb anil one nt the. offers, ik ap
parent) out or the qutsHon because It
i to fi from reilnoed. Jeraea Cof-
trot srsns mo die Vsroon, California,
menu are the other two competitor. Let
i o one think these offer are not bona
fide, foi Claris) has the beat of evidence
that the Califoi uians mean hn.inee.
hile Curlo still adheres to hla eUtt-
B sncnl that he prefers 'o manage the
aruola thing hlinself independent of the
B I'allfon promote !-. and for that rca-
n wants to lage the bout, adjacent
10 Salt Lake. he. like any other 011(0
H rtciji '.rrpiesaai lo. la out for the monc;. .
tt !a to M teared therefore thai when
ggggl Curie) geti 10 California dlapstcli will
B mii' ovei th. laying thai owing
. e fa. i Nevada attorns gsnsral
ihreatenlna oppoallimi and alao OWing to
j ih bie offera and finootli calling in
California, tut big Ugh! wlU bt held
bbbbbb-I California haa strict lava against prize
I Minting, hut the California n alvr.- tlnd
h ' . rtf fipl.is .i.'r i.i IV v
art ant prort mlna t'l I h" i itixen
Tlia ih!a big mill CfttUW a halo Of
Btparlt; I or ovei the comnranlty
v (ri li i" pwlaH off la eartaJntjfi and
for tliat n-aaou la n pH - that tha oiin
ma! Intention cif in.i:itig Suit LiK 'he
ftht naadOuartara -in nt be d!icri
to, Of iouie it not 'it.-'i'i .i that I
'hla -lt Will not ba th !eud;uHrte!i.
bUt In COnaidtrtOB the Kjftit r.iilfintHS
a I j '-'Oka like a big fMvorit.
oiihtieai the 'idniialon nottay plu1"
.alue of liic -.no Ins picture ttg'ita
y; ' ill ba more than UOO.000. but tharc la
an areia to build if the fislit 1 boM
itKid of Oaltfomta. Ona thing is i-r-laln.
and thr.t i t'u1e l? solnj; to Call
fori. la to n-gotl!e .:; t Cuff roth and
iiH Ilia rnoll managt'.irtit.
I. ' s f?re foi :e mill, which
gl iieaterl Ke-.oii'l doubt
! .finn fly. . ahow that flcht rrltka Mho
L; 'i "ati'd the JolmaonFl2 in boui as a
j ok i had ii :i exauaratcd aojoaa of hutnoi
Man; of the wHter. inld h wuld not
; .Iihv. j rt herr arc i ,mnv Jlntmy t 'of
I fto'i. an-I tli Vamon vetarao promoters
.ff-rlnn 1100,090 f,- the pilvlVege of -ts.
K;I '". ''
Inn r.ri.t M' r,. Patrn may ex-
pert t" Flrnn vhfppel. but hey
I 1 will (; th" aui. I .oi it before tht! j
h'C mill '"one . 1 ifT-rem e .f oplnloi
"f:i aprini up. It Johnny Couloti urra:
i" t'glii .fn. u lohnaon thre would h
j, "r.,? '.m-jtr-.M. 'rif ( t. rt I
iheh braatf ih leltMlna of gren. prof
Ita In ba-kln the rnlani.
l' th- big mill -.Oil maw all riant,
h it froni il wti- It looka now. i.'all
fornta ta ant to pocket tha procOade.
TT.v. nAvr.y. Ckrnn.. Jaa tt Wil
liam H.-.w. capuJn of the r raifm
mlna f-ani. tonlcht rnoiin.d hi re
! Ignatlnn and railed a tieetlng to hixit
kt i;cf..r lomorroK nigtit. Mow la
1 1 far nf th- cin al .a been pron'
Inent In mora branch of atMet. thun
n other Yale grdwate.
IN TY ) R!( , fUMPS
' ART. Til. Jan 2 t.a. Hajren af
paS tha North Star -lub of Chippewa
PPPJ Kalla. Wta today wn the profelonaj
champtAnahip lp the national k' irumi.
HI " n,n' ,Wo J'jmP n' 1-1 and 122 feet,
pppj rtMng him a parceut u -t Dvluth
pppj wa ard-d nt ear lOUl laHliaal
I Ryan to Box McOlnJay
PKORIA. III.. Jan. tl-Accord Inr to
ir ni- nt ".ade I . r lor.'.eh'. Ja. k
llvan of Ti.lraro III ma I St Mi .
Jlnlev the Molina middleweight boxer
In a tcr.-i"'ind m before local rli;o
tha night of February .
IBifle Club Score.
At the a-eeklv aboot of the Bait Ik
RT.' "tub yeatarday tha foliowin aver-1
ae arorea were ma4e: Ra . U 4I: kfc- j
, onahav 111; M '"ornlck. Ici
W field. 41: Bolr. :4. Johnaon. s-m
41 1-3. Ttiawaa.
All rortraita ordered tft later than j
neeamber 10 are readT for dahrj at j
Tribune Art Studio. 153 b. Main Cal;
Dependable erante maida cooks.
rgltre5e. eoernc4 ron t gj
H all look to the Want t'olumn to pro
vide tiern eroplovment and op.ortuni
tiaa for advancement.
Two World Champions
I Must Defend Titles
Johnnv Coulon and Abe Attell Will Meet Chal
lengers in Vernon Arna During
Month ol February
By H. M. Walker
Ry lnierr,ji;rtnai New Service
L08 ANGELES, .l;n. 28,rTwo ring battloa for world's chain
piotuhip titles will b Btaged ;ti the Vernon arena by the
rv.'-iri Athletic club. during the coining month "i Pebrnary.
N'exl Saturday afternoon, February '! Bantamweigbl "'liiiin
pion Johnny Coulon of Chicago is booked to box twenty rounds
with Frankie Conley !' Kenosha, Wis The weight is named as
liu pounds nt 10 o'clock in the morning.
On Washington's birthday, lbruarj 22 A.be AtteU i its
foliunv Kilbane of Cleveland in a twenty-round tilt al 122 pounds
ringsite tor the featherweighl crown
. (he COUlon -Conley ronleat Is but
unc week :iwa. illtclet naturally can-
larf about the bantam sffalr for tha
time h'Mii;. No bcttin? ha.- been i-
cordod aa yat but in all probablUty th-op'-nlng'
quotatlona will hold the Chi-
-i-oi.'i a- aw i"i ir, S favorite
The fact that "Cherokee ' Tom Jnc
the nan !io made . hajnplona out of
Ad ".,L.-i.-t -,iii! Billy Papkc. t
now li.uidlin? Conley, ami i? peraonall)
conducting; the training "f tl.e Kenoahfl
knot kar, la rOopoluUMe for the fart that
1 cicfit rl-1 o? iiddril rcspf" t if being
Hhovkn for Fr.inklc.
(i w estimated thai fully 2000 per
on sa .'onlc- work out at Doyle'a
'rnou camp tnla afternoon. Pranklo
I opened arlth a brisk handball Onswajo
i ml shadow boxlngi '.inkci tie pulley
land then wadod Into hla n tiling (ipnins
loan 'Ci. MHobo" DouBherty. "Kid
Snyder and Jimmy .S'lvlln. fr eleven
round i earnoat tnlltlnSi At nc fin
( ..I h down to 1ISJ pounds.
CoulOn proethallv a trancer to ihe
OAf. ;ilii.-, war. Ch''i .i iiii r t r. rorpp- J
Uon 'n the rlnR at Shaw's gymnaatum
ot Venice.
I.lglu WOfk only ia indulged in by '
i r little champion, who c.rihiitir,i that!
i ittfl haa hi." "Rulbnan prop--" un-1
ri- r him.
I .Moada;. mornlmj will lee me i oot
; ina Mi-fig ih ocoon iora for a mod
erate "print and In the afternoon I .!
begin 'en' arorh." J-'ild Johnnv.
don't nerd much t rali.lrm. My fight,
with Forbaj leaa ii-.n a week axo .
i a abort ona anil left nie in prootlcavll) i
perfect condition. Trie weiajht j. a nat
ural o ia f'u m-. so thHt ail i have t
4o : i. keep limbered up. rn oni
tratn four daya to defend my title iiu
iltne. '
Skators Organiie Circuit.
NKW ,TOBK. Jan. :.-At niee(nL
here toda- of tha International Skating
union a In uli ii'i the I it l i national ama
teur champlonahlp waa arranaTOd. Rap
reaentatlvea -if the Canadian weatarn,
mic'die atataa and eaatarn akatina aaoo
i i.iiio'.ie attended fne meeting1.
Four t'iiouyand rabbits were killed yog.
t e i ,i a ir.- U5 Salt Lakena. who wrni to
I RoaoU, not fa:- from Promontory, on the
j old Southern Par.ifn track. The nim-
rods had a special train which left here
lahortly after 7 o'clock and returned at
10:10 laat night
Parmers eager lo iiae the rabbits dc
j atroyod irJ . i attracted iv the ihree.
icent iKiiintv me l huntora and took
them la wajrona to th.- hci hunUtut
placea. A srat elrcie was formed art
the rabbits driven to the center, where
they u r- deatroyed.
II. L. Finch said that he aaw a flock
cf not Ir s- than : !,. ns. hut 5
tin is the ,lr.f, vcason the Mi. Is were
rt'i the farrnari had delayed tlie
iiiinreiV return by a-klriK (h'-ni to wait
until the, cul Ihe eara from the roh
blte 00 they could olle.-t the bountv the
bunnlea wce thrown into the baarxaxo
car. Bach hunter when he arrived Tn
Bait Lake took .i man. a.- he wanted
but thousands were left over T.ie news
lli.it the. voir- i.rin- fflvr-n 8WBV -OOII
apread among the small ic.- q tht -
1 1 1 of thr Short Line depot and un
til lar Into Ihe nil.-!. I oiingMr-rx loaded
down wllh rabbits weir f.n tiuOcnti;
to the home, or their oarenta, unclea
and other romtlVea
Wall Paper.
Rooiii loi renin ante .heap. i jt Baat
F'irst South .-trcet. oppoaito ftye depart.
ment Wtn. T. Knapton A- o
Ski Jumper Starting Long Leap
After Terrific Down Hill Slide
r : uT fxaaW Caaf wMmmA
Al BaaW. aML 'CbbbbFVJb!
paja aar . . ; k m
L r"1
!CgbaaTartrrr i
Hi Encounter With Harrv
Trendall Confirms Good
Opinion W on in Match.
I Bv International New Bervlce-
P1TT0BTJRO, Jan. .'S-Win WlIMa
; Ritchie- won the popular dot Ifton over
Horry Trandall, the ?t. Lotii light-
I WOlSht, after six rOtrodi of hard ficht
j ;ng here laat night, the crowd saw a
i crooi-j n 1 1 1 1 . Ritchlr pro od the cleverer
man aiM piled un a good lead with
pretty left hand Jaba and rlaht croaaea.
He had all the hotter of Ihe clean work.
Trendall being more effective In the
clinches than when landing off.
A crowd of lOOO fan ja mined Into th
American Athletic club and all went
away satiefled, as both bov trir-cj hard
all the time None disputed the right
of Ritchie to the decision. Ritchie wa
! handled b Bmll Thiry and Vackey Mc
I Frland. hi stable mate. Packey t-ot a
big hand wh'n introduced.
The encounter was a fler one, though
.there waa no knockdowns Trendall
I showed an inclination to close work and
kept in an embrace as much aa possible.
I but Riti-hi smothered moat of hla
lehort-arm blows and managed to keep
ii:n hoviii)- enough lo 'sin the verdict.
Trendall could not get a. way from
I Ritchie,' efl hand jab and whenever he
became tired of laki.ic spiteful tah
In ihe face, h rughed Into a clinch.
"n.-e theic he managed to use i,,. right
with good effect at times, but RftcbTe'l
defenae was too good for idm.
When they sparred Trendall ? rlgh.i '
I hand was useless. 1 1 apparently for
got be poaaeoged such a uaefui punoh
ing Weapon until he reached a clinch,
I That gave Ritchie g big ad-, an; age. :i
he soon learned to Ignore Unrry's right
I while feinting ior openings,
i Ivach round was pcar-ib-aij-.- a repeii
Itton of the others. Ritchie scored well
I In all the dean work and piled up a
-teartv lead. Ttrnd3ll best, round WSS
th fifth, when he landed some hard
lone to Ritchie'! .iaw. hut Ihe rall did
j not last long and Vlllio was soon peck-
Ing at In fa.-e again.
Weather forecast fo" Salt Lake City
, and Utah: Fair Monday and Tuesday,
j not much change In temperature,
onipar.it ie weathei data at Salt Lake
City, January tt, ipt.':
Highest ! nip.-rature tndav was ".9 de
grees, highest in this month a.nce U74
was 'In degrees: lowest last night was SO
degrees, lowest tills month ulni.vj lS7t
was SO de?tee.- below zero; mean tem
perature for today was 34 degrees. n--r-i
IiihI was .'I" d--gie"s. accn inula l Ml ex.-esH
Igtnce the fiisi of tlie month i-; 154 de
I rei .
Relative humidity at 6 a. in. today waa
82 per cent: relative humidity Bt 6 p. m.
, toilay was .':; per eni.
Tidal precipitation f.jr tne kwentyfour
i.i,i,v ending at 8 p. m. .a- .04 of an
in- ;.; total f.,r month to date la .74
j oi an inch: accumulated deflciencj for
; this month to dale is .li, of an Inch: to
tal precipitation since January i to date
. i-- .7i .-f an Inch; accumulated deficiency
. si:u e January 1 p .p. of an inch
The sun rises 'it a. iu. and sets
at ":41 p. m. January '.':.
w BATHER ultSERVA i li is
Tempera! ure.j
siatK-ni ir I
I if
- - . jr , !
s.Mr LAKi; .....". ' :;. ' .io( .04
; Boisio 3a :U :tn .08
Chicago 2 ' l x . oo
Denver 34 4: :4 .o
1 " 1 Moines 1 iv jl m -
I'ods- iiv 12) .-.v o
Dunith . 10 10 j .it
Durango .14 ti .00
tlnand Junction ... 14 44 -jt 00
Havre ,.
listens ;:s ;:k i .e
1 1 1 inm JO Jdt ; i r,
Jaeksonville : a; iz .".4 no
Kana 34 x.' .Tv )ii
Lander "4 ait R 00
Los AneW I r,z 44' .00
Modcna .Tl 40 ;o 00
Moorhead 6 l K n
v w 1 11 leans 7: ; ,.4
New York ;4. t
North Rlat'e 40 Zt e;
Oklahoma 4.. ::; ag
Phoenix Ho 4 ;;i ,,
Portland. Or. ' .n if 1 1
Kat-ld i lt. :; 41. )S ,""
R'.ieehuia i
San Pleco 4o 4 u.i
J ' I ule 3i 4a ;; 1,0
V Paul I g ,, j
San rrsnclaco I . :.t 44 00
'aitif ii i:
Sheridan rt 40' 4 00
Spokane ' ;;t 4,, .. '
Wa.hlngton ,. ,. , I
V,"I", :'4 0 in :
inn-mil, . a 44 yt -.j j
lndlcata below zero j
Foley Kidney Pill
always give Mt isf s-t ion hecaue thev
, alwavs do the work. J T Sheln nt, Hre
men, Ga.. says: "J have used Pole?
Kidney Pills with great satistaet:on
and found more relief from their ue
than frr-:n any other -.idney iredicine.
and Ie tried almost all kinds. I ean
cheerfully recommend them to all auf I
ferers for l.;lney and bladder trouble "
Schramm John-on Drttga, "The Never
bubstitutors," Ave (BT) good stores.
Another Wrestling Get-Rich-Quick
l! Scheme Stings the Wily Promoters
Charles Olson and Al Stewart, Under Assumed
Names, Take Capitalists in on "Ground Floor."
Specia: 1 1 Tin 'I 1 .bin..
GRAND JUNCTION", Colo., Jan. 28.
Another getrlch-qulck wrestling schsmo
lis gone arrongi although It was care
fully planned. Joseph Cox lias Jui con
fessed that his real name g Charles
Olson, at one time a world champion,
Al Stewart, manager for the wrestler
also admitied toda that the name SUfer,
winch lie ha been using here, was aj-
Thig pan earaa to Grand Junction a
few weeks aso looking for a match
Finally they 01 Frank Du Ciaj to agree
to a bout. Olson and Stewart lei In a
onpl" of tirand Jun- tion mi n. convlnc
Inc them hv protng ihai t.'o was really
Olson, who had conquered such men as
John Perc, Dsmetral and had even won
handicap maicn with Msnmoiit.
Pu f'ra-'s friend, of course, knew
nothing of this and they bet their mope-,
freely. When the match ame off Dtl
t ray had no tr.-uhle m defeating Olson,
for he g not the man he was once.
"f am Charles Olson, put not the
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amploysd by H C, Brendan, a wealthy
tjeihhot of Mr.-. Moore, well known as
a. polo pla er. In hi room above the
Broaden garage were found two picture;',
clipped from nrwsnjper. of Mrs. Moot'-,
and he carrier ,et picture in his watch.
TO add to I he tangle Bkeina Ol the plot.
It is said that of late Moore and his wife
had been seen in San Kra n 1.0 o ca J'ey..
dining In apparent unity.
Timothy in .1 statement today said:
I did not want to kill Moore.
1 only shoi In self-dsfsnss as he ad-
vane-ed and continued to tiie at
Mi- Moore fainted when informed of
her husband's death by her brother-in-law
Thomas Eastland. Reviving. s'ne
became hysterical and was hardly re
strained from rushing to the hdsoltal to
see t'ir body. Physicians . ai'd for her
luring the night.
The divorce BUlt In which she sought
freedom from Moon attracted unusual
attention because the name of pear Ad
miral Thomas B. Phslps, retired, was
brougVit into the case in Moore s cross
comnifl in 1 .
Dlktrfct Attorney Franklin B warts of
San Mateo (oujitv tonight that BlOOS
Moore's statement made II clear M
had Hrod Hi t. Timothy Would probably
never be convicted or murder, although
au.'h ii charge would be brought against
It waa Bald tl.ai Moore's friends WOttld
Insist on Timothy's proaei ution.
BUTLER, Pa. fan. 28.- Pour peison
were burned to deaih or suffoi it.-.i and
five others are in a serious condition
.1 result of ., fire i.,j,i at tha home of
'urtls Hale at ClagtoblS, a mining lown
ten mllea ftr-m here. An overheated
love or tin- explosion of a tanin I.
tloucnt to have been the cause. The
d ad
KARL mii.i;s. son-ln -law of CurtSa
1 lale.
MLS. BELLE 1IALK. wife of James
1 la l
BCOTT HALE, aged i. son of Jamea
I lale.
CUTtlfl Hal-. Ill wife RH4) th,ee chil
dren otaine,j burns aiiuui ti,- head and
If you want to rent. ths,t furnihed
room, ose Tribnne wan I sdi .'ali either
phone. BaU 5200, fad :)h'o.
Liberty Min.ug company. Prlnclpa!
place of business, room '.03. Prah Sav
ings & Trail Company building. Salt
Lake City, I'tah
Notice -There 111 delinquent upon the
following deacribed Bteck. on sccoonl of
assesament Isrlsd en the jatj, jav (j
November. 1!1L t!.e s-.eral amounts aet
ooposlto th nanrea of tha respectlvt
ahareholders. t. follows.
N Sim- hares An-.t
103 -John Creen so 1 $ ,,a
104 John Cracti ;00 4 nn
10i John Hoyt li - ()
And in aocordance with law grid an
tdcr of th-j hoard Of directors made on
the 16tn j.y .f November, ttll, o many
abarea of ea.-h parcel of aurh atock aa
aiay be necessary will ha sold at tha
office of the e,,mian fm nai 1-,,.
ajavfngS A Trut 1 oniat.y building. 8aP
I Lake City, t'tah. on the 23rd lav .,f
January. 19J?. at the hour of 11 o'clock i
a. m.. to pay delinquent assessments
n, together arlth the coat of ijvw.
Using and expenaes of the sale I
MAl'.VKV .! :Vetary
Room 503. Utah Ravings & Trust Com- '
pany. Salt Lk- City, Utah.
At a meeting of Hie beard of dire- tor
tif th Liberty Mining eogBpaag, hald I
January !. 1912. It was ordered that tha
aate .f the nt---.e lock be
postponad to January 30. 191; at th
saaie hour and pla".
MAP. ev J JONEAl akasgatan
Charlea Olson 1 ue,j to be," declardd tiie
defeated wrester todav
"Malarial fever and otiiei maladies have
weakened me and last winter DemetraJ.
for the tirt time In three matches, best
me nt Pueblo lie wren.-hed the tendons
In my left fg loose with a tjotch toe
hold and for two week t was on crutt I
when io Cray began to put. the pres
sure on with a toe hold 1 had to wi aken -it
was Impossible to keep up.
"I came hack lo Colorado after losing
to the Oreek and I have been trying to
recuperate In the meantime 1 had heard
of Du 'ray and de. Ided that I could
pick up a little easy money by hiding
my identity under the name of Cox. Al
Stewart, my manager used the name of
"I was certain that ITu Cray would be
sag for me bur he wajs too much and
if it waant for his light weight he would
1 one of the very best men In the busi
ness. (
"I a;n going to rpjit wrestling or box
ing Of any kind for a year anyway and
'ake i0 some ranch, where I cari rest
and strengthen up again, when I get
myself into condition Charle Olson will
again he a factor in the WTSStllng game."'
Lorimer to Continue.
WASHINGTON, .fan. 31. -The Lorimer
Investigation probably will be resumed
tomorrow with Senator LorlmoT In the
witness, chair t.-. conclude his testimony.
Detectlvg F.ums, who has galhere-i
some eyidencr. for the interests fighting
to unseat the Illinois senator, probably
will noi i,-ure in the Inqulr--- for a day -t
cry . nne hne,,y -1 :.pe,-iaH . . I ouie R
Roe, 841 So fdh East Ash ton avenue
car line, im) phone 21Z9, s.'.'il
cated, 3rd South, oppriste Colonial
theal 1 J. r-:. Perkins, late ct Pocatello
Ida. progj Roomi 50e and upward: 80
rooms wllh private hath 1S47
Rooms $1 ,i0 to $3 pet week. Mr
King. Prop. 1 j ,; .,
154&-K. Upbola taring, ohaira recaned.
tolstered; COt ton and hair mattresses
Z"-.r. UPrto-Data Furniture Co.
-0 o. W. Temple Ball 2117 o2607
MISS HELD. MA.' s'a ' "h El UC T R 1 1 ' I
and vibratory treatments. cabinet
a,,-s-,1"-,"1H"-'y Ar'' m Brooks ar
cade bid., ird 80. and state ats. Eleva
tor sc,?-,,,. inj 2691 ,.
r&gffSEk."4 west ut,) -
, si 33
Notice of Special Meetlno of Stcckho'ders.
Los Angek.-. California, Ji. m4 i8Lt
'lo'r"1'"'1"" ,"r, ir'6 Peuro.
pani lV i"lk" R--4-d Coin-
NotK-a la hereby rlvn thar amtl
meeting of the sfocktoWerV of 'thfaH
l edru. Los Angeles A Salt I aina rii
road - omnan.v h. beer T -a'1-d h- ,L
president and tha hoard of directors
convene at tne offi ee of the er.,J,.
t js b lh,! 4tl' dy t March. IMJ.
coni!deV;!gCano 's !
inj; prpposiUong namely -OUOW- j
t ,r u,horlx tha board of directors !
' SSffi SSBS " SK at '' " forty'
J5?'i 'I,,"''5Jttr.0l5'7,r
las'- brtn j.u'n, f.i d" 1
tee of said mortgig. and SRSiT- ,'nj'V
and to take all a"?ion a , hi tr'"t'
deem nece.s.ry or SXIet CS S?.
purpose of -aid meeting at i
noon, on the i:,t, dav of f ? o clock
and reopened ta Jrulu 1 ljruarv. 19IJ.
th day of M,,r 'h 111'' Ck ' m" n
olrartor. prM,rt'nt ot th.
W If- COMSTOCK. Seeratary
all L
SEBAGD 111 Hill
Six Hurli m,i; Run in Rmr;
ably 1-as! Time, With A-
Lihl kni.chi Third in M:'7
R;icc; i 1 111- h int steps fcS
l or in us Again, j
Mike ".'aline 4gV
ill igggta
:vt WiatiK'nt'
t! tftl
of l:ll 4-".. Snnnnary: gat"''"''
"- inr-mLmb "
i Staa-BpJTf'
!r'-r.ijf. IHLL
Un). 2n t 1 1. reeond. Enntia G lSJssssV,
1 ' to 1 . n,ii . I. t r; j.j, 4BV
. Kr- IllaEzi
Ruby. Tallow Lip and .bjar! akH
Second il-ret.yg'-and
upward, mil and n eigViibH
Fortune. 11 iM-ri , I. un: Tsgs?rl'
1 0 (Hill 1. s to 1 second: 8fsfB-''
(Tapiin 1 TIhh, 1 J
Mi -"prision, Vpglnin Llnd-v. DtaBf-'
1 in.
r.,.:r.vargfWrw '
Ufi-A.ir.i eic '-l:-W4,
1"", 1 Sinn M 1 ' I1.-.-. t'X.
Ta pi 1 1 1 1 lo 1 : 1 (fBri 1
' 1 1 k, l iLM n
and Pound also ran. 1
a 'I f-:e;-.n- "o-er. HjBr "
Se! igri, 111 fgSr i
1 ' 'I'lhUHs H)
1 4-.j. Fivtaj
and Chapultepec alao ran. bf '
Kifth "r'4t-1
l:ptv;u: 10' TiC-,
1 : KakJLfC,'..
1 PTint.B' ,
and Secre-te also ran. bbTiPi
old? tnr! JH 1
six furlonf-- f-'o'itiR 1'ootatfDS. IttBi, ,..
Hn. " 1 w n . L.ickrosf. ItfflB.
rBy- '
to I. third. Time. 11:' 1-5. VEL
ha r; on-' Mn;nr '"B,c'!.
t'cattui i -rz. RitlgV,; ,
1 f r.-. m-.,
Foley's Ilonsy and Tar OorgsiBi.,-
is a reliable frrrnlv nietiictaa My
vouv children, nnd la 'Hif
when you "id oninl ;:
checks au.r cures- coufilis and cBBjr
croup ami i- '; '.roni :i'-'i -"
mouia Schramm Johneon fHf
N e r Su bit i 1 11 1 or , " live (Sfcsj
stores. --Br '
Utah Savlng A Tiuit CSJ"J-r 'l'
r .-etlnK of the llaH. I
Tnift cfVtku
a (.orporatpjn, will he held ,f'.0,.g,,,i 1
tl Ptbrui-y. inadKpte-
o'.'lock a m.. at It general PlafMk f
nc3 Mil' I eif.l. Tgj'C't
City. T eleeUori Cjf,
and ti 1 ,tgB.0t"i
as may properly come bsfor ptaj'
Secretary Utah Savlr.jrs t M-fHt
"""" !gggR(k .
ea'" ggK1'
nation and expert advlcs !
freo to a!! r.ho apply. - JbggSL,
an er-ert opinion on you- LL '
' 3 sr; free JgtjBn.1
Hour.. ' -venlnfi V
7 to ft; Sunda affaga,
DBS. SHORES & ffffMl
1 in Malm street, "PptfjgH
Z V o'C -l2lJJ----B' '
Coniult I 'gKi'T
4gg. Bloody rfc-
mS ai ''r'tih',0d-?,n lvB&tru
wt sTT 'rif-':-'"T,0JBaW i:
has V .4
vr V ,quiiy .rvSmmWTl'
XJT ' -aaa-gj
y.y office ar vn..igngggSi
a m. to 5 p. m . etrefd-HW. I
fcjndyii from 10 to 1J. afaTaT-St 1
Room. 1-12. 119 S -Jf,-

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