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r 1
Excellent Music in
IHor of Bishop Scanlan
St. Ma1'? Academy.
Bbbc' --u- '"",r "f
Eila" wa- held yesterday after-
Kt The programme- consisted of
"KttmU.. ever of wllirl1
Euil ' 1 training.
H, was decora tc-l with palms an.!
jKgrll on : h,,nc
y M , p .-' t'r-..o r- .m
' -'..-,,. - m -lianpolntl
El, number whs "Minima Fan
jMn Vli "'TV MIIC L'lrK
Bhe youngpiTF wa dressed In
k:TM- ..pjpd dainty .MpPties "'-)'.
' 'E,n 0f r f.ntr was tb jnam
tiiinpi t'y V4 1,;r-In
CrBT arlinol ,---!-"- The
-flR japan "Wfai JuWUp,"
7Ki9 'r'"' ' f:,r!nI'i''1 "r
' "'m The ' f nuinbr
of "T.-. which
,X Lydis Wi.Ha MlHc "di-
?trjl"-.'' PI vloln Mary
'-Made- s1idi.
. yrin-' Urna -
flKji. fv f l' n PaddocU Man
LjHhn Davis: 1 Viiri violin. Fi-jn-rKjles
qjHjelio. Brownl.-e, piano, Heb n
rvRer Ti'iinl-"- wb'.-ii nnr pP.
btHtlon" a," B'l'h'd's "I'liorus
?Bh..;- ! 1 1 i I P'r's di r. ... I
j kB'fclllo ml. HI"- and -l.nl- p.-r-drKe
of lb '"'Id d 1 1 1 dances
'.BkI spli ' v"'
aaKn wi.i' ii did
lE jounp l:idn . -.rnV"'.-.- I the
rii flbin! Mi c
."-Jjn- ill. Miss
Pj-,,f: ,. - M -n I ' on
ftjfB The
'''"lf". H-.au;
(IBf. pink ham: fn
fOROBrl Id. Mlf.' "drman.
ffWBoks. ' no?, Arxil'a
i II.. i.e. Pi.dly
niliM S-Miilati
ExBort r "
X)k luarhlv r'T
UTKt work of their pupil? 71c
DTfldKh?! "' .'i.'.llf
- fir :i
yyigHrali' niotjier.-j in
aaH aSSf
Iss Remington
lrifrln get more clean,
ting from RED
.;'jL than from any
:t!uSBr carbon paper."
f iv c n g t o n
rSes nearly a mil
fgwpewritcrs. and
SJcarKon pr.per mani-
; or gives !
iTBSfj c'cai" impressions,
nB5Bood)al-arouf!(.I service.
wg)f course, it follows that i
SB"ftlikeREDSEAL. ;
jjp 1 e St.
.in Sufferers
Savn.s half in your tea Will.
Hewlett's Teas
Arr strong, healthy and delicious
to Hrink. Tf you are not usinjr
HEWLETT'S TEAS, ask your
I grocer for them today.
FREE coupons for ROGERS'
finr silverware iu EVERY
ihp manner in tvhtoll tba plrls of St. I
.THi-.-'a are hiin(r tra.lnod
Today tha orn!rifti!'-.m,nt rrc4fits
piopor win b h-id in the assembly bad
u id j in
Knch eg of our lives bas its iovp.
Old people pbonl1 h happy, and they
will be if Chamberlain's TabWs are
taken to plrensrt.hen the digestion and
keep the bowels Tegular. These tablets
are mild and gentle in their artion,
and esper.ially suitable for people of
middle age and older. For 6ale by all
Trpe hand e.oneert, Salt Pa.lace, aftei- I
noons and evenings.
wBATtnra ro8aaAar rot f atjB lak"e wtt
(iimp jrivr. irMtllW dull s' Plt I.tt CltT,
.Tun II, fU
blghaci In ibia montli Blum 1ST4 u 101 da
c .. tea lowaal lul night vni r.i ... . . .- iot
thi? inonlli riBca 174 war H 1grf!i-. roan lan
prr.iiirn for trwly was fi2 normal WU
fi? itr(5rrr. artirauln(v rtrflrlcnry ln:e the flrat
Of tha month l J l(rro',f: . avijniula'.?il 6icjr!
alive January 1 la 52 ilrrrrr.
R.iaii hotnlAlty '. a m toHT mis g
pr rrni : rrlatlvo hUUMltj at S p. Tn. (qda; n.'
pr canl.
"oii praajpltttlon tor tin twant-tour hours
tndlOR al r- ; tr. itn. non. toUl tor thli
month to Jai In .72 of tn lnh' accmntllatad
cxreaa for thla montt: to tai io .ns t.t an Inrh:
total pioripitntton slnro .ranuarr 1 to dato !e
IO CS lo-hea; B'-'-umulato'l on eta -. Inca Januai:y I
la 72 of an Inch.
Sun rum t a m ; nun ffa at S M p. m.,
Tomnrratura. "3
"i -B I -P -I
to" I? is
N . B 6 S
3 : m g B
I r 1
s:I.T i.AKr; I 72 I 771 I .1J I M
Bolaa I U M I U j ."0
ilipronna K I'S I M I .0
Chlroco 60 K I Ri I 0
Peovei I 63 I $2 I I fl
n, Molnea I .. .. t M I ,00
Doin City 70 7 I 4 I ,M
nuiuti. . sh 7 I I no
.1.150 ' 70 72 I ?. I 0.)
Grand JuucMon j 7 7S W DO
Huvrr 72 7J I t I ,00
Holer. 7 7 I 42 I .00
Huron .. I 4 M 42 I .00
laokaonrllla .,( OS I 00 I 70 I .no
Ka:ias City I S I 64 I r.2 I .nj
i ... ler 2 t n I : I .on
Dgclea .. I 72 i St I BO I .no
Moorna I 7S I 7 I 2 I .00
M.-o;!.-.,d 70 I 72 I 4t ntj
Nr OrUaaa . I n ' vo ! ?' I o
Nana Vorli I 70 I 7S I i4 .01
No'th Platte 3 1 6( I .00
Oklahoma . I D hi .44
Phoenix I 100 I 102 64 .00
Pocatello I 7 I 7 42 .00
Portland. Or S I M I n .00
Rapl.l Clt) ! 2 I 1)4 I 40 .00
RMabnrg 14 I I M 00
San Dleco I 1 I 8? I N I .00
St. 1j-jI3 1 M I 'J I B! ! ,'J)
St Paul I : I 6 4 I no
3an PVaaclafio I M 70 41 I ,00
Bm r.o I n I h hi I .no
Sheridan 68 !tl .00
:-:ioan I S4 I 8 58 I .no
Ton'-ceh I 71 I 7U T.a 00
WHhlnston I 7 I 03 70 I .00
Wllllatoa I S I 70 42 1 00
emu-' h . . . ' 4 I 4J I .Oi)
Children Cry
Pamphlets anil other literature rlcscrlp
tiw c.f the resourecai or this stat and!
city, BOpplted by the publicity bureau or 1
the Commercial dub, dlstrlbut4l
yesterday to Uim local club women, who
will act on reception oommltteea for the
entertainment of the :aster,n club women
win. wid 'i-lt In t!:i:; i-.t; . n route to I
?;m Francisco. Thf distribution was
rnadt? at s meeting of the Utah Federa
tion of Women's clubs held at tbe Hotel
Utah yesterday. A meeting of a com
mittee of the clubs was also held yester
day afternoon at the Commercial club
and the women were busy during the af
ternoon placing pamphlets and pohtcard9
In envelopes f.jr dlstrioutlon to the dele-gales
Juue 21 and 2.
! is Oregon Snort Line for United Com
I mercial Travelers' outing. Hee agentt
' for rates and further particulars, City
, ticket office, Hotel L'lah.
T) ... sLale board of health and the
health authorities of Goshen have coro
blned forces In un effort to get con
trol of serious outbreak of smallpox
In i i-i o little city C. P ESmery, state
sanitary Inspector, who returned recently
from an Investigation of conditions in
Goshen, reported to Dr. T. B. Bcatty,
of the stat4i board of health,
that the epidemic was the result of the
people "f the iowii having; Ijcen ' taken
iri" by a fake "Internal vacclnatloo rem
edy" sold to them in great quantity, Dr.
i -; 1 1 - .i-Wi yesterday; "This medicine
lias no inoro merit than so much water
and steps will be taken to prosecute those
' misrepresenting It In this state."
Mr. Emery went, to GrantavlUs yester
.);. to look into the typhoid fever situa
tion. Several cases have teen reported
from that town aud Mr. Binary will eo-i
operate with Oik officials In an endeavor,
to prevent a recurrence of an epidemic
of tvphoid such as occurred two sum-
mors ago.
Saloon Men Bankrupt.
S netltion In voluntary bankruptcy was1
filed yesterday in the federal conn by
i, u"nr and Braest "Wan-, proprie
tors of the Midway saloon at ''arr F'ork.
HiiiKhain Canyon. The liabilities arc
given M aesl.78 and assets of 11470. all
or which latter amount is claimed as
TrF. Lela liove. wife of Wiley l,ov,
a farmer living near Covcna, Ga says:
'"1 have tTikcn Foley Kidney Tills and
find tbem to be all J"" laini for thtiTn'
They gave me almost instant relief
when my kidneys were sluggish and
inactive. 1 ran cheerfully recommend
then, to all sufferers from kidney
troubles." ttt-hrntnm -Johnson :
Free band concert, Halt PaJacc, after I
dooub and ovcuinge. '
Waim 'f 1 Wdm I I
Bell Exchange 22 Calls All Departments - WeSty B Phone Exohancte 22. Calls all Departments.
Thursday Morning at I
8:30 It Begins! I
A Shake-Up of Merchandise I
Prices Thai Will Startle the I
People of Salt Lake City. I
Do Not Think We Are Sleeping I
We are going after some of the money I I
that will be spent for Dry Goods in the I I
next few weeks. Thirty -eight windows I 1
full of seasonable merchandise reflect the
wonderful values. Every department on I I
the main floor is included I I
Ready - to - Wear Millinery J uvenile, I
Drapery, DomesticSe Linens, Shoes, Ho- I
siery, Underwear, Dress Goods, Silks, I
Men's Furnishings, Gloves, Motions, I
Neckwear, Laces, Embroidery and Lea- 1
tiier Goods I
Also our entire I I
Economy Basemeif Store DeparSments I
will be included in the tremendous shake- I I
no Exchar up of Dry Goods Prices. no Approvals. I I I
Do Not Get Excited! j Compare Prices 1
By Extraordinary Advertisements Before Buying
And You Will Trade With Us. I
tMm ReadBigAd IACt I
cuujua TomOrrOW memm? I
V Phone Cxchanne 22 Calls all Department. ' ) Phone Exchange 22. Cstls all Departments- y

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