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ixxnin SYSTEM
Revenue Commissioners File
Preliminary Report of Their
Board Says Burden Is Un
equally Distributed'; Sug
gests Full-Value Basis.
The board of commissioners on reve
nue unci taxation, provided for by the
legislature of 1911, and uppolnted by
Governor William Spry, )ms completed a
prelim Jnury report of its investigations
IjH and will within a feu days hold n muot-
H Ins with the governor to determine upon
S the basis for the :lnal report.'
Governor Spry waa not In the city
H yesterday. His secretary, John K.
1 lardy, said that he understood that the
governor was not entirely In sympathy
I with all the proposals of the commls-
I The hoard, which consist.: of C. S.
Peterson, Harden Bcnnion and Francis
M W. Klrkham, reconimonds the abolition
H of the poll tax, the making of assess-
H mentis on the full valuation and the
H lowering of the tax rate, the readjust- j
H inent of the inheritance tax and the use
of the true consideration In deeds of
M property.
I To Abolish Poll Tax.
In reference to the recommendations,
B for a change in the poll lax law the rn-
D port gays:
I There Is no tax that boars as un-
I equally upon the people as tlie poll
fl tax. In fact. It may almost be said
that It bears on no two persons alike.
K Tn the perfect system each citizen
ffi contributes to (he support of the gov-
I eminent in proportion to his ability
B to pay. Tlie poll tax levies a rixed
I sum on each male citizen without
B considering whether he Is a mllllon-
I aire or a day laborer. It Is. hard to
P collect, and experience has shown
I that those best able to pay the tax
liavo evaded or refused to pjy it.
while thoso least able to pay have
not escaped. We recommend the
abolition of this tax.
Full Value Assessments.
Concerning assessments at full value
the report roads:
First, that It leads to n more equal
and equitable assessment. It Is com
paratively easy to iLscerlaaln the ac
tual cash value of a given property,
hut when assessors arc allowed to as
sess property at such varying per
lentageH of actual value us their
j idgmeiit or Interest prescribes, the
wonder is, not that taxes bear un
equally upon our citizens, hut that
they are not still more unequal.
Second, a high valuation means a
low levy to produce the same amount
of taxes. A low rate of taxation Is
desirable from any point of view.
Inheritance Tax Plan.
The recommendations for a chance In
the. inheritance tax laws are recited as
We believe that In estates of mod
erate amount where the property goes
to immediate relative.8, the rate Is
too high. Our present law is unclassi
fied and nonprogressive, but provides
for a straight 5 per cent tax on all
amounts over 310,000. whether the
benellclary is the widow of the de
feased or a. nonresident alien of no
Mood relation. In out- Judgment there
is no question hut that the tax should
be classified, according to the degrees
of relationship of the heir of the de
ceased, and progressive according to
the amount received by him from the
""The members or the board are
unanimously of the opinion that an
income tax. efficiently and thorough
lv administered. Is the best and most
equitable system of taxation that can
bo dovised, but t-uggests that Intro
duction here be deferred until ex
periments by other states have progressed.
H The. Hev. P. A. Slmpkln arrived in finlt
s l.afce Cltv at C o'clock last evening with
1 the bodv of his wife. Mrs. Kate. Maria
1 Hlmpkiril who died at Ttidgeflcld, Clark
1 rountv, Washington. Tuesday. Some
I friends of the Her. Mr. Slmpkln left Salt
I Lake Citv yesterday morning and met
him en route, returning with him yc
trrdny evening.
I A sister of Mrs. Flmnkln Is coining
from Chicago to attend the funeral ser-
I tlccp. which have b.on set for 1 :no o'clock
Saturday afternoon. The services will
lie held In Phillip." Congregational church,
Seventh Kast and Klfth Koitth slrcets,
and Interment will be In Mt. Olivet cem
otrv. Friends wishing to see Mrs. Slmp
kln "may do s?o at the church between
It o'do'rk and 2 o'clock on the day of
I the funeral.
J After thre days of frantic nearch by
9 Ids parents. Aqullla Merrill Tagpart. the
I 11-year-old son of .Mr. and Mrs. IT. C. 1
a Taggart. of this cltv, appeared last night
8 at til ho;nc of IiIh grandmother. Mrs.
t Fannin Stoddard, in Richmond, Cachn
a erjuuty. ioi particulars as Jo where he
8 had been In the meantime were known
1 1 his grandmother.
The boy's overjoyed father and mother
I Wt at nMock last night for Rlch-
I mond to hring the boy home. He dis-
appeared about 1;30 o'clock Monday af-
I ternoon. Police In almost every' city in
the state had been notified and were
I t a telling for the lad. Ills father spent
8 yefterday In a fcorch for him In Park
An Interesting discussion of (he law
of contracts was given by Attorney E.
Conway Ashton at a meeting of thy Palt
l.ake chapter of the American institute
of Banking held last wnlng at the Com
mercial club- Attorney Ashton Is an
Instructor of the cliaptcr. The session
vas attended by about thirty members.
I In his talk on the law of contracts.
9 Attorney Ashton treated on the consld-
I r ration and competent parties. He also
a considered the capacity of infants, insane
j persons and married women in entering
JjpHI into contracts. The session was an cn-
Hji thuslastlc one.
Disturbing Peace Charge.
Complaint was issued yesterday by the
county attorney's office charging Victor'
Menagoz with disturbing the peace. Mc-
nagoz is alleged to have been dltorderly
at Bingham, where he was placed under
arrest bv Deputy Sheriffs C. L. Schettler
and C C Smith. When the trio reached
Fait Lake Menagoz Is alleged to have
used threatening language toward the
offlcere nnd they charged him with dis
turbing the peaco
Mother Dead, Crippled
Boy Does Not Despair
Deprived of Both Legs, Frank1
Hendrickson Possesses
Dauntless Spirit. !
"Out 6f the. night that covers me.
Black as the pit from pule to pole. J
I thank whatever pods may be
For my unconquerable sou'.". j
Frank C. Hendrickson didn't say that,
but he might have said It. for In him js
the stuff and the 111 fortune that Inspired
the first utterance of the wohIa.
Hendrickson is 13 years old. He Is
legless and helpless. Until Tuesday he
had a mother und, according to him, the
finest mother any body ever had.
Death Takes Mother.
Hendrickson and his mother lived alone
in two cramped, albeit clean and com-
fortahle, little rooms In the upper floor
of n house at f0 Xorih First West street.
They had no money, only that which
dribbled In from the daily toil of the lit
tle woman and dribbled out ngain for
dally bread and roof.
Friday Mrs. Hendrickson went down
town to consult a doctor about herself,
leaving the boy alone a? she always had
to. It mined that day and the streets
were slippery. She fel1 en Main street
near Scrace's bakery shop and so hurt
hci-self that a hemorrhage resulted. They
carried her into the bakery shop and a
doctor was called. She was found to
be in a critical condition and so weak
that she could only murmur something
about her son, but nobody en tight Just
what she said.
Tuesday Mrs. Hendrickson died at St.
I Murk's lihsnltal Alt I'rlrinv afternoon the
boy sat helpless In his chair and waited
for het to come home and prepare the
supper. .Night came, on and he began
to worry. I-l called, hoping to attract
someone's attention and send him looking
for his mother. No one heard because
the boy is weak of voice and the little
home fs far removed from the. street and
the walls of the old house are exceed
ingly thick.
All through the night the bo sat help
less, his mind filled with black dread.
All Saturday ho sat. Finally hunger
drove him to edge his chair about the
room until he was able to reach the
bread box and obtain a crust. Late In
the afternoon a neighbor called as was
her wont. The boy appealed to her to
find his mother. That night he learned
his mother was mortally HI.
Learns of Mother's Death.
"I could not. go to her. for I have
no legs and no money to employ the legs
of others." ja!d the boy as he told lUs
story yesterdaj. "But tho hospital peo
ple promised to telephone to n neighbor
who had a telephone the moment my
mother became any worse so that 1 could
go to her even If I hail to crawl. Tues
day the message name that mother hail
died in the night.
"My mother was far more- than legs
to me." he said yesterday. "She was
everything a boy could want. She lived
only for me, It seemed. Every cent she
could save from bare expenses she spent
for books for me and I have been study
ing them."
The boy pointed lo a library that would
have done credit to a home far more
"It was her hope that maybe I could
equip myself ,by reading so as to make
n living in some way after she became
too old to support us botb," he said.
"Mother was 5" years old."
Neighbor Pays Tribute.
Mrs. Carrie Hendrickson .-was buried
yesterday. Services were held at' the
QiiHltroiigh-Alcotl undertaking rooms.
Through tho kindness of neighbors the
boy was able to attend, being lifted down
the stairs Into a carriage.
"Mrs. Hendrickson was one of the most
lovable women T ever knew,' said a
neighbor yesterday. "Her devotion to
her crlppleri lvy was beautiful."
Frank C. Hendrickson lost both legs
In an elevator accident Ihrec years ago.
Both limbs had to be amputated so close
to his thighs that the merest slumps re
main. "Before the accident he helped
support his mother.
After the funeral they broucht the boy
back to th empty home and there ho sits
looking Into the motherless future.
And like the. poet Henley, who sang
the defiant song of his unconquerable
soul. "Under the bludgeoning?; of fate mv
head is bloody hut unbowed," the boy is
not. cheerless.
"Maybe it will not turn out so bad as
it looks .lust now," he said, "and any
way I still have my hands."
Compintlrr -neither UU at SjU I.kc CU-, Oc
totr If.
HfqlifM tviUMsuurc loij- tvs r.0 iltjtrecj; lileli
k1 In thl month Mnrr wai 3? lrpi Ins.
wt lat nl??U r5 11 rtKreo.: lowest thl month
uliirii S7t whs 12 drcru man temperature lor
lday t-f 41 oVsr'-: oonn, xa .v; (ieKrr.es: ar
eunniUle.1 deficiency- lrtoe the flrt of the. month
Ir m Jo;rer; arrumulite'l OVflr.lonev .lnro .Ian
ury 1 It s:n fl-preen; rcUtlvn humidity at 6 a.
m. todr wi 5? prr tent; rolatbo humidity .it
p. m. tcdr ! rS r.r cent.
ToUl prerlpltmlon for the rwentr-fonr hour
ndliiz t f p. in. none: toUl for this- month
t.o dMc l 1.23 Inche: nrntmuUted exrre for tluc
month to itle f .5? of an Jnrh: totl preeipl
Utlon elaee. Januarr J to rUte ir,.OI Inrheti; ac
cumulated exceia since Januatr 1 Is C. tnchs
fiun rite ?:S5 a. in.; nn riit 5:l p. m.. "Oc
tober 11. 131.
i - I Tnrnperature,
j I u
I or
j SUtietH. r, r ;- i
I - ;'" I" P
1 f i -
SALT LAKE I 1R- 50 41 I
Dolec .. R I 22" p.)
Cheyenne -2 3( j.. j n,
Chleaco r.t o I U I 01
Dnv "6 W I
De Molni '. I sj j
Podne City S3 I ;t "".oc
Dnlutti ji) ft.,
Duranzo .. ; 5 I St I
Crtnd Junction ts S I m j ;
"vre m k 1 f
Helena 14 i 4.; 3? o'i
Huron 4. 2 iZ as .(O
Jacksonville . 72 ( .di ' t f
Ka.aK City ) 70 I 74 1 M ".r.-
-flUder & j jo (
ti Angele I r,: I 72 I w ,tt
i!'d"na J l( I 4 I Jf) ly
Mooihesit I j.) ( t: I S ,1 .00
New Otlran 1 76 I I 72 I as
New York- j 70 I 7t I it I j
.'.ortli Plattn I 42 i I 44 I .frS
Oklahoma :..,.. 0 I St I 6? I .to
HioonU F 65 f 7r. f 5 CO
Pocatell'i .1 44 I 4 32 I '.00
Portland. Or ( go j 4 ( it I .ro
lUptd Cltr j I 4J 1 4 4 1 t ,04
Itoiebtirt; .. 65 I r I 34 I .r.)
Sta Dlcn 1 t I M I .ryv
Sr. Lrtuls I 7 i so f ,i5
St. Taul M I to f 4C, I .w
Sjiii FrajJcUco ? co I 7s I jc rn
S'ttle ; I S3 I It I 4 I ."6t
Sherldia I I 42 3: I .01
liano ' 2 j C4 3i I .oo
iOaopah 4( f) . 2$ f0
tMnceatucca I St I M 24 .f1
Btter to Iiecture.
W. VT. Riter will deliver a lectur- in
tho Blshop'n building at o'clock thlr,
afternoon on Babylonian tcmplci. Tho
lecture Is under the auspices of the ad
vanced class of the Genealogical society
and Jh one of a aeries arranged.
i. .i
Couple Who .Were Arrested
at'Pocatello En Roule
Home to Wed. N
Herman I Tola, father of I.-year-old
Iledwig 'Iloln. who eloped to Tocatello,
Ida., with Tom Koompln, a Creek farmer
oP Murray, has telegraphed his consent
to the marriage of the pair. The couple
left Pocatello yesterday, having promised
the authorities there that they would bo
married Immediately upon their arrival in
Salt Lake.
Acconlinp to friends of the Greek In
this city, he loved the girl and had re
peatedly asked her father to consent to
their marriage. But TIolz wanted them
to wait until the girl was 1(3. Being dis
contented, they finally eloped to the Idaho
city, presumably to get married there.
Koompln's friends assert that he had
no vicious intentions aJid had acted on
tho advice of legal counsel In the matter.
Because of tho difference in their ages
and their suspicious actions upon their
arrival In Pocatello Tuesday morning, i
they were taken Into custody, pending an
by the county attorney's office charg
ing W. U. Ford with forgery. lie is al
leged to have forged the name of D.
G. Bolton to a check for ?::t;.70, drawn
on the IDecrct National bank and to
have passed the check at the Walker
Brothers bank.
R, Pratt will be held at noun tomorrow
In the Emigration ward meeting house.
The body may be seen at the residence.
1005 Fast Ninth S'outh street, between
$ o'clock and 11 o'clock on the day of
the funeral.
A UTAH BRANCH of the dairy divi
sion of the United States, bureau of ani
mal Industry will be forniallv opened
in this ulty on October 15 Oflices have
been secured in the Bouton building and
will be fitted up ready for business on
that date.
RICHARD POLE. a. machinist in the
employ of the Denver & Rio Grande, had
the misfortune yesterday to lost: a check
for 1Sl.i5. He has notified the bank to
slop payment. The lor-s occurred In I he
vicinity of Sectmd ?outh and Main streets.
the Tl'ilnl district court yesterday, grant
ed Interlocutory decrees '( divorce to
Fred A. Shlells. .Jr.. from ralsy I. Rlilells
and to Anna C. Murphy from Lyman J.
band was shot to deatlt here April 20,
came here yesterday from Denver to be
present at the trial of Alfred Sorcnscn,
who Is charged with the mjirdcr of Mc
Glliis. MEMBERS OF the local lodge of 12lk
entertained at a ladies' social last even
ing. The cntcrtainnienl was given at
the Flks club. About ISO persons were
present. There was excellent music,
dancing and refreshments.
A VOLUNTARY petition In bankruptcy
filed In the United States district
court here yesterday by Walter .1. West
of Price. Assets arc given at JUlnO; lia
bilities. $2f7t.53. Tho petitioner is a car
penter In Price.
PLATO MOUNTJOY, special e.vatnlnor
for the department of justice, with head
quarters! at Delta. Colo., passed through
Salt Lake yesterday on his way to Moli
lalia .
Itundqulst, 71 years of age. were held at
the mission chapel of Joseph W. Taylor,
undertaker, at 2 o'clock yesterday Tntor
ment was in tho City cemetery.
Wilson were held at the family residence
veMcrdnv at 2 o'clock. Interment was
in Mt. Olivet cemetery,
Chrlstensen has received notices that the
public school teachers of Cache county
will rii-it the local schools on October 21. !
vorce was yesterday granted in the Third
district court by Judire F. C. J-oofbourow
to Lewis J. Locke from Ethel Locko.
J. C. LAMBERT, deputy state dairy
and food commissioner, is in the vicin
ity of Park City Inspecting hygienic
Commercial tlub held a short session yes
terday at 12:.10 o'clock for the transac
tion of routine business.
R, F. FEAOANS of the department of
agriculture, with headrjuarters at Ogdcn,
was a visitor in Salt Lake yesterday.
C. A. GALLUP, day clerk at the Sem
loh hotel, has resigned and is going to
hie home at Mareno. la.
MR. AND MRS. F. P. FIELD announce
the arrival of a boy at their home, 232
Third avenue.
Count' Attorney Will Intro
duce Testimony Against
the Inlowsi '
Proceedings Scheduled for
Wednesda-; Morning; in
Judge Harper's Court.
Caleb A. Inlow and his wife, accused
of the murder- of Eddie White, will be
given a preliminary hearing before Jus
tice. 11. S. Harper. next Wednesday morn
ing. County Attorney I. E. Wllley said
yesterday that lie would noL consent to
a waiving of the hearing, desiring lo
have certain testimony entered Into the
rocord to guard against the disappear
ance, of witnesses.
Inlow and hla wife received no visitors
at the county jail yesterday, other than
their attorney, who called for a short
consultation In the afternoon. After ho
had gone Mrs. Inlow appeared consid
erably t heerod and recovered her com
posure somewhat.
The funeral of Eddlo White, tho. mur
dered chauffeur, was held from thu Holy
Family church at Berkeley, a suburb of
Denver, ventorday afternoon. A large
cortege wended Its way from the church
to the Mt Olivet cemetery and hundreds
of th voting man's friends attended.
The police still are. seeking additional
witnesses to help In completing the chain
of evidence around the Inlown. They
have Vet to find a witness ivho will posi
tively localH either of the accused at
the scene of the murder, other than the
unknown woman who will testify that
she saw Inlow boaid a street eai neat
Ninth South and Third Eant a few min
utes after the murder.
Victim of Police Auto Acci
. dent Dies as Result of
Blood Poisoning.
James Scanlan, of Roxbury, Mass.,
was was injured in tho accident of the
police automobile near the Saltan
depot two wcekB aj;o, died at. St.
Mark's hospital at D o'clock last night.
At fho tiuio of the accident, Mr. Scan
lan was found to have suflered a frac
ture of the skull, causing intcrcraitial
hemorrhage, and a compound, fracture
of the left lower leg.
For a timo, Mr. Scuiilan's condition
was regarded as critical, but later ho
begun to recover rapidly. Three days
ago symptoms of blood poisoning bcan
to ii pear. The infection was found to
have conic from the fractured leg. Ev
erything possible was done to reduce
tho patient's mounting fever and steady
the action of tho heart, but his woak
cned.conditioii left him with too littlo
vitality to fight the new complica
tion. After a brief Tally yesterdaj', Mr.
Scan'an grew suddenly worse nnd he
died last night. Tho body was removed
to tho undertaking rooms of S. TX
Eva U3 & Co. A telegraph message will
carry the news to his widow in Rox
bury this morning.
Mr. Scanlan wag the man pulled from
under the automobile, bleeding and un
conscious after i( had struck and killed
Fin ley Martin and brought, up against
a steel guy pole at tho curb.
dess of Liberty," two nights and a
Saturday matinee, opening tonight.
Curtain at S:15 p. m. Matlnco Sat
urday. OnPTTEUM THEATER Advanced
vaudeville. Performances every af
ternoon and evening.
C O L O N I A i THEATER Willard
Mack, Marjorie Ram beau and asso
- elato players in "The Strength of
the Weak." Curtain at 8:13 p. m.
Matinee Saturday.
EMPRESS THEATER Sulllvan-Con-sldlno
vaudeville. Matlneo'daily at
2.30. Two evening performances,
7'30 and D-lo.
Th following lhtsr notion rn marked
"4TerlIt:nnt" la order to coroplr vlth a
ltrlet latorprettUoo ot the nev fodoral news
paper !'. Ther r not pa.J5 for.
Joseph E. Howard and Mabel McCane
are featured In the big Chicago musical
hit announced for the Salt Lake theater
the remainder of the week, opening to
night. The production promises olabo
rato scenic and electrical effocts rrith
a largo and good company.
John Cort Is said to have added con
siderably to lila already enviable reputa
tion as a producer par excellence by tho
magnltlconce of hla presentation of the Vi
ennese operetta. "The Rose of Panama,"
which will b aeen for the first time lo
cally at the Salt Lake theatnr Monday
night, with Chaplne. a dainty French
prima donna, in the principal role. The
salo of scats opens at box office to
day. The performance at the Orphcum thin
week of De Witu Burns and Torronco In
their offering. "The Awakening of the
Toys," Is both unusual and pleasing. The
curtain goes up on a toy shop on Christ
mas eve. As the clock strikea 12 a
French doll, a jack-in-the-box and a
wooden soldier come to life, nnd then the
fun commences. Mr. De Witt as the
Jack-in-the-box appears not to have a
bone In his body and adds lo the hilarity
of the occasion by a number of acrobatic
dances and stunts. Not tlie least enter
taining feature of the act Is the intro
duction of a huge mechanical head which
does everything but tollc.
A real bill Is in vogue at the PJmpress
theater this week. MyHtery and novel t
predominate to a gTeat extent but at the
sumo time "other e.ctH arc of a very re
freshing nature and give relief to the
sighs of mystery, Onalp with his revolv
ing piano la credited with belnc one of
the beFt acta of tho kind in existence
and while pooplc like mystery, tho kind
that makcB an upright piano revolve like
a plnwheel without any visible sup
port from any aourco oxcepl the wavts
1 LiejEEIG
L. R. Martineau Is Elected
President, Vice Ashby
Snow, Resigned.
Democratic county headquarters on
Stale street waa the gathering place last
night of a large and enthusiastic meet
ing held by the Wilson club. Tho atten
dance was. representative of many of tho
leading workers of the Democratic party
with a good sprinkling of candidates,
I:.nthuslnstn over party prospects ran
high and considerable business was dis
patched. L.. P.. Martineau was unanimously
elected president of the club. In spite, of
his proteet. the resignation of Ashby
Snow having been accepted.
An active, aggressive programme was
outlinctl. among which was the organiza
tion of a drum corps and the appoint
ment of P E. Conner to arowgy for
a monster parade before election.
All Parties Send Spellbinders to Exhort
Republicans, Democrats and Progres
sives are In tho midst of a vigorous
speaking campaign and all auctions of
the state are being Invaded by political
speakers. Thus far Salt Lake county
has for tho most part escaped the stump
speakers, but beginning on Saturday
there will be rallies in various porta of
the county outside of the city until elec
tion day. There will be few political
rallies of Importance in Salt Lake Cltv
beforu tho last week of the campaign.
For the Republicans, Congressman
Howell will bo In Sanpete the latter part
of this week; Governor Spry and Judge
Frlck In Scvior county: Senator Carl
Badger and J, A. Evans In Uintah coun-
lv nnrl .TnViii Tnuni, o.l rr- n..Jnil.
will cloHe tho week's campaign in Davh
county with a rally at Layton.
On Monday night Governor Sprv will
speak at Logan. Congressman Howoll
will be In Millard county moat of next
week. E- O. Leatherwood will bo In
Tooele (bounty several days; Senator Iver
son In Sanpete county, and J. T. Ham
mond and D. 31. Roberts In Cache coun
ty. Senator Smoot will speak In Payson
Monday night, in Tooele Tuesday night,
In Pleasant Grove "Wednesday night, and
at Spanish Fork on Saturday night
Senator Sutherland speaka at Ameri
can Fork on Tuesday, at Mantl on
Thursday and at Sprinjrvlllo ou Satur
day. Governor Spry speaks at Lehl on
Thursday, and Senator Iverson gooB to
Cache county on Thursday to remain 'the
rest of the week. State Auditor Jesse
D. Jewkes will spend Friday and Satur
day campaigning In Tooele county.
There will be a number of Republican
rallies in Salt Lake county outside tho
city limits during- the next ten days. At
Rlverton, on Saturday, Senator Reed
Smoot and W. Mont Ferry will speak.
On Monday Senator Sutherland and W.
Mont Ferry will spoak at MklvaJo. H. A.
Smith and W. E. Rydaloh will speak at
Draper on "Wednesday. E. O. Leather
wood and Dale Park will apeak at Ifol
llday on Friday, and Governor Spry and
E. O. Leatherwood at Sandy on Satur
day. Tho campaign In Salt Lake will bo
closed on "Monday, November A, the eve
of election.
For tho Democrats, Charles England,
nominee for secretary of .state, and Jo-i
seph Stringfollow, nominee for attorney
general, left yesterday on a spooking tour
of southern Utah, which will occupy their
attention up to the close of the cam
paign. For the Progressives, Louis Lrtraen, S.
IT. Lovo and George K. Lawrence are
now campaigning in Wober county. A
number of speakers will leave at once i
to stump "Box Elder and Cache counties
In northern Utah and Carbon and Wayne
counties in southern Utah. Nephl L.
Morris. Candida to for governor, will speak
at a meeting In Sandy tonight. Louts
Larsen goes to Cache county. Alma Eld
redge to Carbon county and George F.
Goodwin to Tooele county. P. V. Chris
tenseu will spea.k at Murray and MIdvale
tomorrow and at Garflold Saturday.
Bull MooBors Active.
Two automobile loads of Progressive
missionaries visited Garfield, Rltcr, Gran
ger and MIdvale yesterday. They report
that they made many converts.
Cache Democrats Hopeful. J
Charles England of Logan. Democratic
nominee for Hecrotary of state, was In j
.Salt Lake yesterday. Mr.' England said
that Cache county would bo strongly
Democratic this year and that the Re
publicans wero conceding the county to
tho Domocrats. The Bull Moose senti
ment, he said, was strong, causing a big
split in tho ranks of the Republicans.
Women Open HoadquarterB.
The. Womon'u Republican club opened
headquarters yestordav on tho third floor
of tho Felt building a'ud members of tho
club are preparing to take an active
part in the state and county campaign.
The rooms arc attractively furnished
and a committee of IadlcH Is In charge
of the rooms. A large number of women
visited the 4.1 ub rooms yesterday and
tested tho voting machine which Is on
exhibition in the club rooms. Tea was
served by the ladies. Arrangements aro
being made to have speakcra at the club
rooms cajch afternoon from now until
election day.
Smart Not Candidate.
"William IT. Smart or Roosevelt declares
that ho is not a candidate for stato sen
ator from the senatorial district which
comprises Summit and Wnsatch counties.
He declares that tbo action of the Pro
greiislvo pfrty In naming blm for atato
senator waa taken without his knowledge
or consent-
i Puneral Tomorrow.
Funeral nervicea for Benjamin R- Pratt
will be held at Emigration ward meet
i ing house Saturday at 12 o'clock noon.
The body can bo viewed at tho family
resldance. 1005 East Ninth South street,
between the hours of D and 11 a. m.
of the hand, and the curves of the fin
gera, Is too much or many to evon haaard
even a guess as to how the act in ac
complished. Tt is a kind of a weird,
creepy, mystifying performance, and while
one knowa that there can be nothing su
pernatural about tho affair, at the same
time it seems a physical Impossibility.
With only thre more performances
left at the Colonial this week of "Thn
Strength of the Weak." It Is evident that
the engagement of the play will close
with the, heaviest week's attendance tho
Colonial has had In several months. It
is a busy week all tho way around at
the Colonial, for under preparation there
for Sunday night of the coming woek
is Bret Harte'a absorbing drama, "Sue.'
This will be the first production of the
play locally. Marjorie Rambcau appears
as a slovenly, stoop-shouldered, nllppored
footod. slouchy country girl of some twon-ty-odd
years. Mr. Mack Is to play the
acrobat of the play.
The Mc'nesy theater presents an un
usual offering today In a magnificent two
reel historical subject of the out of the
ordinary kind. You remember Geronlmo
the famous Indian chief, whoso death
a few yearn ago removed a constant
source of trouble to southwestern set
tler and army posts on tho border, A
delightful story of I0V41 wends its way
through beautiful settings a story of love
and Intrigue between two poet officers
and the mnJor'H daughter. Intensoly real
battle scenes, where close to 200 Indians
and soldiers participate.
Cheap, forcetul, reliable. Thousands
read them ovcry day.
pli mm i
City Commission Will Discuss
Matter in Executive Ses
sion Today.
An executive session of the city com
mission ia planned for today in the pri
vate office of Mayor Samuel C. Park,
for the purpoan of discussing prospective
changes in tho legal department.
Since the resignation of Corporation
Counsel C. S. Vation the commission has
been dissatisfied with conditions in the
legal department on account of the ever
increasing work or that department. City
Attorney Harper J. Dlnlnny and Aaron
Myers, assistant city attorney, are now,
and havo been, swamped with work for
On October la the contract will expire
which the city has with P. J, Daly, spe
cial counsel, who for six months has
been perf.ictlng a. codification of the city
ordinances. Attorney Daly will have one
additional week to. serve the city, owing
to the fact that fie was absent for a
week in September on private business
In Nevada,
The commissioners have for several
weeks had under consideration the ap
pointment of a land and water attorney,
the letalls of whose prospective duties
were exclusively published In The Trib
une early in September.
. At Ilia meeting today the completion
of Ibis plan, or tho appointment of one
or possibly two assistant attorneys, will
bo discussed. It Is said, however, that
the plan for the land and water attorney
Is favored by the majority of the com
missioners. Mr. Daly has "been an active
applicant for the place but II is under
stood that his connection with the admin
istration will terminate with his present
Music Pleases Larg-e Audi
ences at Tabernacle in Af
ternoon and Evening.
Presenting two excellent pro
grammes, the United States Marine
band was heard in the tabernacle yes
terday afternoon and evening. The
musicians, with both ability and good
nature, readily responded to numerous
encores. The band 13 well balanced
and ably conducted. Tho leader, Lieu
touaut AVilliain II, Santelinaiin, in the
eoloction of numbers, kept the happy
medium between tlie music that -appeala
mostly to the hearer who is a critical
student and the music that has no
claim to merit save its popularity.
There was enough of the classical to
furnish food for thought,' enough of tho
popular to prevent oither programme
from being monotonous.
Lieutenant Santolmann has bcou a
member of the government, band for
more than vtwo decades. Ho occupied
a minor position in the organization
twenty years ago. whon .lohn P. Sousn
was leader, and directed the players in
a concert given in the Salt Lako thea
ter. Santelmaun 's work as conductor be
speaks the truo musician. He shows
comprehension aud is enorgotic. ar
tistic, earnest. eonsciriitious; and "with
al entirely -without affectation.
The gem of the afternoon pro
gramme, -which wag heard by 2000 per
sons, was undoubtedly the "Wagner
number from "Tho Valkyrie. " There
waa breadth and power and passion
whero required, and it seemed some
what incongruous to hear "Marchhig
Through Georgia , for an encore.
Miss Mary Sherier, soprano, the
soloist who was heard at both the af
ternoon and evoning concerts, possesses
a beautiful, clear, ' well-trained voico.
She sin'gs with keen appreciation of
tochnique. In the afternoon hor rendi
tion of the Bemberg '"'Kiss Song" was
a gem, and in tho evening she was ac
corded an onthusiastic encore for
dramatic and 'artistic interpretation of
the " Carmen' ' aria.
George Otto Fray is a gonuiue artist
.with tho euphonium. His playing of
tho selection from ." Josephine ' ' won
the plaudits of the critical.
Jacques L. Yanpoucke is a clarinetist
of marked ability. lTis solo, "Die
Puratini1-' (Lugi Bassi), was one of
the most enjoyable features of the
evening programme.
Tlie evl nl te frmn "LtiiMn. 1 rrivcn
by the band, tabernacle choir, fifty
soloists and tho great organ, was the
"hit" of tho evening, and the repeti
tion of the number was euthusiasticallj'
demanded and graciously accorded.
Potor Lowin lived up to his reputa
tion as a master of tho xylophone. H!a
mastory of tho difficult instrument in
marvelous and his playing of the fan
tasia (Dittrich-Lowin) was aecorded
an ovation.
A largo representation from Fort
Douglas, including both officers and
enlisted men, attended tho evening concert.
J. F. Norrls. "f years of age. father
uf Mrs. Thomas D. Pitt, wife or tho
former chief of police, wvs painfully In
jured whon struck bv u grocery wagon
as he stood waiting for a Jordan bridge
street car at the Intersection of Second
South and Main streets yesterday after
noon, lie was taken to the emergency
(hospital and attended by Dr. II. Lynch,
of tho city board of health.
The aged man's worst hurt was a bad
cut above tho right eye- Mr. Norrla
is of southern birth. No trace of pain
showed In the old gentleman's face, nor
did he wince at the sting of the sur
geon's needle as the necessary stitches
wero taken In his wound. Later he was
taken to his home in the pollen auto.
An informal reception will be given by
the Salt Lake Press club In honor of
Isaac Russell at 0 o'clock this evening
In the club's rooms. "Iki" Russell, as
ho Is familiarly known to hla many friends
here, was formerly a local newspaper
man. Ho Is now a member of the -staff
of the Now York Times and Is traveling
with Woodrow Wilson on his western
trip, representing hla paper.
Owing to lack of time, the club has
not sent out Individual invitations. It
Is the desire of the club to extend a
general Invitation to lti members and
to friends of Mr. Rusisell
protest am
Property Owners Say UgK
Company Is Destroyirlj
Beauty-of Adornment,
Appropriation Made for CiJj
crele Pavement; City Bujj)
Electrical Supplies.
Tho many protests which have
received by Commissioner G. D. Kej
from properly owners relative to the c
ting of trees by employees of the U
Light & Railway company will be .
cause ot an Investigation by the ci
mission. A communication by Mr K
ser was read to the commission' ati
meeting of that body yesterday mora
and referred to the legal department!
advice. a
Tho protectants represent that lho li
company, In stringing Its wires when J
poles are erected, ruthlessly cut branc
off trees with no reijard either for?
life or the appearance of the tree i I
without receiving conuent from the n'n
erty owner. "
Seeks Information. ij.
Mr. Keyser seeks advice as to wi
extent the property owners can lec
object to such work being done; vr
obligations could be placed on the 11
company to follow certain rules in tr
mlng the trees, the rules to he wor
out by the park department with a v
to securing as much symmetry as po
ble: and in tho event that the work
done ou rules laid down by tho parlr'
partmont with a view to beautifying 1
preserving the trees, to whom the i
pense of the work can bo charged.
On motion of Commissioner R. p. M
rls, ?6500 was appropriated for the p
pose of laying a concrete pavement in
city yards and city stables and In!
cltys portion of City avenup, located,
tween State and Second ISast streets i
Sixth South and Seventh South atriM
Plans and specifications for the w
wore also approved. i
Petitions Are Denied.
The petition of Ilarrv Clark for I
damages for injuries received In'
auto-patrol accident near the Sail
depot, October 3. was denied on recc
inendatlon of City Attorney Harper
Dlnlnny. .;
Similar action was taken on a petit
from the old Utah Independent Teleph
company, seeking a release of a 5fttT
bond on file with the citv. The lioiid
cured the city from any damage due
the removal of pole, wires and contlt
of the company from the streets, Att
ney Dlnlnny re.cominendcd that the in
tlou be denied. - !
The commission authorized the n
clause of 4f..000 feet of copper wire. 1
nsulators and 750 oak brackets. Mb'
Samuel C. Park xva the signer of
requisition for the supplies, which wl
erectod. will effect a saving of VTfi
month In cable rental.
Married in Farmlturtoii 0u June .1 la
Spr0!' ,D-, Tay0r "nil Lnvlnia Fr(
Oblad taylor. until recentlv plaved 1
role of sweethearts as they contint
to work side by side In the factory'
the ftweet Candy company, exehang
occasional louks rtf secret satlsfact
over having balked the curiosity of th
friends. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor have now Ftart
keeping house at 2T Express avem
Mr. Taylor Is head candv maker at ,1
factory where ho Is -employed 'I
young wlfo is tho daughter of AVlllii
H. Oblad. of C5S Oblad avenue. T!
father and mother 0f the girl were pi
Ilea to the secret marriage, giving -,J
sympathy to the romantic plii of-)l
young couple.
John Mojo re, a laborer, '11 yearj;
age. who was placed in Jail last night 01
charge of a.-aulr, la said to have do
so after playing the "bad man" rolajl
a Bhort time on Main street " V
Majors was first seen running weU
Second South street. Reaching Mi
street, he Is said to havo struck in 1
face a small boy whoso name Is 'i
known, afterward to have done llkcwls
a man, Alvin Lundgrcn. of !57 Blaine ai
nue. breakiag loose several of Lundgrei
teeth. v
Will Inspect Watersheds. i
Th special subcommittee appointed-
the Commercial club govornlng' board
Investigate sanitary conditions In cany(
where the city's principal water sup;
lies, with a vlnw of recommending
change in the present sheep trail throii
Salt Lake county and nearby canyo
will moot at the call of Chalnnan Wlllli
Bowen today, to decide upon a. date up
which to Inspect tho watei-slTnls and ca
yons in nuestlon. ?.
In Railroad World f
D. EJ. Burley, general passenger agi;
for the Orogon &hort Lino, left yet
day for Voscmlte park, where ho will.)
tend a meeting of government and trai
portatlon officials. Each fall tho govu
mont park officials hold a convention!
which they Invite pat-senger officials ,1
the purpose of discussing matters pi
taining to park traffic ami this is one"
the regular annual meetings. I
The safoty commit tee Of the UttiP
Light & Railway company held th si
ond monthly meeting In tho office.
General Manager Joseph S. Walls yest
day afternoon. Several matters w
discussed and some. rcoommenilAtlonn
be made to the central committee regai
ing the safety of employees and pa
sciigers. (
Frank Jenkinson. city passenger ag
for the Oregon Short Line, returned yt
tenia v from a bear hunting expedltl
In tho Jackson's IIolo country In wy
mlng H: gavo no me glowing accounts
miraculous escapes, and Is proud of i
fact that he brought his gun iaU
back. U
Charles II. Sohlacks, vice president?
the Western Pacific Railway compoJ
has returned to this country after a to
through. Europo. lie Is now on tlie w
from New York to his headquarters .
San Francisco and probably ulll vu.
Salt Lake City en route. ;
Colonist rates from Chicago c wcd i
tcrtlay. Local passenger "'I2
that the heavy travel through Salt L
City will continue on account of tn n
for a woek or longer. Excursion rai
U) St. iouls and Denver have been j
nounciid by tho different roads, tlcw
being on nolo today only. '3
It was reported at the oflices of t
Western Pacific yesterday that J
Crocks arriveI yoaterday morning in
Ely. Nv.. over that road. The men '
said to be striking miners, who o 'a "J
furniture In order to buy tickets to o
Lake City. ,
Ernest Collx. formerly humane
In Salt Lake Clly, has been appohr
special agent for tho calt LaK & u
Electric railway.

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