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President Taft Issues Slale
mm ment Denying That He Sent
Major Archibald Butt on
Mission to Vatican.
Chief " Executive Believes
There Is a Conspiracy for
the Purpose of Arousing
Religious Prejudice.
W- AvSHINGTON. May 12. At the
Whlto house today :i personal
statement by President Taft
was given out. categorically dc
HH nylng- that Major Archibald
lB Butt, the president's military aide who j
(flfl u'as lost on the Titanic, hud gone to
LH Rome on any mission whatever from the
president to tho Vatican. The statement
HH follows:
IHH Among the Insidious methods or
HH attack pursued by some agalnpt me.
HM Ik thfj attempt to arouse religious
fHI prejudice on the charge that I am
SHH In "omo manner unduly favoring the
Roman Catholic church. It haw been
fl my personal purpose first as the
governor general of the Philippines,
second, as eccrotary of war, and
jH third as president, to encourage
every church as far as possible
where this 'doca not involve invld
Ions distinctions, and does not dc
H part from the rule which separates
H our etaic from personal relations to
!H all churches. I have unduly favored
tH no church, but have treated them all
iH with absolute impartiality.
flfl Relates the Facts.
In 1902 I vlflted Rome and con
ferrcd with Pope Leo Xin. in an at
tempt to settlo the friar laud cpntro
versy, which had n risen in tho Phll
Ipplnes whllo I was governor gen
oral, and after a time I succeeded in
doing ho- "When last March my aide.
SH Major Butt, set out on a trip solely
for his, health, and proposed to vlplt
Rome, lie asked me for a letter of
Introduction to the present pope, that
ho might have the privilege of an
audience, and I gavo him such a let
tcr. Tho letter contained nothing
but a Ftatemcnt containing a message
nf hope. Tlic only message from the
H pope or any representative of his In
iH answer to this letter of introduction
jH which I have received, Ie a cablegram
of condolence for all concerned sent
IH by Cardinal Merry del Val by dlrec-
Hon of tho pope at the time of the
Titanic disaster, and making an In
fM riulrj' as to the fate of Major Butt.
lo which T replied expressing my
thanks and giving the facts. The
letter Introducing Major Butt c.on
talncd no reference to the recent
H appointment of American cardinals,
H nor comment on or reference to the
Catholic church or any matter rclat
H lng to It. The stories circulated that
1 have made any infjulry, or that 1
have taken anywhere at any time
any part or manifested any Interest
in questions of social precedence of
H tho recently appointed cardinals, are
IH wholly without foundation.
jH Conspiracy Is Alleged.
jH The evidence that there is a con-
f-plracy for the purpose of arousing
EH religious prejudice against me Is
nhown by tho fact that at the in
jH Mance of some one unknown to me it
was represented in a great many re
B spectable newspapers that I sent a
IH message of welcome and congratula-
B lions to the newly appointed apos-
tolic delegate by wireless to the in
fH coming steamer which was bearing
HH him to New York. No such message
kH was Bent by mc, or by anyone by
gH my (authority. A denial of the pub-
IH llshcd report was Issued from tho
BH Wlilte houec. but the denial has ob-
B talncd no publicity.
BBABfl Tho Ftatcment that T suspended an
tH order made by the Indian comml?-
1 sloner affecting the garb of the
KH teachers in Indian schools which have
H been transferred from the Catholic
H church to tho government la true, T
H did this for the reason the commis-
ll sloner had issued an order after con-
suiting with the secretary of the In
H terior and without awaiting his con-
B elusions. The propriety of the order
m has now been made subject of an
H open, free discussion by all the par-
H ties in interest, and the decision of
H tho secretary of tho interior will soon
bi handed down. I say nothing of
H the merits of the controversy oxcept
that the order reversed a condition
IH which has existed for years and af-
IH reeled thirty or forty teacher. who.
KHH as nuns, had been long beforo my
IH time Incorporated in the service of
B the government and who would be
HI in effect expelled from that service
1 by the order should It provalt. They
Hftfl were therefore entitled to a full hcar-
Children Cry
By reason of the fact
that this company con
t&vfti ines its loans filst
HB mort8tL5es on rea estate,
it forms a safe and most
.jf dcsirable depository for
&PM savings or idle money.
Compound interest is al
loweu at the rate of 4 per
HH cent per annum and care
ful, personal attention is
extended to all custome-s
whether the amount of
their deposit is large r
I OlT can tart a favlnrs
Y account with this bank"
any Saturday nlerht. as
I . tho bank is open until
eight o'clock. Cli:rk, me
chanics, wage earners, farmers,
women and children are cor
dially Invited to make this in
stitution their banking home. ,
Wo accept dcp.oslt? In any
amount from one dollar up
wards, and pay Interest on Hie
money at the rate of 1 per
cent per annum.
TIES, Zion's Savings Bank
and Trust Company
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Joseph F. Smith. President.
O. C. Bcebe, Cashier.
(Continued from Page One.)
In the making of peace treaties with
England and France, which have been
emasculated through the Influence of
Mr. "Roosevelt and his campaign
manager. Senator Dixon, and the
Democratic members of the senate;
In the effective prosecution of work
in building and completing the Pana
I ma canal, I submit that a record Is
formed that entitles this administra
tion to the support of the Republi
can men and women of California,
and that It is progressive in the
highest degree.
Boon for Workmen.
The last important measure which
I have urgently recommended to
congress, which has passed the sen
ate and is now pending In the house,
is tho workmen's compensation bill,
which changes altogether the law
with reference to the liability or the
employer to the employee on inter
state commerce railroads, and gives
an insurance for every employee
against the dangers of hla employ
ment by requiring the employors to
Indemnify the employee against In
jury received in the employment not
brought about by his will and volun
tary account, and fixes a reasonable
compensation, graduated according
to regular tables and proportioned
to the extent of the injuries and the
earning capacity of the employee in
jured. In the opposition which Mr. Roose
velt Ib now making to this adminis
tration he is not giving mo a square
deal as I have shown by undoubt
nble rocord proof. Tie Is appealing
to class hatred and forcing sham Is
sues in such a way that his success
would be a real detriment to the
public interest and a dangerous de
parture from a wise tradition, which
ho himself has recognised, that lim
its a citizen to the two terms In
tho presidency.
COtitTifBUS. Ohio, May 12. From to
morrow morning until primary election
day. May 21, there Is scarcely a cross
roadB stations in this state so unimpor
tant that It does not expect to enter
tain at IcaBt one presidential possibility.
President Taft, Colonel Roosevelt, Gov
ernor Harmon and Senator "La Follotte
will tour tho state, while lesser lights,
United States senators, cabinet members
and department heads are to speak
whero limited train facilities and the
Inability of the candidates to be in more
than one placo at one time will prevent
the appearance of the presidential pos
sibilities. Taft Begins Today.
President Taft will be the first to ar
rive. He will finish liis campaign at
Marietta tomorrow and will make more
than a dozen speeches during the day.
Colonel "Roosevelt will arrive Tuesday,
and begin his speaking at Bellalre. T-Iis
itinerary that day will taJte him over
practically the same points whero the
president Fpokc the preceding day. Al
together Colonel "Roosevelt will make
more than sixty speeches. The more
Important night speeches will be mado
at Canton, Dayton, Columbus and Cleve
land. Governor Harmon will begin hi3 trip
at "Woostcr "VedneBduy night. He will
cover many of the points lately visited
by Colonel Bryan in his anti-Harmon
trip and has announced that he will
speak on the charges made by the "N'c
braskan that friends of the governor
sought unduly to influence Bryan pledged
delegates in 100S.
Nagel to Speak.
Secretary Nagcl. it ha been an
nounced, expects to visit the state. It
Is reported he will mako a tpeech for
Taft at Gallipolls Saturday, three days
before tho primaries.
A vlctorj' In tho presidential prefer
ence is sought particularly by the Demo
cratic candidates as it will carry the
right to name the six delegates at large
to the national convention, according to
the call of the state committee.
Republicans will vote only for the dis
trict candidates for delegates. The dele
gates at largp will be namd by the
state convention here June 3 and 1.
Both Roosevelt and Taft candidates aro
In tlie field. .
Although anti-Harmon Democrats hav
announced that Colonel Bryan who has
already mad two three-day trips through
the state, will rturn before th- prima
ries, no dates have been set and there
Is talk now that the plans may bo
Senator L.n Follette will sp.ak in the
northern counties and according to tho
prent plans will make only a brief
SAN FRANCISCO. May 1?. -California
will drde at the primaries nrxt Tues-
day whether her presidential preference
ts for Roosevelt, Taft or La Follette
as Republican candidate, and Clark
or "WlUon as a Democratic candidate.
The ststf snds twenty-six delegates to
til national conventions.
Neither l"nderwood nor Harmon, the
two other Democratic candidate. has
dlrctwl any organized campaign for
votfs, and vraur, of th political com-
i plxtnn of tho state, the Roosevolt can-
i vns has attracted more attontlon than
J th Democratic.
Roosoevlt closed his campaign Wnt
nlcht. Governor Hiram W. Johnson has
stumped thn Mat for him. aa have Glf
ford Plnchot. his former chief forrster
(?r!i"ir.r-fsr.nator . BeyeJELd.Ke o: ua,
Mrdlll "McCorml"lc of Chicago, and FranJ
cis J. Heny. the "fighting prosreutor "
His headquarters pfxllcted ysterdny that
thi vote In SAn Francisco would be cloHe
bit that the country counties, partlcu
Jarh in southern California, "would roll
up a huge vote for the colonel "
Taft tnanagrrs have Imported but one
speaker, former Representative Raloh D
Clo of Ohio In their cloning ral'y Inst
night ;ttaey predicted that San Francico
Letter io Friend Shows Doubt
'and Anxiety of the Fed
. eral Bunch.
Strong Effort Made lo Send
Uninstrucled "Delegates to
National Convention.
Special to The Tribune.
'PROVO, May 12. In a letter to a
friend in this city received yesterday.
Senator Smoot lets tho cat out of the
bag, and shows plainly lo what extent
the bunch will go in order to curry favor
with both of the candidates for the presi
dency, whose names will surely be pre
sented at tho national Republican con
vention in Chicago.
Senator Smoot, as well as the rest of
the machine cohorts, know thut Colonel
C. R. Ixose. the national committee
man from Ktah. Is for Roosevelt first,
last and all the time: while, at the same
time. Smoot. In his letter, demands that
txose be sent as a delegate to the Chi
cago convention. In the event that the
Utah delegation to the Chicago conven
tion be Instructed for President Taft,
and Colonel Loose elected as one of those
delegates, the party workers here and
tho delegates from Provo to the state
convention arc asking each other, "Will
Loose stand for tho tieup and agree to
Slav hitched, or will ho refuse to go,
and bv refusing rid the party of the
obligation It owes to Mr. Loose?"
Smoot Explains.
Here Is what Senator Smoot. says In
his letter.
"I would like to haw Mr. Loose nomi
nated as a delegate to Chicago. I am
not afraid of Mr. Looso's Judgment. I
know what he thinks of Mr. Roosevelt,
but I know that Ik will take Into con
sideration the political situation in tho
sta.te. and I trust that he will be nomi
nated." In addition to the above quota
tion from the letter, and here Is whero
the inconsistency comes In. Mr. Smoot
"The sentiment of the Republicans of
tho state, In my opinion, Ir. for Presi
dent Taft, and If so, they should not
hesitate a moment to Instruct for him
no matter If every other state in the
union went bark on him."
At least nine out of the twelve dele
gates to tho stale convention from Provo
arc for President Taft, and , at tho
ilmc the same largo proportion of th
delegates arc ready to cast their votes
for Colonel "Loose as a delegate to tho
national convention. The Sanpete dele
gation to tho state convention has sent
word to Provo that they arc for Mr.
Loose as a national delegate, and they,
too, are aware of "what Loose thinks
of Mr. Roosevelt."
May Not Bow Down.
Regardless of tho letter from Senator
Smoot ordering the state convention to
Instruct for Mr. Tafl, there is a strong
sentiment among tho Provo contingent
to send thc.dologatlon unlnstructcd, and
as far as tho expression among the stato
delegates hereabouts in tho last few days
there will be no instructions, unlcsjj the
Roosevelt supporters precipitate the
question and hrlng on the fight.
The attitude of tlie federal bunch in
Utah shown plainly that they aro ready
to jump Into the band wagon of the
winning candidate, and they don't care
a snap which one that is, just so long
as they can find out long enough In ad
vance to retain the fat offices they now
occupy. That Is Just why they purpose
now to send the delegation from Utah
to the Chicago convention unlnstructed.
or if they are forced by tho opposition
to Instruct for President Taft, to send
a delegation some of whom arc friendly
to Roosevelt. In either event, thoy fig
ure they could retain the patronage, tho
sole object of their being a federal
TTcnry Ferris. TTadnr, Nebr.. is the
father of ten child ran and for the past
iwcntv years has used Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound with the best to
suite. lie tolls us: "T think Foley's
Hone and Tar Compound is tho best
cough medicine in the world or I have
used it for the past twenty years and
can recommend it to anyone needing
a cough medicine." Scbrnmm-John-son
would go for Taft and that he would
carry the stale by fiS.OOO.
La Follette has been aided In his cam
paign by his wife and personal friends.
His appeal has been based on the con
tention that neither Taft nor Roosevelt
can be nominated or elected, because the
disclosures of the campaign havo loft
him the only progressive unaffiliated with
corporations and unsupported by political
bosses. His headquarters quoted no fig
ures tonight, merely announcing that the
campaign would dose tomorrow with
three speeches In San Francisco by the
senator himself.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. May 12. To select
six delegates at large to the national
convention and a national committeeman,
the state convention of both tho Repub
lican and Democratic parties In Wyo
ming will convene here simultaneously
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock
No candidate has enough Instructed
delegates to control either convention.
Pre-conventlon sentiment indicates, how
ever, that President Taft will be In
dorsed by the Republicans, while a closo
fight between "Wilson ad Clark adherents
Is probable among the Democrats. The
voting strength of the Republican con
vention Is 133. and that of the Demo
cratic Is SS. Nine of the Republican dele
gates are Instructed for Colonel Roose
velt, four not to vote for Roose.velt, and
ten for President Taft. The remaining
110 are unlnstructed. but are said to
have a preference for President Taft.
Rut nine of the Democratic delegates
are instructed. Five of these are for
Speaker Clatk and four for Governor
Wilson. Twenty-two come with a pref
erence for Speaker Clark.
John R. Osborn of Carbon county and
George R. Pcxton of Rvanston county,
national coininltt"pmii of tho Republl
nn ant! Democrat!- parlies, respectively,
probably will ho re-olected without oppo
sition. The delegates to the conventions
were chosen by county commlttoM. No
contests for seats are expected In either
Montana for Taft.
BUTTE. Mont.. May 13. The Montana
state Republican convention at Livings
ton May It;, to name dologatos to the
Republican convention at Chicago, will
be controlled by the Taft force by a
majority of about 200. 'based upon ro
turns from all of Montana's! forty-two
countlen hut fix. which. If all were car
ried by Rooaeevlt. would not shake the
control of tho Taft forces. Roosevolt
is reasonably sure of carrvlng threw of
ihcar, counties which wi.l glc him n
convention strength of about 233. as
compared with -431 for Taft,
JjjjjLEY The flavor lasts 8 jfe
(Continued from Page One.)
Bv means of the artillory the infantry
fire of tho Tebels was held beyond
ranee. ' '
lore than twenty federal cannon
vrcrc in action at onco. Tho enemy
was intrenched in the hills in a line
fifteen miles lone. Tho federal firo
wns directed eo well that ovary shell
hit a vulnerable spot in tho insurrocto
After tho first few shots the com
mander of the federal cuds, Lieutenant
Colonel Rubio Navarrette, located im
mediately the position of tho enemy.
Soon he silenced an.d "wrecked their ar
tillery, all of which fell into tho
hands of the government troops. Most
of the shells of tho cnem' exploded
about six hundred feet in front of tho
federal lines, which ucconnts for tho
small losses of the government troops.
12. General Orozco today transferred
his headquarters from Escalon, Mexico,
where ho has been for the last fort
nieht, to Eellano. seventeen miles north.
This retreat, ho claims, aa well as that
of bis vanguard today was done- in or
der to place his men in bettor positions
for a tinal stand. Tho rebels fought
briskly all day. Losses havo not yet
been announced here.
Tl was at Rellano recently that tho
federals were severely deteated and
General Gouzalos Salas committed sui
cide. Indications are that tho vicinity
of Rellano, with which Orozco is fa
miliar, may again be a battleeTOund.
General Orozco tonight admitted that
his army had been defeated at Conejos
and ho has sent a goneral order to all
insurrccto troops to raobilizo at Rel
lano. lie blames his defeat on the su
perior artillery of the federals.
General Campa and Genoral Artu
gumcflo, who were sent around to the
east to flank the federals, havo been
reported missing. The rebels aban
doned their four positions at 3 o'clock.
By International News Service.
MONTEREY, Mexico, May 12.
Philip C. Hana. connul general for tho
I'nilcd States here, received advices to
day of a hot battle between fedorals
an.l rebels near Tlahualila, Dnrango,
due north of Torrcon and near Zaru
irosn, the terminus of tho Matamoras
Tlahualila railroad. The federals wcro
repulsed with heavy losses in tho first
attack they mado early in the morning,
but were later pncccs&ful. Hundreds
were killed or wounded on both sidoa.
MEXICO CITY. Mexico, May 12.
General llucrta reported to President
Madero tonight that the rosult of the
first battle of moment with tho main
body of Orozco ' array was a decided
victory for the government force?.
Orozco was in personal command of
his troops, according to information.
The battle began soon after 0 o'clock
this morning. General Tellez leading
tho central column with his retreat cuv
ercd bv artillery under Lictitcndnt
Colonel Rubio Nnnrrett
At t3;.10 tonight many federal wound'
ed were being brought, into camp.
Among thorn was the commander of
Held cavalry.
A short 'time before an order had
been given for a genearl advance, but
this was countermanded upon receipt
of news that tho brigade had boon cut
to pieces by the rebel cavalry,
Goneral liuerta said the conduct of
his men was heroic and that there wa.1
tho best poesible co-oporation between
the divisions of his army. A later re
port said a cavalry attack bv the fed
erals had forced the rebels from their
FLOOD conns
NEW ORLEANS. May 12. Another
day of sunshine here and throughout
Louisiana lent an improved aspect to
flood conditions. State and federal re-1
gineers announced that tho fow re
ports received from points north of here
wero encouraging, although the situa
tion at Baton Rouge would demand
continued hard work to prevent a
break in the front levee.
A fall of two-tenths of a foot was re
corded here in the twenty-four hours
ending at 7 o'clock tonight, tho gauge
registering 21.3. At Baton Rouge there
was a rise of nearly a tenth.
The levoe at the lower end of tho
Torraa crevasse is reported sloughing
off and gradually adding to the width
of tho gap. Tomorrow tho United
States steamship Ram will reach Torras
and Assistnut Engineer Waddill will be
gin tying the ends of the crevasse.
BATON ROUGE, La., May 12. Wa
ter from the Torras crcvasso could bo
seen from tho capitol tonight. Backed
up from the Atchafalaya Bwamplauds,
it had almost reached Port Allen, across
the river. The water began to cover
the sugar plantations north of Cham
berlain and tonight several rich plan
tations that line tho west bank of the
Mississippi are inundated.
Captain Logan of tho United States
army relief corps dispatched boats to
tho "country around Lottio and Erwiu
ville to get the peoplo out of tho newly
flooded territory-
JELLICO, Ky., May 12. Fifteen
minutes of battle and bedlam follow
inc an attempt of Marshal Tom Bow
lin to arrest a promiscuous shooter to
day resulted in the death of tho mar
shal's wife and Wilov 7'arton and
tho Hcrious in,inrv of at least thrco
others. Twenty-f ivo persons worn in
volved in the battle and at least 150
shots wcro firod.
When Marshal Bowlin and Parton
opened firo on each other Mrs. Bow
lin sprang in front of hor husband.
Shot twice, she fell to the ground dead.
Tho sbootincr appeared then to becoino
ccncral. When the smoko cleared
awav Parton was doad, shot through
tho cbcBt, and friouds -were seen bear
ing away his wounded father, Wesley
Parton of feud fame.
Al Butcher, who Btipported the mar
shal, had a bullet hole in hi neck and
rnav die, while Al Bowlin. brother of
tho marflhal lind been clubbed on to
head with a revoher
is mi mim
(Continued from Pago One.)
accnmmulation. If that seoms impos
sible owing to the productivity of
American labor, then decree that after
tho doath of tho owner of the fortune
all but $2,000,000 goes into thn treas
ury of lho city or stato where ho re
sides. "Confiscate all coal lands, so that,
in tho future we shall have no strikes
in that business.
"Take over for government control
the Standard Oil company and the to
bacco trust, inasmuch as they do not
seem able to repent of their sins.
"ITavo the government own and run
all express companies, telegraph and
telephone concerns. Tf all this could
be accomplished t lie kingdom of God
would bo hastened mightily in our
The Rev. George Chalmers Rich
mond will bo remembered as the clorgv
man who preached several sermons in
sovoro criticism of Colonel Astor's re
marriage after his divorce from Ava
Willing Astor.
"We abhor the Astor alliance,' said
tho rector at that time. "It arouses
all our moral anger. Tho Episcopal
church is opposed to this alliance. Ft
is contrary to our canons and Mr. Astor
will bo socially ostracised by thj best
people tho minute he contracts the bar
gain already mado."
GAINESVILLE, Fla., May 12. Mar
shall Slaughter and Deputy Sheriff
Whito of Archer, Fla., wero decoyed to
a lonely spot and assassinated. J. A.
Manning, another deputy, feigned
doath and escaped after being
wounded. TTo shot ouo of the murder
ers, capturing him and his throe sons,
who are now in .iail.
Shortly after midnight Slaughter re
ceived a message regarding a gambling
camo among negroes on tho outskirts
of tho town. Ho deputized White and
Manninji and started for tho scene.
Everything seemed to bo quiet and
when tho officers started to reconnoi
tor thev were greeted with a volly of
. Slauehtor and Whito fell at the first
fire. Both wero dead whon aid ar
rived. Manning also fell with a wound
in his abdomen. Ho feigned death,
and. as tho ncero nssnilnnts started
awav. shot Cain Perry, one of the
number, and, at tho noint of a pistol,
captured Pony's threo sons.
Scrofula is a bad thine to inherit or
acquire, but thoro is this about it
Hood's Sarsaparilla completely cures
even tho worst cases.
Excursion to Provo, $1.90,
Via D. & R. a., May 15th.
Tho Republican Convention Special
will leave Salt Lake at 8:30 a. m., ar
riving at Provo 0:40 a. m. Returning,
leavo Provo 30 minutes after closo of
convention. Six trains oach wav.
Tickets good on an- train, goinc May
1-lth and 15th, roturning until May
17th. '
Moving Picture Lecture
On "Th0 Old Overland Trail," "Salt
Lako City" and "Yellowstone Park."
Snlt Lake theater cvoning of May 14,
by .7. W Erwin, international descrip
tive lert'ircr. Over 3000 foot moving
picture film and 175 stcrcopticon .ilules.
Abraham Irrigation company tcn ' n
atd under the laws of ilieSltUofl , (J
Principal place of biih'nrsj, yi a t
Main street. Salt I.ak (Vj iuJ; t
Xnio Ther arc rlcliiiqutn' n1' mhll
foliowlns lpfcrlb(l fiir'k. t. i-sm
assessment loviM on ih Ha k
March, A. D. 131:'. tl ' hhU t tstl
set opposite the nnnio. jf ttt m;i IT.
shareholders as foiiow f nri&
No. Name- hsr Aa irtj-I
16Gcors? X. NlildMidorl M Ji m a
22 H'lone B. Wllnar. p , "
27 llclene B. Wilbur M TL,
55 -Martha B. Mason. . : 5 J.8!,
7C M C Boa Is .... 'J , TJtf
77 M. C. Bonis S ' W
97 Julia A. Mason a al J" 1
123 Van D. Spaldlnc. .-"to 1 'J? '
12I Alvln 13. Hnrnlsh I" ; J
174 Hart J. VUzc raid S- Wr
1SS Emma I., rv'vcr .. p lh
203 Eda Empson ; l8'
201 Erla Kiiipson . " KH
205 Eda Empson V 5i, t
221 Van D. Spaldliis . ,!M ifUthi
226 Van D. SpaWiiiq !J tH4..
2S6 Arthur J. Wesiovcr.. JJ 0d&j
290 Van D. Spnldlns . . J ,
31fi Hopan Brothers ..rj
321 Amanda E. Grlgle? W
330-Alex. W. Rcld ...; ta 7:
334-E. O. White .
...Donald Hossnn . .1
...-Peter Peterson.. .. J t ttf
339-H. J- Fitzgerald ....
344-Van D. Spaldlnir .. t
351 R. Shepherd W . Jfi?
358- R. Shepherd . . J , J V
359- Cnlvm B. Bench . "
360- Cnlvln B. Bacrt
36C Clnifl. Tym; .... - n
375-Mrn. C E. J. Rice.
407 Calvin B. J3aeh f ,
410 Milton Company "te
417 Moses BIHslein .... 1" ;
424 E. O. l'e il
429 H. B. Cola " nW
437 Frank Knox & G.
S. Holmes M T
413 -lames W. Hoggan, T
Plcdeee, : ill f
447-H. J.. OT1,d M
Indln accordance with Mili,
company. 351 South .Vy f W A ,
Cltv. Utah, on the lstnoa) r,ly.iM?1 11
1912 at 2:00 p. m., to pay K
.element, thereon tosjth
351 South Main street. SU U" ,p
Utah. m" H
Denver, Colo.. , W Jt
Sealed proposal m & Jt
theRlo Grande J"X hM
pany 01 it? office, room un,f JJU v
W Denver . Colorado.
June Stlii,""1 ',h, eoot"Jcl,Si
materials for and the r7rtLr .
pipe line fom Bemu " jCIln(ril A
near Santa Maria la Whl
Colorado rrtns!t of 9Bt.
and at the ofce of fmi
cons-ultintf nneCT:to5So. ,,1 tip
bulldlnp. Denver. QnM&jM U
Each bid shall be c YM'J3m
certified check for 0Gourty rfJl
Vhh9C resen-e- ! ''JfllJ
two hundred and ,.an v Skik
Soel.11.1 "Clonal conj fm)t
nlzcd hero toda " fftM
formulate IW """Cff
and Thursday. uid nj fll
nate candidate, for Pj fiKvi
president of ,,etnLou'ul?Bip U
the most Important q itaSFt.
termlned. Is Uie
party toward then KM
hour this rnomlns- t jn
n Messengers f " ,1 'iS
Postm;iater f'"LJlnd unH'
could nol be ascertain

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