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1jf""WSATHER TODAY. 8l 5 't (4 Q d
'Jot Marquard Holds
Hard-Hitting Boston
(layers to a Single
(core in Thrilling and
brilliantly Played Con
lb Devore Executes a
fccmingly Impossible
Performance and Saves
be Day for New York
n the Ninth Inning of
lhampionship Game.
m YORK 2
By B. W, Lardner.
Wernailonal News Service.
OSTON, Oct. 10. Tiio biggest
I crowd thnt evor saw a ball prime
) In Boston. numbering :M,K24, got
tie surprise of its lifo today,
e.Buba Marquard was returned .a
Hrover Buck O'Brien in the third
of fhe world 's scries, 2 to 1.
the dopsiers figured that "Rube
Wmake a big explosion if IcGraw
lim. But up to tlio ninth in
ili exhibited no signs of cracking,
.lotk and bad bnEo running or bnd
saved him .from eleventh hour
t 3nd left the- Giants on even
Hivitli the Red Sox in the struggle
(i bampionship of the universe.
Of tho prettiest ralchea ever com--by
little josh Devore wound up
rpbbed Cady of undying fanio
n Rubes salvation. Evcrvbodv
ball park, Including Marquard
f. thought Cady had won tho corn
els clout was headod for the fence
iflt csntor on a line. Henrlkson
ihlrd bnao am Wt,Pnor on soc
,ltn two out and, ono run needed
Tho pair fliislied homeward with
y of tho collision between ball
Ht. Devoro started in an appar
f nopelefs chase toward the thou
J bowling bugs in the distant
The thought of tho biff end
W purs, must have added wings
Nttn's fc9t. Anyhow hn caught up
I'm flying thing, grabbed It and
hlle the frantic cheering gave
M a Broan of lost hope.
Hoard at His Beat,
gwrd never looked better than dur
nrst eight rounds. Everyone waH
one of his famous blowups njid
nty wore astonished as he went
7r ron after round without giving
P Sood opening Hla control was
" we have over een. Not until
out In the eighth did ho give
p n bflii. mR Bpec5(, wn8 tcrrJflc
JV'td U for nil he was worth.
gDUIi were few ?,i fa.r between,
tor ufW n Il00r"r Spcnker and
Ej n threo left-handed batsmen
ri c'uh, bnt the right-handed bat
"lu hut the fast one, and did
m ttxt vtry clearly.
P O'Brien was unfortunate. His
PtouIi1 have onslly won either
CJIecwiing games, but he could
L op' without runH and runs were
EmiT"' H1s 8P,u,aI1 dlfJ ot break
In. the early Innings ond New
KiT? U111" were earn?,J- Also;
FJ1' hi h couple of tight places be
TruekJii stride. Ho pulled out
t-dCp hole in the 'fifth. The
rj?rtd Ofcco in that Inning, and
t. Th 'aH ln':ky 10 K3t oft that
Kh l'r"fler 00 ''"Proved steadily
M trlt UOni WCl'" h:,V,"! lot" f
him In the' sixth, seventh
gjth- O'Brien was taken out In
eighth to allow Ball to
, Ht,Sh Bedient was again
IT' Picked to finish and ho rcfuacd
Qinnts to Increase thf ir ad
P Inning Rally,
r'to' pmnt. who all summer had
t'totned to aelng Sox rallies,
P'Hr-n'h-n the ninth opened with
ELJ ni"8 aiiy. N"r was there
geiMit of the exits when Trls
Kui tnan up' dltl 0,1 a pop ,ly
Ft T' The chance to cheer came
iiM bwt 0,11 h,rt h,t to Rrerkl0
d TCnt wl,d whcn Gardner cut
uble down tho right foul line.
lwM,ent Lewl8 l nd ought to
1 "J1 rry at third baue. For
i-Sphf1' lt,,er because. Speaker, who
Bowing at third, flagged him or
E?' flKffed himeelf, he stopped
before th ball was oloe
K!!on Povore'a throw. He
f pWW4 oa PAgtt Nine.)
By John T. McCutcheon.
Mr. Grouch "Great Scott, business must be dull -when thousands of men can get off to spend the
"busiest hours of the day watching a ball game."
,Mr. Chirp "Not a bit of it. It shows that there must bo prosperity when so many men can afford to
pay the big price.-of, admission they charge."
One Man Dead, One Seriously I
Injured and One Missing' as
Result of Fire.
By International Nows Service.
BAYONN'E, N. J., Oct. 10. One man
burned to death, one seriously injured
and ono missing is the result of a fire
which started at S o'clock this evening
on boavd tho oil lank steamship Dnn
holme, at tbc docks of tho Standard
Oil companv.
The property damage 13 estimated at
$500,000. Two i-tcamers and a schooner
wcro burned almost to the water's edge
and two other steamers arid -two picra
were badly damaged.
A bursting boiler aboard tho steam-,
or Dunholme, which was about, to sail
for T-ngland, with 00,000 barrels , of.
oil, is believed to havo started the
fire, which soon communicated to one
of the ship's tanks. This oxplodod,
scattering burning oil. to every part
of tho deck and ovor the deck of thn
Hoheiizollern. .loaded with- 70,000 bar
rels of'oil in bulk.
Tied to the "dock'.wBB tho!Hohcnv.ol
leni and tho schooner Coronet, loaded
with 30.000 barrels of oil. Almost im
mediately the Kohonzollcrn ami Coro
net were burning.
Tugboats carno and threw a hawser
to tho Duuholme and she was dragged
balf a mile from whore. At the same
time a hawser wns thrown to the lloh
enzollcru and her crew of twenty-two
men leaped into tho water and readied
As ihe Duuholme was being dragged
to sea, the hout was such that the eap
tain. his vfifo nud daughter and tho
members of tho crew ran to the steru
of tho ship and dived into tho water.
11 reached shore safely with the ex
ception of tho ship's carpenter, who
was bnrned to death.
Tho Narragnnsott. tho largest tank
tcamer io the world, and loaded with
100 000 barrels of oil, wis next to
catch Then the flames leaped to tho
steamship Saxnline, which had 70,000
'barrels of oil in her hold. Tiers threo
and four wcro badly damaged
Two hours after tho fire started the
Dunholmo, tho Hohenzollem and the
Coronet had burned to tho water's edgoj
but the sea of oil in their holds com
tinned to blare-
The Narragausett and the-Sarahne
we both badly damaged- ,
Miss Isabel Sparkes of Cincin
nati Partakes of Poisoned
Candy Sent by Mail.
By International New. Service.
CINCINNATI, Oct. 10. Through the
agency of candy which had been dipped
in a solution of bichloride of mercury,
usually a deadly poipon, an unidentified
enemy fought tho life of Miss Isabol
Sparkes. a prominent soprano soloist,
who liven at '.'511 Auburn avenue.
Miss Sparkes ato three piece? of thn
CiuuJy, with the result that she was
taken deathly ill. Her life was saved by i
prompt medical aid. Mies Sparlces's sister i
also partook of a piece, of the candy and
was made ill. Tt wn ucvcntl wooks ago
I that Miss SparkfS received the candy and
1 a letter which the sender mailed to the
The letter, written with a vubber stamp,
Tried to end lifr.
Miss Isabel SparkM. Fopr.mo of
Chrlut ohurch choir, hna recovered
. after talcing poison.
Ml?s Sparkes ha6 recovered from the
effects of tho poison and she in in con
stant fear that her enemy might take
nthr means of injuring her.
,Tn order to trap the sender th box of
candy wni turned over to the federal
authorities by the physician.
Mlse SparkcH dlHClnlmcd anr knowledge
of an enemy who could possibly desirn
to take her life or follow up the attempt
with an effort to circulate a sensation
al, story involving her name. Inspector
Keys has had his force working on the
cose for nearly two week, since the
candy wa.s turned over to his office by
MiK Sparkes'p physician.
By International News Service, y
NEW YORK. Oct. 10. The trial of
Polico Lieutenant Charles Becker pro
gressed today under the Judicial leash
of Justice John IV. Goff to the extent
of completing the Jury nd tho exam
ination of six witnesses whoa testimony
established a foundation for the murder
charge. Louis Krause, a waiter who wit
nessed the shooting of Herman Rosen-
thai, the gambler, in "West Forty-third
street on the morning of July lti, posi
tively Identified "Gyp, tho Blood," 'Lf
ty Louie" and "Whltey Lewis" as the
gunmen who fired the fatal shots, Ja
cob Reich, mr generally known as Jack
Sullivan was Idontlfled an the man who
lexnod over Rosenthal's body as soon
as It dropped to the pavemont, and then
turned around to the murderers and raid.
"He J deed.'"
San Francisco Port Official
Swindles Chinese; Trapped
by Mis Superiors.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oot. 10. William II.
Hoburg. assistant weigher of customs of
tho port of San Francisco, who was
tripped last night by customs officiate in
the act of receiving $1000 from a Chinese
in payment for fifty opium tins filled with
a-lc grease, confessed today that he had
beon regularly engaged In filling Ave tael
opium tins with axle grease and selling
thorn to Chinese as contraband opium.
Hoburg has been an employee of the
local customs service slnco 1S93. Ac
cording to his confession, made in the
prosence of Special Treasury Agent W.
IT. Tldwell. Special Deputy Surveyor,
Charles Stephen and Collector of the
Port Fredftvlcl: Stratton. ho not only do
frauded tho Chinese by selling thorn tho
packed tlnr, but collected bribes from
them through n confederate who threat
ened to arrest them, and who later col
lected the. cans of grease, after the bribes
had boen paid.
Hoburg was trapped la-t niKht when
thfl government officials received word
that hv was to meet a Chinese at a
downtown . street intersection. In hiding
near the rendezvous were Special Agent
W, H. Tldwell and several other customs
officials. They saw Hoburg meet the
Chinese and exchange a package for a
sack, which they later found to contain
J1000 In gold. He wa arrested.
Engine and Four Cnrs Pass Over
Charles Harris, a Traveling
Man, at Pocat.ello.
Special to Tho Tribune,
POCATELLO. Ida,, Oct, 10. How a
man oould bruii over by four heavily
loaded cars and suffer only a slight scalp
wound and no other abrasion Is puzzling
a number of peoplo in Pocatello today.
Charles Harris, a traveling man, had
that experience hre this morning. The
man was unfamiliar with the grounds of
the depot and tried to get to town by
a direct method, but catnn In contact
with the wire fenco recently orected by
the company. Ho then turned and start
ed for th depot, but fell In front of a
switch engine under the chargo of Fore
man Long and Engineer McNeil,
Before the onglno could be stopped tho
entlro four cars had parsed over him. In
some miraculous manner he escaped
serious Injury and today Is about his
work a usual.
Battle Rages for Thirty
Hours and Ends in Cap
ture of Mountain by
King Nicholas and the
Hardy Warriors Who
Invade the Country of
the Hated Moslems.
Another Division of
Montenegrins Cross
the Border Near Be
rana; Diplomats in Eu
rope Regard the Situa
v tion in the Balkans as
Puzzling and Vexatious
PODGORITZA, Montenegro, Oct. 10.
Tho- Montenegrins have cap
tured Dotchitch mountain. The
Turkish commander and officers
with man! soldiers have surrendered.
For the last thirty hours, the battle
between tho Montenegrin forces, un
der command of King jtficholaE. and
Turkish troops, Btrongly intrenched In
the 'hills, has been in progresH.
Tho fight began at S o'clock yester
day morning, tho first shot being fired
by Prince Petor against the Turkish
pusftion on. Mount Plauitza, "Within a
fow hours the Turks evacuated that
Turks Were Intrenched.
Strongly fortified positious were oc
cupied by the Turks on Dotchitch moun
tain, which commands tho road to
Scutari. and reinforcements were
brought up, resulting in a general en
gagement, which extended along tho
line for several miles. King Nicholas
. ...
remained at his headquarters at Pod
goritza whilo Crown Princo Danilo di
rected operations at tho front. The
Montenegrins resumed the bombard
ment of Dotchitch at dawn and a heavy
caunonading was kept up until .11
o'clock in tho morning, when the Turk
ish battorlos on tho mountain wore si
lenced. Moslems Surrender.
Meanwhile a great. battlo was
on near the Turkish town of
Tushi, about fourteen miles south
of Podgoritxa. At 4 o'clock in
tho afternoon tho Turkish commander
on Dotchitch mountain with his offi
cers and a majority of his troops sur
rendered. Tho Montenegrins captured
four guns.
Tho Montenegrin standard was hoist
ed over tho captured position. There
were benvy losses on both sides, but
tho Montenegrin camp gave .itself over
to rejoicings on the first victory of
tho war.
A division of Montenegrins command
ed by Gencrnl Vukotnch crossod tho
frontier early this morning near Bor-ana.
LONDON, Oct. 11 According to the
'Mornlnc Post correspondent, acquainted
with tho ground, tho capturo of Detchitch
mountain loaves nothing between th9
Montenegrin forces and Scutari except a
small Turkish garriKon at Tuschl.
AVlth ordinary luck, unless the Turks
bring up heavy reinforcements by water
from Scutari, the correspondent thinks
the Montenegrins, with 10,000 men. could
advance along the plain on tho north
shoro of tho lako and get within striking
distance of Scutari.
Klnr Nieholoa, it Is added, always
coveted Scutari and now has the chonco
of a lifetime. His success, howovor,
would Incur Austria's displeasure.
The Podgorlua correspondent of tho
Times. In recordlns the fall of Dotchitch.
HayB that all through the afternoon a
llcroo light raged for possession of 'the
lowor stronghold which commands the
road to Tuchkl. Tho Mallraori tribes
men, according to this account, are fight
ing on the side of tho Montenegrins.
A Cettlnje dUpatcll says tho Official
gaaetto publishes an article declaring
that the government and the people ar
determined to draw in blood a new map
of Montenegro.
A dispatch toUhc Mall from Severiio
cays the sound of field guns l heard at
According to Die Ztlt of Vienna. Scrvla.
Continued on Pago TwoJt
Salt Lake Man Accused of Be
ing in Thick of Conspiracy
to Cause Explosions.
Ortie McManigal Identified by
Hotel Men From Various
Parts of Country.
INDIA NA POMS, Ind.. Oct. 10. For
the- first time since he confessed to dyna
miting, Ortle E. McManigal, before a
jury in the "dynamiting conspiracy"
trial today, was Identified by hotel clerks
h having visited varlouH cities at limes
when explosions occurred.
II. L. Puarce, Kansas City. Mb.. In the
pages of a hotel registor tract.nl J. W.
McGraw aK having registered at a Kan
sas City hotel, .August 20, 1910, threo days
bufore McManigal )lcw up a portion of a
$1,500,000 brldgo across the Missouri
rlvor. which ho says was arranged by
V". Bert Brown of Kunsaa City and
JumcB U. MeNamam.
"Do you see McGraw In the court
room?" asked James ". Noel, special
district attorney.
Points to McManigal.
"That's tho man." snld l'carce, point
ing at McManigal. The line of testi
mony by the government an tending to
carry out McManigaJ's confession that he
actually caused tho ""xploslons detailed
in his confession and for which the gov
ernment charges members of tho execu
tive board of tho International Asocla
tlon of Bridge and Structural Iron vi'ork
crs paid him at the rale of $200 a "Job."
B. J. Qulgley of Duluth Identified Mc
Manigal as a visitor at a Duluth hotel
In July, 1910, shortly before an explo
sion at Superior, "Wis. F. V. Gates ald
McManigal was tho "J. G. Brlce" who
frequently registered at a hotel In Roch
ester. Pa., where later were discovered
nltro-glycerine In quantities hidden In a
Took New Alias.
Tho activities of James B. McNamora
on his return to Indlanapolb after blow
ing up the I Angeles Times building
were also traced In hotel registers. At
tho suggestion of his brother, James B,
took tho namo of "Frank" Sullivan,"
dropping all tho aliases "he had used on
thn Pacific coast.
H. M. Spinning, a ' deputy sheriff of
Los Angeles county. Identified photo
graphs of both the McNamaras. This war
done, H was announced to the Jury, bo
cause the McNamaras were detained In
Son Quentln prison in California and
could not be present.
Telegrams Identified.
GreJt bundles of telegrams were Iden
tified by managers of telrgruh com
panle fmm all parts of tho country, but
tho contents wcro withheld "until later.
The government, attorneys, announced If
would be shown that arrangements for
the Pacific coast explosions were carried
on by telegraph, .that Oluf Tveltmoe and
Cugeno A- Clancy, San Francleco, and
J. 12. Munscy. known as "Jack" Bright,
Salt Lake City, communicated about the
explosions in telegrams and tliat Clancy
ond Munscy, "worried over the search In
stituted for tho dynamiters," sent back
and forth messages concerning the
whereabouts of James H. McNamara.
Special Cable to The Tribune.
PATHS. Oct 10. Miss Ellen Mackay,
daughter of Clarence If. Mackay, waa
pronounced out of danger today after
an operation for appendicitis. Miss
Mackay was to have palled for New York
with her father on Saturday, but was
suddenly stricken and ruslml to a local
hospital where Dr. Gonsetti", th . noted
surgeon, performed' the operation. Mr,
Mackay will wait until his daughter Is
able to make the trip before sailing.
Company Issues Ultima- jJ t
turn That All Must Re- ,j
turn Today or Leave jj
Cabins; Moyer Saya
Serious Trouble Will ml
Follow Attempt to En
force Order.
Two Strikers Arrested i '1
Who Are Alleged to
Have Been Inciting gjl'ji
Companions to Vio- 'SI'
lence; New Plan Sug- II
gested for Ending the it
Strike. W
WiriLK hundreds of deputy
sheriffs patrolled the inoun- &
taiu sides, heavily armed, about Kn'
150 strikebreakers yc.sterduy Hflll
morniuji took up work at the mine ToB!'
workiugs of the Utah Copper company gift,
and the Utah Consolidated company at Wm':
Bingham. Both companies ended ves- ffwlj
tcrday's shifts without meeting serious
opposition, although disturbances were lijj'.
proValont during tbc day. tm
Fighting was reported at tho Utah
Consolidated property, and the patrol
of deputies was extended through that i
district. Largo parties of men be- fmt
licved to be strikebreakers nrrived dur- iHff1
injr tbc day. Deputies and strikers had
several clashes, but no blood was shed. iflp
Tho strikers arc fully armed. LkI
Expect Trouble Today. .fjK
An open encouuter between the xhor- rMR1
Iff's denutley ami tlw. Mtrllr.v- ... m.. iHB I
ham Is expected this morning. The Sfl j
operators have Issued a command to the
NtrlkciK that they must either icturii
to Iheh jobs today or vacate uncondl- kjm '
lioually tho i-ablnsi they have been oc- kW,.
icupylug, which. It ! declured, arc the ;r SjH
property of the operator. The deputies, I'm
It Is understood, are under orders to eject R R
the strikers from the houses today, un-
1mb they are willing to return to work. :l
Moyer Predicts Conflict. ' L j f
Charles H. Moyer, prHdenl of the Jf:
Western Federation of Miners, declared T j i
here last night that "there will be trou- h f
ble If the deputies attempt to eject the F-'lI'
miners?." Mr. Moyer said the deputies h,' !
had no right to enter tho homos of the p: $; .
miners, wlthofit due process of law. .'
Yesterday afternoon the fitrlker."" a- f
scmbled In great thrones at Canyon hall
to attend a meeting said to have been fi fe
called by Yanco Terrlch. executive board f I ti
member of the Wetern Federation of c'm i
Miners, to consider what step the atrllc- jE'
era would take In view of tho ultimatum f W;
to iutl tho cabins. Si
New Plan Suggested. - jf j
Grrat Interest has ben arouied In tin ij jg
call for a public maw meeting in Bine- 3f
ham at 2 o'clock this afternoon In Can- 5 fft
yon hall, when an effort will bo made to y f
havo the strike settled. Tho worklngmen mi j
will be requested to return to the mine fi f J
and. having re-entered the employ of the t
operators, to .submit their demands. Xf )
Frank H. Strinsham, a machinist strik- f i
cr: Burl Stephen, a railroad man. sev- f
eral steam shovel men and business: mn Bm
yesterday evening cJUivassed Plngham Irt i
order to have as many as possible nttend. '
Officers of the Western Federation of jr jR i.
Miners are not taking part and It Is un- j' W
derstood that they will try to keep union K I i
men away. However, Strlngham and hl '
assoclatea got a considerable start and J
obtained the consent of several hundred J . i
men to be present. Thee men have 'jj
promised to take others to the meeting l
and a large crowd is expected. a
Moyer. Criticises Deputies. , J ! ti
Mr. Moyer lost night was bitter In his t 'I
criticism of the actions of deputies at - !
Bingham. He said: " Q
They are no more In the employ of i'
tho county than I am. The 'county g f -
commission gave them tho authority 19 ;j
and they were to receive no pay from .'3 !
the county. Now. we all know that B
several hundred men are not going to ,
work there for weeks with no pay.
They are rccelvlnc their par from ft
the Utah Copper company and. there- ; '
fore are not county sheriffs. If there ; r ;
In any law in this state. I will tAke ,
a hand and see that there U eome J
right enacted at Bingham. iJ '
There has been no attempt at rlo-
lence on tha part of the strikers. ;.y
and now the deputies coma and tell .t
fContlnusd on Pago Two.) "tf

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