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pgjjitional Sporting News
mre Records Broken On
I Last Day of Columbus Meet
j .niBfS. 0 0cU ' -w,ial wns cx-
Mtd to he n ,ow Rrnilc Program
I f oSl of the Columbus grand
J ffS turned out to bo fiir above
1 jrj- Babe, racer, and Helen
a -w!ir left t'"5 track ,-s world's
I Mers PIpK-cIs showed ' pacing
Lr nay make her considered next
Vl Virtlncton ngalnst Braden Direct
II :Ttrnewec stake, for which Joe
' II 'Vi'l nr' lurt as ,u' has heen
I, fia Sprlnnfielil. ,
' I hMt In - 0i 'oday completed
5 rice tat WHS ,'C''',IM '1'hursday
( il b ! fastest ever made by a
i 'l.ttli hrat. Ty Cobb almost
jRibfVff n' tne f1"'8"' ,ncy ''losing
. tirriflc rush
",it., the California mare, found
frke in the Hrst i wo, heats of the
1 but settled down and her heat
jgnadea ne.w record for fifth heals
'too"tnc first two heats of her
r:nt pulled up in 2:05j. In the
,,e wns kept coming and a
b hung out for her.
Sn,Ir and George Gano, members
fehwnploti pacing team, tried to'
''iT Louisville Results.
jfrriE Kr.. 0cl- TodT' rfuli.
wFL- .It (urloim-ronnnusht. 107 (Biix--?'
!I.tO and 10 0. won; niurbcard,
JS1 40 nJ 16 JO. jeconrt; Rooator,
!Et) MM. Ihlrt Tln1"- 1 13 3'r'- Ma
Hkui, junior Ja-iw. Terrlhlfi mil. Ja
ifcVCald Color, Or Jackon and Zwlnglle
Km, Ste and a liair furlongi-Tyree.
E) 4.!0. II "0 nnil 12 30. won. Old
&;' (MolMforth) 12 TO anil 11.30.
Bt!! 107 (flooiel. IS W, llilnl. Tim?.
t Blti S Marin C. Ualny Plaits
i;uf lb" rin
kf. t and a half lurlonRn SiirfRPti
H lAiO, 15 W, IU0 and $3 CO. won: Mor
is y'lfilc) H w al"t 'n'"l: "u
I il'JlHear). 17 H. third Ttmo. j:05 2-T,.
I W. $Uf It. FT O . Sylvcslrla. Hclrne,
id Old of Ophlr alto ran.
i It nn. nlle and itrcntr j-nrrln Joo Dli
R jj Cyl. II tO. I" TO and ".:o. on;
IJ M Wltrh. $ (Sklrvln). 12.00 nml J2 20.
H tCJ Ut. Si tJtcCaho), j;.0. third.
HI M. Sir Bllf. I'nnn and Toll Also
nlle ind !xttnth Splndlp. 110
. jal, 11M Dd 12 0. won: CroMOvcr.
ni), M0 in) U second: ndf.if.t. 109
mi It. thltd Tlino. 1 :7 1-5. IxiuU
W Mini, Ton Arllnic'OD. MIpwoUs nnil
tins ibo rn l'ojtber Duxtor If ft t
ritf, all ini slxtoonth Flying 1L
ti), 11. M. 12.M and 12 30. won; llnnly.
it), j'JO nd 12 JO. rond: Cliartlor.
rf, IJ.W. third Time. l:tT. Inro Dr,
1 fillia in3 McCrotry alua ran.
E day's Louis villo Entries.
-EIffn-ilxtiinth ot a inllo. Ptimo.
W'LlindM Wt.
i 100) 5425 Alfrod V 10?
it . ... . lMlt.: Donomll 10K
TS . .103' 5.123 Nobhr 10
f 103' 3122 Yorkvtllp 103
It: .. .1011
Ute Thr-qiirter of a mllo. Ilan
ii . ... IOC .MS Star of Dtnubo 111
i Ciih I0t r,l"( Floral Park ....11R
s.-tlura . I0T'j:u Widow Moon ..IIS
i . 104 '
rt-ThtM-Qiiftrli of mil-. Solllnc
Tosfh 102' S220 Vrccland HO
Acfcresl'y . 107' 5I Morrtslown . ..Ill
pirLa.. 107' :o: Kir aivmpoi .111
Wrer 107'!l?t ijrrry I.ad Ill
Opctin 10T' 5I" (J11nrtrrm.if.tpr . lit
rl, Ri:i Mllo and ono-plRhth. Handicap.
jPymlca . m) SCS Wlilto Wool ...lf
WKid )ttho 103 SlfU Man. Mark ...0I
w&fo . . , 103' BiS6 Melton Slrt-t .107
'W&U . .. lM'Stri Stir Pnttlp . ..107
Win . 100' :ti High rrtvalc ,..121
IBb Si; 7br?f.fjiiaripr5 of n mllp. itnndlrap.
KilCfiitlfni'n lOI'ctlS Kootonav til
Sft.it Uet ...10i ISIS Counllco? 113
Mia Ui'.T ., l(U)5lt? Ornvcr llnt;l)p M
mt Ii-Mllc. and onf-ilxlernlh. ScIIIpk.
'CsKtili . .. . P5l 52? .tonny Gcdd .10S
WU'iO lilla nryson ...Il
fmtt init iir.o KfTondl ine
pin . mnt Vnllhorpe . ...110
OTt llirthra't ir
t Today's Laurel Entries.
i iiiH-Thrtc-quarlpi. of a mile. Selling.
, Wi Index Wt.
J IM '0? l.ann 105
101' SIU Cardiff I0S
'tlit . IfU'Scn rtpnl) Pand ....103
SirlD:fr. 10V vis Inelwlon 101
JJr . ... icj r.M Vonota Stormo. m
. ... 10t 5I2 Chilton Quren ..111
f?0 . 1C1I
M Pati-Thitfuiartpra of n mllo. Pollln?.
Z 55' MM Tl-o (lardnrr ..109
Jt' IOl'f.123 Jop KmIkIU ....10?
pJUlt' . . . 1M' 5H3 Chomitlpo . ...103
J!-!"t . ..101 5409 MonrrW 10?
Sr. lMf 6ft. lmpnidont Ill
'.. .. 105I5IM ICnleht IVrV ...114
5-HIU and uprenty yante. Solllnc
J" JU'tr . . ?t;.i5l Aapiitn lot
r-JlT.' ' ' t0"' Hrnipitcad . ...107
Sflwi 102! MM fnrdncr 110
S., '' K,53 Uma 110
r!irX. . ioi' ctsi ki part 110
1,7, l"tMSi Sulfrar.lit "6
Wt3W . , ,10)
Sift-MII and onp-alxteonth. Han-
18". ITlrsIni 103fsu fhaeVIolon . ...115
Krk.0 Ll,c' 5051 Worlli 115
RW'anfr lOSf.Nf Thn Manner ...11
MTT ' 1011 5410 rroRlppi; 120
Wj"-Thrtf.riturteps of & mllo. Uan-
fea? 'M, A"- US
gKiM m iK0 KlRlit Kaar ....lir.
ai ioi 4"s romou in
k. Vi, 10v Pos Home Maid .. .119
r ivno. . : f,.j? MllJorla A U5
--Jlll and onp-clgluii. Selling.
BoWili,.'"" s"r-l Oaldmrsl 101
"7 Mllror 101
BJB at Tair Yesterday.
B tnlL1 5 .Jteflay made. ttir fair
ib!!:-?11. ""! tl'O dlrprtor of Iho
1 Jnmml dc,c.l,,CJ 10 "al " the tn'
Mw?, " ,,lc Improves ut-
tTu,l?U. of ra(,nS todKj. the pro
,or y"1'"!"! HI run to
l. on C4rlv l""ir thla ntorti-o-
leiinr.i the poMiMiity of raclnc
I'on Cannot Find I
per Protection I
a the l'Mrp and Burglar I
MVaultoUhe Contincn- I
W National Bank. "Rent a I
Mjh deposit box hero and
Myom' valuables in it.
only cost
p t r yea r .
Viffl nlfX .rt to licit r Ony
VH Py . . r Jl TouthTul Color.
lir mrtip.aotiintKirtat
" J
Thiuldryr' Ulrf,, flv'' l""" ll30 ,nr h"tJ
Bm''.1"' K- At"': KlnK
Ty Cobb .ph. r. (rnbr) " I i s J i
W.llw Cortaio. Wk. h. (Snyder). '.1 I 5 I I 3
Kar'lr Th v ' J? ICIn DPtln and
- T,harkcr Marled. Bl tlmo. ; ot'J
n;i s,air '.ro1-p,,r ,,2M-th,ep ,n n":
Ho Ion Stllp.. b. ,.. by s,lltl,r Dillon
lutirfeo) 75111
Baron May, b. . (Cotl , , J '
Dprby Poy. b. K. (White) " j i 5 J I
alno .lartcd. Ilrat time. Z CiK.
-II iwro. thio? a five. fKiiao jiioo:
I prn Hal. I.IW. m. tMurphy) . . . ,
Nrlllo Tpmplp. b m tTllerl J j ,
Red Wllkr. Jr. Johnny Hu'bo.'poVtn.'n'uy. Jay
PleU and Harney Clay al.o Martort. n..t time
iJfr b"1 KhU "Wn ,Iford- ,:S,i,i- P-iB-Mlnor
Time. 2:01k: hf 'MeCrr,. ,,,
n7n hl! I"0"1- "02- Ptlns-OPorRe
Time. roj.V "r "mb w" tMurphy,. o,t
Marty Rowan and Harry P.iewer who
are scheduled to meet In a fifleen-Vound
box iiB contest- at the Salt Lake theater
next Thursday night, put In anoflier
worll ft1? Work. y'-ry- 'lolnp road
woilc in the mornlnsrand gynmaslum work
nt Ihe fire alatlon In the afternoon. 1
Itowan has been working- like a beaver
fot the paHt week and Is practleallv readv
to s ep Into the rlncr. Me Is down to
welKlu. and foH the next few days will
casp up a bit In his work.
Brewer put In his flrnt real work yes
terday Hinee bis arrival berc. but he
showed that a few days' training Is all
he needs to put him In propt-r shape Me.
Is a natural welterweight and will iiave
no trouble In taking off the few extra
pounds picked up since ho boxed n St.
Louis Inst week.
Promoter Marry Ileagren ha? been busv
the last rouple days lining up two Rood
preliminaries. There Is plrmtv of good
material here and they are all boxing
every day. Ileagren Is watching the
boys to see which ones will make tbo
best two matches before he puts them
A largo crowd watched the bovs go
through their- shadow boxing, punching
the bag and sparring at the fire station
yesterday afternoon, of course the most
Interest centered in Brewer, as tbe spec
tators had never scon blm perform. "While
he is probably tho more clever man of
the two and has a more flashy style of
boxing those who were present wore about
equally divided as to who Is the better
MILWAUKEE, tt'ls.. Oct. 4. Final ar
rangements were mode tonight for the
runnintr tomorrow over the Wamvntosn
automobile road course of the $10,000
Grand Prix race, which Is expected by
the promoters lo place Milwaukee per
manently on tbe automobile lacing map.
Twelve well-known racers will line up
for,, the start of the 110-mile race at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning. The new
course tonight was In the best condition
since the beginning of. the races on V'cd
ncsday. Drivers said that the winner of the race
would have lo average a speed better
than seventy-five miles an hour.
At this rate, it will take more than
five hours to complete tho dlstanco to be
traveled and the finish will come after
H o'clock In the afternoon.
Pl.ayers Study Signals.
Haiti kopt the high school football
squad off tho field yesterday. Many of
tlm boys were ready for practice when
the storm started. They Immediately
turned In their suits and started for the
fair grounds. Thero the husky war
riors wero choorod wherever a crowd of
Red and Rlack (students caught sight of
Beforo next Monday every player will
be supposed to learn a set of" signals
given out yesterday. Tuesday of next
week each player will be expected lo
pass an examination on them. Coach
RIclmrdRon nays that the boys are pro
gressing with the signal work, but ho
doomed It advlsabln to hold the examina
tion as a safeguard.
The team Is taking to the nw stvle
play ns though they hod always played
that system, and tho coaches expect
thorn lo show excellent form before the
season has progressed much further.
Lauroi Results.
LAUREL, Md., Oct. 4. Today raanlla:
Klrt raco. five and a half furlong Ten Tolnt,
111 (McCabey). I to I, won: Ambrose. 114 (Biil
troll), fi to 5, nerond; Afterglow. Ill (Teahann),
f. lo 5, third. Tlmo, .07 3-5.
Snrond race, flvn fittlonKs Old Coin. J14
(Small), 6 to 1, ron: Fatty Grub, 10? (Pulirell).
4 lo 1. Kccond: Jn't of ArI, 100 (Ambrose), 5
to ?. third. Tlmo. 1:00 .1-5.
Third race, one mllo Orean Hlue. 107 (Hnt
well), 2 to I. won; TTdlth Inor. Ill (MeTacgort),
0 10 S. uppoud: Wood Dove, 107 (Davlrs), S to
5, -third. Tlmp. 1:41.
Fourlh race, ono mile Dr. Duptiner. 10 (Dut
wrll), 2 to 1. won: Prlncp Ahmd. 10 (rtyrnni.
" to fl, second; Oatei. 103 (Parlca), out. third.
Time. 1:39 5-S.
Klfth racp. six fiirloncs Towlon Deld 10
(nyrne). 3 lo I. won: Koto K.. 107 (niitTrpll),
3 to 1. foennd: Callus. 101 (Carter). C to 2,
third. Tlmo, 1:14 3-6.
Sixth raen. one and one-nlxteanth mllei Hi
hert Tumor. 102 (Ambroae.). F to 1. won; Mi
chael Amteio. 103 (McTaKcert). even. acond;
My Gal, 102 (Teahann). to 8. third. Time. 1:47
Golf Lcadora Defeated.
MANCHESTER, Mass., Oct. Mlsr.
Grace Sample. St. T.ouls. and Miss ICalb
orlnc Melius, Los Angeles, were defeated
In the scml-flnal round of the national
woman's golf championship today.
Miss Pamplo lost to Mrs. Honald II.
Barlow, 5 up and 4 to play, and Miss
Melius to Miss Margaret Curtis, Boston.
1 up.
Miss Curtis played with a badly crip
pled hand.
Miss Sample and Miss Melius will re
ceive bronr.n modulo.
Jap to Play for Championship.
NEW YORK. Oct. I, A world s cham
pionship billiard tournament with a Japa
nese plover, KoJI Yamada, as a conspicu
ous figure will take placo In New York
In November. The tournament at IS 2
balkllne will establish n championship to
Hchcdulo tho one that lapsed laat June
bv virtue of having been held for two
vbnrs bv Willie Moppe.
A trophy and cash prize of J3000 will
be offered. Tho prospective entrants In
clude Moppe. Slosson, Cllnn and Daly of
New York. Sutton and Demurest of Chi
cago. Taylor of Milwaukee and Cutler of
lloston. "
Oldfleld to Drive in Grand Prix.
I WAUWATOSA. Wis.. Oct. I. Arrange
monts were made today whereby Barney
Oldfleld will drive a Flat car Inking the
place made vacant In the grand prlx event
by lite death of Bruce-Brown.
Pirates Dofeat Picked Team,
SOL'TII IIKNU. Oct. 4. Plttabiirc defeated a
nicked team heie today. 5- to 0. nobtmon. Cooper
and O'Tooto accomplished ibo umiaual feJt of
navlnc twnty.ven om m-dltrd with on),
iwentr-alx time al twit.
1 Mrs . R. Tabor of Qridcr, .Mo., had
beou troubled with sick headncho for
about five years, when sho beenn taking
Chamberlain s Tablets. Sho has taken
two bottles of them and they havo
cured her. Side headache is caused rn
ad bordered stomach for which theao
tablets aro especially intended. lp
horn cet well and stay well Sold by
all dealers. (AdvorttscmenO
iffcH UPSET?
Gently Cleanso and Regulate Your Stom
ach, Llvor and Bowels While
You Sleep.
That awful sourness, belching of acid
and foul gases; that pain in tbo pit of
the storach, the heartburn, nervousness,
nausea, bloating after eating, feeling
of fullness, dr'zines.s and sick headache,
means a disordered stomach, which can
not bo regulated until voti retnovo tho
cause. 3t isn't your storaeh's fault.
1 our .stomach is as good as any.
Try Cascarets: thev inimcdiatclv
cleanse and rcgulato the stomach, ro
movr, the sour, nndigcpted and ferment
nig food a,nd foul gases; take the excess
bile from the liver and carry off the
constipated wasto matter, and poison
from Hie intestines and bowels. Then
your stomach trouble is ended. A Cas
caret tonight will straighten you oul bv
morning a 10-cent box from auv drug
store will keep your stomach "sweet;
liver and bowels regular for months.
Don't forget the childreu their little
Insides need a good, gentle clcausing,
t00 (Advertisement).
Unfortunate Woman Discov
ered Asleep With Babe on
Bank of Jordan River.
With her 2-year-old babe nestling close
to her breast, a woman was found asleep
on the bank- of the Jordan river at the
Western Pacific railroad bridge yester
day afternoon. The mother and child
were taken to police headquarters In the
auto patrol and Ihe mother was detained
under the name of Christine Fermeno.
A passing laborer Is said to have re
moved the babe from the railroad track
and placed It by the Insensible woman
before he called Ihe police by telephone.
The unfortunate woman Is said to be
the wife of a railroad flagman. Search
was made by Sergeant Selgfus and
Mounted Patrolman Calton for her fi-year-old
son. who had been seen near his
mother before she was taken to police
headquarters. The child was found at the
home, sitting on the doorstep. Both
children were turned over to the Juvenile
officials last night.
Neuralgia of tho face, shoulders
hands, or feet requires a powerful rem
edy that will penetrate tho flesh.
Ballard's Snow Liniment pos
sesses that power. Rubbed in whero
the pain is felt is all that is necessary
to relievo suffering and restore normal
conditions. Price, 2c, 50c and 1.00
per bottle. Sold by Schramm-Jolinsoii,
Drugs, five good stores.
ill "
I Intermountain News
Greeks Preparing to Leave the City to
Fltjht for Fatherland.
Special to The Tribune.
POCATELLO. Ida.. Oct. 4. -Following
a call of tile Greek Kovernment for all
old xoldlers and enlisted men of that
country to rt-lurn to their native Innd
and fight for their Hag, about sovonty-llvc
Greeks are preparing to loav immediatu
ly for Greece. William Caravulls. th
Grtek leader here, has recently been In
onference with tbe Greek merchant.
Stathokoos. In Salt like and much en
thusiasm has been shown here lately over
Ihe prospects of fighting for the father
land. Several small mass meetings of
a patriotic nature were held in this city
today nnd plans are on foot for an Inline
dlnle departure of many of the Gnok
colony hre.
Charged by bis fellow brothers In his
county of conduct unbecoming a lawyer
and gentleman. Attorney W. A. Beakley
of Bluckfoot. In Bingham county. Is un
der tbe shadow of being disbarred from
further practice In this state. Judge J.
M. Stevens, In whom court tlw disbar
ment proceedings were tiled, lias appoint
ed Attorneys T. F. Terrel and Carl Bar
nard, both of Potntello. and Attorney
Clcncy St. Clair of Idaho Falls ns a
committee to hear tbn charges.
Frank Martin, an Indian. Is hold here
on the charge of attempting to bribe gov
ernment witnesses, two othor Indians, In
an effort to keep them from testifying
against the man from whom they bought
the firewater. The man higher up is
claimed lo be Joseph Williams, a white
man. of Blackront. Williams denies all
knowledge of the affairs
Forty-three curs, or 1C00 head, of Toxa3
steers were distributed to cattlemen at
.this place today. Tb-re Is plenty of.
cheap feed and they will be fattened for
the eastern market.
Third Party Ticket.
Special to The Tribune.
B1UGHAM CITY, Oct. 3. The- Progres
sive party of Box Polder will meet Mon
day. October H. in a mass convention,
and will name a full county ticket. The
petition for a place on the ballot, calling
for tlfiv names, has been completed. Tho
convention will be held In the county
courthouse. On Monday evening tho Re
publicans will hold primaries In the city
polling plncs for the selection of dele
gates lo attend the county convention
on October 11.
Let Contract for Walks.
Special to The Tribune.
BRIG II AM CITY. Oct 3. A Salt Lake
firm was successful In Its bidding against
six other llrms for the construction of
cement sidewalks in Brigham City. The
city council last evening granted the
Reyberg Construction company tho con
tract for the llrst stretch of the big
paving district recently created. Walks
will be laid from the Oregon Short Lino
depot to the Box Elder high school this
fall and the remainder, which comprises
about six miles, will be built next year.
A. S. .loncs, proprietor Leo pharma
cy. Chico. C'al., says: "T havo boon
selling Foley & Co. 's medicines for
years. Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound I consider has no equal and is
the one cough medicine T can recom
mend to my friend.- ns containing no
narcotics or other harmful properties."
Schramm-Johnson, Drugs.
During conference we will allow 10
per cent discount on all wall paper pur
chases. Salt Lako" Glass fc Paint Co.,
211-31 Rnst First South.
Special Grand Jury at Boise Files Scath
ing Report.
Special to Tho Tribune.
BOISE, Ida., Oct; 4. The special grand
Jury returned seven new indictments to
day In the dofunct Boise Statu bank
case. Involving the officers already In
dicted, and til fd a report condemning the
county poor farm ns lllthy and recom
mending the dismissal of the superintend
ent. 'Hie Jury then adjourned over to
The grand Jury branded Urn poor farm
as a "relic of the rock ages" and a dis
grace and repioach to an enlightened and
progressive community. Tho Investiga
tion of the poor farm was made at the
suggestion of State- Sanitary Commission
er Jamoa II. WallK
Park City Council.
Special to Tho Tribune. '
PARK CITY. Oct. 4. The regular ses
sion of tho city council wns held last
evening at the city hall, with the mayor
and al) councllmen present.
After the reading of the minutes, bills
to the amount of $1-111.18 against tho
city were presented und ordered paid.
The water department bill amounted to
Tho second partial estimato for tho
cost of putting in ths cement walks and
crossings by Contractor L. R. Wober was
mado at this session and a warrant for
$4591. 5S was ordered drawn In favor of
Mr. Weber.
City Recorder Mary M. Holland handed
In her resignation as water clerk and
asked that sho bo allowed $5Q per month
for tho past nine months, during which
time she has attended to tho duties of
that office. Tho amount asked for bv
her was denied by the council, but It did
consent to pay the lady 525 per month.
This alio refused to accept and Informed
tho council that nho would rctuln legal
counsel to press her claim.
Tho ordinances relating to the city
electrician and tho city water were again
read and passed to their thlrd reading.
Mayor Welsh called attention to tho
dilapidated condition of the steps leading
from Main street to Park avonuo on
Second street, and thought that cement
steps should bo put in now In placo of
going to tho oxtra expense of putting
In steps wUh lumber and having to take
them up ngaln next summer when tho
cement walks njid steps are to be con
tinued throughout the greater portion or
the city. Tho matter waa referred to tho
commltleo on streets, alleys and bridges.
Thin morning Contractor I. R. Weber
finished hla work of putting In tho ce
ment walks and crossings, and now Park
City has about two miles of cement
walks and guttering, and next year It Is
tho Intention of tho council to continue
tho good work and make all tho principal
walks of tho town of cement.
Beaver County Ticket.
Special to Tho Tribune.
BEAVER. Oct. 4. The Republicans of
Beaver county havo named the following
Representative A. Morris.
Commissioner (four years) Josoph
Commissioner (two years) Nels
Clerk George C. Murdock, Jr.
AttorncyS. S. Atkin.
Recorder Agnc3 Edward.
Surveyor J. A. Ingles.
Sheriff Thomas Glvln.
Assessor Robort Fothorlngham.
Superintendent of Schools Ray Barton.
The Progressives challenged the Re
publicans to a debato In each precinct
on tho political Issues of tho campaign
from a national, stato and local stand
point, but tho Republicans did not accept
tho challenge.
Has Narrow Escape.
ELSINORE, Oct. -1 Otto Frandsen.
while mowing his hay Monday afternoon,
' ataPfPWfPptHBaWBBBflWB
September 2D. 1912. of cancer, Mary J.
Strlngham, wife of the late George
Strlngham of Bingham, Utah. Tho body
wilj arrive In Salt Lake City this
(Saturday) morning at 6:30 a. m. Un
dertaker Joseph William Taylor will-havo
charge of the body. Interment In the
City cemetery, possibly this afternoon.
had a narrow escape. A coyoto Jumped
from a ditch In front of him. frightened
his horses and caused them to leap for
ward. Mr. Frandaen was thrown to the
ground and saved from tho toeth of the
rake, a wheel of the wagon passing over
his shoulder, Tho wheel, in passing over
I his body, lifted tho rako abovo his body.
Hear Rlght-of-Way P.eport.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO. Oct. 4. The Provo Commer
cial club held a special meeting today to
hear 11 report from tho committee ap
pointed at a previous meeting to securo
a right of way from the moutn of Span
ish Fork canyon to Provo for the coal
road to be built from Carbon county to
connect with the Salt Lalco Routo here.
Sinco the committee was appoluted It
has been ascertained that the two roads,
the coal road and the Salt Lake & Utah
lnterurban road, will parallel most of
tho way from Spanish Fork to Provo,
and therefore it was found necessary to
lncrcaso tho width of the right of way
eight feet, making the right of way for
both roads 10S feet wide.
The report of the committee shows that
tho details of semiring the titles to the
land through which the roads will run
have been practically completed, and as
surances were given that everything
would bo In readiness for the building
of the road before tho cold weather
sets In.
Sues Picture Show Firm.
Special to Tho Tribune.
PROVO, OcL 1. Edith Frost Is plain
tiff In a case filed In the district court
hero today against A. L. Stalllngs anil
Ephralm Rowe, in which she asks for 10
cents as special and $500 as general dam
ages. The plaintiff alleges that she purchased
a ticket on September 21. 1D12, paying
10 cents, tho regular price of admission
to a picture show conducted bv the de
fendant, Stalllngs, at Spanish Fork, Utah,
and that after taking her seat In the
audience the defendants, Stalllngs and
Rowe. Belzed her and put her out of the
building Into the street.
Tho Farmers and Merchants bank of
this city has begun suit in the. district
court against Homer J. Rich and J. M.
Jenson to collect $1703.55. with Interest
at S per cent from September 1, 1911, and
5170 attorney's fees, on a promissory note
originally given for ?2000, on which a
partial payment has been made.
a This "Ad" Means You
1 I " j I
I I There is not a household in t.he eotinlrty that is not in need of some piece of furniture, a new rug, or carpet. How about B
I 1 yourself? Can we be of service to you? Our first sale tells its own story. AYe will sell the entire stock of the KLDTE I
I I FURNITURE & CARPET CO., OGDEN, UTAH, retired, consisting of five carloads of I
I New Furniture at Public Auction
II Commencing Today at 2:00 p. m. at Our Salesroom 15-19 West First South Street IS
11 To the highest bidders without any reserve or limit. Let ns impress upon you the i'aet that this entiro stock consists of
BRAND NEW GOUD.S, of this year's factory output, in all tho latest designs, patterns, etc. Wo had a largo crowd in tho
I storo all day today inspecting our goods they all went away assuring us of their attendance If you have not been in
II to sec us as yet you're duo. 2 p. m. we shoot the first gun. Be sure and be on hand. Stock consists in part of:
1 1 Floor Coverings DiltillS ROOIH Bedroom Furniture I
i I 500 rugs such as Ax minster, velvet, m. Dressers and chiffoniers in birdseyo I
1 1 body Brussels and tapestry, ranging' in Jfc1 UFIllf . , , Ti r.ru 1
1 . n oo a- ' i , 1 1 10 i- maple, mahogany and oak. Heavy brass 1
I sizes from 2Sx4o inches In 11, J.vl2 I cet, . J 1
II in the latest oriental and floral designs. buclt as sidcDoardb, millets, becls wilh ooloni.il or square -posts in I
BE Parlor Furniture C,lina taWcs etc- n satin and polished .finish. Beautiful Ver-
I I Such as parlor suites of leather and golden and fumed oak. Death- "is Martin beds, onameled beds, etc., etc.
U I plush, in both mahogany and oak music t -i v j 200 PATRS OP CADTPOR'NTTA ANT)
Q 1 1 . , ,e . , t:i.,,.,. ei seated dining room so s in uu rsuM, ur uiuJj.j.-ojr4ja aimu
A cabinets in oak and mahogany. Library xTxrfTto t n v
I B Tables in fumed oak, golden oak and ma- beautifully carved oak, etc. etc. OTHER BLANKETS, Full line of bed
1 1 hogany. . . . .. , spreads, comforters, etc., otc. Mattresses,
J Maaalv. Turkish roek. finished in Odd n.eces, tables leather
m 1 Spanish leather, both tutted and plain, chairs, etc., etc.
i in golden and fumed, oak and mahogany. the latesfc tory output.
I Such as steel ranges with polished tops, water jackets, etc., etc. 200 heaters in all sizes and of every make. 2000 yards
n of linoleums in all designs, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, etc.. etc. And everything that would go to make up tho stock of
I an up-to-the-minute furniture and carpet store. EVERY PIECE BRAND NEW.
The United States Kovemmvnt will hold
an auction sale at Provo. Utah, on Octo
ber 8. 1912. and therafter, at which ther
will be offered all tho unentered, unaold.
unreserved lands in the former Uintah
Indian reservation lylnx north of linaa
drawn aa follow.-;
From the S W corner of Lot i. Sec 14,
T 1 N. R 2 E. to the S E corner of Sea H
H. T 3 S, R 5 W. and thence to S W
comer Bee 18, 3 S. 6 W. From S B cor-
ner NE N'B 8eo 24. 3 8. W, to 8 W
corner NW SV Seo 21, 3 S, 7 W. From
S W corner NW i Seo 21, 3 8, 7 W. to
N XV earner NE SW Sec 1, i s. 7 XV. i
From 8 E comer SXV SW Seo 19. 3 8. H
W, to S E comer NB SE Sec 22, 3 H
8. 8 W. From 8 E comer 8e'o 2J, 3 8. H
5 W, to 8 W corner Sec 23, 3 S, 8 W. H
From 8 E comer NE i Sec 27, 3 8. S W.
to S W corner XW I Sec 27. 3 8. 9 W H
From 8 E corner NE I Sec 31, 3 8 9 W
to S W corner NW I Sec 31. 3 S,' 9 w'. H
From S E corner Sec 36. 3 S, 10 XV, to H
N E comer Bee 4, A 8. 10 W, and from H
h E corner NE 8ec 4, 4 S. 10 W to H
S W corner Sec 7, 4 S. 10 W.
None of the Janda aouth of thesa lines
will be offered for sale, they having bean
designated for mineral examination.
Tho lands in the aeveral townships will H
be sold on tbe following dates: H
In T 1 N, R 1 and 2 E; T 1 N n t H
W; T 1 8. R 1 W: T 1 N, R 2 W- T LaaH
1 and 2 S. R 2 XV. and T 1 and V 3
R 3 XV; on Octoebr 8. 3 S'
In T 1. 2 and 3 S. R 4 XV; T 1 2 H
and 3 S. R W; and T 2 and 3 s R H
C XV; on October 9. a "
In T 1, 2 and 3 S. II 7 W: T 1 V n !
8 XV; T 1 and 3 8. R 8 XV; on Oto-
In T 3 8. R 8 W; T 1 N. R 9 XV; and H
T 1. 2 and 2 8. R 9 XV; on Octobar 11:
In T 2. 2 and 4 8. R 10 XV; on Octobar
These lands win be sold for cash at H
not less than flft cents per acre, and H
any person can buy not more than 640 H
acres, or auch smaller area as will, when H
added to the landa bought by him at the
public aale held In 1910. not exceed 840
The lands will be offered In 320 ncrea. H
or north and south half section tracts
except In asea where homestead entry-
men or the owners of lands patented un-
dor the homestad Jaws shall request tha
sale of smaller tracts adjacent to landa H
held by them. Bids may be made in H
po,'J or by "Rent and the fact that H
dor the public land laws will not pra-
vent him from buying at this sale.
Superintendent of Sale.
. S1048
Third Judicial district. In and for Salt
Lake county, state of Utah: probate H
division. In the matter of the estate
and Kunrdlanshlp of Henry Gordon H
Jennings nnd Ruth Jennings, minors.- i
Notlco is hereby given that In pursti- H
ance of an order duly made by said court H
on the 4lh day of October. 1912, the un- H
derslgncd. :ts guardian of the persons
and estates of Henry Gordon Jennings
nnd Ruth Jennings, will sell at private
sale, subject to the confirmation of said H
court, all tho right, title and Interest of
said minors, viz. an undivided two-fifths
of two-thirds Intcre.il In nnd to the fol
lowing real property situate In the city
nnd county of Salt Jake. state of Utah,
described as follows, to wit:
An undivided one-seventh of parts of
lots ono (1) and eight (S), block seventy
six (70). plat "A." Salt Lake City -ur-vey,
beginning at the northeast corner
or said lot ono (1), thence south three
(n) feet, seven (7) Inches, thence west
one hundred nnd forty-five (14S) feet.
lliencn north three (3) feet seven (7)
Inches, thence west twenty (20) feet,
thence north thirty-five (35) feet,
thence cast forty-one ftl) foot, thence
south thirty-five (35) feet, thence cast
fourteen (14) feet, thence north seven- H
teen (17) foet seven (7) Inches, thence
east one hundred nnd ten (110) feet.
thence south seventeen (17) feet seven
(7) Inches to tho place of heglnnlnc
Also a perpetual right-of-way for alt pur
noses over tho following land: Commen
Ing one hundred and ten (110) feet went
of tho northeast corner of said lot eight
(3). thence south twenty (20) rods,
thenco west fourteen (111 feet, thence
north twenty (20) rods, thence e.ist H
: fourteen (14) feet, to the place of be
ginning. Also an undivided 127-771 In
I terest In the following described land
I to wit: Commencing at a point 55 feet
and 1.9-25 Inches north of the south
east corner of lot S, block 7fi, plat "A,"
I Salt Lake .City survey, and running
thence north eight (5) feet, thence wet
ono hundred and ten (110) feet, thence
south eight (S) feet, thence enst one
hundred and ten (110) feet, to the placn
of beginning. Also a perpetual right of
Ingress nnd egress to nnd from the floors
In the Jlvo-story brick building con
structcd on the lands above described nnd H
other Innd adjoining Ihe same, which H
building Is known ns the Constitution
building, through and over the main hall
ways on tho ground floor and on the sev- H
oral floors above the around floor "- H
tending east and west through that por
Hon of snld building, and alt-o the per- 1
ncluai right-of-way to and from said
main hallways on said various floors, H
through tho branch hallways rxtendlnr
from said main hallways to th several H
floors of said building. And alxo th H
Joint ownership and use with others of H
the elevator situated in and running tn H
and from said mnln hallways on said H
last above described right-foot strip of H
land, and also the Joint use and owner- H
ship with others of the ste.irn plant nnd H
other machinery used in connection with H
the elevator scn'Ice nnd heating and H
lighting of (.aid building.
An undivided one-seventh of lot 7. H
block 43. plat "A," Salt likc City xur-
vev, on and after the I'th dav of Oct'- H
her, A. D 1912. and written bids will be
rrcotved at the office of said Jnsenh A. H
Jennings, room 301. Tribune building. H
Salt 1-iko City. Ulah.
Terms of sale aro as follows: Cash. H
ten (10) per cent of the purchase prlro H
to bo paid on the date of sale, nnd th H
balance to be paid upon confirmation of H
sale by said court, and the delivery of a H
Guardian of tho persons nnd estates of H
Henry Gordon Jennings and Ruth Jen- H
nlngs, minors. H
Attorneys. ! H
Dated October 4th, 1912. h477
United StatoR for the district of Utah. I H
In the mnttcr of 12. T. Bate, hank- J M
nipt. No. 1322 in bankruptcy. Petl- H
tlon for discharge. H
To the Honorable John A. Marshall. H
Judge of the district court of the H
United Stales for the district of Utah: j H
K. T. Bate of Salt Lake City, in the I H
county of Salt Lake and state of Utah, H
In said district, respectfully represents H
that on the 4th day of October last past H
he was duly adjudged bankrupt under , H
the acts of congress relating to bank- j H
ruptcy; that he has duly surrendered nil 1 H
his property and rights of property, nnd H
has fully complied with all the require- H
mcntn of said acts and of the orders of H
the court touching his bankruptcy. H
Wherefore he prays that he may be H
decreed by the court to have a full dls- H
charge from all debts provable agalrrst B
his estate under said bankrupt act?, ex- H
ccpt such debts as are excepted by law H
from such discharge. H
Dated this 6th dny of May. A. D. 1912. i H
District of Utah. H
On this 3rd day of October. A. D. 1912. H
on reading the foregoing petition, it I I H
ordered by the court that a hearing be H
had upon tho same on the 19th day of H
October. A- D. 1912, before said court at H
Salt Lnko City. In said district, at 10 H
o'clock In the foronoon; and that notice H
thereof be published In The Salt Lake M
Tribune, a newspaper printed In said H
district, and that all known creditors H
and other persons 'in Intorest may ap- H
pear at the -old time and place and H
show cause. If any they have, why the
prayer of tho said petitioner should not i H
bAnd1?tCl(i furthor ordered by the court. H
that tho clerk -hall send by mall to all H
known crodltors copies or said petition i H
nnd this order, nddrersod to them at M
their placeo of residence as stated. ' H
WltnoPfl tho Honorable John A, Mar- H
4hnll Judgo of tho said district court, H
ind tho soal thereof, at Salt Lako City. t
in said district, on the 3rd day of Oc- I I H
tober. A. D. 1912. H
(Seal of court) (lpr.k..,

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