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United States No Longer Fears
an Outbreak in the Re
public of China.
WASHINGTON, Jun 19. A sign of
the nnf)rlenre of the stnt department
in the stability of tb new Chinwie
povprDmpnt and it ability to maintain
law ado! oMer, w the order tFsned
trova the naw department today for
the return 10 the. United State? of Ad
miral Sutherland with his flagship
California and th armorM cruiser
South Dakota witb the euppls- ship
Glacier. With the bip cruisers Colo
rado and Maryland which have already
returned to the Pacific coat, these
vessel were rushed to hum from
Hawaii several months hjjo when con
ditions looked very dark for the Chi
nese republic.
Rumors that Premier Tong Shao-Yi
had abandoned hiB office and fled from
the capital were contradicted today by
state department advices that, he had
been granted five day' sick leae.
To meet immediate necessities of
frovernment, the inTornnf ional jrroup of
lankers have agreed to make nnother
adTonce of thrpn millions tflels.
Meanwhile thpj banker are con
tinning their conferences in regard to
the issue of the larger federal loan to
China, and progress is being made.
Pardoned by Taft.
WASHINGTON, .Tun in. President
Taft todav pardened Pranklln P. Mays on
the ground that government prosecutors
had pursued Improper methods In aecurlnK
Ills OOnYtction of land frauds at Portland
Or., In 19"7. This Is the second pardon
granted by the presldeni In the famous
Mitchell-Hermann lend cases WHIaTd
Jones wax pardoned a tew days ago-
Make a great difference in moat women. They are troubled with " nerve M
they suffer from bscksohe, headache, sleeplessness, a sensation of irritability or
twitching, hot flashes, dizzy pells, or many other symptoms ol female weakness.
The local disorder and inflammation should be treated with Dr. Pierce's Lotion
Tablets aod the irregularity and weakness of the female system corrected and
strengthened with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. The strain npon the young
woman or the woman of middle age apon the nerve and blood forming structures
may be too groat for her strength. This ia die time to take this restorative tonio
and strength-giving nervine and regulator. For over forty years sold by druggists
for women's peculiar weaknesses aod distressing ailments. The one remedy so perfect
in composition and so good in curative effects as to warrant
tits makers in printing its every ingredient on its outside
wrapper. The out remedy which absolutely contains neither
alcohol nor inturicwi or habitforming drugs.
Following letter selected at random from a large number
of similar ones and cited merely to Illustrate these remarks :
"In the winter of 1808, I become greatly run down and irregular."
wrHee Mrs. Hessrr Scott, of Swmn Creek. Mich.. Rtute L Box 43. I
slowly but eurely grew worse, and. at last, reaolvod to apply to the doc
ton far help. The doctor said I had Infiamniatioo. enlargement and lucx-r-tvm.
I was in bed eleren weeks and got ne better. The doctor said t
would have to have an operation, but to that I would not lluten. My hus
band purchased two bottles of Dr. Pierce's Portte Prescription When
I started to take this remedy I oould not walk serous the floor, but after
I bad taken three bottles I could feel aayaeif galninsr. ao ' dropped tbe
doctor and took Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Only for it I think
TVtrakl have been dead I really believe it saved my life. I feci better
Mm. Soon. now than in twenty years."
CHIC AGO i June 19. Araanie In large
quantities haa bean found in the liver
of Arthur LIndloff, whose mother, Mrs.
Louise Lindlotf, Is under arraat in con
n action with hla death, accordlnrto a
report by Profeaaor Walter -s Hama,
submitted " Coroner Hoffman today.
Aftei recalTlnjl the report f the cnern
i is. Coroner rloffmonobtalned
an order ror the examination of the bodies
of William Undloff an AJma LIndloff.
husband .nd dnuhtr respectively, of
the Recused woman, The vTsearas trotn
thcjli bodies also will be examined by
Professor Halns.
Mrs Lindloff's arrest followed the sua
fden death of bar son
I deaths that hare occurred In her family
I In the im three years arf to bs Inves
tigated AH of the i"ad persona war ln
i urad in her favor, It is alleged.
Juno 21 and 2.
! ' ia Oregon Short Jdnp for United1 Com
mercial Travelers' onting. See agents
: for rates and further particulars. City
I ticket rif'neo, Hotel Utah.
3 Months forlojp!
Lsw Thcse aro. ,he tem,s " which . . a.ffl
SSBn SerninStonl
gmP Typewrit"!
"St The enormous popularity anri , .'altff
New Visible Models has brought, into our possesion
number of these underslroke Remingtons thr. & ') ill
built the foundations of Remington fame hence thi5 atthSB
rental offer. . ?
f yr.ii wish to buy a machine at the. r.-pirruioo of the teni-1 BlB1"
the $5.00 will be applied on the purchase price. U1 PtftM
Remington Typewriter Company I
(Incorporated) . fcrfpO
172 South West Temple.
Women's Tailored UOpj ? Regular Stock SuiM
kjUUC Jr " qL& Ld & A Ranging in price from $22.50 up t.n 4o.00 aod all p J"
Worth $15.00, Special Sale C Q C Jf rft MjfW JW MaS i" bveen at (
- (y J3 CmWZ C&kM One-Third Off p
Women's Tailored Suits, worth up to Q T 0 VsPWP W Wmr B;,
907 sn s-rvpr.pl RaIp PriiM . jf m jf J A good shosvmg of navy and black. f
. ti.DV special &aie n ICC LMain Between Second and TMrd South. In the Heart of Salt Lakc. e wR
Wc Announce Our Semi -Annual Sail
I It Comes Two Weeks In Advance I
Commencing Thursday Morning A Most Remarkable Evef
I Immense Reductions Throughout Every Department f the House, Making It All tip.
H I More Notable From the Fact That This Will Me Our Last Summer Season in Oil
II I Present Quarters, Therefore We Want to Make It a Splendid Public Benefit. In Other Words a Bargain Fey
if Thousands and thousands of dollars9 worth of Women's, Misses9 and Children's readwt
I to-wear garments will be presented at this Great Low Price Sale. Embracing MlK
1 ! nery, Coats, Waists, Suits, Skirts, Dresses, Muslin Underwear, Corsets, Gloves, Hosietm:
f, I Petticoats, Kimonos, Dressing Sacques and hundreds of other notions. This Sensatiot
P I al Low Price Sale means that no stock must be moved to our handsome New HomeJM
I Third South, "The Broadway" of Salt Lake, which is now under construction, and beiiR
I pushed with all possible haste. Therefore we take pleasure in announcing this smt
I I as the Most Remarkable Sale in Value-Giving and Low Prices that we have ever adveE
I I tised. We mention here fust a few items from our immense stock. ' W
p I K Sale Of Millinery Extra Special Semi- J Semi-Annual Reductions" J WAISTS P'
I a rw -rj . . Annual Sale Prices One Hundred W hite Duck fS? c-ii. -st . cisM
A group ot Women b Hats to fj Sfk Ski t all at Z? 5 C Stlk and Chtffon W MStS, SLoWZ
sell at VP J- Ol Children's Parasols 10c OKins, ail SI-CS, ai V ussV
1 1 . n , tT ' ,rTTJT 'hdi lornierlv sold up tn :M.un. 012: sn3ff3fl f
m , j . j n 15c Men 8 Pure Linen Hanakerchiei.s for, 10c MOHAIR SKIRTS Excellent duality u -m rf . 1 II'
H 1 rimmed, and nan h used for anv and all oc- . n. , r. , . , , . . "u 11 b'v 1111111 'P''iin jjl "I sis and i-olors. L I
H n . r.Ci - Ladies Pure Linen Initial Handkerchiefs, material; 1 -ial al ,7)1 o.l .sflW u
casions. About fifty m all. ( s' tpi.JO AX EXOR.MOfft SAMPLE LINK OF LW'WmL,
I H7 , rr . . rj . 5f- Little Boys' $2.00 MUan Straw Hats for 98c SERGE AND PANAMA SKIRTS Colors Navy and WAISTS High or low neek. open back or 1
W Omen S I nmmea ttatS, 0.40 65c Dainiv PiqTlc Bonnets for.. 39c brown; Bjgular $5.00 and $6.00 skirts; Art Qr especially priced for ih.s Np,,-,al jj i 1 rti II
A choice collection. Hats that formerly sold up Infants' Fine Cotton Hose, tan or black, for. . . .10c g00d Iine of rc-nlar sizes5 ,his salc - $L.7o at $ 1 1 M -
u 8-00- A choice assortment at above price. 18-inch Corset Cover and Embroidery SERGE AND PANAMA SK IRTS-Colors naw. ONE LOT OF LINGERIE WAISTS -Utt ffBl'
flouncing; the yard 9c brown and black ; worth up to $7.50; tf0 iP embroidery trimmed ' LQMlH
Children's Trimmed HatS, $1 50 White Embroidered Parasols; each 95c R nioval Sale Price... tLcOfyO al A'ml
a Boys' 25c Buster Brown Belts, al 10c A ( PI
dl.40 75c Sterling Bracelets; special 35c
Trimmed in colored ribbon; shapes of Java and 75c Hat Pins; xlra special 35c J v WH
I Tuscan braid; regular $2.50 values. f KjOatS at Half PrtCCS IT J I C 'nkw!
3 C9 nn C ff OC J V Fwty all-wool coals Women's si.es ranging m Vnd&WlUSilH JpfiClflHKfc
4BsUU Sailor tiatS, VoC HJ C I price aa follcjws, $SUX. $12 50. $TJ..50. $15.00, These L
.1 Women's sailors the season's newest; cream and TlOSiery iSpeCialS all subject to HALF PRICE. Children's plain hemstitched and tucked 1 fuKji
I hr nly- 35c grade Misses' Fine Silk Lisle Hose, full Children S CoatS at Half-PricC ttoMSi
Special lol of Women's q fashioned; especially priced at 19c Ages from : to 5. 6 0 12 v-ears. Prices range "men s good quality muslin drawers, ,iem TMgfl
Sailors a50C 25c srrade Famous Warrior Hose for girls and from $5.00 and up. All go at Half Regular Prices!' and ,nrkr,i n,ffle; yWB
Etraordin;irv values in Women's gm boj-s; colors black, white and tan; 3 pair for. .50c LARGE' ASSORTMENT OF CHILDREN'S an ' , MJR"i
g Sailors, at! 7 OC 20c grade Women's Cotton Hose, fast colors, in DRKSSES, AT 98 C M LSIjIN GOWNS -Three styles, high TT
Onr lol of Children's Trimmed Hats-, worth black and tan ; the pair 15c L Made of ihe washable materials. All sizes. and slipover effects; ol hicks ,j7Bto,
B o ii j 7 . , n,- . . , 1T . , , , A and embroidery; b5c value for v Et'1
$3.00: especially priced tfh y ;,f crrade Fine Silk Lisle Hose, in black, white f rV
at .Wl.O L and colors; the pair 25c J ; , $1.50 MUSLIN PETTICOATS Sac-M
., . . r, .... , r J V quality muslin, with deep flounre of deep S6
-r, I An?t. J v Ribbon Specials
B k r""n VOC Sensational Dress Sale 3'7ch V-Si.lk '.- nTml 1?lhh , .
A r vsvs- for all kinds ol fancy work or trimming; regular J
I " Elegant $8.00 Dress for S2.95 s' l r Knit Underwear Kg:
lOrSet SpeCialS Combination effect silk waist with serge skirt , . D,, Ut , - , G1 . , fc'
el h 41 .-mch Ribbon tancv weave Miinble fo- r,,, grade Sleeveless es1s; each ,mt!'-
j '-;.rr r nC '-f'V -,o,, C,rs.- work. I itir K . h.i- h, ,5, K ,.,., tT k,,,.
H Ii iissicic lubbon and Lace I rimmed 19c rcani. navy, browns and black. ;;;K. ;Hie 1n,.r. r -i,-b.'i
J A r A iiic Lnv. cck and Cuff Knee I A v 1 : f 1 JST
I ' " ' ' f JfCTt

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