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pTES IWfflf
mncemcnt of Commis
Kauses Heaviness in
.. Ijithracitc Securities.
Xjj ST( )( KS W'liAk
jy Pacific nnd Denver
o Grande Feci Sym
H)' for Wabash.
BjORK. June ,s - Today's stock
R, r..r. !'? tn that
lofcftl.-a:'-- nothing moment.
'St Iwues 1,K: v ")"fl' a'1J
Br' Stee' were iind-T pressuie
C',!n and f.oal ?ha-es ree-ded
gCfons- "H - a of r '" latter
T.jj more d:rect' !atnl.
U with the arnouncei"ie"t that
"""eBktfa cotnmer-.-e commission pur-
WMgpyei by the a rubra. !te com
Kbo we decided l;59
Sum ifMrh affected Missouri
Denver t C-randr.
BBBSafllr.? bonds eter
'BBi wrV ''" common end pre
Km 'rfpr)m abruptly. Bhnres
. .Kenr"- Sua '''"'",',"v
Bled dprf.??1fn s tne
K prl,-es r-1 1 mivrov. H
" Vr.c ' mi :
. HTt' the '
PZbi'gh V largely re-
K Tier for Lord-" c 5t-,lT1
'KrinV ' r"11-
Vin'k' -"" "m"
"Jorwntrrf si1 Private
.J" J; bankers told of further
"lawst t:.at oi-:
l light demard wan the one
aWWe. lea! monetary si l nation.
,"E W 1
' 'Kilt this rr ! leoeipts
mWmm points, fall money vas
I Bier yesterday's ia"-
'tomP of the n to Important
a,' BUl!t bor
IkoplOEUig- Stock List.
n-,n1 ...
'"TyV : : .: !
, B et i : "- '.-'i
lia Htu .
IHtitc, KM1 ".I 'M"1,
f Of R p
AT iB'-' i .. ;
i tem - :-" l is I is
MttfVT. t:i
o r4 ....
i ts 'Heiin . .. 1 . . . i
tr M"K.
ysKPHk 1 20 ' -1;
j PBw
L H- I ' IM KmS
r""?jBfc1-' '''
. .
a7H 36SI :
ist " r
fln 4 -pi vmslm
K im v.;:
I i.wij'jHii 'i11'--I
B ...
1' ' 7f.'t
7 , 1 R
C 20finosli'o ino'i
iv Br . k
y BL7; Hj ui'
Id Lv.".'
AIIHT' -iviiroH iri-,
llCHfati L'-.M.i'ri
York Bonds.
has B... ii;
Tit Bid . ' -';,r'" r""
,lB ' K
aiPMLS v.
?i?lrt Wool.
- IB Wllf., .-iPa' v;
Fear of Action of Eastern
Longs Causes Market to
CHICAGO, .imie Ll Bellel Hut east
ern Ionics scrn iinlr.ailng to escape
threatened )ai deliveries nexl mouth
i-Md a depressing effe t today on wheal
The market dosed i . nel 'iodine of
!&6o to le. .i!i fUilehed the .anir- a?
last night in lOlc lower, and oats of!
I9c to Provisions closed 710
10c f. ).r hij;irr.
It "n.s Mid thai n-.o million bushels
of July wheal been j1'' oul n the
pit todaj f"i the ae ind largest Interest
in tiin market, rheie bhs a nnr Burr;
tr. btu -1 ' uiie lime owing to reports tlial
ru ! t;i.s dl iiih.v; 112 whe.-jt In Kana. .
ond thought, nowever a.c, reselling
the Kansas vheat hoin- about i a'J to
rm and beyond liim from tnst. St
tember ranged from Ji 03) to fl 14
i.04j. v'ti. the r-...r rajv'at Si i"3. ;
'OEJr of (tf? 5" 111"
Rain reports rrotn Ifiaaouri and Tevas
removing far froin crop ts?. weak
oned the corn market S'-ptemher flue
tuatyi from Tli to 71ic closing eas-.
i-ic down at 'He to 71JK closing easj
ifir- do-n at 71071ic, lash trade was
slow. Xo. r yellow was ouot'-d at 74fl
Oats s-.-nipafblzd nltb the backset to
othr cereals, hut showed steady and for
p. v, tii in consequence of report of rank
srroTxtli In low ?-.ptonibr swung frojn
filr to 1010401c wHii last sales 0c
under laal ni?iit at ii'n 1('
Ths h''c run re?t turned but ,n :o
lig'hter than expected and furnished a
basis for lifting provisional When the
nit was cleared pork had Increased In
,npt ino to IZic. and the rost of the 11 '
7o to inc.
h.angf; or ti; leaoisc; ft;ickf.f.
WbMt Opi.ln. ltltip"! Lowial i iM'nj
.'uIt i rK i ivr. ; .0M4 i rw,
Ppt i n', i oi-. i i't, l.OVV
Dec l.es ! MS 1 MH l n4
c om
PPt 7ti 71 7I 7I'4
Dsa h: 1144 2S
.liilv 41 4? 4ifc H'-i
Prt 4Ai v 4 v;
D0 4tH 41. I'm,
ForV -
.Tnlr ,...U.(I ! 7ft IS.EJ 1? n
Spt IS. 10 19.o;i- n. o rj:-
t.orrt -
Jgly 10 n in Bf 1ft N 10 ?ii
spt n.io it. is u.oe m tii
Oct . .. . H.17S U.SStf U.tTV ii ::
July ... 1ft 4;vk in ft io 4S !n '.ft
Sept 1ft ) I0.STU 10.3;ii 10 Jii,
'".ih nuniiionn vara n Callewa; Flour. atMdjr;
r7. No. T. f7c: hirlrr. fi1 or ra I x 1 iir. f70
f1r to .-finlr. Tplitn. 9"-rl 0-. LI moth !
J7 0fta?eft: alOTM h i. lt4.00Ct39.00; mers imrk.
JtH r:uig 78; lard. In tierces. Ilftfo. nhort rlbe.
looaa, no 4c.
To'.l ''"t'ffl'-fs of kiioji nd Ann: nrr insl
to if7.f0ft Iraabela. Prlnarj rebel pti -r 301 000
h'li 'or'irrfl I r h U.0f liuphwln ih rr
rr(.popi1ltii: dy a rr oico Tli WOtU'a lllil
"iippiy. iion ri Bradatraat'a ileni eeteil
).?.':.oro buahalSi Eetlnuited r""tp' for tom-ir
ro : When 1 cars: com. 482 caso; cais
oarsi bur. liaadi
Available Grain Supply.
NTTW T"'iRK. tunn I Ppc.-UI .hl r1 i-l.
Kiaphl'.- con.ninnlcatlf.nii re-.-vd Prslm
Kho- the following rhaiiM In tli innUthlf
iijppllcii r iifipr1 -'.(Hi prrri'mj ncouul :
i.'r t(ippll"
Wheat, ''nl'd stmii. Mrt of Ho.i,i?j. d.
reed I.loS.OOO liimlil.
UalUd Pule, weot of Rn-Htej. drcMed iVT.
00ft ln:.heli.
Canada 1irreert 35. OOO bnnheln
Total United States and ' , ede dcrd
f,.4f:i ft"1 b irtiftla
for nnd lc Europe da reaaed JOi'.'fiO
buiiilp. 4
Toml Atrr!"n and Eoropran 'ipply d':reed
6.w."i0 boabala
corn. DpJLad atfaji and C'anida lncreajad
l . t o-j.'iOO buatiel.
Oala. 1'nlted Starves and (lannda 6rrrjr- 1.4M.
00ft biiahnla.
The leading and taerauai and daereaaoi this
nek follow:
tioderlcL. 60.00ft buaheli
ClaTeland. fl.OOO bushels.
Par rr.aaes
Manitoba., 6K1 oAO buahali.
Louiavllla OO.-O bnaliela
The Tlalblo supply of vhaat IB ' m-li "e 11 - -Ss
J'ina 15. Tts U, 177.000 ui-b'l!,. a deCraUS
of 2, JO.'. 000 bunriels
New York Produce.
NSW TORK, tune l Flour steady
Wheat Spot easy: No. J ied. i ijomesiio
baala to arrlT, and raroort V.17'.- f n b. to
arrive; No. 1 northern DoluUi, ll.CL'S ' 0 b.
afloat. Fu"ire. m&rki't apanad itaadi on furthai
rslna. and duilna tba day aa nervous, with a
downrd t"odanry owuis; to pradlotlOOa of .-laa,
Inp and warmer westber snd favorable Prop ad
v.-.. r!,..ng '1i',i; n-l lon . inly. Ji 12'sfi
1 13 ?-16. 'loard at J! 13; Peptomher roed at
J100j. De-ember rlosed al J1 10- tlc.clpte.
lb.vy bnSbalt: shipment?, un.036 boanala.
llopr dull.
Hides steady.
Lest her flrrn.
ool quiet.
Tin pontine essy ; machine barrel?. 4 07Vt.
Ri'e Arm.
Raw i.uirar atd; : rauseovado. S teat. .1 Mr ;
OantrtfOgai, 5C toFl. n.Wr, ruoelinca .mitar. 50 trr.i
I.UOi rcQotd rjuiet.
Chicago Produce.
CHICAGO, Juno is.- Butter Steady;
creamerlea. zzai'i'ir: j n 1 r 1.. 'ifiHt.
Jigge Firm; receipts, 88,478 cases; at
mark, cases included. l".lCic; ordinary
Brats, lo-; flrsls. 17Jc.
Che'-se -Stei-dy; daisies. Il'i 1 IV
twins, 18il&18c; young Americas. It i
1 41c i long horna, Mfjfitjc.
Evaporated Fruits..
NEW VCIKK. Juno 1 Evaporated Spplaa 1 Oil
ll'jue Ina'tlve, with prices Domlnally uaahailg4)d;
on the spot fancy ore quoted a' ItiOlOlic; cliolce,
iii'.'K , pi-Hoe. Va-7 "
prunes quiet, with prloaa BlaBdjr In absenre
of prcniure. qiiotatlnna ranglni; from ZoW:: for
California up to SO-40t. and 6b'fj7,'je for Ore
gons. Apricots dull and larRely nominal, rholre. 1114.
L2i; ex'.ro chol:e. II'u'-'-j'-. fancy. JJflic
Peaches quiet nnd nominal, choice, 7$i'9S,lr;
extra choice. IdSSKCJ rancy, 8H110o.
Rl?lns dull and featureleta; loose muacatoU.
rfji;'.4r r!,yli-e to fancy seeded. C'iSttjc; seed
laaa, lliOtlt": London layeir, Jl lOffl.tf,
Colfee Futures Steady,
NB7W vor.K, June U. OoBaa fulursa staad7
a' a rtrrllno of J to 4 points under Brarll Cloae
wn ateady nel. 1 point hlphei 10 '.' points )nei ;
sales, 43. 750 bags: June, U.SDo; -Inly. IS.Olo;
AuBual. 13.71r; Septfltnber, J.': ilr O.-toher. 1
November, 13.8c: I to-junibcr and Junuiiv, 12. Mo;
Pebruarr, lSWlr; March, 13.85c. A pi 11. U.Mej
May. ii'-
New York Dairy Produce,
NBW YORK Jurn" 1. -Obaaaa firm and un
rhanited: receipts, 417 lioxen.
Kkrii aleady; recvlpU. 30,0M 'Jsti.
CHICAGO, Juno 18. Cattle Receipts,
3;,no market, steady to biiade lower.
Beeves. 88.1009. 40; Texas stears, 88 80(9
s -0- western steers 88.60(88.28; stock
rir and feeders, 34 ICrft C ctws and
heifer $2.9'M--S: ealves, $5.6008.88.
Boss Becefpts, 16,000 ; market, atrong
to Co higher. Ltglil. J6 907 .IHj; mixed,
tC, ,j5tt7,.'J7J; heavy, St..!ir,rfw. 10, tough,
it; i.v,-, 7 ): pigs, 330.7;,; hulk of sales,
Bheep Receipts, 18,000; market . slow,
Kenarauy steady. prativs. ts1606:86;
western. 18.6006.88; yearlings. 84.7607;
iambs, native. 4 -2607 .76 ; wea tern, 34. 60
L7.7r'i; eprlng lambs, 35 . ivfp'J . 10 .
BLansas City
ICON'S F CITY .luno 18. Cattle Rs
relit'tH 7000, Including 3000 eoutbenis;
markel etcady. Native cows 3708.86;
southern stosrs. 1608.10; southern cow.,
and heifers. $;i..iOWr..1;0 . na I .. ve , wsWd
hoio.-K Jo'8 r.o, Blockers and feeders, 34
weatarn rteeVs, 16 7608; western cows,
,Sh!S! -Re. eir.is. 10,000; market. stiHtdy.
Heavy! 7J07.Al packcrrt and butchers,
I ; ii
The Remington Typewriter I
revolutionized business writing and now the I
Remington Adding and Subtracting Typewriter I
(Wahl Adding; Mechanism) I
is revolutionizing billing and accounting I
This marvelous ma- SlVi , , The machine writes
cmne is the latest Visible .fWkJ , Visible the items, writes the
Snlmtord ,tmg W amounts, adds che
inCclericaMabor llm amounts, subtracts
saving - the one MiWIKW CredltS and Wntes
machine for billing fjT B totals and every one
work, statement !mTJKt' f these operations is
work and all work jfs performed on the reg. I
where writing and PSlraf i 7 J 77T
, , , e&i&ltr ular keyboard of the
adding are done on
the same page. Our Illustrated booklet, giving full description, will Remington Typewriter.
be sent on request "
Remington Typewriter Company I
172 So. West Temple Street
1 old Roosevelt in Contempt, Bui Fear His Defeat
at Chicago Will Result in Knifing oi Taft;
Market Is Dead.
By Thomas C. Shotwell.
P.y international tfsws Service.
NOW YORK, .lutiA IS. E wept for a
break in WObaSfa Stocks ainl an
advenes in the 4 per rent bonds,
the market In Wall street was
lead 1'xlay. in th early trading
a break of tw points hi ugnp came on
liquidation of a small account, but th
det line was nol followed. Texas oil
made a new high record. Cupper metal
moved up ont--fit;litli of a rout, to 173.
the- highest prl-e Of the c;ir, nnd all
the copper shares woi, strong1, especially
the) lOW-prlced mes on ths curb. An nt-
t'lnpi i break Reading on announcement
that the Interstate commerce commission
Intended to Investigate tlie coal rates
was f failure
Biven the i Thiregri convention failed as
: r-iiO, and the market closed Strong and
stubborn. Only about 160.000 shares were
dealt in today. Ths market Is resting as
the Mg people want It to do. while the
. ops develop anil the nomination mania
wear? off.
Wall Street Wants New Man,
Many the leading bunking houses
have representatives at Chicago sending
bulletins to their bouses of nomination
probabilities. Most f these forecasts
today forecast the nomination of Roose
velt. Wail street looks at the nomina
tion from n Htrb-tly bUWtneSS point of
view, its very lnie for his nomination Is
a proof, Of i,c; eonlr-mpt for him, becaUSej
ii ,r.)f.Vf.u i,P would knife iho ticket If
T.ift were nominated and thus make elec-
11 2607.40; light. $7(-7 .30; pigs, $5 -77. tf
Sheep-Recrlpt'-. .,0fO; mark 'I. steady
Muttons, $3.7606; lambs. $6.6008.76;
range wethers and yearlings. 34g.6.i0;
range swes, $80486.
OMAHA, June 18. Ovttle Receipts,
2400; market, strung to 10c higher. Na
tive steers. $6.600 8 36; cows and heifers,
88 8607.86; western steers, $6.8608.10;
Texas steers, $4.7606.36; cows and hclf
t;; :,'"?'. ,.r". citnners, $8.7604.60;
Blockers and feeders. $4.8607; calves, jr.tg
8.76; bulls, :taKs. etc.. $407.
linns Receipts, ?''n0. market, 5c high
el Heavy $7.8607.86; mix.-d. $7.2 Of
7 30; light, $7.1007.805 pigs. 307, bulk
of sales $7,800 7 30.
BhAMRecelptS, I00 ; market, steady.
Yearlings. $60 66; wethers 84 6006. 00;
ewes, 62.6004.60; lambs, J5..'o8.
Boston Wool Market.
ROSTOV June iS.Tbe 1911 wool clip la on
tba market. Old wool la neHr torsottan, al-
thoncfa Htlll niotoll. New Ohio and Mlr.hljan
mertlum wools tsn0 at MOUe. jblle ome new
territory stock froin DtSb and Wyoming hate sold
at from & to f.Uc. rl-.'nn.
Bcourad baala:
Ta U One It to o'.glii month", 4VffS0c nue.
U months 6.U7&&':; tine fall. 43a45r.
Call torn Is north am, lJ53o; ntlddla couuty.
no; outhara, 17048c; fail free. 43G4&C
o'leson eusteni N' 1 slapl". Bc; eastern clo'h-
tnc. Me: rallBT, No. 1, 47fi48c.
Territory n,,fl ""Plp- ;c'- n me'lhim
,taple t,3iU'.'i0r.; tlno olothlnit, b3iSR5c: One IWBdlwm
.'lothltiC iOtjl.V, half Mood lomblnr. f7f8Vi;
Lbrae-elghUU lop'l combing-. nO'SOIo: quarler
blood eoml.tiiK. 41'3 4c.
Pnllad BBd A, M418 : a tapers, oJ jsse.
New York Money.
jsTYv' YfiRK. June IS. Close:
Wrlmc mercnntlie paper, .24 per
Sterling exchange, firm, wltli actual
business In bankers' bills at $4,84.76 for
sixty-day bills and at. $4.87.66 for de-
mCommercJal bills, $4.84,
Bar silver. B1C.
Mexican dollure, Re
Qovernment bonds, steady; railroad
bonds, Irregular
Money on call, steady. - J f&j - per cent;
ruling rate,
Time loans, steady; sixty days, lie,
ninetv days. 3t'.'!ic; six montliH. 3if3Jc.
A Card.
This is to rertify that Foley's Honey
and Tnr Compound does not contain
any opiates, any habit form in jj drug,
or nny injrrodifints that could possibly
harm its userB. On the contrary, its
great healing- and soothing- qualitios
make it a real remedy for coug-hH,
colds and irritations of the throat,
chest and lunjrs. The genuine is in a,
yellow package. Ask for Foley's
Honn.y nnd Tar Componnd and aeeopt
nb subEtitute, Schranim-JohDaon Co.
tlon Of a Democrat certain; whereas
Tafl's followers WOUld remain trua , the
party even if Roosevelt Were ii'.iioiiia-d.
NYall street sincerely desires the nomina
tion of some new man. Rut no nomina
tion can hurt the market, even though
s pleasing nomination might help It
The fact that such a neev) assessment
as $40 a sharo at the lr;ipt Is to be levied
on Wabaah stocks raises the question nt
the ability of Missouri rcitb; to hold Its'
W'a bash stork. i
Lehigh's Hand Apparent.
It was believed by many bajnkers today
tlial i he Interests Identified with Lehigh
Valley bad already agreed tr, tak over
fir. Wn'u.-isb stock from the Missouri
ciflc. TtilM, together with what vsUl bs
sold bv persons unable to pay the a,;
sesament, would give control of the prop
erty. They did noi go bo far as to say
the Stock WOUld bo turned over to thd
r.htpli Valiej railroad, but a close worst
ing agreement Is expected.
Attention Was called by many persons
today to th" firmness of Rook Island
st'H-ks and Can, Those are being accumu
lated, if there is any virtue In prece
dent. Rubber did not respond to the declara
tion or a stock dividend 'if "n per cen1 on
the common stock. Hocking Valley ad
vanced eight points on the Increase of
the dividend, but Chesapeake ft Ohio,
which is the chief beneficiary, did not
Railroads of the northwest continued to
report better earnings.
Electrolytic Quoted at $17.50
to SI 7.62 1-2; I cad De
partment Firm.
jMl"i"l"WI"M"J' 'I M" W4H44W4
Y Copper (elec tro.) $17.60017.62
n- Lead, New York $4.42J'g 4..".5 4
Bar silver 6 lie .J.
jj Silver In London 28 3-1' Id J
NEW YORK, July 19 Copper firm,
standard, spot and .June i ; otjfryl 7 .:;"?, ,
July to Bentember, $17.121017.871; eiec
trolvtle. $17.60017.621; lake, ?17.r.017.75 :
casting. JH'..87tfci I7..U'1, Arrivals today
were aeveuty-ono tons. Exports this
month were 14,371 tons London Cop
per flrrn. spot, 73 lis 3d; futures. 80
! id.
Lend. Him; $4.48104.66.
Tin firm, spot, $48,37gtij IS. 87 July,
$44.87046.OO. London Tin, steady;
spot, 207. futures 207 ns.
Spelter, steady; $6.8607.06
Antimony, dull: Cookson's, 58.00.
Irpn, steady; unchanged.
To Stockholdera of the Schellenger Fruit
Grading Machine Co,
Notice is hereby given thai a special
meeting of the stockholders f the
Schellenger Fruit Grading Machine
Company, a corporation organized tuul
existing under the laws of toe stale of
Itta-h. is hereby called and will be held
at thu office of bald company at No. 227
North Fifth West street. Salt Lake
City Utah, on the 29tb day of June,
A. D. 1312, at. 4 o'clock p, in., for tho
purpose of considering and acting upon
the proposition of amending article 6 of
the Ki tlt Is of Incorporation of said com
pany, which now ruads as follows.
Article H "Tlutl the place where the
principal bushiuun of thin corporation is
to be trarjbucted snail be tho city of
Salt Lake, county of Salt Lake, etate of
Which article Is proposed to bo amended
to read ay follows
Article 8 That I he plne where the
principal business of this corporation la
to bo transacted shall be the city of
Ogden. county of Weber, atale of Utah
And for the. further purpose of consider
ing and nciing upon the proposition of
amending article S of the article;: of In
corporation of said company, which now
reads as follows:
Article 8 That the amount of the
capital stork of said corporation shall
be $20,000 and shall consist of twenty
thousand share:; of the par value of $1
per share."
Which article la proposed to be amended
to ind as follows:
Article 8 That 'be amount of the
c;ipltal sloe); of said corporation fha.ll
be two hundred thousand ($200,000) dol
lars and shah consist of two hundred
thousand, shares of tho par valu of $1
IT 'ii,' ro.
And for the further purpose of consider
In and acting upon ths proposition of
amending article ft of the articles of In
corporation of said company, which now
reads as follows:
Article 16 "That, at lea.t three mem
bers of the board of directors of thta
corporation shall bo honaflde residents
of the stale of I Tt all .tid no other rmali-flr-itfons
a-; to residence of the directors
shall be necessary.''
Which article !r proposed to be amended
to read na follows:
Article 13 Thnl at least one member
of the board of directors of this cor
poration enal! be a bona fide resident of
the stale of Utah and no other qualifica
tions as to residence of tho directors
phaii be necessary.
And for the furtner purpose of amending '
article 1 and article 2 of the by-lawa of
said corporation to conform to tho
changes in the articles of incorporation
as above stated
And for the further transaction of such
other business as may properly come
before said meeting.
TORS. Notice Is hereby given that sealed bids
win be received by the undersigned hp
to 18 o'clock, noon, .(iiiio '..'2, 1012, for the
Installation Of the heating and ventila
ting system of the new Salt Lake high
school building which is to bo erected for
i ho board of education of Suit Lake City,
on the lot hounded l Bltrhth and Ninth
Bouth streets and Twelfth and Thir
teenth Last streets, Suit Laku City,
Plans, specifications and all Informa
tion con be obtained by bidders at the
office Of the board of education. 202 City
and Countv building. Salt Lake City,
Utah, on and nfter June 11, 1912. and
all bids and proposals will be publicly
opened at a meeting of the board on
June 22, 1912. at the board rooms.
Bids will be based upon the orlirlnal
plans nnd specific,, t Ions and upon modi
fications of said plans and specifications,
as prepared by the architects, Eldredge
ft Chesebro, and also upon the plans and
specifications prepared and submitted
to the board and architects by the follow
ing engineers: C A. Dunham company
and t-tah Enj- i neering .t: Machinery Com
pany of Suit Lake; J. Q. MJdgley of Salt
Lake: Leu ft Kitchen of Kansas City,
and Jesse Coogan of Milwaukee.
Tho above mentioned enKineers will
place on file, on or before June 10. 1818,
at I" o'clock 'ii., in the office of the
hoard of education, ono (1J complete set
of plans and specifications, covering their
proposed system, for record and ten (10)
complete sets of plana nnd specifieatlona
for distribution. All plans and specifica
tions to bo delivered free of coat. The
engineers whose system Is accepted must
he prepared to furnish the necessary
number of plans and speclfleailona and
working details, free of cost to the hoard,
the architect and the contractor, all of
which must be approved by tho board
and architect before acceptance.
The contractor, to whom the work la
awarded, must he prepared to furnish a
surety bond, acceptable to tho board, for
the full amount of the contract price,
which bond will be required to stand for
two years from dale of completion of
contract and which hond Is to be a guar
antee that tho requirements called for
In the architects' original speclflcat ions
are fulfilled and to further guarantee a
full and perfect installation of th sys
tem and Its efficient, economical opera
tion for a period of two years from date
of completion.
A deposit of twenty-five dollars ($25.00")
will be required to lnsuro safe return of
nhins and specifications.
All bids must he addressed to "The
Board of Education of Salt Lake City,''
and must be marked In Iho lower left
hand corner, "Bid for Ueatlnic and Ven
tilating Salt Lalco High School," and
delivered to tho clerk of the board of
education at the said pluce of opening.
All bids must bo handed to the hoard
on "hid sheets" as will he furnished by
tho architect ajid no other form of bid
will be considered or accepted, also all
drawings and specifications must be re
turned or bids will not bo considered.
A certified or cashier's check, on some
Salt Lake City bank, for R pax- cent of
the amount of the bid must be enclosed,
each check to b made payable to tho
undersigned and will be forfeited to tho
nnderslfrned in cane the contractor does
not enter Into contract within five (S)
day after acceptance of his bid, for tho
faithful execution of contract and bond
herein stated
The board reserves the right to accept
any bid or plan and further reserves tho
right to reject anv or all bids or plans
L. P. JUDD. Clerk.
Date of first publication, Juno 11, 1912.
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