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Bent Taft Gains Decisive
fcory in Election of Sen
l ator Root.
fcTrrom Page Two.)
CttuTbclleve thcse votcs fraudu'
Mt ,o sure as '"" neglect to meet
iKftstion an.-! - " h..neMy. h''
THl peoi''-- v. ill sa that you have
Bmv thut til's
mJ,' to the recrtilar business of
Kinc until ' decided I! is 1
Er derided whether these charges .
cBhotlon 3fn true, -md pursed the
HKs convention of those fraudu-
K"was followed by Governor Fort
aaesJenv who dwelt in precedents
Khlv was unable to make himself
Kbo'vc tne uproar ?rcim below and
A. E pavne, who ha." a large body,
fMfcgir und" nlng voice, .d
LRthe argument for the Taft Bide."
J K aiKnt H"- ' H'at
K rar;.. oti ) 1" !:" y'l.-i an
'jMfMr. I'.. '1 rem. irks w.-re
IKri, for hoii:-.- bc-an
Bratsrtn did the resl of the taik
aKhe Taft side and Tail ,1 neat one
!Bn&dlev i-'V -"vplaininr that tlie
committee of i SS4 dldn'l
Bffce prei ladh
lfc-tiK-r'.' ?..)!;'( ..'!.; -1 c.-.m-
jBT.1, ihiit august body not
Makes Argument.
ItH. Kloer
the Taft for.,-: 1 creat
pj.jr, rder Then he
""Kg Governor TIadley's proposition
fprc-f dnts cited by him.
I'M me rirs'.
K-as where . -tition pre-
ijjLown t.;rui-..!. :rr.. ijo.-t.ed
Bhy?" shouted f'i!son. "Because
no national eommittee in cx-
Bt retort the Tan .i'-h-ga ' went
, Kjon't need shouted a
Bafit p: " orderly," said W'at-
IRBcpu'..::.-.. 1 'T. .in-
.vaflsc orderly procedure "
AKuen jf 1 si do 1 01 applaud. lis-
rJBtn inc
Br pasrion; your judpm. m, not
4 lmtsri f rr,..r I !.!
1 (bment Sen;. tor Floai in the
' 1 jK of I " ' t . convention
J Blt UIKSllo!
' ( ;Bcon-. ready be en 01-
' -Rtor li " innan of the
Q &n. not of the national commlt-
i 'eb-.--. . 'd it:e
' j Biut ! th. relai natlon
Hce to (he national conven-
J -fcfr . ' oil) the
. .iMteb Root
T ""Mil
41 lB Wat' on.
I Hnnrorar; r11 1 'ha Itirooi K03,..
.et ! I
:HLher pi. officer
j jEai"
I Bra aiiniaii f the
. mU of
kr (Jut ); in . -(. m -
'be of Kir.-i r.or.t. was m
:DT3Blw: '.'-fore
MHoM getdlei vicldV" he
' TOvfc" ' ' not
"TjKr'"-' an'1 1 jn -
iFn'"' H-'Oi' motion pie-
vt 1Sk"'' 11,1 1 n. .-aiv ! havp .1
taWMton .T-.'. . 1 , ,,.- v.
'(!; 1 tied 'i
twBjQt of Order.
taWBJr v,'a:i a j 1 1 however.
p r CPpBt v.-.,,.. i;.-.., m
YWIMV. "slr V. , , , ,.l:liM,;ed to
rta' BMi
""ZJF lp" hai: , ei-,,-d
--fK li'-ir . wiscon-
fi K ''.'
'aaat i V
1kBBrar 'h" Plan.. nil,
ltfl'J!aaaaWv,fr':',:"'' '
iiea Bl ' 1
... 1B.1V,' '"COII..-HI..-,- -,i
oS' i ! ' 11 -T-Pau-Ml Hint
iBntyour fault it
m!11.80011 spirits
mE t"er 8ystem is
s!BJa,Tying off the
tfHHf6 Prducts.
Ht's Pills
mJpte the bile ducts
IRli jJlf y?u a good
'JjffM th world. At
Elbert Hubbard Finds
Convention Amusing
Admires the System, the "Grand Opera" Crowd
and Hadley the Chesterfieldian Advocate
of the Rough RiderCandidate.
By International News Service.
CHICAGO, Juno IS. The arrange
ments were perfect l.lko the
zealous salesman who was kicked
downstairs no matter what your
political preferences you could not
bvit admire the system. There waa no
lam at the doors, and none m the streets,
when y.m reached the hall you were
gently detained hy men in blue, who evi
dently had received orders to he cour
teous and keep their tempers above all
Thes- men naked 1 "Can we be of serv
ice to you"'' Yon might have supposed
I hey had been reading "'"Sheldon on Sales
manship." They apologized and examined vour
Then they directed you where to enter.,
There were enough policemen, so they
kept the crowd well back, so there was
no Jostle within the sacred precintCS. Vf
the doors you were again carefully looked
Drinking- Men Barred,
Parties with a smell of liquor on them
or a suspicion or firearms never reached
the doors at all. If they had tickets the
pasteboards were politely declarer! irreg
ular, or counterfeit.
1 saw two men from "the provinces."
who were need'.esslv conversational, walk
ing arm In arm. These men were gently
but lirmly turned back, after the patrol
man had called rhe captain.
The men had tickets, all right, but the
parties were In a condition where they
might make a needless amount of noise;
and 1 he noise of this convention must bl
simultaneous. That !s to say. there must
be no shouting off key. The vibrations
must be inspired by political enthusiasm
and not by mere vulgar boosa.
The policemen had no clubs in sicht.
They wore white gloves. Their shoes
were sblneflL They were clean-shaven,
brushed and groomed. They were picked
men, no; too old. ami not absurdly
young. w
And so the throne passed quietly Into
the great building, and at every aisle
were more policemen.
Then there were lady polieenrn who
asked the ladles to remove their hats
and be careful about hatpins.
A Grand Opera Crowd.
It was a throng of which America
micht well be proud. There wasn't a
poor man n sight certainly not a poor
devil. Everybody was well dressed, well
fed, shincd. manictired.
The proletariat, the saii CUlottSj the
plebeian, the agrarian, were not )n evi
dence. Tickets were wort'i forty dollars
apie. e. h was a grand opera crowd.
If there was air. one wirh elbows, slight
ly shiny, 1 hey were In the space set apart
ior delegates, not among the visitors.
The day was perfect. The sky was
blue, and a .-ool. refreshing breezi- came
purlins In from the lake.
At exactly hlKh noon I trust T use
the right phra6e there was a pantomimic
pr--. i tati-n of gavel, and a little speech
by Victor Robewuter. which no one
heard excepting the. stenographers.
Some Sardonic Laughter.
""hen came an invocation, brief and
Kh'rt. ending with the Lord's Prayer.
Evidently the clergyman who officiated
In this capacity expected that the crowd
would 101 1 1 with him In the epilogue. But
he had to plow through alone, and at
trie end a ripple rif mild, sardonic laugh
ter ran over the convention.
Th ntmnpphere wn s tense With sup
pressed excitement.
A line 'if hdmeted poliemn iio-d
solid betfeen th platform and tlie audi
A 1 the Intersection of very aisl stood
police In twee Interspersed with these
were offlceri In plain clothes, but with
badges in :-k!i'-
The police had evidenty been thoroughly
Instructed. Everything in the line of
action was to be supplied instantly, and
quickly, too.
H 1hre men. delegates or visitors,
happened to move in a certain direction
together a policeman pushed In between
them and accidentally stopped ' their
Xo riot COOld possibly have started and
that talk about some one rushing up and
selzlnc the gavel, or two ronx-entions be
ing held at the same time, was an irn
posslblllty. Little Victor Rosewater was banglna:
: Igh- onto the '-'ifety valve of the steam-
roBer. , . . ,
The whole programme was well lubri
cated. Vhn Victor, In a voice that lusl
reached the stenographers, named rrihu
K0.-.1 a? temporary chairman of the con4
ventlon, Governor Hadley, ten ''eA' i''".
arose and waf recognised bv the chair.
Hadley Chesterfieldian.
Ooveinar Hadley castled bin manu
se;T,t in hand, but lie Imd his BBeedb
thoroughly In bis rnind He waa digni
fied strong, ere.-t a ud not riotOUS, His
language wai that of a Chesterfield Mis
souri certainly should have been proud
clnnt's Forces and those of Roose-.Ht.
turned purple with rage. n- felt thai
the colonel had pul something "v-,- on
him during the night, bul ae Cochems
hail aiinr.on. ed him- - If a. an individual
hr- id do nothing about it.
HedgftB Names Root.
Job Hedges of New afOrB was LllS flTSl
Taft man to 1 ml n ate Root, ouoting : lit
erally from Rooeevelt's laudatory utter
ances on the New rork anatoi '. Hrt
. condlng 1 1 iiomlnatsm ;r ic
ern. quoted Mool .... asserting that HO..S..-
veii. L the greatest living American or
air.- time
The gallery bad got z"P now and
tried to bowi everybody down. Chore
eras little disturbance from the flele
ntei themselves, bul apparently no et
?or1 was mad- to rbe.k the galler iea
When Hedges named the ,-oloncl there
was a reeble . beer.
tSu iieedn'i uositats to oheer for
BooseveH In my presence,' be aai-i i
cheered for hhn -seven years ago. hut 1
wanl to take day oil now."
Governor Johnson. tWcksst, milt tan I
and Willi the manner of a man Who It
mad dear through, came Dol ing down
b. aisle to second the nomination of
governor McGovern. He got to the point
- ,,, the first sentence, shaking every word
! aut at him with pumpUke gestures of
,,,, H announced sternly thai
: would give Its twenty-six votes
5 dly on every question that came be
fore the convention. l he challenge to
tb. committee made some oi them grin.
I, which was proved to be know
ing by subsequent event:.
I Right Man, Wrong Place.
mi. , numerous other . pri entotJyes
- , .,. ., flgn slates bad presi nted
heir Diefer. nee, despite the bowlings oi
nZ .-row. 1,. a colored person wlio gave
, . name .... J. B. Wood and his resl-
(,J';,;";:; Kentucky, came forward to
nTl!easrte?tion ul Hr, W 1 f nub,
nnfortunati Immaculatelj dressed aa ho
r,... k coat and whi.e waist coat;
V, K .inon in the corridors of th
Kngress. and he had not said ten word.
1. me th crowd began to yell him
o vm MT mod pale no heed lor a
lin e then be realized that he WSJ th
rjgjft delegate in the wrong place, anc
" V'Mr.rn, of hisses and protests iireete
nCtJi Sney,aw2nted tetel
ffiAfTSgJ?' Stl! g arms foldetj
"reSf'ot "Uo-h: Koot!" swelled fron
of hlni and whoever put him forward ns
a spokesman for the Kooaevotl forces hay
wisdom Incarnate.
This vast assembkiRe v. as In mood for
rough talk or rough action. If any rough
riders were here they wore white waist -....-its
and had their trousers freshly
And so Governor Hadley made his plea
that, the delegates assembled had no
rlghl to appoint a temporary chairman
The case was argued in twenty-ml nute
speeches and Victor Rosewater,' without
Winking an eyebrow, voted the revolution
aries dowti and out and announced th;tt
the question of the chairmanship was be
fore the house ,
Joh Hedges rild himself proud and sot
the first laugh by quoting the highest
authority thai could oe brought a to
Root's character and qualifications Theo
dore Roosevelt.
Cheers for Roosevelt.
Then there were cheers. When there
came a lull the speaker said. "Oh, you
can't embarrass me by cheering for him;
I cheered for 1dm seven years ago "
Then some one anions the delegates
was n-cosnized by the chair and a man
was boosted upon the platform who marie
a vigorous speech for T.a Kollette Thin
man made it dear nnd unmistakable
that no matter what happened the Wis
consin delegates would vote for T.a toi
lette first, 'ast and always and go down
to defeat, if necessary, crying Ids name.
And this man nominated as temporary
chairman Governor McGovernor of Wis
consin. Both Die Taft and Roosevelt delegates
seemed to fee kindly iowards La Fol
lette, evidently considering that he waa
if no consequence one way or the other,
and they wanted to treat him respectfully
and alve htm his little twenty minutes In
Then came Governor Hadley aealn.
tall, spare and sinewy and speakins
straight to the point, ending up with a
small sized oratorical bomb when. In
stead of nominating Senator Borah as
the Roosevelt ian candidate for tem
porary chairman, the governor seconded
the motion of the delegate from Wis
consin Tins evidently came as a complete su -prlse
to th eon'entlon. Tl waa the only
thing, thus far, that was not down on
the programme and thoroughly under
stood. Even 'be Roosevelt delegates. T
noticed, turned to each oilier and made
Inquiries as to what this all meant. Had
Roosevelt pone over to t,a FVtllette, or
had T.a FoIIette God bless my soul!
Then cams Pennsylvania, and an old
political warhorse with wavering voice
but unmlstakeable in Hs Intent declared
Pennslvanla's sixty-five instructed dei
gates voted for McGovern as temporary
That Stubborn La Follette.
Teddy had compromised. He wa not
ready to test Tds Strength In the conven
tion and the belief of everybody was that
th Ta Foll-Ue delegates ' were soins to
stick trne 1 tholr colors and po down
to defeat votlns for the man with the
pompadour. For whatever Ls Follette Is,
he js not a trimmer. Stubbornness is
his ions suit.
Roosevelt had cotn over to 'be la
Toilette side. And with McGovern as
presiding officer, the Roosevelt forces
could not. certainly, storm the citadel of
power. The crisis had been parsed
If 'his finbt were to be WOO On noise,
t hi eat. bombast and calorie it would
have hoen all over last Saturday when
Rombastes Furloso arrived and made hi:'
spee.-h to the waiting multitude at the
lakef ront.
The noise vafl tremendous, all right,
but It didn't work. Rut that Hoes not
mean the extinction of T. R. not the
Bul neither Ebhn Root nor Governor
IdcGovern would allow tvi gave) to
snatched out of th hends of him
to whom tt had been entrusted by or
derly. parliamentary procedure of the
Theodore Roosevelt is a very wise man.
H will ro ust as far as he can, but h.
above alt men. will not gn further than
th people will bade him up 'n solus
And til's time be receded and saved his
political life alive, in-, strength Kb still
in doubt
Tf he SOes doTTO to InfoM, It Will
defeat with honor, or at leat,. what he
considers honor
Several of the men who obtained the
floor began to talk about thievery, bri
bery corruption, handpicked delegates
and sudi and the BUdlsnce promptly
hissed and booted them down. They did
no! beip their pause.
It Is a Taft Audience
It Is a Taft audience, and the Pr!e
who bve peats In the Coliseum realize
to whom they are debtors for the favors
Tf there Is any thievery, brigandage
and holdups In the proceedings of this
convention, it is all according to law.
No biood, so far, has been spilt, and
Op the points Taft Seems to have th'
best of ;hu bout.
1 prfiir-e. lias lwien rnid. but the end
I Is not yet .
one side, of the hall, while equally loud
cljy tcf Teddy came from (be other
t itt when Rosewater announced by
his Becretai' thai there would be some
people thrown out if the noise didn't stop,
Heney was permitted to imlsb. Hi? 0!
fori was a distinct unsuccess aB far as
he wuh concerned.
When Senator Bradley of Kentucky
came forward to second Root's nomina
tion somi dy asked him it he voted tor
"Yes. 1 did vote for fjorlmer." retorted
Bradley, "and when I did so, I voted for
.1 better man than you."'
After that the name of Lorlmer wa-j
'...Mitcl .11 around the calerles, nui'-h
lr, the diSgUSt of th Tail Crowd, who
had hoped to keep the Illinois 3enat.r
..ul .a' li e same
Make Bradley Target,
Ev idently there ".va-s a large number f
delegates 'i spectators In the conven
tion who wished to make it as uhpleas
ant as possible for Bsnator Bradley. He
waa heckled from all parts of the hall.
"Tak. a drink, senalor, lake a drink,"
v.. is the Invitation which was urged from
the top Bailerlea
"All we want Is regularity," shouted
the senator.
Senator Bradley, 'iko a. true Ksntuckl
sji, decided t lake a drink Ue went
back to the stand, on which then waa
,1. bottle of spring water, and filled ih"
ulass. drinking Its contents antld loud I
beers iroui all purl:) of the ounveiilion. J
B, s. Bi isy of South Dakota1 gained
recognition after Senator Bradle) iiud
"I will n"vrr vote for BlitlU Root, who
was the attorney for the chief of all
grafters of these United States ai the
Suggestion Of U man who voted (" retain
Lorlmer In the senate, of the United
States," dedared Bessy.
Henry J, Allen, editor the RTlchitn
Beacon, and ; Roosevell man. seconded
, the nomlnatloi of Governoi McGovern.
: "Thro are calling Roosevell a dema
gogue and saying ha washes to be u
king," said M 1 Allen, "bul I call upon
i you ro remember that Ihere were many
) wo,, Insisted thai Abraham Lincoln was
i an ignoramus and called him s baboon,
l I ask you to stand with ho great slates
t that constitute the backbone of the Re
- publican party."
I Albert Bushnell Hart of Massachusetti
declared n an Indication of Roosevelt's
i superior strength with the peonJa that
r in Massachusetts Mis rlghl tor Roosevelt
i delegates was made against ths opposi
tion 1 i thfl govsr and the senators
i and most of (be influential men in the
state organisation and yet, he uld, "we
sjdit t ik im wide open "
il Waiter L. Houser, Senator LaFollette's
Appointed to Fill Vacancy
Caused by Death of C.
F. Warren.
E R. l.eis has been appointed general
agent bete for the Santa Fe to fill the
v;n ancy ;aujcl by the death of Charles
F Warren. Mr. Warren died May 2ti
and the appointment of Mr. Lels was
made effective Juno 1, his official noti
fication coming yesterday
Mr. Leis Is a native of Kansas. After
being graduated from the Lawrence high
school he attended the slate university.
In H.'09 he entered the service of the
c-.mti Fe Railroad company a.t Albu
querque. N, M., as a freight handler. He
worked in that capacity until 1904, when
he waa made traveling agent, with head
quarters in Chicago. In 1907 he was ap
pointed t ravelins freight and passenger
aeent, wdth headquarters at Santa. Bar
bara, Cel., where he remained until April.
1910. Then, after two months in Kansas
City as traveling passenger agent, he
was made traveling freight and passen
ger agent, with headquarters in Salt Lake
City. He had occupied this position Just
two years when he was appointed gen
eral agent
J. J. Pevercaux, formerly traveling
freiKht and passenger agent for the
Santa Fe. who left the road two years
aso to t;o into other work, has accepted
the position from which he resisncd two
years ago and which has now been va
cated by the promotion of Mr Lels.
Delegates En Route.
The delesates to the Democratic na
tional convention at Baltimore from Cali
fornia and Nevada will arrive In Salt
Laki city over the Western Pacific at f.
o'clock tomorrow morning. They will
leave for Baltimore over the Denver &
Klo Grands at. :i o'clock in the afternoon.
The Democratic delegation from Utah to
the national convention at Baltimore left
yeserday on the Overland Limited and
national campalsn manager, named the
platform when Hart concluded.
"I am here," he said, "to say that
they have neither the authority nor do
they represent Senator LaFoHette who
aie advocjitins the nomination of Mc-
Govern for temporary chairman.
''Refusing from the beginning to en
tertain any susgestlon of a compact wdth
any candidate. Senator LaSVallette re
ris.-:- tiow to be forced Into such nn
alliance. T 3ay to you that the Wiscon
sin delegation, eciins In accordance with
Senator LaFollette's wishes and to pro
mote his candidacy. Ivdd a conference
today and voted decidedly not to present
a candidate for temporary chairman.''
M-. Henry F. Oochema secured recog
nition for the second lime. 0chr.iiis said
that the Wisconsin delegation bad by
B VOte Of to 11 decided that they
would not persent a candidate for tem
porarj chairman as a candidate Of the
delegation, but that It. had been thor-
Igl understood that the eleven mem
bers who had voted lo present a Candi
date were left entirely free to act a
they saw tit Individually.
"t challenge any man in the Wisconsin
delegation to vote for Root."' was the
parting fiins of Mr. Cochems a.- he left
the platform amons ROOSeVelt cheer':.
Rollcall Begins.
Then ths rollcall was begun It pro
reeded without noteworthy incident until
'a)lf..rnia was reached. When the name
Of Mrs, Florence Porter was called the
attention of all the galleries was directed
towards the place where the attractive
gray-haired feminine delegate sat. In
an unmistakable feminine voice Mrs. Pm -ter
announced her vote for McGovern.
and her announcement, which waa made
amidst respectful silence, evoked an out
turn) of enthusiasm from both delegare.
and ipectatora Mrs. Rorter's vote was
the first feminine vote ever cai;t In a. na
tional political convention In the t nlted
Mr; Isabella Blaine, the second Woman
delegate from California, also rc-rud a
generous ovation when she cast her vote
for McGovern.
When the radlnp clerk of the conven
tion 'ailed th name of B. H Tryon of
the Fourth district of California Gov
ernor Hiram W. Johnson sprang to h's
feet and in resonant tones asserted that
there was no sudi delegate from Cali
fornia Some of fhi Taft men and delegations
shouted Insistently that the votes of
Tmon nnd Maurice Meyerfleld. Jr., of
San Francisco should be received. When
the vote was given i was announced
as twenty-four for McGovern and two for
Root .
Delivers Keynote Speech.
Chairman Root, began his speech In a,
voice which was not audible fifty feet
beyond the platform. He had not utt rod
more than a few sentences when there
were ries of "louder." Many of thot;e
In the gallerle hesan to leave.
For fullv ten minutea the march con
tinued lo'the eyits. Then Bergeant-at-Armi
Stone yelled throuph a megaphone:
"If J ou don't wish to listen to Senator
Root's speech please gel out as quickly
as nosslhle so that those who do wish
to hear it can ln-ar It."
When the sallerles were practically
emptied Senator Root resumed and was
listened to attentively throuph s speech
whi'di consumed ths better part of un
When the senator declared 'Hie door
open foe the. patriotic and well-meaning
io exercise power not conferred upon
them bv law, is the door open also to
the self-sseklng and ambitious?" the
entl-Roosevelt, delegates howled, "Soak
t be colons! again "
Only a few of them were awaro that
in" .senator had eliminated a mapper to
this sentence from ibe revised copj ol
h .. speech reading "to grasp a dictator-
When Senator Root finished, nearly all
the anti-Roosevelt delegates arose in a
body, waved their bat-, and oheored birn
vociferously. , , ...
When be retired. C. D. Clark of Wyo
ming offered a resolution that the. ruins
Of the last national convention Should
prevail until they should be changed by
the present convention. 1 1 a a hubbub.
Senator Rool pul the motion, and it waa
Then James EE. WatSOIl "f Indiana sub
mitted the usual resolution thai the chair
be handed by. the various delegations
their selections foi members ol the com-mkii-e
orsani7.ation: rules, credentials
and resolutions. Chairman Rool declared
it carried.
Hadley Repeats Motion.
Immediately after. Governor Hadley of
Missouri climbed upon do platform and
re-read his resolution offered earlier In
the afternoon providing for the substi
tution of the Roosevell tor the Taft roll
or delegates.
He was about to resume ids argument
when Senator Root stepped over and
Bald quietly: "We have been in cession
now for nearly elghl hours; everybody is
tired; why nol wall until tomorrow.?'
jTor a moment Governor Hadley was
rj p to Insi-i upon a vote lie flnall
rolur-tantly agreed t" dnlas u renewal of
... a rlghl with the understanding tbat it
Should be the spe-.ial order prior to .mv
other business Immediately upon the re
convening or the session tomorrow,
i The convention took a recess until il
O'clock tomorrow forenoon, Just before S
CHICAGO, June 18. Members of the
committee on platform and resolutions
were elected by the different state dele-
gatlons a follows.
Alabama- James J. t.'urils.
Arizona James T Williams. Jr.
CaUfomta Chester h. RowelL
New General
Agent in Zion
For Santa Fe
will arrive In Chicago at 9 o'clock to
morrow morning.
'White Way" Extended,
"The Great White Way" Is to Include
Main street and the contract haa been
let to the Utah Light & Railway com
pany for putting In the extra lights.
There will be fourteen lights to the block
wdieu the arrangements am carried out.
which will make eight more lights to the
block than are now in use. On Main
street the lights will extend from the
monument to Third South street.
Colorado A. NTeWtOU Parrlsh.
Connecticut Charles BL Clark
Delaware- Henrv A. Dupont.
Florida - Joseph E. I.ee
Georgia- J W. Martin
Idaho J f. Hagenbartfa
Illinois W. R Bundy.
Indiana Charles Fajrhanks.
Tow a G. D Perkins
Louisiana H. C. Warmoth.
Maine A. E. Sterns.
Marvland William T. Warburton.
Massachusetts A. B Hart.
Michigan William Judson.
Minnesota J. F .Tacobson.
Mississippi- L. TV. A (wood.
Missouri Herbert S. Hadi-y.
Montana G'oie.i T. Basgs.
Nebraska E5. 1. Kins.
Nevada -H. V, MoorehOUSS.
New Hampshire Fernando W. Hart
ford. New Jersey George t.. Record
N'ew Mexico- H. O. Buisun.
N'evv York William Barnes, jr.
North Carolina Cyrus Thompson,
North Dakota P. O- Therson.
Ohio Karl T. Weber
Oklahoma- T. R. Eckels,
Pennsylvania- William Draper Lewis.
South Dakota Allan Rogue.
Tennessee H. C- Kvans.
Texas W. W. McDonald.
Utah George Sutherland.
Vermont John T,. Southwlck
Virginia D. Lawrence Groner.
Waahlngton C. C. Gose,
v"ejt. Virginia 8 B. Montgomery.
Wisconsin Walter C. Owens.
Wyoming William h Huntley.
Alaska 1 ouis P Bhackleford.
Disirict of Columbia
Hawaii H. W. Renton.
Potto Rico M Fajado.
RuJes and Order.
Members of the, committee on -ulei
and order of business were chosen by
the state delegations as follows:
Alabama -Shelby S Pleasants.
Arizona F. T. Wright
California 'n. C. Pardee.
I oloradv -B. T. ERUott
Connecticut Everett A. Kak".
Florida W. H Lucas
Delas are- Ruby H. Stala
Georgia J. M. Barnes.
Idaho- D W. Davis.
Illinois John L Hamilton.
Indians William R. Wood.
Iowa B. F. Cardell
Louisiana Simile Kun tr.
Maine li P, Gardner.
Marvland Dalen I Tait.
Massachusstts A. G. Weeks.
Michigan William Mc-Beth.
Minnesota A. J Lardon.
Mississippi - W. P. Locker.
Missouri C. A. Benton.
Montana B. J. Charter.
Nchraska C, A. Luce.
Nevada Albert Karge
New TTarnpshire Lyford A. Merrow.
New Jersey- James D. Blauvelt.
Nrw Mexico Gregory r. Page.
New "i'ork Ezra P. Prentice
North Carolina W. L. Robinson.
North Dakota EX Scow.
Oklahoma L. S. Skelton.
Ohio- Sherman IT. Kagl.
Pennsylvania William BL Colcmun
South Dakota- C. L. DotSon.
Tennessee W. D. Howser.
Texas P. E. Raer,
Utah Jacob Johnson.
Vermont- John L. Lewis,
Virginia R. h. Andele.
Washington F. H Hubbard
Wr-t Virginia W. s. Edwatxls.
Wlsoonsin h. f Cochems,
Wyomlngj -C, D. ciu.tk.
Ala-sku -W R. Tloddait
District of ( Jolumbla
Hawaii-w i" Frear
PermaTjent Organization.
Members ot 1 1 . - committer, on perma
nent organisation of th" Republican na
tional convention elected by the ntatr
delegations were announced today
The list Of Ihose elected is:
Alabama James I A hercrombte.
Arizona P" T. Wright,
Colorado ('aslniero B.uela
Connecticut Irving H. Chase
Delaware Simeon B, PennewiU.
Florida M. Paige.
Georgia- Roscoe Pickett.
Idaho -Ev an Kvan: .
Illinois--Ira ( '. Copley.
Indiana -O. it. Montgomery.
lOWa W, S. Lewis.
Louisiana A, c. Leu
Maine H. R. Gardner.
Maryland -Albert t;. Towers.
Massachusetts- A, L. Mason.
Michigan Leonard Freeman.
Minnesota A. L. Hanson
Mississippi -Wesley Crayton.
Missouri -Charles 111 Readland
Montana Samuel Stephenson.
Nebraska Don L. Love.
Nevada M. Badt.
New Hampshire Hovey E Blayton.
N.-vv Jersey William C. Lord.
New Mexico 0 A. Cahoon. ,
New York- Michael J Dady
North Carolina Mioses N. Harshaw.
North Dakota A. B lohnson.
uhio -BS. B Ersklnc
i iklahoma G. A. Paul.
Pennsylvania H. H. GUkyaon
South Dakota- M. Q ' 'arllsle
Tennessee -II H, 1 licks.
Texas John 15. B3gln.
Utah- Joseph Howell.
Vermont William R. Warner.
Virginia' Joseph L. Crupper.
Washington Patrick Hullarun.
we.n Virginia Charles Bwaatlngen.
Wisconsin W. s. Goodwin.
Wyoming- Patrick Sullivan.
Alaska Louis P. Bhackleford.
To Notify President.
The following members of the commU
ice to notify the candidate for proslden
of his nomination have been selected:
Alabama O Street.
Arizona J. L. Hubbell.
Colorado- Simon ' iuggenhoim.
Connecticut Frank H Weeks.
Delaware George , . Marshall.
Georgia -M. B Morion.
Idaho Evan Ifivana
Illinois Marlon B. Madden.
Additional Sporting News
Goullet Breaks World's
Record at Salt Palace
THE big thing at the Salt Palace
saucer track last night was the
breaking of the world's record for
two-thirds of a mile by Alfred
Ooullet of Australia. Goullet rode
the distance In 1:11 1-5. The former record
of 1:12 was made by Jackie Clarke on
the Salt Palace track Goullet was given
a diamond ring by the N. c. A.
In the race meet at the Sail Palace last
Bight Ever LawSon, the Salt Lake favorite,
was tho big winner, taking every event
In w hich be was entered. One of the fea
tures of the meet was the team race be
tween Lawson and Fogler and Clarke
and Root. In which the Fog er-Lawson
team won In two straight heats In the
first heat. Just as Lawson had passed
Clarke on the sprint, Clarke spilled and
LaWSOn won. The referee caused the
heat to be run over. In the attempt to
run this heat over Lawaon had a r.unclure
and again it had lo be run. When filially
the hea.t was rum Fogler pulled Lawson
Well for the first six laps and when
f'larke went after Lawson Clarke didn't
have th sprint and the Swede won. In
the second heat Root, and Clarke held
the lead until the slr.th lap, when Root
dropped out and Fogler took Lawson
around In whirlwind style. Roth men had
a qood sprint left and Clarke finished a
poor third
The Hve-mile professional was a splen
did race. In this event all the good
riders hung back until the last three laps,
when they began to sprint On the bell
Tndlana--Edward C Toner.
Iowa L. A. Brewer.
Louisiana Reuben H. Brown,
Maryland Adrian Posey.
Michigan John E Wallace.
Minnesota Moses B. ' lapp
Mississippi E. H. McKissack.
Missouri Homer B. Mann.
Montana, A. J Wilcomb,
Nebraska Nathan Merrlam.
New Hampshire Charles M. FloycL
New Mexico J. lot. Cunningham,
North Carolina Zeb. V Walsor.
North Dakota J. H. Cooper.
Ohio J w. Conger
Oklahoma Allen L. MDona!d.
South Dakota G. C. Rcdfleid
Tennessee--John W. Overall
Virginia R. A Fulwller.
Washington William Jones
West Virslnin M. J. Slmms.
Wisconsin Alvin Kietzoch.
Wyoming John Morton.
Notify Vice President.
Members Of the committee to notify
ranrlldaio for vice president were chosen
by the state delegations as follows:
Alabama U, G Mason.
Arizona J. C. Adams
"olorado--.Jefferson FtUX.
Connecticut- Frank C. 'Woodruff.
Delaware - Slrnon S. Penn-wlll.
Georgia J. E. Peterson
Idaho Evan Bvans
Illinois c. J. Haw baker.
Indians Enos Porter.
Iowa--H G. Brown.
Louisiana D. .. I r v?
Maryland Th' ' P. Wels.
Michigan John ggerty,
Minnesota- Han.- . ashburn,
Mississippi George T. ohumpert
Missouri- J. T. Moore.
Montana George W, Clay.
Nevada M, Badt.
N( w Hampshire Orton B Brown.
New Mexico W. D. Murray
North Carolina Isaac M. Meeklns.
North Dakota L. E. Garnaas.
Oklahoma A. A. Small-
South Dakota William Williamson.
Tennessee J. W. Ross.
Virginia John Paint.
Washington - lfuzh Eldrege.
We?t Virginia W. L. Sugden.
Wisconsin- -Theodore Kronshage.
Wyoming C. E. Carpenter.
Free band concert, evilt Palace, after
noons and evening.
ING.. Brlgham City,
June 21 ami 22, Excursions, via Ore
goo Short LiDP. Ser ajronty for rats
wnd furtber particulars. ''ity ticket
J office, Hotel Utah.
Free band conceit, 1hU Palace, after
noons anrl eenin;8.
CHICAGO, June 18. Members of the
new Republican national committee were
gf.lorted at caucuses Of the various state
desallons lute yesterday, last night and
today. In some Instances the delegates
postponed the selection until just before
the convention meets tomorrow and
some mav not be elected until the clos
ing days "of the convention.
The list of those now elected is;
Alabama. P. K Parker.
Arizona. Ralph H. Cameron
Arkansas. Powell Clayton.
California. Meyer Lissner
Colorado. Simon Guggenheim.
Connecticut Charles F. Brooker
Delaware, T. Coleman Dupont.
Florida, "Henrv 3. Chubb.
Georgia Henry B. Jackson.
Idaho, John W. Hart
Illlnol? Rnv O. West.
Indiana, James T. Goodrich
Iowa, J T. Adams.
Kansas, Sltitiani Allen White.
Maine. Frederick Hnle.
Maryland, W. P. Jackson.
Michigan. Charles B. Warren.
Minnesota A. A. Caswell.
Mississippi. L, B. Mosely.
Mlasouri, Thomas J. Nfcdrlnghaus.
Montane T. A. MarlOW.
Nebraska, K. R. Howell.
Nevada. H. B. Maxson.
N.-w Hampshire. "Fred Westabrook.
New Jersey. Borden D. Whiting.
New Mexico, Solomon Luna.
"eu York, will be selected later.
North 'arollna. Richmond Pearson.
North Dakota, Thomas v. Marshall.
Oregon election deferred.
Ohio. Walter F. Brown.
Oklahoma. George C Priestly.
Pennsylvania, William Pllnn
Rlu.de Island. William P Sheffield.
South Dakota, Thomas Thorson.
Texas. H. Y . Mr-";regor.
Ptab, C B. Loose.
Vermont, John L. Lewis
Virginia, Alvah H Martin.
Washington. S. A Perkins.
Weal Srlrginlai William Seymour Ed
wa rrts.
Wisconsin, Alfred T Robers.
Wyoming. George B. Pezton.
Alaska. LouH P. Bhackleford.
Hawaii, CI varies A. Rice.
Porto RICO, S Brim.
lap Fogler slvi ahead with Lawson on
his rear and sained a i;ood lead. Lawson
shot around him and It looked as though
he would win easily, but Goullet came up
strons from behind and forced him hard
In the half-mile amateur race t.h
scratch men loafed and let the limit men
take everything.
The summary:
First heat of one-mile match team
race Lawson and Fogler, won; Clarke
audi Root, second. Time, 2.P.3.
Klrst heat of half-mile handicap ama
teur Grabs, won: Btahl, second. Cook,
third; Brazier, fourth; Wlklns, fifth. Time,
.57 .'-5.
Second heal of half-mile handicap ama
luer Klser, won; Allen, second: Oberg,
third; Kramer, fourth; Walker. flftlu
Time, 57 3-3.
Second heat of the one-mile match team
race Lawson and Fogler. won; Clarke
and Root, second. Time. 8:06 l-o.
Final of the half-mile handicap ama
teur Kiser, won: Crebn. second; Allen,
third; Stahl, fourth. Time. 56 4-5
FiVe-mile motor-paced race Hill, won;
Root, second. Time, 7.02.
One-mile professional handicap Duer,
won. Hehlr, second: Goullet, third; Mit
ten, fourth. Time, 1:48 3-5.
Miss-and-out race, amateur Walker,
won; Oberg. second; Meredith, third; W1I
klns, fourth. Distance, 3 mileB and 6
laps. Time. 8 C9 1-5.
Rlvc-mlle championship professional
LaWSOn, won, (Joullet. 3econd; Hehlr,
third. Root, fourth. Time. in-;7 3-5.
t'nleM Vie Huruon K""- lit J151 forfeit up
HcfOit tiinlslii. iho Dakfr -llussn tcnt7-riun4
lin.jt will probahlr he called off. For t'n p'
vel; ritker'n : epreenttl ve. W. C. .loses. His
ticen trying to ladnca llouiaa to put up his foi
folt, BrsiT n' anrJ then soiuo la Hfl.en'i umv
s7 Raassn Is ulreoity down Iji 160 pounds. It
ihut In true BSjaMB has only to fto on the er-ilei. ''InSSg
to get lfwaRrnn or Soma one else lnlere-itei is
the mnt.:h lo nut up tile forfait.
It looks ae If lla-jjcn either cannot make
nr wants eoni opponent lo3 rltssr than Baiter
Certainly no on CSS blame Baker for domnndlna;
that Haofcn put up the forfolt he agreed 19
put. up. Iiakcr'a has been up for more than a
i number of other h'tyn are -willing to mot
HiiVer io if Hantieo -ill not do as he agreed
to do Pronioier Hcagren wrfll do'ibrlrae gel sorus
i.t.e else. Bsnsan t pra-tloalty oakaewa here,
ill . Uoioe hout in TvhlcTi Jacks Powney outpointed
lilm doet; not count. RaVe.' Ih the bc dmw
init card who cava v Indnead to box here a,
thix timo. H hin .oiiipllivi with all ihs acree
:i!..."" and llanreii should be midj io do so. too.
or lose the malr.h
During the summer race meeting at
t.agoon. Manager Wilson intends to put
In an amateur sentlemen riders ra .
which has been in vogue on the eastern
trades for a goori many roars. At Ralti
rnoie and Washington, society turns out
en massft to see these events. Sa't Lake
has a. sood many amateur riders wno
are likely to take part, hi such a race.
Wilson is also goii:s to try to put on a
race for officers at the fort ho Will ride
their own horses. At the Rennings
track a I Washington, they have u race
every meeting tor officers located there.
Ray Eagan of Petaluma. Cel., arrived
yestorrlHy. His horses have been quar
tered at the Lagoon track for the past
three weeks Lagan says that Salt Lake
will see a ger.,i tnanv Calif oriilans here
during the ra. r---.
By ratorasllonal Neva Servtea
t..s vkgas. N. M.. June u Jttk Curler.
proTtoter of the .totineon-riYnTi bout, todsy ald
tint ilovernor McDonald ) nol going to ?r-n
h tnut. tii '-'urloj addod the flght ""III be
liel'l here.
I Dnpite oentradloaory RtSteauBla about the r"o
ii'IIIobk of th flghteru. 0 hecme kno" n today
thj.' neither Johiiton or Flvnn s irolnlsij falth-full-r.
H...i ar drlnUing intl 'uling all the went
end tMl Is gruat deal. DnlSSi they neod
th!r hubiri neither Till be in ooooillon Jul: t.
vhrn the nght. co cnet off.
Handicap Gun Tourney.
SPRINGFIFJLP. HI, June t. -At Ihe c-and
huiidKap gun toiirnament toduT both the am
rear nnd jio.foi slonai na'lennl hamplonkhlp ero
deldod Po'h evnl; T.er'i L'?0 targets. perm.i
rent 1? TnrdH rl. Ther.- titi. 1ST entries In
the ronte.H Tor toe aioateu- championship and
Bl in the prMfeLttonil horoplonshtp For ibo
amateur title E W, Varncr of Adaras, N'ob .
tied with W. E. Hoon of Jewell, fa., on 1J2
out ef 300, In the .itioo! off Varner won. In
the profetsional ohSBSlOBsMp W. R Crosbv of
O'FWIoa, III., won b? breaking US targtt
lie wn-. followed olosel7 br Fred Gllbeit of
Spirit Like, la., ajirt R. 0. Helkes or D-ton.
K;., vul'b l?:
Caponi Loses Handicap.
B:' fnterndtloiial Nerwe feivloe
r H ATTA NOG A. Tenn. .tune l Tony Cu-ponl of
Chicago losr Ms no-declulon hundlcap matnli with
rro Oormnn of Denvr here tonight, fading to
put th westerner nut In eight rounds Capen
had the boiler of tbM tight all the wt, how
exer, and waa delddly stronger at the finish
of the nirlec
Holler Wins Bout.
DALLAS Tax , June a -Dr. B. K Roller wen
two straight, falls from Yu.r.if Huesane, the Turk,
hero tonight The fl-..t fall .apie at the end of
1 minute and J" uecouds, tuul iho second In 0
Special summer excursion ticket-? to
N"ew fork, Atlantic City, Asbury Tark
aod other Jersej coasl degtinations will
be on sale at, I'lah poiuts June 1 to
Septcinbei' .".0, l!li.'. via all direct routes
eonnectiog at Cbicago -and St. Louis
with tho Pennsrylvsnis Ijine. Lihoral
stopover privileges. For details coin
munioate with W. P. Vo, travelinc
passonger ajrent, -01 Judge bldr;., Salt
luiko City, Utah.
FVee band concert, S:iH Palace, after
noons and evenings.
Merchandise Recovered.
Merchandise worth $:'.0", stolen from a
box car In the Denver & Rio Grands
railroad yards ia-u Saturday night, was
discovered under a piriform in the rear
Of the Mine & Smeller Supply company
on West Second Mouth street last night
by John Carlson, night watchman for the
railroad. The cache contained elghl
boxes of silk goods, seventy-nine woolen
ahawls and .several boxea of shoes. The
police are holding several 8 impacts.
The absolute vegetable purity of S. S. S. has always been WW ot the
strongest points in its favor, and is one of the principal reasons why
the most widely known and universally used of all blood eoULtaes. A
Breat many of the so-called blood purifiers nro really no.th.1onslv on
strong mineral mixtures which act so unpleasantly and disastrously on
the delicate membranes and tissues of the stomach and toowoltj. everx
if such treatment purified the blood, tho condition in hlohftttJS3Sal
system is left would often be more damaging to the bealt h Jnd
trouble. Not so with S. S. S.-it is the greatest of all b ood Pe
at tho same time is an absolutely safe and harmless ; reinedy. I is maoe
ontireiv of the healing and cleansing extracts S'l?KlAMhi
i and barks, each of which is in daily use in some to'm5byf.
J their practice, Years of work and research have proven S . S. 5. to con cam
1 everything necessary to purify the blood and at the gWj
system with the purest and best tonic effects. S. S. b. OUJW
Catarrh. Sores and Ulcers, Skin Diseases. Scrofula, 1iSL;
and all other blood troubles, and it leaves the system WJJ infSma"
when it has purified tho blood. Book containing "WS'llSK
tion on the blood and any medical advice desired a1 WrAe-

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