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4 - i t ! "rv!:'-r. -ri:v y.,
She Saw No Ice in Vi
1 f cimty of Place Where
diM Titanic Sank.
SKg for More in Lifeboat,
5Sut Passengers Prevented
Rescue of Victims.
fcd thcrr. until the very moment the
r bun! ir' prow ,n l!r "K
'f ' , end for ltd final plunge,
SmSIi o -tory of Mr8 waltov
&& o - r.f the Furvlvors. whoee hua
fiM'peS.r.! Mr,. Curl,, .tor,- waa
Ifv d-.area that
, , r.,.-. n. the .loom--. Bhip
Tifr ,tr , mled rhn order
' fcjp would not fink, at least for many
mjired Husbands Doomed.
'PUlEw "ft "ntl' a" lhe boat" wero ,ff
Kiill the hu-,e leviathan act-ja.ly
"" , In Die "''-'-1 that th
!nir ' r''"iz"' 'ha' lr
..... It t en that
"to blast with horror the ears of
K-orV Mr. Clark reports that
4ttkKaw nu W f .il-ont the scene of tho
T-.'ifteK It, M -"lark was taken
'TJl rrn 1 about was head ins
,tWBthe rV4.!:.l- v.mmI with tho pnrpr.se
vKtrc n ftfteer additional paasengera
by Kr t h Tit.v.:- plunged ut of eight.
Et of tie women In th boat, according
"Rri flnrk '"i their hepl to prevent
mRp - from fbwlng back to the ship
I Ki of thf.m evf-n :-!ng far a to
MK themrlvea on th rowers and try
Impede the Others Including
IffllB Jebrt .lie-'- Astor Mra. Clark and
L'Hayc inflated upon returning for
K passeniters
Ms Thrilling Story.
life- Clark ?
I IIKmt husband and I boarded the Tl
f flBSfc it Southampton, somewhat de
Ke(i w that place
Er tic nn ,l' had de-
SSwed the Tltanl i I ' in Ol-
Htinr with nr.. !:.! ' ..wsel. All the
Bay over we hud most beautiful and
aatfllfJ weather, h, f.n.-t up t" the time
CtUHnht accident ti.e sea had been like
Haai'. We h'..l fen no Ice anv
fnwre, nor were wc aware of the
HMKetf' .if I. the after-
Boon of tim i l.i mil v.
JK& had retired to my stateroom
irpBout 11." S nday, when the
lHtanl" slru e Iceber There
I Mi nn Bhock from the Impart that
HQ BP riy WHV ft:,r,le'1 mo Tlowevcr.
U3 MU a'jmetiili'c had occurred out
Hf the orrllnari- nrd y-'-lcd oit of my
-HBlliroom porthole, and il seemed to
tUlHt iB&t w were passlntr another
B, but thlx may na e been Ice in
naar vlrinlf It nr 'ir-d my curl
m enotifh. howover, tr prompt me
Hp out nn the prorr.ena.do deok.
rtK"r ,ne 'trinkiiiir r- Is ''.rated
.PjIiB where I knew m husband was
Mth aon.e friends. Tliore r.-ai abso-
teh' no exclterr.er.t at tl:at time.
y husband, peelnp rne jM tie door
T.HTtrie grnoklnp mm our to
IlHk apparenth ,?nd
-M that thev hod also fn a slight
Mk. but had paM no attention to It.
, aurfl hv the offirers of the
Bt that all wa'- well that some im
JAd baen atnioX hut that we were
,n.B(h' w.i mi.-' vrvthlns
JWM'entlv h-i i r e.-i .ir,n in be way
'jttjMlrit the wa: ,t rnnipart-
Pti. and oven-bndv assumed that
'JHr-r' w'a-"' " nnv kind
" wT'ned or, d'-.-k fiftAen or twenty
. .f"1".. conversing with other peo
aWBvnI Jr'V husband r--titrned to the
P, iv '00m Fiom tnls It can be
B,lhX ,tTc- w-'s nr. rnnlc on board
A1iKnat llmf-- Some few minutes
1 returned to tnv xtateroom and
ctV . v'in ,x"' ' : a man com
SyK"P with n 1 1 f,. p.reerver around
1 asked him the reason and If
were uirniod. and he replied that
V( PMaengrers had been ordered
K1! lP deck with life preservers.
JUitr rttuiT,,., h the smoklnp
111 . VL &M 'V1,1 ",v husband that we
jm ben i... r r,,
K5rS'T an'J v-'f' v. turned to our -t.-tt.--V,
too,: off nl: ovenlncr dresa
KrJ PlLi"1 n" '"""dlnary suit and
vftnfc vTea r "Id likewise.
Jm: Z . h "s h'-.tvv over.-..;, .v..
"ZJM JUl als'' I'-f1'1 preerv-
1 Mo m ' 't1' vnl'hl9 wp rould
MKi ' huahnnd , w that
pVKn0J'd he.-ome epr, rated.
a then went to the main deck.
fn '' nn ", crr.pt had been
m, ma,n ,hp boats, and d!potr,Mne
nKaVennH 1 Hr"A"- the crew and
Er?Li V- ,; ,n'r r-revalled
ST',Kfi- : ' nccrs Wo con-
'i ,ri Sroii;.;, on the derk. I re-
t was
rV-RRi r Mr Astor. my hus-
jrvmmll''' ' tn orn-
?--lR0"''n1 ad said that while
MbBiV u "!nr,r '-r the safety of
K f . ' ''' t Lev. cwins
ntf'?W"n!;at,,i with and was
1K l-d better hP nt aboard
1IM ,77n,y' I'h suffb-ient of the
I KfllWlr. 'i.1-,h"m Prepared to leav
I . rbans. Hn hour
HT "ruck the iccberr.
. -JBltr,." . " no rush for
ttmi two or three
1 bttr- '':'"rl Wit i
y;; ?; -;-n n The re,!
Kh 1 , " ,, r n train r r'-
M t?;'' ''r' was im-
ve'BT that ,-. w.-.men leave
UlBp care ,f .. hc rn,in 0Ol"d be
Hffiit wax- " ;iN were out
fortv"; Mr!' and
jgfer. name,' "t", "d a
ZfWfc f-o,- ;rl, -arthy- wtln con-
Bd aeem"S nnP, "f 0lJr t,arty en
tfl'B In nT t!ilt th steam-
10 Leave Husband
hr r uahand01 " v' y fu to
our ho "J Jk,h Astor. just
L Bilaaion i, ? -,.a" "rod. asked
L taa reiiiBed ,nran' his wife.
HWhusbi nV H i 1 , ' 1 r -1 J'11 n ng
Wh m1, r'f them.
I Major Bun and oth-
Give your stomach, liver and 30 feet of boweli a thorough
cleansing without gripe or nausea. Ends headache, bil
iousness, indigestion and constipation.
This wonderful fruit laxntive arts as
a liver and bowel cleanser tonic
not as n irritant. Its action is natu
ral arjd gentle no griping. It is de
licious no dreading It Is positive
and prompt no waiting.
If vour stomach is sour and filled
with vile gases, your head aches, or
you are bilious, nervous, diszy, calf
; sick, your tongue coated, your thirty
feet of bowels clogtred wirh waste not
properly carried off don't wait. Sure
ly take a teaspoonful of del'lk'tia Svrup
of Figs tonight, and in the morning
all constipated waste, sour bile, gases
and poisons will move on and out of
the system, gently but thoroughly no
I griping no nausea no weakness. In
era, rendered assistance tn filling the
lifeboats with passengers My hus
band seemed cool and collected all
the time, and told me that he would
not leave the ship until all the chil
dren and women had been cared for.
I know from the way he bade me
good -bye that ho felt no apprehen
sion and fully expected to Join me
later. There was room for fifteen
others In our boat, and these men
could have been taken as well as not.
7 he night was clear, although no
moon was shining. The stars threw
much light, which made the ocean
quite plain. There was no Ice to be
aeen anywhere Each lifeboat was
equipped with lanterns, so by them
we were able to see one another,
and orders were given to keep togeth
er as much as possible. We had
plenty of provisions. In the way of
crackers and bread. In the lifeboats.
As we rowed a Way from the ship,
which was now listing pretty badly
on the port side, !t occurred to some
of us that we should return to the
steamer, aa wo hud room aboard for
flfu-en more, at which proposal many
Of the women became hysterical, and
'the old days, people let thesu matters
run until they needed a large dose of
physic, then "they took something sc-
vere, like castor oil, salts or cathartics,
that meant abuse to the bowels. These
nra tha dayn of t&6 gentle and natural
tlio days of SjTrup of Figs. This way
you are not drugging yourself. Svrup
or Flga he'.r.g co.r.):obed entirely of lus
cious fig, eenna and aromatics can
I ctt causa Injury.
""iok your druggist for ''Syrup of
Tigs and Elixir of Senna," and look
t'or the name. California Fit ByTUp
ompany on trie label. This is. the
icnuine old reliable Any other ao
called Fie Syrup is an imitation often
' ive you. Refuse such
with contempt.
endeavored to dissuade ua from doing
ao. even going ao far aa to Impede
the rowers in their efforta to carry
out the plan of the more deliberate
and cool. There was a great deal of
commotion In our boat then,
Insiried on Returning.
I cannot say too much for the
bravery of Mra. Astor in thie con
nection She. among others. Insisted
that the boat be returned to the
steamer. All this time the lights on
board the steamer were gleaming
brilliantly, and we could see her
looming up silhouetted against the
darkness. She was sinking very'
fast and as we approached her the
Titanic sank, followed by two aJmost
simultaneous explosions. There was
little or no suction felt as the steam
er went down, owing, perhaps, to the
fact that she sank prow foremost.
We rowed ab.iiit the scene of the
disaster all nlpht. and picked up
elslit men out of the . water, two of
whom subsequently died of exposure,
and one lost his mind. We had noth
ing in the way of stimulants with
wbleh to revive these men. but
w. rked over them almost all night,
the women taking Off their coats and
furs to provide warmth for them.
I am sure that we saw three or
four fishing smack In the vicinity.
We knew that they were not other
lifeboats, for the reason that lights
could he seen nbov. ii.h If ti masts,
and the Carpathla had not at that
time appeared In sigh'. Some of tho
lifeboat were picked up OJT the Car
pathla at 4:30 oieck In the morn
ing followlnt:, but it was not until
about ft :30 o'clock that we were res-
rur d.
Hear Pitiful Cries.
When the Titanic went down and
the lights from I h i I disappeared,
we could bear all about us the most
hearr-rendlng tr.oar.s and crlen for
help, of those who had gone w-ith
the shin and fsm Up a sain to per
ish within our hearlnr In the dark
ness. I cannot say too much for the
noble assistance we received f'."m
the crew and passengers aboard the
f arpafhlo- Everything possible was
done for our comfort, and the care
of those who had suffered from ex
posure. The Carpathln eruiaod about
th scene of the wreck for about
Hirht hours, but found no bo.ilea or
other evidences of the disaster
The California came in sight and
laid alongside ufe. and on our de
parture by .Mgnals promised to re
main for forty-eight hours near the
scene of the wreck.
I wish to say that so far as I
could see the discipline maintained
on the Titanic after the accident was
of the very best, and I saw no brutal
conduct or drunkenness. The world
cannot help but be bettered by the
example of these brave men. who
gave their lives that others might
Funeral service for Mrs. Catherine
Watson Kippen, aged 75 years, who
died last Wednesday from injuries re
ceived in a runaway ten days ago, will
be held in the West Bountiful meet
ing house this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Bishop William Moss will conduct the
Mrs. Kippen was driving through.
Bountiful in a surrev when a ruuawav
delivery team struck her rie and hurled
her to the road- She sustained a brok
en collar bono and internal injuries.
She was born in Scotland and came to
Utah in the early '50a.
n i i
Or, Pierce's Favorite Prescription I
Oaaa aaBBaaaaamasBawEr!r vummmmmmmmmmmmmmmamm mmmmmmmmmmmmeammmaKmmmmmmm
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boon to suffering womankind It has survived forty I
years of ignorance, prejudice and jealousy, and is
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time in its history. y
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ments causing headache, backache, dragging-down
pain or distress and kindred symptoms of weakness,
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cessful remedy.
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Ingredients printed on wrapper of every bottle
Every sick woman may consult us by letter, absolutely without
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Write without fear aa without fee, to World's Dispensary Medical
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