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Section 1 jjfljf fykt tlbUS 1 m. May 12, lJiT g
66c4es 63? Three 1
Pirates in Paris Has 1
Icezfet JUax Nordau, to I
s a Visitation of Captain IQdds PJfe$ak ' . 1
f!arpHB amazing series of robberies
J and murders by automobile
bandits In France has brought
ma tha alarming possibilities of
fljing modern scientific devices
criminal uses.
It was the perfect undcrstand-
of automobile mechanism pos-Htdbv-these
bandits, their ability
ijtpik the machines and run. them
highest speed, their knowl
Ip.of Khcre to steal now high
feed machines, and their xeck-me-s
and Imaginative daring that
ailed them to carry on their
tea successfully for three years,
jL- Mf-"'Vrf- KILLS q
f , . C;,. .L:ypgja- woo n dc
fc 1, Jr- F CHAUPF
t' - - - :
m over twenty persons and to
F?ay 1200.009 in money before
,JLf tielr band aa arrested.
v!M 8'SS2rIng career of sueccss
Fjoe has led Dr. Mas Nordau
(p lbo interesting, if alarming,
2BPton that wo may soon expect
wlmiaab using aeroplanes.
SKiftn8Ker and moro wonderful
CD8lnes may enable daring
tgBS! 10 Perate fnr more suc
IJMF tlian the automobiles have
SJiJKJ- 6111 tbat modern criminals
fcJJF" a high degree of scientific
anVlH; n aDd a rclo:!B daring
fgSj "J" at no risk of death,"
E Nordau "How can we
alEPOllCeineD who aro neither
u-nr dar,QS to deal with
UrfKL muat rcvl60 our methods
ifljB? V,llh rbne 10 keeP track
PrEreaa of BcIence and
w ft?1!?9 tlmt wo sha11 80031
HflT a5rPJane has been
IK VmQ Captaiu Kidd of
ftHta r U miiy be utilized
lV0s .-scientific in-
doJ f CrltoI could
fcIldin Bmo trea&ur
wH&iiTDrlRn5', tho occupants
JS3m ,ho'tho doorwaya
Eme Unkuown hiding-
Lv RfCff "JSBesUon that aero-
'tWain?1.8111 takQ great
JjP iou of whal m,Kht h8p.
pen to ono of the skyscrapers of
New York. Suppose, for instance,
tbat tho aeroplane bandits descend
ed upon the roof of some Wall
street sky-scraper, which contains
countless millions In cash, notes,
gold, securities and other forms of -wealth.
According to Dr. Nordau
tho bandits could select the most
portable part of this plunder, load
it on their machine, and fly away
to some secret hiding place Bay
in the Catyklll Mountains.
It is true that at present an aero
plane would have difficulty in land
ing on the top of most New York
vWm March 26 the
if -OfflM bandits fitcal
iiiffli Ml an automobiIe
WHWk in lhe Foreat
of Senart
K '--
skyscrapers, but -" f
scientific Ingenu- $jtU
ity will, It is ex- JSj TO
pected, Boon make. f n Yv--a
great improve- &.J Voj v-T"
ment in this di- J V WW V
rection. A U fL--
Then, according LA X-f
to Dr. Max Nor- V Y"
dau, the police gi ,
will bo forced to ii 'i 5'
copo wllh the pi- jArffy'
rates of tho air y'rh
bybecoming aero- i''xtVi II (fc.
pianists of supe- y' x. Y'
rior daring them- rQ.
To return to V
tho actual ex-
ploits of the
French automo-
bile a n dlte: .
The last great
coup of these
criminals was the
looting of the
branch bank at
Chantilly, near
Parin, of tho Socl
eto General e,
a very great Murder of Be
French banking jn thc
institution. ' . ,
At 8 o'clock m X Voll.
men, armed v.Ith tJHob am '
held up an automobile atMontgeron.
tho historic forest of on"J UneJ
tho chauffeur, named Mathllle, ana
seized the machine. They were , seen
to return at top spocd to lam.
By 10:30 o'clock they were at
Chantilly a wealthy town lying
tSLe miles northeast of
Paris. They stopped abruptly in
front of the bank. Five of the men
got out and entered the bank. They
shot the cashier and his assistant,
who were behind a desk, and seized
$80,000 In gold and notes. They then
shot a porter who attempted to come
to the rescue of hie fellow employes.
Onu of tho bandlta stood at ta
of the Air
door with a repeating carblno, ready
to shoot any one who should enter
from without. The sixth bandit
waited with his hands on the wheel
of the machine. 1
By the time the five bandltB re
turned to the machine a considerable
crowd had gathered, attracted by the
shots. The bandltB poured a volley
of bullets into them, wounding
many, and disappeared in a cloud of
dust. They were reported at As
nleres .another suburb, at 11:30, and
vanished again.
After this outrage, the last of
many, the French Ministry of the
Interior created a special force of
auto policemen furnished with fast
machines. Before this, the French
police had actually attempted to pur
Bue the auto bandltB on horseback.
A gendarme on horseback, for in
stance, pursued tho vanishing auto
in the forest of Senart. With the
aid of the machines the police suc
coodoil in aneHtlng six suspected i
JerhOiiH. whose share in the outrages
is now being investigated.
The police are trying to make out 1
that a burly ruffian. Carouy, was
among those arrested, but it Is much 1
to be doubted that he had the brains
to plan these daring crimes.
Tha present series of outrages be
gan on December 10 of last year.
On that day a swift automobile
stopped at 2 o'clock in tho afternoon
Jn the Rue Ordener, ono of the most
central thoroughfares of Paris. The
men in it shot down a bank mes&en-
ink Messenger v" ' .
Rue Ordener, -WT. r r r "
the BP (EE 1: (
Crime ...jj ryzm
in the ( -r4-
Latest ftl
Automobile u '
Outrages. jO. -tp
All JrEil
Were :
Committed rrT:vv. v v"
by tho
i Man. 1 1
utilized My one of many new scien- itlSly ' B
tific mventions. With two or three WKviy Fl
filled building hold th Measure- S ( Iffl
perhaps in the darknesnf STy a,a2nst aI1 assistance, load the treasure on their aeroplanes, fly away, lM
ser who was waikm. nig ' and sPee.d to some unknown hiding place." Dr. Max Nordau. f$
from him and norJJancs 1,1 cash
bullets into thePcrowd I J,Iley of
ered about, king whlch sath
wounding several M,no man aild
jumped into ?hU Si Then
appeared at a sni!l . ne and dls
miles an hour. eu of nearly any
AJpbonso Bertil-
V Sr. lho scientIGc
director of the
K'X G,ctlvo depart
- X me"t of Paris, who
- A Plotely recon
' ilP of the ban-
VfrkA f ts from the
fmk sr they haa
$k .ZBy -easurlns
IP fV'e'S-
Wm W A 0 nui0 wheels
yit I u iho street," he
I ihc wl,ep,s were
iWQP7 ''f'cU-v f0,,r foot
I ",,d lmpres-
tf-fhH p ":-iiir I slon ul;ido by the
(i5 mm I Clir u'uen
fijjp V, stopped showed
' fcyyMW that it was ten
fr?yn ' feet long. Theuo
I iljjJ: ZZT details would cor-
1. yyr-r respond exactly to
V.wz7"gw the measurements
y&&X of 11 P a n h n r d
yrnry ninety horso pow-
cacnCs er machine of
Inquiry soon showed that a ma
chine of this description had been
stolen from M. Norman, of Boulogne,
two weeks before the crime.
M. Bertlllon then pointed out that
the car bad been carefully renum
bered and tho machine stored in a
garage, for otherwise the complaint
of Its owner would have led to its
On the day following the affair in
tue Itue Ordener M. Norman's auto
was found abandoned in a lonely
streGt at Dieppe, ono hundred and
afty miles from Paris.
Tho startling discovery was then
made that the leader of the auto
bandits was the same person as the
head of the gang who plundered the
Orient Express In September of last
year. This fast train was slonped
in tho heart of France at night and
robbed of thousands of dollars In
bags of gold that were being carried
to India. Tho Identity of this ban
dit was proved by the finger prints
he had left while renumbering the
stolen auto and others he had made
at the time of robbing tho express.
After carrying off their plunder
from the train this band stopped
at Chatelet-en-Brle, and executed
ono of their number, an Italian
named Platano, a traitor to their
plans, by cutting his throat. The
man who performed this execution
wiped his hands of blood on the
dead man's shirt. The executlouor
and tho leader of tho nuto bandits
in tho Rue Ordener were one antl
tho same person. After the execu
tion they stopped an auto nnd mur
dered tho chauffeur at Chatolet-en-Bric.
MWtA At 10:30
ZWJ 'iUlMltai n the forest
2Sf r5lft If ll 1IE the cashier, '
.fkL W Hi S-mfr assistant cashier
MMIfr BSpf - l
I if f -ikzjL b a n k at
WmX- Chanti!Iy. seize
-O. Djl - the cash, fusil-
Jh 5 e rescuers and
- The interesting fact was also ob-"
served by the police that tho auto
bandits were teetotallers. Probably
that was why they were so proficient
in their work. Common criminals
have always been drinkers of alco
hol. Alcoholic drinkers aro forced
to stop frequently to take more
drink, alcoholic If they can find It,
but drink of some sort. They have
to stop frequently to attend to their
physical needs, and are Incapable oi
continuous, unswerving e::ertion.
Now, in all jthe searches the police
mado they found no traces of men
with a fresh supply of money in the
common drinking resorts of crimi
nals, no breaking open of saloons
such as always follows a successful
coup by common burglars, no aban
doned bottles along the road. These
men were teetotallers and able, to
refresh themselves by frequent stops
at roadside fountains and horse
The bandits had a habit of con
stantly stealing fresh automobiles
and abandoning the old ones. They
had a profound knowledge of all
kinds of machines.
Tho machine abandoned near
Dieppe shov.ed by its speedometer
that it had been running for the trip
at tho rate of 40 vl miles per hour,
the third speed of this machine.
Now, this rato of speed proved that
the car had loft Paris just three
hours and three-quarters before It
was abandoned. This wa3 exactly
half an hour after the robbery, just
tlmo to get out of Paris.
Tho pollco hero did a clever plec3
of detective vork. Thoy estimated
that the criminals had stoleu a fresh
machine about half an hour, after
tho robbery and Eent, perhaps, ono
accomplice to Dieppe to get rid of
the old machine.
They mado Inquiries, and soon
found that a 70horaepower Lcvas
setir car had been stolen at the time
specified from tho garage of M.
Buisson at Saint Mande. a quiet,
aristocratic suburb of Paris, border
ing on the Park of Vincenncs.
Tho pollco found the tracks of
this machine running In the direc
tion of Alals. Thoy wired to Alain,
and tho police thoro waited in am
bush. But the bandits were too clever,
guessed the police plans, turned
nround, came back by a different
road and passed tho octroi gato of
Paris at G o'clock, always going full
speed. At C:05 they overturned a
vegetable dealer's cart In the Ruo
do RIvoll nnd their machino was In
jured, a fact shown by a streak ot
gasoline along the road.
At 6:30 they stopped In the Place
du Havre to mend a leak In the gas-
olino tank. A policeman named Gar-
nier, not suspecting they were the vefiB
great bandits, put his foot on the jjjaajt
step to warn them against breaking
tho speed law. They left him dead T?
with three bullets in him. Mg
As they flew away, many terrified TB&fj
pedestrians were able to distinguish WKL
three men in the car. with a tremen
dously thickset giant at the wheel,
his face concealed by automobile HSw
goggles. (-jK
Did justice hold the bandits at hiOi
last? Not yet IBli
Once more they vanished in a
cloud of dust, and orders were wired s w
to tho pollco and gendarmerie (the g m
national military police force) in Kjff
every direction to watch for a flea-
ing or an abandoned auto. Iki
Soon a report came of an auto Si
abandoned In a back street of St. W&
Ouen, a suburb of Paris. m H
. It was the auto of M. Buisson, 38 S; w
St Mande. It had been set on lire ! m
and all its combustible parts de 4j; mj
stroyed, but this time the speedome- js
ter showed a distance of 215 miles JX j?
covered In ono trip On the back of m
the carriage wero tho marks of two fj
:evo!ver bulled. S
This showed that the bandits hafl II jf
travelled far out of Paris, hnd been PM$
concerned In another crlmo (for no fSjKji
bullets had struck thc machino be- fwH
fore), and had been compelled to P
return to Paris for some reason.
At this point word came from
Pontofse, another suburb, five miles UiWi
from SL Ouen. that at 5 o'clock that M 'M
morniug, beforo daybreak, some men ? jjn
had been surprised in tho offico of n? 81
M. Tintnut, a leading lawyer of tha 63
town, engaged In breaking open his i!f
safe. M. Tintant had discovered vSifSl
them and Hred at them from hi3 frmX
window as thoy wero getting into 1mm
an auto. A journeyman baker named iiflll
Coquerol, who was up at that early Wm
hour on account or his trade at- ii!
tempted to hold them and was shot
At this point the bandits dlsap-
peared completely, it was not until r'is
after they attacked and bombardf-d f J ijj
the Socicto Generalo at Chantilly, f-aH
an episode described earlier la this Pag B
article, that any of them were ar- taJM!
Among tho other crimen attributed : I
to them besides those already in- :jf H
tioned are: Jfai wj
Bank mossengor named Gouy Pall b
let robbed of $30,000 in Paris Jan- Jj
uary 31, 1912. jgfl m
Freight station robbed, two men WB D
murdered, at Les Aubrais, near Or- ffiBffl
leans. January 31. fg3aB
Battle with burglars, in which one tffflnllfl
policeman was killed and ono bur uS
glar commlttod suicldo, Anserrlllfc .
January 3 . '

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