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Department of Interior Re-
I fuses to Grant Rehearing
B of Famous Case.
i Conservation Run Riot Will
1 Be Felt by Western Min-
I ing Industry.
Mining men throughout the western
country will bo interested and by no
means pleased with tht Information ro-
I celved Friday to the effect that ill de
partment of the interior at Washinston
has dented the application, for a jwhear-
' ; Inc in the case of tho East Tintle Con
solidated company, thereby keeping in ef
fect tho widely crlUclscd decision handed
dawn originally In this crbo in Septem-
I ber, 1911.
It was In. the East Tlntlc Consolidated
Kc.ase that, among others, the following
utatoments were made, to which tho west
ern mining fraternity havo objected so
Kg strenuously for over a year past:
I Objectionable Finding.
"Th oxposuroi however, of substan
tially worthless deposits on tho Burface
of a claim; tho finding of morn surface
indications of minora! within its limits,
the discovery of valuablo mineral de
posits outstdo tho claim; or deductions
from establlrfbjf-d guologioal facta relating
to it; oiio or all of which matters mny
reasonably fdva rise to a hope or belief,
I ' however strong It may be, thnt a valita
I bin mineral deposit exists witldn the
claim, will nolthor suffice aa a discovery
thereon nor bo entitled to be accepted
aa tho equivalent thereof.
"To constitute a valid discovery upon
a. cOaim. for which patent 1b nought, there
mliat be actually and physically exposed
.within tJio limits thereof a vein or lode
1 of mineral-bearing rock in place, possess
ing in and ot itself a present or pros
pective value for mining purposes: and
before palcnt can bo properly Issued or
entry allowed thereon, that fact must be
shown In the manner ubovo stated."
Must Amend the Law.
! Inasmuch as this decision JtiBt newly
reaffirmed Is deemed contrary to all
I precedent, both in the department, of the
interior and in the courts of the land, cx
1 pressing as it doe? the extreme longth to
which the advocates of national conscrva
ij tlon of resources will go regardless of
; the vested interests and rights of the
western section of tho country. It Is a
' certainty that the western mining Inter-
1 esta will proceed to carry their caso to
congress and demand a new law that
! will be capablo of doing justice denied uti-
'i dcr this new Interpretation of nn old law.
!i It has boon hoped by many that the
department of the Interior would have
,, been willing to reverse lt Sentembor,
1911, decision upon finding how ridiculous
5 the department had boon made to appear
jj by Rome Impractical cleric or assistant at
', Washington through this now famous
East Tintic case, ami that even the In-
i competent or Inexperienced clerks at
i! "Washington would be willing to follow
W tho department's own precedent in con-
BU fltrulng an old law upon which coostruc-
IMi tlon has been based tho past growth and
fill prosperity of the western mineral lndun-
ffl ' tr"- For tlw new and rovohitiona ry po
ll J sltlon of the department has destroyed
E the prospecting of the western virgin
E j fields, while the industry of opening new
' mining- camps and new mining properties
1 ;! has been reduced to the most, limited con-
B j dltlou In the memory of mining men
I thereby.
Ill Hurts Mining Industry;
III The unwarranted attitude of the de-
ifi pArtment can and will doubtless be cor-
R xected by congress amending the old law,
J an entirely unnecessary 7)roce8 and one
I tliat will talce tlmo to perform and time
, to havo the courts, to say nothing- of the
! clcrkH of the department of the Interior,
I construe tho same, and with tho fear
s ever uppermost that the department will
5 refuBo to abide for any length of time
5 by any decision which It or tho courts
j may render. In the Intervening years
I "before relief Is Becured the western metal
i. mining Industry will suffer and be neg-
I locted by capital, for capital Ik not ac
customed to expend money on nnpat-
i i ented property npr upon property which
31 may be restored to the public domain at
it any time as tho caprice of tho dopart-
1 racnt at Washington mav dictate In tho
J furtherance of tho conservation pro-
' 33 gramme.
Tl .
! j Word from tho cast yesterday was that
i stockholders of -the Nevala Consolidated
in company were anticipating a distribution
, j of some of tho surplus of the company
S about tho first of the year In an In-
n creased dividend, but it. is likely that
ill this' matter will depend upon the .strike
y,J situation. Tho company has over $800.-
il i 000 on hand, which hns been eyed rather
If hungrily by shareholders recently.
I HI Metal Market.
ln The metal quotations for Friday, post-
fj rd by ilcCorniek & Co., were as follows:
i .Silver, 64c: lead, 55.10; copper, ?17.45.
We were just about to say
something mean about the
B1 weather man, when he recog-
fi nized his mistake and turned
on the other valve. Keep it up
IJ "old man," a little snow now
r will take the hook-worm feel-
i ing out of the coal business.
II "This is the Place."
If Office 277 South Main Street.
Telephone Ex. 401.
Hi James A. Pollock & Co.
Ktt' 839335 South Main Street (Felt ltfg.,
Hft Salt Lake City.
Hrt Direct Prlvato Wire to all Markets.
Hpf Duplex System Ono Relay to Now Yori
H&l and Boston.
7' I Correspondents Mernuera nil E.vrhansrs.
Stocks Carried on Liberal Murgmn.
r fptclalUts in Mountain S'utut Tcleiiuor.o
1 l
Directors Will Meet in Few
Days to Take Important
j Action.
j When the directors of tho Iron Blossom
company gather for the purpose of passing
upon tho matter of a quarterly dividend,
which they are expected to do sometime
during the coming week, there Is llttlo
doubt but what" they will post 10 cents
a share for the quarter. The Inst divi
dend of the Iron Blossom was paid July
I'd. bringing the total for this year to
$270,000, and tho total to dato to $1,370,
000. The reason favorablo action Is expect
ed by shareholders, thoir expectations
being reflected by the recent market
action of the issue on the local exchange,
is that Secretary Mangtnn stated in the
latter part of September that tho trcas
urv of tho company held about 5300.00O,
which Is equal to throe 10-cont dlvi
dendn or sufficient to tide over nino
morfflin of complete Idleness if necessary,
while the engineers in charge of Install
ing tho mill for tho treatment of tho
Iron Bloasorn low grade ores expect to
havo tho plant completed in six months.
It is known that tho Iron Blossom has
restricted Its or shipment of lato. as a
vonr material Increase can be maflo in
handling the lower grades of ore in tho
now mill rather than ship the fame di
rect to the smelters, Thoro Is even'
reason, therefore, to anticipate favorable
action at tho coming directors session.
There was very little doing Friday on
the local exchange, sales of 21r5iil shares
of stock, the market value of which was
$2922.07, Illustrating this regrettable fact
sufflcicntlv. In tho awes of Crown Point,
rioohc Demijohn and Lent Tintic only
were salc3 beyond 1000 shares on the
listed division. Anions the unlisted, Alta
Consolidated was firmer, selling from 40
to -4S cents a share; Columbus Extension
-sold for 0 cents a sharp, while Ohlo
Kentuckv sold for 20 cents a share.
Tho following were tho closing trans
actions: ,
Bid. Askcd.
Alta Consolidated If $
Columbus Extension ...... .09 .Ol'l
Bingham Central-Standard .13 .ia
New Yorington .Lj .J'S
South Hocla l
Thompson-Quincy - '
Federal Ely 01
Santaquln Cltlcf 0S
Ohio-Kentucky ... ! -J0
Forenoon. II Afternoon.
Bid. Asked;ll Bid. Aaked"
Beck Tun . 5 .0S5 ? .10 ? .0: ? .10
Blng Amal .051 ,10 .05 .10
Blaok Jack -07J .10 AU .10
Carisa 10 '::
Ccl -Talis . .01 .02 .011
Century ... .05 ....... -OH
Colo lin .M .ina .14
Col Con ... .10 .SB .11 -S
Con Mer .02 .00 .03 .OS
Crn Point I .02 .0.1 J .02J .03
Dalv ..' 1.7S 2.00
Daly-Jrtdgc 5.0 7.00
E Prince -0U .02 .013 .021
JD Crwn Pt 003 -00J
E Tin Con 00i 0i
E Tin Dev 01 01
Gold Chain .335 .37 .32
G Cent 60 01 .fio
Indhui Q.. .004 .011 -01 .015
Iron Bios . 1.22J 1.25 1.22J 1.2',
Iron IClng 10
Joe Bowers .005 001 .0G
King Dav 10 J
King Wm . .03 .03J .03 .035
Lead King .02 .074 .02
Lchi Tint 004 00J
Lion Hill 0-I--J .03 .05
Little Bell 3S .35
Low Mam . .00 .0CJ .06 .06i
Mammoth. 80 1.50
Mas Mt.. I I .25 ( ...,..U
Mas Valley 13.00 13.00 .12.H0 .13.00
May Day .. .14 .143 .11 .US
Mln Flat 01 .02
Mt Ij Ext 025 05
Neva 1-Illls 1.75 1.90 1.75 1.00
New York . .01 .03 02i
Ohio Cop 1.70 1.775 1.074 1.70
Opohongo .. .12 .13 .13 .13
Pioche D .. .00 .09J .00 .09i
PInche M .. .01 .02 .01 .02
Pitts-Ida 1.10 J. 1.10
Plutus 055 .OS .063 -08
Prince C .. 1.70 1.72c 1.G73 1.70
Frovo 02 r
Bexall 03 .03
Sevn Trghs .021 -03 -015 .023
SU K Coal 2.75 2.00 2.S5 2.92J
Sll K Con .50 1.05 1.10
Sll Shield . .005 MS
Sioux Con . .04i .055 -05 .055
So Iron BI 00i , 00J
Swan Con . .04 .05 .04 J .05
Swan Ex 02
Tin Central .001 .01 .002 .01
Unit Tintic .l .Oli .01 -015
Uncle Sam .00 .15 .15
Utah Con .. .013 .02 .011 .02
Union Chief .113 -12 .11 .12
Victor Con .0B .05 .03 .05
Victoria C .01. .5G .fiO .01
Wilfiort ... .10 ! .12 j .10 .U
Yank Con .123 .15 .11 .20
Addle .(Kill J.
Ingot I -02
Ibex 01
Mokcow 1 .25 I 1.00 j
Iron Hat I .05 k j
Crown Point, 1600 at 2Jc: 213 at 23c.
Grand Central. 10O at C2c.
Iron Blossom, 100 at S1.22J.
Ohio Copper, 100 at $1.75.
Pioche Demijohn, 1000 at 31c-
Utah Consolidated, 1000 at lie.
Shares sold, 3113.
Selling value. $51S.S2.
Silver King Coalition, 200 at S2.90.
Swansea Consolidated, 300 at 43c.
Shares sold, 5550.
Selling value, ?1SlS.75f
Mason Valley, SS at $12,624.
Ohio Copper, 100 at ?1 .70.
Pioche Demijohn. 1000 at Die.
Prince Con.. 300 at $1.70. '
United Tlntlc, 1000 at He,
Union Chief,. 500 at Hie.
Shares sold, 29SS.
Selling value, $1953.50. ,
! Lclil Tlntlc, 7200 at Jc.
Union Chief, 500 at 311c.
Wllhcrt. 1000 at 103c.
' Opohongo. 600 at 13c.
Shares sold. 10.000.
Selling value, $nsi.30.
Tintic Ore Shipments.
Special to Tho Tribune.
15UKISICA. Oct. 4. Following urn tho
ore shipments from Tlntlc district for the
week ending tonight:
Dragon 1
Dragon lease 1
Black Jack I
Lower Mammoth r
Victor Consolidated 1
Colorado "
Reek Tunnel 2
Victoria , 2
S'jrantou 2
Oarltti 4
.May Day 5
Opohongo H
Cold Chain 11
Swanuca 12
Bullion Reck 12
Magio .t Blue Boll 13
Grand Central 11
Mammoth IS
Iron Blossom 19
riilff Consolidated' ?.
jf'citcimtul lCurcka 42
Tui.il , . 2oi
Georg'e Wingfield and Jules
Labarth Will Support the
Metal Mine Owners Meet
With Support in Trying
to Organize.
Two decidedly Interesting and encour
aging letters havo boen .received by
Frank B. Cook from mining men of
promlnenco outside of tho state of Utah
in regard to their co-operation with Utah
mlno owners In tho organization of a
mino owners' association to bo of gonoral
western importance. These letters wero
from George Wlnsfiold, president of the
Goldllold Consolidated company, and the
leading banker of tho state of Nevada,
and Jules Iabarthc, general manager of
the aiason Valley Mines company of
Mason, Nov. .
Mr. Wingfield writes that ho Is de
lighted to become Identified with tho
proposed association, as he perceives
Trom the men who are taking an Inter
est in this matter are those who can ob
tain for the mining industry what: It so
rlohly desorves. Mr, Labarthe likewise
heartily Indorsed the movement, and of
fers his assistance in any manner deemed
timely by those back of the movement.
A week or two ago the mine owners
or the state of Utah held a meeting, at
which It was proposed to organize a
state association. Tho sentiment devel
oped at this meeting, however, to the
off cot thai nil the western states should
ho given the opportunity to participate
in this association, and to havo repre
sentatives upon the board of directors.
Prominent mining men In Nevada, Ida
ho. Montana and California wero men
tioned at this meeting as probablo
sources of moral or financial support, and
a committee was appointed to send theso
men a letter of explanation In regard to
tho organization and asking for their
support, not only as members, but as
directors, of which committee Mr. Cook
was chairman. .
Some of the men addressed have been
awav from their respective headquarters
and they have not been able as yet to
respond, but Judging from the replies re
ceived, the formation of a. Transnj ilsfcls
slppl melai miners' association vJH bo
brought about successfully fpr the : pro
motion of the welfare of this cry im
portant Industry of the west.
Such an organisation Is esl red for so -oral
purposes, tho main objects being to
compile- statistics of production and gen
oral conditions for presentation, at aiy
time or place to prove tho requirements
of the industry, placing . western condi
tions before the authorities that the In
dustry may not suffer through Ignoi
ance of actual conditions.
With slB of Utah Copper yesterday
at 071 the stock touched tho highest prlco
jit which It has ever sold. Tho provlous
high price was witnessed last week, with
a quotation of 674. which in turn was
tho highest point elnco 130D, when it
also sold at 67$.
The recording of the highest price over
reached by Utah stock in the face of the
labor strike which Is now on at tho prop
erty is evidence of the great confidence
investors havo in this mino and of the
cxtremciv strong position of tho stock
around present quotations. In fact. L'lah
Is looked upon as ono of the very best
of tho mining stocks. With Us assured
life of forty vcars In its present reserves
and tho possibility of doubling this, its
low cost, with its copper production and
earnings steadily Increasing, with profits
at the time of the strike moro than three
times Us present dlvldond requirements,
and with Jncrcascd dividends expected in
the near future the stock is indeed at
tractive, and It Is not surprising that new
high quotations have been recorded.
Thompson, Towlo & Co.
The eastern, offices of tho Majestic
company havo been notlllcd by General
Manager Moffat that tho month of Sep
tember was the best month in the his
tory of tho company from an oro ship
ment standpoint. The company shipped
from Its Hickory property a total of forlv
flve cars of copper-Iron ore during the
month and two cam were shipped from
the Harrington mine. The properly is in'
such good condition that this record
should bo equaled during the present
month, barring accidents.
San Francisco Oil Stocks.
James A. Pollock A: Co., bankers and
brokers, furnish the following, received
over their private wire yesterday after
noon: I Bid. Asked.
Associated Oil l!2J Sll. 00
Clarcmont ' .(i0
Monte Cristo 1.40
New Pennsylvania 56 .,
Palmer 26
Premier 50
Saucr Dough 15
Silver Tip 05 .75
Turner SO
WK Oil 2.00
New York Mining Stocks.
James A. Pollock & Co., bankers and
brokers, furnish tho following, received
over their private wire ycBtcrday after
1 Sales-I II. L. Clse
Chlno 3,3001 44 I 131 MM
Goldfield Con 700 22 22 25
Nevada Con 7,200 231 221 22S
Rny Con ' 3.SO0 238' 22? 23
Tenncsse Copper ., 7001 46 J 15 I5i
Miami Copper I0(l 291 29l 291
Utah Copper ' 0,500 061 05i 05
Inspiration 200 I Hi 191 191
I Salcs.l H. L. jUlso
Glroux Con 500! 5 5 5
Ohio' Copper SOO' l-J 1? l?
South Utah SOO! U U, 1 1
Bivulcn Copper 2,000! 7i HI' 7
Elv Con 1,600, 23c! 22r 2J-
Nevada Hills 100 M 1?' M
Belmont .... 100 10 ' 10 lit
Alaska .... lOOj 10 ! in I 10
I Bid. lAskcd.
Ely Con 5 .22 3 25"
First Nat Copper 1.87J 2.123
Glroux Consolidated 1. 874 5 00
Yukon Gold 3.374 3.50
New KeyBlone 2.00 2.12i
Nlplsslng $.375 S.C2J
Ohio Copper , 1.621 I 75
Ray Central 2.37i
La Rose 2.50 2.G2J
South Utah .50 R.
British Columbia Cop .. 1.S74 5.00
Bay State Gas .371 .50
Bradcn 0.S74 7.00
Mason Valley 12.02-1 12.S74
Sioux Consolidated 01 .or.
Colorado .12 .15
Iron Blo.'om ' 1 20 1-".
Carlfu . ' ' 11
Nt-t.ida I MH . ' 1 1 7i
James A. Pollock & Co., bankers and
brokers, furnish tho following, received
over their prlvato wire yesterday after-
Paine, Webber & Co., Boston. Aftnr
tho extonded rlBo of tho last few days
It wub only natural to expect proflt
taklng and a healthy reaction. Stocks
were freely supplied In both markets to
day. Tho upward movement lias only
Just commenced, especially in tho cop
pers, and will go steadily on In aplto or
prollt-taklng dayG like tills.
Lrogan Sz Bryan, New York. The
market felt l.bo weight of foreign liquida
tion and political uncertainties today,
despite rather conflicting roporta relative
to tho Balkan situation, some of which
tendod to create Iho Impression that
London and the continent wore not much
more concerned over tho outlook, as for
eigners sold American Issues quite freely
after the first hour, there having been
somo scattered btiylng in tho early trad
ing The fact that the market has en
joyed -a. substantial advance is now being
realized by tho clement who based their
bullish convictions on the satisfactory
reports relative to the stale of trade, in
dustry and the crops, and it Id also be
ing realized fliat it Is not beyond the
realm of probability tliat a political acare
will take placo before the fall elections
havo been concludeiL The fact that sorar
of tho rcnent gold ongaged for export
was canceled has brought forward the
fact that Europe, under existing condi
tions, is not likely to permit America, to
withdraw tho yollow metal freely, so that
witli the largest part of tho crop move
ment still to como It would appear that
money conditions will tlli, for a period,
bear close watching. Wo believe thnt
'the incentive to promote a broad bull
movement In Kt.Ui lacking and tliat ad
vantage should be taken of existing levels
to sccuro profits on long stocks. Wo are
informed that much higher money rates
will probably prevail beforo the year's
end. ,
Boston Mining Stocks.
James A. Pollock & Co., bankers and!
brokors, furnish tho following, received
over their prlvato wiro yesterdav afler
. I Salcs.l II. L. Clse
Algomah 777. 100 3 3 3
Butte Balaklava 1 ,1? -I
Butto & Superior .. S.021 50 -IS 10 :
Calumot A; Arizona.. -160 82J 821 S24 '
Chief Con 50 .14 14 IJ
Copper Range 336 GP4 50 50
Daly West 65 -1 -1 1
JDn.vis Daly :i5 2 2 2
East Butte . -1,505 16H 15 151
Glroux Con 3!)0 5 5 5
Granby Con K55 504 594 50 J
Greene Cananca 7, US 1U 10 102
Hancock :uoi 26H 20 26J
Indiana Copper 1,1(5 131 13i 130
Inspiration Con f 104 10 1 10.i
Lake Copper 1,020; 35J 34 :MJ
La Roso 200. 29 2i 2Q
Mason Valley 501 12Q1 121 12S-
Nevada Con ....... 75 1 1 23 J 22S 226
Nevada Utah I 5o 2c 5o
Nlplsslng SJ 8l
North Butte 070 3-f 333 33?
North .Lake 1.00' 34 3i 34
Ray Con 705 234 228 22fi
Superior & Boston 14 l L
Trinity 150 5 fl 5J
IJ S Smelter com ... 7S6 50 -103 -103
preferred nil 5U &U
Utah Con 13q y, 12 12
I Bid. lAskod.
American Zinc $31. 25 ?34.G0
Arcadian , 3.00 3.50
Eaglo & Blue Bell 1.374 1.50
Begolc .... 1.2n 1.75
Bingham Minos . 5.25 Fi.75
Boston Ely 1,20 1,25
Bohemia " , 2.50 2.75
Butto & London ........... .50
Calaveras 2.75 :i.00
Helvetia j j .00
Keror Lake 2.024i 2.75
Keweenaw 2.00 2.25
Majestic 44 1 .47
Massachusetts .. fi.75 7.00
Michigan .' 1.75 2.25
Nevada Douglas 3.75 3.S7J
OJibway 4.00 4.25
Stewart ijs l.no
Tuolumne , , .li5 3.12J
Victoria 2.75 3.00
Winona. . n.25
Wyandot ;,nri 2! 50
Utah Apex 2.00 2 5
Shannon is. 75 lii."25
Old Colony .... r.7,-, n.Oii
Ohio Copper l.B2 1.75
Miami ; 20.01) 20.50
Mayilowcr 12.00 12.50
Greene ; J0.75 10.874
bouth Lake 7.00 7 25
W I'aso ; 5.S74 0.00
Iloton Copper s.75 n.OO
Onoco 1.124 1.25
S W Miami 3.30 0.0(1
Pond Croclc 23.3741 23.75
Word from the El Paso Consolidated
property is to the cffecL that on the sev
enth level the management has followed
a. new body of ore for sixty-flvn foot
along the trend, and that this rock will
average $65 per ton. So far, the real ex
tent of this shoot of ore Is unknown, hut
Judging irom the above figures it looks
to bo a decidedly promising roeourco.
Tho management has convevcel 500
pounds of gold ore to the bank" for safe
keeping, as ihls stuff is valued at S"0
per pound.
Ore Shipments.
The Utah Ore Sampling t-ompanv on
Friday released three cars of oro 'from
Utah, and two cars from Nevada camps.
Mining Notes.
W. TI. Slcnackcr. president of thu Jones
club, has returned from I he ea.l with
the welcome Information that tho noxt
annual pow-wow of the club will be held
In Salt Lake City.
W. Lester Mangum seorctary of several
of the Knight companies, was a visitor
from Provo yesterdav.
Gains From Month to Month
Toward the Thirty-five
Million Mark.
The copper production of the Butte
camp continues to Increase steadily
month to month, the September output
measuring 20,054,310 pounds, against 28,
000,980 pounds In August and 2L4G2.080
pounds a year ugo. It is the Intention
of the big Butto Interests to steadily
raise the copper output of the district
until the 35,000,000-pound por month
mark is attained, to which end tho Im
provements being added to its "various
properties by the Anaconda Is contrib
uting gradually but perceptibly.
Butto mines In particular are tho
beneficiaries of the Bingham and Ely
alrikca, tho unual production of the lat
ter two districts being withdrawn (or the
time being, thuB. creating such a lack of
copper stocks an to increase tho markot
value of the mcial produced by others.
Them always is the danger, however, of
copper becoming so scarce and so hiKh
in price as to discourage its use for thu
countless purposoa to which it Is espe
cially adaptod, but purposes to which
certain other metals likewise are adapt
ed and logical with this red metal so far
beyond reach markotwlse.
1 The August production of copper,
1 amounting to 115,028,521 pounds, was so
generous compared with any previous pe
riod of the year that many prominent
consumers aro said to havo considered it
not necessary to purchase much of a sur
plus of tho metal, tho supposition being
that production was to Increase to such
an oxlcnt that they could procure their
metal easily as needed. But they natu
rally overlooked emergencies that have
risen to the surface since the publication
of the August copper statistics, the most
striking being the labor difficulties In
Bingham and 13ly. These consumers,
therefore, are expected to be forced Into
the market for their metal for Immedi
ate requirement, and the measure or
these requirements will be that of the
market action of copper metal.
It is a question, ihercforc, how much
benefited other sections will be that are
free from labor troubles, and it Is possi
ble that the price programme may be
so overplayed as to hurt all around.
Novadas in San Francisco. j
James A. Pollock & Co., bankers and
brokers, furnish the following, received
ovor their private wire yesterdav afternoon:
. I Bid. lAaked.
Goldfield I f
Columbia Mountain .... ..? .01
Jumbo Extension 31
Vernal , "''n'
Booth '
Bluo Bull nr, ""o7
Silver Pick .- on
Oro 03 ".04
Atlanta tji 20
Florence ... , s
D'fleld B. B. Con ' "07"
Goldfield Daisy 7
Combination Fraction is
Kewanos 05 !o7
Spearhead 05
Yellow Tlgor 04 !o5
Goldfield Con 2.02J 0 R5
C. O. D 08 "."03
Goldfield Queen OS .09
Ophir 4,1 .45
Mexican ..?fi
Con. Virginia , 33 ,34
Savage ' n
7-Ialc and NorcxoEB 11
Belcher 30
Sierra Nevada 1 .10 .17
Union 30
MUpah "Extension 1.00
Tonopali Nevada I 2. 074 8.70
MacNainura , 22 .23
Midway 55 I .50
Tonopah Belmont 9.30 I 9. no
Tonopah North Star .T7. .ZS
West End Con 1.(15
Rescue IS .20
Jim Butler 78 . ;
Cash Boy on ,10
Boston Tonopah 03 .05
Umatilla -.1 0G
Tonopah Merger I I.123 1.174
Manhattan Con , 20
G, Wedge 00
Doxter ... .03 .05
White Cap? 15
Man. Big Four 10
Other districts
Nevada Hills 1.721
Pittsburg Silver Peak 1.0Q
Ore and Bullion,
The ore and bullion report fur Friday,
given by McCornick & Co.. was as fol
lows: Ore received. $25,000; bullion
shipped, none reported.
Tickliiirr in tlic throat, hoarseness,
loss of voice, iiirticnfc the need of
Mallard's IJorchound Syrup. U
eases the hums, quiet" l!o eolith and
restores health in the bronchial tubes.
Price. 2-jc. iJOc, and :H.0U per bottle.
SoM by Schramm-Johnsoii, Drugs, five
rcioiI stores. (Advertisement)
Durjnjr fonfcrcncc we will allow 10
per cent, discount on all wall paper pur
chases. Salt, Lake Glass & Paint Co.,
IOast First South.
H They're Buying
M Cravenetie Coats
S Mullett-Kelly Co,
Triey arc tte test kind of Cravcn
gMSj ee coats lots of looks, lots of
warmth without weight, lots of
tad weather comfort.
on t know of any hefter
KM made and we re selling them as
jj&JmessSSw cheaply as we can afford. And
at s why they're going.
Deafness Can 1
Be Curdp
The Secrets of the Most Marvelous Biscoif
for the Positive yre of leafness mi Wr
lead Noises liven FREE.
With This Wonderful, Mysterious Power, People Beal:1!
Years Hear the Tiok of a Watch in a Few Minutes.!
Send No Money Simply Write About Your Case, the Secret Wi
We Have Thoroughly Demonstrated That Deafness Can Be Ci
After yearu of research along the lines cont for it. Writo today and .we jw
of the deeper scIentlUc myHt erics of Mic sum! you full information absolutely s -
occult and invisible of Naturc-forrea. the by return mall. Address Dr, L. C G
cause and euro of deafness and hoad Co., 2I rulsifcr Hldg.. Chicago, Utif to
nolseu has been found and we are en- member, send no money simply j Ti
abled by this anmn myatcrlous knowledge name and addres.-i. You will rocelV. IE'
and power to give, to every unfortunate mmcdmte answer and full 'Inlorn
and sufforlng person tho assurance of a by return mall. 5 it
treatment that relieves even the most .
obstinate caflcs Wo pay to those who -
havo thrown away their money on eho.-ip ffir KB Wr ,
appai-atu.n. salve?, air pumps, washes. , g ftf k Sm
douches, and llni. of Innumerable trash tMrAnsrinrAUT nMinn
that Is offerer! the public through nam- INFORMATION COUPOIW
lug adverthjomonta, we can almost cer- Jm
tainly eur you and euro you to stay DR. L. C. GRAINS COMPANY.
curcd. Wo ask no mono.v for our con- 524 Pulslfer Bldg., Chicago,,H"
sultatlon. advice and diagnosis oPyour Plen.so send me without coatB"!
cas. Our treatment method is ono that obligation on my part, coinpleM''
is so simple It can be uuod In your own information concerning Iho nam"
honip. Ton can Investigate fully, abno- method for the treatment and cum
lutely free and vou pay for It only aflr or dcafnees or head nolsi's. Ifj
vou aro thoroughly convinced that it will wish you to mako a diagnosis jj r.
"cure vou, as it has thousands of others. my case after hearing from yot jj
It makes no difference with this mar- you aro to do so FREE O ye
velous new method how long you have CHAHG1.. s
been deaf, nor what caused your deaf- Jj a
ness. Xo matter how many remedies . y
ha.ve failed you no matter how many Name ..
doctors have pronounced your caso hope- m W
leas, ibis new magic: method of treat- f; it
ment should prove a beacon light to guide Address ..; n
you to a perfect rcBiorallon of your hear- -
"frc prove this to you before you pay a Town State ;
(Advert UfimcnL) w
If you cannot come to the bank, ' jf
this bank will come to yq
You can have all the benefits of J
association with this solid, old insti
tution, no .matter where you live. Jgw
xv i
Oiir banking-by-mail department
makes this easy. '
Write for booklet telling how; or, if you are WS$$(i
now a visitor in the city, call afc the bank for per- : Jfnf 1 1 1
sonal explanation. m j 1 1
. . - jijl! 1 1 1 1
Open a savings account with $1 or more. Your 111 JV , 1
money will draw 4 per cent compound interest, and Jjjji 1 1 jj
can he withdrawn when you want it. JNJ1 - J.
'Jl In lr
If you need gTeatcr banking accommodation 1jiii5r
than you can secure at home, let us talk with you. immMI
Foundod 1859. Oldest Bank between the Missouri River and the Pacil
Coast. In the old building now In the new, tall building soon. j
I Just Off Broadvay. jj
I The right kind of a hotel In tho' right locality. In tho heart
D (heater district and adjacent to the shopping centers. Positively .'rcproi;
I Excellent culslno and an exceptional orchestra. A largo addition just coai
pletcd. cbntalnlnj? library, gilll and billiard hull. J-
F U R N IH E)" R OO M S , LS j
1 lrom Grand Contrnl station, cars marked "Broadway" without Hanf
m Pennsylvania station. Tth avenuo cans without transfer. Booklot upon icquesu,

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