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Neither Justice Nor Intelli
gent Shown in East Tintic
Recent Decision.
Engineering and Mining Jour
nal Gives Important Mat
ter Its Attention.
Several months ago The Tribune had
a series of articles netting forth the at
titude of officials at Washington In the
matter of patenting mining claims, the
atlltude of t!ie general land department
being revolutionary and pratftlcnlly pro
hibitive, and among the Cfl so" reviewed
waa thai of the Baal Tintic Consolidated
Mining company. In the decision of this
ii.se the following rule of the department
was laid down, which occasioned the
widespread criticism of the mining fra
ternity: "To constitute a valid discovery upon a
lode mining claim for which patent Is
3 r ' 1 1 thre must be actually and physi
cally exposed within the limits thereof
B vein or lode of mineral -bearing rock
in pla-o, possessing In and of Itself a
present or prospective value fir mining
"Tho ex p"sur f-f substantially worth
lesa deposits on the surface 01 'ode
mining i-laiir,: the finding of mere sur
face indications of mineral within Its
limits, the discovery of valuable mineral
deposits outside th claim, or deductions
from established geological facts relat
ing to It. one or all of Which matters
may reasonably give rise to a hope or
belief, however strong (I may be: that a
valuable mineral deposit exist within
the claim, will neither suffice as a discover-,
thereon, nor be entitled to be ac-
e-iie.j tiif equivalent thereof."
Prospector Handicapped.
In Its Issue of June 16 the Engineering
ami Mining .J.-.urna 1 cr. ep II, is Kast Tin
Uc decision and bandies the matter edi
to lally In part, the editorial follows:
"The prospector himself, who ha6 ex
pended time -in,) money In Its discovery
.J rid development and who Is willing to
pav th government prlee for the land. Is
compelled to .-jecept the verdict of what
ever inspector happens to be called upon
to render an opinion If the Inspet tor
happens to have seen a mine developed
In such a lode and under similar geo
logical and working conditions, or If he
Ik In a good humor, he flnd9 that the
vein hah prospective value; otherwise
his report Is adverse.
"The poor prospector can no longer
icps t to go out and locate and acquire
for himself a valuable mining property.
He rnus? be financially able to declop
to the point where It Is certalnlv val-
uable; under the conditions where it 1h
found or Is forced to s.-ll it for a fra -lion
of its value to some one with capital
enough to pro r that it Is a mine good
enough, for Uncle Sam to part with. The
Incentive to explore Is largely withdrawn
and the mineral wealth of the unexplored
public domain will be conserved for the
man who already has surplus money to
Rule Is Not Right.
"Most modern nations offer liberal re
ward to the discoverer of new deposits
of valuable ores. The United States has
developed more rapidly than other coun
tries in Its mineral Industry and In ma
terial prosper) t y largely because of Its
liberal policy for the disposal of its mln
era and agricultural lands. Am future I
legislation or new Interpretation of I
present statutes which has a tendency to I
curtail opportunity or lessen the reward j
for honest labor and enterprise le not :
likely to result In the spread of pros- j
perlty or the settlement of nut minted
regions, nor will It be received with ap
proval by the public at large.
"Here Is another Illustration of the
crying need for rational revision of our
mining laws If the discover provision
were eliminated entirely and a pros
pector were permitted to stake his claim
and hold it so long as he performed a I
reasonable amount of real development
work, most of this particular variety Of I
tfOUbU and expense would be obviated."
The Boston Press sayB that Henry
Krumb, one of the best -known engineers
connected with the mining Industry, is
making an examination of the New Key
stone property at Miami This Is con
sidered i step towards the acquisition o?
the New Keystone by 'he Inspiration
Consolidated company, n deal that has
been on the tapis for some lime The
tiso properties adjoin and should be
merged, and it is a safe predlcltlon that
the Nw Keystone will be within the In
spiration lines before the close of the
H summer.
A car containing fifty tons 'of concen
trates from the Wiibert mill of Idaho,
the first lot of mill product to be re
ceived from this proposition, has been
sola on the local market, and the average
assay values of the same were 53 per
cent led and clsjht and a half ounces
silver. Director Harry Knight stated yes
terday that these values were pratically
Identical with the expectations of the
officials and everything, as a result. Is
favorably received The mill is operating
without a break or rough spot anywhere
and the company If fa'.fly launched upon
a successful career of production.
Metal Market.
Th metal flotations for Tuesday,
posted by MrCornlck & Co.. were as fol
lows: Silver, 1ic, lead. $4. 4ft; copper.
Ill 17.
Ore Shipments.
The Utah Ore Sampling company on
Tuesday released 6 cars of ore from DtSh
mining camps.
Ore and Bullion.
Th ore and bullion report for Tue-dav.
given by McCornick &, Co.. was ai fol
lows: Ore received. $100,000; bullion
hipped. fS5,o"r', total, $185,000.
San Francisco Oil Stocks.
James A. Pollock Sc. Co.. hankers and
brokers, furnish the following, received
over their private wire yesterday after
noon: Bid 'Asked.
Caribou $ ',fl it
Claremont I . 1 j
New Pennsylvania .49
i Palmer
Saner Dough 126
1 Turner I -U
The regular Quarterly dividend of the
Daly-Judge Mining company of fifteen
per cent, aggregating 146,000, being divi
dend No. 6, naeoeen declared payable July
let, 1512. to stockholders of record at
Close of business June M 1912, on which
date the transfer bo.,ks will close, and r.;
Opn' on July 1. 11
O. vv . LAJI BO U it N K. Treasurer.
fceafc d!980
Big Force of Men Engaged in
Increasing the Capacity
of Smelter.
One of the busiest spots In the 9tate
of Utah is the site at Tooele of the In-
. ternational Smelting and Refining com
pany, a very large force of men has
been semrrri for the new construction
work outlined in these columns a fow
weeks ago which consists In the installa
tion of a new lead furnace, the third,
of a now lead baghouse system, new
sintering furnaces and several additional
Items of needed equipment which will
keep the compnny busy throughout, the
summer. In Indiana the same company
is hurrying work on Its new lead rcfln
iiiK plant whore the product of the Too
ele lead smelter will be refined.
It Is not generally appreciated that (he
International company, which Is the
youngest smelting organization in the
field, despite Its long period of construc
tion work which la not et finished, has
returned to stockholders an amount in
dividends that very nearly equals 25 per
cent of the authorized Issued capitaliza
tion. There 1h only $10,000,000 capital is
sued, or 100,000 shares of stock, par value
$100, and the company has disbursed
With the dividend recently declared a to
tal of $2,300,000. The proflt-maklnc ma
terial is being wrOUDg form the Rarltan
works, while the company Is the owner
of a couple of railroad systems In Utah
and In the east.
One thing Is assured, and that Is the
extensive construction and enlargement
work now under wnv at Tooele, Utah;
shows that the Utah enterprise of the
, organization is to be broadened and made
as permanent as possible, and the lm-
I porta nee of this to the prosperity of Utah
is plainly evident.
It would be difficult to select any stock
on the exchange Tuesday as worthy of
especial mention. It was another quiet
day, but one with a bit better business
than Monday when measured by the
number of shares selling. The sales to
taled 0,fion shares of slock, the market
value of which was $6,120
The following were the closing trans
j Bli). 'Asked ' Sold for
New Tr 1 A "fi7$ 720 $ . 1 8 :
Thom-Q. .33 .34 34
Opex I 20 . .
Col. Con .OS i .07$
Alta Con. .46 I 48
Ctah M C .40 .48
Bins; r'-S. .14j .14
Eur. E Ex .04
Fed. Ely 0"i
S. Hecla .13 1 17 1.
rtah Mine o 1 185J
A. M I1 M.
I Bid. ASked Bid. 1 vsked
Tono Bel . . oTTs 10-25 ' 9.75 j 10.25
.1 Butler ... .52 0 .h2 .57
MacN ... .23 .26 .38 ' 2fi
Mldwav 10 .41 .85 .45
Mizpali Ex 1.15 1.25 1.15 1.30
Mont Ton . 2.21"1 2.40 2.10 2.40
No Star . . 14 .1"? .14 .18
Rescue E .15 .18 I .14 .18
Tono Ext .. 1.85 2.00 1.75 2.00
W i:nd ... 1.70 2 00 1.H5 1 80
Atlanta . . j 21 .24 .21 .21
Blue Bell 03 03
Boothe 07 .10 .07 .11
C. O. D 004 11 I -001 11
Col Mt 031 .07 I .03 .07j
C Fraction. ,12 .16 ! .124 . l a
G'field ron I 4 25 ' I 4.25 4.50
Cold Kew . .05i( .07! .05 .07i
Cold Mer .1 .30 i 33 I .80 .33
Great Bend I 081 -n" 1 081 .07
Jumbo Ex-.. .35 I .42 I 35 .45
Lone Star .' r3.' W ' .or.i .06
Red Top Exl .02i' 02i
Si! P t on ! .10 1 .14 ! .10 .13
Man PU II .43 I .48 I .42 .48
Man Con .( .18 I .21 45 .20
Man YV ("psl .13 I .15 .18
Morn Glorv I I .11 I 11
Must Man I .0f .0711 04J 075
PlttS B Pk I 1.36 I 1.15 1 27i
Rawh ""oal .01JI 011
Round Mln ! 35 I .45 I .35 I 44
Florence ...I . 5 ' 1.00. .85 1.15
I A M li P M.
I Bid. I Asked. j Bid. 1 Asked
Bet k Tun II -to IS :12 If 0 j$ .12
Bintr A mall .07Ji .0811' -071 -08i
Blank -lack -13 .15 I' .13 I .15
Ced-Talts . .02 .021:1 .02 I .021
Colo Mln I ,16 .17 ' .16 I .171
Col Con ..I .27 .31 i -25 .30
Crn Point. .021 .03 I .2! 03
Dalv .75 l-5u .75 1 50
Daly-Jud . 5.75 ( 6.75 6 00
Dragon . . .25 .35 I -25 35
E & B B 1.25 1.50 1.25 1.50
E Cr Point .001 1 001
E Tin Con! .001 .001 -001 .001
E Tin Dev1 .001 .00j .001 .003
Kmerald . .! .01 ."14 M .01 .04
a Oiain . 311 35 ' .31 .'5
Grand Can! .G3 I .73 .03 .70
Ind Queen. .011! 02 1 .011 02
Iron Bios . 1.221 1 25 1.281 1 25
Iron King .01 "2 .01 .03
J Bovers . 00l .02 ."04 .03
Keystone .08 .25 .09 .19
King Wll . .03J1 .041! 0:tJ .041
Lead King .01 .02; .01 ,021
Leiii Tin .. ooi .on .ooi -Oil
I.lon Hill , .03 ! .f4 .03 .04
Lit Bell .41 I .47 .40 .47
Mas Val . 12 00 13.00 ! 12.50 14.00
May Day . . . 1 0 4 ( . 1 1 9 .10 .11
Mir. Flat .I .001 .01 jl .(ioj .011
Mtn Lake . .03 I .04 .03 .04
Nev Hills 1.90 2.15
New York . ,06 Ofiji n.-.i .ot;
Ohio Cop .. 1.45 I 1.55 l 1 .60 1.65
Opohonap . .! ! .151 .15
Ploche Dem .10 ! .101 10 .11
Ploche Met .031) .04 .03 .033
Pitts-Idaho 1.05 1 1.20 1.05 1 20
Plutus 07 .08 .07 08
: Prince Con 1.621 1671 1 1529 1 . fi7
I Provo 00 J I .001 .011
Rich & Ana .07 .OS .11
i Rexall 1 03
ir Trs . . . .02J .04 I .02 .04
16 Klnc Col. 2.50 I 2.55 2.40 2.75
8 King Con l.ovji i 07i l.OO 1.074
I Sil Shield .01 I .08 l .01 .08
Sioux Con I .07 .051 .061
S I Bios j .001 00ii .001 ft0J
Swan Con .1 .l .07 .0K4 .07
Tin Cent .. .02 .021 .021 03
0 Tintic .. .01 .011 I .01 !oil
Cnc Sam .. .20 I .33 11 .20 3
Utah Con . .0211 .03 .02 .029
Union Chf.. .IS: .14 : .121 .13
Victor Con .04 I .041 ! 04 I 04
Vlctorle C . .62 .58 .60 62
Wiibert . . .27 l .28 .26 80
Yer Cop . ' .0?J' .12 qqi i
Addie . . . .1 .OOJI . .ooi - - '
Orutll .. ..I .004' ..1 .ooj
Moscow . .1 I 1 1 .jo ,
Pt)R9NOOK sales.
Black .I.ick, 10M at 14'-.
Cedar-Talisman. 20fo at 2c
May Dav. 1250 at lO&o
Plutus. 500 at 71c
Prince Con , 500 at $1.65.
Silver King Coalition. 100 at $ 50
Sioux Con., ijoo at BJc
Vllbert, 500 .1: c'
Shares sold, 1460.
Selling value. $1596.75
Cedar-Ta1lh:nan, 4000 at 2c.
Ploche Demijohn. 1000 at le-ic
Prince Con.; 200 at $1 2 : 300 at $160
Triton Thief, 3000 at 131c.
New York 500 at c.
! Shares sold. 12.000.
BeDlng value, $i7r.r. oo.
May Da, .' at 11.-. 2500 at 10c
Tititir Central, 1450 at e
Union Chief, 10.500 at 13c.
Electrolytic Copper on Tues
day Hits Seventeen and
Five-eighths Cents.
Consumer Assumes the Bur
den of Situation With Fu
ture Still Addled.
Electrolytic copper on Tuesday was
hoisted another notch, closing the day at
17flc per pound, the top point, of the exist
ing movement. Despite t tie anticipated
curtailment of consumption so many pre
dicted with higher copper prices, the de
mand for the red metal seems lncreusina:
proof of which was had most eloquently
in the May report of the American Cop
per Producers association, and there are
a number of factors Involved In the cop
per situation that promise even higher
prices Immediately.
Some New Factors.
It has been thought all along, for In
stance, that the new producers would af
ford a balance with their new output of
the metal, and the effect of this is ex
pected now before the end of the sum
mer in many circles But there has been
a possibility recently disclosed of a lahor
dispute at iiutte over the wage scale, and
while this matter may be adjusted amic
ably and satisfactory to both the miner
and the mine owner, the possibility of
trouble at Butte has a sentimental effect
upon the market just the same.
The upward march of copper metal
throughout the year has been one of tne
most striking features of the metal mar
ket. From an average of 12.376 cents
per pound In 1911, electrolytic copper In I
January, 1912, averaged 14.094 cents per
pound; 14.084 cents In February, 11.698
cents In March: 15 741 cents in April and,
ISAVi cents in Ma.y. The present month'B
average should not be far from 17J cents
per pound, which will give an average
price of 15 35S cents per pound for the
first half of the current year.
Consumers Worryin0;.
These certainly are happy tlmca for
the producer visible copper stocks both
at home and abroad are so very limited
as to preclude the possibility of any dras
tic declines, while the uncertainties from
the standpoint of the consumer made
the consumer OOCUpy a decidedly uncom
fortable position at present. The burden
has been shifted from the shoulders of
the producer, in other words, where It
has rested for so long a time, to the ton
ej Shoulders of the consumer, and the
end does not appear to bo in sight yet.
The foreiKn stocks of copper during
the first two weeks of June were reduced
still more, and on June 1 the world's
visible stocks of copper measured only
149,c.59,9fl3 pounds, asainst 32R. 040,02
pounds on June 1, 1911, and 4'U.:,i 1,607
pounds on June 1 1910.
The advantage the eastern shareholder
has over the westerner Is illustrated In
the publication several days ago nt Bos
ton and New York of the May results
at the. Hay Consolidated property a prop
osltlon which releases quarterly reports
as well as monthly statements, although
the latter Is a new feature. It Is stated
that the production was the best in the
company's brief history, being 3, ISO. 000
pounds of copper at a cost, of about 8
'ents per pound. I The ore treated e -er-aged
1 73 per cent copper and a recov
ery of better than 79 per cent was
The copper market during May aver
aged sllgntly In excess of Ifi cents a
pound; but If the company received If!
cents for Its metal It netted S cents a
pound, or $253,400, which Is at I he rate
of $3,028,800 per annum. This Is almost
$2 per share per annum
There was a fear expressed Tuesday
that the Columbus Extension directors
would levy an assessment and the stock
weakened materially on the strength of
this The hoard held 8 meeting yesterday
morning arid only routine business was
transacted. Nothing of assessments was
transacted at all. and as far as known
no assessment Is contemplated at present.
Nevadas in San Francisco.
James A. Pollock & Co., hanker and
brokers, furnlfm the following, received
over their private wire yesterday afler-
imon :
I Bid. 'Asked.
Goldlleled I
Columbia Mountain I? .04
Jumbo Extension .3fi J
Booth .08 I .10
Blue Bull Or,
Silver Pick 11 .12
St. Ives 33
Lone Star .04
Oro 04
Atlanta 22 ! .23
Great Bend 04
Florence 98 99
D fleld. B. B. Cons I .07
Goldfield ralsv 08
Combination Fraction . . .13 IE
Kewanos .06
Spearhead 04 .06
Goldfield Con 4.35
C. O. D ,.. ,10 ,
Merger Mines 31
Ophlr l .10
Mexican 2.70 2.75
Gould and Curry .03 ' u.(
Consolidated Vtrsrlnla 54 I .55
Savage 13
Male and Xorr-ross .12 .19
Yellow Jacket g
Belcher 1 60 j .
Confidence I .so
Sierra Nevada .14 .......
Exchequer . 07
Union .64 6fi
Challenge 02 .03
Chollar .04 .05
Miipah Bhctenelou 1.26 .
Montana Tonopah . 2.13 I.
Tonopeh Extension 1.90
MaoNarnara. .24 I....
Midway rir '40
Tonopah North Star I ,15 17
We8t End Cons I 1.72J l 75
Rescue . I
Jim Butler J .54 '55'
Boston Tonopah Qg I...'.
Monarch PItt'burg Ext .. .n; 1 ' " '
I'matllla .04 05
Tonopah Merger ,fj I
Manhattan Consolidated .1 17 ' IK
G. Wedge n I 07
Tiexter OR I .07
Manhattan E'-g Four .43 ' 44
Mineral Hill Consolidated 03 I 04
Other Districts 1
Nevada Hills I " 00 I "071
Plttsbura- Silver Peak .... 1 22J 125
Round Mountain ... ,40 .....
Shares sold, 18.SM,
Selling value, 1922.73
Iron Blossom. 2o0 at '1.25.
May Dav. 1000 at l" .
Ploche Dem.. 2000 at 10c.
T'tah Con., 500 at " 1
Shares sold. 6800.
Rumor Was Current Here
Tuesday That Step Was
Being Contemplated.
In some manner the Impression has be
come circulated locally that the stock
holders of the Ohio Copper company op
posed to tho Helnze regime are contem
plating the formation of a stockholders'
protective committee, hut diligent Inquiry
both at home and In New York failed
to bring out anything of a deflnlto nature
In regard to this. The operation of tho
Stewart Mining company's protective
committee which Is supposed to repre
sent 300,000 shares of tho stock, Is being
watched closely, and there are some who
hellcve that the success of this commit
tee will determine like action on the part
of shareholders of tho Ohio Copper com
pany. Protective committees are becoming
quite popular nmong the minority share
holders, and there are some who attribute
any Inclination on the part of the Ohio
shareholders to Indulge In such a proce
dure as something Inspired by tho ten
dency In other quarters. If there Is any
6uch movement afoot. It unquestionably
will originate In the east, and as a re
sult tho stockholder ear Is laid close to
the rail awaiting the news.
Inquiry among some of the Salt Lakers
known to have been stockholders of tho
Ohio Copper company for several years
has brought out the interesting Informa
tion that some have disposed of their
holdings aa a result of the publication of
the company's recent report for tho six
months ending March 31, 1912. One for
mer shareholder admitted that his sell
ing was due to the fact that tho com
pany paid ?49.S74 for transporting Its ores,
during this half year, which Is at the
rate of $99,748 per annum. With an In
creased production will come an Increased
transportation cost, and he emphasized
what others have seen fit to criticise all
along the fact that the Ohio Copper com
pany does not own the Mascotte tunnel
through which the ores must of neces
sity be transported to the concentrating
The tunnel Is the property of F. Augus
tus Helnze, and his profits from this one
source are estimated anywhere from
fflOOO to $8000 per month. This Is one
decidedly unpopular phase of the Ohio
Copper affairs, but It Is not easy to see
how even a protective committee can
remedy this particular feature
New York Mining Stockf.
James A. Pollock fc Co.: hankers and
brokers furnish the following, received
over their prhate wire yesterday after
noon 1
I Sale 1 H L. jClse
Ohlno J 1 300i 34i' 34J) 34i
Goldfield Con I oOOl 4JI 41 4J
Nevada. Con 100 22 22 I 22
Ray Con 8 300 21 20j 21
Tenn Copper I 46 44 45
Miami Copper 1.2001 2Sj 2S 2Sg
Utah r-npper 7001 64 6.SJ 63
Inspiration Con . ... 2,600j 1 94j 19'4 19J
Tsale.s.1 H. I ETjOjiss
First. Nat'l Copper I 3 3JI 8
Glroux Con 5$ o oj
Nevada Utah 3J 2J 31
Rav Central 21 81 2fl
Yukon Gold 8.000 3J 3' 3J
Ohio Copper 300 lj u ij
New Kevstone 3 21 3
South rtah ! I 3
Mason Valley 1500 13 I2J 18
Braden Copper I C.00O 71 7 71
Ely Con (. .. 30r 25c 300
La Rose I 500 3iT 3g 38
Mays Oil I 2 fiOO' 30i 1 26c 30C
Kerr Lake 2,5001 2g' 2 2a
Belmont 10 j 10 10
Tonopah , . I 71 7 7
Butte (j- New York. 5,5001 lj 1H lj
I Bid. 'Asked"
Elv Consolidated 25 I .30
First National Topper .. 2.75 j 3.00
Glroux Consolidated fi.371l 5.50
Yukon Gold 8.621 3.75
New Keystone 2.50 3 00
Nlpls-lng 7.75 7.S7J
Ohio Copper 1.45 1.50
Ray Central 2.375 i.BO
La Rose I 3.25 3 37J
South Utah .671 76
British Col. Copper fi.Tj 6.00
Ray State Gas .",0 .621
Braden 7 371 7.60
Mason Valley 12. S7 18.00
Sioux Cons 05 .07
Colorado .17 .20
Iron Blossom 1 22 1 80
Carlsa, 05 .is
Boston Mining Stocks.
James A. Pollock & Co.. bankers and
brokers, furnish the following, received
over their private wlr yesterday after
noon 1 Sales H. 1 L. jClse
Algomah . ' 6j) r.J
Butte & Balak . 2501 81 81 8
Calumet & Arizona. 453 75 75 ' 75
Chief Con H 1J li
Copper Range 127 5S! 5$ ' 5,
Daly West 6 ! 50 6
Davis Daly .. 1,050 L'i1 2y '.'J
East. Butte 80 13L L81 181
Glroux Con 50 5j! 5g 5J
Granby Con 23 55 1 55 1 :,5
Greene-Can 1951 10 m 10
Hancock 645' :',6' ::r, ?,
Indiana Copper I IOJ' 19?' 19 j
Inspiration Con ! 191 19 191
Lake Copper . 205' 30V 39 I 59
La Rose 100 3j 3$ aj
Mason Valley 250 12 I2j 121
Nevada Con 5 22 1 22 22
Nevada Utah 31 21 31
Nlpisslng 50' 7j! 7l! 71
North Butte ...... 2.290' j.jj ai j
North Lake 100 6j' 8i) 61
Rav Con 1 20 21 ! 21 I 21
Superior & Boston I 21 21 2J
Trinity 260' 7J 6 7j
U S Smelter, com.. ion ;. 39-, r,
preferred 5ri 49 49 I 49
Ptah Con. 810j U 11 I 11
Bid AskeT.
Boston Elv '$ 1 55 S 1 .73
Begole 1.75 2.23
Calaveras 2 621! 2 75
Basis & Bl'ie Bell 1.26 1 .50
Ha ton Copper 6 00 r, .75
Oneco . . 2.75 2 .871
Green 10.00 10.181
Michigan 3 00 8.60
S. W Miami 7.60 8.00
Butte & Iondon .10 2"
American Zinc 31 6211 82.00
Butte A- Superior 49.00 ! 49. 25
Helvetia 1.371! 1.621
Miami 28.00 ' 2R. 25
Ollbway 4.62l 4.871
Tuolumne 3.S7jl 4 00
Butte & Bala 3.75 4 .00
South L'tah .65 .75
Utah Apex 3.50 I 2.75
South Lake . ... B.6 10.181
Ohio Copper 1.55 1.621
Nevada Douglas 3.50 4.00
Majestic. . . 66 .56
Chemung . 4 . 45 ! 1.50
Bohemia 1 3.60 a. 821
Mayflower I 9. BO 9.62J
Mass 7.00 I 7.5i
Old Colony .. 7.621' 1.00
Shannon 14 62l! 15. oo
Victoria 4.25 i 4 . :t 7 i
Winona 6.50 ! 7.00
Wyandot 8.50 j 2.62J
Keweenaw 1.621' 2.00
Kerr Lake 2.i2j' 2.8"!
Mining Notes.
A 3 per cent dividend was declared on
Tuesday by the British Columbia com
pany General Manager Waller Fitch of the
Chief Consolidated company was a vls-
mm Quunz
Deep Work at Tonopah Is
Reaching Logical Point for
Good Results.
The Halifax-Tonopah Mining company's
main working shaft haa reached a depth
of over 1300 feet and Is now forty feet
In the big body of quartz that was en
tered last week, says the Tonopah Miner.
This quartz ha an earn and west course
and carries low values which have shown
a steady Increase as sinking progrecseti,
and It Is highly probablo that much high
er values will he encountered on the
foot wall. The last Quarts exposed In this
immense body showed a marked Improve
ment In quality and an appreciable In
crease In values. Tho quartz at the bot
tom of the shaft being very heavily min
eralized, showing iron sulphurets in spots
and giving every justification for tho be
lief that an ore shoot will be encountered,
If not in the shaft on the footwull, at
least by drifting and crosscuttlng the
It would savor of a miracle If tho shaft
had dropped onto a big ore shoot, that
It haa entered a great vein at the great
depth of nearly a quarter of a mile Is
sufficiently remarkable, find v.hlle no
highly payable values have been en
countered, the history of the Tonopah
veins gives every reason for the belief
thai payable ore will be eventually de
veloped. Suffloient work has not yet been done
to ldentiiy this with any of the known
veins of the eastern ore zone and the
management declines to express an opin
ion on this subject
That the directors and management of
the company have undiminished faith In
the mine Is proved by the fact that a new
Wellman-Sea ver-Morgan 300-horsepower
eloctrio hoist has been ordered, with a
Geneil Electric motor with magnet con
trol and but one reduction between the
motor and drums, which will measure five
feet In diameter by three feet wide and
will carrv a one-Inch round cable on each
drum The hoist will have a capacity
of 800 feet In depth and a speed of 800
feet a minute The speclflcat ions for a
120-foot steel hend-frame are In prepara
tion and as soon as the design is ap
proved the order for this will be placed,
making the entire surface equipment the
rinest and most modern In southern Nevada.
James A Pollock & Co., bankers and
hrokers. furnish the following, received
over their private wire yesterday after
noon Paine, Webber & Co.. Boston In spite
of the fact that tho local market con
tinued comparatively dull, the wlmle list
of coppers shows a slightly stronger tone
We understand both Osceola and Mohawk
are likely to increase their dividends
within a week and this should have a
favorable effect op the entire list Keep
long of the coppers and buy more on any
Logan & Bryan. New York 8toek
market sentiment, was not greatly u'.p
turbed over the ocr-ur'-nes thuF far at
the Republican convention, hut still the
feeling la general thai the Intense agi
tation Is still to conir. and, therefore, the
desire to tread judiciously lias become
quite pronounced. There Is no use de
nying the fact that the stock market In
the face of the uncertainty has displayed
a remarkably firm tone and the absence
of heavy pressure hns been the subject
of favorable commen'
Occurrences aside from politics are re
ceiving scant attention and we may ex
pect a continuance of such markets as
have been witnessed recently . during the
next few days, with fluctuations governed
in part by the tenor of advices from the
Politics are an institution of prime Im
portance from nn American standpoint
and as Buch must he reckoned With as a
factor In all calculations, but, H. per
haps i unnecessary to repn that the
wheels of commerce are not likely to be
unduly clogged by .nme.
The directors of the Tonopah North
Star Tunnel & Development COmpan)
have given a notice of an assessment of
2 cents a share having been levied and
made payable on or before the 15th day
of July, delinquent stock will be sold
on the lOth of August.
At the mine, development work con
tinues In the main north crosscut on ibe
1250-fooi level, the face of which Is In
promising ore-hearing formation. In the
southeast crosscut on t!o- hanging wall
Of the Mizpali fault, some good looking
but low-grade quartz is showing.
On the 1050-foot level ;i powerful blow
er, operated hy an electric motor has
been Installed This draws fresh air
from the connections with the Desert
Queen workings of the Belmont mine and
forces it down to tho 1250-foot level,
elvlnc good air in the face of the
For Century minting You can get the
eenuine article at 55 57 Postoffice place
k gen is for
King Coal
(Utah's Best Product)
73 S. MAIN ST. j
Telephones 71 9
D. J. SHARP, Manager j
James A. Pollock & Co.
333-335 South Main Street (Felt Blda t
Salt Lake City.
Direct Private Wire to all Markets.
Duplex System One Relay to New York
and Boston.
Correspondents Members all Exchanges.
Stocks Carried on Liberal Margins
Specialists in Mountain States TfJenhlMMI
Nevada Man Rents Safe if
Two days ago a resident of a Nevada mining c It
to ns a money order for $1.50, together -with a si,?!..,
age of papers. He said that hp wished to rent a K1 wT
his papers could be stowed away in a safe place
We selected a box for him, put his package in jt
him the keys. He will be able to secure his paper8 9
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have to worry about them.
No matter where you live, if yon have only a Jpfl
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I .1U i. ATI. . -termedlato points beyond "l (Oedr.n-. o!laK1
and Intermediate points only arriving) Er
8.nn A TUT OPden, rx)gan, Pocatollo. p.Ms, Mars- 1A,JEfe
,UU A, lu.. -vllle Intermediate Mntp!ler. Gcln?- lUlUBP
lOiOO A. M. . . Ogrden and Intermedial point
U.AI A TUT Overland Limited Omnha, Chicago, Zfl
.4fcU A.Ifl. . . Denver, St. Louis. . , OlMFjj
U.KK A TUf TjOS Angeles Limited Omaha, Chicago, t
:M A. XVI. . . Denver. Rt I.e. lis .. V.Mk It
1 .nK "D TUT Overland Limited Ogden. Rr . Pacrs n fieF$
2:45 P.M... Ogden, Boise, Portland Butt? , 4'fjJ.'
2:45 P. M. . Ogden. San Franclseo. . fi'.SjBlif
A .1 c, T Tilt Ogden, B i n . Cnrho M?Jac
4HO JT. XVI. . . ftnd Intermedin. .llllv1
Ogden, Denver, Omaha, Chicago CPark Ejgr
5 '20 P M.
6:00 P.M.. . Motor Flyer Oeden ar.-l :nte-rr..--dht.
Yellowstone Special Ocdon, Pocat!;9. M (uu
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. .lu x. lil,. cag0 and East and San Francisco and-- l!B
West also arriving.)
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