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Puts Qui Final State
l. With a Prayer That
May Protect Democ
cy From Governor.
How He Was "Dra
Id" Into Supporting
rcton Mail and Relates
Bipaign Fund Story,
netlonm News Service
KHINTON". .Jin 29 -Colonel
Hp:-?', Wa.'tcrson. with ? prayer
that '.iod may protecl Democracy
f-nrr. BUCSa a leader as Wood row
Rfjlson, whose nomination he
Id be n disaster ar.d whose elec
ailHtnity. made to, lay whet h
his final atatement In the eon
mv between himself und the pro-
ijJBpronf- r.f hiit assertion 'tint ho had
ii'i-Md a :8.mcilm f'jnd for WHson
'K latt"' v ' f-
aii-i fulb-r d"tAll cf his various
h,Bercr , witri Wll-
twoK H- the. jlon that Wilson
'' :Bwei ' r,i.tpn fund from Thomas
nt U'j an n'vf-r heard of the. mat
In thi inn:!i!i "!oneJ Watter
' JSHBske Wl1:...n how ;M reconcile
n'i.-Afusx whl"h we not
miflM him with ni demand for Car
'fc peni'- n
ii nceminc H-.a Harvcv Incident. Col
I hJBfeTat lor.r.n chAlleiiP? Wllnon to pro
pZJeM th sr. kM
Ulsgelr m"flnp in the Manrmltan club
Tati'-., IHon'f polle"
j g-fcltcrnst" l!en.' "r-.n v riorir:cr. " de-
.'r:.bas hi M'"- P. "5t of
I BbOBlblo n:i: -'r.o claim to live
ie i-P' irrtrr' .: 1 ontrlbutions of sub
(. T,v'Pber? 'i-ri v . -: r; v.":---. nn-l
.' r Brssy that Wl!"n . nnnot 'rtieted
lfy.!l to
Jfctteraon's Statement,
re-1) "B etatment folio--.
'r',';'i'Thf tin., i: .;
irjJithr tinilonal jptt-.-.' ,-,:,
R!'1"' "til lisv-
i-'.'f" i
'ym'i'n-i p. .,f. i , r. n,..
Wrm,nl '" I"" ' 1 -"r1-
lUlC'BISnt t'. iVidRf l.r,; , 0f c),a, .
Jr1' ''r'' r ' r-'it.-t . ..f i'i
ublkntt...? i nhMl brine thli modt
nfllKt!,":' f' ' fl" fr
U HS I arn r.ir -; r. .1
0 1 1 ' " ,alr" 1 :n'"' 1 '?h
Tint wltli il.u; proof f-n'.unate from
i II v 'H?niit. I have
U !' mriAf propp, nc .vision
I i,BrfI'"" '' n,i '"tn ....
' ' ' " " mr"" If ' should
pbllnh It the , Arv nr.n ,
I ac'"np'- ni" i"ck!epH disregard
rC0W'hr'' ::' 1 "1 1 i partv pru
Wc" rljrht,. Th.e Bole
ntV xb' 1 ' ai Got
'Kr u'"rr"' mw I hav Dr I i has
j.M(B, wmHl ' ha.-. r.-.n;,-.;) r.nclu-
Iflenw:- i- -h..T iv ,iv.. , rc
""irc-jmsinncea which led to
, nfrtr.r. V lllfn u'-r.iin. ;,,.., nol t(,
j A-Jgon hv,Annt of hie pUus.
tf tl" 'l"'" Pr-- ".rr.f. I shall
NJj0 WHh Wilson.
,:0'-u", Vns" ww-nrt with
y'S4i,,r- " 1
MV r.r wila. n I
,iE'',m" "" f ' atlr
'nt, " 'n,, ' ' tu...,
Mm r hr "T""ir:: : '" "
r'St I "1'1 waa 1n
Hr. ?"Tll i' ,,(" PV""'-i :' ";! at
' ' a k::'"-' diversity
Mr OLm ,,r"' ': ""
Jtt ' -'one.
g iP Bon h.1,1 i ' fl..vrn.ir
''r5m.(CatlnU0(1 Two.)
! Ad mira
Thinks English
N avy
'MM Tae trru
"The Betrayal" Is Published
in Abridged and Amended
Form by dmiral.
Docks and Men Needed. He
1 )eclajes; Anglo-German
War Prophecy Omit led.
Hv IniArna-tlonii: Newt Service.
LONDON. Ten. 3!.-- Arltn i la I-ord
C'harleF Prel''rd'i Ioiik expect
'1 hooK. "The Betrayal.' reached
th hand"; n the public today In
an sibfidsred :i"i amended form.
thA firei oditj.M) having '"'t1 stippresseiS
n: tiie nrart'in lA.m-st .1 the si r
mcnt. The hook lodny, however, bOn
taina at.atenirtni BPd crttlcisme Lhal BTS
bound to attrnri the attention of the
Civilised world and U rnnf- kh''' con
cern among the people r.r the nation
who boast :l powerful modern navy.
it is the chapter on the Dreadnaught
type of btittiosbiii tliat makes the ex
traordJnarj assertion that the" "British
admiralty have betrayed their trust" by
h'liidinF these fighting monsters In order
to aroue"- pnhli enthusiasm nnd iiietrn.-t
attAutlon from real oondltlons in ih
Brlileo ne."y and implies thai other na
tion who believed the. sham '.nd hare
juiop;ad the emA poii'-v simply dupes
of a dsvi r campaign of advertisement.
Scores Dreadne lights
r.orrt Chaiioe declares the Dreadnnughl
poll ay w(h "tnt rf)nred ' the public by
means of organised system of advertlse
ment in the press," and Bays
"The public were and are hypnotised
by the Dreadnought poli''1'. The Cicces
elv and nlt:rir ndvertlserm-nt lavished
upon thlh experimental vf:-;el vna liy
do means fusttfled- Th affect of that
.)(lvrtl8niciii no1 only led the Urit-!i
t'ivllr in'.-. M delusion from which they
ai yttii suffering, bul created natural ir
ritation nmonc ri-tcH powera
Tn 100(1 the tradition Of d'pnitv and
onrtepy hlthorto prevailing iti the hci-v-ire
la-as rudery violated and Oreai Britain
ororlalmed herself thf bulls Of the o6.
ah that the RtitiMi admiralty bad
achieved n1 to push a new design Jnt
In time to enable other nal'ii to r""ilt.
h' lt defects
"To the building of these great .Ii1df
,.' Man 'if It has heonf-. har been
sacrMloed evaw otv,r-i naval reoulremant;
mpn. mail rriUsers; docks and storer.
v.'ithom an adeanatt nrovlslon f these
af.,Qtinic the hfitth flert Is useless for
flphtrnc ourposes and the monv rpent
on u iii a present to the future -n',m
War Talk Cut Cut.
'But the udinlialtv succeeded In a(
tmrtinu attention to baiUeslnlPs called the
dradnotiKht"-. Thai is the delusion of
the dreadnought policy. Other essential!
do not hiiov.-. Th' ii need Is Known only
to naval offic-.'tH The pui-iie naturally
enough know nothing of them. They
trust the admiralty i provide what l
iiercaKH r'."
Thw reasons for the absolute withdraw
al of t'ne first edition tlunugli govern
ment intervention for a modification and
correction of certain portloni of the book
him Mated on irood authority to he that It
contained a statement thai In July last
linxlanil and to-rnianv were on the I rj:-'
of war and thai s change of pollby in
the admiralty tuM tbe estabUshment or a
TA.n l.. nil made the Crltlolsmi Of the ud-
mlraity by Lord Cfharlea because it di.i
not adopt the clianges uree.i lo him. im
tlmely Bui even m the revised and e
purgated edition "The Betrayal," Lord
Charles to .'!. In waeping terms ami
without modulation "f phrase, m. soathins
indictment uf British naval policy be
tween the years l02-n, coupled with ?it-n-Bational
etal imcnti and charges and per
aonalla ( much Interc-eit.
Stamped of Prospectora.
BAM D2KQO, Cal.. Jai. .-A stam
pede started here today whnn Leo Mor
ris, an oU'i prospector i brought roporta
of a bin ItHla of fro ttold In the hills
near C:ir:o thirtyttVS mllea enst of
Saji Dlsgo. dampleti of the roolc brought
hero ehow froa gold. Morris ays he
DSS been working; nil ilalm xinr-e Uarc!
nd that II ha averaged between MO tad
r f. iAr ton unin last week, when be
Pfnd up ora annyiri t00 a toa. 4'
; Two True Rill? Returned
j Against the Noted Union
Labor Attorney by Grand
Jury at Los Angeles.
Indictments Are the Result of
the Attempted Corruption
of a Jury on Venireman in
McNamara Case.
L"? AJfOELeiS Cgl-. 'an. 20. - Two
mopi h. of uncertainty and eu
pensA Aiiov-d toda- for 'Marence .S.
Darrow. f.ic uotod union labor at-torne-.
when the county Krnnd
Jury, which for foui week's has been In
esiigatns allegsilone of corruption In
connection with the trial Jury In the Mc
Namsra dynamiting case, returned two
Indictments charging hifh lth bribery
TherA are four counts In the two bill?
Two of the countn charge Darrow'wlth
th briberj' ",,r' attempted corruption of
t.-hrt Boln. the first Juror sworn to try
Jamei R. MeN.im.ua. lh confessed dyna
miter upri murderer, now serving a iif
term in San Quentln prison. The re -malnlng
counts allegp the bribery and
Corruption Of Oeorce N. I.oi-kwoixl, a
venireman summoned In the McNamara
Bert Franklin, tho detective who i. ai
leged to have actually passed the bribe
nioiiA;.- to f'lil'i and LockWOQdi Is aCCUSOd
of i)ia RflT;: ,,rr.Mihef in Informationa nied
some i ime ago Iii t)v superior Court, and
IiIji trial has been sal fu- February 27.
Thirty Years the Limit.
t;ia maximum penalty that oouW be
imposed upon Ugrrow for conviction on
all cl'uuis i;- thirty years' imprisonment
end fhiAf; aggregating tlO.000. IT'- la un
der 120)000 ban, bul tonight th former
ohiel defender Of th McNaniaras sai.-i he
wai ?lnl th.e suspenke was over, and that
he faced his arraignment Thursday in
the superior court with an OQUanimlty
born of a knowledge Of his own !nno
cence. "Oii guiltless of ' rime could hardly
expect anything else than aoQulttal," he
6f-id smiling',
Darrow had several days' notice of the
Impending accusations! 'tnd on Saturday
h retained Earl Rogers, an attorney who
direct fd the first work of uncart bins evi
dence BKfllnM tiie '' Inics bulliilng' dvna
mlters. and who later, qg a gpeolal
prosecutor, hid 'hnrse of the grand .1'irj"
Investigation whieti resnltsd In fliic
of the Hr dyuamits Indictments asainat
Brlct (James (: McNamara), Schmidt
and Caplan eariv laM yeaff
ReRly With Bail
Judge .;. P. McNutt, formerly of the
Indiana superior bench, and associate
"uri'.ei in the McNamara defense, also
iras retained by Darrow. 'i".'dH' an lr
tloiatloti from the district attorney's of
dce reached Darrow i hat the chnrRes
araJnat hltn would be reported today and
h til onee eet about arrnnscntj for ball.
Mrs. Leoorapte Davis, wife of one of Dur
row"e asoeiHtes In the McNamara case,
and Ool. Charles B. Toung, a. rrind of
Iia arusd law; r. sttppllcd the. ball
tlxed by Judg-e N P. Conre". who sat for
Presiding Judge George H. Button
"I was expecting to be lndioted," suid
Darrow, "and I ntn prepared for it "
When DarxOW arrived in court, t ho
formalities ww. brief, .ludee Conrey re
ceived the Indictments md ordered bench
warranta issued. The warranip were
f.-r'd on T'urrow in tlu court room, atid
the J;icltr ssked Deputy Dlstrlot Attorney
W, Joseph Ford what he thought would
bo a proper amount of ball.
Says Charge Serious
This Ik o. very serious hare." said
Ford, "and I would suggest the highest
amount oompatfble with its degree of
"Ten thousand on ca-h Indictment,"
Mild .luriKt- Conrey( loe-onlea.il-.
M.rs. Davis and Young qualified t onre
and Darrow. apparently greatly relieved.
walked out of court with hin attorneys.
"This is something I never had to do
before,' sanl Darrow. as he shook bands
with several friends, "bul I think I can
best it."
"We have to prosecute the ase, not
to diseti.x.s It," snld Asslftant District At
tomey Ford, and declined bQ make fur
ther comment,
Th grand Jury will resume it investl
gatloa tomorrow.
Expects Conviction.
TAMPA, Kla.. Jan. 29. "There was no
cThance for iarrtw t escape," remarked
District Attorney Prederteks of lo An
elea wheq shown an Associated Press
di.PH'-'h t:.iiiK'ht iimiounelug: the Inrtict
nient of riHiunoe L'drrvw.
W knew when Juror Bain took hi
seui tiuit ho 1 ml ho .--n bribed end wn
knew wlui did It 1 ope:ted the Indict
ment would come today."
Mr Fredericks :-as teen In constant
touch with his offleo tn LOS Angeles sinf0
leaviiiK there severe wnaks uk''.
This ir but the Beginning,"
laughed, when a eked If he thought It
possible that the Indltement of Darrow
In any way Involved high officials of the
Amerle-vi F'uderation of Labor.
Mr Fredericks will leave here tomor
for Kej West but will return to
ii" Angeles in time to take personal
charge of th. proseeution In the bribery
ca'jes. j
The upper photograph shows Mrs. Mortimer Schiff and her two children. On the lower !
is right la the photograph of Mortimer L. Schiff. On the lower left is Fcr.llcc Engsl Brandt, the !
I former vaiet to Mr. Schiff. !
District Attorney Will Sift Ar
rest, Trial and Conviction
of SchifEs Valet.
Fy International News Service.
NBW YORK. Jan. 29 -Tile moal im
portant developments today In
the oaso of Foulltr K. Brandt, the
former valot of BJorthner L.
rhlfr, who wat Bentenced to
thirty years Imprisonraenl bj Dudge R"
uaisky because of an alleged burglary
Of two stickpins from Mr. ;-,iilfi. w-re
a follows:
There will be a further Investigation
by the district attorney Into the circum
stances, arruet. trial, oonvlctloh and sen.
tonce of Brandt, and thif Inquiry, jt g
soid, srlll be extended to reatth an)
others who may. be Involvel In the ease.
ari PUeher Hansen, who became at
toniey for Brandt wftrt he was cici
into the eas,c i Judge Rosalsky, uvld
that the district attorney's office under
Jerome gavs expUdl orders to tba door
keeper of i h.- Tombs that n., vlsltora
he allowed to -v Brandt.
PoMr-- 'oiuiniaeloic.r Waldo will ask
the district attorney's office for w ta.
port on an Investigation of Lieutenant
Joseph D, Woolbrldge. who looked up
Brandt's record at the lime of hla tdal.
as most of th- charges ag;iinxt Brandt
were disproved by the dlstrlot attorney's
Dlstrlot Attorney Whitman's report
concerning Brand! recommending bis
sentence be commuted bo th:u he nm
be released from Dannainora wan laid
before Governor Dlx today by Mr hu
man'? secretary.
When asked today why Mortimer )..
Schifr w.i eo determined in his 0p-iK?iti.-.n
u clemen or for Brandt Howard
6. Onme. who with Alton "B Parker, VVU
Uam g. Bheahan and Paul I). Oravalh
has ranreaented Mr Schiff, replied:
"Mr. rfchtff'.- opposition to th" pardon
- man g because of tho daFtardly
character of the pbti upon which he
haee9 hix application for executive clem
ency." At the time of his aireel and oonvlc
tion, th" valet said that he was In love
with the wife of hia master, and had
Writ i en her eeverol love Mlere. Ono of
the letters h placed on Mrs. SchUTa
Writing desk. Hh Wfie permptorli;- dls
eharsel by hla master, Ijatw he entered
the hoti5,. and wn? arrested as a burji
lar, several valuable jweia htiinsr found
on his person. These be admitted takinff.
mm is ruuMD
. . ' - i
Thorn. i Fogarty, Philadelphia
Policeman, Inherits Prop-
ei i of Thos. i ummings
Si-c. ;:,i t ti.- Tribui
mation that lie Is heir to a fortune esti
mated at between pfOjOOQ and 175,000, was
convoyed to Thottian lV'Karty, tin- pellce
inun. by Superintendent Taylor tonight.
The auperlntendent phoned for Pogariy
lo come in from his beat nl 1" o'cloi-k
and told him of hif x'od fortune. Fo
erarty Ih.tnked his chief and wnt hack
on his beat until he reported off duty
at midnight.
Fo?4in was en .i lootiU - lev of
absence t the supsrintendenl and a.i
i vld to leave immediately for -Salt Lake
Two weeks ago Fogerty, while lined
up a headquarters, heard the house ser-
re.in! read off the memorandum to the
sffeol that Thomas CummlngSi formerly
u contractnr In this city; hud b-en ahot
I ii Ba1 Lake City and had left property',
his sole heir being a policeman in this
city. Kojmrty hepped out of line and
said that he was the man who way men
ted. N'efcotlaUons wer opened by po- i
lice headquarters bars with polios in ?eit
Lake city and Pogarty succeeded in
pro-, ins his relaUonshb,-
Brdther-in Law o1 King
George V; of Great Britain
Noted as Business Man.
I AwRUAN, Upper Egypt, Jan. 29.
; The P-ike of V'lfe. brc.ber-in-lw of
King Qeorgfl A, of Gront Uritnin. die
I liere at 6 o'eock ibis evening,
i 3Tbe duke's denth i liroe.l trace
i able to exposure ni the i:mc tbe
j ateamec Iielhi was wrecked off Cape
Spartel on December 18, wkeo the duke
and bis party, who wore on their way
lo the Durbar, were t.akcn off the ship,
earned in n Hfp boat to shore nod
only reached afctv alter hcir boat
iia.l twice swamped, -px- DneJhegs of
Hfc and bet tv,. dkughtera, who were
:ilso saved from tbe Delhi after three
ailor bad foet flmir lives in an at
tempt ;it rc-enc. were at the .lulfe'
bedsfde. The Duke of Fife, who was born
November 10, 1840, succeeded to the
earldom of Fife in 17i. on the death
of bla father. In L888, on tbe occasion
of In, marriage with Princess Louie.?
i oris Alexandria Dagmar, daughter
"f :he Prince of Wales, who later he
camp King Bdward '.'IF., lie was .-nad"
a d'.jhe.
'M'o duke toolc a j;ro.nr interest in
business and wtts a pavSner in the L'nn-j
don basking f.nn of Samuel Scott AO
I o.. U well as vice pre-ident of the1
lirnisJi Sor.th Africa company. Uo WSS j
a colonel of volunteers and deputy
lieutenant of the Scottish counties of '
Aberdeen and Banff. He was a Liberal
member of parliament from 1974 toi
JS7V). He leaves two daujhte.r.
i Mekiniey Day Banquet of
Tippecanoe Club of Cleve
land President Makes r
peal to Republicans.
Head of the Nation Ready to I
: Join Issue i With I democrats
(iji Tarift Withoul Fear
of the Outcome.
CUEVKLiAKIX Ohio. Jan. rre I
idee: Taft'B lhre day visit besan I
;n Cleveland today nr ! before h
etlr"d to nlft rr'.rc .-nr toflehf
I '.he :,r-'..c-1 Sad spoVer. on ne'--
j a"d arbitratten, ad Ohio no'tiics with
I Ktinic . f (he iariiri: itepuhll ana of th
I Nta- -.rnri lounded "keynote" tor the
j -tn '7tjr preaicet tsl uanhaJsRi.
j i.o3.!rrc ClevesHfd "-?' Lonlght. ha la
due In Columbus early morrow fjr a
Lhi -
"i ne nrealdent'a .-dti nulled Into (3ers
land ;tt the middle o( a winter 'aln that
had turned enow-covered streets into lee I
f.r.d alush. There were comparatively frw
to-;..c at 'tr tfiti?r ro 'u-j- i- ..!:
It onid. crlvlruc -ain tn nrelcoroi bo.
t '.h ha'!s wbqre he sooke; however.
Kit Keeptloe was
At the chamber of otrcro" w'lr
.'tr. T.Tft spoke on "rpe" and Arl-wtra-linn."
eam- one of the surtiri'-p of the
i'.nv As ns entered the buiidtrur. Jaaea
rt Gkirfield. retsry of the 'ntrfor In
oo-mer President Boosevelfs cabinet and
eoerally 3cknow-co!grd as politically
"aatl-Taft." was ens the fVsl to Rrees
"HoHo. Mr ,,-fM'"t'." nald Mr. r.ar-
"Holhr; .T'Timv: rn rl'J to see yuw."
tbe presides I p be skook band.
Qarfetd war a lupebenn guest at the
lama table with Lbs pronidont aid ih'
two t'ii i'ld i'red m "inch covc-s.xUoti
Ida; ?ecind '-o Interest and atnt;se theni
Confer?; With LeiLder
Th': nr'.sid' o 'V tioM, :cnI ( onro-cn'.e with
Ohio lcn.)pr :ckic pJatoe at foe b-inie of
Ormer Governor Herrlck. in addition to
Herrick, Arthur i Vorra nnd wil-
ism H. Iiill;r, tonner as.i(tr.? ;t'.orrt''p
.ai 0r jMw Ktat'-. wen z'nrrt'. M
Other llniifi'lean leaders : -ir fh" ere?
,dcrr '.ir brief 'ntennis todU'. Mr. VofTI
satd tonicht h" toki (he ccnldcct thine.;
ouvcr looked better noIrfJcellv for him
than now. He xOdert thiit the f;hlo d""e-
would so to Chicago instruct) I
At ;,r UcKlnley da; hanquel given !
th" Tippecanoe club et Ins chant ber of
commeree Ipnlgbt, President 'Vaft mads
h Stirring Wr''' tP the R-pi;h')"sir party
to fc'tr.d hy "in K'T.a and reel confident
.-irHf .i in pledjrea. He H
tared lie faood h future wh e7us-
I nlmity hu in the hctief thitt be jnda-
j Mie'it of th oountrr 'rou'd prove Mm
I r Ik : 1 1 '.n big opinion. TO his hettrera it J
' appear '"1 'ha' a ":ynnAJf" specb OO
whf Mi ih.e r-omtnn 'a-r-paltcn mlsbf
found' d wes hinK dellversd H
Appe-'1s to Record.
"Looking over ;h rnori) of wb' baa H
d'-nr.' ild M; pr'-fld-in' , "l nrn K
to tnr thr: e are nrmet with fh fn.etf.
and with thlnpa aceompllabed Baffldent H
"T-v- t r field, "nd H
to OVerCQCOS hint In lbs iudprnent of an
Irr.parCMl umpire. f "-"em to m the-'
l no occasion for the "Republicans to fef H
with ihHr know!f.dj?e of th H
prorr that hit been made In the 'a H
four years, with tbelr adoption of pre
gi seal i ii prlnclplea Indicated In the! H
platform of JPf,8. ar.d iri the propose.1 of
the admltdstjatlon clnce tliat lme. They
noist, ihe would ssrvs the country H
erell, disrlmlnats between what is really
progressive and useful and what la ul-
terly ni variance srltb sound, conatltn- H
iom.ti HOvernmentaJ and economic pollej".
On i) ig, g natal day or WffllasB Me-
(Continuod on Page Two.)
Wriiten by
a young man engaged in ad- I
vertking agency work, made
a speech in Toledo not long
ago on the VALUE OF THE
He eited this instanee a.- I
il lust rating the waste that I
often follows in the wake of 1
general puhlieity: I
"An electric vacuum cleaner com- ?
pauy was advertising its products it. I
a publication whose poblisbers claim I
roaches lfi,0c-0 poitoflicts in Ameries. I
Accurate daa shows that there are fe..
CoatsinJ on Pi Thxaa.) . I

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