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H f ,
i Immense Crowd Spends En
v joyable Day at the Great
f Exposition.
li Livestock Department De
I mands Full Measure of At
jk tention; Programme Today.
More than 20,000 Interested spectators
constituted the, crowd that enjoyed the
bights at the Utah atate fair yesterday
afternoon, and evening:. Another day of
sunshine favored the blp exposition and
the people did not fall to take advantage
fThe attendance last night vras- reniark
I ably large. In fact, the crowd that at
I tended tie fair after dinner appeared to
I till even- Inch along the Glad way. massed
In the manufacture: building and
I thronged the displays in the horticultural
I building,
j The shews on the Gladway did a rush-
f. Ing business. Every attraction was well
f patronized and the crowd that gathered
' lo see the Uumlnated Are exhibit waa gU
fi pontic In slzo. All tho young folks were
I, equipped with paper wisps, with which
! they belabored one another right mer
it Cheers for Firemen.
I The fire exhibition was as thrilling as
If It was on Tuesday night and the applause
fi with which the feats of the daring flrc-
K men wan received was loud, long and
i YesterJav afternoon N. J. Carter, the
n hfgh-divlng fireman, climbed his pole op
Bt pnsite the grandstand and tested the air
If currents. He remained nloft fully ten
Qi minutes awaiting a propitious moment to
g$j make his dive, but the wind blew steadily
kI and Carter finally waa obliged to give
Iff, Carter was Injured in his first dive
Monday, when he struck the water into1
lB which he dove on his side. Slight hemor-
B rhaces resulted, but tho Injuries proved
K not to be serious and ho was on the job
B for another great leap yesterday.
Bl The exhibits got full measure of atten
Bl t'on yesterday, and for the first time the
B crowds thronged tho livestock depart
B' mcnt, inspecting tho beautiful horses, the
Bi horned cattle, the fat sheep and the ham
ft and bacon producers,
The grandstand at the mce track was
f completely filled and the bleachers were
crowded. Interest In the races was the
(jr keenest that haB yet been shown and the
&$, events were excellent
In Governor's Day Today.
Bil, Tho governor will hold the boards to-
iFi dai". for this Is governor's day at the
Hfit fair. Governor Spry and Ids staff will
Hut he on hand to tako part In the oxer
Hmi ciscs, which will be held at 2 o'clock In
Bui the afternoon.
t Today will he a banner day for the live-
II I slock men and those who love fine horses
g and sleek cattle. At 2 o'clock this after
K noon the livestock pageant will take place
h in front of the grandstand. The g'ov-
ornor and his staff will Inspect the
Sr parade as it passes before them.
Interest also centers in the military
S'J officers' race, In which officers from
fill Kort Douglas will participate. There will
Hf&t n'so be n mounted gun contest. In which
Hjj officers and men from the post will take
I . Children's Day Friday.
6 Friday will be children's day. All of
i the public schools will close and the pu-
S ' plls will visit the fair. The management
HE has arranged for two complete perform-
I ances of the free attractions during tho
& afternoon Instead of one, as Is the rule,
In Thus there will be amusement for the
E ! little folks continuously. The first scries
7 of free exhibitions will begin at 1:30
Hi"! o clock and tho next at -1 o'clock. The
$! complete programme will bo carried out
?J at each performance. The free acta are
?' given on an elevated platform, and there
will be no. difficulty in seeing them all.
They consist of extraordinarily good
roller skating, bicycle riding, feats on
I the trapezes and other acrobatic stunts.
H Thero will also be a triple balloon as-
fl rcuslon. The fire exhibition, including
' tlios remarkable performance of the tire
; horses and the daring rescue work of the
-; flrr.men, will begin at J o'clock.
i It Is expected that 20.000 children will
f attend tho fair Friday.
Pupils Give Demonstration.
I The exhibit of the public schools has
X laken on added Interest with the presence
, S of classes of pupils demonstrating their
i skill In various divisions of manual traln-
;j Ing and applied arts. Ranged about the
Bp Krhool exhibit, and given npace for. their
Hf "ork benches and desks, there will be
fluffi ,ll'f) afternoon and Friday afternoon
Hie from 2:30 to 5:30 o'clock twen-
K work. Boys arc building cabinets, chairs,
R desks and other models of woodwork.
Ei Other boys and girls are working in
K clay, Girls from the primary classes and
PI lie lower grades arc weaving rugs and
mi mats. Young ladles from the high school
If are working In leather, producing beauti-
b ful results in pyrography. There Is a
fi tlass In sewing and embroidery, and oth-
f crwlfc the demonstration is interesting
Eg and profitable. I
i' It Is the desire of those ki charge of
Ttf the school exhibit that the parents of
M pupils tako advantage of the opporttinltv
I to see Just how all the beautiful things
I that are wrought by Salt Lake's bright
5. children are made. Many parents In
4 fnct. the large majority of them never
a visit the schools, many because thev have
3 not time to do ?o. Tho demonstration
M at the fair affords the parents an op-
. portunlty to see the children actually at
1 t work,
i V The public school demonstration la a
feature that adds much to an exhibit
B that Is in every way unprecedented In
S.'j school exhibits.
H. State Offices Closed. '
H ,2 All the state offices, with tho execp-
A t,on ot tne o'Hce of the secretary of
j d state, closed at. noon yesterday by order
n of Governor Spry in order that the offi-
m- rials and employees might have an op-
, r; portunlty of attending the fair. The
Hli 1 nlverslty of Utah also suspended for the
j ! j day.
B :J The Utah board of control of the N'a-
j: -t( tlonal Irrigation congress announces that
J J tickets of adinlssion to thi ralr for to-
J a' day may be had by the delegates to the
;i congress and their ladles upon appllca-
J ,i tlon at the office of Secretarv Arthur
gn Hooker at the Assembly hall
ftn Considerable progrcHs was made In the
work of judging yesterday and the an-
f nouncement of awards Ik wII along. Th
j xhlblt In the art department were Ih-
l ,E, Ited by the Judges ycftcrday. but tho an.
ht nouncement of awards was withheld.
J ;j0 owing to a dlsarrnngcmf.nl of plans, u
J is known. howovf.r, ti,af Avnvd Falr-
t r:.! banks, Utah's famous bov sculptor. dr"u-
J -l ihre.rj prizes, one or 5100 for his "3uf-
1 V, falo." one of ?2." for n "Portrait. " anil
iHl .the third of ?25 for the brst display.
B :2 Boys Grow Potatoes.
jj At noon today E. 11. Grubb, potato ex-
1 v, pert for tho Ilarritnan linos, will arrive
t , at the fair to make awardu In Ui potato
jpjMbj exhibit gathered by the National Copper
ijH-rj bank, which Is located In the University
l of Utah building.
f The Xatlonal Topper bank hegan the-
J potato-growing contest early in tho
M spring. Only bof participate. There
jH' $ fir 210 entries from various parts of th-
' state, each entrant having a dirplaj of
' 1 potatoes.
j Lotils F. Bojle. a well-known potato
Years of Suffering
Catarrh and Bluod Disease -Doctors
Failed to Cure.
Miss Mabel F. Dawkina, 1214 Lafay
ette St., Fort Wayne, Ind.. Tvrlten:
"For three years 1 waa troubled with
catarrh and blood disease. I tried sev
eral doctors 'and a dozen different rem
edies, but none of them did tne anj
good. A friend told me of Hood's Sar
aapcrllhu I took two bottlea of thl;
ttiedlclne and wua as well and strong
as ever. I feel like a different person
and recommend -Hood's to any one suf
fering from catarrh,"
Got It today In usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs,
expert. Is In charge of the exhibit, and
explains the science of successful potato
growing. The National Copper bank has
offered a Herles of prizes for winners In
tho contest. Among the prizes are a sil
ver cup and one cash prlr.c of $100, with
others on a graduated scale. The exhibit
has attracted wide attention and has
amply demonstrated that -potato, culture
In Utah Is an important agricultural ac
tivity. The result of thn efforts of the
boys calls forth words of highest praise.
Balloon Race Saturday.
An effort 1 being made to arrange
a balloon race for Saturday with four
entrants. The conditions of the race, If
It Is arranged, will call for extraordinary
skill and endurance. The aeronauts will
start with the blast of a. bugle. Time
will be counted from the instant they bc
gin to till their balloons. The one whit
goes highest will be declared the winner
Exhibit of Asylum.
An exhibit, which astonishes the vis
itor to the educational division Is that
of the State Mental hospital at Provo.
Wonderful work is shown there in the
way of handwrought articles. Dr. D. H.
Calder, the superintendent of the Insti
tution, says the exhibit gives at least a
partial Idea of what the mental hos
pital Is doing for Its patients. Up to
a few years ago the hospital bought ev
ery article of clothing worn by the pa
tients, A chart shows Just how unany
garments or various Kinas were maae ny
the patients In the month of August. The
total Is something like 1200. The list
Includes Jumpers and overalls and shirts
and underwear for the mou; dresseB
and dresses of some pretension to design
and finish for the women, also other ar
ticles of women's apparel All of the
garments are well made. They give evi
dence of the skill of the persons who
make them.
Unique Rug Is Shown.
A unique article In the display is a rus
Woven by a woman patient, depleting in
a variety of colors the funeral of Queen
Victoria- -The casket, the horses and the
funeral procession are done with a fidel
ity to detail that Is .quite amazing. All
about the central scene appear repre
sentatives of various royal families. H lo
a piece of work that must have in
quired an Immense amount of patience,
especially when the fact Is taken Into
consideration that the woman who made
It Is woefully demented.
The school for the feeblo minded, a de
partment of the mental hospital, shows
many specimens of handicraft, lce,
embroidered work, haskets, bead work
and even drawings are the achievements
of tho pupils in fhat school pupils so de
ficient In mental endowment (hat they
cannot meet the requirements of any
grade In tho ordinary public schools.
The exhibit contains samples of the
preserved fruits put up ot the hospital
all by the patients. Cherries, peaches,
tomatoes and tomato catsup, corn, peas
and other vegetables. All the preserved
products are from trees or vines grown
on the hospital farm. Next year the
new peach orchard will bo bearing and
the hospital will then have a supply for
other institutions. The making of
brushes has Just begun and already some
good results have been- bbtaincd.
Mattress on Display.
All of tho mattresses and bed clothing
used at. the hospital are made bv the
patients. There Is on display a mattress
a type of that used In the hospital
made entirely of waste from the sow
ing room. Dr. Calder says the work Is
done by the most disturbed of tho pa
tients, a fact which probablv will cause
much wonderment. Dr. Calder savs that
the production of the manufactured ar
ticles Is only a secondary consideration.
By long odds the chief consideration Is
the fact that tho work gives occupation
for the patient's mind and -his hands.
The superintendent says that wonderful
improvement in the condition of the pa
tients has boen shown since the Indus
trial plan was put Into effect, in fact,
he says almost all of the cures can be
traced directly to the workrooms. Hn
adds that Utah is one of the vcrv fw
states In the union- thai have adopted
what Is known as tho "ro-educatlon"
plan. He Is well pleased with tho result.
The arts and manual training department
Is In c.hargo of E. H. Kastmond, whose
assistant Is A, M. Talmage, and Mrs.
Ida S. "Dusonberry J$ ule jlea(j oC thA
kindergarten and grade work for tho
feeble minded.. The hospital has now
about 450 Inmates. There are flftv In the
department for the feeble minded, twenty-five
of whom arc proving apt pupils.
In spite of the fnct that manv of them
possessed no mental qualities at all when
they entered some had to ho taught to
punch a hole with a needle, all had to be
taught colors.
Tho exhibit of the mental hospital,
therefore, is one that may with profit
be studied by every visitor at the fair.
John Heath. Michigan Bar, Cal.,
writes; "I was afflicted "with kidney
and bladder trouble for nearly six
vear6. Had a very bad spoil somo
time ago and was unable lo turn -vyitb-out
help, T commenced usinc Foley
Kidney Pills and can truly say r was
relieved at once. I take pleasure in
recommending Foloy Kidney Pills."
Schrainm-Joanson, Drugs.
Here is a remedy that will cure your
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perimenting when you can get a p'repa
ration that has won a world-wido repu
tation by its cures of this disease and
cbu always be depended upon? It is
known everywhere as Chamberlain's
Couch Remedy, and is a medicine of
roal merit. For sale by all dealers,
M Complete
wj Security
sHun company guarantees the
9H payment of the mortgages so-
Hy curing the 6 per cent Secured
KS! Certificates it issues.
BSu Those Certificates thereforo
combine the three moBt im
HE portant requisites of a- deslrn
Hg ble investment unquestioned
safety, substantial interest and
( IKl Certificates issued for
Kn amounts of $1.00 and upwards.
HH 32 Main Street
Office Hours 6 a. m. to 10:30 a. m.; S p, m. to 8 p. a.
Many Called, but Few Are
Chosen in Ogden Crimi
nal Libel Case.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct."2 All or today was spent
in examining veniremen, without n Jury
havjnir buen s tu'tifftd to p:iss upon the
evidence in the case of the stute against
George Wilson, charged with criminal li
bel. The matter Is under consideration
In Judge N, J. Harris's division of the
district court and the progress of the
cane will be watched with considerable
IntereBt, A spcclul panel was drawn at
noon today but up to the adjournment
of court this evening the Jury waa not
The case deals with the short exist
ence of the Weber .County Citizen, a
weekly newspaper, discontinued soon after
the last municipal election. It is charged
that Its editor, George Wilson, commit
ted libel by publishing an article In whicu
Thomas -IS. Browning, then chief of po
lice, was accused of perjury
William Glnsmaim brought a similar
charge agalnnt' Wilson but the case was
dismissed on a technicality of the law
The present ease has been on tho cal
endar of the district court since early In
the year.
"Best People on Earth" Taking Charge
of New Quarters.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN", Oct. 2, In order to fulfill their
agreement with the Order of Owls, who
will occupy their old club rooms on Wash
ington avenue, the members of Ogden
lodge, No. 710, 13. P. O, IS., arc moving
Into their new club house on Grant ave
nue, although the decorators have not
yet completed their work. Only three of
the rooms and the main lobby have been
completed and furnished. The Elks- will
be completely Installed in their new homo
within two weeks, but the formal open
ing will not bo held until early In No
vember. The rooms which have been turned over
lo the use of the club members Indicate
that tho Ogden lodge will have the llncst
homo in tho state. The remodeling of the
old Central school building and the beau
tiful decorations and furnishings repre
sent an expenditure of more than 5"t,000.
It has been planned to have Grand Ex
alted Ruler F. B. MUner of Superior.
Wis., present when the opening Is held
Festivities will continue for one week
Elks from every lodge throughout the
lntfrmountain country will be Invited to
Well Known San Francisco Man Takes
an Ogden Bride.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN", Oct. 2. Carl Schilling of San
Francisco and Miss Etta Staley of Ogden
were united In marriage by the Rev.
Frank Li. Bralncrd, pastor of the First
Congregational church, at S:30 this even
ing. The ceremony took place in the
church parlors and was attended by rela
tives and friends of the couple. ,
Mr. Schilling is a member of the firm of
A. Schilling & Co., millionaire tea and
coffee merchants of San Francisco. The
bride 13 the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William Staley of 2fi20 .Monroe avenue.
The couple departed Immediately for Salt
Lake' and will start for southern Cali
fornia tomorrow. They will make their
home in San Francisco.
Body Will Lie In State Preceding the
Final Ceremonies.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDI3N, Oct. 2. The funeral of Edward
M. Allison, Sr., who died at his home
In this city yesterday noon, will be held
tomorrow afternoon, the services lo be
conducted by Bishop H. C. Jacobs in tho
Fifth ward chapel at 2 o'clock. The In
terment will be made at the Ogden City
cemetery. For the benefit of the friends,
the body will lie in state at the family
home, OIL Twenty-fourth street, between
the hours of 10 a. m. and 1 p. in. tomorrow.
Will Do Ovra Work,
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN", Oct. 2. Falling to reach an
agreement with any of the local contrac
tors, W. A. Larkln, representing the Din
widdle Construction company of Portland,
states that his company will do Its own
excavating for the new EccIqs building.
A contract for t,he removal of the remain
ing debris from the basement of the
burned structure was to have been let
this week.
Postal Clerks' Ball.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct. "2. The, members of the
local association of Railway Postal Clerks
have decided to hold their annual ball at
the Colonial academy on Thursday. Oc
tober 17. The committee In charge of the
arrangements is composed of John C.
Livingston. Frank W. Joesten, W. D.
Phillips, Herbert Snyder. Harry S. Luf
bln, Samuel C, Tortcr and C. T. Smith.
Burglars Steal Liquor.
Special to The Tribune.
OOD13N", Oct. 2. Robbers obtained a
small stock of "booze" at an early hour
this morning, when they entered the Ex
change saloon. 3f0 Twenty-fourth street,
and secured a dozen bottles of whisky.
The only other articles missed are 100
trade chips. Patrolman John Murphy dis
covered that, the burglars had entered by
breaking the glass in a rear window. No
arrests have been made
Body Shipped Home.
Special to The Tribune-
OGDEN", del. 2. The body of Miss Ef
vfie Crlddlc. daughter of Mr. and Mm
James Crlddlc. wan .shipped to Knysvlllo
today for interment. Miss Griddle died
at the Deo hospital yesterday after sev
eral weeks' Illness. She was born In
Kaysvlllc November 1.0. 1SS0, and had
spent her entire life there.
ffm? Liver
! is Clogged up
! That's Why You're Tired Ou "&
J Sorts Hare No Appttite.
ioaiatif, l&ijgtt&m, Side Heaisdke.
Genuine man bar Signature
Masked Burglar Ransacks Room In Pies
ence of Children.
Spoclnl to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct. 2. Although the burglary
was committed early last evening. In the
presence of his three, small children, Cap
tain C. V. Knupp of the Salvation Army
did not learn until this morning that he
had been robbed of $35. From the old
est, of the children, a. boy of G years. Cap
tain Knapp learned that a masked robber
had entered his apartments at 257 Twon
t y-lirt.li street and secured the money
uftcr threatening the children and pacify
ing a vicious dog.
The Salvation Army worker and his
wife were holding a street meeting at
the time and the children were usjecp
when they returned to their rooms. Sup
posing that the boy had been dreaming,
Mrs. Knapp did not Investigate her son's
story this morning until the father found
a drawer broken open and tho money
He reported the robbery to the police,
furnishing them with his son's descrip
tion of the man and his own theory, but
no arrest was made during tho day. Cap
tain Knapp believes that he can name
the man who committed the robbery and
has askod the pollco to place him tinder
arrest as a suspect..
Ogden Parking Point,
'special to The Tribune
OGDEN", Oct. 2. Local officials of the
Harrlman lines have been notified that
Ogden probably will be made one of the
parking points for the proposed new train
which will be known aa "Tho Sunrise
to Sunset Dally Special." The Harrlman
Interests propose to operate the train
over the Chicago &. Northwestern, Union
Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads
between Chicago and southern California.
Their plan Ik to operate the train only
during the daylight, hours, making the
trip In sixty hours or five days under
the daylight schedule. It Is proposed to
use a first-class train In putting on this
Pastor Eeturns Homo.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct.- 2 Although very weak
from tho effects of his Illness and opera
tion In a Ran Francisco hospital, the Rev,
F. V. Fisher, pastor of the First Metho
dist church, has returned to his home In
this city. It Is very probable that the
pastor's health will not now permit him
to make his contemplated trip to tho
Orient until after the first of the year.
He had planned to spend about threo
years In establishing Chautauqua move
ments in foreign countries.
Republicans Moot.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN. Oct. 2. A meeting of the ex
ecutive committee of the Republican
county organization was held at the
headquarters on Hudson avenue this
evening for the purpose of arranging for
a complete canvass of every voting dis
trict In the county. Other matters per
taining to the campaign, principally those
regarding speakers, were considered, but
no definite programme was announced
The city central committee of the Re
publican contingent will meet at the
headquarters tomorrow night
To Entertain Niolson.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct. 2. The members of Her
man Bang lodge No. 292, Danish Brother
hood of America, are planning to enter
tain I. P. Nielsen, supreme president of
the order, and Mrs. Nielsen In this city
tomorrow night. The national official
arrived In Salt Lake from Seattle, Wash.,
toduy, and will come to Ogden tomorrow.
Ho was elected to the head of the or
ganization In 1910. There will be a re
ception at the Moose hall on Twenty-fifth
street, followed by a banquet.
Convention Called.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct. 2. Tho mass convention
for the nomination of Progressive candi
dates on the county ticket Is now an
nounced for 11 a. m. noxt Saturdav. Tho
Bui) Moose supporters will gathor in one
of the court rooms of the county building
If Judge J. A. Howell or Judge N. J.
Harris are not holding court at that time.
Otherwise the convention will be staged
at the Progressive headquarters on Twenty-fourth
Unable to Appear.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct. C. Bccauso of the very
severe beating which he received at the
hands of William Kelly yesterday. John
Demcs could not appear beforo Judge W.
! II. Rceder this morning to answer to a
charge of disturbing the peace. The caEe
was continued until such time as Demcs
can put In an appearance in courL KellS
pleaded guilty and wll be sentenced tomorrow.
Soquel to Joy Ride.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Oct. 2. Tho sequel to a joy
ride will be rehearsed In Judge W.
Reader's court tomorrow morning when
Howard Lone Is arraigned on the charge
of having committed a misdemeanor for
taking an automobile from the premises
of Lee Lowensteln. 2159 Jefferson ave
nue, last Saturday. The case was called
this morning, but as neither side had all
of Its witnesses present the matter was
May Use Machines.
Special to The Tribune.
OGD13N, Oct. 2. Unless the county
commissioners take some action toward a
reconsideration of their former decision,
the voting machinos will he used in We
ber county at tho election on November
G. This Is the announcement of County
Clerk Samuel G. Dye, who declares that
the commissioners have up to the pres
ent time shown no Inclination to return to
the old Australian ballot for the national
(Coutinued from Page One.)
forth by the opposition to bis candi
dacy for tho permanent chairmanship
expressed by Delegate Fraulc II. -Mott
of Jamestown and Mayor John IC
Sajrue of Pouphkeepsie, who declared
Mr. Parker to be reactionary.
TTe was chosen chairman", however,
by a vote of 412 to 35.
The first words of Mr. Parker's
speech were:
"I am a progressive Democrat.' In
reply to his critics bo said:
Resents Suggestion.
"It is true that there was a suggjev
tion at "Baltimore that T was put lor'
ward to represent Thomas P. E.yan of
New York- Them has been an at
tempt made to rcindorse a slatoincnt
made at the timo of tbe Baltimore con
vent.ion that Thomas F. Rvau had se
lected bis attorney, TDlihti Rqot, to prer
sido as the temporary chairman of the
"Republican nationa-I convention, and
that ho likewise had chosen another
attorney of his, AHod B. Parker, to
bo temporary chairman of the Balti
more convention,
"Thorn is no client that I ever had
that could control my political action,
but, further than that, Thomas P. Ryan
was never my client, and never paid
me a dollar for sorvieos in his life.
"Four venra apo the distinguished
penUeuian whoBc name has been men '
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Poslam Is Invaluable to you If aifected
with eczema, acne, herpes, rash, Itch,
pimples, scaly scalp, Itching feet, or any
like disorder. The terrible Itching which
causes sleepless nlghta or aggravation is
stopped at the very outset.
POSLAM SOAP, medicated with Pos
lam, Is unequalled for the skin, not only
when disease In present, but as the saf
est and most, beneficial soap for dally
usc. toilet and bath. Soothes tender
skin, never Irritates.
Schramm-Johnson. Drugs, and nil
druggists sell Poslam (price 50 cents)
and Poslam Soap (price 25 cents). For
free samples, write to tne Emergency
laboratories, 32 West 25th Street. New
York City. (Advertisement.)
tioned iero (Mt. Bryan) and.
who was not only in oppo
sition to me as a candidate, out
against me personally, was pood enough
to write mo a letter thanking me for
my contribution to the Democratic plat
form; ho was good enough, to write
me inviting ma to Lincoln; he was good
enough afterward to accept my invi
tation to visit me at Eaopus.
"Ho requested tho national commit
too that I should render such service
as I could on tho stump, and wherever
I was askod to go by that committee, ,
in ten states, in all, I attempted to
lift my voice and do work in bobalf of
that ticket."
The platform adopted today ratifies
tho Democratic national platform;
pledges its support to Wilson and Mar
shall, and condemns what it styles as
the ''monopolistic tariff evils" of tho
Eepublican party.
Governor Dix's administration is de
scribed as "efficient, clean and econo
mical." Tho nlatforra pledges tho logislaturo
to provido for a constitutional conven
tion to pass on tho initiative, tho ref
erendum and tho short ballot, and do
clares in favor of submitting the woman
suffrage amendment to the pcoplo. "as
soon as possible."
Tho convention at 1:29 adjourned un
til 10 o'clock this morning.
Many Salt Lake Oity Readers Have
Heard It and Profited Thereby.
"Good news -travels fast,", and the
thousands of bad back sufferers in Salt
Lake City are glad to learn that prompt
relief is within their reach. Many a
lame, weak and aching back is bad no
more, thanks to Doan's Kidney Pills.
Our citizens are telling the good news
of their experience with the Old'
Quaker Remedy. Here is an example
worth reading:
Karos Searle, 237 West Third South
St., Salt Lake City, Utah, says: "You
may continue to publish the testimonial
I gave in praise of Doan's Kidney
Pills some years ago. This remedy cer
tainly did me a great deal of good and
I am, thereforo, always pleased to speak
in its behalf. Backacne annoyed me
off and on for a number of years and
I was unable to got rolief until I com.
menced using Doan 's Kidney Pills, pro
cured at Schramm-Johnson 's Drug
Store. Many people have sought infor
mation of me, regarding Doan's Kidney
Pills and I have alwayB advised a trial
of this remedy when tho opportunity
hp.a occurred."
For Bale at Schramm-Johnson 'b drug
store, Salt Lake City, Utah, and by all
dealers. Price 50c. Foster-Milburn
Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United States.
Remember the name Doan 's and
and tako no other.
Salt Lake Realty Owners Company.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the board of directors of Salt
Lake Realty Owners company, held on
the 2nd day of October, 1012, an assess
ment of five (5) cents per 6hare waa
levied upon the outstanding capital stock
of the corporation, payable Immediately
to J. Frank Judge, secretary. No. .109
South Main street, Salt Lake City. Utah.
Any stock on which this assessment may
remain unpaid on Wednesday, November
6th. 1912. wIll bo dollnquent and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and un
less payment Is made before, will be
sold at my office on Monday, December
16th, 1912. at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m.,
to pay the delinquent assessment, to
gether with the cost of advertising and
expense of sale.
J. FRANK JUDGE, Secretarv.
First publication October 3rd, 1912.
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3 6 2 S V SOUTH ST.

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