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mome Attention Is Also Paid
Ifo he Postoffice Appro
priation Measure.
fllfcrnrnerce Committee Holds
Wearing on Bill to Amend
W Pure Fn 1 :!V''S-
'Afl''ivrr"N 1 r-i-ai.- rf-r
JC'mI '- " n'lfl.-k Hi" lrU.-rr.al ioriMl
Kmp- mmpnnv and dprmto n th.'
;:;DffV npr-mprf-iTlrm hill mgaged th"
iiEtfitln" rf th Viflijf? thrifty.
Btfor th ''-- I 1 M""
FrM'v .-,1,....--. rl MVP'-m Siguier
Wmt6 tfl Rno.wclt-Smlth corre-
flflC 1 1 1 1 -1 rocrriini- the Tntnrnfttlona
ijBfveater ffimp,itr. ami rclared that h
j Co cnnwl'i" nsr known that n.
Eon Mclnl'il hplwcon rtoosf-vli. Com
fcrT ?-nli' f-r-rp W Perkins and
MorpnTi. H seorwl tho Roosevell
nl8tranvn for not dissolving Hie har-
gr trust
nretary StlinFon snt t tho liouso ;i
of n. r"-oi"'i bill tn a.i mMllloiiHl
ire ami men to Hi- Blgnal corps of
irmy iinl proposing th ultimate pur-
of twenty arroplanrs.
pommenda More Pay.
-secret or also rrromnu ndod '" pr
IncrM'' of p.-M , for nfiifrr.s aiirl men
aro t n ke i from thr- army for M e
plane servii -.
m lnt:-sltti.' r-.-,iiimiM'cr rniinnllle
a hearing on the Sherlej bill to
id the purr- fotirl laws so n3 to pre
the misbranding, as to curative
trtl. of patent medicines, Tir.;iiiti
itr WoMwani "f thf District of Co
lit aupported I lie hill,
e lntprstntr roiroiifr' r coin rn It t ct re
td Hip AdamHiMi bill authorising th
my to ol 1 uiflaimed articles belong
to soldWs onl civilians' who jl- In
(c lm:iiih ho.-piiitls. The proceeds of
laic arc to hp rnnvertod into ,-i trust
for the heir of the dead men.
sntor Testifies.
'Ward Leonard, Inventor, au:ilu tcs-
beforr ihe iatr-nl v cnminlllep. He
S a law similar to Hip Sherman art
roio'-i inventors apalnst wViat he
BHpd "patent pools." He charged that
! Kof ti.p l.i r : -, ' f!'-MiK:tl Interests
-..We romliliii'ii in patent ni inupolles.
Miifs pojiimil i x-cn ii it;-- iips-
'r.-fctl01l i if t'". ' nt r-
' KbVs Of .ARrtcu'.t il! -p ll:i! sought to hp-
i m Iniei i .iM-iaHy In the recla-
,s. Mtion of Kwamp innds In North Carolina
Ai admltt"il I li ; I lie wrote letters on
Wauh.iivt bin n iiniilijp examination
;ft'POfitpon''"i ni'.tl! M"ImI.i
;r Si poininlii rt- on pnhllr luiildlngf? au
Bsed the ne of a File In Washington.
BnifMirnteli t;ip d .ii Washli!C.r..n Mc-n-fiwBsl
assopintior will pfpcf a memorial
ffcJP1 father of his r-mntvv.
ffhe senate i-onsl.ii-.-i-d f I -1 r 1 c t of (:o
f StflMA lefc'islH-nor, loo:v. mikI iihhsp-I 111''
BT exelse h redupinp H'ff number o(
,liaWi In th" I i f-x : -1 . -1 fro-i, and
""PLfNI'OW.V. Conn. Aprl! -As
ivy woit or d.uhv s-li'ioiiiig affray
fort tHBsorpe Pfiiin-ll I.- I'i Xi.nvirh h.i-
tlW K, Mr- Napoleon I ,o.-l; w. io,J In suf
irMWfrom a hullpi wound In !he thlph
unlliPSp"l '' I w-.-.l. husband of the
' r mt Is unde r ?: : . p.-ndins; the out
onBef th cl r injurir?
ion iWkp'ooii, who had b-fln away from
8J rR. on a vm-. i,;ii-r(I ii r of .-tedly
iw his wife and Bennett leaving
"4 ISttT'r. !... I",- r :,.;if S'hiIS
Twimai re-oU-pr m ih.- .
B Absolutely Pure g
fi Used and praised by the most S
Kfl competent and careful pas-
JJ try cooks the world over
I k The only Baking Powder made
ID from Royal Grape Cream of m
K Tartar made from grapes y
Lower TaritT Given to Induce
Dealers to Lay in
Reduced rates on coal for the sum
mer wr announced ai the r'fiico of
the Oregon short Line yesterday. This
Is In line with he practice or former
years for the purpose of having dealers
and the publir In general lay In a sup
ply of oai during the summer months
when the mines arc- not running full blast
and the railroads not taxed to their full
capacity to supply the demand for oosl.
a reduction of 25 merits a ton wIU be
made by the Oregon Short l,ine. and
the mining companies. It is understood,
win m&ke a similar or a greater reduc
tion The reduced prices will be Ln ef
fect from May 1 to Jul.- SI, this sum
mer. The rates Will apply to points In Idaho
Qtafa and Wyoming, and will he for the
purpose of getting coal from the Wyoming-
and Utah mines to lb" dealers and
ultimately to the consumers In Utah and
Idaho. No promise has been obtained
from the dealers, but it is gtosslble that
they, too, may make a reduction In order
to cui down the heavy winter trade. In
the ninety days of low rates for coal, It
Is estimated thai all those desiring to d.
so, will have ample opportunity to lay
In their winter supply Of coal.
Likes Salt Lako.
George ll Cornell of d, passenger
department of the ciiicapo & Northwest
ern passed through Bait Lake City yes
terdaj on his way to the Pacific coasl
On a vacation trip "This Is mv first
islt to Salt Lake City," said Mr. Cor
nell yesterday I have Stopped here
tor a day in order to see ( A. walker of
(he Northwestern, and J. H. Blander
field of the Salt Lake Route 1 worked
with both of them years apo Since T
stopped here, however, T have fallen In
love With Bait T.akr- and will slop here on
my way back, when I will remain
Rupert Awaits Raihoad.
' Sail ltiko will be made tho point
of supply for Rupert, Idaho, when the
new road connctlnic with the Bliss spur
In completed." said W F. Bheffel of
Runert, Idaho, yesterday. "We are all
waiting for the new road to be com
pleted. Tho new road will put ns on a
Eiach Blood and H1I11P3
Liver Troubles mtSS
knes star with weak btomacK, and consequent I ST 5lfB2
overinhed blood. Nervous and pale-peoplt lack BfllTSsjSgSZiSL
t, red blond. Their stomachs need invioratm j f.pWi'iw
all, a man can be no stronger than hie htomach. tt J4jJftjCi
dy that makes the stomach strong and the liver Wm M8sjJjaWy
nkes rich red blood and overcomes and drive L .
ie-produomg bacteria and crures a whole multi- 35a
iseases. fio r.-.-iir
rid of your Stomach Weakness ant KilS 'c'-Sjj
r Laziness by taking a coarse of jJjSj J
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ? '.'fS-
' treat Stomach Restorative, Uver ftmf-'-ji
orator and Blood Cleanser. S.
n't aflFord to accept any medicine of unhtmvn jWj rv3h-"--
as a btitute for "Golden Medical Di-scov. ZiZZL
ich J6 a medicine or known cximtosition, having H vyWvv-A
te lint of ingrecUenta in plain English on ita hot- J B V-rt
er, tame being attebtcd as correct under oath, '
Pleasant Pellet rcjnl.tfe mad iaHgorxte Stomach, Liver and Bowels
Ijoffee mm m f 2-Layer
pest, butler jj n 8-Layer Cakes
made. M&M&lYli Pft ;r,r AX1) 40,1
rtid course . UC V CHb I'ivf-ry.flay
Btude fchpappr. j rial
olesale 1 Detail"
lebrated Restaurant Milk Maid
8 Icotch i OP 6 - ' 1 05 a. ! SanitaJ.
Pies m n Slulday-
W evy-j Why Go To Roost Hungry? trapped
y eats them ' . Bread
ave y oil,
n. 3 w. ist south Ai
EACH. j Basement Utah National KRIrKUST
t all Bank. ESfK.
binds. 50 L0AF
dirp-i route between Salt Lake and the
northwest and It will be a hip help to j
our country "
Tells About Lands.
"Opportunities, Homes and iu. est
mentS ' Is the tiile of a new folder inst
Issued by rhe Western Pacific It tell?
Of the farm mineral anil linbcr lands
ti ?.t 'ie along tli. route of th Western
Pacific and In other parts of t'allf-.rnia
and Nevada, In addition to giving an pv
cellenl description of the line and Its
American Transportation.
"The Ajnerican Transportation" Ques
tion Is thoroughly discussed In s recent
i'ic of t lunik of thai name, which is
edited and published by Samuel o Dunn,
editor of the Railwa age Ja;:elte. fr
Dunn Is also a lecturer on transporta
tion al thp Northwestern university and l
a member Of the Illinois har.
Railroad Notes.
The traffic Officials pjvI in'mbprr of
the inierstiiie commerce commission will
hold another meeting In Chicago April
rn. 11 is probable that some definite in
formation win he Rhen after this meet
ing on ihe wool rates. In which Utah peo
ple are much Interested.
A meeting Of the Club rooms commit
tee has heen called for this afternoon
further to discuss the location of the
club headquarters There Is now a move
ment among some of the members of
the cluh in I he southern pa.rl. of the
city to have the eiuh headquarters in
thai locality instead of In the Hotel
.Tames T. Ford, rornrnprejal aeent for
the New JTork Central with headquarters
In Denver, Is In Salt Lake City on a
business trip
K. 1.. Lotnax, passenger traffic man
ager for the Western Pacific, who has
been In Salt T.akf city for several days,
left for Pun Francisco yesterday even
ing. W. B Bancroft and a partv of Oregon
Short Line offl.-Mnls. who have been In
Idaho for the past week, returned latc
Inst niffhl.
KANSAS CITY, April 26. A sub
committee of the ."joint conforoe-s in
session here trying in formulate a new
contract for the coal miners and ope
rators of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
and Arkansas reported a disagreement
i oday.
The operators insist that the agree
ment reached by the operators and
tinners at Cleveland be accepted with
out any changes In local conditions.
The miners want a new agreement, rel
ative to several matters not contained
La the Cleveland agreement,
(Operations at the mines will he sns
pended May I if a new contract lias;
not then been arrreed upon
NEW YORK, April 26.- According
to reports on Broadway today, a rang
of wire tappers yesterday took $75,000
from bookmakers operating poolrooms
in Now York City. The coup wffl of
fected bv sending telegraphic informa
tion into every large poolroom that
Suspitition had won the fourth race
at. Jamestown. The daring theft was
not discovered until au hour later when
Kormak was known to he the real
winner. Men in New Vork gambling
circles arc haid to have engineered the
feat. They disappeared immediately
after they cashed their bets.
CHICAGO. April 2j -MlSS Hazel TIo
jran. who wn fined SIT.jO and sentenced
to sl: months In Jail hy Judge Honore
because she refused to testify apalnst
Or Irvine SLssingrer and John Hopan.
subsequently convicted of robbing her.
has tiled suit In the municipal court
against Prank J. Walsh, clerk of the
critnlnal court for 1868,
She. makes thr claim that the money
wan Impounded as evidence at lhe time
of her Imprisonment
i 1
New C orporatians
Piled with the county clerk-Btonawall-Klng
Mining company;
amendment to articles of Incoriioration!
Increasing capltni rtock from $500,000 to
JROfi.AOO shares SI each.
Constipation bring- many aiiments in
its train and is the primary eatise of
mneh sickness. Keep your bowels reg
ular, mitflaru, nnd von will escape manv
of tbe ailments to winch women are
subject. Constipation is tt ery pim
ple thing, but like many simple things,
it may lead to serious consequences.
Nature often needs B little assistance
and when Chamberlain's Tablets are
given at tbe first indication, much dis
tress and suffering may be avoided.
Sold by all dealers.
Wall Paper and Paints,
We have a largo force of painters
and paperhong'rs and can give all work
nrompt attention. Our prices are tho
lowest Geo. W. Wbert & Co., 11 Main,
California the Place to Spend Your Va
cation. $.fj round trip Tickets on sale- April
89th to May 5th, via Salt Lake Route.
When in Downc-v stop at th new Oa
1 ford hotel.
I Button Departm t Toilet Goods l
Pull assortment of i-olors ami i.es in a4w m ATM MM a t ,
Salt l.ake'K tm.-t "tnplete notion depart- mW MlW M MI I MM P l3CT tOTT
Main j AW m M MjM St A Jf
We have i hem. nv kind Of kKW MM M Mr AfMm MS S M W W ' " onr rnwU'r a-sortel pUl rate toilet
m Mr M MM M S M m Mr S Mmjr M goods section.
:! P,,r, l,o., ,., to, ueto AS WW M Wjf XSmSS". "S
Crlass buttons, all fancy r-hades. i III jTlTTIl I.Wlii ii gjn r,(V" Hindr. Honey Almond and L-reara 33c
i 15c to S2.50 doz. g0LZkkmamammmr I T I J'fo ISSasP 50c Cfi.mthrox . 33c
Crochet buttons, in fancy shades. 0W .V)c Daggett ft Ramsdell's Cream. ..42c i
35C tO 2.00 dOS. I Call .1. Department. Bell EXCHANGE 2 10c Palm Olive- Soap 4 for 25c
White crochet buttons, all styles. phones: independent 227 nd similar prices on manv other art- j
i inc to $2.no do?. N ' ,riev Main floor.
ihOffAll Ladies' HatsV Off I
j Off ' ' ' Off 1;:
j Millinery Dept. I Tif f vrlriM I Millinery Dept. If
Main Floor & OllUy, UlllTUily Main Floor ;
j Veiling Section Values to $5.00 in Jewelry, 50c Each $2. 50 Corsets SI. 19
Shetland Veiling pnvai wnrrpr pnr-
A former buyer heavily overstocked this department ami twyai VVUILCMU vui
1 he present CraZC we to reduce the ntoek to proper proportion we are offering: Sets of white batiste. A
have it in black white Hundreds of attractive novelty designs, from American and long model for well-de- (
flp-h nno-niP (hLrV 3H European designers. This sale includes Rings, Necklaces, Veloped figures, medium
U-l if A UA Belt Pins, Brooches, BraceleU, Cuff Links, Chatelaines, busts, long waist With
white), flesh and shad- Watch pjns Hat pins Bar pills Eari.in?s Bandeanx, Bar- good hip lines. Saturday
OW efifectS. Prices 35c rettes, Fancy Hair Pins. Back Combs, s only Regular $2.50
to $1.50 yard. etc., etc., values up tot $5.00, for O LC value $1.19. I
l Men's Dept. Ladies' Hosiery lffmj m
shirts 95c and I fid cr wear jt m
1 vi 'L' broken lines, others complete con- .. , , , , , ( 4Im1Sw2lJS
VljMra nslinc of cuff attached shirts -in '"'' black morcenzed cotton llose- Joe VSy'iiTN
HIkSSS. JvSfrBwn'Jai , t , , . i value all sizes a pood German stocking VvliBlUt Wsi i !li
knile pleats, plain cloth, striped . ,rlt caturd'i w!'Vm
riSS! Inched in knife pleats. AU $1 50 J fjV
FC -r-rS rjualit y Special 95c. Heath- J S bLm SW 1 ' (MfMaSii
er patterns Scotch colorings - newest crochetted four -in- S J M ilMs mW m wMwWmi
hands, in good variety. Special value 50c each. See them. -M sV m j!1 iemj
Buy Earl & Wilson "Radman" Collar 25 styles, quarter sizes Ladies' Dra-wers Special Tight top. wide knee, lace trimmed
15c, 2 for 25c. sizes 4, 5. G, 7, 8. 9. (rood full garments of exceptional grade of
Boston Garters, all styles 25- and 50c. bleached yarn, ooc, 3 for $1.00.
Paris Garters pad styles 25c and 50c. Ladies' low-neck sleeveless Vests, fine ribbed, mercerized tape
IVrrin Gloves, famous the world over all sizes, 4. 5. 6. Special Saturday, 'J for 25c
Breda. $1.50 Sirdar. $2.00 Best P. K., $2.50 Ladies' white cotton Union Suits, low neck, no sleeves, la te
Chevrette Suede, $2 50 (iaulois $2.00 Bedvere Cape, $1.50 trimmed, wide knee; sizes 4, 5, 6. Special, 75c soil .
j . i . .. . , .. .
Today Will Be a Great Day in Our Glove Dept. m
Perrin 16 butt white Full 16-button white Perrin $2.50 best P. K. Broken lines Ladles P.K. Ladies' 16-button length
glace overseam gloves chamoisette Gloves Kid Gloves 2-clasp and overseam Gloves, as- genuine doeskin Gloves,
value $3.50 pr Tranhor, 75c; Kayser good assortment. Spe- sorted sizes and colors white sizes 5 1-2 to 7 j
cial values $1.60 and $1.75 $3,25 grade. Special
$2.85 $1.25 $1.95 $1.15 $2.45 I
$8-50 Boys' Suits, $3.45 T)nllflt TltYlhrpllfl? I $14 Jo Misses' Coats, $7.95 I
Juvenile Section bbsbbbibmbsibmbmbsbbbsbbb Juvenile Department
"We believe we have the very best Umbrella that it is possible to have made and sell for $1.00. Cover of Amenesnpieee-dyed
taffeta; 7 rib, 26 inch, with the long handles, or 28 inch with the assorted styles in men's handles strictly waterproof umbrellas.
A1 Walker's $1.00.
a- gMMMfci TTT llll Sill IBBSMBlai
jJ Butter iT t 1 0 ir'XTsfill rjA" tXlli li JllislXii"! p" Flavor T&J
I Better Butter
"Gold Nugget" butter must be giv- WX
7 en a trial before allying yourself with y
0 any other brand. f)
H Always Fresh and Delicious j
Sans the fluff ery, fuzz and 'fumery.
To be sure, the '-gentler sex" are not denied the privilege
of doing their "shopping" hers if they need a man's bonnet
to set off some certn idea of woman's fancy.
Still, far be it frojn ns that we should permit au over fas
tidions male to quit the premises for want of a "touch of
flashiness'' In colors. Particularly, if it he the innovation of
fancy hat ribbons. We've a choice for the selection of all.
And talk about STYU8H SPRING HEADGEAR! Well, 5-1
"Come Over Here, Come Over Here," "Everybody's Doln It" Si
making their SPRING HAT SELECTION here, becnusc ours
Is the WANTED KIND. Wee a fit for every head, a shape I
for every face at the reasonable prices of ffiB
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00 II
TAYLOR the Hatter
24 East First South
SPRING FANCY Subway prices at the Subway Hat Store. 3

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