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Breaks Definitely With Party
and Tells Followers to
Hold a Convention of
Their Own.
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tionn The meeting was In Fession fnr
'vniy minutes, In which time Colonel
Hoos'-veK ntftds s flat declaration of his
refusal to abide by the decision of the
convention as it now s',iii3
Pennsylvanians Bolt.
Bvsry leader prssent wa sent out at
top speed to oa.ll together the members
of h!s delegation. Megaphone announce
ments were made- Messengers were dis
patched In every direction In ten min
utes every Roosevelt delegate in or near
the ""onprss hotel war, In the Floren
tine room The meeting was called to
order t 11 o'clock by Flinn. It was
necessary for him to rap for several min
utes before he could be heard He said:
"Gentlesnen, sixty-two otit of Butty
four of the PApnsvlvynia delegation have
voted to leave this convention. We spent
two hours discussing the proposition.
They say their duty is more Important
than any they may have In November.
Yen d If Kate" have witnessed the action
i of the national rtomralttea.
Denounces "The Bunch."
If thU Lhlng is to continue we micht
a iy)J quit holding national conventions
end tarn it over to Penrose, Murphy and
" P.tg Steve' ?nd the rest of their kind,
it is had enough to have to ftght thorn
in every state and ovary insular pos
session, but it Is worse to have to go up
ajjalnsi a Lunch lik this."
S C Carrlngton, Jr.i the member of
i credentials committee from Maryland,
Interrupted i
"1 Just the credentials committee.
I told them I was ashamed to stay
"tY'v. p.-as the chjiirnian-:'" shouted a
"Per Ine.'' '.
The name was erected with hiss OS.
"I ssld I considered h a disgrace to
It in such ommittee and I would walk
du and I did it.'- said Carrington.
"Hooray foi Maryland." was the. shout. 1
Flinn Again Makes Speech. J
"The) wouldn't let us hove nten-r- J
haphers noi an-- publicity They put the (
gas i 'iic on us ,'it once' Bald Carrlngton,. i
Flilin again addressed the meeting. (
"I tielieve we should have gone, out of i
: . convention the moment they elected 1
Root." he shouted. '
"We will carry the x:ate of Pennl- j
pi '.ania. ' a voice shouted.
West Virginia." shouted another
: "Ohio."
! ' 1 "h llfornia."
I t "Tennessee,' were the shouts from all
i parts rf the hall. J
One Man Makes Protest.
There r a esse r,f the nomination of J
Theodore Roosevelt," ciied Flinn "r j
dn't care BO much about it. He doesn't. J
Sever again will a national committee J
duplicate the crooked and rotten methods 5
of t his oommlttee." 5
T'elrgaie King of Nebraska leaped to )
a chair and shouted a protest i
"if are leave tuts now. we are quitting j
hefore we are lletced." he shouted. "We
will win In iime if you light right. I bog J
Df you, do not talk this way. You are J
Injuring Theodore Roosevelt more than ;
any Otfiei my, We are deserting before 5
the battle." )
"No. we are not," shouted a voice.
Yea. we are, ' said King
P"Hnn ranperl King out of order S
"I am going out of this convention
the time fixed by Theodore Roosevelt '
"honied Flinn. "I am (rolnR to follow
that great an.) wonderful man."
"What docs he say now?" shouted s-me
"Go out." med flinn. "and we are go
,' ing wth him."
Roosevelt Asks Recess.
immediately following this announce
ment bj Fllnn there was a disturbance
ftt the door and R'V--eveii entered, r-.
ortd hy policemen. His face wa
Si "Wing He walked through the crowd
which xnouted In weicome and mounted
the platform. It was some minutes befon
he could be heard.
"I am going to ask vou to take a re-
esa until I can gel certain facts," said
Rnonevelt. "I ask you not to enter into
d 'session ,Jnlu j am abl, IO pin rrrta)n
Tacls beforo you.
"I can tell yon the n a ruitlin- of
cow t Intend to a-t.
"TO Not Stand It," He Cries.
"I don t intend to aoide b the de
cision of the majority of a convention
crested by fraudulent delegate"
They are not the convention of the
Republican party,
"I am for a convention in which sit
the men elected by such states a Wash
ington and Arizona and not men ap
pointed by the defunct bosses of New
Jersey. Pennsylvania. Kansas and Masaa-
"This Is not a case of a me;-,, fac
tional fight, i Shut the door, he shouted
, some one tried to force his way Into
th room.)
"I hold the time has come when wc
must aaaer! the right Of the people t"
own the national convention.
This bad faith vltialea any propost-
Am An Honorable
M Record
H You have only to look hack
I over our record of successful
I bervice to see why bo many
I people select this Institution to
I protect their savings and
!! HI through which to transact
I their other financial affairs.
B We pay 3 per cent interest
I on commercial account, invite
Savings Deposing and furnish
I 6 per cent Secured Certificates
; I for the investment of sums of
U"H $100.00 or more.
'P&m 52 MAIN aT-
Credentials Committee
CHICAGO. June 19 M.mker. of tt.
! credential committee as selected are as follows:
! ALABAMA Alexander 0. Birch I
ARIZONA Robert h. Morrison. i
ARKANSAS R. S. Granger, j
! CALIFORNIA Francis J. Heney. )
ji COLORADO Thomas H. Devine. j
l CONNECTICUT J, Henry Rorabeck.
DELAWARE Edmund Mrtchell
FLORIDA H. B McFarland. j
GEORGIA Henry Blum, Jr.
j IDAHO C. St. Clair.
!; ILLINOIS R. R. McCormick.
jl INDIANA 1 A. Hemenway,
i; IOWA J. A. bavitt. . j
j KANSAS Ralph Harris j
jj KENTUCKY M. J. Galvin,
MAINE-J'esse M. Libby
i MARYLAND Edward G Carrmgton. i
j MASSACHUSETTS None chosen.
MICHIGAN T. W. At wood.
MINNESOTA Hugh T: Halbcrt.
j MISSOURI -Tcsse Tollerton.
MONTANA 0. N. Lanstrnm.
j NEBRASKA--H E. Sarkett.
NEVADA W W. Williams,
j NEW HAMPSHIRE Fred W. Easthrook.
NEW JERSEY J A. Boyd Avis.
NEW MEXICO Hnrro Seaburg.
NEW YORK W R. Maltby.
j NORTH DAKOTA W. S: Lauder.
OHIO .John Sullivan
OKLAHOMA Daniel X orton. f
OREGON A. V. Swift.
PENNSYLVANIA Les N. Mifehell. .
RHODE ISLAND rroorpe R Lawton. i
TENNESSEE lohn F Early.
TEXAS C A. Warnken.
UTAH William Spry. .
VERMONT .1. Qray Estv. j
' WEST VIRGINIA Harry Sh aw.
; WYOMING F. W. Mondell.
ALASKA Louis P. Shaekleford i
H A WALT Charles A. Rice.
PHILIPPINES Thomas L. Hartigan.
tlon. Fraud destroys anything No
ordinary precedent applies In the case
of conspiracy
"' hold 11 SB clear as day that a ma
Jority of the menibern of the late na
tional conimiti ee determined tr, seat
noiiph of the Tnft delnj,.! (3 n,,i elected
to deairo the antl-Tafi majority elected
h h0 people.
"The caMe; of Wa5hinton. Arizona.
Texas, in-iiaiiM. Michigan. Tennessee,
Kentucky. Oklahoma. Alaska hik! Ala
hHnia liave cnoiijch In common to make
It evident thU Is a travesty on justice
"if those fraufinint dalesates are ;!
loweii fatK. this convention is not a Re
publican cons ent Ion and Is not entitled
to recognition.
'Now prentlemen. I should like to ask !
yon to come hack later. Can you come
back: later?"
' You bet WB can." went up a choTUB
frcim all over the lower part of the
"Very welli pentlemen, ii is now 11.30.
Suppose you come hack here at lC.T.n T
have certain thlntrs to look up. And
certain facts to ascertain. I want to lay
Ih'm before rou "
Roosevelt .lumped from the platform
and was hurried through a side door hy
the police He Immealately entered his
"nrad'guarters and went Into conference.
Conference Lasts Long.
.Hundreds of Roosevelt delegates and
enthusiasts were waiting outside the con
ference room to hear from Mr. Roose
velt again In accordance with his promise
CHICAGO. -Itine 13 The lout: expected
ernsh In the Republican rankf eame to
nljfht. Tie Roosevelt forces, ociin the)
said, under the personal direction of tin
colonel himself, began fr lav planr. fpr
innepen'len; action itt the natlonaJ con
vention. Km b forerunner f the more
dra.siw action expected in thfl oohvantlon
tomorrpsv or Friday the Roosevelt mem
bers of the committee on credentials
withdrew from that body--withdrew In
person and In effect withdrew all of the
Roosevelt contests which had been scaled
down from !? to 7K
Colonel Roosevelt tonight was In th
midst of a series of exciting conferences
and wa busy figuring on the loyal dle
gstrs whi'-h he could expect to carry srlth
him out of th convention, or rather Into
a separate convention on the Coliseum
floor In event the crUls Is reached.
Bent on Bolting.
People who talked With h colonel to
night said no longer waa there any doubt
as to his attitude Convinced that tin
credentials committer was against hlrn
and would retain the contested Taft dr-ie.
gates In their sis. Colons! Roosevelt
decided to go no further with his futile
t'Kh! In regular convention
The colonel would not Is.? fl formal
Btatsment u, hia varlike Intentions
ary in the evening, but was said to
have ma1 his position clear to his fol
lowers cm of tho .-.inferences at his head
quarters wre caching.
late ast night to meet them soon after
midnight and to counsel with them for
tinal determination of a programme The
appointed hour had long passed before
there was any sign of the conference's
breaking up.
With Mr. Roosevelt were Senator Dixon
Glfford PInchot, Francis J. Henev and
other leaders of Ids forces and members
r the credentials oommlttee. who i0ft
the regular meeting of that committee.
Messages which came from the room n
fllcated that, the conference wa- stormy
and that many of Mr. RoOfle velt'8 adher
ents were urging caution.
Bolt Talk Scares Wilson.
Congressman Wilson of Chicaxo, a
member of the Illinois delegation in
structed for Roosevelt, came from the
conference room considerably perturbed
"I think they win come to their Senses
before long' said Wilson. "Thsfl OTB
beginning to realize that thev cannot
play with tire without getting burned."
"Is that the trend of the argument in
there- ' he was asked.
"Yea, that 1b the trend of the argu
ment, of many who are there " he re
plied. While the conference was In Kesstlon tho
report spread that the anti-Taft forCBB
had engaged Orchestra hall for a mass
rreetlrig at 1 o'clock this morning and
that Colonel Roosevelt was to make a
speech. Investigation showed that the
hall had been renter!, hut the engagement
had been canceled twenty minutes before
the hour set for the meeting.
Senator Borah Of Idaho. It was reported
declared as h- left the Roosevelt, rooms
that he would not bolt.
The Mlnsoini delegation In the conven
tion had a caucus tonight f"i ths pur.
pose, it w.-i.s reported, of formalh launch
ing a boom for 'hucriior I ladle. f,,r
president The remarkable demonstration
given the Missouri executive in the con
vention today, together with the sudden
turn In affair, was t , i,aVe strength
ened their belief that the time was ripe
for bringing forward a compromise can-
Tn the meantime there w;t(, much talk
Of Justice Hughes of New York as the
csndidate nf the convention. Pome of
the. leiders ventured to suggest a tlckel
of Hughes and Hadley
Thrown Into Panic.
The fact that the Taft forces strength'
ened their hold on the convention in the
test vote today, getting SK4 'otes as
against B5S on yesterday, threw the op
position tntn something of a panic. The
Roosevelt ote m the convention todav
wa Sln. but It was reollred thai twenty
six votes from Wisconsin, ten from
Iowa ami ten from North Dakota, must
be deducted from thai On a prasldentls
ballot. While hut few of the Tnf voter
could be gained.
The Taft people were exultant tOnlshl
They denied Intimations from the Rous.
volt side that thev were considering a
(Continued on Pigs NineT)
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tall, spare, angular, has -, re.-i- by rather
than a resonant voice. But be I IBS things
to say and Bays them c..slly. And in the
midr-t of iie.-it ami denunciation, threats
and criminations, he remains calmly judi
cial, clear and fair.
This poise, this demeanor, have won
everybody thai when n. rough-hOUSS ora
tor from Colorado named Thomas Devine
made a lingual assault on IT.idley the
Taft men on the floor and In the gal
leries .lolned in the hoot at his hood
lumism. The one demonstration of the strained
but generally stupid proceedings came
when today s tedious debate was dos
ing and HadJey stepped up to lay a few
words. There had been a previous effort
to get. up a shout for Jim Watson the
able leader of the Taft side of the do
bate, bur. that shout petered pitifully,
and when the first notes of the Hadley
noise rang out It WBS generally expected
tlicy, too. would soon file away and that
the cheerless convention would remain
cheerless to the end.
Put backing the enthusiasm for Hadley
was the Roosevelt enthusiasm and before
we knew tt we were In the midst of one
of those demonstrations of veiling and
cheering and pounding the floor that
make American convention" notable.
Started by California.
California began things hy unfurling
her two blue and gold banners They
soon were compelled by the officers
programmed against Roosevelt. to fold
them again. Rut they soon bnd their
golden bear on the top of its pole danc
ing In the niMe. holding it Up as the
serpents Ware hold up in the wilder
ness, a sign and symbol of the progres
five cause.
The marker; of the states began to
come up and dance with the bear and
a howling parade was half set cm foot.
Texas Rooseveltlkna got to shouting in
unison. The yell that had started feebly
herame n rom and continued minute
after minute with considerable volume.
Assemblyman C. C Toung of Berkeley
bore that golden hear up and down the
markers of many states and got to fol
lowing after the marker of Missouri.
But after all more than half the galleries
were only noisily enthusiastic In occa
sional spots.
Woman Appears.
Then suddenly came the woman and
all was changed.
She was In a front seat in 'he sec
ond gallery over the main entrance A
supple well-rounded figure showed in a
white dres, a touch of purple on the
hat. a hunch of pink flowers at her belt.
A young woman withal
Suddenly, giving way to the. emotion of
the occasion, she displayed a big photo
graph of Colonel Roosevelt; let out a
few deep-lunged feminine yells ann ne
gan swinging the photograph In one hand
and her handkerchief In the other Mcr
eves were agleam, her cheeks aflame,
her white teeth showing In the ccstacy
of her smile.
This wax a woman beautiful to look
at But she was more. There v
something 'n 'he zip. something In the
dash of tier whole manner that Started
the thrill In the spinal marrow of those
who looked up at her. that moved the
voice to err aloud and the hand to loss
the hat In the air.
Tt waa the Joan of Are. Quality, and !n
no time that concentration of womanly
enthusiasm had Inoculated the v. hole
piaee with her emotion, she transformed
a perfunctory and planned Veil rally Into
an outburst," a hysteria, a frenzy.
Wild Excitement.
Foung and L,1ssner of California car
ried the golden bear up to her. Then
they carried her down to the main floor
amidst a pandemonium of approval. They
took he(- to the front of the main plat
form and boosted her up among the
press men.
Tn the crush hT gown was somewhal
disarrayed, her picture had been torn in
two; hut under the Influence of her
beauty and her genius for exciting, in
flaming her fellow beings, the demon
stration became volcanic. Everybody
was up now. Some of the Taft delega
tions put their markers out In the danc
ing serpentine of the floor No mnn
could "ay whether that rip-roaring trib
ute was for Roosevelt, for Hadley, fori
the woman. Surely of the three the
woman had the greater part.
A woman did the same thing for Bryan I
Sixteen yea.ru ago. But how different now.
Chairman Root fretted visibly under
thla demonstration for a cause that was
riot his own So he sent a Bergeant-at j
arms to order Mrs, Davis down from her"
place on a press bench.
So the woman went back lo her gal
lery; the noise died away, after about
forty-five minutes of real yelling, and the
stea mroller rolled on and oil and on.
Relief to Dull Day.
it was a relief to have the demonstra
tion toward the end of a dull, lugubrious
fiay. There was no cheering of known
leaders as they entered during the as
sembling m the morning. The hand wa3
too much given over to the melancholy of j
big horns to put any ginger nto things.
Even "Dixie" hardly started the usual
ecstatic ry with which it i generally
Chairman Root, whose voice is wheezy
and Inclined to go into an executive SBB-
Bion with 'us Adam's apple, employed
Judge Harlan, son oi the laN.- chief UB-
tice, to act as barker for him, and Har
lan did the menial service well.
Soon it was announced there would be
three hours of debute, equally apportioned
between Governor Hartley's side and Jim
Watson's side, on Hadley 's motion to
Substitute ii purged roll for the roll made
up by the national oommlttee.
Everybody knew what the outcome
would be. for Tuesday's lineup had "set
tled the 'lit -hop," as some westerners
say. Bul debate was necesaan to make
the record ami so the "wind blew fear
ful" for h good deal mor.- than three
hours, while stomai hs were empty and
limbs and cats ached with the long strain
of sitting and listening.
Hadley Given Cheer.
1 Hadley was given a cheer when lie
opened and "Oh, vou hi" dark horse"
came In stentorian rotes from the gHl-i-rv.
There was mild cheering for R.-.oe-veit
when something from htm was -"a-i
by llad'.ey. and milder cheering over Bo
rah. Krnnk V. Kel ogg mid colonel i ,
Lyon Of Texas. But there was no steam
behind any Of the noise. making
"The party's bfe depends on the de
slon on this question." said Hadl
his mild but earnest wa" Wei t
party's dead then. Its life has 'been
rolled out.
"The nominee of this convention will
be defeated if the American people I hint
.he nomination was given by delsg
dishonestly se.ited. and everybody know
Tail will be defeated. That a-, good ...
settled now."
Hadley referred hriefly and in passing
to the California ca-se and that's all
thai was satd on that afflicting subject
during aJl the day. The case flashed
briefly toward the close but It was a
Hash In the pan.
Laughed at Dovell,
W, t Doveii or Washington, young
man with a strong hut nasal voice, put
r R in the Ananias club tn the msttc:
Of the delegates from the extreme north
western tnte Me w as booed a good deal
for his pains and was laughed at when
he closed!
1 enme from my far-off state to place
my hand on my heart and tell .vou what
Is true."
ft Is fatal to be laughed at.
"I'M support the nominee, of this con
vention, but OBly on the condition that
his nomination is not accomplished by
fraud and thievery," shouted Henry J.
Allen of Kansas, and
"Get out now ! cried a voice from the
Senator Hemenwsy's attack on Colonel
Cecil Uyon of Texas started some tumult,
and to the Pennsylvania delegation the
speaker si- u t I
"I'll put Penrose above Plinn even
time." This ea.uscd more tumult, and RoOl
insisted the noise should case and the
Pennsylvantans listen to "the reasonable
and decent argument" of Hemenway.
Lie Again Passed.
t)-orge I. Record Of New terser,
prosily lalked BVerybOdy Into disorder OB
the Roosevelt sld Of the Arizona and
Indiana cases and two Indiana, dele
gates shook fist;, at each other and
yelled "Liar." loudly But It was long
r.inge firing nnd nohody was hit.
'If you indorse government hy mi
nority." concluded Record, "the Ameri
can people will revolt and the Republican
parte will be Injured or destroyed."
Roberl r: Morris of Arizona, fiercely
and furioualy took up the Taft side for
the delegates from I1I3 new state and
was booed lor his pains when be threw
things Into teeth
Thomas Dcvlne of Colorado mad'! a
forceful attack on everything in sight,
and was thoroughly hissed for sneering
at Hadley and saying that he only kept
f Missouri agreement when It was to
his Interest to do so.
"OH, you Guggenheim," was hurled M
Devine ns a term of reproach, as the ti
tanic Lorimcr had been used against
Senator Bradley on the preceding day.
C. C. Dlttleton, a Tafi delegate from
TeN.a, surprised everybody by defend
ing Cecil Tyon, the Roosevelt leader, from
some attacks by the roaring Devine.
And so. through much speaking and
little eloquence, the convention slowly got
down to thr.t Hadiey-Roosevelt demon
stration and to the rollcal by states on
Watson s motion to lav Iladley's motion
on the table.
California Squabble Again.
When California was reached. Governor
Johnson arose and shouted;
"California, "6 no!"
"I dispute that," suddenly raid HI. IT
Tryon, appearing from behind Chairman
Root, where he bad been hidden away.
"fall the roll," ordered Root.
"Where ore these challengers?" roared
Johnson. "Where ore they? I don't see
them. Here we have our full delegation
Of twenty-six delegates."
Sure enough, Charles S. Wheeler and
Phillip Bancroft were sitting, delegate
badges on their breasts. In the California
delegation seats, hut Tryon and Meyer
field rose front behind Root and had their
votes recorded. Johnson denounced and
protested, hut nil In vain and the steam
roller again pr's -ed over poor California s
prostrate Teddy hoar, leaving It all a
BCjuaah. And tonlcht the Califomians are again
meeting and caucusing and debating as
to Just how and when and where the big
Uovgrnor WkodC
Anti-Taft Motion
Ii Laid on Table
-.asjBgsjgshL. .,.'v BHflnPtT-
boit shall take place when and -where
the last fist shall be shaken, the nst OUSS
word hurled, the last goodb.e shouted
with the accent on the bye.
CHTCAGO June 13. Talk of a definite
rupture In the convention was insistent
tonight in the Roosevelt camp. Reports
of this nature were repeated with such
f reciuency as to lend color to the belief
that they -were well founded. The use o
tlie term "bolt, : however, was avoided
bv supporters of the ev-presldent, whose
contention is that should there be n final
break thev nnd not their opponents Will
eonstltute the genuine Republican con
vention. The Roosevelt programme will he this
Should 1 he credentials committee uphold
the temporary roll adopted by 'he na
tional committee and the oOUVention in
turn accept the report of the credentials
committee, thereby finally eating the
delegates whom Colonel Roosevelt says
have been fraudulently placed on the
temporary roll, those of the ex-president's
adherents who are willing to stand
with him through thick and thin, will
withdraw from the convention on the In
stant. The plan does not contemplate with
drawal of the Roosevelt delegates from
tho Coliseum, but the holding or a double-headed
convention In the snme hall
Ai soon as word of the final breai Is
flashed to Colonel Roosevelt over his
private wire, it Is said, he will b
whirled hy automohlle to the convention
hall to lead ,hl. rtchMmJ
I ro to th" v,ht5sBB
to llie e,,lMr.ni . KVJM i
me,,, hers or hu . ' " Jl
t.okcrs. however, 'Cu,? SB
aa s npertator. d admM
Reports of fm. , 1
of the authorlt L, ft VWsl
ventlon . , ri.
r'rcnmBtance, v ,,D ht iK,
"hmntiir, ..y tisy.
" !n,!in IB
or si e,t .,,- ,CrwK
'Ihorltj of thl cjJl
Moment of Rupture J
It was planned that tn. 1
on'estrd rieU.,,,'-. v,(imt
the vote for presided a hM
the Roosevelt faction
lh,6 11 ,:' nellies "Jh- vM
were ehosen UlHZjgL
broken away herauac" iw"'
tht be was making M
'pie and not for y VU
It -.a, pointed o,, fVi?? M
speech Mondaj '
a .-.opt a vole to sea, thedilM
vor " l11 J)
In an lnt.en-ew rrht, pa.J I '
Rooseveli to,d the k JryM
ence o- Wt.llant A'en
that should the eonv
delexate-, he would ..y
ne.-t ion with the r Z'I
two Rep,, . .,r(,, ; l
would be nor.-.inncl ZmU
Mean candidates f0rl 2M
lean candidate. r -.ni'lB
trict, and "wo rtep-.ii)'jCjJ JH
every lcajl
"M:ike no mlstike." u,j M
nor "Tr those trviAWM
Believes He Could Wia, R
Colonel Rooseve't'i 7),, .SI1
M01 is known n ylt that"i.v5B
Independenl ticket h. -mWWW
flghtlne chance tn win it B f
He believe, tS??Ml
1 !'; MPm
better f.-,r him to Kn flotm ic M
overruled by the aW ,Blj
the n.h-i',n r-.;M -ibB:
the support of a rridV.rit
outside the e-trem ait tstsm
crease his strength ' - !--h9
'he Democratic party.
Some R-.-.sr-.-eii 1 rv-iM
to be tugging at rbie !4U
fornia and Pennsvlvanls dasfl
cording t - reports wrf ItgB'BJi
break yesterdav "nn?B fsH "I
Roosevelt met with hit flntH
deemed wiser, hnw.-tr, bH f
convention's final riling mm
delegates before ts.klng d3H t
Hadley 's Eoomlet. J Eti
The Hadley .-'"i-- cnBV
today's demonstration In '-kM
said b- pfHirtera ?gS mm
iv, r.;na)jfl
sire to defeat hlrn at all "M
wllilng to (h rert Taft 1' neaH
compllsh Hi's enri. CoIg.kIH
(Continued on Pags sfl
$1000.00 for 50 f
Jingles in Jup
(Wc paid $1000.00 for 50 Jingles in f
$1000.00 will be paid in June, 1912, for Post Toasties JingleHV
to each of 50 persons who send in crisp, snappy Jingles most Mtim
for a "Post Toasties" Jingle Book. j
Names of persons from whom Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., purchamiri
Toasties Jingles in May will be mailed on receipt of stamped andaiB
envelope. J
We Paid $20.00 for this original May Jingle FINISH THIS JINGLE gT
(Given as exajnple only) J
Father ii busy man and has a hungry look. Daddy"B on the en'ne ,hat frSl,
Mother is a suffragette and ha no time to cook RutlB a a minute or fa'cr " 1 , E"1
Baby's hat Is in the ring, he wante a little lunch, When he'B home to he sayB Waists.
So Brother shoutB around the honse "Toasties for the mm v ,i
Bunch." 'Ml
Purchased from R T FRAMBE8, mil In this line, n-entioning Toasties and Wtov
6123 Musgrove St. Gerrnantown, Phila.. Pa. m , .-
Sign here--Name Date .
Street City State 'ith f
Address and mail your Jingles to W
' MM Buflir;' j
Use of above form of answer is suggested, but not required. Hfti'g r
We will buj Posl Toasties Jingles, accepts- sportsman don 'I iry. for wc have n0mkU),
bio for in h .linprle Book, received during Jim,', those v.iios,- Jm-l-s nr not
1012. at $20.00 oach MMl
Fill in the missing line nf the irjK
Only the Jingles we pay for will be used, but printed above, making ihc last lin !Blidit.:
no Jiniiles. u h-ther pmhasnd or not. will ho re name "Posl Toasl or Te.ri " 9t
,un""1 rhyme and metre. VhdiV
Tli'' nainrs and uh I r.-ssf, ,.f tho writers of tho Or, write an original Post ToastiM JJtorn
-lO-lin-los pnr.'liasod m June. 1!P2, will bo print.- 1 less than 4 lines, any one line of whMT
and mailed to each enquirer who sends us a Ic tain "Post Toasties" or "Toasties." IFjiiBlii
stamped and addressed envelope for return , nad i Jes
As many Jinrl may be s,,,,mltt JJtcornb
Tho Jinnies will he judrred honestly upon merit, . Jinple suhm'-Tie.-l in M-y. 1-- "W.
so if yoil are a sensitive person and not a good sidered in this June, 1912, offer. Jf
0n- ran make this a pleasant form of entertainment, may make Som- extra moiie.v. ''WjW
become acquainted with mm L
Post Toasties U
the delicious, ready-to-serve, crisp bits " to& 'M.
Try a dish with some milic or cream and a sprinkle of sugar. I

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