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EfS5 ROSE Hl'i'i'V KM
IkaBbake artl.-i. v '
1 Mm Paris, hi received an odor from
I jf ta Diicatfo Art Institute for
f on "f h,,r new' riolur ::, 1 Th
I afci-rmakr ' This
taaTMI Hariwe'l has ha hung in
'cKlccfT'i Arl In tltnto the. first be
KL bunK In a-il nailery of Ihe
S TrRis.--. -Mih.-. H.-m'-acI; i.as also
itumber of pictures e.)Ubll.cd In ilia
iflsalon. an'! they have h noted
Beomp"!:''' aft-
F a bridge tea In honor or Miss
Rldwai :p !'"'- and pink
K w,r,-. used the -iceorattotis. an1,
,x tables of brMse, tea was
Hi Mrs- 11. Wryher and Mrs
Sefnur of Indl;i:i:tro!ls pouring.
E( M1ps'S Helen Kanchett and
K4yior sssistingr K the appolnt-
Hand even the refreshments were
K out in iho hoarl !! .1.
Mr-marriages o? special Interest are
l pl3.- today - Salt Luke's
ml youns: people--that of Miss
EmjjUr,- and Gibson Berry, which
KLBrP at hlgrb noon at the lary
HE, th? Bransford, that of Miss
Lynch and William H. Iary,
Hull b solemn also at noon
WL cathedral of the Epiphany at I
flLgfatiu! preouptia -f
IMVat the dl"n--'- civen y Mr. ;
aaKfor her 'rier.d. Mis- Leaf;, and
Hw Gibson B?rry. wrnFe marn.ii:
TK place today. The decorations
I Tmm tn pink and white cllmhlnc
K covers were laM for elchr of
j IBrt intimate,
'Be F Root enxe it. lived s few of
He; r r t - - - afternoon
Btoform.ii :U. Iter home, on D
ajaaar Dr ar.d 'T"-. Hoot have
lBtttinV'i o Pe-.v-r-r.T
Hfbty went :i d fho weddirtgr
UK rixoii
E( The do.o'- a'1- went to ,ln
KV to visit his mother.
MonlV. N Farr entertained a'cvit.
L 0' ''"- ' " F'e-.-di'.V
iHga Inform' issrf-?, ' honor
Tzina ; ?m''.f-t. a June bride.
Hne In M'-'-dtrh n part men ts
Kli; w;f and P. few hour
ZHpI,t Quit IpA-mally it cards
""Bthe th'-r'b'es.
Kprateaffali- this evening
alt Lake Statistic
J J Births.
Hj7 c--
YK K!ls?- "'.' v 'r Flrtt Seuih. 'turt'-
4K' Deaths.
HM HJ, 't-.'' rwrMtil. fTTlr
( JiliU : ri'r VTt. r"
HH Ji'-." t."?""
klB'' ' '::'.!
K 1' "" ;uib, -aav un-
tlbiTiage Licenses.
't 134 Allr. i4Mier. both of Palt
bin to Mrr Mrew. both of fAlt
pn Dd A?n Wright both of Fo : 1
Alltn nl Oo Mr!il ErfV'no
m. Oiritnfl Mmjle Coi, f?oow
tf(OB n4 T. Bmn-n. Mti o
on l'ii Ftsrt Citirtefr. tci. of :
Estate Transfers.
1! P" - nnnh. raaco 1
! 'J"fa'lr"! ,9 ' P P'"onn. toll
to Mfrr A - f; -1 1J0. pert lot
"It,! .x'M wir n ru! A
"iMr.-- ....
5Tter 1i wtfo to .tosnh
I(P'fcCji;o& rtnpro-.srnr oonipjjv
Rn t. Meruit;, 1-,, ?5 LltUo
'J f-mll CI. lull! lor 4-.
mt li.b,B, rt 11 ''J' 1'
BB K Hvi 7. or:r, rol-imbla
iB., -! 10
i.B!"1'"1' compaay to u Varm
BVUP. r-:. lot bio.:k it.
m K ; - 10
i'1 I Hua lea"'on announces the ro-
mI tU(lirj t0 L',; rirst a' "
9 V 11 erPentine front
Mjt polished
Si2 4
be the dinner to be Kiven bv Mr New
houaa at bis homo In compliment -to Mlsa
era. Kdwards About thirty younfj peo
ple will be quests at the affair, which
will he chaperoned by Mrs. H C Ed
wards. th.T mother of Iho bride.
Invitations were issued yesterday by
Mr and Mrs. Many C EH wards for the
marriage Of their daughter. VeW Ste
ven, to Morton It. .'hecsman. The mar
Ragjfl Will take place on Friday, June 28
at 0 o'clock. In St. Paul's church.
The neml-flna)s In the woman's golf
handicap tournament were played on
Monday, Miss I .ane winning from Mrs.
worthlnBton umi Mrs. Qemmell from
Mrs. Gilmer. Miss Iine and Mrs, Geni
mel will play the finals Friday.
Edward Terry Brown and his slater
M:irjorie win be here todav for a day
'n their way to join their mother in Hol
lywood, Ca, The Conner ia from Vale
and Miss Marjotie has been attending
Rosemary school at Greenwich. Conn.
Miss Audrey Post of Omaha. Nob. Is
in the city on her way to California and
la spending a few days With the Both
well and MeConaughy families, all of
the families having been friends roi vears
Mrs Wk N. 'tt'mia.ir.s entertained about
forty friends yesterdav- afternoon at a
Kensington at her borne In honor of Mrs.
JUllna u Smith. The decorations were, of
sepo lilies nnti roses nnd th hostess was
assisted by Mrs. Earl G Van Law and
Mrs. Rohrt M. Wilson.
Bus A J. Gorham reached home yes
terday afternoon after a vHjt to filends
in Iowa and attending a reunion of hor
-lass at Northwestern. She will leave
with the Utah delegation on Saturday
for San Francisco.
Mrs. George W K. Dorse v will reach
here today from Fremont, N'eb . and will
he at the Hotel Utah or the next three
days leaving as one of the Utah dele
gates to the biennial at San Francisco
t a
Russell Woodruff and bis sister, Mias
Adelaide Woodruff, arrived yesterdajr
from t'i east and v1il spend the summer
here xih their mother, Mrs. R. C.
Miss Sadie My era has returned from
tt-e ep.it, where she hus been attending
collage end will spend the summer here.
Mrs Harry Bayard of Chicago is bere
for a visit with her family and is now
with her alaier, Mrs Herbert R. Macxnll
lan She win remain for the better part
of th ?umnir, and will be part of the
time in Ogden and runt bere
The marriag- er Tjo.., Annl Plen
Walsh, daughter of lft and Mrs. Henry
'aJsh. and Horace ETugene Barh-er will
tako. p'a-f, t-)day at nv.n in the. Salt
Lake temple.
Mr? Angus Cameron and bar daugh
ter, Mlsa Marion Cameron, who spent
some time here during the paf;t whiter,
are back from 9 trip to the coast and
will he In town a iw uks. They ar
at the Hotel T'tah
Mrs H E. Hubbe.1). wife of TV Huh
hell of Wo-vj Rtv-r. Neb., will b here
with the federation 1 nd WW be t)ir.
guest of her aunt Mrs. H. G. Williams
in the MPW flats.
a a
Miss Margaret Walker win entertain
this afternoon at a lea for a. few -glvls
in compliment to Vera Ed-
xo rda.
a a
Mrs C. 0. Lee, who iai hen her for
several weeks Vial ting her mother, will
leave next Saturday to Join her husband
In Chicago. Miss Lee was Miss Curmcr
of this city.
a -a - a
Little Nancy Kremers will entertain B
party of her little friends this afternoon
at the home of her grandparents. Mr.
and Mrs. G. M. Forbes, on East South
Tempio street.
a e ' a
Mrs P. N Gill ham. who has been vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Lynn S. Gillha.m. left
yesterday for the. east. She will visit
friends in Greeley. Colo., before going
on to her homo In Minnesota.
Frank W Moore, architect, leaves next
Saturday for a visit to his old home In
Georgia He will spend a few weeka al
Tiko Toxoway In North Carolina and
win tie accompanied on his ret wi n by bis
nn,.. Miss Addle Wright, who Will visit
here for a lime.
Mrs. W. BSdward File and her sister.
Miss Cosgriff, will he the hostesses to"
day at a luncheon at the Hotel T'tah for
Mrs. J. B- Cosgrifr. who Is here from
Denver for a while.
a a a
Mrs. EL .1 T1n1nny and her daughter,
Mrs. M. H. Sowlcs. will entertain this
afternoon at a largo lea at the Sowlcs
homo, f0 s street.
a a a
Mrs .1. C. DUgan has returned home
after a visit of six weeks In the east,
a a a
Another wedding of today' will be t.ha".
of Miss Ethel Slmpr. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel Simper of Murray, and
Alonzo Norton.
a a a
Miss Mllllcent Lyons entertained a!,
bridge yesterday afternoon for Miss Nora
a a a
Mrs Lawrence J Hayfl entertained
yesterday at the second in a serieB of
bridge parties.
Mrs. Orson T. Spiers wa. the hostess
yesterday at a paroel shower for Miss
Ireia Goddard.
a a a
The Westminster Woman's Missionary
society will meet Thursday afternoon at.
2:30 at the home of Mrs. Margaret Ma
hon. 217 I street.
You know the story the comb fella.
It's a very discouraging utory, too.
Day by day, s few more slrandi are add
ed, of bair tho t is turning grey, losing it
vilality, its strength and its health.
Grey hair is at unbecoming at old g.
Natural pride should have its own ay
You wish fo look young and it is your
DUTY (o appear so. You enn't even LOOK
young if the silver threadi begin to show.
Bea "Young Woman ' in looks, aloaya.
The grey hairs belong to the chaperon and
to the grandmother.
Stay out of the grandmother clsn, until
your years justify it, by using
11 f"0 and 50c it Druj S(ore or direct opoo
r5cir: of price and dealer' name Send 10c fot
bottle. -Pbilc Hay Spec. Co. Newark. N. J.
Crane's Papers
We have established
a department to serve
the requirements of our
patrons with fine Sta
tionery, Cards, Invita
tions and kindred lines.
Our engraving is of
the highest standard.
Crane quality paper
with Leyson quality
service and reliability.
Phone 65 for the
correct time.
. 1
$ Supplementary Good News to the Two-Vage
Announcement o f Keith-O'Brien's 'Biz Removal Sale 1
rfjD STATIONERY Important Embroidered 1
s Carry the News to Garcia of These Wonder fill T 1-. Trim 111 in P
WiP A 50c box of Parisian novelty stationery, deduced to 2rr. C T T p 7.lani. tW cf" iMm
Y A 35c pound of linm stationery reduced 10 20c 5aVingS 2 6 W
ifa 25C linn tablets reduced to - - 15c , , ' v eV' fr ' lh
IP A 15c package of linen envelopes reduced to 10c Every articfe m tins depart- value f om 35o to 750; re- aWft
T 3 for ment shows a reduction. Sc- j moval sale price loc. IUP
fu ALL OTHER STATIONBBY. BOXED OB FN POUNDS: ALSO ict anything you have in Embroidered Lare iA
JflMS TALLY AND DINNER CARDS REDUCED 20 PER CENT. mind and you will readily see " iurn ung
f that we mean to clear the Flouncings HP
1Jh TOTT aRT rrOODS stoek We ?ive a le' itcms as Threo -varrls of 45-inch with 3 ?
WJfi WXjLjjLv A VJV7VJLU ajJ illuslratiorj. j yards of band trimmings an-! Wife
T Lots and lots of people will lay in a year's Damask lain net; complete material Vp
jZ&v supply. The wonder is, you think, how we can af- A1 our 6np daraasks fl0m ngahit for a own- A
foi'd to sell toilet supplies SO cheap? We Can't stocks ar reduced as follows: Whits and Mack, black and blua, Wig
T" i ,j , . , V .. T 12 desiens in bleaeietl and un- black and tan, black and brown, hup
and woilldn t dare CIO it Were it not tor the LC- ' bleached damask, 72 inches wide, black and frren. Sf
snn moval. $1.35 yard. Removal price. 90 cyd- The values are $8.00 and $10.00 ,?k
iK 14 patterns of hDe Irish damask, ' , riV v U(h
AUP Hundreds of other articles reduced proportionately. 72 inches wide, that were $1.39 a anrl the removal sale price will WNj
VT , , . , , . , . , ., . . ard, reduced to (1.00 yard. ue jto . whinri ik nnn r
jo A box of three cakes of high grade toilet soap, violet or 17 refct desitrn9 in IHsb Batin wflfi C0A T
mb rose odor, regular 30c a box, reduced to, box 10c damask, full bleached 72 inches aiderably below cost; 25 or 30 jfw
HlHi M ,A , . , x j j x 1 - wide that, were $1 o0 yard, ior rjattcrns in the lot fi U&
All J0c glycerine toilet soaps reduced to only c $1.12 yard. paiLtmb m tu. 101. jy
La-Primera castile toilet soap, regular 10c, reduced to . .7c 9 patterns in extra finp damask, 72 ji - j S
iAV r, j 1 1 ' on i a . to- inches wid, werp $1.75 a, yard, re- Slll-UVer LaCe ?
Rorax Pnnd Packages, regular 20c. reduced to. . . .12c duced 1o ?1 .:9 vard. A) ow ace ljlh
JU17 A 25c dressing comb for ...10c , Qeta grreatbr reduced m price. fAm
) A 75c nail buffer for 2.V, Napkins Half Price fiStnsfc TSi ValuC9 75c V
Imh A 25c can of Dc)fior for 15c Satin damask napkins, half J ir?h
WD DajRett A Ramsdell's perfect cold creams sells everywhere fer dozen In a package ; pure Colored Embroidery flB
$ 50c, rcdii'-pd to onlv 88fl white fine Irish damask, in 15 I All colored embroidery will bj c
A. gSc bottle of New-Skin for 10c j nrnnry.u- 0 5A wld at HALF PRICES edges and
JtfVfe 25o poliBhinir doth for We, good designs; tormerh 82.50 insertions. Also the wide lounces,
Uffl Dr. Charles' Flesh Food, sells every-hore lor 5rc; re- for np balf dozen; removal S7 to 46 inches wide. IN in
(2.50 hair brushes for'.'."....V.V."."..'.V.V.".V V. Imo pnee $1.2-5 for half dozen. :
A. $1.2". and $1.0 svrinsrea for BOc Pn LJ..
m S.o. WVS ...;:.: V.'.V.V.;.:..'-V:.V.V -8 Regular Stock Table A ZtZ JlfL a. m
S ANY TOILET ARTICLE NOT MENTIONED TN TETS ADY- Cloths and N atkins Geortte, Esther Meyer, Rttbaux, lUD
? WILL BF SOLD AT 10 PER CENT LESS THAN OUR AL- . . . . ,. nma f. ffmTOcd with very finest qual- 5
a-wV pvu-.v 1 r pt prii 1. c Think 01 peine ablo to ome to jtv ostrich. ?
Wife 7, 7 ; v , . , . our linen department and selecting . jiffK
ftlfg All bristle hair or hth bmshes reduced 831-8 per cent-one- froTT1 our stork of filI jthB an3 Jff valuea ...r 430 JNltt
r third less .iid. reduced prices. napkins our best, matched sets and gj yajaea $40 jum
All hand and stand mirrorn Tcduced 331-3 per cent one-rhird less ecttintr 20 per cent reduction from values , S
lOR fllr'f,fb' reduced nrics. our already low price. Some verr handsome- models in
Wl H All hair switches roduced 50 pT cent one-hs If les? alreadv re- 1 . colors flower trimmed: lum
WP duccd price?. Soiled Table Cloths uo value? si? M
jj All traveling cases and rollupa Tednced 25 per rent one-fourth j r . 1 (35 values $16 s
A ns; already reduced prices. ana IV apRltlS (32.50 values $15 y
Miift all iowel pockets rcduc-ed 25 per cent one-fourth less already Perfect poods in evorv respect, c. 1 t D & jo1- Mb
1UP reduesd prices. iU6t eiiehtiy soiled. Cood assortment Special I aoies $10 ana 5 ITilfj
S - of si7,es and designs; many of them - - Tc
o I are already reduced, but yon will re- 5
fm We Remember the Men 1 from Specials From the m
T At,tentinn!-Bodiesercrt,head.sup, hands Art GoodS Section A
WB at the Side, heels together. NOW then double reductions'1 on'each 't.emP However, rr r p;ij., nk
"UP r,.n'l- trv TA'nitl O'Rnion'e tbip mcludcs all our Renaissance OOja rill OILS WjO
T qUICE tO &eittL-U Bnen S. lace, Ohwy laee, Arabian laco. em- floM B0.infh pillows, roT TO'
.?v ri -, l as c- . . broidered linens. Scalloped linens, ered with coo lo'okins; figured and
yin irjif .-rf Uni'j a t e?t of the Matty Scvee piv.g I nan cements Hemstitched linens and Drawn 8r.nped eretons in prettv shades of Jirvb
Will in Af,n 4rruvri,x Work" Thebe wore reduced for our blue, pink, tan and gTen, with Jff If?
W1 tn Mertrs Accessories Mav whlte ggj You get 16 P-r wbite Vionv lsce ruffle. Regular Riff
X MEN'S UNION 8UIT&-5c White or ecru, fine SJSjaSl rodl,ct10n3 lroin tb re' $L5- this 5ale 85c- y
Ufm light balbriggaa ; haa beem selling all season at $1.50. Turkish Teweis, an extra 6ne Stamped Doilies llrsTBl
WP 2:V- -MEN'S NECKTVE A.R Worth as hipJi as 75c. fiuality in the large rise (27x46- . ... a f . . WHS
5 . . . . B inch) ! has corded border and 12 inch doiliea of the bpt 1U1
lanv hundreds for von to choose Irnm. h.n.md- sells regularly for 75c White round thread bnen, stamped I S
Wfe BSC-MEN'S SBIBTS-Pleated or negUgee bosoms eaehOc each. embSSrj. 'Seiih? vrroudt; UR
Wu shirts that sold from $1.25 to $1.75. A variety of ff' ash Good each'50 2& each a'J fT " ffl
patterns that will please. , rftwAMS n r i
Vh MEN'S WORK SHIRTS-35e Our regular stock Bck, not tot 'ofTbort Covers L.
RUD that sells for 50c and 75c : all cloths. lennths; all colors; were 12 yard Beautiful shades of hrotvn and WlM
r -u var ierrn cotta bnen. slamped with .-on- jnAil
? iVTen'; T Jnderweqr---Summer Wp.icrhu zephyr GINGHAM Pine qual- actional designs. 86 inchee round V
IfVfK men s unoerweai oumme? yy etgnzs plaid. chefk5 Md stripes.ai80 oengwj Resmiai Pnce poc and ?
M 20c For garmnt8 that We sell as hi eh as $1 00: Plain colors. 38 inches wide; our -tor WO. KflB
T" Short sleeves; knee lengths; ankle lengths and long rejru,8r 16 ;3cctnnirLia"!'l::C ' To7tj
. , ' . 4. . 6 s ANDERSON'S BCOTCH ZE- f OtVttS I V
VjL Sleeves, and the athletic style. PHYR We have taken all our fine White towels stamped Tvith plain I I
IN Uc 1 ginghams, which were 35c and 25c borders. Rocular o5c and 50c. for llflh
jyup per yard, and reduced tbem tQ 19c 25c. KlJD
jNife ivxxyv flannel haB fcoria wida reputation The5fl ar ouT n(Jw.est an1 pTftt Lw
Wffi 50 per cent off on all hand made articlea-half prices. SLfTEE 8S SSTiSPft 0 W
50 per cent off on all ribbon roses half prices. vard, actual cost is 55c yard; cale )ar 75c and Mjg vajue, tnj8 sje 1 S
rJJL price 50c vard 49c ?
(fflR TTr a Tnrn IMPORTED Swisses Genuine WlR
biens former price 75o aud (1.C0 EVERYTHING IN EVERY DE- V
Lingerie and voile waists about 100 differ- r-ASr yard. - partment which does not
m eot styles, iu l,oth high neek and low ne,k waists. dlction " Hffl
ValUeS UP tO $2.00 f Or 69C. Showing stripes and nil over pat I 2
; , . r . , ... . , terns, 30 inches wide, were 15c vard I
jxV Lingerie and voile waists- handsomely o yard. vr i. Itfuh
Wm trimmed with eluny and imitation bauds. Val- embroidered mulls These INIOVeitieS lUp
'v7 r. - x. 'rf1 r have n fine ground of mercerized I S
5 lies up to y.DD tor $1.HD. 1 mull with desiCns embroidered on: , Removal Sale Prices I ?
Tailored shirts, all the wanted colorings, per- ISonefwide; StaJSS1. 'ySd- Who can refrain from com- fflfe
Wjfi feet fitting, made on mannish lines, 95c. ! 6l,c yard- ig 0 Lake's greatest yVf
f Our entire stock of tine lingerie and voile waists, Beddings actual sale?
also chiffons and taffetas, at ONE-THIRD LESS regular I PTLLOW bASES-Hemmed cases Jewdrv novelties, values from Wffi
JNLli prices. made from beavy muslin. 45x34 n . . 1C IVIlff
Klin -t- ir l.i i ;1 Inches were L6e each 12c. 25c to oOe, reduced to .. 15c
iP ( hiffon blouses, made with the new peplum effecf, iptaei PILLOW CASES Jewelry novelties, valnes from Y
Dutch neck, very smart, all the new shades-$8.50 for ; Ve 60e to 95c, reduced to . .
UCm :n . , ' Jewelry novelties, $1 to $1.75. M
AUD All over embroidered waisls. Dutch neck, all sizes SH Fl.TS 76x90 seam sheet: an , . . n- I T3r
VT regular $6.00 waist for-$2.75. r? o e VaVh 3?" qwaht-v . i o or
? Tvero nii- enc h o5c ouch, Jewclrv novelties, $2 to $2.9o,
lsXIsi 1-: 1 7Hxti0 1NCH SEAMLESS SHEET -ftrfftft1 tn (V WlB
fflM rry , ,r . rr -"Woven for servioe; are pure white reduced to WH
H omen s N eckwear, reis, 1 SJoh "lwwere Sr96ach-7a am jewelry noybltibs v
JM' tlanaKercntetSy Etc. vloc! iaiit.v, free from advertisement at half WIB
Rim t . . drcssiucr were 80c each 6fyj ech. r,OT, uUP
s Just a few items to give 'ou an indication - seamless sheets i Kicks?. I T
JL of the sweep of reductions. The departments ; QUntad?4io8,i Women's leather hand bags, - II
fjlfi mentioned above ai'e teeming with new goods, , K0dBwaI? 85c Mch 69- to 75c reduced to .. 38c -life
new styles, at prices during the Removal Sale I SS& fFtP?lltt?& 'V,m,on's kathcr h3and,ba"" fSP
Lower than we ever before sold rrnndfl qt aignB. slightly soiled; art, perfect $1.25 to $2.25, reduced to 9bc I
-Aj 1U( I man L CVtr DLIOU SOU! gOOtiS at. otherwise; BIZe 80x00 inches were Wrmpns UartAr band haCS lMlh
KUfi Our entire line of fichus, the season's novelty for ' .65 saeh 8 loathu hand bag , IMIg
lVV i i . 'n . . , , - PINB MARSEILLES HPRK4D $2.50 to $o. reduced to $l.yb AUU
Y 8Ul1imf'r ,lresscs- mflde oi nfits lac8, values With bemmed ends; extra qoalSyl Women's leather hand bags,
mvV to $12 0050 per cent Half Price. l'lrH" frnh Wods from our reBl lar I , i i a.o nc y V
iNlR m i u a -ioii Hio.k -s..e 88x08 inches were $b to $7.50, reduced to $2.95 jrVK
HH! 7.B1ck Ch " "y vcl1' 2 v"n,s lu" 10 W'2 r ftS women leMher hand b fiffl
jfih ,. "rnd cm.bro,df-v handkerohwft, dmoty and sheer, EmiaSii Trt All ban over 10 reduced to

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