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Interest Centers in Election of
President and Choice ol
City for Meet.
Delegates and Visitors Lin joy
Trolley Ride Through Fa
mous Emigration Canyon.
The floai aesslOna or the trl state con
vention of the Fraternal Order Of EOaglos
111 he bkl today, opening in the main
hall of til? local aerie l 10 o'clock In
lerest Milton in the election of a presi
dent of this division oi the order to uc
rtA C A. Boyd Thera ro three good
men in th rat.n and the contest promisee
to be, close They are W. J. Costello,
Sand Point, Jd.v : K. R. Gelger, Ogden,
and I IK, Hardy. km . Wear. The aenfl-me-nt
last night ;iprare,i ,- evenly di
vided that a prediction ac to who will
win in the contest wotlld ba fu:ie.
Next in interest is the selection Of Hi"
city for the holding Of t!i. 101" ,on
ntion. The Ely delegation la making
a hand fight for th-s distinction and bids
fair to win, although orj?,, js in- tlx
rare with omc advanUisres hv reason of
geographical location.
Yesterday was devoted largely to pleas
ure by the delegates and isitors. Mouv ;
enjoyed the trolley rids through Eml j
gratlon canyon and also th organ re- I
clral at the tabernacle. The SSSSiOn ol
the accredited delegates held at I o'clock I
as devoted solely to ij-- business of the
order. In the evening I here was n :
smoker, to which all members of the I
order who were In the olty were Invited I
rod this function was attended bj more 1
;'ian son persona, J. J. Thomas presided
find thr programme was varied enough to
furnish amusement and entertainment tor I
all. j
At tonight's ss.!on, which Opens ! R;
o'clock, competing decree teams will ex
emplify the ritualistic work of the order.
. At a meeting with the mayor and the
commissioners yesterday at noon, after
the regular session had ben held. Hie
matter of the celebration or the opening
of Salt Lsk, City's nee White Way
on Saturday evening, lime 29 waa inken
1 1 n . Frcpman Morningstar and Orson H
Hewlett presented tentative plana for
ihe celebration. After considering the
matter, the mayor suerccsted the. ap
pointment of a. marshal of Ihe day. Les
ter Freed was asked to act In 'hat ca
pacity and on his noc:-p! ance his ap
pointment as marshal -.vas confirmed.
The city commls pinners as a whole Will
rie with the mayor In making the cele- I
bratlon one Of general civic interest.
the Reorganised Church of Tesua
1 ' rj.-t of Latter -day S.n;s Finer A. M
i hase in charge, la f'ttlng up a neat tnt
On East First South street, north side,
isl Tel of Becond K.ist street, where
i a inembera purpose to hold meetings
nightly during the pleasant summer
months. The aervlcea wlH begin to
I. i night
pany filed yesterday a notice of amend-
uj inent Increasing the capita from $5,000,-
fifift to 17.600,000 Notice already has
been filed in Wyoming and this was the
last step In the matter The change in
capita! was agreed upon early In the
j ear, as announced by The Tribune at
that time.
A PETITION f.-'i a franchise for a spur
track on Third West street, between
First South ."nd South Temple, streets,
v in filed yesterday nlth the city re
corder by the Oregon Short Line railroad.
he track Is to he used for the Taylor
. rmstrong Lumber company.
suit for divorce was filed yester
day in the Third district court bv Charles
Peter against Lydia Peter alleging I
cruelty. Speolflrallv Peter charges his '
v if e with declaring that he loved her'
a ther end brother more than she did
j ' him.
A COMPLAINT was issued yesterday
bv the county attorney's office charging
F.arl T Simmons with assault with a
deadly weapon. Pauline Simmons, his
wife, ia the complaining witness and
charges that Kh wac attacked with a
I taor on .Tune 1 2.
,i psterday In the county attorn-;--' ofi'r-c. 1
ngalnat Ool. r. a Birch, proprietor of
the Caaa Contentla, Ttrcifih South and
Vrpi Temple streets, charsrlng him with
erlllnK lionoT in dry territory.
THE BODY of F.dward Burns, a once
famous joekey, who flip at the I T-1 -Croas
hosplial last. S'ind- was lowered
to the gravn In tlir City cemetery yes
terday followinK short services at the S.
r. TCvans mortyary cliapei.
find the owner of a bunch of keys, foimd ;
hv a mail carrier on Mair. wiret Tuesday
" OrnlnF. The 1 c r-. s nrr- in (lie. custody
rf the postmaster and will he returned lo
the cialmnnt. .roing ownership
LA FOREST E. LIBBEY machinist.
'"g;dii. resterdaj filed s petition in vol
untary banlcrupicy in the federal court.
He give? his liabilities al r,r- and his
iiHsets at $inao. He (.-laim exemption to1
the extent of Jr'0.
there will be - ipeclsl meeting of
l.vnds chapter. No. 1. Q. K. S., held at i
the Masonic temple this evening. Fol
lowing Initiation, the members of the
chapter win entertain at -.t musical a am'
Bemben Of the order Invited.
OUT OF SYMPATHY f.r the "Potter
Rnef!!"." the Native Sons of rtab have
postponed their annual outing, which waa
to have been held at Wandamen exl
week, until Wednesdshr. .Tuh it.
8 F. redman leavr-h ttda morning for
ChlcagOi where ha will attend the annual I
ronventlon of the Dlnols Furniture and
Siorage aasocistion He expects to be!
absent from the city for about tn days.
an interlocutory decree oi
orce was granted yesterdaj In the Third 1
district court li Judge 'i'-orse ij. Arm
itrong to Mari'vi P. P-lnton from Rob
ert N Brinton.
Tmmanuel Baptist church a ill ni-i In
the ladies' parloi rodaj al " p. ni Hem
hers of th church and congregation sTS
t'crdlally invited to attend.
umpany will today pn 'JiUdends
atnounting to I 5.000. Th dl ld nd ta
i per eenl on regular .-! per cent on
special stock.
"Hiird Fast street rated 'ho flft-
flrat snrlversar;.- of tl;Mt -.Ariding al
their horn- yesterday. They wees mar
ried in Amsterdam June W.
tlon will p.. 1 t-e " i Mn -
dar, .inn- 24. al the Sail Lake OOramer
ri club, mi excellenl programme has
vn arrn.,-.,o
C. c Marshall, a traveUni mai of
'"dar Rapid, ta.. la an .nniale Of tba
.Tudge-liercy hospital, suffering "row ag
attack of diabetes
I Famous Club Women
Arriving in the City
More Will Come Today; Pub
lic Mass Meeting and Re-
ception to Be Held.
Official train arrives at Denver
& Rio Grande station 8 a. m.
Automobile ride from station,
8:15 a. m.
Public mass meeting at taber
nacle, 10:30 a. m.
Organ recital tabernacle, L2 DX
Luncheon for guests at Commer
cial club, 1 p. m.
Afternoon reception at Hotel
Utah, 2:30 p. m.
Train leaves 5 p m.
BL17B and gold, the colors of the
General Federation of Women's
dubs, will prevail In Salt Lake
tod.'v. The merchants have dec
orated their windows in the fed
eration colors and the same scheme will
prevail at the tabernacle, where a large
mass mei-tinR- this mornig: will be ad
dressed by the official representatives
of the Genmal Federation on their way
to S.an Franrisro for the biennial meet
ins: of the tarxe-M ind most prominent
woman's organization of the Lnlte-d
Tile official train, routed from St. Louie,
the homo of the president of the federa
tion. Mrs. Philip N. Moore, is due to ar
rive at 8 o'clock this morning over
the Denver S. Rio Grande. Seventy-five
delegates will be on board. Including of.
hers and directors of the federation re
siding in the e;ist. The officers are Mrs.
Moore, St. l.ouis, president; Mrs. Joslah
Evans CowleSi Los Ang-ele. first vice
president; Mrs. L, t.. Blan ken burg, Phila
delphia, second vice president: Mrs
George O. Welch. Fergus Palls, Minn., re
cording Secretary: Mrs Frank N Shlek.
Long Befioh. rorre-pondlnc secretary,
sfra John Threadgili, Oklahoma Olty,
treasurer, Mrs Frank Wlilte, Valley
City, N. D., auditor, The dirertors are
Mrs. Alvin R. Roliv Newton, Bias i
Mrn. Elmer Blair, Albany, N. r, Mrs.
Deslia Breckenridye, Lexington, Kv ; Mrs.
Harry L. Keete. Waihili. Neb.; Mrs.
Charles Howard McMabon. Salt Lake;
Mrs. ,f. f'relghton Mathews, New Or
leans: Mr:- John A. Nash. Audubon in.;
Mrs. Eugene EteiUy Dllworth. Charlotte.
N. r
Mrs. Percy Penoypacker of Austin
Tex., one of the candidates for presi
dent of the federation to be w , t r-. i al the
coming biennial meeting, also be
on this train.
To Be Given Welcome
The distinguished guests will be mel a:
the Irain bj nienibers ..f 0,r- hospitality
committee. In automobiles, and taken
for a drive over the City, which will end
at the tahernarle, where the mas meet
ing, to which the public la invited, will i
ne held. This wll he followed bv a
luncheon at the Commercial club, in
dsred bj the Commercial club to the vts
iiors. Alter UUh a reception will be
giv en by i he loeal hospitality Olillttee.
representing the women's clubs of the
it y in th. parlors of the Hotel f'tah
, under the direction of Mrs. .1. jr. Mar
shall, with lea served In the banquel
room. Th train will leave at6 O'clock
I tor Ssn Fra ii-l ero.
i e mess meeting will open at n -.-.n
O'clock; and the general public la !o
Ivlted. The tabuinucle will he prettily
decorated from the tabernacle conserve
I tor.,- ith palms, ferns r,d cul dowera
Tht Mag of the state federation will be
drot.ed at the back of the speakers' nlat
form. Mrs Gouid f Blakely, chairman of the
hospitality oommlttee. will Introduce Mrs.
I A. .1 Qorham, president ,,r the I'tab.
r-oeraion. who win he chairmen or ihe
; meeting. An address of welcome na he.
: t-aif of Hi" state, written b- Qovernor
lop . ft!! he read bv Mis. GkVrbam
' "t Samuel C ri-k wHl welcome the
visitors on behalf of th cltv. and Pvei.
dent W. W. Armstrona of toe Ootmner
cial cluh Rive e.r. address In behalf of
the club.
. The Principal spi .-kers amonr the iR
Itors w4i: h. Hrs, Philip N. Moors, presi-
dent of the federation; Mrs. L, I .-. Blank
enburg. Becond vice president; Mrs.
Frances S, Potter of Chicago, chairman
Of the library extension and literary de
part thent, and Dr Cornelia De Bey, a
prominent educational worker and ex
member of the ("(iiTiso school board.
Mrs. Potter will bring greetings from the
literary committee of the federation and
Dr. De Bey will specie on "The Value of
Women On School Boards."
The mass meeting will be followed
bv an' organ reoltal, with Prof John J.
McCieiian at the organ, wnia.rd Wei he
will render a iolin solo and M. J Brines
will sing.
The luncheon al the Commercial e-luh
will be served, at 1 o'clock. A number of
Salt Iike club women will take lunch
eon with the Kuests. Covers will be laid
for about 200. The luncheon table will
have a centerpiece of roses and sego
Thp reception committee which will
serve today at the rtah a.re Mis Byron
Cummings, chairman; Mrs Frank Ste
phens, Mrs. A. T. McCanne Mrs Lafay
ette Hanchett, Mrs. G. w. it. Dorsey,
Mrs J R Letcher, Mrs. i harles if
ells. Mrs. L. C, Sinclair. TVTr-. K. O.
LeatherwoOd, Mrs A. Ij. San ford, Dr.
Belle Oemmel, Mrs F. S. Richards, Mrs.
F. W Hayt. Trs. Leiden ( 'la :.on
The tea room, under the direction of
Mrs. L. M. Bailey, will be in '-ha. -fie to
day Of Mrs. W P. Adams, assisted by
Mrs. William C Jennings, Mrs. George
Keysor, Mrs Charles Tcne. Mrs. M M.
Johnson, Miss Margery Pearson. Miss
Helen Rettlcs, Miss Blanch Henderson,
Miss Martha Henderson, MIs.h Helen Wil
son, the Misses MoLauiie and the Misses
Tile reception committee for J'lfla?'
comprise? frn. V L. Parker, chairman:
Mrs. William fteart. Mrs. Sol ieel.
Mrs. George Hancock, Mre. Fred
I-lornung. Mantl; Mrs. Charles L. Rood.
Mrs, John W, Tieiniio. Afrs riarl Dunsbee,
Mrs. V. W. Francis. Mrs. Ira D. Wln.-s,
Mrs. .lohn Earl-.. Mrs. D Ph.elen Mrs.
a. r. Campbell, Mrs Wesley King, ir.
Jane Skolfleld.
Route of Auto Trip.
Following Is Ihe route to be taken in
th? automobile trip which, win be ten
dered to Ihe visitors- Denver ft Rio
r.rnude atatlon to Pioneer nark; e,si on
Third South street lo Main street! turn
down to Exchange place between Boston
and Newhouse buildings, Mininc Ex
change and "Vinintorolal club; down Stiii"
street to cit and County building:
through grounds around building; ast
On PoUrtll South Slreet to S'l.th K.-i-l.
(or Nlnlh Essl If roads ate badj: South
to Main enframe to Liberty park (Sixth
E si and Ninth South-, drive flown
mMiile around easi drive ol pwir,!
out main entrance of Sixth ICast , turn
east to Seventh East; north on Seventh
iCast. to aecohd door north of Eighth
South, east side of street, place- where
Maude Adams lived with grandmother,
from Which place she attended Collegl
ate institute turn eaHt on Seventh
Sonlh to Ninth Bast: north to First
South; Basl to Thirteenth East; around
iitv grounds; ba'k on First South
to Twelfth East; east through Federal
Heights to fori 'if possible), otherwise,
around federal Heights circle; return
down South Temple to Ivxle ,'ale; up
State Btl'Gel tO Flrsi avenue. j;o Slowly
hv Brtfeham 7ounga grave and Row
land ball; up street, to Becond avenue,
turn east on Becond avenue to C street;
down C s'reer to outh Temple to Hotel
I' tab and monument.
C-uests returning Immediately to train
continue down Main to Third South,
thence to Denver A Rio Orande station
Mrs. Blankenburg- Arrives.
Mrs. L. L, Bis nkenburs arrived yester
day monrinc from Lo ngelea and will
remain over today, leaving on the di
re, tors' train Ibis afternoon. Mis. Jo
slah E. Cowles of j,o? Angeles, who v.-a
expected to arrive with Mrs. Blanken
burg, was not able to come
Mrs Blankenburg, who is one of the
most distinguished members of the fed
eration, in addition In her office ?i sec
ond vice president, has be,:n spending
several weeks In California and .-ani" up
t Sail Lab ipecially to meei the Sail
Lake dub women and snjoy the en
tertainment Arranged for today. Mrs.
Blankenbursj l tho wife of 'he reform
mayor of Pfhladelphia
Mrs Frances Squire Po'ler arrived
yeetet'day afternoon from "l-,irut;o. Ar
companlcd try Dr. Cornelia De B-v. Both
City's Legal Department Will
Draft Provision to Protect
Water Supply.
No Camp for Herds Can Be
Made on Water Supply 1
Streams Near City.
As the result of a conference held yes
terdaj afternoon between City Attor
ney Harper J Dinlnny and city Com
missioners F: P. Morris and W. H.
Korns, the lccnl department will draw
up an ordinance defining a nuissuica lo
relation to the befouling of the water
Supply of the city and which is to he
eimeri particularly at the use of trails
through the canyons by sheep herders.
Follows State Law,
The ordinance, which Is to be modeled
largely after the Ftate law, will provide
thai whatever Is dangerous to human
life or health, and whatever renders soil,
air. water or food Impure or unwhole
some, are declared to be nuisances and
to b- Illf-Kal, and every person, either
owner, agent or occupant, having aided
In creatine or contrlbut Ing to the same,
or who may support, continue or retain
any of them shall be deemed guilty of
a misdemeanor
No house refuse, offal, carbage, dead
animals, decaying vegetable matter or
organic substance of any kind shall be
thrown or allowed to remain upon anv
street road, flitch, gutter, public place,
private premises. vacatn lot, water
course, lake, pond, sprintr or Well.
How Sheep are Barred.
Of particular reference tn Lhe trailing
or herding of sheep the provisions will
declare that anv person who shall,
1. Const ruet or maintain any Cor
ral 1. sheep peD. stable; pig pen,
chicken coop or other offensive yard,
or outhouse, where the waste drain
age therefrom shall flow directly into
the waters of any stream, well or
spring- of wnter used for domestic
purposes; or.
Deposit, rjile. unload, or leave
anv manure heap, offensive rubbish,
or the carcase of any dead animal,
where the waste or drainage there
from will flow directly Into the
waters of any stream, well or spring
of water used for domestic purposes;
3 Tlp or wash sheep in any stream,
or construct, maintain or use any
pool Or dipping vat for dipping or
washlnsr sheep In such close proxim
ity to any stream used by the in
habitants of any city, town or vil
lage, for domesllo purposos, a.s to
make the waters thereof impure or
unwholesome; or,
4. Construct or maintain nnv cor
ral, ynrd, or vat, to be used for the
purpose of shearing or dipping sheep
within twelve miles of any city,
town, or village, where the refuse
or filth from the said corra.l or yard
would naturally find its way Into any
streams of water used by the Inhau
ltants of any city, village or town,
for domestic purposes; or,
5 Establish or maintain anv cor
ral, camp or hedging place for the
purpose of herding, holding or keeping-
any eattle, horses, stfeep or hog3
within seven miles of any cjry, lonn,
or vIllaRe, where the refuse or flllh
from said corral, ca.mp or bedding
place will naturally find Its wo into
any stream used by the Inhabitants
of any olty, town or village, for do
mestic purposes, shall be guilty of
a inl3(lemeanor.
At high noon yesterday the nuptial?
Of Horace Eugene Barber of :;6rj Noi-th
Sixth West street and Miss Anne E.
Walsh, daughter of Mr said Mrs. Henry
Walsh of 730 West Third North street,
were solemnized In th temple. Apostle
Heber J Grant officiating.
In the evening the young couple held
a reception at the home of the bride
groom's father, which was attended by
1 23 or more of their friends.
will have prominent places on the fed
eration programme. The two noted
guests were met at the train by Mrs.
Gould B Blakely chairman of the hos
pitality committee, and Mrs. c. T Van
Winkle, chairman of the pre.ss and pub
licity committee. They were taken to
Ihe Hotel Utah where they will be
guests of the hospitality committee dur
ing their stay In this olty. They will
leave lor San Francisco with the ofiV-iaJ
delegation this afternoon
Mrs Blankenbunk "-io Is at the Hotel
Hta.li, tho guest of the hospitality com
mittee. Headquarters at Hotel.
Headquarters were established at the
Hotel jtah yesterday afternoon by the
information bureau of the hospitality
oommlttee, with Mrs. Elizabeth M. Qohen
in charge. Mrs Cohen requests that
members of the committee can at the
hotel at T:.'!0 o'clock this morning for tho
Information Issued by the bureau.
The hotel will be beautlfu i by the icc
oratlon committee, ol which Mrs F. E.
Marcy is chairman, with cut flowers, a
pink and white color schema will be In
troduced. A large bowl of pink and white
peonies will occupy a prominent place in
the parlors or president's .niUe where
the reception will he lven, and bowls of
pink and white roses will also be npcd.
I The tea table will be adorned with pink
and while roses. Do nations ol flowers
are solicited.
An Interesting aias meeting was held
in the banquel room of the Hotel Utah
yesterday afternoon, at winch Miss Helen
varick Boswall of New York, chairman
Of the industrial and social committee of
tho General Federation, was the princi
pal speaker Mrs. Blmkenhnnr also
made n, hi ief informal talk. Mia A .X
'"i Im rn presided, Introducing the :-pe.ii
Mrs Blankenburg In opening lu.r talk
said. "T would like to say fellow citi.criN,
but 1 am n polities cipher and vou are
"It has sometime. heen charged," Mih.
Blntikenburg continued, "that I ani the
real mayor of Philadelphia, but my hus
band enjoys that distinction and ' do not
attempt to take any part in the olty '
ministration Of course I can somorjm. I
trive him a hint, but no other den on-
f ration is K'iveri of Ihe superiority of the
female portion of the family. "
Mi Blankenburg dwell upon the value
of the women's duo movement in various
- nys and aspecisjly in referent e to h ss
an education for citizenship. She ax
prSSSed unqualified belief In woman suf
frage and congratulated the women ol
Utah on having obtained the ballot and
asked that they help the eastern women
to do likewise.
"The 'ant la' may say al! thev like about
Influence, hut it H influence pins the vote
that counts most.:' she added.
Miss Bos well Is Heard.
Miss Boswell spoke upon "Industrial
and So-r.i Conditions h; KehitliiK to
Women and Children." Mia Boswell
1 spoke of the wonderful Improvement she
noted In P.-ii Lake sinrr a. previous
eight years ao Among other things lie
j mcirlioned the Hotel Utah and said that
Butchers and Grocers of Og
den and Salt Lake Cele
brate at Lagoon.
Barbecue at Which A11 Are
i Fed Without Cost Fea
ture of Day.
The retail batchers and grorers of Pslt
IwiJ and Ogden held their annual bar
becue yesterday at Dagon and it is esti
mated by those in charge that nearly 10:
000 persons vial ted the resort during
the afternoon and about 2 o'clock In the
afternoon both cities began to pour
crown's Into the Davis county resort un
til along towards evening every nook and
booth was filled to its capacity and the
crowd was still Increasing.
The feature of the celebration was the
barbecue stand, which was running from
noon until late In the evening This
booth was arranged so that the crowds
could go In and out In such a way as
to prevent congestion Hot roast beef
Bend'wk.hes with plekles were served and
it kept forty or fifty men busy wrap
ping them and handing them out, besides
a large srjuad of men to cook the meat
and slice the piekies
Athletic Contests.
Early in Lhe afternoon a programme Of
foot races was held for the boys and
girls, there being races for children of
both sexes from 4 to 1-1 years of asre
In each of these events appropriate prizes
were offered and the children who en
tered were made happy BS well aa those
who watched the youthful sporta.
A beauty contest for babies waa alao
held and a large number of infants un
der f. months of age were entered. First,
second and third prize winners, were pre
sented with slh er loving cups. Kenneth
Brighton, son of Thomas Brighton of 110
K street, was winner of flrst prize. Elmer
TTalverson, son of Charles HalverBon, 765
North Sixth West, won second place, and
Leonard Hadlcy, son of Charles HadJey
of 825 Lucy avenue, won third.
In the ovoning a. broncho sliow was
held on the baseball grounds. There were
a half dozen cowboys there, who offered
to ride any hore that, could be brought
from the neighborhood and also offered
to pay S-tO to anyone who could produce
a horse whlrh they eonid not ride.
Careful Preparation.
In preparation for the barbecue noth
inr was spared to make the event a suc
eess In every wry. Fe;erv detail was
placed under the charge of a committee
whose duty It was to look after that par
ticular pari of the programme. The dif
ferent committees have been working for
a long time and tha splendid success
of the day la proof of the earnestness
of their efforts. The train service was
good and there was no trouble in getting
to and from the Iagoon. Traine loft ev
ery hour and a sufficient number of
cars were In service so that every one
was able to get a eeat.
One of the beat featurea of the after
noon waa the free musical concert given
bv tho I'tah Conservatory of Music. 9ome
Of the best musical talent in the city took
part In the programme and the seven
numbers made a delightful hour
A home weddlnp of Interest to a wide
circle of friends was that of Miss Pearl
Gardner and Frederick Peterson last
eienlnsr. The ceremony v.a.s performed
at the home of tho bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W, J, Gardner, 211 East
Seventh South street, at 9 o'clock by the
Bov. Peter A Slmpkin A large com
pany of friends was In attendance. A
wedding supper was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Peterson will be at home
to their friends after June 25 at their
residence. Hit6 Fouth Ptate street.
Will Enter Protest.
The "dam'e hall' ordinance will be a
special order of business before the city
commission at Jts meeting this morning
It ia expected that a number of proprie
tors of dance halls will be In attendance
to enter protests to the passaare of the
she hart been so behind on Salt l ake
history that she had written lo the Knuts
ford for rooms, not knowine that such a
place was no longer In existence aaid was
also lgnora.nl of the charming entertain
ment which had been planned for her by
the Salt Lake club women.
She characteti.r-d her department of the
general federation work as lhe "human'
department which looked after the wel
fare of thousands of women and chil
dren. Miss Boswell eald thai the wom
en's club movement waa at flrsi a purely
literary one, but now Its S'-op,. was much
broader and Its main objerf was no
longer self-culture, but the betterment of
The first thins taken up by 'he club
women when they hesan to awaken to
runT 'It8 fl:an B"-oulture was the
child labor question, since every woman's
heart goes out lo children ami she Is anx
ious lo remove, the blot of child labor
from our national commercial life. From
the Child labor movement the women's
clubs have now enlarged their scope to
all phases of industrial and social life for
women and children.
"The Woman's club Pi trying, in short,
to raise the whole, people an inch, which
IS better than raising the few a mile "
the speaker said.
Miss Boswell paid a high tribute to
th.. work accomplished by the cluh women
of Ltah in the betterment of the condi
tion of the working women, mentlonlnir
PTiloularly the nine-hour law whir-h
she said, she understood was heinir well
enforced. H was easy, elie said, to have
good laws passed, -hut the difficulty was
In King them enforced, and it tvas In
this work that, the w-oman's club became
an eternal vijrtlnnee committee
Mies Boswell said that one of the creat
es!: obstacles in the way of lhe ehUd
labor movement was the reeil of nnrents
rather than am Inclination on X1' '
of employers to engage those of tender
Talkc 0f child Labor.
tvJh,1i natt,0r'a.1 rhU? lab0" mireau. as
the direct outgrowth re' the efforts of
women e clubs, was commendod aa a
step forward. An Important move n the
bmterment oi women and children in the
welVStrwo' ,TrH' frdln Miss Boa?
WaU, would ne the appointment of a
woman assistant commissioner of iHhor in
each slate. She -.aid: n
As in the homo, M )n verv crftflt
movement is the co-operation of a
man and woman necessary to sue
cess. Women ra make suggestions
Which men are. glad to ca.rry out. but
which would never ha.-e occur-!
to the men without a woman's aid
. Jl OCto life of the young work
ing gin nd boy is one that need
careful BupervUlon. The picture
show. for instance, la the grsataat
Institution of the ape: i. . tK
man s theater, where he ltPi2
emeni 11 li therefore dp to the
woman s club to see thai thepicture!
show,, are wholesome and educT
ttonal. Instead of vicloua tw
should be dramatic, sboundlna In hn
man Interest, but clean, to fnrnlim
tnmper amusement for the rlslns
oration among Ihe working classes
Graduation Exercises Held and
Jubilee of Bishop Scanlan
Is Celebrated.
Addresses Delivered; Selection
From Light Opera Is a
Two events were celebrated by the in
teresting exercises at St, Mary's acad
emy yesterday. 11 was the thirty-sventh
annual commencement of St. Mary's and
the slat era took advantage of the occa
sion to celebrate also the silver jubilee
Of Bishop Scanlan s consecration. June
21. 1SS7. Bishop Scanlan established the
Catholic, church In Utah and part of Ne
vada and his dloce.se. which includes all
of L"tah and several counties In Nfavada.
ia the largest, territorially, in the United
The Interesting exercises ebgan at 10
o'clock yesterday morning in the audi
torium of the academy, The stage was a
prolusion of flowers and sboe the pros
oenlum appeared in electric lights the
word "Jubilee."
Vocal Classes Take Part.
The programme opened with one of the
most thoroughly artistic productions of
the general vocal class given this year
This number, which sounded tho keynote
of the day, was the "Invocation Chorus ,"
by Stein -Stollewerk. Beginning softly
and risinc and swelling their notes In
BWeet cadence with the heartfelt sincerity
Of their woi-da ringing In their voices
the vocal cla8 3ang this number Mrs.
E Chamberlain Misses E. O'Neil. D.
Croft and M. Dooly were at the harps,
with S. Griffin at the piano.
"Valse in E. Op. 84, No. 1," by Mosz
kowskl, was en well rendered by Miss
Annie Epan The interpretation of the
theme was clear, and Lhe melodious
theme artistically brought out in fin
ished shades of color, while I lie cresendo
passes would have done credit to a
Jubilee Felicitations.
One Of the principal features nf the
programme was the Jubilee address given
by Miss Nellie PitSmaurlce with a charm
ing simplicity and earnestness that quite
won the hearts of her audience.
Old and fond memories no doubt were
awakened by the "Irish AlrK." The?
as arranged by Thomas were played in
compliment to Bishop Scanlan The se- j
lections of favorite Trlsh melodies, "Come
Back to Erin," "Believe Me, AH Those
Endearing Young Charms" and "TlUB
Harp That Once Through Tara'S Halls,"
were played with sweet expression
The next number, "The Passage Bird's
Farewell " by Ilildach, was one of the I
most difficult and efferrive voral num
bers of the programme The extensive
ring and flexibility of Miss Locke's so
prano contrasted with Miss Mahon B deep,
resonant tones, brought out both voices
to creat advantage.
The harp trio, the sextet frern "Lucia,"
b Oodel'roid, was the offering of St.
Mary's moat advanced ha.rp students.
Mrs. Edward McGurrin, Miss Lydia White
and Miss Constance Johnson. The ac- I
lei. lion was handled In o masterly man
ner, the tone work especially being pow
erful The most admirable feature was
the perfect unison in which the three
parts weie played.
"Oft in the Stilly Night" and "Kathleen
Mavourncen" were aung in quartette j
form by Misses Florence Locke. Nellie
Mahon, Marlon Bruneau and Helen
Brown. The parts were distinct yet
blending and sung with pleasing and
varied expression.
Violin Club Plays
The favorite number and most credit
able given by the violin club was the
"Spring Song," by Mendelssohn.
Miss Fuscliia Forest read an orip;in:-u
poem, "To Our Good Shepherd," in com
pliment to Bishop Scanlan, expressing
many beautiful and impressive thoughts
in a very attractive manner.
The universally favored concert, nuni-
her T.inr.t'n "Rhiiiwnill TCn '.' " tvi c r4ii e.A
ber, Lisrt e Bhapsodle No. 2, was p'jyei
by Mrs. McGurrin and Miss Lydia
White. The Interpretation was excellent
The full powerful tones were beautiful,
while the more delicate embellishments
were equally effective, combining grace,
ciearness and elegance. This selection
was indeed an important contribution to
the programme.
"A School Fete." adapted from a light
opera by Saunders and sung bv the Ken
era I vocal class, was a well set and
graceful scene. The number opened with
the light fantastic song combined with
dancing Miss Edalene O'Nell. with her
eight coryphees, charmed every one with
her pleasing voice and brilliant appear
ance. She was daintily attired in a white
dress decked with rosebuds and per
formed her part In an attractive man
ner. Harp Music Beautiful.
Then followed the Interpolation of Mosz
kov. ski's "Serenade." played on the harps
by Mrs E Chamberlain, Misses E O'Nell,
M Dooly and D. Croft, and piajio by
Miss A. Vanderhoel. and danced with
surprising grar.c for amateurs bv the
Misses D. Whlta, H. Driggan. L Mackav,
IL Berry, M. Hughes, G. Guff In and O.
Kelly. The scene was concluded by a
full chorus and the grand finale brought
forth well merited applause.
The Rt Rev Bishop Scanlan then
conferred the graduating medals and
diplomas In the academic course upon
Miss Josephine CunningliH.m of Bait Lake
City and Miss nnle Egan of George
town, Colo, certificates In the commer
cial course upon Miss Margaret Gibbons of
Tonopah. N,.-.. Miss Permiiia Brutsette
and MIpb Mary Bertagnolla. both of Salt
Lake. A gold medal in music was given
Mrs. E- McGurrin of Salt Lake.
The valedictory wae civen in the form
of two addresses. "What Alma Mnter
Does for He; Children" and "What the
Graduate May Do for Her Alma Mater "
by the Misses J Cunningham and A.
Egan. respectively.
The commencement addreas which waa
delivered by Mr. F. P. Gallagher, was the
concluding number of t lie programme.
D. II. ChHstensen. superintendent of
s' nools. yesterday mailed to members of
the board of education the results of the
eye tests, of pupils of the public BChools,
condu.-ted by Supervisor G. N. Child.
The test included all children below
high school, exrepf First grade puplla.
in several cases, however, thev were In
cluded. ,.m,"r 9 puplla belrmgtng at date,
13912: number of pupils teatod 11,831?;
number 0 pupils wearing glasaea. 8S8:
number of m i p. free from symptoms of
eye dlssass, W.r, number of pupils aus
P".Med of having eye dlseaae in addition
lo 'hose wearing glasses. 25Sn.
Fuplls wearing passes were included in
the number representing the teats mad 3.
Jewish Society Elects.
hfv u ,rtIn? ot the Menorah SoclaJ
c l ib held ln the Bnal B'rlth bail laat
unnday afternoon, the following officers
were elocted for the coming term: Joe
'line president: .lake Si.igol first yfCS
prescient, Sarah Nathan, second vice
president; Ida Frelriman. orator- Her
man Plegei. recorder; Nate Block, audl
ror; Leo PVoidman, treasurer; Fannie
Hhapiro, custodian; Lillian GeaL re- ;
porter, Albert nine, marshal. Mortis I
Ho.senblatt, pat president rrf the or
ganization, become. counselor by virtue
of the provisions of the bv-)awa
Friend, offe
Pany's General MaJ
See VindNon 1
Judge Holds m . H
g, Service of Paper'l
Friends of L l. v U
Voicing al the .'M
tla con r p ft
others araln.t ,v l ' II
urt. Th, dlrmiaSa
Judge Robert H
referred to br1efv , ,. ' 'ill
action was
mi. in the federal .oiVT
ns vr. ,n ,,:r m c
were two suiti. n JF
Nunn, a, gn.ral rrar ML,
Ide company,
to his own . to th. imW'
Imalely S--'. y, A Vmi
money allee lo hav. hTB
prlated was f, -V.,- - h
a-slced that title t0 ., Jl'W
orty. stated to be worth iSbI
arlj,idieat Hi (
Service of the
made May :io. lMl. fn hSjB
1,r manne, ThomU;) r
Cnlted Stales mftr,a 1'BI
tarn ,i r'.'-T
salt L,..i-.e to ,',.,.,,,' ; ' m
bound for the i-. Wffj
meeting ,v i',c .i!r,-.-'-s ;,l,sW,
i-ern.-e .-r,,, id only hf ?M
so Clnrke kept a r,M. ,;W
while tVy were fel0 "Aj.
l.'-it", wh-, r,-,, lrKjr ppvWITl
roo-i I" " rk ':,m"tVH
'- - it -- ! ,!,-, I f
down. which, indeed si
the o.-ei;panl firep- j'hp W, JB
obtained ---er. ; ,,f r, pifM. .
m -:t i .,m i '-'-'lir
t'ro . 1v 'i WW'
fhnf Jin!-;, twis hr!, Mm
in r'':JF
Other word.", thai Me
History of Company, f"
The Telhiride comi.-i:iv M
by Mr. Nunn In 190 1 . .-.MsiCn.
hydro-electric power ii'irnsH
ing company In Coloredr, : . l"'n'
Nunn s mana-er.ii-r.t Ti' t)BWm
he first piactlcal 'lrn''n5tTi'jiKL'
dls-aneo tvansrriNior .mi ittF
Is still doing. ,i va- amnjii iW "I s
work, WW r
The first work of tlif rimnf1
was a i , iBwisrit
known as Nunn s St'itim. ThgKT.
plant; at rhr moc'ti r.f A
al Olmsted. '.i"i. I Vidoi
places of Ctah. Another nBj
r-av Logan i ' '''iB
I-;.',rtle creek pear rU,iin; r'SSBft jsj
1?07 the l.-irprr p'anl of 'BHT.'l
u ri rnri-' rueteil m Gi l'il(Mr '
con:?sn "'' SBWia;
power stations In l"ni". j .
Louis Ku?z. on, of ' ,A?-rMF
'he actio): .!i.-::i:5?-l 'r-'M.Bjd to f
1 Wm Kfjv
it has been g?ne.inl'v iiii.iraMJP
brought the action ' tif WSMpM peo
crs of a mlnorltv ln"":?' 'fl fM;:
'.o he .lis.vitlsfie.i with '''-HMf '
of Nunn as general manitJBsa tDr?
at al! tltnch-. however, hai Bjta)j ba
of Inrire niiijorlfy 'if JJft,
rectors and last vfar. tBB PWtj
In Cleveland, thf jirct'vf SMBJp tri,,
Nunn policies. k.
Majority With Nunn. Jl
There a re :i 'i.-Bjb IV..
board nine of whom ltir ttBS"v
selves on Nu nil's side. fBBV,
terilv opposed ( Nunn t
Those or tlv dirrct.-.- Pile t
behind Nunn'." inanasemr.t MntBjn
Squire. president of ''"L
prominent lawyer of Cltvasgs
Stafford, first vice rr"-,ldt-JBBM rbr
Cleveland -ranks tn' BL.. .
Broadway Savins i T: ,ZF 1
Wolcott, second mco prW'WtBSjtijjjj,
Smithsonian instittitlcn; A lKtt
retarv, nrincipul oarf- tmlm
Manufactt.rlrp ci-ri' .''.-'JBfJa But
of cival tar products, 1 'cr-, M . tK
director, president XtJ lh
Trust comp-in- a-lpnh
director, capit?bst VJfclsnL
ator. Clevelan.l V- k""K f
president National J"'''."!" , ,0
panv, Chicago; P. V 7"B" 1 m
ncer, consultina. onpl" ' "JM
Power company -''f'.'Bii ,k
Bailey, general -w. 'fJBr
four dire, tor? rJf.M-'
adnilnlstration pi , "-r&f
Campbell official '''''iTBBW
St. Louis; est us ' 'ML .
Mercantile Trust WSi
William Storey &ni J- fa" V4
attorneys. Salt I'- , jrtlPl-IVji,
Tho copy of rH)mL '
dismissal Is rxnec; ' ""t
within 3 dav nr y Bt ,
friends Mr Nun " f A
and nnal - indlca iiSET
of Tell' ride -Z-'m V'
U ,h- '-"Hiinerdsl
a meeting yssterdai &m
men of the c''in'11" ,
trr.c of imporun--' w tU IF "oni
man T. L Mitchell o lMfc',
and utilities Kkk01
outline of thj m
. the inveatiyation .;isj
ation. and IMll.. '
that thsre wouM tf?
ri,ent by the tin"
; ;np would bfi hfW, rUMtssMiT
work of the
Chairman '.o" ff fiii o:
r.rrrinverCB "mrriWa fr. D
hart been made n0n.e.fhillMfc hn
tabllshmant of et1rfsJB Wf,
rLU. Local mart." vf
row withdrawn 1S.ijBWrir
proposed bureau- n;fUa MN h
the anrangaments
Satisfaction was U- I lT
n.n hour 'mw
Edward caAJyK
ney, bas tvK. JKI i5
N y a 6 s - 4 JBsWa,
' . . . a atWWWW n..
tried for " T,. f
mlngs, last .l"1'

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