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Mrs. J. B. Cosgriff, Popular Woman, Formerly of Salt Lake, Who Was Hon
ored Guest Yesterday at a Luncheon at the Hotel Utah,
,-ir.nounce the cngagament of their
daughter Ifloette to Daniel Al
exander. Both the young peo
ple are well known socially, tlu
hrlde being prominent in musical, 'as tvei
at Boclal circles! while Mr. Alexander la
one of the rising young attorneys of the
The date for the marriage has
not yet been not.
Th Wedding of Miss Loresfi Leary.
one o' Salt Lake's most popular youns
rlrls. and n compliancy musicians, and
. ; Gibson Thornley Berry, formerly of Ken-
! tacky, took place yesterday t high iroon
j a i the Ltary home In the Uratifsonl.
The ceremony was performed by I'r
William M. radon. In t lie presence of the
family and a few of the young friends of
the bride and bridegroom. Mrs, A Ike
Savage, the bride's dearest friend since
hlldnood. attended her. The bride was
dressed in a handsome suit of white
satin with a lint white and white
aigrettes, and she can led a great armful
t I of white syringe. Mrs. Savage's gown
-!s' was of white with trimmings of
king's blue ribbon, and she '-arried an
armful of blue cor,iflwf-r tic,) with
ifl nf the same shade Following the
sfemony, o wedding breakfast was
served to the company and the young
people left for S.m Pranclsco on their
honeymoon Trip. Thev v.ill ppenri a few
: j days there and will then motor to their
! new home near Eureka, Oa'.., where Mr
I Berry has mining interests.
I A wonderfully beautiful pre-nuptlai
dinner of last evening was that at Which
Mr. Newbouse entertained more than a
scare of guests at his home In honor oi
MISS Vers Edwards. The beautiful home
I brilliantly lighted throughout, and
n,is aorgeous with American Beauty
1 and deep red peonies, except n the
dining room where the Lawson earn a -ilor.s
were v.eed in gr"at masses ti deco
rate the long table. In an alcove nearby,
i ' e Troubadours sal. furnishing an excel
lent mueical programme The parly was
haperoned by Mr and Mrs, Harry 1 .
l-.d wards, the parents of the bride, and
the guests besides Miss Eld wards and
Morton Oieejmaji. were Miss Romola
King, Miss Marie Odel!. Miss Merce
Lewis, Miss Bryan Houston. .Miss Mai -let
Dunn, Miss Vera BJodahl, Miss
i.eigh Whittemore or Los Angeles, Hiss
rieprgelds Moore. Mrs Walter Lewis of
I : ;"ie. Clarrnoe M liner. Walter Folland,
i Russell Mclntyre, Russell Richards, Dar-
r- wit Richardson. Archie Winer, Hobart
Handy atid O. O. Howard of London,
Cj England.
The ore large event nf today Is the
card en lea to be given this afternoon at
Oakwood by Mis. ,la Tarviu Harris In
orivllment to her sister, Mrs. Bdwfn P.
Vlolmes. who returned from California
the first of the weak fur a stay of a fort
night or so.- This will be the first op
portunity Mrs. Holmes's friends have
.d of greeting her since the holiday
time, and t will be welcomed by a large
gafherlng of them. I'nfortiinately. the
sane afternoon. S great many of the
clvs best-known women will be at the
Borel Utah meeting and welcoming the
prominent club women of t lie routury
iho are arriving ca.'b day on their wa
, to !an Francisco
Mrs Asa f'lnrk entertained about
i.iriv friends moat pleasant i v yesterday
afternoon ai a tea ror Mfos Dorothy
iwer, one of the season's bride. The
Summer Aids to Beauty
' (E-thei in Household Helps.
'j 'TFaee powder helps that 'shiny look
j 'inly a few minutes, nnd then, when
j' v, rubbed off, . a woman's appearance Is
k worse than ever. A tin complexion
'Hm beautlfier Ii made by dissolving an orig
ii .'tH Ifiaj r "i inaystone in naif pint
- MV .;-, haze Gently rub this lotion over
'.jtaSji fa ... n- and arms every morning. It
'holds' all daj long, and your complexion
alrV soon ;i- i ear. smooth, satiny and free
f T'' '' from blemish.
,c j'v "S"'hori sleeved waists somllmes prove
ernbairn .ipk to a woman never troubled
(w with superfluous hair n facet i eH
,kl . . n n'li remove wild ltmr. .lust mix
, fit! powdered aelatone llh enough water to
uflNj rover the hah upplv, and ;tftet two 01
stray three inum'ej. rub .;f. w;i.;i ih- -Kin avA
'.nrajl the hair will he goni
:jit.yp "A ;t! advantage ol a dry shampoo Is
(vjn ihat one is not compelled lo devote hours
jBI lo rining the hair. The best shampoo
i ;fff powdai a mixture ol four ounces .i
V orris root ati original packasn oi
l.) therOX. Sprinkle a little on the head.
1' i.inj-h through :h- hair, ind tt removes
! ' dust, oil and dandruff, leaving he scalp
i l-n. co'i and refreshed, and the bait
light, fluff and lustrous.
"To make thin, -hori eelaliei grow
in ions thtctt and atllcy wltl beauftfol
urt app.v pla'n p; roxln to he lah
im.ik with thumb and forefingei dally.
Uubbiug py roln on siingglv eyebrgsvs
home was adorned with pink sweet peasi
and daisies, and 0 inlque effect was seen
In the dining room, where bride's cake I
formed the central decoration, while sur
rounding it were small baskets of the
dainty flower.-. Pink shaded candles anil
pink tulle added much to the effect The
noatess was assisted by Miss i onus fetus
sell. Miss Marjorle Wells and the Misses
Alice and Agnes Pitt.
A magnificently appointd luncheon
cesterday was that given at the Hotel
Utah by Mrs. W, Edward Fife and her
si ti M ;.;- Cosgriff, in honor Of Mrs. J
FJ. Cosgriff, Who is here from Denver
1 - h rlHt The long table was laid cor
Uerwlss of the gieat banqueting hail and
was bright with flowers, an artistic com
bination of colors being obtaJned with
great baskets of pink peonies and Sprays
of heliotrope intertwined. Covers wem
laid for fifty guests, mainly the. former
friends of Mrs. Cosgriff when she made
her home hero
Miss Matgaret Walker entertained
about fifty of her young friends ve6terday
afternoon at a tea at the Walker home
for Miss Vera Edwards, who wll be mar
ried to Miss Walker's cousin, Morton
Oheesman, on Friday of next week. The
tea table was laid out In the pergola,
and was decked with pink peonies, while,
garden flowers were In bloom all about
Several friends of the hostess and of the
bride were assisting both in receiving
and In Serving tea.
Mrs. H. J. Dlninny and her daughter,
Mrs. M. il Bowles, entertained a large
number of their friends yesterday aiir-i-noon
at a tea at the Bowles home, 9 Si
streel The rooms were all gay With,
quantities of June roses, their fragrance!
and their beauty filling the house. A
number of the friends of the two hos
tesses assisted in receiving and also In '
serving tea. and more than a hundred
friends alled during the Inie hours of
the afternoon.
Miss Helen Rose of Chicago will be
here Saturday morning on her way to
San FranclSCO and will spend the day
wilh Mrs. George A Snow and her
daughter. Mrs Theodore Oentach. Miss
Rose is a member of the Arche club of
Chicago and II a former friend of the
Snow family.
Mrs. Reed Bmoot Wt Washington es
terday .morning with her three younger
:hlldran and will be here Saturday to
spend the summer. Her second daughter.
Miss Anna Kay Bmoot, who was operated
upon recently al I he L. D. 8. hospital, is
progressing rapidly toward a complete recovery.
Mrs. Elmer Bra lndei d will entertain
this afternoon fo Miss Gertrude Kiagei
m-.hI tomorrow Mrs. Alfred Best and Miss
Vera Dean will eqtertaln In her honor.
Mrs ii. c Browning entertained yes
terday afternoon at a small bridge part
fi : Miss Bthel McDonald, who leaves
shortly for sMle. where the McDonald
family will make their home.
The Souvenir Card club will be enter
tained today hv Mrs. O H. Malln at her
home. Ml Rice streel.
Mlsa Marguerite Richmond and Mlstl
Kditb rjodi.e left Fast Hampton, Mass..
yesterday and are on their way home
They will reach here oariy nxt week
and will spend the summer here
Mrs. Theodore Gent sch will reach here
tomorrow mo:. -dug from ,er home la Spo
Uane and wlj! sfn-nd a month or o visit- 1
tng her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George A
T)r. snrl Mrs. H. S Bcott will leave fori
the oast ttds morning to he away ;t fort-1
ulcht or so.
Mi Th0mS Weir has returned fiom
- sh..it viail with har slater, Mis Whit
t emoi e. m i tenver
Mr .1 W. finite anr her dnshtei
Vllate nnd L;. w ill le.. - ,- ,, Fnda-. tor
ls Angeles and vicinity to spend the
W. P. Warren ,n here from his egnch
nea Frulta: Colo., for a nhort business
ti Ip
Mrs Walter I .en IS i:; ii-re from Rutle,
Mt-nt.. for ji vir.it of few weeks with
tnv o. K. Lewis amity.
Mrs Elizabeth Storking and Miss Alice
R'.ne left yeaterdaj for San Pranclsco
whence lhay sail Baturdaj for H -
Mr and Mts. Charles H. Jenklnson
announce the engagemenl of their daug-h
ter. Mary Bt. Clair, to Harrv Wlllaon
i ;-an- the wedding to take pin- at an
ear'.,' date
if Marlon Whitney entrtlneJ n
hi" of har young gin friends vary
jfrniimlltl I I I M 1 1 r I miliar
mmm r
! Always the Best
Always the Same
V -Pound Papers
I of Miss Grace Mead, who leaes shortly
1 to spend a year on the coast.
j Miss Maine eedham will entertain at
(cards (his afleino.n for Mis:- IVurl Uaiiey
jnnd Miss .Ina Lambert, tWO Of the .fune
(brides, and Miss Louise Spencer will en
J tertaln for them Saturday afternoon
I The marriage or Miss Dorcas Kings
bury and Albeit V Sterling will take
I place loday
Mr and Mrs. D T Mackay will leave
Baturdaj morning with a party of young
: girls for an automobile trip through
! northern T'loh and Wyoming.
Mrs. Harry Chaile-; and her son. Eu
gene, formerly of this city, are here
Troiii Chlco, 1 'al . and will spend the
I summer at Tooele.
Mrs. Warren BeleSS Wlli entertain the
I) l Sewing club this afternoon.
Mrs. G M. Forbes entertained large
party of jittie people yesterday afternoon
! for her granddaughter. Nancy Rremers,
'Who Is here Visiting her.
. v e
Mrs Henry Van Rensselaer entertained
at her home r,Gf, East First South, In
honor Of Miss Myrtle Brown, who has
Just returned from a stay in Provo,
where, she has b'-rn Studying music under
the direction of Professor A. C. Lund
The rooms were profuselj decorated with
pink and white peonies nnd a. daimy
luncheon was served. Miss Brown sang
several beautiful songs. Including
"Knowest Thou the Land, ' "Perfect
Day" and "Just a Wearying for You"
The guests assembled were Mr and Mrs.
Fort Van Rensselaer of New York City,
Mr, and Mrs. Roger Wryn of Great Falls,
Mr, and Mrs L. Schmor of Dehilla.
Wash Mr. and Mrs Joseph Harry,
Mrs Charles Brown .Mrs Georgia Prince.
Mr and Mrs Wren Blackmarr, Mr and
Mrs. m. Bluoh, Mrs. Charles Lumm Mrs.
V" Bleberl Mrs. Vincent Rensselaer
Misses Pearl and Alice Bluoh. Frmlne
Johnson and .Jane Rensselaer
If i now well known that not more
than one ease of rheumatism in ten re
quires any internal treatment whatever.
All that is needed" is a, free application
of Chamberlain's Liniment aurl tnas.sac.
inp the parls at each application. Try
it and see how quickly it will relieve
the pain and soreness. Sold by all
Mies Nora Gleasou announces the re
mo"gl of bor stvidio to 260 First ave
New C orporatism
Filed with the secretary of s'ate
Sunnybrook Fish & Resort company of
Salt Lake capital stock 12000. suai
jioo each; Samuel Peterson, president; A.
Simmons, vice president; I. H HorockSi
secretary; J. M. Peterson, treasurer
Amendment to the articles of the
Toung Men's Co-op of Spring City was
tiled, changing the name of 'he concern
to the Johnson Mercantile company and
Increasing the capital stock to (10,000.
To Regain a Healthy, III
Girlish Complexion
(Prom the Feminine World )
If you would have a clear, fre.sh girl
lah complexion, one ounce of ordlnarj
mercollsed was w-iii aid you in this di
te.-tion more than SbolVOS full of COS-
metlcs It produces a natural beauty
This wa. procurable at any drug store,
completely absorbs a bad complexion, re
vealing the healthy omig skin under
neath. Its work is done so gradually,
day by day, that no Inconvenience Is
oaused. rhe wax Is applied -t niht; like
cold cream. nd removed In the morning
with soup and water.
Another valuable rejuvenating treni
ment n you have wrinkles, or your skin
le Rabbi and -ags:- is to bathe your face
in a solution of powdered saxollte, i oz..
dlaaolved In '-pi wltoh hasel, This has
B remarkable action in smoothing OUl tne
Hues and "firming up" the loosened tissue.
Gray Hair Restored,
R'Mpro Orny. PtrpAke or
ya. Blcscbfo nir or Meosnefi
JAM !n,in!nnulT OlvKanTtha'la
gS from Ught Urswn to IlU'l.
r'. Vnrm oof. WSSS or rub off. 'n
lUrs tin no poltrn nd K not gfi.-lrj
norfrrfMT. Sold bTUclruBr.a
ft ttb will seed tcu a Tnj Pli for SOc. posindd.
U?;e iire (BUS! tunc u mur.luftOc. If your rtmiJi'l
dont wllji iend dlmct to tui. Send tie ylfow
wrjoner from two bo'tlc purrhued from a drnijrtsi
mi w will gtTS yoo m lulKw bottle for notning.
WVLDTTA CO.. 1 tOt. OUts St.. x u fUal.,
j For sale hN Scliramm JohnEon, Drugs,
j Q
I You Can't Afford A to Miss It! I
I With offers of unprecedented import-1
I ance-with reductions of sensational!
I magnitude-wifh selections of unequaledl
! quantity and quality.Salt Lake's Great-1
I est SVIid-Summer Sale swings its doorsl
I I wide open and invites the entire popu-l
1 1 lace to partake of the wonderful feastl
I of money savings in every department!
Coming two weeks earlier than usual!
I means more complete lines offered!
I than ever-means greater reductions to!
1 effect clearance-and means selecting!
I your summer wardrobe WHEN Y0U
Nevada Man Rents Safe Deposit Box
Two days ago a resident, of a Nevada mining camp sent
In us a money order for $1 50, together with a sealed pack
age of papers. He said that he wished to rent a box so that
his papers could be stowed away in a safe place.
Wr- solr-Mrd a hox for him, put his package in it, and sent,
him the keys, He will be able to secure his papers by mail
whenever he wishes them, and in the meantime he will not
have to worry about them.
No mattpr where yon live, if you have only a single deed
or insurance policy, you ought to rent a box in the impreg
nable vaults of the NATIONAL COPPER RANK.
Kcmember. it only costs $1.50 a year to be absolutely safe
National Copper Bank
Depart. Dally. I 1
OcPn. Malawi, Denver. Omnlia. KanFai Q,lfll
710 A M ' U- Chlcsaro, Ban Francisco, Ely and in- DMl
i .aw n, iu. . termedlaUpotnts byond Ofjdan. (Ognsn
and lntermedlatfj points only arriving. J
o,w A. m.. . . vlle intcrraedlatp -Montpdlcr. Coins
10:00 A.M.. .
1 1 "40 A M Overland Limited Onmha, Chi?"- , 3'W I
U.WAJA., Denver. Bt Louis. ,,itM
1155 A M Amreles Limited Omaha. Chlcas". , .
1 "05 P W Overland Limited Ogdsn. Rn". Sacrs- ( '1
j. .ju xr . xra. . . mento. San FranHsco.
2:45 P. M. . Orden. H?o?e, ForlUnd. Butte. gJMj!
2:45 P.M.. .
415 P M r'Kden, Brlfcbam. Cache Valy. Ma'V1 ..H''!
' nn,i mte, -mediate. 11
Orden, Denver. Omhn. Chicago (P l2:ifll
5:20 P.M. City. Cireen Klver and Wet T' lU M,
turning) OlVl i
6:00 P.M.. . Mtor Flyer Ogden and Intermedlst.
T-llowntrine Fpe.-la.I-OBd-n. pCA!$i!' I'VE
715 P M Maho Falls and Tellow-' P'r 1 . '' 1 fc
West also arriving;.) lO-vH
H:45P.M... DKden Boiae, Portland. But". (.
City Tkk-t Office, Hotel Utah. Telwpho"rj':r
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