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Hundred Delegates and Sev
eral Hundred Members of
Various Aeries Are Here.
Outing: at Lagoon Feature of
First Day After Brief
Carrvintr the message of rjood cheer
nnd brim full of optimism and enthu
siasm, Eagles from a sooth of aeries of
I'Jtah. Idaho and Nevada comprising
the tri-state union of the ititermoun
tain Tegion, cathered in the big bail of
the lorn I aerie vestrrday moruing and
Formally opened their annual conven
tion. About 100 accredited delegates were
in attendance, the official rerrosenta
being ne largest of any conven
tion since the formation of this triune
branch of the order. There were, also
hundred! of member from the various
lodges, both looal and from far off
i it ics nnd towns.
Opening" Session.
'Tie openiTv,; session of i lie convrn
lion waa called to order by 3. J. Thom
B8j who wa3 dele grated tbe special rep
reeentative of Grand President FraJtk
E Bering. Mr. Thomas made a brief
bul Felicitous address and read a lat
ter of reijrel from Governor Bpry, who
"..i, scheduled to be present, hut who
was oompalled lv the exigencies of po
litica life to be in attendance upon
i he Republican national convention at
(.'hioajjo. The governor's letter WHS
one expressive of hearty sympathy with
the work wild aims of the order.
Mayor Park delivered an earnest
and heartfelt address of welcome to the
delegates and their comrades, empba
hizi e particularly the reAt influence
thai the Fraternal Order of Eagles has
exorcised in securing a clearer compre
hension of the true brotherhood of man.
President's Response.
C H Boyd of Ogden, president of
the Tri-state aerie, made an appropri
ate and eloquent response, pointing out
tb fact that tbe elemental principles
i on which the order wa founded ac
i" ated for It rapid and substantial
uumlh. I ho ami of its members
wat a constant elevation of the stand
ard nf citisenahip.
Then came the outing bl Lagoon,
enjoyed by at leant 2000 persons, of
whom more than LOOO wore Eagles.
While largely informal in its nature,
l 1 -iporis! pro jraiM'in . arranged bv the
entertainment committee of the local
" offered manifold allurements for
the visitors. Theresi were numerous
reel between fat men. lean men, short
men, tail men. old men. young men; a
i ariet -. of jumping contests, and while
t jg donbtful if airy records were
iroken, both contestants md spdeta-
tors were happy.
Ball Game "Wonder."
, v'SB, thero r. as a ball same The
truggle" w.ii between the teams of
the Ogden and Salt Lake aeries At
tho pu.i of the first inning the score
said to be to 0 in favor of Og
jon. at the end of tho seventh the
scorer ran .eit of paper to Bet down
the runs made b the boys from the
Junction citv, bul unofficially stated
that the tally might stand at W to 3,
ome of the Salt bake players ob
jected on the ground that the Ogdcn
team had '"rung in"' some profes-
rional players on thet?i, hut at the last
there was nothing but good fellowship
i the best of feeling between the
rival teams.
Today there will he no morning ges
don, hut at 0 o'clock the visitort will
enjoy a trolley ride through Ehnigra-
lion Canyon. At noon Ihey will attend
an organ reeital in the. tabernacle. A
business session will bo. held in the
'ode room, beginning at 'J o'eloek, and
in the evening there will 1m1 a smoker
for tbe Eagles, with theater parties
arranged for the ladies
Delegates Attending;.
following ih a complete list of tb
officers of the Tri-state apri.-. and the
delegates who are in attendance:
President, -. a. Bovd; vice president
K. R. Gelfcer; Chaplain. P. A. Rogers;
secretary, D 3 Elrod: trc-as'-irer, P. is.
Messier; trustees. W. t. Costello, a. W,
Fcrman and B. B. Walker.
The aeries ropreenird in tlio conven
tion and the delegates In attendance are
?f follows:
ogde.n, frir Mo IIs -George W, Wess
lor, Thotnaa Le sIk. Leon Browning, Dr.
N. I. E-ties. 'Jllbort Port'.-.
Bingham, aerie No. Dan Pltzgerald,
Robert Askew, I. ML Puncher, D. J.
Cook. C. F. StIUman
Tlntlo. aeri No. 217. Eureka. Utah
HB Robot tr-
Wri Jordan, No, 3S4. Midvele,
Utah J- II Brown. VI B. PhWps, J. 1L
1 iirn.
BCurray. a arts No 1 .'i Martin Bgan,
w. W. Moore, W, Caaniglater.
Pocatello, da aerie wo. iir M. E.
Hughes. James Astir, '.v. R. Bin look. V.
:i Rohlschoid. Roy v. Unghee, W. C.
i Vooktun
Idaho K.-Jls. Pld . ,-t!p No. .T-- E. H
Wakeman, Frank Cutter D. Rod?:-.rs,
Charlea Attktns. v. B V7 sealer.
cs Ide aerie Mo 75t M A Dtl
Itngham. w- CaaweU, rr. Charles F.
BoaJcer, Dr. H 'r- Pattenwn.
Bandpolnt, Ida., aerls No. w. J.
OoHtello, E5. T) Raymond, Dr. Charlea
Mudriv. O. A Tulley.
ley. Ma. aerie Ma r" -G F KoPa
rji trge I) Romlne. W V. Horn. M- 8.
U ". ii -s-tln
I erorae, Ida., "'.,r' Mo l oo i .;n-. C.
Roiil. A'. L. PjrlS
White Pine -prio No 1708, E!v.
Smv John Wabar. J. B Bobbins, J.
B Burnett, A. L. Height, U Q. Hall.
Lovalock, Nv. aerlo No. 1RS7 E. T
Torrey. R M- Hiirdy .
PaJi Eak City, aerl- No fi. -A. IT.
Steele, P. P. Christens en, II If liMs-c,
.1 ) Ti.-inn., J. E Bchlotterbeck, L- M.
Van-fr H McCann, otto Webber, Br.,
jf pon T I Burnett, A. Bumatetn.
Andrew Berkerwltcb. arreated Monday
nigra accuaed Of tee.l!nr four suits of
clothes from his room mate, Joseph Tanb,
i-leaded n"t pullty to a oiiargH of grand
broany and wan bomnd over to the dln
Hot oourt under $5fn ball by Justice 1 1
8. Harpr.;- yesterday. He "a? delivered
to tho ruatod- "1 tbe sheriff In default
Of ball.
P.rkrwit.-h Is said to Mavr pa ned
the oiothing at a Wast Booth Templo
street pawn8hoT. rherp waa recovered
thfl rl"e Taub a'.lcef. that he took
Berkerwltcb under hi wlni? a month ago
and bad !jeen s.ipport'.ng him ever nine
Woman Whom
Death Calls
In Brief Time
I : ViO
Mrs. Charles H. McGurrin Dies
Suddenly at the Holy
Cross Hospital.
Mrs. Marjjaret McGurrin, wife of
harles 3. McGurrin, one of the best
known and most popular women, in Salt
Lake i Ity, died at i bo Holy Gross hos
pital at T o'clock yesterday morning.
Although bhe was an invalid, the
dtiath of Bdra. McGurrin had not been
expected until after the attack of Mon
day mcln, and it came, as a great shock
to her family and friends, many of the
latter not having learned that she waa
in a. critical condition.
Mrs. McGurrin had heen an invalid
for several years, imi despite this fact
and t lie further Cact that her suffer
ings were almost hcyond liuinan endur
ance at times, she hud borne all with
the utmost fortitude and was cheerful
and hopeful to tho last.
Monday Mrs. McGurrin, accompanied
liv her husband and son, ieved the. cir
cus parade, and Monday evemng, in
company with Mr, McGurrin, she made
.i call upon some friends While at
the home of her friends, she was taken
violently ill and as quickly as possible
way conveyed to the Holy Cross hos
pital, where everything possible was
done for hei". Sdio was beyond human
aid, however, and her death occurred
at 0 o'clock yesterday morning.
Mrs. McGurrin wae the daughter of
Mr. and Mr;--. Timothy Buckley, she
was horn at Grand Rapids, Mich., De
e mbcr 12, L868, On July 12, 18S8,
she was married lo Mr. McGurrin at
Grand Rapids. Later tbo moved to
Kalamazoo, where they, resided until
they came to SaJt Lake ity a little
loss than three veara au". Tn addition
to Mr. McGurrin and hor son, Buckley
McGurrin, acred L6 years, Mrs. McGur
rin also is survived by her aged moth
or at Grand Rapids.
'he body of Mrs McGurrin will he
taken to Grand Rapids for burial. Fu
neral services will tie bold Saturday
morning in St. Auguatino'a cburch. Mr,
McGurrin and son will accompany, t ho
Commissioners Disregard Ap
peal of Poolroom Men Made
Through Attorney.
Attorney Wlllaxd Hnnn, raprasantlag
the owners of several poolrooms oaterlner
to bcttora on Hie rvnttf of race Iraok.;,
appari hofore th. oity commissi on era
yesterday to asecrlRln tf the city com
miioncrn would entortatn tho passage
of an ordinance licensing Hi poolrooma
Within tlto city anrl stated that his cu
pula would bn Willing to pay iliei Ity a
Ih-cr.se fp, of $10.00n a '"fir In advance
if allowed to operate In the downtown
1Mb proposition mM with a prompt i.
fusa! from a majority ot ih conunls
glonars. who worn Incline) t., tlilnk thai
it would hn bettor to let well enonch
Mi Hanson Indicated thai if tho mm
mlaalonani would not grant a. tlceruie ttiar
a pooijooTo would l aiartofj n tho -tv
in oriier thai the propiiatora might be
arrested and a xt-ni crmo Oi ought
Tho f?ot that the operators ware alo
to defeat the county attorney in tho ,js. I
trtet oourt lR aai.1 to have tiven thom a
new lease of life and a (Inn hell-f that
a similar roault oould be ha-l In the city,
although realizing thai even thoujrh vic
torious tn t f 01 nit It WOUld Still Be Jos
etbl tor tlie romrnisaionors to fix a II- I
oe,,ne fee. Ilenoe th offer to pn.- an
amount which la almost double that
fixed by the ordinance recently passed
by til county comrelsslonam, who Dla'-ori
the itoerise t .tfioon a yar
1 L Bnak. head consul of the Wood-j
men of the World, accompanied by his!
wife, (j paving a short vlett to this city
and is at the Hot Si Clah. Tlf. has Just I
returned fmni an official trir through'
California, where a number of now l.irlri- :
Ihrh to be oc upied by tr.h Woodmen are)
in the course of construction, Mr. Boak
reports that the order la progreeelve in;
all pcirts of Its fUrfawUetlotl and that last
year was the lwM -.ir oprrien-od in'
Us history. This voar srowth promisee
t" '.-eei1 that of ;nv-t s-ear ! nion Mian1
ten per -ent The present membership
tn ll?.ofio nnd maintains a reserve fund!
of tS.OOOIOfl.
.Mr. iifMk leaves tonight for Bexburg
id.-iiv, where lie win dedicate thu new
loUe buJldloa.
Joseph G. Bywater Secures
Passage of Resolution Pro
viding Pension Fund.
Local Representative of the
Ladies' Auxiliary to Brother
hood Tells of Work Done.
Mrs CL B, Bhermer, MR Tlitrteenth
East street, a memher of the Grand Tn
ternatlonal Auxiliary of Hi Brotherhood
of Locomotive Bnglneera who was ap
pointed to represent the Salt Iako
branch of the organisation at th btnn
nlal convention held In Harrisburer, Pa .
nat month, returned yesterday from tho I
tla meetlnR Mrs. Shermer reports that
the seeslons, which lasteri from May 6
to May 20, were replete with Important
Incidents which would prove beneficial ;
to the auxiliary.
Conspicuous amonc the many Item? of I
business handled by the convention was j
the remodeling of the by-laws in those I
particular plaoes where they dealt with
tho question of Insurance and charitable
Tho O. I. A., according to the delo
IKa.te. has always given B prominent plane J
to benevolence and insurance among the
; families ot dead or maimed engineers,
.'jnd the alterations In tho hy-laws voted
by the couvonllon Just past Is supposed
to lneea.e the efficiency of the auxlllay
a!ont- these lines.
Fight for Salt Lake.
A hard fipht was put up by a. consid
erable number of delegates who wished
Salt Take for the next meeting plaoo of
the conventlort, but (be sentiment In
favor of Cleveland for this honor car
ried the, day and that city was selected
for the convention in 1915.
Tlie C, F, A. meetings ware oontem
eorary with those hold by the Brother
hood of Locomotive Knpineers.
Advices received by M. M. Bywater,
son of Joseph Q Ry water, who hus been
attending: the convention of the Brother
hood of lyoeoniotlve IDnglneers as a dele
Rate from, and the chairman of, the alt
Take branch of that orfrn uteri tlon: con
tain enoouraqln,- news for the faithful
'throttle holders."'
Letters from the Salt T.ako delegate to
his son rnveal the fact, that tho greatest
point of issue that the convention had
to faoe tho question of pensions was
brousrh'- to a satisfactory conoluslon ow
ing to tho efforts of the local represen
tative. Acrtion Unanimous.
Mr. Bywater Introduced to the conven
tion a resolution that was unanimously
passed, providing for a pension fund
which .should be accessible to engineers
of railroads who are members of the
brotherhood. The exact wording of the
bill cannot be determined until the ar
rival of Mr. Bywater at the end of the
month, but the Snbstaaoe of the re-sohi-tlon
has to do with ensiAnmp engineers
of fifi yours or vr;r who hn ,-e seen active
service for at least three years.
Tlie bill also provides for tb future
welfare of those maimed or Injured who
are above or under 80 years, whose I
porlofl oi service does not extend be
yond tho required three years.
Horetofore the brotherhood has had
no pension fund and as far as can be
loarned the railroads which are repre
sented in the organization have no sys
tem of annuities or pensions rn this
account tho accepted bin of Mr Bywater
Is expected to prove revolutionary", as it
la tho first of Its kind extant.
Tn addition to having tbe honor of be
ing tho father of this resolution. Mr. Ri -water
was chosen one of a eommlltro
of four who will Co to Washington for
the purpose of meeting representatives
of similar organizations in the United
States who will seek to pot together on
lines of common railroad philanthropy
and organization management tTp to
tils flrne there ha been more or less
rivalry beecn tho various engineer
organizations, all of whioh has proven a
drawhaok to tho general cause, and If is
expected that the meeting in the -fipltal
will put an end to the unfriendliness
that, has existed in the pat
accompanying Mr. Bvwater atv his
daughter Gladys and son Lynn.
Transmississipp! Congress
Wants Republican Nominee
for President to Attend.
Secretary Becker of the Tran.s-Minsls-slppl
Coininen-ial oongress, yesterday to
egraphed lo President A C. Trumho, of
the COtlgresa, who s In Chicago, asbing
him to confer with Governor winia;n
Spry, Senator Bmoot and others, of the'
Utah delegation, restive, to the meeting1
to be lield In this city August 27. L'S, 1
2fi and 30.
President Tmtnbo was alo renuebted
to extend ;ui Invitation to the Republican
presidential nominee to visit this cits
during the sessions of tho congress. A
meeting of the local board of control will
be hold today to dlSCUSa plans for tbe
meeting and may appoint oca commit- I
tees to assist the officers of 1 1 1 congress
In the preparation and during tbe ni 1 - I
m. It Is salri that two men of national'
prominence have already been mentioned,
its candidates for the ofitc: of president
of the Trana-Mlaslsslppi Commercial nn-
gress. They are William .1. Bryan and
.fames J. Hill, the railway magnate. Mr.
niyu'i has served one term as president!
of the congress, , I
At a meeting of the sfatn land hoard
yesterday the Bpatracl of tlie state with
the Beaver Irrigation, Land A- Power
company for the reclamation of 43,000
acres of land In Beaver county, which
the concern bad taken up under the.
fwi' aot, was. canceled. The company
went into the hiino" of a. receiver some
months ago and was unable to fulfill the
terme of Us contract with the state
The board is anxious to have tlie land I
reclaimed and Will hear proposals from
any reputable individual. Srm or corpor-
atlon looking to the successful handling
of all or part ol tbe tract
Six Months in Jail.
Ed-ward Knox, accuaed of aaaault with
a deadly weapon on Bid ward Guest at i
Fourteenth South and Htato streets sev
sral wpeks ago. waa sen ten cad to ix
months In the nmnn Jail by lustb-e I".
.M Bishop yesterday. Knox pleaded not
guilty and was convicted on i ho lesser
charge of assault and battery; He la
said to have Stabbed 'iuet vitb a Unitr
la a Quuirel fcvar a aui-
Salt Lakers Who Own Ma
chines Come to Aid of
That the visiting delegates to the bien
nial convention of the General Federation
of Women's cluha, which will be held at
San Franolsco June 25 to July 5. will be
well entertained while passing through
Salt Like Is evidenced by tho response
received from a call for automobiles by
the local committee. A communication
asking for the usq of caro to show the
delegute.3 the Ity waa issued by Mrs. L,.
BL Farnsworth, chairman of the automo
bile committee on entertainment, through
the automobile department of Tho Trib
une last Sunday, and up to last night
some sixty-odd persons had responded
with a prondse to loan cars.
Mrs Farnsworth says that the commit
tee will need Btlli more cars and wishes
any motorists deslrlnK to loan a car to
notify her The delegates will pass
through Bait Lake during Thursday, Fri
day. Saturday and Sunday of thie week.
The. following la a list of those who
hav. promised ears up to date- l.cdyard
M Bailey. G. A. Snow, Kimball & Rich
ards. B. D Miller, Glenn Bothwell. Mrs.
Frank Parker, Salt Lake Tmplemont com
pany, Mrs. J. EL Haya, W. R. Hutchin
son. J. F. Marshall, Austin Tier nan, B.
P Bauer, ESdwaxd McGurrin. Jack Berlt
boel. Studeba.ker Bros, (two), Hubbard
Realty company. Utah Motor company,
Botterill Auto company. Dr. Hampton, J.
G. McDonald. George T. Odell, Luolnda
livans. Mrs Doollt.tic, Mrs. Mocklenborg,
Mrs Me-Viohle, Mrs. Pearsall. Ed Ferry,
Frank Nebeker, Joseph Geogbegan, Sol
SlegeL Bber HaD, L, C. Miller, A. IT. Box
rud, R. K BlcConaughey, George Kevsor,
K D. Woodruff, Herhert McMillan. Glen
Miller, Dr. .lane Skolfleld, Salt Lake Auto
Company, Dr. Hosmer, M. IL Walker,
Houston Real Estate company, Frank E.
McGurrin, Dr. Bowers. Mrs. Loon Sweet,
Dr Schramm, Oscar GrosheJl. O. J.
Salisbury, Quale Cannon, W H Hal
loran, Lafayette Hanchett Mr. Jensen,
Mra Marioneaux, O. K. Lewie, Malcolm
Keysor, Mrs. Annis, Mrs. P. Madison,
Louis MoCornlokt
Striking Example of Fine
Honesty Noted by Local
Business Firm.
Most business men consider a debt bad,
after sb: months. and probably the
Booth Fisheries company of this city has
heretofore accepted this as a fact. Tes
terday, however, a eircumstance occurred
which may cause this firm to change Us
It seems that twelve year" ago a wom
an, then conducting a boarding houae
here. purchased from tlie company
oysters to tbe value of $2.10. requesting
that the amount bo charged. The bill
remained unpaid until yesterday, when
rhe woman came to tbe ilore to pay tbe
long outstanding amount. She eabl that
for tlie rast twelve years she has been
working hard in order to pay off debts
Incurred when she had the hoarding
house. The llaherle-s company told her
not to pay If she could use the money.
She insisted, however, and paid the debt
Up-to-thc-Minute Reports of
Chicago Convention Prove
Big- Attraction.
That the excellent and up to tbe
minute .'en'icft of Tbe Tribune's spe
cial wires j'rom tbe Ohieajro conven
tion was appreciated, was certainly
-bown bv tbe hundreds who gathered
in trout, of Tlie Tribune Prom the hour
that tho first bulletin wan received
unt.ti the election of Mr. Root as tem
porary chairman was announced.
Over and over again did the interest
teacb fever heat, and frequent and
strong were the arguments af the. bal
ance went one nay or the ot hop in
favor ol or against the rial candidateev
Consider ble difficulty waa expi -i
enoed by the police in keeping the
crowd from obstructing the thorough
fare until the adjournment was
Dounced for i he daj .
The Tribuni ' uooqualed bulletin
ser 'ice will be maintained throughout
tho convention
Today is Welsh day at Wandamere,
aD'l there will be a celebration.
A largi programme baa been arranged,
and orations, songs and foil dances
will be indulged in during tho after
noon and evening. The president of
tho d;iv will be W. II. Folland The
exorcies will open with tho national
song siinjr l .lob ii James The open
ing address will b- delivered by Math
onihah Thomas. Those rendering sojos!
throughout the day are: Gather Davis,
Pearl Phillips. Olaribel Gardonor, M sa
rCeasler and Grace Bvans, ISdith Km-1
en and Bessie Emery will mho a duct.
Mario Kugbes will selections on
the harp. feature of the daj will bo
the ladies' chorus under iho direction
of KstbCT Davis. Professoj II. C
Giles is the Bccompajlist.
During tneouting Welsh tea "ill be
served, but everybody must furnish
their own n -r- and lunches. The com-
inittee in charge of the outing consists
of Mr. Kate I). Shin, Mrs. William
Davia, Wra Oscar Bvans, Mrs. Alfred
Gardener, Mrs. llenrv r; i lo. .1 j,
i oles, Henry Giles, 0 Williams, Alfred
Pritchard, Thomas Bughea anil Bvan
A rtlnir.
New Building Under Way.
Tho work of Inylng the hrb-.U on tbe
aaw building of the sab Lake Costume
company on Best Third South streot i.p.
Rim veatsrday. following the completion
of tile concrete foundation. l.al wo
thi contracts were lei fr new machinery
ii uFcd by tbe company. Tl Is as
i'. ted th.it the building will be ready
fox ogcupancy duilii AtirusU '
Twice-Convicted Murderer of
George W. Fassell Has
Only One Hope Left.
Thomas Riley, His Partner in
the Crime, Is Also Denied
New Trial.
Only interference bv the board of par
dons can avert the death at tbe bands of
the state for Many Thome, twice con
victed murderer of Georgo W Fassel on
Maroh 14, mo, Tho slate supreme court
yesterday handed down an opinion con
firming the judgment of the lower court.
Which judgment sentenced Thome to be
shot In expiation of hie crime. The
opinion was written by Chief Justice J
E. Frlck and concurred in bv Justices
ftf. MoCarty and D N Btraup.
This was the second appeal of Thome
to the supreme oourt. Tho first was
based on alleged prejudicial testimony on
the ground that Thome was compelled
to don the garb of a holdup. The Second
appeal was hased largely on tho ground
that no recommendation for mercy was
provided for In the court's InoLructlons
to the Jury.
Thomas Riley, Thome's partner In the
holdup, who also hna been convicted Of
murder, ha.i lost his Inst chanco of es
caping the execution. T-TIs caae lias been
pwiidlnir until the settlement of that of
Thorne, n which he was a witness.
AS soon aa tho supreme court sends
down a remittitur, for which twenty de.ya
is allowed, both mn will be taken Into
the district court for re-sentence.
Thorne passed the night In his ee'l at
the state prison Ignorant of the law's
final decision against hlrn. Me will not
bo told of it until today. Suppjr bad
ben served jind the prisoners had gone
to tholr cells before tho news of rhe
supreme OOUTt'S action reached the pris
on. It was not deemed neroFsai"".' to In
form the condemned at that time.
mercial club tbe first of tbe Industrial
meetings of the series planned by the
Salt Lake Ad club will he held. The Idea
behind these meetings Is to croate a wide
interest in tbe Industries and commercial
enterprises of tho state and to foster the
spirit that baa made such remarkable
pi-ogiess possible In many of the sur
rounding states. A special programme 13
being prepared and a general Invitation
1s being extended to every business man
In the city to attend
AT A MEETING of the music commit
too of the Commercial club, held yester
day during the noou lunch hour, a now
march, called "Tho Commercial Club
.March." composed by T. P. Chrlstenaen
of Salt Lake, whs played for the first
time in publlo. Tbe march Is described
as a light, tmappy composition, and may
receivei the approval of the committee for
THROUGH ITS Irrigation onglneer, T,.
M. Wlnsor. Die extension department of
tbe TJtah Agricultural college is going
after big results In the 1'lntah basin t h la
summer. Mr. Wlnsor will leave for Du
chesne tomorrow morning to cari-y out
tho mopt. elaborate, summer programme
tha.t i be extension dopartent of the Ag
ricultural college haa ever- conducted In
tbe basin.
J. O OLSON Is tho plaintiff In a suit
begun yesterday in the civil division oj
tbe City court aarainst Mrs. Ada. Belilon.
proprietress of a rooming house at 108
"West Soti'h Temple street. Olson alleges
that, bo roomed at the bouso one night
and left fL'T in the care of the landlady,
which sbo refused to return to him the
next day.
sued a second complaint yesterday after
noon against C. A. Birch, proprietor Ol
c.'nsa Oontentla, Twelfth South and West
Temple streets, charging him with main
taining a. oommon nuisance. Tho first
complaint iisued yesterday morning
hinged the unlawful nale of intoxicating
MRS. EFFIE ERNST, S2 years of age,
is the plaintiff in a divorce action begun
vesterday in the Third district oourt
against Charles A I'mst, proprietor of
tbe Salt Lake Renovator Steam Carpel
Cleaning company, in which she alleges
a number of Instances of cm.ol treatment,
extending over n period of fifteen years.
willard done, ,st;.to insurance
commissioner, received a.n invitation yes
terday to attond the sixth annual con
vention of the National Tax association,
tO he held a.t Don BlolneS, la., Irioptem-
bor 8-5. Mr. Done said yesterday that
be would not be rMo to att-'-nd the
meet in
THE trial of Leopold Berger, charged
with the murder of Thomas Cummings,
i s attracting but little puiiii.- attention.
Th- taking of testimony waa begun yes
terday morning before .ludec P c Loof
bourow In the Third district court and M
Is expected thai the caae win bo given
to the Jury before the end of the week.
U. organization of Sail Lake yesterday
cheered the hearts of many unfortunatec
by sending large quantities of flowers- to
St. Marks and the Holy Cross hospitals,
to the Neighborhood House Daj Nui's
eyy, and also to the county and city Jails.
for peddling Ice cream containing
le.h than II per OCnt butter fat, the
minimum amount prescribed by luw,
.innios Njcki was iinod sio h- Justice H.
H. Harper yesterday. Nicks pleaded
guilty, Tloi...r C. Smith, deputy food com
missioner, was the complaining witness.
beth VosB, louder in local colored clr-
les, were held ai tlie Pint Methodist
church at 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Tho Rov. g. B. freeman, paator of the
Vfrican M "iin-h, oftuialed. -;uiia
was in Mount Olivet.
complaint was Issued yi kterday by
the count attorney's oftt-e charging An
drew Blrkerwltch with grand larceny it
i alleged 'bat ho stole ?M In cash and
three suits of clothes worth $7S from
Joseph Taub on June 16.
Miss Esther pons, who wBi recent
ly operated upon for appendicitis at the
Judge-Mercy hospital and waa In s oritl-
j-ni condition for several days, is reported
I out ol da ager.
( the funeral of Hannah C ECldd
wif- of John H Kldd, was held from ib.-
home. 525 North Third W'ost BtTCet, x "s
terday afternoon. Burial was in the City
the 80DY of Bklward M Etuech v. as
inio.,i u Mount Olivet yeaterday foi-
Iov.iiuj improsslvo siervli-en ,i nIP O'Don
nell A- CO. 'impel. Tho Rov. R p , ,.
ols oonductad the uttoa.
suit for divorce was Rled
day In ibo Third district court by Paul
l'. iiiistenson from Marie (jhrlstensen,
alieginir desertion.
j edward taylor. state horticul
tural Inspector for Utah, went to Boa
Older count yesterday on a short trip of
mrs. p. w. saville. who waa op
erated upon for appendicitis at the
Judge-Mercy hospital Monday, in reported
as getting along nlee.ly.
Fish lor Lost Creek.
Lout 'reek. In Morgan county, will be
Ktoelced with 75,000 ratnhow and German
brown trout Shipped yesterday from the
st:it flsb hatchery at Murray. The
planting of rM nh will be under the di-
rection of v H Moyes, flab and game
waxden oX Uiatrlct. No. 1.
Fire Department Holds Loss
Down to $3000 by Effi
cient Work.
Th $200,000 plant of the Salt. Lake
Enpineerine company at Fourth West
and Fifth South street was damaged
to the extent of $8000 bv a fire of a
peculiar origin at 9 o'clock last night.
For more than an hour tbe entire fire
fighting apparatus of tho city strus;
jjlcd with the stubborn blaze, Which
for a while threatened the great oil
tanks and shops of tho Denver & ft'o
Grande railroad to the east and the
Rio flramle lumber yard 09 the south.
The blaze was discovered by the
niphtwatcliman on the second floor of
the foundry shop- It had onvoloped
the electric motors ami was spreading
to the roof when tho fire department,
arrived. Costly delav was encountered
because of the lack of water in a fire
hydrant in the railroad yards. After
the hose had been attached it wah
found the hydrant was broken, and
only a feeble stream ronld be coaxed
from it. it. was necesnarv to attach
to another hvdrant more than a block
awav beforo an effective stream could
be thrown on the fire.
Taking no chances, CbW Bywater
called out every piece of apparatus
from five stations and dispatched them
to guard the surrounding property. Tho
exact catiBfl of the fire is unknown,
though it is presumed to have origi
nated from an overflow of molten iron
in tho cupola.
They Are Moved to Pity by
Touching Tale Desertion
and Poverty.
Mrs. William Rlllston, 5m Somerby
street, went to the police station last
night with her five little children to
ask if her husband waa in the city jail.
He was not, but her pitiful tale of des
titution and desertion moved her audi
tors to a point of sympathy that dul
not stop this bido of their poeketbooks.
At. the suggestion of John Hempcl, cap
tain of police, every man in tho sta
tion aL the lime went down in his pock
ets for all the nickels and dimes lie
happened l.o have. When the collec
tion was complete, it was poured into
the hands of the little woman and to
the credit of the police it may be said
that she. had to use both hands. TcaM
coursed down her cheeks, as frbc left the
station with the children clinging to
her skirts.
According to Mrs. Rillston's story
bcr husband returned from out-of-town
work a month ago, bringing with him
a case of smallpox to which two of the
children fell victims. The little home
was quarantined and the father went
away again. She has not seen hi m
since nor received anv support from
him, she said. A warrant is out for hi9
arrest on a charge of desertion.
Mrs, M .Johnson, 712 West First.
South street, reported lo the police 1 a t
night that a burglar had attempted
entrance to her homo while she watched
him through a window. Mrs. -lohnson
was reading near the window when she
heard a slight noise at the front door.
Peering out she saw a dapper young
man, well dressed and carrying a cane,
which is juat the description of the
gentleman burglar now operating in
the eilv. inserting a key in the lock.
Inspired to silence bv four, she looked
on while tlie man tried several keya on
the door. Failing to effect an entrance
the burglar prowled about the bouse,
peering bato windows, Pin ally Mrs!
Johuson screamed and the burglar Bed
PVneral services for R O Burns is
var or a?o, ;) well-known Jockey and
turfman, who died at tb Holy Cross hos
pital tat Sun.iHT venlnr. uili be held
a th S, D. Bvans undertaking parlors
at I o clock ibis afternoon. Frind. of
t!i- dead Jockey will hnv charg-e of the
obsequies and burial, us Burns Wt no
reiai ivpk.
Ruins was nntlvo of Tlmndoroca
T., and came -i twentj years asro. He
w;r; r.-idr;y kn.wn is the develoner Of
America1 roremost Ipckey of tbp iim
lod Mr.a,,. having t.u,i:),l :u,.1 inHliatjo.i
'at .'!.-t,nty (luring 1 1,0 llift vears of
ins career,
For a decade Burns was an inMtora)
;inl successful Bpeculatoi on Pacini and
intr-rinouiitHin ra.-e coursea. whore he won
:iinl io.,;i several fortunes,
Among the members of (h,' I'tab s
soclatlon ..f Credit Men who are attend
ing the annua convention -f the vt
tlonal aasoeintlon or rroiiu Men in Bos
ton arv President Arthur Parson-, Man
aser George E, Forrester, C. B. Robhlna
and i. S. Barrett of thla city nd .1 c
iic-b of Provp an. i j. t. roung of Po
eateilo. Mr Persona is i member o,- the
national board ol directors The most
mcr .-t Ho.vto,, uin continue fbroucb Hi-
present week.
Woman Sues Woman.
Fmftfi1. ?. '''J " v,,if In the
rhlrd dlstrlol courl yesterday aaalnsl
rtaael C. Clark seeking the oven
1 personal damages which she' al
leges she Buffered a e. result of a per
sonal encounter between ibe two wom
en. The Carlson woman accuses ti
park woman or pulling her bair. umc-
tiK hor. beatin.c her. and otheiwl?,, !,,-
me her bodily Injury.
Tests Crops and Soils.
I M. Wins, r. irrigation engineer of
tho extension division ol ibo rtah Agrl
cultura college will leave for the Din- !
tab basin tomorrow morning to conduct
the experiments now being workorl out 1
there In ir.?iinB tho varieties of crops
adapted to 'bat section, special atten
tion it being paid to Irrigation and the
dtonnlnlnc of the addition of organic
matter to tbe soli.
plan wnm.
Boards of National
Congress and StRtc5
Will Work in Uni;;0 Jf
One Trophy Valued aij!'
I Be Donated bv,i('
A joint meeting of tae .aatll
of control f0r tho NatiosiJB
1 the n it ."JBa
of tho Utah state fair bodB Li
yesterd.iv ftt the ''omraercUl J R
the purpose of dlscusmnu (JJ II
between the tw0 as.soclatir'J
for the exhibit feature. t J
trntio- cor.ures ;3 f(ir.n,.r,;0j JJJ
state fair weTe ?on-!,i,rr-r
M. H . Walker, vire prsiK
I t',ri-i'1 oe-i.,1, stinedtH
I cuspiori in a prru:tioai mtM r
-nm: !o the
Eentine the best exhibit of
at ihc '.Ins ftfjSpp
nection with the irrigauua J3
etai : tie; o;:;.;,- c
cup will ho Hwaroed, boweTuH
Additional Premiuma. W
In additio n r'rtLt
laie (air'iH
list includes iTirco silver ajaV
will be open to c o r n p o t it io a g
the count it-.- the stato QstSift
pups, the Ro I Park swoop.tuiBj
yoos to the count. v hanagtUlIgM
j eral exhibit, n bile the tw0 OH
lire oi ,;( ...jBN
tho first : r;;''Bj
ba i r. x)nliit a
V dis' i 3 and taVjn
i biincinc; a)onz lie finest eaMj
wils e, bv 0. H?lWjS'
j i-haii'M'iw1 of t.::o ro nm,y,,' rigfil
its, It v.5- rropo.ed y$itt&H
irr 2ae1 luaWsv ' '
housed undor or.. )a-o t?aBt'
i ion w:i 7ia
retarv ol '''--KLi
tb. i n 'rqjF.
ed the state nf Itnh at othfl
tion concretes, and it ws ebBVq
that ot'ne :-wg;
Conjoint Committee. I
'hairtnan i.;coi'i? A. Sr,ougwXfl
In .rrane.' r,,r ar-pointrtiMjw
or two of th Kate faBaK'
terlaii.u-,-1 oclm?,'! afBVr
j s llie s:;ile fair Imn vd ? rerreuV'
on t'.i.i f ro-jslBJ"
Ii. rjhannar', nr'fii; '. JLHjl
chairman of the rnu-ir rnmajlBlgj,
tho Trtah board of fontrol ft
ligation eo" jr'.--. v.
fer with ! ! U'h -tat" fair baBprt1
i t : ii-jHipe,
t j i r I h'i.i i .) . I ' ncatiC'i SB t ,
committees on nmsi,' Iiv
Plan of t he "ittaB
OUtlmcd tn t';P . Will illi'Iltd? aBS.
from evorv . oiintv in rK- ,c
1 fti if t
estcil hi ! I tf aj1
: eoovertion :i v.mmv.
'i-s: afBW tn
keer' in .uuaMC j
air, tho ma'ieTiicr.t hn lWjP
bul). ( j r. ..-.rvv.'. nd tb'1 ddi'iBt .
TO ' I i T i ; - 'id !,i' l'"--!'' .tiaVJ
ihoy rrc re'e'ved in alt L3f:J
a loca l 1
e -i IT i Oil I o I In ' ifctti
inaugurntod 7U jKJt1
It will 1 1 T2T I 'tfVftj
p'pfirti mUfiVl
on f he la.-oi h II til I aWJll,,
ran M '
Warm writer h'un? ..VAgJ
pool 'i , i,:ti:a flk j
lalro are fn'ilv I 'tic for i"o:r'rjWjj l
resort return 't.
tbe lake now i? 72 degrees j
Te'ter.li'.- - i.c-nl cxri:riag-
.liildr. p '"llita
dav eh
dred children wr
f-;RILf V1LHTlNnOFin
, rrv
i, "'Y&M
,,,,,,..,, ,,, ii'.-" 'iaLP
, aw a?
t ' '' i: aaaaaPta
r: ' Morris. le""1"'-'
- 'Qfo
. . iP a
rh.'t .-orieorn intend J - f,,'c"aew
(ion of it.' I'finL
South an. I M.ibi ,;.r'lW
tori u T,.'!llll'y r'T'e'l fflBL
' ' Pin .ISC
New Corporrtjm
i .. . ' "'
i a 1 1 mi. nd ie MAm
' "n;,;'(iu.tl
i HPii.ii i...-k - ' ' t ft
re, - 'Jm r
- -'fllth
New Patrolman
h r oi.-p' v,sl '...tpA i
fp... of .!: .t,on
to tsko ao. I t po IbjBsVa
beliove be hei"

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