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. , , , . . ! 5 r SBBBHi
Failing to Persuade His Fol
lowers to Bolt, the Ex-President
Still Tries to Become
n Candidate.
(Continued from Page One.)
terested in politics St home men Ilka
BtuDbs, Bristol :iini A II em of Kansas,
Governor Aid rich of Nebraska Hadley of
Missouri, Glasscock of w. m Virginia, the
men from the Dakntaa and Minnesota,
lencen of Illinois are for making the
nomination regular. They already have
captured the Republican organisations in
their Hiatus anrl they have an effective
party thai is as progressive as any new
party could be. They base n" wish to
j SCUttlc II.
"They desire Roosevelt's nomination
! 1" t-onie repaint ly. t.n Ihp other hand.
I mon like Garfield, l'inrhot. MedlU Mr-
Cqrmfck Beveridge, the Massachusetts
r-ontlitfirni anil most of the New Rns
! landers. e., eptlng Governor Bass, do not
control Hon party orpanteations at home
I and will do hotter fighting- outside the
I party. The two Classes of men here rep-
re. nit th" extremes of opinion In the!
colonel's council! There are Inter
j medlary views and conflicting views."
Roosevelt in Seclusion.
W hile Leaders 'T the Roosevelt forces
I wen hastening In and out of the cx-
presld en fi office .tonight; Colonel Roose
velt, himself was In seclusion His sec
retary said late In the evening that he
rooms with Mrs. Roosevelt
and that Im did nor know whether the
colonel ,is to see his leaders.
report thai the colonel would leave
i.i New York tomorrow was passer
among the crowds, but his secretary sain
there was no foundation for it
ojutelj no bolt." was 'he declara
ilon of scores of delegates nd leaders 01
the Roosevelt forces when they left me
night caucus, which Colonel Roosevelt
addn ssi i bi lefiy.
1 , ivill co into the convention and
nght it ..u( and in the and Colptlel
Roosevelt will be nominated," said Goy
ernoi ptubba of Kansas after the night
h iictu was over.
"Governor Stubbs is right," said AJex
endei P. Moore ol Pittsburs. friend and
adviser Of the colonel; "there will he no
: boll in this convention."
" Too Much Johnson,"
"We've cot io (jo something with Gov
. noi Johnson." exclaimed s delegate as
he rushed US to the party leaders "He
bc to be called off. He must not holt"'
"Oh. Johnson will be all right." was
the Unanimous reply.
li developed, however, thai the Cali
fornia governor had continued his insist
ent demand that all Roosevelt delegates
bOll at oiie. hut he failed.
While events of the last twenty-four
hours have dune much to diminish talk of
a third candidatea there stm is some
compromise talk. It falls, however, to
This compromise talk was the iet of
a statement Riven out by, W illiam Barnes,
Jr.. tonight which stated without equivo
cation thai the Taf; people were not con-
i.iins now and would not consider any
compromise. The statement says:
No Compromise. '
T)i-ir- was a meeting of the chair
men of all of the Taft delegations
rrom the various slates In Mr.
Barnes s n ome this evening and of
the representatives of those states
arhere the Taf! delegates aie In a
minority It was unanimously
igreed thai the line shall remain in
tact f! the renomlnaUon of Tart
ind t iat iii suggestion of compromise
uld ie entertained, it was made
lear thai the delegates represented
I" those ' han men of delegations are
thoroughly alive to tin meaning of
the battle which has been fought out .
and won In this convention; that
government is a self-controlled
; uo. rar.v : that progress r an onlv
be made Ihrnuch Orderly procedure,
and that the constitutional rights of
each citizen shall he preserved
'owing Is the fun text of the state
ment Issued by Mr. RooseVell this after
noon: The unic Uhs coma when I feel that
i must make oertaln atatementa noi
merely to honestly elected members of
he i..epuhii,-Hii national convention
mil I" the rank anrl Die Of the Ite
ptlbllcan parly and t.. ihe honest peo
ple or i,e entire nation. I went into
Ulia 'igiit for certain great principles
t tne moment i can only serve then
' : 1 ' 1 1 1 t"'.v r-oti tinning to bear Hia
personal responsibilities which their
advocacy has brought upon me.
On behalf ol these principlea I made
my appeal straight to the people-
thrnseses. f went before them: f
made my argument in full faith, and
every move I made a in the open
without concealment of any kind. The
Opposition ! me Va extraordinarily
bitter, for I was opposed by t he- prac
tically solid phalanx of the hlg. con
scienceless political houses, bosses
'th hack of them the practically
s..lld phalanx of the big. conscience
less beneficiaries of speclnl privilege
In every form, and of course I lie manv
big newspapers which are controlled
by or in the interest of the bosses
and special privilege.
Nevertheless, In the appeal to Ihe
people I won
In man;, of the Republican states
and of ,the Demoaratic states where
there la a largo and reni Republican
party, primaries of different kinds
I An Honorable
You have only to look back
over our record of successful j
service to see why so many
people select this institution to
protect their savings and
through which to transact
their other financial affairs.
We pay 3 per cent interest
on commercial accounts, invite
.Savings DepoBit and furnish
b' per cent Secured Certificates
for the investment of sums of
1100.00 or more.
(Copyright, J 912, by Finley Peter
CHICAGO, .June 20. "I hope."
said Mr. Donley, - - this old Re
publican party won't o on
adjonrnin' an' adjournin' till
it Brits th1 habit. I wud bate to aba
ihai aplindid organ 'igation parish,"
'What ar're ve talking about."
Mr Sennesay demandoii. "Have "',
turned Republican ?"
: I have not. " sai-l M r, Doolt y
"I am in doubt, I speak as a Dim
micral pure an' simple. Tf 1 svusii i
both 1 d not be a Pimmycrat. Bui I
don't want to see a party destroyed
that has carved a useful purpose be
keepin' th ' Dimmycr.it part alive.
Nawthin" else end do it. I'm a Dim
ru vr rat because i 'm not a Republican.
I've got to have something to vote
Dooley For Harmony
;iSo I'm tbJnkin' iv gettm' a i i l
lygation iv prom 'neut Dimmyeral.s
an' goin' down town an' savin';
'Boys, come together, if not f'r "c 'or
own SBkes tlnn fx ours, that've niv
or done ye an harm to speak i.
Can't yc settle it wan way or an
other? Vo've put us in a har'rblti
position. There's onlv n few days
left an' ontill v've done somcthin ' we
dm t know what 'lise to do.
"If ye don't act prompt we'll be
marchin' on to Baltmore without an
idee in our heads. N'ommynatc some
cadydate annyhow. Write out annv
kind iv a platform. We'll be again
it. Ve ran thrust us.
'Why don't you lave th ' thing to
W ilium .lennins Brvan lie s settin '
UP there JOttin1 down note? about
how times has changed, Put it up to
were held anrl a siilistanlial expres
sion of tlie will of the people was Ob
tained. In these primary states some
800.000 voters, the rank and file of
the Republican parly, cast their votes.
I beat Mr Taft considerably over two
to one.
In these states J obtained six to Mr
Taft 's one.
Nearly three-fourths of my dele
gates came from these prlmarv states
where the people had a chanr'e to cx-
press themselves.
Alleges Theft.
Mi Taft's strength, as indicated bv
the two roUcalla already taken, con
sisted chiefly (aside from his ninctv
Stolen delegates) of the nearlv solid
delegations from the territories and
from the southern states, where there
Is no real Republican party South
Carolina. Georgia. Florida, Alabama.
Arkansas. Mississippi Louisiana and
of northern states like N-w York,
where the people had no chance to ex
press themselves at primaries and
where the delegates were picked by
the bosses.
The crucial but not the only step In
the concerted and hitherto successful
effort to cheat he people out of the
victory they had fairly won was
taken up by the now defunct nation
al committee, which,, without one
show of justification and with cynical
Contempt Of the most ordinary rules
of decency In making up the tempo
rary rollcall, unseated ntnet fairly
elected Rooaavell delegates and sub
stituted for them ninety Taft dHo
gates. Raps Devine
All these ninety fraudulent dele
gates were seated at the same time
hy the voles of the same national
committeemen, to serve Ihe Nmiii.-
purpose. The credentials committee
appointed to try their cases includes
three of their own number, from the
states of Washington. Arizona anrl
Texas, where the delegations syere
Tins commit! ee selected as its
chairman the Guggenheim delegate
from Colorado, who had already as
ttntionai committeeman assisted in
Initiating the very frauds upon
Which h Is now to alt In Judgment.
Nothing that this committee may
do a entitled to i.e consideredi and
in considering what the) win do it
will be well to keep In mind the re
mark marie in private by one of ih
national committeemen who. when
asked why they had stolen so man
more delegates than were needed for
their purpose, answered that It would
enable the credentiala committee io
make a show of genefDSltJ by un
seating some, while retaining a' num
ber amplv BUfficienl t.i accomplish
all the ends they have In lew
Moreover. It Is well t., rememher
that the fraud Is equally Krcat and
equally reprehensible whether the
fraudulent delegates actually vte on
the nomination for president or
whether they are merely used ti
create a situation whieh " renders it
unnecessary f,r them to vr.i r. on t; e
nomination for president
Election Tainted.
It the rol! Is not purged In view
of these fraudulently elected dele
gates, the whole election of the con
vention Is tainted.
The committee on rules has Just
"gainst the protest of the progres
sive members, provided for the per
petuation of the national committee
in the form responsible for the scan
dalous outrages Which have at this
moment brought the Republican partv
to the breaking point, anrl they have
f-xpltcitlv refused 'n rocngnlze the
prtneipl,. of popular polltlcnl pri
m ries and have made hv national
hi m? Anns' candvdale lie suggest I to
th' Republican party will be accept
able to us.'
Sees Democratic hope
"1 don't see what they're ra:tin'
ft. They have an istytnable candy
date in w ilium Howard Taft. I r
delegtAte. at, lXr&e.
From Couarado
time th' name iv this latymable r andy
date is mentioned in th' convention it
arouses a J'rantic shuffling iv feet. Ye
an Ihink iv a man in a ether party
that it wud bo possible to co before
th' eleel orate an' say f th ' elector
ale, 'this is an iatymable candy
date." like ye cud with our iatymable
Priaident. Why don't they nommy
nate an' have it done withf I wish
they wud. Bui it" they 'I". Hinnissev.
I wudilen't want Io be caught in th
jam iv Dimmyerat candidatea at. Bal
rymore. 'Twill be awful.
As It Used to Be
"But I" suppose we can't sav any
thing to thim. It 's DO use hurrin '
thim. They've gof to wnrruk it out
f'r thimselves someway. A naytion'al
convention, me boy, Is about th' same
as a I'onvintion to nommynalo a wesi
town assissor. It docs nawthin excipt
whin it aint in session.
"Whin I was a young fellow in
pollyties T used to go to conventions
an' think T was seein ' histrv bein'
made f'r th' west side. Me frind
Mike Clancy wud get up on th' plat
committee supreme oxer the people
in the matter of primaries.
Unfortunately in our political life
the unscrupulous man who commits
wrongs such as these can usually
count on having .some respectable
men support him anrl other rr-spe, -table
men oppose him, but cease tin n
opposition at the point when it would
become really effective.
In this connection the unscrupulous
men who are the leaders have already
received support from the former
.lass of respectable men end they
count upon seeing representatives of
the latter class who hae hitherto
voted against them fear to take the
decisive slop of sundering connection
with the fraudulent convention It
self. Will Not Be Bound.
Surli yre tlir- fact.- about the na
tional convention as now constituted.
1 decline any longer to be bound by
any such action it may take, i de
cline to regard as binding any nomi
nation it may make i do noi regard
successful fraud and deliberate polit
ical theft as constituting a title U)
pnrt regularity, or a claim to the
support of any honest man of ny
i hope (bat the honestly elected
majority win at once Lnalat upon the
Immediate purging or the roil In Its
entirely, and HOI piecemeal, by the.
cons ent ion. If this purging Is not ac
complished, I hope the honestly elect
ed delegates will decline ;i! further
connection with a convention where
action Is now determined, and has
hitherto been determined, by a ma
Jorlts which Is made i , 101 II only
by the action of the fraudulent dele
gates whom the convention ha? re
fusel to strike from the rolls. If the
leaders of the honestly elected ma
jority disagree with me in this n..t
ter and wish, for any cause to dofcr
for the moment this action, then I
most earnesth hope at least thev will
Insist upon voting on the cases of
these fraudulent Delegates n block
and not separately
We cannot afford to pardon a thief
on condition that he surrendt i s half
the stolen goods.
Willing to Run.
If the honest elected majority of
the convention choose to proceed
with business Hiid to nominate me sa
the candidate of the real Republican
parts' I shall accept. Tf some among
them fear to bake Such a siand and
the remainder choose to Inaugurate s
movement to nominate ma for the
presidency as a progressive on a
progressiva platform, and If in sut h
event the general focllnsr among pro
gressives fas'ors m bring nominated.
I shall accept.
In either case I shall make my
-ippesl Io every honest citizen In 1,11
nation, and I shall light the cam
paign through, win or lose, even if I
rlo not get a stngle electors vote.
I do not wish a slnclr man to
support ma from any personal feel
ing for me I have nothing to offer
any man; any man who supports me
will do so without hope of gain and
at the risk of personal loss and dis
comfort. But If, having this in viaW,
those fervent In this great fight for
the ru'e of lb people and for social
anrl Industrial Justice. s hlch has
HOW also become a clear-cut fight for
honesty against dishonesty. fraud
and theft, desire me to lend the fight.
I svhl do so. There can be no cause
for which It is better worth while
to fight, none In which It is of less
consequence what happens to the
Individual himself, provided onlv that
he valiantly doc his dntx In the
forward movement. I ahall make my
appeal to all honest men. east and
form an flirjll mo heart be SSVin'
that rather thin see t b ' delegates I r 'rn
th ' slcond precinct iv th' Nineteenth
Ward sealed ho wud call mil to t ii
people iv th' wesl side to arm thim-
selves io defind their sacred rights
Thin Tim Srulivan wud stlui.lo hia
waj up to ih' stac an' announce in
clarylon tones that n one cud enthux
a riprisintitative body iv highly in
Diligent an.' law abidin' citizens an'
threaten rh.m with viiince an' that
rather thin see such an outrage again'
human society an good government
put acroal hr wmi lip prepared to shed
th' last dhrop iv blood or gven bia
Whativej in.iv betide,' says
Clancy, I will survive or perish wii
that gellant leader is1 th' plain peo
ple George H, Sloozingcr. Tim is
final. r hurl defiance m t li ' face IV
Ins mimics,' ,ays he.
" 'Wo ar're,1 says Sullivan, ' n't
!o be cowed be threats, Th ' gra-n ol
Dinunyerai parfa is micrl be law not
be bluatfher, an ' will onrlinr-hingls .lo
it jooty to th' commonwealth be
ilictin' thai safe and sane grocery
man, th" Hon rable Asa K. Schwartz. '
After that th' convintion took a
recess, an' 1 thot. It was so Clancy
and Sullivan CUd en home an' arm
thimailves, Xot bearin' anny thing
trim thim, I svent down to Dobertys
f'r th ' news, an' ho hold they were
Comin' out Iv th' back room togeth
er. I near tainted.
"'What's happened?, sayP I
'Well,' says ciancv, 'Misthei Sblli-
van an I has decided thai t ii ' in
tnrost.s iv th' gran' old parts ought
io Be above annv personal eonsidhr
lions.' he sass ' Th frontage we
have received frim Andrew Jackson
miit not be lightly fhrosve.l away an'
weat, north and south, and gladlv
abide the result whatever thai re
sult mas be- (Signed)
By International News Service
CHICAGO. BY! day, June 21. 2 a. m.--The
Republican situation Is much clearer,
at this hour than at anv time since tlv
Republican convention assemhled.
president Taft and the old guard are
absolutely In control, if the leaders In
sist upon it. Taft can be renominated on
the first ballot. The president has an
ample majority on every rollcall that can
come before ibe convention.
But In the In l crest of party harmony,
Taft win be asked to withdraw his name
and some compromise oanddiate, on
, which the entire parts- can unite, mav
, be nominated instead.
This action was brought about bv the
Boceevelt force receding from the posi
tion held from the beginning that Roose
velt would hr.it ibe convention.
The Roosevelt forces Will not bolt In
the .-icnse that thev will walk oiu of today'.-
convention or walk out of sessions
that may be held later on
Conference Plan.
At the conference of the Rooj,,-.eit
forces yesterday It was decided that If
the report of the credentials committee
involving the disputed seventy-eight
delegates Is against Roosevelt and In
favor of Taf;, the Roose-elt men will
light it hard in th- convention, but will
make no further protests nor vote on
any other proposition until the ote for
the nominee for the president in called
Then th Roosevelt delegates instru. Ie,
in the prealdentia prlmarlea to vote for
Roosevelt svlll cast their votes for the
former president to iicep their parts rec
ord . lear an.) to carry out the preferen
tial instructions r,f their various states.
Roosevelt's name win not be formall)
presented t, the convention aa a presi
dential candidate,
In the event thai Tilt i.- renominate,
which the Roosevelt fore now consider
Inevitable. Ihe Rooseelt delegates will
maintain their places In the convention
until after adjournment, The sevenls--etght
delegates claimed bv Roosevelt as
his will be In the hall, thus making up
what the Roosevelt men win claim to he
the real convailtlon.
There will he no Roosevelt holt until
after the convention is adjourned.
Action is Uncertain.
Whether the Roosevelt forces will hold
a rump convention In the Coliseum i the
close of the convention now n session
or will hold It Inter at Orchestra hall
or will wait until Inter In the si)lnm.,r.
depends upon development There is no
plan yet made to .-over this eontlngnecv.
Roosevelt himself throw Ihe onlv light
on this phase of the matter vcaterday
when he said-
"It may he there svlll he a conference
of progressives after we have nil gone
back from Chicago to see if ft )i4
mnnd for my running agists." hi saJd
"If th- progressives SSk me to continue
ihe fight f cannot refuse to do It."
Roosevelt svlll consent to no ompro
mlse unless the Tafi leaders agree to un
seat the seventy-eight contested Taft
delegate! and replace them svith Roose
velt nice. This, of course, the Taft men
svlll not rlo. To do so would give R.iose-s-elt
control of the consentlon.
The reason there will be no Immediate
boll or "walkout" by the Roosevelt
si is that Roosevelt has been de-
we arranged on a eomprolge that shod
unite all loyal Dimmycirata again ih'
common foe,' he says.
"'Who is it. Sloodnger or
Sehwartaf-' says L
1 it 's nayther is thim Dutchmen,'
saya he. ' We've decided, that it's fot
ih best intbreeta in oar histhoricel
organization,! he says, 'that I take
th' nom my nation f'r as.-issor rbile
Mr. Sullivan goea in as me assistant,
share and share alike.' ho saya.
"An' there ye ar're. I've got an
irlce (hat polish' ks don't i-hnnge
much, though it sometimes dhresses
betther, an' thai in manny a quift
room tonight lnsthors is hem' made
that si'- 'ral dlllygatea to th' convin
tion won't know about till they read
it In th ' papers.
"In manny n private room th' do?
tinies in this Nation is bein' discussed
he level beaded statesmen tar frim
th' tumult an' th' heat iv th' con
flict. These men ar're not goin' to be
swayed be th' vulgar passion iv th '
movement. They're goin' to wait. f
I was runiiin ' a newspaper an ' wanted
to know what was goin' to happen, I
wuddent sind a man to sit on th '
stage, an' write down what was said.
1 d hire a thransnni climber.
"Well." said Mr Henncss.v, " I hope
our fellows will do betther."
''Is- COOrae they will," said Mr.
Dooley. "They've1 done splendidly
already Without wantin' they baVe
answered th' challenge is th' Repub
licans in lictin' Elihrj Ts'oot Chair
man is' th' cons nit ion by nommy
natin that grand old leader i th'
common people, Alton R Parker. hv
don t ye cheer.''
sorted by Governors deneen of Illinois.
Had ley of Mlsaourl Stubba of Kansas and
others They blunlls told Roosevelt that
they were Instructed by their states to
vote for Roosevelt for president, but thev
were not Instructed to "walk cut" or bolt
the consentlon- They are willing to vote
for Roosevelt for president, hut they do
not intend to commit political suicide by
bolting with him.
Roosevelt marie it plain early this
morning that he considers that all the
delegates svho have been instructed for
him in the preferential primary are loyal
to him and he has not released one of
them. Nor win he do so as long as there is
ans- prospect for either his own victory
or the defeat of Taft
The best figures the Roosevelt forces
. an give on the following Roosevelt WOUld
have if he ordered an Immediate "walk
out" or a hot in today's convention,
does noi exceed one hundred and fiftv
Governor Johnson of California and
'Boss' Kiinn of Pennsylvania earls this
morning declared that thej Would lead
the bolt today if Roosevelt would SO In
struct them.
Taft Will Not Quit,
The Taft people are no longer consid
ering Roosevelt or any phase of the
Roosevelt "situation." Thev are nosv
trying in eliminate Taft himself. They
hope to persuade the president that it
i his riots-, In the Interest ,-,f party har
mon$ to withdraw his name cm) ;iiiow
some compromise candidate to lie named.
Tills js no ens matter Taft Is insist
ent upon receiving the fruits of the vt--f.oty
F-Ie even believes that he can he
re-elected If he Insists, the leaders svlll
not turn him down and he win secure
the prize, but If he agrees lo wltli.lrasv
Ills name be will he aker-l to rele;,,e
Supreme Courl Justice Hughes from tne
pledge Hughes case iat't lit the lime of
his appoint men r to ihe supreme court,
that he r I Im.'hes i would not he a candi
date for the Republican nomination.
There was talk all day yesterday and
until earls- this morning of compromise
candidates. The undercurrent was ver '
strong for Hughes, and if Tafi agreea to
'v ' '' from his promise Mew
V '1. will lead the wav foi Hughes's'
nomination The personal inclination of:
Hughes himself win not be considered.
No man has- yet refused the nomination
for president
There is talk of Hadley for vice prei-i
dent With Hughes, and talk of Cummins'
a- a presidential candidate also. At tiui
moment Hughes has the best chance if
a dark horse Is lo he named
Ry International News Ssrylce.
CHICAGO, June ?ft. The master po- 1
lltlcal .rait oi Ihe elder statesmen who
''"!,A ' hlcago to annihilate Theodore
Roosevelt has tonight placed lbeni In
such absolute control .,f the situation
tAil thej loul.l. If thev chose., make
John i. Rockefeller the nominee of the
Republican convention
Hadley. Cummins, Borah, the followers
Of , Toilette, even Klihu Root and WII-,
llara Barnes, have taken the thfrd-candl-
date lore which Penrose and Crane have'
V7,',. , Mtln ":i the muddy political
The result Is that every man-jack of1
the Roosevelt leaders, save "Bill' ninr
t 5einJ,"yITnla an'' Governor Johnson
Of California, has within the last hours
Irrevocably and irretrievably committed ,
himself against a bolt Secure In K
bo.d they have .bus gained rhon two
Shrewd lenders of the reactionary fv,2
WW Proceed at leisure i,' riH,
Uses Rifle After Father and
Brother Are Killed, Hour
Dead, Two Wounded.
8HEBMAN, Tex.. .lune 20. -In
I feud battle between the Sharp and
I WaldropS families at Spcrr.v s ranch,
near here this al'lorttoon, four persona
were killed and two wounded. Before
she was slain. Miss Georgia Sharp
killed one man and Wounded another
man ami his wife,
The battle began when the 8harp
family, consisting of Mis ucorta
Sharp, her father, L. W. Sharp, and
her brother Walter, parsed the home
ol' Ihe Waldrops.
Apparently both sides bogan firing
simultaneously. Iloiny WaUlrop killed
Walter Sharp anrl hi-, tatticr. Aa the
fell Miss Heoryia sharp seized bet fa
ther's smoking magazine riilo and took
up the battle. She killed Russell 'sal
rlrop, then sbbt his parent?. Prone on
the ground, Henry Waldrop returned
the fine and shot lis? Sharp. She died
almost. Instantly.
Today's battle was the culmination
of a lone standing dispute between the
two families.
please with the handcuff erl .shackled.
bound -and -gagged former supporters of
the colonel.
Furthermore, they have Mr. Barnes of
New York so firmly under their thumbs
that he will go whither they go, with B
long farewell the while, to his hope of
putting Hughes over as a compromise.
This Is how It has all been done.
Hadley First to Fall.
Word has been sent out from the secret
inner chambers. Where the real party
thinking Is done, that a third candidate
would not be unacceptable in the sight
Of the big houses. Hadley, who got an
ovation yesterday, was the first to fall
for It. Alter that cheer you couldn't
have driven him out of the convention
with a meat cleaver. Then Deneen of
Illinois, who showed signs of i?olng out.
began to hear third-candidate talk. De
neen stopped and listened to It just a
little too long. Before he knew what
svas going on his name was signed In
John Hancock characters to a pledge not
t holt himself or to permit his delega
tion of fifty-six pledged Roosevelt men
to holt. While Hadley wag still thinking
with shining eyes about the yell for him,
the delegation asked him If thev should
"Not set," said Hadley. and thev took
a vote to do what he told them
Then Frank B. Kellogg of Minnesota,
another man who was In doubt. was
asked If he didn't think a third candi
date would he a good thing He said
he did and was told that Crane and Pen
rose thought so. too
Fooling- Barnes.
Meanwhile Barnes had been booming
Hughes He was permitted to boom him
till Ihe hlg bosses were sure ihat the
few Roosevelt men In the convention
would behave If (he hour of trouble came.
Barnes still thinks that Hughes Is go
ing to be the nominee.
When every possible delegation had
been led into 'ine by the glittering will
o' the wisp labeled third candidate anil
dangled hefore their eyes by the lead
ers, Mr Roosevelt awoke to and his for
mer forces scattered all over Chicago
anrl utterlv beyond his reach.
Franti.-ally, be sent for first one man
and then another, only to (ind thai he
had signed ft solemn vow not bolt,
When he asked whs-, every leader re
plied. 'Why. colonel, we thought n the Inter
ests of harmonj you wouldn't object to
a compromise."
Roosevelt having considerable craft of
his own. knows what it all means now,
He knows thai the .strength he might
have held for g second ballot has been
dissipated and by the kind of political
workmanship in Which he was once pro
foundly skilled
Sit Back and Smile.
Late tonight Crane and Penrose, their
work done to their entire satisfaction,
sat back and smiled
Thev have driven the final nail Into a
certain political coffin arid they n..sv only
wait to see the daisies oome sprouting
through the sod that they will Carefully
las above It.
s an instance of how perfect their
work baa been and lm miiiib;? have
been their victims, it mas be noted that
another demonstration was started In the
convention on the adjournment this
The Roosevelt people cried ' We want
Teddy.' The Taft people came bach
with an equally emphatic assertion that
they svanted Taft. and the La POllettC
people allowed rhythmically thai they
svanted Boh.
But although Mr Hadley. the recipient
I of yesterday's cheering, was In plain
sight or, the stage, no ".nc of the former
I Hadly shouters. not even the :,e,,pi
from Missouri, liana word to sas abou'
j "wa n ting i fad ley."
Hadley is in aiTip anil, svhat is of mot B
, Importance, his delegation is. pledged not
to bolt There will be no open third
Candidate talk until Taft has had one I
CHICAGO, rune HO-. Senator OIon to
night issued a statement claiming that
"Hat lies. Penrose. Crane and Ihe Other
so-called Tafi leaders" had determined
not to nominate Mr. Taft and were
'dickering for a compromise candidate."
The statement said that ten instructed
Taft delegates from one stntfl had of
fered to vote, for Hughes that propoal
tlons had neen marie from the Tafi man
agers to friends of Senator Cummins, and
that Governor Hndlev had been ap
proached with offers to sacrifice Taft if
he would accept the nomination
"Thev are looking for a new man."
said .senator Dixon. "They base made
a martyr out of Roosevelt, and when yoi
make a martyr out of a man he Wins."
'After this sear there win be no na
tional committee." said Colonel Rr.ose
velt in his speech to the delegates to
night, "ah states win have preferential
primaries and the per. pie will decide
Whom they want for their candidate."
Hughes Not a Candidate.
By international News Service
i KKtn PLACID. :. v., June 20 -i
svo aaya ago I declared that i was not
a candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for president, n is n0( necessan
for me to ret.eat this."
Supreme Couri Justice Charles E
Hughes made this Statement tonight at
ils camp at Lake Placid, where he had
'"plated himself except for a telephone
ssttit svhlch he crm communicate with the
outside world
' I am not given to quibbling," he add
eo, and r stand on the statement I
made Tuesday I do not Intend to give
out ans more interviews. The pr pie
know that Is not my style. If the occa
sion arises 1 shall Issue a signed state
ment, until then do not ask me to sav
T elegrsma from Chicago poured in on
Justice Hughes all day. To every one
so ir as could be learned he made the
same reply.
Take a bath nt. Saltair today. J
Ror,cCveit Declared pJpP
Dead and ReninanW
''.sn:nzation setEv'
K-ivuriio Sons Rein-Ion
b- Sla'lelcor1.lflll5v
: in Shufflflpt
s.-ti 'V
C'vtr.c .nlfcjmls
lion.il eo,,-,nl!on i.Xpf1
i . -wasaV1
"Id ..rsHr.lr.ai i0n :,Set
l properly . mi-aian,, iJtWJT.
Ingaw.suMc,! ar1,
whl '" 'niSli
to the loss ... .Ic.srBfftf
ing of the contest l-(,,r.7E,i.
commute, --this h V7vMV
i ''uf
Taft manaaers thai by SLsSBSV
the -.In. k.-n R-'Kcvi'ltln, tMtu y
l-ist nig'.it . i; -heii i;r-,t IdesSBtbr jl
la ring that tr.ev would taaaK 7m
Cast Longing Eyes. ' F
Ahr- . c.,n;1. in4W
:,t at n-:?' wlitliai jBasati
ii'.a-J ttiBfetiit
-ft.-ri:. ..ii Z'lllMatU
: : 1 i t ., i 'iTiBstaali
s" BTniac
' -aKnl,
crclentials in .--,so rjH
unfavorable to their clalgaM rju ;
a great healT. even o!
In fart, It takes vr-r.- n;'jctKH i
heal .. ureal ;'illtl,-'il' w. 'Et, 12.
lo hric.e f. ii k'.'-.Tuiritii ,.f &SjVe wit
Within four hours aft;,- KM
ir-arl.-is had vote, I in t'.4?Hs elt
:ns sit sil--m in pi? coaKutai
il'ii"' r-oinnilttee on orejinUtiHfint
repon i i.e Taft i-.vi.-:s. ilsbano
canvass. m.-n:e l-.r. 4-r.rssVsst thi
the:-' ua-i " illve '-' -THrZ fjt I
ranterl v ; i . ; in fir-rii.-!lnr QEet-itin
than l'O .,r the RoojnaMJHJj th
would follow the " utalaw 9B,
tin Hu. j-..--. . it ; '.)': ratiiffJim) j,
lei' would -,-,,te upon ahv rijVhnri
ccnie bet'..: .!.'. .ttJT
Will Remain Regular, WSni
1 1 : n. -.t:.n ttlM goo,
this aft emo..,, cir-clded ty fHtl t ca
- t . . i 1 1 i a t e i r. the prttSfAtflon f
coir, en i ion i.i!lrih..riii - '-g oanij
to torn to T:::t Or "; iSjafaf y
the maj.c lly of tile cnnViSMEJ mt
ip". ...'hi v.-iiiie r.es ylBSL- th
vania is still l.eatln; tb 'Klmr ,
-til nsei,'
a much more phllofr! : H fK Boum''
situation mu-f i.,
When Governor JohnsjfBlBL ,
late tills evening a'.HlMfCM 9 m
still w illlna h.. t Ms "fjHciBrt.''
fornix is pic.fitsoslv'e tstlBej ,
thin?" .KbtM
ii, i -."au, c,
the V tins'. I vini.i 'itlVBi hsd
are (he onlv part of 'C-:B1M A i
to iiie 1 JioHtl. Si djtr-h kollbl
rider. The hejt .-pln.on BJBM
...it as the only :,,-Btira n
,el. -Boss" i'.inn anrHSSjfa
Fall of the Colonel. It5r
When folonel R''-lt',fc
statem. r.t th!-. ''"rrrM 'Jml,
position a nurnhor wJmFjL",
,,!,,, to diatrlbut ?:lnlrf2
Ttvl vesterday our "O' 'ELp.!t
pnleteer." at the M
r,ne ,,f .he Tnft Htrteasafcrt Prn
, cbtrivrlor. or ?F 0
Phlet in the rotunds "r1i!4r,
hieh feather lol?l 1 V, W.i4tt .
put Colonel n.K5se-.ll '
f, ... I .,j,,ep.-.. "..,tBS
over the conventloiij ' sM-
T Is me- W
of the beMef t:it Ta..
Mt Ta U w TJirtZm
. ''mi
' : -f
lr.,,; , this th, rV
Hughes if Taft I
nomin't'i:'n!' VK: cl
V.'.'-m's s.'titJJpiU
s'-nii- 'i,:: d
finlsb .t ;v....(it' i.rftK!f, '.
:,,":f v;?A 'jKk fJ
- "TTiitfiBBa"

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