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pWWii I
The Store Will Be Closed Wednesday 1 1
the first time in the history of the store for such a purpose-to give the final touches to
preparation--to check up stocks and see that every article carries a worth while reduction K I
im price. Everything will be ready for you. , K I
J Po rocnlc onrl i opr ,,put off on .-ill 16 and 20button lengtfa kid riotefl - 9 7 . fllli
p regard to conservatism ;.,,.; ? , , , .l a u BBl I
V r 6 tLvcrytning reduced not a dollars worth oj goods sold '
aKf appreciation of the im- during this sale at regular prices. mft
k w wtra&yviTSJdS Marvelous Reductions on Silks and Dress I
111 emphasize the fact that tending you special favors in this extraordinary JUNJ
llB never Saw SUch SWeep- Factsstand alone. Goods for Our Removal Sale DC
MM sacriftCeS 111 desir- Theygare farts is Surprises await every woman who attends this sale. Values quite out of the ordinary f
wtchandise. In more than the foundation of store confidenee. Exagera- are offered in this season's choicest weaves and colorings. J&s
"""fere in Hnilv rnlLc rn fhp tion is a curse. All of our sales are facts, but in These items will show every woman who reads them, that NOW IS THE TIME Mp
in uany taiKi lu luc this instance facts spell good news. AND THIS THE PLACE to buy Silks and Dress materials for every purpose at sweeping
islthrOUgh advertisements, Our Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Portieres, etc., are reductions. WJfe
Blhe first time the Store rd makesnew stocks-new patterns. 18-Inch Colored Messalines Remnants of Dress Goods at Half Price )f
3d the word "sacrifice." oiJJA fi . Regular $1.50 and $L7S Qualities
-X 1 1 1 I some cases it is deble In cover tho sntSw floor weave a qwhty that gives good service, in a com- 44 to 54 inch wide tailor suitings, in conservative
wfljre IS nO Other WOrd Which space with some good earp.t fabric. All grades are dis- plpt ,,ne f is-Removal Sale 39c yard. mixtures in tans, grays and brown effects-Removal Sal,
Ivexnrees the nfferincrQ P0Unted-anfl with the transition -oes courteous treat- Plain and Fancy Silks c yard. ... fjm
&Jm tAF1C5;5C;5 Lllc "Cllllga ment individual attention. th srviops of competent. Broken lines and odd pieces 36-inch fancy silk, 32- Imported and Domestic Suitings V
JrC have ID StOre for VOU workmen which means a perfeelly fitted carpet for your jn(.n kimono silks, 26-inch fancy plaids, 24-inch stripe 54 to 56 inches wide, elegant imported and domestic t
Jt i j t( ... room. messalinc and 10-inch plain taffetas, all pure silk, good suitings, hard twisted grays and tans in mixed effects, WMj
the WOrd Sacrifice. Our stocks ar- the products oj the best mills, including wearing grades, values 85e, $1.00 and $1.15 Removal cheviots, weaves in stripes and mixtures ; they sell regu-
Smith!, Hartford, Bigelozu, Dobson and Whittall. Sale 45e yard. larIY at $225 and $2.50 yard Removal Sale $1.30 yard.
imRE ASKING HOW WE I All 2. 25 grades . $1 .65 m, iff,r4Bt Seasonable Foulards entire line of black and color kd dress fflffi
M AFFORD TO CUT All $2.00 grades . . ftl .25 Mr;,: shedwater foulards, all pure silk. 23 )NFIFTHES!' " )(
,fcDrJ70 cvn r rTI,9 vllT All i rc mac i in inches wide, in twenty djfferent designs and colors, a UiNiUfiJ 1M lbb.
JfjSSWRICES S0 LOW? llll v All $1.05 grades. .$1.10 aii carpet, gMde that ie worth $1.00 yard-Removal Sale 55c yard. fjjfi
Si SSSS Mi s 1 .35 grades . . . 95c j "BARGAIN BASEMENT y
j3BJn,wgr; All $1.00 grades .. .75c ;prlcos- Cheney Brothers rou lards a
bei . 24 inehes wide, all pure silk, America's best make, The other day a customer said: You have the IfjJK
t&m season is practically over. Wonderfully Low Prices on Rugs the most serviceable silk made for general wear, in small best Bargam Basement in the city. I buy lots of things
COSt of movinp- SO larp-e a In mos( perfertlv appointed homos the American neat designs and figures. $.1.25 grade Removal Sale 69c down there and am never disappointed." ?
BT B . , made rug is folly recognised. Its artistic appearance and yard. Surethe values hich we give in the Bargain jflljj
X 0UF Stre WOuld be Sterling qualities are appreciated All styles of decora- I Iltra-Fashioiiable Bordered Effects Basement are s.mply to popularize the store. These
"'ill tion come within its scop, the dainty and pleasing eolor n-dhJL. oV c;0ie. pea., de evffnes and foulards 4fi appended items, just a few of hundreds, represent BE- ?
tfM effect for parlor and chambers, with the heavier tones 1! ZToSoZ DUCNS FR0M ALREADY BEDUCED PM0BS
!Bl atUra"y We want to Pre" Tor the dining room, den and hall. Sa,p 5Q ard 7 Bargain Basement, considering the low prices, low- C
Hy0U, our patrons, a brand Tapsstiy, Brnwel, Velvets, Axminsterii and Wiltons. Black Messaline er than similar reliable pjods were ever sold in Salt Lake, A.
;1,-fcrlr Jr, -1 J . flxl2 $fi5.00 grades for $50.00 Ml differmt s . will be a hive of activity during the Removal Sale. jtHK
lesefllF in a brand nCW Store. n I-noo I P toq,n trades in.luded 35 bches wide, all pure silk, m a deep, rich black, 8 . JMJp
i 0x12 $50 00 grades lor 39.00 I Knes in luoea ' Women B fine muslis enwDc, empire style, vokp and sleevu vT
1 Ovio ttOOO rri.fldes for 632 001 at these prices. heavy. $1.2o quality Removal Sale 8oc yard. niado of h11 OVPr mhroidr.v. drawn with dintr baby r.h-
f-ll T 7NJ 1 1h DP AT 17 TUP Tf f 4U.uu graops icw job v i boas, afl valnei ere 1.25 ead el.50; reduced to 50c.
ttOiKl unnrtJ L 1 iw 9xl2r-$27.50 grades for $19.7o Smaller nits Natural Color Pongee CMMreii, algfct wwnc, made -eery plein and test, two styles, JflU
CE OF OPENING THE 9x12-422.50 grades for. ...... .$17.00 proportionately 27 me.hes wide, all pure silk, a new rough satin fin- jj from 2 t0 10 -vears; va,uos are 250 and fecj red,ired
. OR I7 WTTM MT-TW 9x12 $20.00 grades for $14.00; reduced diA shantnng, will wash and iron, $1.00 grade Re- Womn'p rauBlin drawers; cambric muslin, small pin tucks in ?
03" E Vij vv ' 1 J ) 11. W ivil.ix- fch , d finisbd with rnff!p3. edged -with Val. laoe; values inh
TAB8E operate a complete window shade department. moval Sale 59c yard. 40. TP(iucei t0 20c, jl
f "" Shade are nearly always made to sizes. Estimates -Tnrli N mini Color Poncrpp Misses' extra rine tar or Mark hose of superior qualify: VP
m (; onaac.s urc OO-IHCll ldLUiai VUIUI ruilCC frptp g t0 Vj; the basement pneo has heen 15c, hut will be
fcore ronvrrrincr larap storks arf furnished. All shades sold at reduced prices T f , lor onJ in smooth aud rough finigh fnr roduced to loa V
wiwic, (.onvcicin large SIOCKS j,. Removal Sale 1 , ,VflflD 0 ffM1 a ffnnj fn 41 9, p Women's sSsadess liese; extm quality in piaa, bine and blsek, UfW.
. A tUp j r -ii during Kcmovat otuc. coats and dresr.es, a genum good silk for $1.2o Re- wjth pa;ter top. tby aTP worth thft basement price has fm
I foic Ln" rnn ol a season Will en- Shades ar carried in stork and also made to order. mov-il Saje 05c yard been 10c, but Tvill bo reduced to 5c f
lerviany hnyers, who will soon Bstijiiates fnmiihed for single window or fpr'entire Iwuee. ' Half Price rVjZi l l. ith; A
w niirlof- k Linoleum- for the kitchen, pantry bath room and vestibule. EXCLUSIVE DKF.s PATTERNS IN MABQUI6ETTE8 AJJD duced to 8c. STsIk
r.UB; lMdrKerS ' PUrcnase qiian- ,f nd roh-s. Inlaid, pi am and printed, domestic OH TFFON XOTHS. PRICIS RANGING PROM $15.00 TO Men's fine seamless merreri.od half hose: in white. M,k KUlJ
c 7 . f'""''0 r. , , J ' , , $,10.00. REMOVAL SALE H-M.F TKK'E. s tid all colors; thesn are the nin of th m'll L!;c Erale; hase- M
Jm W! m';rr V7n 'V'7r : A. .'''' '''( ''.' ''J during rrmo 'ol sai. meet price 15c: reduced to JOc.
Bfl A , t f'. 1 r Z?J,J LaCe anG let L.ODeS nail riice Women's Richelieu ribbed low neek, sleeveless wsts .trimmed UOh
W yUraStna p0Wer. ff JaCC LUTtainS KC ClUC eCl , Bla(k Brussels NetSilk Applique RobeJsS-OO - 937.S0 Witt tape nd bnve a men.erir.ed edcre; fhev worth 2r' : JfljH
1 i ....,..,. , i V- j d u trnnn toe basement price bas been 15c, but -will he reduced to 10e. JVr
---ible Dlirohasino power inranS S,u does not permit deRenptin.s. I Hp ent.re, r AM k panisk Lace Kobe, y. ofl - - $25.00 porisknit union ...its; high neclr, short sleeves, knee ' )J
, M ' ' ,nZ PWC1 mfd . reduced in pdee Selectidn is offered in Notting- t Black Silk Chtf on Appliaue Robe, $50.0 $2$.1Q pngih, he. grade; buement pries 48o; redoc to S8e.
tDp ."M8 SaVlU'r aClVanfacrCS in OneCS. '., m . 1 Ivuh ....'ml in whUn -nwi rh 1 y Embroidered Tunic, $75.00 ------ 97.50 Men's porisknlt phirts and drawers; 40c grade: basement pric fflW
jjll ciuvdiiu.Kia in han3) Cliiny, BniBBels, lrwU pouit, in wmte ena Arab 'col- BUghtly soUed from w&dow display. 23c, but reduced to ifc garment. YAW
8 . BF Ulliriiynli;) r With the DreStltrC , FAT IRE STOOK OF BLACK ND COLORED SILK NOT Bots' balbriggan underwear, either shirts, drawers or union T
gtO' fcl1r I 1 xm rrVf vn mmiimt dak. SrECl ALLY PRICED DISCOUNTED 20 FEB CENT. suits; Coc aud S5e grade; basement price 20c and 2.1c; re
chasing oower can scarcely AXL ONE, TWO AND rHIiMvPAIR n,0,, dnced to i5c. ufb.
.Afm ,i , . ' , 7 nTu Ml K CLOSED OITT T HALF UiesS VrOOaS Children's rompers; thlB in a wonder for 85c, but will be sold Wffi
;:..What this means to a large LO'W A Seasonable dress goods, 36 and 38 inches wide, for J 5r. V;
iBni r 1 .1 PTJ-H ".S, . ,:j tnifinrrQ strirf HOrcrpo mnliflifR nlha t rn "Women "? light weight lawn lnmonos or house dresses; this o
; Bniat ion O UVCrS in the mar- , M.; TOc 5.50 vsss $3.50 Hl"'k- M,,tlfgS htT B 0 T ' - - $1.35 Item; basement price ha, been 69c, but rcd-.ced
.." fLp . . ! vIIiIIm Be $7.7? values It.75 veilings, values up to 60c Removal Sale 39c yard. to 50c.
'"m lIie SMVinu , m purchases Will rr, value Jl"i.00 values 0.7r, . r ,1 Women's corsets; high, low or medium b.ist long or mod. urn
."'kl.. j ' . ,. $H.nO valii'Mi T i."-- va "es ."5 Rroken Lines Ol DreSS GOOUS BUrt, draw string rn tho bust, lace at tho top: good .pmlity ol
advantarre of the pilbilC. U.W xhUim 2.S0 $10.7.-, values $11. SO DrOnCll Ulica Ul llCW VJUUUS batiste, well boned They are worth $1.00; redueed to 40c. ?
of -''5H H M . r u 1 j 44 lo 50 inches wide shadow checks, tussah cloth, THERE VRE hundreds of items to be found in Vim
m tlrr, PortlCl'CS bilk UamaSK and 1 apestry t,,,,,,, tvinP mArmiittea voiles silk and wool crenel THI8 GROWING DEPARTMENT, BUT CAN ONLY MEN; fjJN
1 WV t IT A I T C A r IT . nn iiwfnr tr on .'tHminoh. sti ipc mArqiusotT.e.8, voiles, suit ana mooi crepes. TION A VFRY PEW, OWING TO THE fHPACB PLEASE
i--:M. VV Orl A IvL, MVL $5.on or ...3.nn j 1..,.. for fi.nn ( different weaves you wiU find a ?ood assort- BEAR IN MIND THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE ANY ITEM
" fU Wll I ak : ::::::::::::::oo fe to rfor:::::::!; mnent of 8hadeB of tans, bin,vnS, grays and bines, values Afn0 op at least 20 rEI1 ''KNT 10 0
fe .11 lb" ffirar "B '0 np to l.Tri-Kemoval Sale 69c yard. 1 ' ftffl

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