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May Prevent John A. Harring
ton of Chicago From Ap
pearing" as Witness.
T.OP ANGELES, ';il , June 20. An un
expected ansauit was made by life defense
f'injiN on the eligibility as a witness of
John R. Harrington n the "trial of Clar
ence S DamH for alleged Jury bribery.
should the defense be upheld, the state's
bsc agn nst Harrow will MifTor greatly,
aacordjlisj to members of the prosecution,
as Harrington Is said to lie ihe link by
which they hopo lo COnvicI DarTOH
The move of the defense threw the op
posing forces Into a BuiTJ find coin t was
adjourned an hotir before the usual time
In order to allow both sld os opportunity
to present authorities tomorrow morning.
Harrington had testified thai ho was
an attorney re'MInc In Chicago and that
he had been employed bv Mr. Darrow on
April 27. 1011.
The defense objected to further iu
tionlng on the ground iha.l the Statutes
forbid the examination without the con
sent of the employer of anv attorney,
or secretary, or clerk of an attorney con
fining any fact, knowledge of which,
had been acquired In such caparlly
The district attorney argued that Har
rington was merely employed as an In
vestigator, hut Harrington said that he
had been employed as an attorney.
Only two other witnesses were on the
stand todaj. They were Charles F.
Hunt and A. Ladamc. vice president
and paying teller, respectively, of a San
Kranclsco bank, who testified that on
September 2. 1911. O. A. Tvellmne cashed
a check for tlo.non signed by Frank Mor
rison and indorsed by Clarence Harrow
Both witnesses testified on cross-examination
that there was no aecrecy In
the transaction.
The money thus received, according to
the state's contention, was used by Dar
rw to corrupt jurors.
LOUISVILLE. Ky., June 20. It -would
require forty bottles of common beer to
ronke a mail drunk, according to a wit
neR testifying before Postofllec Inspec
tor Kecne during the cnae of charges
against Superintendent of Mails Lewis
O nmnnell at the custom house here
Alvln SSoIler, an employee of the railway
mall service, said he had seen O'Donnell
drink two bottles of "common" beer, but
that he was not intoxicated.
Inspector Keene then asked how many
bottles one could drink without becom
ing Intoxicated and was assured that
O'Donnell was thirty-eight bottles wllh
in the limit.
Don't Hide Them With s Veil; Remove
Them With the New Drufl.
An eminent skin specialist recently dis
covered a new drug, othine doublo
strength; which Is so uniformly success
ful in removing freckles and giving a
Clear, beautiful complexion that It ie aold
Sihramm -Johnson. Drugs, under an
absolute guarantee to refund the money If
it fails
Don't hide your freckles under a veil;
gri an ounce of othine and remove them.
Oven the first night's use will show a
wonderful improvement some of the light
er freckles vanishing entirely. It la ab
solutely harmless, and cannot injure the
most tender Bkin.
Be sure to ask Schramm-Johnson,
Drugs, for the double strength othine; It
(a this that ia sold on the money back
I Hemorrhoids
Itching, burning, bleeding, suc
cessfully treated with Cuticura
Soap and Ointment when the
usual remedies utterly fail.
Bold everywhere. Liberal sample of
Cuticura Soap and Ointment, with 32-p.
booklet, free to all sufferers. Addresa
"Cuticura," Dept. HE; Boston.
Constipation, Torpid Liver,
Biliousness, Sick Headache and I
5j all Stomach Disorders positively 1
H and permanently cured by
1 They clear up the skin, tone I j
I up the entire system and make I ;
I you feel like a new person. I '
Always keep a box on band.
2V. At all druggist Jm
if From Ogden and
Salt Lake City
Missouri Elver Points $40.00
St. Louis, Mo 49.00
Peoria, 111 51.10
Minneapolis, Minn. 62 00
St. Paul, Minn. 62 00
Chicago. Ill 65.00
Also reduced rates to other points.
t ( June 1, 6. 8, 12, 15, 20, 22, 29
) July 3, 12, 20
ST August 1. 2. 10, 23. 31
8418 ( September L 5
For further information and rates
from other points, address
E. E. LEIS, General Agent,
A. T. A 8. F. By- Co.. 233 Judge
Building, Salt Lake City, Utah
Poslam Soap Is the Safest and Moit
Beneficial for Toilet and Bath.
Posinm Soap surprises and delights
-very user. It ih more than a mere soap
a soap plus healing goodness. Its su
periority K m its absolute puntv, its an
tiseptic and germicidal qualities and us
I Healthful effect upon the skin. Those
.unusual properties are obtain-.) by medt
cation nritn Poslam, the great skin rem
edy, making very use of this soap, for
toUel or hath, a source of positive benefit.
Poslam Soap Is without equal for ten
der akin; the ideal nursery soap, gratefuli
soothing and non-irritating. Every moth
er may rely upon 1 1 k absolute safety and
put Ity.
Poslam Soap makes ompiexlons deer,
hands soft. Beautifies the si tin and im
proves Its color and texture. The host
'shampoo for dandruff greatly benefloiej
i whenever scalp difficulties exist,
j Unusually large and lasting cake; price
25 cents. For sale by Schra mm-Johnson,
Drugs, and all druggist
For free sample, write to the Emer
gency Laboratories, 32 W3i 23th street,
j New York City.
j 1
Salt Lake Statistic
I I 1
Marriage Licenses.
Sm WVM.em and Jnnv ikoo. ho(h ot r.u
rFrnk M Klnc in Laura Mnon. b"th tf Slt
Curl F. Car I win urol C!r(i Aorleoion. heth of
Salt Lake.
John Edward Kelly. J! fouh Sr. on East,
Axel Hmmnln1 to t-urr Tnue. rirl.
KIl A. Martinson, .(15 North FlrM Wxt. girl,
Ksrry A Amu. grs West Seventh fouth. bor
ArnoM Groiine. 3:4 Weif Second North, ho
O. H Thorapon. 24? Poii'.h Fourlh Bast. elrl.
JlmmU Arrrno. 411 South Fifth West, bo?'
Max F Morr, TS P ItTMt, bo
Pari Bohn. MrKlnley,
Peler J t.amplnn. 43S Wmi Seventh South, alrl
Eeal Estate Transfers,
Dan Muier t al to H J MfKcin. part
lot T, hlork 16. five-arre ple.t A .. ...... .t 10
Albert Orel and wlje to Uteb Loon t
BulMtnt: aaiorlatlon. part aeetlon t,
townablp 1 noulh ranjje 1 wt 1
Mnrlan A M. OkDBOD to Wen Johnson. Inn
3 and 4. blork S. Freamont IIlhti! 1
Charttt NfoPnle lo Annie T Bywalei pari
lot 4. blork Srt. plat D 1
Douitlaj HelOiLs Lund Improvement com
pany to Beda r. Fr-kmon lots 31 and S:.
blork 6. Pouglo-i Park ... I.Oiyi
F.lljaheth S. C. Bawden t al to Knlgbl
Power rompany, part eectlon S4. lon
uhlp 1 aouth. range 1 wet 4
Mlnnlo Leonnnri et n ;o L. M Ree!e.
lot 5. part, lot 5. block I. Walkcr'n nub
dlvlftlon $.4.(M
Mnrf M AabtOO and wife to Salt Lake
City corporation lot 5. North Ingle
wood 0
W. J. Taravella and wlfo lo Hernan Bam-
berRrr. part lot S, blork 36. pint F 2.280
Annie P. Howard et al. to Lehola I.Ipn-
inon. part lot 1, blork e. plat 0 17 nofl
V. C, Hyntt and wife to R. O Rankin, lott
IS and 19. Moolc . plat of Welby 110
Marian A M Cannon at al to Oeorne B.
F-eere. part block 9. Foreat Dale S55
Auguata B. Itebana to Joaeph R. Hebenn.
pan lots 11 and 12, block 8. City Hall
subdivision joo
Bernhsrt Hebans to Joseph R. Hebana
lots 13 and 14, block I, Clly Hall sub
division t.. ioo
John Gallacher and wife to Isahelln Arm
strong ot al., part lot 6. block 70. plat A ."..rico
NEW YORK. Tune 20. To ascertain
their exact position upon the tariff re
form, the New York Tariff Reform club
recently suhmltted a series of questions
to the leading candidates for the presi
dential nominations of all recognized
parties Replies have now been received
from all except Colonel Roosevelt. Gov
ernor Harmon and Eugene V. Debs.
All who replied, with the exception of
President Taft. expressed themselveH as
opposed to the existing protective tariff
aa excessive. On the queatlon of a reduc
tion. Messrs Wilson, Clark. La Follette,
Baldwin and LTnderwood stand together
All said they favored a reduction if not
the abolition of all duties except for reve
nue, but they would avoid such radical
or rapid reductions as would disturb
legitimate buelneas.
Hop Rate Suspended.
WASHINGTON, June 20. An advance
of 25 rents a hundred pounds for the
transportation of hopB n bales from the
north Pacific coast terminals to Atlantic
seaboard points, proposed by the trans
continental railroads, was suspended to
day by the interstate commerce commis
sion until November 5. The suspension
affer-ts an Immense traffic
Kills Crippled Wife.
WINNIPEG, Man., June 20 in full
view of a score of pedestrians on thp
street at High PJver, Alta., today. Calihte
Rertrand shot and killed his wife. He
was arrested. Mrs. Bertrand was a crip
ple. The couple came from Nanton Alberta.
Loan Completed.
PA RIP, June 20. The signature of the
Chinese loan of $300,000,000 was com
pleted this afternoon by the delegates of
the groups of International bankers rep
resenting the six powers, the United
States, Great Britain, Germany, France,
Russia and Japan
Old Diplomat Stricken.
LONDON June 20. General Stewart
L. Woodford, at one time lieutenant gov
ernor of New York and formerlv T'nlted
States minister to Spain, is l.lng serious
ly 111 in an Inn near Oxford, where he
was stricken Mrs. Woodford Is with
Suffrage Rejected.
CONCORD, N H.. June !0. By a roll
call vote of ?0g to HO the state consti
tutional convention rejected a. proposed
amendment to the constitution granting
votes to women in Nw Hampshire.
Dr. Williams' Fink Pills for Pale Pffo
pl? have this important advantage over
other remedies for stomach troubles.
They strengthen the stomach until it if"
capable of a good digestion This if
the most direct and certain way to get
, the complete relief every sufferer t'roiu
indigestion wants All the tinu- you are
taking the pills vou are getting more
1 rind more nourishment from vour food,
i This is important. too; for von bfgin to
feo) better in ever was because of this
I added strength. Yon 'will bo happily
I surprised to find that you ;ire getting a
hearty appetite; that ion can eat food
that vou relish, without distress; flint
' vour headaches are gobe; that vou are
: no longer troubled with gas Or acid
Itomacb, It is safe to sny that nothing
; will $i quicklv ftire yon of stoim-'i
I trouble ns Or. William.1 Pink PiOj for
, Pale Peopl.
The experience of Mrs. George I".
Shields of No. 7 1 o Fremont street, Man
' hattan. Kan., should r-onxince vou of
! the merit of Dr. Williams' Fink Pills.
: Hbc says:
! "Dr. v'i!liams' Pink Pills for Palo
! People effected a remarkable cure 'or
: me eleven years ago. Vo- four or five
years previous to that, time 1 had suf
i fered at intervals of from six weeks to
two months with what the doctors
I called acute indigestion. Mv physician
J put me on a diet, bnt in spite of all
precautions those spells came on iust
J the .tame and my suffering was most
Tuberculosis Medicine
Saved This Man's Life
Pneumonia is a serious disease. an1
I often lays the foundation for chronic
lung troubles sometimes Tuberculosis
I results After Pneumonia, or any seri
ous or stubborn cold. It )h wle to take
i Boktpan's Alterative and avoid the rlan-
gers of disease. Rt-ad of the recovery in
: this case:
::3B No. 41st St . I'hlln.. Pa,
Gentlemen: I was suffering from s
j very serious abscessed lung, which fa
llowed a bud attack- of pneumonia. M
i phystnan and specialist declared my
case hopeless. 1 am very thankful to
'vou and the Almighty ;.m1 fv the
change "f health your medicine ha
brought me
'I also wish t say thai 1 have fulh
recovered my health, having been cured
lor over three years."
(Signed Affidavit) THOS R1GILLY,
Kekman's llerafle Ir; effective In
I Bronchitis. Asthma, Ha) P"ever. Throat
and Lung Troubles, and In upbuilding
I the system. Doc? not contain poisons,
i opiates or hablt-formlng drugs. For sale
i by Bchramm-Johnson. Drugs "The'
I Never-Subatltutors," iivr. (?,, good stores l
and other leadlnp dniKerlr.tu. Ask fur
hookl'l iHIIni? .if recoveries .md Write
to EDckman Laboratory, Phi la., Pa. for
additional evidence.
Tnnkee ( 'nnsolld.-Ued Mining company,
a eorpoation. Principal office and placr
nf business, room SOT N'ewhouse build
ing. Salt Lalte City. I'lah
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the hoard of directors of the Yan
kee Consolidated Mining company, held
on the 3rd day Of Tine. Ifll2, nn assess
meni of two cents (2) per share was
levied and assessed 0n the outstanding
capital stock of said corporation, payable
Tone 8. 112. to A. E Canflold. secretary
of said company, room 807 Newhouse
building. Salt T.ake City, Utah
Any stock upon which this HHsessment
ma remain unpaid on the 1th day of
July. 1312, will be delinquent and ad
vertised for sal st puhllr auction and
unless payment is made before, will be
sold on the 27th day of July. 1012, to
pay delinquent assessment thereon, to
gether with costs of advertising and ex
pense of sale.
Secretarv Yankee Consolidated Mining
Company. dS77
HEMPSTEAD. X. Y Juno 20. Ar
thur Baumgartner of Hempstead wa.
burned to death and sit others were
injured, two probably fatally in a col
lision today heteen :i high power
touring car anrl h runabout at a road
intersection near the crand stand of
the Long Island motor parkway.
Baumgartner was pinned beneath the
tourincr car and a moment later flames
covered the wreck. The victim cried
for help, but hi companions were un
able to aid him.
Dr. Ray McCombs of Pearsall, Tex.,
also was badlv hurt.
Mrs. Lcla Love, wife of Wiley Love,
a farmer lhing near Covena. Ga.. says:
"I have taken Foley Kidney Pills and
find them to be all you claim for them.
They gavo me almost instant relief
when my kidneys were sluggish and
inactive I can cheerfully recommend
them to all sufferers from kidney
troubles." Schramm-Johnson Co.
Decision Monday.
WASHINGTON June 2". A decision
In the contempt of court proceedings
against Samuel Compere and Frank Mor
rison of the American Federation of Ta
bor and John Mitchell will be announced
Monday by Justice Wright ot the district
eupreme court.
The men are charged with lolatliiK a
court injunction In the Buck stove and
range boycott ca6e.
When your child has whooping cough
be careful to keep the cough loose and
expectoration easy by giving Cham
berlain 's Cough Remedy as may be
required. This remedy will also liquify
the tough mucous and make it easier
to expectorate. It has been used suc
cessfully in many epidemics and is
safe and sure. For sale by all dealers.
Via D. & R. O. Every Sunday.
Provn Canyon, S.OO a. ni .1."J.".
Ogden, 10:35 a. m., 12:40 p. m.,
'2:35 p. m 1.00
Geneva CUtah lake). 8:00 a. m . . 1.25
Pharaoh's Glen, 8:20 a. m . 50
Trout and chicken dinners at Upper
Fa 11b resort in Provo canyon. Special
train leavpg Salt Lake for Provo cau
von points at S:10 a. m., and returning
leaves Wildwood, 6:00 p. m.; Upper
Falls, 6.15 p. m.; Provo, 7:35 p. m.,
arriving Salt Lake, 9 :2C p m.
Brigham City,
June '21 and '22. Excursions via Ore
gon Short Line. See agents for rates
and further particulars. City ticket
office, Hotel Utah.
New Submarine.
VAL.LEJO. Cal.. June 20 The sub
marine F-l was delivered to the Mare
Inland na y yard yeterday by its build
ers, the Union iron works of San Fran
cisco, and placed In commission with
Lieutenant James B. Howell command
ing Tts sister ship soon will be completed
intense. I could not eat anything at all
without distressing pnins. tt. seemed hs
if there was a knot in my stomach and
it was so sore than even the pressure
of my clothes kept me in constant, mis
ery :ind at times it, was hard for me
to breathe.
"Then 1 was persuaded to try Dr.
Williams Pinlc Pills for Pale People
and when I hail taken only about, half
a box I saw thev were helping me- 1
continued to take tfaem until I had used
three boxes find m the meantime yen
furcd to aal things which I h:id never
dured to cut before and found that no
iil effects followed. The fulls cured m
and I have never had a spell of indi
gest.ion during the nine years which
have elapsed I have gained m wight
from scarcely one hundred poim-l-i to
one hundred anrl thirty eight nnd feel
perfectly well. Words cannot express
the jrratifude and confidence I have in
Hr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
and 1 never fail to recommend them to
my ailing friend. aud neighbors.''
Every sufferer from indigestion
should read the booklet. "What to (Sal
I and How to Eat. " Tt is free upon re
quest. Tt tc!ls what Dr. Williams" Pink
Pills have done in all forms of stoni
ach trouble and Contains useful in
formation about dial
Dr. Williams' Pink PilU are sold bv
all druggists, or will be sent bv mail,
postpaid, on receipt of price. .SO cents
per box; six boxes for $2.50. by the
Dr. Williams Medicine. Co., Schenec
tady, N. T
j Approvals i mLl "T 1 M k VAB mmn Better
1 1 Ho Transfers j9 iJlMlpjl K Taking Smalll
1 x 1 vm
Dresses G rM
Suits AVi
Waists 2O-30fc
Coats 4O-50K
Skirts PERF
Underwear CENll
Hosiery 1
Laces p
Embroideries m
NEVER Linens p
BEFORE WashGoods-
ewTr-n DressGoods fe
SUCH Silks
PRICE Notions P
CUTTING Fancy Goods, Re. f
-, i W1 ij
MADISON, wis.. .Tune 20. The army
mule baa apparently won his lilit. for
existence. The teal of the auto truck
as a substitute for the mule on the m:irch
of the provisional reeime has heen exten
sive enough to Justify the following state
ment frrun Captain M. E. Kavtlle .
"The automobile demonstration has
been such as lo warrant the conclusion
lh;it. It Is unwice and vinsafe 1 1 displace
army mules and wagons with the troops i
by anv other form of locomotion."
Colonel R. N. Oetty. In command, de
Glared however, the auto truck will prove,
valuable in supplementing the repular
modes of conveyance.
The provisional regiment encamped to-1
day at Mlddleton and will rearn Bfadlaon
at 8 o'clock tomorrow fiiornlng.
TAPIS .tune SO 'Russia's answer re
l")ViIm' the ratification of thf pmpnued
Chinese loan of 1800.000.000, Which on Innei
IS wai virtually acreed to bv iho del'-1
uat s of thr- hankine: pro up represent lnc
Diu sh powers concerned the t'nlted
!lst.v . Croat Brlt.-iln; Gerrnnnv, France,
nd Jip.in was received today.
la acquiesces in the movemitnt, but
.v a slight addition be mads to the
This addition hfiR boon a-r,.pt., by all
the delegates except thp representatives!
of the t"nltd Stuus, wb,, have requested
time to consult with Washington,
Woman Susnected.
NEW rORK. .lune 20. Folk Rhonhei-
mer, a wealthy real entatA mi.n, SO
"ars old, waa klllel early todav when I
fall down a flight of stnliH al his
h ims in a four-storv apartment house on!
Seventeenth street Mrs Hairy Murphy, I
the housekeeperi was arrested t the I
police sir a suspeeted person ccordtnsT
to the police, Rhonhelmer's fan on thei
stairs was preceded b a quarrel with nfsl
June 22, 29.
July 3. 12, 20.
August 1, 2, 10, 23. 81.
September 4, 5.
Chicago -...... .$55.01
St. Louis ...., 49-CO
Minneapolis, St. Paul 62.00
Omaha, Kansas City 40.00
Denver. Colorado Springs 22.50
Good returning until October 3L
6topovers. Divers Routes.
to all parts of th world.
-Notice Is hereby given thai the un
dersigned, Reeves ft Co., a corporation
under the laws of Indiana, will, on Mon
day the 1st day of July. .. D. 1012 at
the hour of two o'clock p. m. of said
date, at the south fionr. door (the same
being designated b dnor No. s, of the
K'orns warehouse, situate at m South
Fifth Wesl street. Sail lke Cltv. SaJt
Lake county state of Utah, pursuant
to law, and the provisions of a certain
'battel mortgage hereinafter described
sell at public am tlon to the highest bid
der for cash the following described ner
BOTial property, to wit:
One No 6066 Reeves 82-h.p. compound
traction engine, manufactured hv Reeves
C;.r with all flxZures and appendages
with or belonging to (he same
One Reeves twelve bottom flexible
frame Steam lift engine gang plow with
Old ground bPttomB. With ov.- hitch for
32-h.p Reeves angina,
Us ""r- Wp. 22ft Reeves mounted tak
manufaoturad by Reeves Co, withkS
fixtures and appendages with or belong
ing to the same.
Which paid property Is now situate a
the Korns warehouse at 144 South Fifth
West street. Palt Lake City, Salt. Lake
county, Mate of Utah.
The chattel mortgage above referred
to was executed op t)r unii flay of No
vember, a. d. 1:109. bv k l Terry
George 0 Terry, A. Cockrill. .Tames
Oockrll! and Burt F.a.ney. to thr, under
Signed Reeves ft Co., a corporation and
duly filed for record In the office of the
county recorder of Ball Lake county
stale of I,tah. on the lth .lav of Janu
ary. A T 1910, and recorded in book Q
of chattel mortgagee on pages 568-666
and wub duly renewed by nuna and re
cording the affidavit of the mortgagee ai
required b law. in the month of Febru
ary, 1911, and thereafter again renewed
by filing nnd recording the affidavit of
'he mortgagee In the month of Januarv.l
1 . .
I hat said mortgage was given to secure i
tour (4) certain promissory notes for ""n
tono. $ftoii nnd 86B, respectively; thai
tiiere remains due and unpaid upon '-nld
notes, the payment of which said chat
tel mortgage w.-is given to scm'-,., the
J sum oi thirty-two hundred forty-two
(18242) dollar?.
Dated this Kith day of June, A D.
REEVES ,l- CO. (a corporation).
Its Duly Authorised Agni.
c,. 51 SULLIVAN,
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Postoffice Address, 626 Rostr.n Building.
8alt Lake City. Utah. dl757
hid on alnklng and timbering one two-
compartment shaft to 550 feet; likewlxe
one two-eompariraent Fimft to lon feet:
also to bid on sinking aud timbering both I
shaft simultaneously. Company will
furnish drills, holnl and hoisting equip-,
ment. Ground is shattered limestone.
dry, easily drilled and breaks well
For further particulars apply to H. A.
L1NKF., mlrilng engineer, care Nevada
Central Copper Co., Cedar, vln Palisade.
Nevada. di'S24
Tribune Want Ads Pull j
The Denver &
Railroad CaKl
tffective May B
Provo, Mant.. Maryrrw lljJJ
Mldvale .i'." an:T '
Mdvala H...I SlnslNn
Denver. Chl':a:o ""l '
Provo. Sr'l"eV,,,e-r&lt-KLl',
Denver. Chcaso an ill4l le I
Ogdn. rr"R$l DAltV
r?paen an I l-t 'gSt'Rl
Park Cltv -t"3 lctcr .
points .. : ,fi,ufi! ,;BVU'
Bingham and MryiriUuJe
SKen SaanntFrancl Xl

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