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fes W$ Salt Cafe Sftfibttne, rl
:eats Roosevelt's Candidate in the First Test of the Republican National Convention I
I in win
1st victgry
Root, Choice of
I Bdent's Supporters,
'ted Temporary
Bman After Pro
Bd Contest; Roose
2Leaders Resort to
Wfr Personal Attacks
rSrn Tide.
yor Hadley, Given
fcrity by Roosevelt,
lfHKry to Keep Out
m invention 92 Dele
iSBCredited to Presi-
wfty National Com-
in WCO. iTn v. e 1"? a ' nsrt
threats, charts and
'pr in vfct nf the
forces, the. Taft. sup
'sBttie Republir-an national
(xTatH today put through the
'?flvp of their programme
SjB Senator Elilm Root of
s5as temporary chairman.
the fa-1 tli;.t Vwor
airra?n rit' the na
jiBaDmittf, consistently
0r'r'r r'Vf motion
rirtHpe Roo.:-ivr-lr t'oivos, ii
ft'S0re tban fivf" hours to
fSB6 on th" airmanship.
lpom tho vrn. first name
--fieJeKater. ,iit in the on.l
found to ha - by a
Stm .B0 'r-- TflT r'''Vf 'it Franois
rioiflF0- r' ' -in. with four-
I pi DtB ,1
SS ROonfident.
pJsF1!T,i!:r t
1 DlKR0 7 a'lvantnP op-
lioo LtWltb t,,e PrsMDt. how
.ipetjRlj '!:'" r' '
,,tbl3B i W' rf' ;or s,'Tiat"r
.iK .ar" livf:1 "T to. some
''uSB ,r"''T" " ' f"r
SjBELr'1" v,;ivr:
nVBsiiy iav"
IF K0t Wa" !,,ad chairman
ill, UK'1
tbe national commit-
'f''b B followed.
JjSB-'"'- . 'luring
gage Two.
Root's Defeated Rival
' ' '
Thinks Taft and Roosevelt
Will Lose Strength; Vote on
President Friday.
CHICAGO, -fune 18. Colonel C. B.
Loosp., the Foosovolt member of tbe
Utah df ltjjation. said tonight that be
was satisfied that Roosevelt could nt
be nominated, lie said that, in big
opinion both Taft and Roosevelt would
lose strength tomorrow, and that thfii
th result would be a deadlock for gev
eral ballot?. 1 f r- believe thai a dark
horpe ultimately be tbe nominee of the
Senators .-moot ano" Sutherland botb
predicted that Taft would be- stronger
in the convention than Roosevelt, and
that the president would be renomi
nated on tbe first ballot. Tf a vote il
lakeu tomorrow on the approval of the
temporary roll of the convention, eovr-n
Utah delegates will vote for the. neat
iu? of the delegates in accordance with
the erport of thr national eomntittee.
Colonel Loose will oontinne to oppose
this plan of procedure.
Sena'r Sutherland, who has been
'hr.c.n a member of the committee on
resolutions, is assisting in thr prepara
tion of a I a nil clank 1ir the platform
This plank nil! declare for a non
partisan tariff COmmisaioO and re
vision of the tariff schedules in con
fortuity with the findings of this com"
mjstift"i There will In.- no woman's
stiff rape plank in tho platform, de
spite the agitation tba is being made
tor this provision
Governor Spry, as B member of tbe
committee on credentials, will vote for
the ?catiD2 of the delegates now on
tb. temporary roll of the convention.
Otan d legatee o that I iiere.
will be no vote on president before
Senator nei son will
By International Navtt Bervloa
WA8H1NOTOW, J una is. After twen
ty.eigbl e&rfl at almosl Oontlniious serv
,.r. u ,t public official, Knuts Nelson, Hie
v, i,. rabla senior eanator from BUnne
iota, win in a a-w days announce bis rc
rusai to again become a senatorial candi
date and bis permanent retirement from
public life. Advancing ag- and Increas
ing responsibilities o a merabar of the
upper bouae of congress i are given aa his
reaaon tor quitting public lue.
Balloon Makes Record.
PARIS. June IS.--A woild ..-coid for
iltutu for dlrlalbls balloons
today by the dirigible Contevan alraWp
ffiffing to tho jfrweh army whlcb at-
Roosevelt Leaders Map Out
Plan of Battle Covering
Every Angle.
By Tntma.nona i News Bervlce
OHlOAlrp, June 18. -In a fonr hour
eonieronee with all of the Leaders of
his forces and his political advisers
early tonipht. ai th f'onci'ess hotel,
Theodore Booseyelf outlined clearly i.h
plan of hi? battle for tomorrow and
for tbe remaining days of the couTeu
tion. He will bolt i lie convention on
Thursday if ho has no! won hip right
by the time the Bret ballot is taken on
the presidential nomination,
Thie is the programme;
Tomorrow the credential? committee
will make its report, and tho big guns
of the lloosevelt. artillery will bo
trained acain?! that report.
It is assumed at the outset that tbe
report of tho credentials committee
will bo wholly aeainst tho IJoosovelt
faction. It. is agfumeil that the report
will uphold in every particular tho ac
tion of the national steamroller. It
is assumed that the credentials com
mittee will teat every delegate that
the national committee seated last
Roosevelt will demand vote imme
diately on that report and he will do
aiand that tho contested delegates be
prevented from voting on the credeu
tials committee report, holding that to
permit contested delegates to vote
would be tu let them act as jury in the
eases in which they are defendants.
Seventy-live, of the contest have
boon picked out as boiue especially
meritorious. They are cases in which
the seating of the Taft delegates was,
in the opinion of the Roosevelt men,
particularly outrageous. The center of
lire will be directed against those seventy-five
Roosevelt and bis managers have an
ticipated every step in. I bo figbt . They
know what they will do at every stage
of the battle, no matter which way
tho wind blows.
Tbev hope that they will be able to
prevent the contested delegates from
voting on their own cases.
Failing to do that, this will be tbe
next step in the battle.
Tbe Roosevelt forte-, will undertake,
aided by I he constant weakening of
the Taft lines, to unseat tho steam
roller delegates in spite of the vote
of those same delegates. They will
carry their figbl to the floor of Hie
convention, resisting every move of the
enemy, struggling for every possible
.(Continued on f ago Wine.),
Taft Will Surely Get
Regular Nomination,
Roosevelt Will Certain
ly Bolt and La Follette
Probably Will, Says
Gives Fierce Description
of "Big Steve" of Colo
rado; Stirs Bradley of
Kentucky to Fury and
Comes Off Unscathed.
By LntarnatlasiaJ Ncw Baevlee,
CHICAGO, .lone Is. William Howard
Taft will bo renominated for pres
ident or the t'nitod States by this
convention. Theodore RoOMVelt
eertjunly ami Robert If. Il Vol
tette probably will also b Republlean
candidate); tWe-te ttut people of the. land
next November. Under thase cireum
Btaneea, If a Democrat cannot he elected
president, then they mljrht as well (clve
up and .idmtt that a Democrat cannot
be sleeted si pn
The election of Ellhu Root, the pmy
old fox of the, pai-ty, as the temporary
chairman, tells the whole tale. Wht
vra.s put over today ran be put over to
morrow and the next day and so on In
definitely. The manikins i in complete control,
and any one must pause and make
s.rln.nn to that engine.
Nobody pretends to ay that Taft can
he elected. Nobody fieems to care a hang:
If lie Ik defe.ated. Tho men who sup
ported Root today supported him In or
der lo be nt the roloiie.l, and not be-
causs they have any love for Taft.
Confidence Is Lacking1.
rhr- feeling aiund the lobbies tonight
I re. t 'ne of exultation on the part of
the Taft supporters. Thoy act In the
s.'iiio (ga:y fashion that all of us did at
Reno when Johnson thrashed Jeffries.
Of course, the Rooaovc.lt people mo
mad clear through. AH their boasts.
their bluster, their devotional enthusi
asm has come bo nothing ah the parad
ing of Teddy np and down the land has
brought defeat. The rocket Is now tho
So the Roosevelters nre mooting and
gnashing their teeth and devising- ways
and means for making- the colonel an
opposition candidate. It has always been
a certainly that he would be nn opporl
tlon candidate In CMs of defeat.
Three Candidates Likely.
The Roosevelt leaders always have ex
PQi ld La Follette to be out as an Inde
pendent against the colonel In case tho
latter won the nomination; so "Ba.tt.ln
Bob" may be counted on a a third Re
publican candidate, making trouble all
along the line.
Rut for nil the preliminary talk of
force and fury and fisticuffs. It was a
doleful sort of convention today- No
body bo much ns let go a punch. There
was no effort to do anything by force
Tho platoon and battalions and regi
ments of police that were hold In rcadl
nesa might as well hac boen out on the
Montana mountains, so far as their serv
ice! were needed, though they were very
much In the way of themselves anil
everybody else.
California is "Sassy,"
California, through Governor Johmion
and Francis J. Hcney, was "Hasulcst"
und "scrappiest" Of all the states- But
"sass" and "scrap'' us they would, tho
votes of K. H Tryon and Morris Meyer
feld, Jr , tho two seated Taft dolegateu,
were counted for Root as they will
he counted for Tuft. The two men did
not It anywhere near their colleagues,
but were way back of the Arizona dele
gation. When their n&imts were called
at tbe tall of the California list they
were urged up to the front quhitly and
rhclr votes taken while Governor John
son was making a turmoil of protest.
Then the two slipped quietly out of the
convention hall ami were seen no more.
Johnson stormed and shouted and
threatened, but the vote was announced:
McGovern. 24; Root. 2; and there was no
way for the angry Capfornlans to ohangs
the result. Wow! but they aro a mail
denedi a revengeful lot. After the vote
wa:. announced they put on tho black
(Continued on Page Two.)
I Vote, by States on the j
Temporary Chairman
States Root McGovern
Alabama 22 2
) Arizona 6
j Arkansas 17 1
California 2 24 !;
Colorado 12
I Connecticut 14 . .
I Delaware 6 . . (
Florida 12
Georgia 22 6
Idaho 8
j Illinois 9 49
j Iowa 16 10
Indiana 20 10
I Kansas 2 18 j
Kentucky 23 3
) Louisiana 20
i Maine 12
Maryland 8 8 j
? Massachusetts 18 18
Michigan 19 10
Minnesota 24 I
Mississippi 16 4 )
j Missouri -. 16 20
j Montana 8 j
Nebraska 16 )
Nevada 6 . . )
New Hampshire . . 8 ..
? New Jersey - 28
j New Mexico 6 2 j
! New York 76 IS
j North Carolina 3 21 i
Ii North Dakota 9 j
Ohio H 34
Oklahoma . . 4 16
S Oregon - 3 6 s
Pennsylvania 12 64 s
j Rhode Islu-nd 10 j
South Carolina 11 7 l
South Dakota 10 j
j Tennessee 23 1 j
i Texas mm 31 8 j
Utah 7 1
j Vermont , , . 6 2 !
I Virginia 22 2
Washington 14 . . I
West Virginia , , 16 !
Wisconsin 13 )
Wyoming - 6 . .
Alaska 2
I District of Columbia 2 . . )
) Hawaii 6 i
) Philippines 2 . . I
Porto Rico 2 . .
558 502
Scattering Gronna 1. Louder 9, Hauser 3. i
Absent Texas 1, Oregon 1, Michigan 1. j
By International News FVrvlfe.
kan? s CITY, June IS.--A reconcilia
tion between Mr. and Mr. John P.
(Jank) Cudaby haB heen effected.
Since the divorce ohtalnd by Mrs.
Cudahy from her hufhnnd two years as;o
Mr Gudahy has been living alone at
the Hotel Raltimore and on his farm
near Bolton. Mrs. Cudahy han heen liv
ing In ii n apartment at 3527 Main street
The children who were talcon from the
mother under tho divorce agreement
were given to tho parents of Mr. Cudahy
with whom thov have been since that
i Mr. Cudahy was at the apartment of
Mrs. Cudahy when a reporter culled there
this afternoon Both Mr and Mm. Cud
ahy said that their differences luid been
settled and th.it they hoped there would
he no further occasion for trouble.
Two years Ago a formal decree of
divorce was Istmed to tho Cudahy s fol
lowing the Ben national attack of tho hus
band upon Jere LIIHh, b. banker.
Iat week a rcc'.inclliutlon was effected
and the two returned to housekeeping In
the apartment occupied by Mrs. Cudahy
The second union Involves the church,
and follows the nge-old question of the
supremacy of the church or tho etate- Is
a canonical law greater than a law of
the government? In the Cudahy case it
has settled that what the church hnB
bound together no Jaw can break
asiuid er.
The Cndahys went reunited on that
Idea. Catholics In religion and heredity,
they came to the belief that their inar
rlutre in the Catholic fuith was not brok
en bv the divorce decree two ycarB ago,
and thus they began their married lite
anew. , .
At the Cudahy home tonight few de
tails of the i ouutnn were given out. It
was admitted that the two had hogun
to tve together again and it was stated
that an sffectlvs reconciliation has been
By International News Service.
LOS ANGELES, June 18. The Darrow
trial fcession ended this evenlnsr with an
open defiance of an order of the court
by Assistant District Attorney Ford.
Judge Hutton had just admonished
George Behm. uncle of Ortlo McMan!
gal, who was on the witness stand under
cross-examination by Darrow, not to talk
to anyone about the case until his ap
pearance in court tomorrow morning.
"To be fair to the court," said Fond.
"I want to Instruct Mr. Behm to be In
my office tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock
so that if I want to talk to him about
this testimony I will be able to do bo."
"Mr. Ford." began the court, "I have
admonished the witness."
"I do not recognize the power of the
oourt to prevent us from talking with
the witness as to his testimony and if
occasion arises I expect to do so."
Tho defouse had asked for the court's
Instruction to the witness, but had been
unable to produce any authority, finally
falling baok on the declaration that it
was a matter of common law, which Ford
Behm was subjocted to a rigid cross
examination by Darrow as to his own
dealings with him. Darrow succcedod In
tangling the witness concerning the tu
toring he alleged Darrow had given him
:iB to hlo testimony before the grand
jury last Auguut.
A letter written by Darrow to Bohm
at hlB home at Portage, Wis., introduced
Into ovideuce by District Attorney Fred
erlckn woo tho sensation of the day, The
letter was written in regard to a dispute
of a claim Bohm had made for expenses
for the trip thar he made to Los Angeles
to induce Ortlo McMnniga to repudiate
his confession. In It Darrow admits the
payment to Bohm of J5L
Vote Indicates That
Even Deducting Roose
velt Delegates Who
Voted for Root, Presi
dent Still Has Majority
of Ten, Counting the
Instructed Delegates
Who, Like Col. Loose,
Voted for McGovern.
Betting Changes and Is
Now Three to One
Against Roosevelt and
Two to One Against
Taft; Talk of a Com
promise Candidate Has
Been Revived.
CHICAGO, June IS With El
ihu Root fleeted temporary
chairman o' the national
Republican convention over Fran
cis E. McGovern oT Wisconsin
the Rnoscvrlt candidate by -i
vote of 558 to 502, each faction of
tbe Republican party is loudly
claiming (hat the other has boon
"Roosevelt, is out of it." was
the .jubilant cry of the Tafi men
as they left the hall after a highly
placid session that lasted from
noon till 7 :30 p. m.
Roosevelt Men Still Shout.
"tt'e've cot Taft beateu." was the
shout of the Booserelt nien, as lem
porarilv (hey abandoned their talk of'
bolt, and went into eoufereuee vith a
view to fitrpnsrtheninc their Hues.
Toniehl the ceneralu commanding the
rival forces, neither confident of vic
tory for their own catnlidate?, aro an
alyzing the result and trying to get
some comfort out of it. Up to a late
hour, neither side was hopeful of any
thing but. the defeat of tlic other.
Result of First Test.
The total votes cast In tin? convention
for temporary chairman was 1073 out
of a total of 107$, divided ns follows:
Root BBS.
MrGovern BW.
Louder !l.
Hauser 3.
Gronna L
Not. voting 6.
TKIs gave Root, the choice of the na
tional commtttea, a majority of 38 over
aJl. The 520 votes cast asalnst Root
Included the 36 lo LaKollette and 10 for
Cummins, which would indicate that the
Roosevelt strength expressed by the bal
lot represented 474 votes. This Is not
a fair statement of the Roosevelt
strength, as the convention is now con
stituted, as of the delogates instructed
for RooBevolt, seven In Illinois, eight in
Maryland and three in Oregon a total
of eighteen, declared for Root.
Taft Has a Majority.
On the other hand McGovern apparent
ly gained from the instructed Taft dele
gates one each in Arkansas, Kentucky
and Utah, two in Ohio and five from Ha
wait a total of ton. This would jndlcato
a net gain for Roosevelt, should instruc
tions be followed. In the vota for presi
dent of eight, and Increase bia total to
482, or fifty. eight short of a majority of
the convontlon-
Tho effort upon the Taft vote in the
final Btruggle, if conditions remain as
at present, would bo a loss of eight from
the vote cast for Root, leaving Taft with
55(1, ,r ten mora than a msjorlty of the
convention. , . .
Tho Ktutos showing the variations trom

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