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1 Our Long Expected Removal Sale!
j J Becomes Salt Lakes Greatest Sale t
,j $400,000 Worth of High Quality, Beautiful Merchan- -, 5, d,M 'SmSimmiimm
j A disc to be Disposed of Regardless of Cost! fj 1ZI Jh.; - ,"m
j4 urlsale-com Entire Stock Cloth Suits at Half and Less
T ryR 1 f" K fif 1 cf-rL- assortments comprise handsome novelty suits in all white, white and black and " w0
tfftfe nnen s entire Deauurui stock. tan whipcord) imported novelties, plain tailor-made styles, Norfolk styles, new cut- - ff
xP f It means a major part of Salt away models; all new- and up-to-the-minute models, stunning plain blue serge suits II irSMI
t i i ii- and beautifullv tailored. A splendid assortment. VvJJl DvZlLul
A Lakc 8 stupendous buy ,ng power m Q m50 for $t6 2, $5500 SuJt for $27 50 yvb
IS to be centered at K.eitn - $22.50 Suits for $11.25 $35.00 Suits for $17.50 $65.00 Suits for $32.50 All Rediem Corsets at One-Hall Prm ,
KM (TRrien's store HurinP" the davs $25.00 Suits for $12.50 $39.50 Suits for $19.75 $75.00 Suits for $37.50 $3.7.3 Model ..... .$1.88 , "
A fm w onen s score aurmg uie aays $27.50 Suits for $13.75 $45.00 Suits for $20.00 $85 up to $97.50 Suits.. .$42.50- $500 Mod $250 Irs
Y of this extraordinary event. $29.50 Suits for $14.75 $47.50 Suits for $23.75 $125.00 Suits for $50.00 G;00 Model! '.'.V.'- $300 IT!!
Jntfe alterations extra. T AI 1 1 $ 5 25 WDl
"HP J It means much tO every home our entre stock of Stik jacket, suits, including novelty and plain tailored suits at half price. $8 00 Model $4 00 DEE DHl
--for the economic benefits of it Our Entire Stock of Coats Our Gown and Dress Section Is Too Well $10.00 Model! !!!!!$5!oo Eia 3AL L
W will h fr rrhino- Including motor coats, street coats, tt Known to Need Comment $12.00 Model $6.00
j y will oe iar-reacmng. changeable silk wraps, handsome char- . Handsome silk frocks for afternoon and Italian Silk Underwear KI
g J q Housewives are saving-and meuse coats, evening coats, pongee coats tiersSpoZ vmtttW
X waiting. They know what such white serge coate, navy blue serge tailored models from Paul Poirlt, Drucet, C ot and J T,
lvvb 11 j coats. This is all new, fresh stock and the Martial Armand will be put in this sale at one- B3o " ::::::.:.V."Vw : 11.75 lirr.M,
m an unusual sale means-conduct- season's latest models. balf ad less than one-half price. Qr Tahlp :n fup K-t lnAPrv!ekk
ed bv a hou-e whose word is as m.m r-t for n.25 $45.nn mau for $22.50 25. on dress for $10. on $.-,. 00 dress for .. . mo so a .neivnir. underwear
v tu uf a lUOC v iiyat- vvuiu 13 as 25. 00 coats for $12.50 $55.00 c oats for $27.50 $35.00 drafts for $15.00 $95.00 drew, tor .... ... M.BO Will Include Some Very Good BaW
VilK -1 to klrt. m -1 t 1 r- an 4-r-. 1 4- $20.50 eoats for, $14.7.". ,M?5 00 coats for $32.50 r0 dress for $18.50 .$12." no dress for . On , 17
I JMjp rclldUlC Hi aU CrilSClIlCniS ?IS It 00 coat- for $17.50 $7.Vi'n iriHts for $37.50 $4t.0O dree9 for $22.50 $135.00 dn , ,or $6950 Rpc 65e hlaek tiphls. . . . "'- p- 7or otit ?l WL
f f $39 50 coals for . $19.75 $85.00 coats for $42.50 $47.50 drees for $23.71 $150 00 and $175 00 Kco; 95c Swiss ribbod Rr-g. 35o ft W
is in matters ot tinance. XTTP nDT7Cnyc !Sm15S?K fg.so dre .tor $75.00 hl3 1P .W
lnV lUb UKhSbhb lcl 'l TJ?r, . Jr32..0 $225 00 and $250.00 x , 1- T7 J
J4 n p 11 o i t i i m. i i r n i W8-50 fad 475 dress.... $85. oo drc89 for $95oo Muslin Underwear WRl
ixW II Sn 'ill Xdlt- I qL'p ic infArpcfoH Chainhrav lis-sitea and lancv lawns, all Ihf new All alterations extra. , 1
y " . aV W UafKe ls interested, ncw 8tylegj ;aluc8 up to $1,,n For LINGERIE AND VOII F DRFm ,,r rnhr st0"k of railslln, demMn
jk waiting! Lverv home wi enjov -V.95. Aboso di. , , m , , p,a J 011 saJe; nof onP p,PCP wU"?B
JfUB i ' rr i r, , , l- , i, m i i . different styles; regular $18.50 and $22.50 out. This means ONE-THIRD OFF the pfflA
mp the benefits of prices sufficiently tan-": wmt" p,Dk' hght bll,c anfl -48.i5. regular stock ai
jJ,J low to move the greater part of LINEN DRESSES tan Silk Petticoats M
i$ all Stocks. Pink" lipM !,lnP- wh,tn anrl ttdrtibli marlr on ,hP for $4.95. " " 1 fevn for Our $.oo and $6.75 UV
y Russian coat order, very smavl , regular $18.r0 dress for A7-.il n n t nr -n. r lV , fo
c r j . n 3g N aiy blue serge Peter 7 A ; on su tone piece styles Women s silk raessaline. sott taffeta,
1(08 J Housewives are Sa"lllg; WOmen ' -jo suiujw $3 95 and erepe angelus; the petticoats are inthenA
H VT whn 'irp rlnnrln r- imnn fr-iiV "" ! 1 - i iean beauty shade, emerald erreen, Alice bine,
y nO are dependent Upon their Tf fW "!EV 70?l?l0 pearl gray, changeable silk, blaek, broll
Irflte own labors have been setting: LJI (( V Lri IU At bIue maize' ro8e and u hi1 " These ar8 0Br
V as.de money for needed and O JTll L JCfl O LWJlH I lYft(PW'W JL
A future needed articles of wear. " , AVJIJUUUUIJUCK - sf-f
J Hr n ft i i r i . What do you think of our finest footwear a iw of the f reneh morrs left will be Sold at les Ihan mt TT Btatn
Hundreds of men, catching for $33S any pair of oxfords, pumps, Wf Women s Hose
1 ffllB the spirit, will come in numbers' colonials and slippers in the store? '"p f our Jmens Black Pure Thuadm
Vp r i i i i t i-i 11. i i i patterni $ r,.no Hand Embroidery allies from f2.ft BB
Y --men who are not in the habit In like manner all stocks arc marked down - J
1(1 of responding to sales. Tthe 1 ices hl thc Wst J "VrT " "T? T ,
KP K &. Store. All tnBunings reduced. Preach flowers half price. Os- ho80 . hand anri niH,,nn, (.mbl,,rrv ;
2 Everybody IS talking about Remjtllber all fQOtwear is the best tnch feathers, best grade, third off Aigrettes, paradise, $3.50 value, at 89c. i:
S ROB Keith-O'Brien's bigRemovalSale n,ade' th1 4,1,)Sn fashi4(?nable- 411 slocks ,om,h ott Bverythinfi 1,1 Women's and Children's Coloredfeni
' in the homes on the of complete, all new this season. sn : 0Ur reiiar isc to 35c nbf
jCSv C.e nmeS 011 rVe CarS at Women's Oxfords, Women: s Pumps. Women's Co- QUALITY OP MERCHANDISE MUST BE CONSIDERED pair WpU
Wv gatherings, on shopping jaunts. lonials, Women's SUpp.ers$3.3s J JJ : r,N:' .If;JiAT vou KM Ls worth -"M
; 'vr t 1 11 J , Tour choice of any pair in our entire stock worth aiwnul the lowest salt lake , n-Mk
a Even our salespeople have been $5.00 and $e.oo, made by- reSroiwr ma pact NT ,s N0T 1 MEBK BX them s .dir,,,, i,rf..ip. And the mm 1
ROB besieged for information as to y v,r, VGard pd c ti:r these needed .r.i.-i.s i...r a ,.ntTiov
1 7 Murray Shoe Cd., H. p. Goodrich Co. i8 being offered all over the store. Ww
a the date. $1.85--Women's Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes TOk W n O l0, wer Pi r-Ni
Wffi fliVfl fortf merchandising event ever nf",y 100 PJ JL ltP; rton'. Wha
j $3.o0 to $6.00 Many samphs and m.u.y pau-s lrh From vJ fll I! ll l7U ( i-v .-..u toiw. Pin :
aroused such widespread interest. our best selling linos. They all go at this price and J Jl f Jl Jl cS) ' 1 rin,sJ' ",rr;"1 for pKC'Za
m q And the important occasion becomes "tTr . j nu-U '. A-t Jl,. , c - 77 ! .rrv:::'::'::'v::;
X an opportunity (or Keith-O'Brien Co. to $l-35-Misses and Children s Oxfords Mmst Gvmg Thm Away trX!"' .h . ':' - 'Mi
m measure up to the fullest expectations of Yml wi flnH h JfilXtal WW fw oo ta f !" ? .y0Ut 7u ever know :.:.::' h,
; V" the buying public: to dispose of nearly a $30o fa. ail twthem. Ofaetu I notion pnoes. to equal these 1 The truth -M H
Hh $400,000 stock irrespective of cost. Pootwu thai will lit tba fet proptrly and that notions are seldom lowered in price (excent There are only ih.neen Actio,, .Mj
NP 1 1 win give .piandid war. at Keith-O'Brien's) and we never dared sell tfn'flt"'' "B.

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