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I ini sun
mm rebels
tMTrrom Page One.)
2MTa rccd upon whom he
HeT itli confidence in his abil
Ipjilh in bi3 devotion to tho par-
11 to Face Foe.
(ml ttte Xr' flinncv 1,fui vror,;c'1 in
EE in the colonics and in Douglas
ftKtiit his cbnrcs were cared for
jwLj possible way considering ibe
..mlcr rhicli they were forced
jEemtliinp I'1 done that
iStdono for tho comfort of his
Jgy hc EI Paso and Douglas rcfu
BK. Prpsldent Itonmcy mimo
Rlfreturiicd to tho Chihuahua coin
HE Uc the brunt ol all the ad
A fem followed tho general or
I J" orofliis of all "K'li f rom the
When they tinally decided to
' tho last to leave, although he
wn chosen as tho lender of tho
Jfittlc band of pionoo.rs who .set
lioT'-hsck for the Sierra, itfadro
JJs'froD, Colouia Dunlan on An
?Tfl rnpo tho robol looters and
for tlio Catherine of tho clans
inonnUin carop before the lone,
tifk across tho Mn-icn- desert
rtcd In the direction ol the in
&si line.
by Senator Smith.
-bads in the Uuitcd States Pros
Simncy relinquished his command
fttJv ramo to El Paso, whero he
Dhis work in the little back room
uiietatine to a Mormon girl and
nio witli his councilors. It was
itflke tws requested to appear be
Efovcitigation committee which
d talcs Senator William Aid on
ibs been conduct inc in 321 Paso,
it Mormon lendor became gencral
as a man of great potential
Ulitic i'n tlm -form on church. Fin
uM to tell the story of the Mor
itlcirpertccutions at tho lands of
jeWs and their losses bocaiise of
'Jooiinc bands. He told it. without
Eiiniont and with no lino phrases.
Wto he had comiloted hia toBii
r&aalor Smith personally e.ongrat
4 him upon his bravery in the fa.uo
Waal dauRcr and upon his splcn
Tifp of tbu situation.
Jat was by far tho best piece of
May I have heard before or since
Titanic investigation," Senator
kail "It was a revelation to
ijliavo soon a great, light iu this
affair. Tho church and its poo
bold feel nrond of such n. splen
fitkllcctiiRl leader as Wr. Roinuoy
frovfj himself to bo hero today.-'
hijrli opinion was seconded, by
13 R. McCrccry, diplomatic adviser
Butor Smith.
IrS Army Onlers.
SHLVGTOX, Oct. A. Major Josieph
iVJfon, quartermaster, will report
I commanding officer, Fort Riley,
dfnmrnl as quartermaster,
t Lieutenant Oliver F. Einyder,
krath Infantry, will proceed to Hot
s. Ark., army and navy general
il for observation and treatment.
L Lieutenant Edwin 10. Frllchott.
tld artillery, la tranaferrcd to the
llltld artillery.
rMlpullon of First Lid-tenant
C. Dacwta. medical reserve corps,
w accepted, effective October 3.
following cliangcs hi thc Htatlons
Wi of officers of tlic qnarter
r'l corps aro effective. Novem
n William T. Wilder 0aymut cr)
t1 from duty at 3t. Paul, tuid
fctttfd to Fori D. A. "HinuieJI for
M quartermaster, relieving Major
IW. Kimball.
to Kimball will go to Fort Bonja
HmlMn for assignment as quar
ter, jk Frederick 71. Eargent (payman
prdlcvnl fnjni duty at San Fvan
k liA will proceed Ui Fori Sheridan
Wajnmmt to duty as iuartcrmas
"fe Willlp Ti. "Ward (qunrlnrniautcr),
Wnc relieved from duty at SU
JV Lieutenant Colon,! Franlc F.
pn (commissary), will so to Canij)
Ullj. canal zyne, and report or
r ax quartornuLslvr.
jPMaaies Colu (paymastor). is tc
ffu ? tlmv at'Omnha, and will pro
fi"frl OKlcthone. Ga-, Tor aii
E?l,l0r, d,lly a-s quartermaster.
ItBii CtDlnO Halley (quai-tcrrnas-flur"1'"1
10 nu' eommamlliiK of
'L Lcavenwortli for assign-
fcto Expectant Mothers
WPcrienceof Motherhoorj is a try
tomo3t women and marks dis
epoch in their Uvea. Not ona
a hundred ib prepared or urt
bow to properly care for her
M;w wurse nearly every woman
JBz medical treatment at
but many approach the
B!"fc with an organism unfitted
MSr f strcnKth and hQ" lt
ysystem has received a shock
Bw ltis hard to recover. Fol
Pnt upon this comes the nor
g iof caring for the child, and
change in the motlier results.
E. J'ng more charming than
jahealUiy mother of children,
!KgZ child-birtli under the right
pjeodbeno hazard to health or
mmh ineunexplainable thing is that,
E evidence of shattered nerves
"n health resulting from an un
wnditlon, and with ample time
. w preparo, women will persist
!bHndlytothc trial.
Poman at this time should rely
j Vnnkham's Vegetable Com
ti?v5t Valuablo tonic and invig.
01 wo female organism.
Jpy homes SJrSissSrSs
SJW makes CfA f7
RSttt. special ndTico -write, ta
KtSS w 1 Mede Co. (confl;
Croti Hbbs. Your letter Vf III
h?11.1, and answered by a
runeld in strict confldeuoei
(Oontlnned frcm Pago One.)
feel so strong physically as was his wont
and that It wan only through tnc sraco
of Ocxl that he wa able to perform the
duties that devolved upon him as head
of the church. All worthy success in life
must acknowledge Its source in that Hamo
Rraoo of Ckd. lie said. He compared the
present atrcnfdh of the church with its
stnTidlnjr at the time It was llrst organ
ized, and pointed to its rapid growth a3
a ?.r?n ot Iu? "Hlvereal mission.
, Ejvlflences of prosperity are on every
hand. he declared. "The Tatter-day
Saints throughout the world, with tho
one b ack cxroptlon of JIcxlco, of which
I shall have more to aay, :ire rich In tho
temporal blcssingn of earth. Tlilr gran
aries arc bursting with tho wheat of the
ileitis, their revenues have Increased and
all comforts of llfo havo multiplied For
those, things let us thank God. Let ua
not fall victims to pride, nor indifference,
which so often attends proFporltv, but
et us always hold in mind that the Lord
Is tho source of our welfare."
Kof erring u, t.iC colonists who wore
driven from Mexico. President Smith said
that so harrowing had been their experi
ences and so great tho turmoil and con
tusion engendered n that countrv that
tnc church had deemed it wise to'abau
clon its Mexican projecta. for the time
being at least.
Turns to Outrages.
"Our people havo i)0cn robbed, plun
:i!id Jrlvcn from tholr homes." he
. . i,orno (,f them have boon deprived
of their liberty :uid alt havo had to flee
ror their Uvea, and I regret to say some
0 r "jnrn old not escape, tho murderous
mob. President Smith nald that the
settlers did not go to Mexico by choice,
but on the advice and counsel or tho
church, which desired to extend Its
empiro in that direction.
!,!sJ 1oint tho i'Pealccr lamichcd
upon his torrent of denunciation. "With
a voice, that trembled with feeling and
rang through tho vast auditorium like a
trumpet, ho hurled Invective after in
vective upon th hoads of tho Mexicans,
ile declared that he believed God would
iVi.a sco,llrc upon them to puugo tho
country of its wlckodnoas nnd lift tho
people to a higher plane of Jntclllgoncc.
Many puraonr. havo condemned the
government of the United St-itcs for Its
ter-f?r5.,lco ln 11,6 Mexican sltua
JMi t,le spca'fer, "but 1 beliovo It
..frt of wisdom that this nation
Hhould stand aside and let dog eat dog.
intervention by force of anna would pre
cipitate a war that would last for years
and years. The mlsrrnblo country would
MnhM1! U Mcry ,loptl,s ot despair
and bloodshed would bo enormous."
Deplores Nation's Unrest,
Digressing from tho Mexican situation.
President Smith took occ.uslon to deplore
what he termed tho growth of "raob
ocracy' throughout America. Ho said
l-ho Amorlcan constitution was endan
gered by the restless movements. Ho
urged that tho MormoiiH renew their al
legiance to tho nation by supporting the
constitution iia they do their religion,
and to Htajid against every attach
upon it.
President Smith concluded his address
with an appeal to the rank and file of
tho church to remember and ohev tho
precepts of their faith in every detail
beck yo the truth and follow it. for
tho truth will mako ye free." ho said.
Anthon H. Lund of the first presidenev
was the only othor speaker at tho morn
ing session. .Uo talked of tho Blbl. tTTe
Booh of Mormon and tho Doctrine and
Covenants, comparing tho three works
from the standpoint of Monnonlsm. Tho
Bible, ho said, was accepted as tho word
of God In ao far as it was translated cor
rectly. ir Insisted, however, tliat many
discrepancies and Incongruities hod crept
Into tho book through tho manhandling
of many generations. Tho Book of Mor
mon and tho Doc trines and Covenants,
ho said, Bupploniont and make complete
tho gospel as taught iu the Blblo.
One- Hint to Voters.
President Lund mentioned, the political
unrest in the country a.nd suggested that
tho people, look woll boforo thev leap into
untried reforms, lie referred "to the pe
riod of unrest thai, pervaded France be
fore tho bloody revolution and the dark
ness Into which that nation plunged.
With this he contrasted the .'sturdy and
steady Anglo-Saxon methods of brinRlng
about reform, advising that tho history
of the latter peoplo be taken aa a guide
He expressed the hope that at tho com
ing election tho people would exercise,
their best Judgment and would voto onlv
for thoso men and measures of known
Tho session adjourned at noon, the
choir singing "Guide Us, O Thou Great
Jehovah." B. E. Rich, president of the
eastern states inisaion, delivered th bene
diction. At the afternoon session tho speakers
were riharlcs IT. Uaxt, Rulon S. Wells,
J. Golden Kimball and Joseph W Mc
Munin. all of the llrst seven presidents
of the seventies. All confined themselves
to doctrinal remarks.
Pleads for Old Days.
"Why sing that all is well in Zion
when all Is not?'' said J. Golden Kim
ball, remarking upon the need for closer
adherence to the faith on tho part of the
youngor goncration. "Glvo na men Itko
our fathers and women llko our mothers
who settled this glorious land. I havo
no use for tho halfway men of -which
tho present generation is producing so
many. They aro but plaster casts of
men. wearing upon their faces that which
is not truo In their souls."
Tho speaker declared for moro prnc
tlcaJ education In tho schools and less
"fool factory" output, llo said ono of
tho things tho matter with the present
generation was too much leisure and ex
cessive prosperity.
Upholds Government.
Rulon B. Wells called attention to how
thankful the majority of tho Mormons
should bo that they Mvo under tho Stars
and StripeH when thoy contemplate the
fato of tho Mexican colonists. He said
ho believed the government of the
United Btates was inaplrcd of God.
CharlGS H. Hart declared, ho believed
literally tn tho rosurreotion and tho re
union of tho spirit and body. Ho said
thut man had a spiritual olrlh beforo
coming to this lh.
Joseph W. McMurrin urged upon the
church tho necpeslty of doing more tnts
ilonary work at home. He said: "There
are too many persons living with u:i
who aro not of us. Wc should each con
stitute ourselvoa a missionary to carry
the gospel to thoso persons, -who, bo
causo of tholr proximity, wo are In
cllmvi to overlook in the great work of
redeeming mankind under tho last dispensation."
Officers of tho goncral primary asso
ciations of the Mormon church hold, their
semi-annual meeting In the Wshop b
building vestcrduy afternoon Just after
the general confurence. A. G. ZscIbOn,
superintendent of tho stato Hchools, de
livered an interesting lecture on "The.
Child." and topics of particular Interest
to the primary work were Informally dls-
CUJuperIutcndcnt; N!non outlined the at
titude, which, ln hi:' opinion, the nor
entR should ansuino in rearing their chil
dren Ho divided his subject Into two
parts, the first dealing with tho treat
ment of the child from two years on o
t lKht vcars of aijo and tho acrond from
eight years on to fourloon years. Ho ad
vocated closer relations between the
uatents and their children, urging that
?be former pay moro attention to tho
thhui in which the child Is interested.
mS Lotilo B. Felt, president of tho
association, talked on the work to be
frlkon up in tn primary classes during
i u,c coming winter. Mrs. ElUa Bennlou
presided at tho meeting. ,n,M,.
A nrleslhood conclave for the dlttus
,til6n u Bcucril topics pertaining to the
iB l i lB i i t i$ if if if .) if if if if if i$ tf "I
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'priesthood work during tho coming win
tor war. held at tho tabernacle laat night.
President Joseph F. Smith presided and
half a dozon speakers outlined tho topics
for discussion. Tho general public was
not admitted to tho meeting.
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for a cough or cold tako Chamberlain's
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(AdTt 'rtli1-nnt)
John r. Clark, manager of thc Utah
Gas & Goko company, who, with his wife,
left last Friday for a Hying trip to Chi
cago rotumcd yesterday. Mr. Clark nays
tbot tho trip whs In no way connected
with business. Ho received a message
from bin son. John Charles a ark, who,
with his wlfo and baby, has been ln
'Malno on u. vacation, saying that he
would meet him In Chicago.
"When Mr. and Mrs. Clark reached Chl
cx"n thoy found that tholr son had missed
his" connections and wore forced to return
without seeing their infant grjunlchlld.
! SAX FU.VXCISCO, OcL (.In the con
viction of Adolph Adolphson, "William
Sundgrcn and "Wong Ott here today on
a ehurgo of having conspired to smuggle
Chlnei-o into this country from Mexico,
Immigration officials bellovo a coast-wide
smuggling conspiracy has been under
mined and thai .traffic in contraband Chi
nese In California soon will cease' entire
ly. A jury in United States District
Judge "Dehaveu's court, In finding thc
throo men guilty, asked that clemency be
shown Sundgrcn.
Tlic men wcro arrested soon after a
cargo of Chluusc was Smuggled ashore
.luno 1 from tho launch Karl K., thc
property of Wong Ott, which lator ws
seised by government officials. Accord
ing to testimony given Ht the trial. th
launch was used by Adolphson and Sund
grcn, and tho former received 3'JuO for
each Chlneso brought In.
Munday Nominated.
OI-TMJ'IA, Wash.. Oct. 4. Tho state
canvassing board announced tonight that
jamcH A. Munday of Vancouver was nom
inated on the Democratic ticket for con
greHHinan from the second Washington
district Instead of Charles Drury. Com
plete returns give Murruy a lead of seven
voles over Drury.
. 1
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