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' '
liONS," IS
fccans Take Possession of
Ends of Morelos Colonists,
esfroy Household Goods
Kgd Slaughter Livestock.
churches DEFILED
Hop' Lillywhite and Party
B Twelve Escape With
jres by Putting Up
k Very Bold Front.
Bil to The Tribune.
HjjtrASO, Tex., Oct. 5. "Mexico
for tho Moxicans; death to tbo
Ei Mormons!" with this ns their
cry of defianco, tho rcbolB and
flta of the Bavispo valley have de
Xae4 tbo Mormon settlers of the
Btais Morelos Ectllcmcnt, driven
Sa my from their rightful homos
JBUtcd attempted to take their lives
jBi forfeit for their allegiance to the
tHwiiun fine. Slow' the spotlight
jHjken shifting from tho Chihuahua
BkeSoDora colonics, and it came to
kb this morning when Bishop C.
iKWlrwhito of Colonia Morelos re
flpd xrith twelve of his followers
jBti American side of the line with a
Bt which burned the t olograph
Bun its transmission to the state
'Btfiaect at Washington through the
jflfc of American Consul Dye,
Bfe Determined Stand.
Bj by making a dotcrmined stand
jKfet the rebels and natives,
B' by pretending that federal
Jfljfi wero following them from
jHk Priota, were the Mormonn
V1 to escape with their lives,
t jktj brought back a story of dep
ress, threats and insultB which
.3e it out of' the question for
mr Mormon to go into tho Sonora
HWopt in company with United
door of the Millard Haymorc
Tm k Colpnia Morelos they found a
j which read: "Long live the
,BIeuso. Death to the Mormons. "
accompanied by the vilest
:P'B '"3 lauguago directed against
;Je'!ovinjj Mormon people. Both
toie and another m this sumo
jjTrere completely looted. Doors,
and showcases wcro wantonly
5" the looters, who operated
Kfoni malice than lust.
Jtori Destruction.
H6P Lillywhite says in the homes
Zionists in -Alorelos overy sort
wPWlation was committed. The
P ero taken from tho houses,
I 'o pieces and burned, every
J broken to prevent it being
Even clocku were gutted to
beir being used again, al
ba works woro of no earthly
e looters. It was in the sac
res that the most sucrologe
fitted. The organ was muti
5 sacramental robes ripped
'id tho sacrament sets broken
Orchards, the pride of tho
men, were ruined by cutting
"ting fences and allowing the
' to feast off tho young
he thoroughbred cattle were
eq in tho streets and not even
Pit. Sewing machines in the
'the central purt of town
'Wa to pieces with hammers,
PieturcB were hackod with
obaccno characters and
ntten on the walls of the
by Salazar.
tbo trouble was caused by
' Proclamation grutiliug the
, Alomous to" tho uativo
with tho exception of
"ive nnlivo families who re
fai . to their- benefactors, tho
l. i.ans nav oon tho prime
of tho crimed. These
oav banded themselves to
'i'o iosifit any effort 0r the Mor
,B recover their rightful lands.
W a iiioeting recently and tool:
EL 0 By that thev would resist
!f need ,e Mon"on3 wilh thuir
tV!;0Ut.?hl ror " hilo wo would
niu ur lva" ou'' of t,,c ''ol
ttlL iXlcnns urc 11,1 armed and
"ortV0 1 '-n :0,"lw"es to rCriist
to " 10 laspcet our proportion.
irhX r,,IC(1 nil tlJOv know
krm;l 0,lr. bye t'au shoot. The
Ha,mi"-' clement, is the nathc
buta beU arc not to bo
It (m,lnCfic cn ro determined to
properties. All living ith
K1bo.ho ,twO"ty miles have
W nfr 0 L. to rc8fs' v forcc oE
5 to fl,:0rt .f ,'r people to re
T.nir rightfully purchased
i'Veril haKod JShilario Costa, a
k Uii ,n an effort to force
olfl v 0fP Wo Wor1 1,1 bH"JT-
Lilil ijiil,,Ht if tlie-v' fou",,
s and as Miev woro
Ekft iMBvs that (hov would
SSffL'l.tlwir purpose,"
l Jjillyivhiti!,
Government at Constanti
nople Regards XfTray as Be
ginning of Hostilities.
Necessity of Curbing the Am
bition of Balkan States Is
Strongly Urged.
engagement has taken place at Berana,
neur tho Montenegrin frontier, be
tween Turks and Montenegrins. Tho
Montenegrins were repulsed, according
to a dispatch recoived hero. The Turk
ish government, it is understood, viows
this affray as virtually tho beginning
of hostilities.
Assim Bey, oi-ministor of foreign
affairs, has gone to Roumania to seek
the support of that Btato in the Bal
kan difficulty.
Turkey Issues Note.
The following circular not has bcon
addressed" to the pevors:
"As tho Ottoman government anti
cipated, the verbal representations
mado 1)3' . tho powers to tho Balkan
states, although vigorous, did not havo
tho desired effect, Thcro is reason to
believe that oven if certain states wcro
inclined to conform with the recommen
dations of the powers, the fear of hav
ing or appearing to havo violated tho
agreement, reached among them has
prevented them from following their
"On the other hand, the popular ex
citement which appears to be carrying
I'way these countries can, in our opin
ion, bo subdued by threatening action
on tho part of tho powers. This agi
tation naturally had a reaction on tho
Ottoman empire, the inhabitants and
army of which were already exasper
ated by tho criminal and blood' machi
nations which had boon proceeding for
years past, encouraged by neighboring
Prepared to Fight.
"The Ottoman people, therefore, be
ing reads- to accept tho latest challenge
thrown down to it, is prepared to repel
any all ark on the security and dignity
of the empire.
"Tho situation is, therefore, ex
trcmefo grave, and if tho powers take
too long to agreo upon tho forcible
measures which the circumstances dic
tate, hostilities may bo precipitated
before intervention can bo effected.
We must once more call tho attention
of tho great powers to the danger and
urge the necessity of meeting it with
out a moment's dela3-. It is only be
cause we desire to adhcro to tho pa
cific attitude of which we havo given
proof on several occasions, that we
consider it our duty to renew this rep
resentation, convinced, as we are, that
whatever happens, no responsibility
whatsoever enn accrue to the Ottoman
Vice President Sherman Forbid
den by I is Physician to Take
Tart in Campaign.
Bv Intornatlonal Ncwn Service-
UTICA, N- T., Oct 5. Vtce President
Sherman. It became Itnown today, in seri
ously 111 and liaa leoti forbidden to take
any "part In tho political campaign. Ho
Is mifferinjc from an affection of tho heart
which, according to his physician, Dr. E.
H Peck, may develop acute- dilation
ami result fatally unless the heart muscles
are given absolute rest.
The vice president returned to his home
here vesterdoy f"5 a month's etay at
Grove' Beach, Conn. No callers have
been permitted to sec him. except Ellhu
Root, who arrived 'in town yesterday for
a nhort conference.
T havo ordorcd Him to have noth
Intr to do with politics or politicians
Dr. reel:, "and It will be a Ion time
before bo Is able to take up active work.
I think ho will gradually improve, but
It will be a slow process."
FA-TTLE. Wash.. Oct. fi.-Fred Barry
Strong aged 24. tho "colleen burglar.
i.oH.13 arret on suspicion ye-t-r-Tv.
confessed that he Had broken into
tw'entv-two 'Seattle hmaaes and stolen
LrtTcleH worth 33000, said today that hi
Parents lived In Columbus. O.. . and were
momlnent: thut he wa.s sent to tho An
nupolls Military academy by Consrcs.man
Edwards, four ycara "J that after
being dismissed from tho academy In his
tlrHt year he was ashamed to go home
and became a vagabond.
Ho drifted to San Fwmctseo. enlisted
on ft. cruiser a fireman, was dishonorably
discharged at the Pugct sound yard after
two years' Kcrvice. and, coming to bo
at tie, becamo a housebreaker.
Pcoplo whoHft houses had been robbod
mentioned Ihc largo footprint.-. left by
the burglar, and this led to Strong 5 detection.
Rear Admiral Southerland's
Forces Dislodge Nicaraguan
Rebels Under Zeledon
From Their Positions.
Town of Masaya Taken by As
sault by Government Troops
and the Starving Inhabi
tants Relieved. , j
WASHINGTON. Oct. fl. In a
gallant assault, American
marines and bluojackets yes
terday' drove tho Nicaraguan
revolutionary leader, Goncral Zeledon,
and his forceo from Coyotcpo and Bar
ranca's hills, near Casaya-, after thirty-seven
minutes of lighting, but in the
action four privates of tho United
States marine corps were killed and a
number wore wounded.
The victory of tho Americans opened
tho way for the Nicaraguan govern
ment, troops to assault the town of Jda
saya, which they took from the revo
lutionists and tho starving inhabitants
were relieved.
The - insurrectionist losses were
heavy, while the government force lost
100 killed and L'OO wounded.
General Zeledon, the rebel, escaped
but later was cornered and killed by a
troop of federal cavalry.
Ono thousand American marines and
bluejackets under Lieutenant Colonel
CharlcB G. Long, are moviug on the
city of Leon, tho remaining rebel
Killed and Wounded.
The American marines killed were:
Private Ralph Victor Bobott, Ne
vada, Mo,
Private Charles Hays Burhani, Junc
tion City, K'.
Private Clarence Henry McGill, Port
laud, Me.
Private Harry Pollard, ATcdway,
The America ns most severely injured
Second Lieutenant George "W Mar
tiu, company C. First battalion, "Win
terhill, Mass.
Sergoant A. P. Shorburnc, George
town, Mass.
Private William llarrcy, enlisted at
Private Alfred Lunder, enlisted at
Fargo, N. D. His brother, David Lun
der, lives at Baker, Mont.
T. P. Captain, ordinary Feaman of
tho cruiser California.
The navy department cannot iden
tify Captain and has asked Pear Ad
miral Southerlaud for information.
Admiral Southerlaud in reporting the
battle to tho navy department, said:
"The department and the country
havo every reason to bo proud of the
officers, marines and bluejackets who
wore engaged in this action."
Zeledon Killed.
Admiral Southerland's dispatches
mado it plain that the defeat of the
rebels was complete. Zeledon, a !N1ch
raguan nnd formerly a supporter of
Zelaya, fled toward tho Costa Bican
boundary for escape. A band of fed
eral cavalrymen discovered him- some
distance from Masaya and gavo fight.
TVhen they defeated him and his fol
lowers, he vras found fatally wounded
and died later.
The shedding of American blood in
Central America is expected to bring
to a climax in congress tho dispute
over the right of this government to
intervene in Nicaragua.-
Less than a month ago Acting Sec
retary Huntington Wilson served for
mal notice upon tho Nicaraguan gov
ernment of tho policy of tho United
Statos, "to take measures for an ado
quato legation guard at Managua; to
keep open communVations and to pro
tect American life and property."
The Nicaraguau government had al
ready declared its willingness and even
auxiety that tho United States should
act. finding itself fully eugaged in
fighting the rebels. ,
Prepared for Criticism.
Stato department officials are fully
prepared for any adverse criticism of
the use of tho Amtjricnii naval forces.
Tho answer probably will bo given in
an claborato memorandum to be sub
mitted to congress by tho state de
partment at the beginning of tho next
session. It will bo Uiuh tsiimntnri'ed:
"An examination of the authorities
appears quito clearly to show that ono
state ma-, without just cnuo for of
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i' '
C. A. Inlow of Bingham
Schools and Mrs. Inlow in
Jail While Police Probe '
Murder of T. E. White.
Police Find Motive in Desire
to Remove Only Man Who
Furnished Burglary Tes
timony Against Inlow.
years of age. a public taxicab
driver, was murdered at 12:15
o'clock yesterday morning in
his automobile. Caleb A. Tnlow, 3S,
principal of the Upper Bingham schools,
is in custody in the city jail, where he
will be held pending the result of an
investigation of his movements Fri
day night. Inlow denies guilt of tho
assassination of White. Mrs. Inlow,
his wife, 26, is also in custody.
White mot, his death at the steering
wheel of his car at a point just south,
of Ninth South street on Third East
street". Two bullets had been fired
into his head, either of which wwild
have produced instantaneous death.
Murder Discovered.
The murder was discovered at C:12
o'clock yesterday morning by a pe
destrian. Tho ' man who mado tho
gruesome find hailod a strcot car, upon
which Detective George Chaso and Ser
geant Al 5pier were passengers. The
officors made a 'hurried examination
and noted the details of the position
of the car, and otherwise familiarized
themselves with the circumstances sur
rounding tho automobile and its dead
Mrs. Inlow Identified.
Three laxicab drivers last night iden
tified Mrs. Inlow as tho woman who
had entered Whito's car at midnight
Tho police based their warrant for
tho arrest of Inlow upon the fact that
tho school man had been charged with
burglary in the second degree, and that
White was the principal and probably
tho only witness against him.
On September 2S. early in the morn
ing, according to tho police, they were
informed by White of tho strange ac
tions of Tnlow. White told the police
at thai time that about I o'clock in
the morning ho had bcon engaged by
Inlow to drive him to within a block
of the residence- of Mrs. Harvey Jones,
716 First avenue, where. White said,
he had been ordered to await Inlow 'a
Chauffeur Trailed Inlow.
Instead of so doing. White said he
followed Inlow to Mrs. Jones's home.
Juluw, according to White's story, soon
emerged currying two heavily laden
suitcases. With theso ho climbed into
White's automobile and directed the
drivor to return. Whon the car reached
:i point on Third South street near
Main, Tnlow got out and took his suit
cases with him. He walked to tbo Now
Grand hotel, which he entered. White
(hen informed the police.
On Sunday Mrs. Jones reported the
burglary of her home. She 3id oro
spocimeufi of raro value had been
stolen. Tho specimens bad boon col
lected by her hnsgand in his lifetime,
aud wcro a cherished pososion of the
Charged With Burglary.
A few days after the btory came to
tho police. Inlow was formally charged
by the county attorney's office with
burglary in tho tecond degTee.
Theso facts thu police regard as suf
ficient motive for Inlow's desire to
remove White, and thus bo rid of tho
principal witness against him.
The events preceding tho murder have
all tho clement of mystery. On Fri-
day night White took a few hours off
duty to attend tho boxing contest at
Chauffeur Slain in Taxi
And Man Held as Slayer
The top photograph is that of Thomas Edward White, the mur
dered Chauffeur. Below, is a flashlight of Caleb A. Inlow, suspected
of the murder.
Murray. Ho returned at 11 o'clock.
Thereafter he talked with another
chauffeur until 11:10). About midnight
a woman wont to the taxicab stand in
front of tho Kenyon hotel on Main
streot. The woman wore a light veil
and a long black coat.
Insists on White's Car.
Threo chauffeurs, M. E. Griz.le, T. K.
Lynch and Fred Baiter, offered tho
services of their cars. Tho proffer was
refused and the woman proceeded down
tho line of cars until sho reached
White's machine. It was quite appar
ent that she sought White's auto, and
hia alone.
The woman entered White's car and
gave him somo directions- which were
not overheard by the other drivers.
White drove off, and that was the last
time he was been alive.
Last night at the city jail tho three
chauffeurs identified Mr. Inlow ns the
woman who had entered Whito's taxi
cab. Baxter added to the identification
the statement that he wa.s positive that
the woman had worn a white veil and
a long black coat.
At Schneider Home.
Karlicr Friday ovcuing, about 0
o'clock, according to the po
lice, Julow aud hia wife wuut to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schneider,
So. Pustic court, who were old-time
friends of the Inlows. Mrs, Inlow, at
the city prison last night, admitted
that sho had borrowed from Mrs.
Sehueiner a white veil and a black coat
on Friday night.
After n brief etay at the Schneider
homo tho Inlows are said to have gone
away, returning about 1 o'clock. They
found the houso locked and rapped at
tho window. They were admitted by
Schneider. Yesterday it was learned
that tho coal had been Tcturucd to Mrs.
Schneider but that -the veil was miss
ing. Inlow Is Identified.
Anothor visitor to. tho'taxicab stand
during the time White was at the Mur
ray boxing match was a tall, dark
stranger. Tho man made anxious in
quiry about the whereabouts of Whito.
One of tho bystanders whom the strang
er approached was Lynn S. Oillham, a
well known publicity and advertising
man. According to Gillham, the strang
er asked him numerous questions re
garding tho whereabouts of Whito,
ovincing tho keenest anxiety. Gillham
yesterday identified tho anxious strang
er as Inlow.
The timo of the assassination was
fixed by Chauffeur Grizzle and by Theo
dore Anderson of 015 Third East streot.
Grizzlo wag driving his car down Main
street to the Cnsu Contcntia. At 12:10
he was between Ninth aud Tenth South.
A few minutes later ho heard two shots.
He asked his fare if tho latter heard
the shots. The passenger had not.
Anderson heard two shots. He ran
to a front window of his home and
looked out, but saw nothing. Then he
went back to bed.
Revolver Is Found.
The police ycslerda3' searched Tn
low's gripsack at the Schneider homo.
Therein, among other things, they found
a .32 caliber revolver fully loaded.
Some of the officers wero of the opinion
that tho weapon had been recently dis
charged; others took a different stand.
Dr. Hanson salil Ms examination of
the wourula proved to his mind tjiat the
bulluts which had passed through Whito's
head wore steel bullets: there was no
lend present In the wound, the doctor
Mild. The cartridges In the revolver
found In Inlow's gripsack were loaded
with leaden balls, but had a trnrd sur
face. Dr. Hanson was positive that sudi
a bullet, ttVon though hardened, would
leave tnicoH or lead.
Therefore, thcro Is a question ns to
the weapon used In the killing of White.
Tho police, however, have another weapon
in mind that once wax in Inlow's iuscs
fIou. That revolver was a ,32 auto
matic, which fires otcct bullets. The
police found tho automatic on the morn
Ins when Inlow is alleged to havu stolen
the oro spc.clmeiiH fro.m the Jones home-
The Investigating oft'lcerH, when they
searched Inlow's room at the New Grand,
wiy they found the two suit canw con
taining the ort! Kpeclmons under the bed,
a black srlp mich ns was found yester
day at the Schneider home .on tho floor
and the automatic pistol on tho dresser.
Automatic Disappears.
The automatic revolver lias not been
fleon by anyone connected with the In
vestigation of the murder since the morn
ing of September 2S.
Suspicion was rirst directed to Inlow
by tho remark of a chauffeur yeterduy
forenoon. Tho chauffeur suggested to
Dctecth cu Zcc&e and Lclchter that .WhlU
? .
Chauffeurs at Taxi Stand Say
Veiled Woman Insisted on
Renting White's Car, and
None Other.
Mrs. Inlow Said to Have Bor
rowed Coat and Veil From
Friend Before Car
,Was Hired. H
would have been the chief whnena against
Inlow in tho burglary prosecution. From
that hint the officers proceeded to work
up tho
Inlow Is Arrested.
Fergeunt Ktnll Johnson arrested Inlaw
at I."0 o'clock yesterday afternoon In
tho offico of Thurman, Wedgirood fc Ir
vine in the Boston building. A. B. 2r
vine had been retained ns counsel for
Inlow In tho burglary case, and Inlow
had gone to tho lawyer's office In order
to tallc about that case. Sergeant John
son aald to Inlow:
want jH
"What forY" nnked Inlow.
"You aro charged with murdering 'Ed
die' "You will have a hard tlm proving
that," replied Inlow.
Inlow resisted arrest and was removed
from tho building by tho exercise of
Inlow Resists Arrest.
According to Patrolman Woodard nnd
Chauffeur Moore, who were sent to study
tho sceno of tho murder, the assassin
had ripped out the electric light wiring
In tho Interior of White's automobllr,, so
that the vehicle was absolutely dark.
Evidently this tvas done in order to pre
vent any person who might pas seeing
who was within. The headlights of the
machine were also out.
Who Stopped the Engine.
The Wldtc automobile, reudlng from
the trucks in tho "mud, had pursued a
wobbling course for some distance be
fore It stopped. Tho police have no th
ory ns to how the engine was stopper.
but It was found that the clutch had been
thrown out. which would disconnect tho
driving shaft and would huvc the effect jH
of stopping the car, but not of stopping jH
the engine.
The body of "White -was taken to th
police station, where Dr. Hanson made jH
an examination of the woundt. The
physician found that one of the bullets
had entered the head at the back, passed
through the left lobe of the brain nnd
emerged through the forehead. The otfc
cr bullet entered the right ear, piercing
tho neck and the upper extremity of the
spine. The first bullet had broken the 1
skull in sixteen places. After the physl
clan's examination, "White's body was rn
moved to the Qualtrough-Allcott under
talcing establishment.
Inquest Tomorrow. '
Acting Coroner I Tarry S. Harper la at
night ordered an Inquest, which will b
held at 10 o'clock Monday forenoon. Th I
following have been impaneled as the
coroner's jury: John Crofton, J. A.
Strong nnd Joseph Nelson, i
While hail lived at No. West Slr.th
North street with a woman named Mi.
Lavlna Li Smith. Mrs. Smith said ye"
tcrday thnt she and White had lived ns .
husband and wife for the I.int two
months, and that they were to have
been married Foon. Mrs. Smith sobbed
hysterically whm told of White's death- (
Warned in a Bream. I
"I dreamed last night." said Mr?
Smith, "thut I t-aw Kddlc dead In Ms
car. and that he hnd been murdered. I I
was so horrified that I nivolcr crying. I
could sleep no- more and walked the flc-or
until morning."
Charles White, No. T, Elizabeth coiir
a brother of "Eddie" White, said yate
day that he. too, had dreamed that 1 li
brother had been murdered. Mrs. Smith
has a daughter S years of age. She said .
her husband died at Kly some time ago. I
When the murder wns first discovered
yesterday morning It was thought that
'robbery was tne ""tlv. This theory ,
was soon proved false, however, for j H
Whito' a vnluablrs were found intact,
Wlhlte wore a diamond ring worth $25)
and had in his pockets 52". and carried .
a valuable gold watch. Tho only indl- I
cation that pointed to a rifling of Whit'
pockets wns the fact that the right hand
trousers pocket was tnrned Inside out. jH
White's family lives at 40S Tatoa
Continued os Fs Tare.).

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