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iff HAVE
rho Returned to Col
) Save Their Prop
Uist Return to the
s Empty-Handed.
innot Be Driven Out
try; List of Refugees
Vay to Points in
'Via THhuii".
JS, PA BO, Tex., Oct. 10. No trains
zM have been running over the
VM, Northwestern railroad since Sat
TWj vtil&y, nnfl Mormons here have
up all hope of getting any more
nuKrly ont viH the railroad. The
fcli, 1700 of them, under command
Stolaxar, are in complete control of
I Jformon country and thero is no
i of the federals driving them out
It f they cured to. The federals
jin Pearson, Casns Graudes and
Iowbe near the Mormon colonies,
Abe no effort to drive out the rebels,
i when property losses arc reported
tlfm they march in tho opposite di
silon and ropoTt that no rebels nre
U found.
iumons in Colonies.
re axe about 100 MormoD men in
(jjlonies, but thero is no chuueo
fihtm to ship out tho cattle, crops
J1 fruit which thoy went there to
n. Instead, it will be necessary for
tn to leave the country over the
Icon roads, for the trains arc not cx
Uti to he operated soon. The rebels
ice warned all of the American rail
ji m(n not to run any more traitis
Mher wonlil be burned and the train
filled. tfnge&s Doming North.
liojft who have left, the refugee
ps for Utah poiuts recently arc:
Salt Lake City Laura A. ami
To Riihfield, UtahEtta. W., Mary
yptftin Hawcs.
BVLund. Utah Oscar G., Annie, F,l
k Jennie, "I.nxv, -John H. and Wil
mi Lund: Alice Rowley, John If.
Wa, Jobu aud Albert Beecroft, and
f V. O'Donncll.
oPrdvo. Utah Katy Haw.''.
.r Bricliam City, Utah Fannie C.
?l,Ida Harper?
Xcphi, Utah .T. It. Porter.
JBp Ouir, Utah Elizabeth. Ella, Am
itfMr., Kmma Tj- Abbio I.., Elmiua,
ran, Daniel and Brigham Stevens.
MBlai-kfoot, Idaho Orin Farus
JJWoManard, Idaho John Allan.
'if1 Daloris, Colo. Nellie, Willie, Ivy,
-Wjauil Hiva Black; Abinadi Porter,
JBp' Mildred, Grandiu and Ai'ton
4M?EdO. Texas, Oct. lu. A rebel
imnfUr,bcr?ng ,s0- under tho leadcr--JK.t
' C'leclie Campos, practically an
""fcni ia forc,i of 150 federate near
j between Jtmlnrz and Torrcon.
liSMiIi according to advice? re-
UlW?,.,. t0(Iay 0f the federal force
Jenteen urn said to have escaped.
KJ tile dead nr.; four officer, in-
.KeraU0nrl 'Jll' 'U -'omman'1 r
A Ufa WlHnff Tello the rpb.-li- hanged
II 0 a leruph pole. lEIghteen
It WEtf VtUi car,lurccl an1 tholr cnTS
f 5?.f?cml llngbcnrer lviia offered hlf.
lie would surrender the flag.
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yqF"-1'! Pills in time, and bc
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aftd lasting. Thts famous
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which he kpt after he was captured.
He refused and was shot.
The federals were inarching on the
nubile road In a. wooded section, accord
Itip to reports, when the rebels nuddenlv
appeared on both sides and In front of
them. The battle did not last long, as
the rebel forces wore overwhelming
The federals are reported to have in
flicted spvere loss upon the rebelH, but
the number of tho latter killed Is not
MEXICO CITY. Oct. 10. -Government
troops under Major Joso Tello were de
feated yesterday by rebels near Escalon.
Five of General Pnscual Orozco's old
lieutenants arc said to have taken part
In tho engagement. Major Tello had
been ordered to drive tho rebels from tho
Derrame ranch whero they had been
holding council. The encounter took
place at the San AgulstJn ranch nearby.
The rebels fought from the ranch build
ings but as the .federals did not advance,
they pretended to retreat.
Then tho federals followed and wore
subjected to a heavy fire aJid were forced
to withdraw, but carried with thorn a
few prisoners.
Jose Orozeo a cousin of Pnscual. and
Felix Terrazas. commanded the rebols,
but were reinforced by Oheohe Campos,
Luis Fernandez and Francisco Del Torro.
According to a. fugitive the federals were
flanked by the rebels and many of them
killed. Tdnjor Tello and all but one other
officer were captured.
Suffer Heavy Losses,
The federal dead are estimated at 100
and. censored accounts of tho engagement
which reached the capita! tonight, say
the rebels' loss was greater.
General Iluerta. who nearly a month
ago was granted leave of absence to have
his' eyes treated, reached tho capital to
day bringing approximately 1 000 men
who are engaged in the northern cam
pulsn. The rapid .shifting of the govern
ment forces throughout tho greater part
of the republic, coupled with an In
creasing number of new points from
which disturbances are reported dally,
has servi'd to strengthen the popular be
lief that tho administrations predica
ment J fast becoming critical.
In general tho country's troubles can
be classified under three heads a more
or less organize! move In the north. In
cluding the states of Sonora. Chihuahua,
'"oahulla, Nauvo Leon and Durango:
General Acuilar's rebellion In Vera Cruz
and Puebla, and a warfare not unlike
anarchy In the states of Mexico. Morlos,
Guerrero, Mlchoachan and Zacatecae.
with prowling bands in other states.
Madero Powerless.
The operations of the rebels, along the
IIiiD of the Northwest ern railroad' and In
southern Chihuahua along the line of
the Gent nil rtTo vast territory from
which Orozco'x army was driven by Gen
eral Tlucrta give ovldcnce of the gov
ernment's inability to maintain peace.
General Ulancpict. after the defeat of
f?fid tit ftirawrrn'a mii S;i tiirdiiv. an
nounced the departure of the "dispersed"
rebels for Chihuahua, but It since has
been reported that bands are operating
In that atatc and there in a notable In
croaso In activity in Is'ucvo Leon adjoin
ing. The first messages frcmi tin north
since October 4 were received today from
.limine, They told of a general con
centration movement of the Insurgents
near Escalon. Later came the news of
the ongagement.
Evaded Encounter.
In I he .state of Vera Cruz, Agullar hasi
succeeded lu evading a serious encounter
with the federals. A considerable force
of federals has hern concentrated on
the M-lcan railway, while most of Agul
lar's annv Is some distance to the -outh.
The region giving the admlnlstnitlon
most cause for worry Is that overrun by
bonds who for want of a belter name aro
still st vied Zapatistas, though It is
doubtful If mora thnn a small percent
age ever receive orders from the notori
ous rebel of Morelos.
The government makes no secret of
the fact that It would be glad to arrange
peace with Zapata and It ia asserted
that negotiations to that end are under
The stale of Mexico, which practically
surrounds the federal districts, Is almost
covered with guerrillas, bandits and
some more completely organized bands
of rebels who raid. jack, burn and kill
In one region today and another tomor
row. They keep the government forces
hurrying from point to point. m
CHICAGO. Oct. 10. "Stockholders of
the National Lincoln Chautauqua system
met here today to choose a new direc
torate. Reports of this years work
showed that 10S Chautauquas were held
in eight states at a cohI of I 2.000. Of
this sum. 522.000 was inld peakcrH.
Thso 10S Chautauquas were attended bj
more than 500,000 people.
The purpose of the organization was
announced as that of "conducting Chau
S SssemMlcfi for the primary pur
nose of developing, crysta Mzlng and nma --flmat
Ing sentiment against the manu
fac ur " and sale of Intoxicant.
Taft in New Ha-mpshtre.
ni-nt IN N. H.. Oct. 10. President Taft
Ess,? x SffiiWfi
short noii-polltUal ''V.rtv were guests at
Treasury MacVeag!..
Eugincor Killed.
CV,C'r?anS:ofSrr?tt. 'w.
Kngln-er j-5"""" . ti0einnd of the came
Killed .-ind fVX Injured in the collision
Place was rVaT?nui.rtorc & n, ,aBBC"'
here today of lnll j string of freight
er 'Tl1 the ma n track. Five mall
?KScHl05eS huYl. none fatally. None of
& passengers was Injured.
Enthusiastic Correspondent
Believes Bull Moose Will
Carry Gopher State.
Governor Wilson Is Hauled
Over the Coals for His Re
cent Speech.
By International News Service.
DULUTH, Minn., Oct. 10. The roseate
calculations of the Taft and Wilson man
agers have been smashed by tho advent
Into Minnesota today of Colonel P.oosg
velt, with his cnjnpalgii of stirring ac
tivity. Tho ex-president fooled the com
placent managers of th antagonistic
parties by provoking a tremendous lot
of enthusiasm tipon hJs arrival here and
by drawing to the armory, where he
spoke tonlRht. the biggest crowd of the
pending political fight
Minnesota was counted upon two weeks
ago or safely for President Taft. Hard
ly a political sharp can be found in Du
luth tonight who Is willing to wager
against a bet that Roosevelt will carry
the state. The truth of it Is that the
third party candidate was needed here
to stir into vivid ai:llon a sentiment that
has been smoldering In the mate since
the opening peep of the campaign.
May Beat Eberhart.
Tho Bull Moosors in this state have
put up a Progressive candidate for gov-
publlcan. who Is sticking to the Taft
ship. Eberhart, his own managers ad
mit, has been losing ground and the pros
pects now are that the entire Progressive
party ticket, governor and all, will carry
the Btato.
All this change in the political com
plexion of Minnesota has come about
within the last few days nnd Rooac
velt'a invasion of tho siate has figured
largely in It. The colonel kept out of
the state In the primary fight and Minne
sota wont overwhelmingly for him. Now,
with a brisk campaign being waged by
tho Bull Moosers, tho Minnesota electors
seem destined to go for the ex-presl-dent.
When Colonel Roosevelt swung Into
Dululh shortly after noon today he
learned something of tho prevailing sen
timent for him. He rode through the
streets to the cheering of thousands who
lined the curbp.
Seised by Throng.
When ho wont into a hot! he was
seized by a wild throng that tried to
tear tho buttons from his coat. Once In
his room In tho hotel, the crowd yelled
so loud that Roosevelt was obliged to
appear in the hotel corridor and speak
a lew words.
"I didn't know Minnesota mw so en
thusiastic over the Bull Moose," cried
Roosevelt. "It's good news to me and
It's in keeping with all I hu.ve come upon
during this trip to tho middle west."
Tonight at the armory tho ex-pre'sldent
addressed one of the largest crowds he
has ever faced in his long political ca
reer and It was a throng that for enthu
siasm, equaled any in his existence.
The audience, numbering 7000. hailed the
colonel as the "next president."
In his speech here Roosevelt slammed
Into Governor Wilson for his attitude
on immigration declaring that the Demo-rr:itlp-
rniididatn has shown himself to
favor Chinese labor above that of the
solid Latin countries. Tho e -president
i called attention to Mr. Wilson's utter
ances as to Immigration.
Quotes From Report.
Roosevelt took up Governor Wiljon'3
allegation that the Steel trust was be
hind the third party campaign and the
governor's HubneVuent explanation that
he understood the trust was bucking the
Progressive candidacy "in thought.' The
ex-presldent dug up a report sent out
from Wall Earoet by Dow. Jones & Co..
stating that "If Roosevelt gets three out
of twenty-three votes from tho directo
rate of tho Steel corporation he will be
'""If! get thres votes from the Stool
trust it will be three times as many a.-;
I expect," Insisted Roosevelt with a
quizzical smile. "I'd like, merely from
curiosity, to know -ho tho three arc
who will vote for me.'
Bcrore coming here. Colonel Roosevelt
stopped off nt Superior. Wis., his first
appearance in Senator La Follette h
state In nil Ids presidential campaign.
Roosevelt found a warm spirit toward
tho Bult Moose movemont manifest In
Wisconsin. Although Senator La Fol
lottb has been going through the stale
urging Ills followers to nllgn themselves
with Taft. tho bald fact- Is that there Is
h. perceptible drift to Roosevelt.
The cx-presldcnt left here tonight for
St Paul. He delivers a speech tomor
row at Oslikosh. severely arraigning Gov
ernor Wilson for his tariff attitude.
OIjTMPIX. Wash.. OcL 10. The tate
Fuprcmo court granted n. writ today re
straining the state canvassing board
from declaring Judge W. W. Black tho
Democratic nominee for governor. Tn Its
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ke before the last stag". 1 will gladly
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formation in .n1 to yonr wnrfi,
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fSworn affidavits
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Itroncbltlc, Asthma. Hav . over: Throa.
and Lung Trouble." nnd in upbuilding
tho nvstm. Doe not contain nolsons.
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cr Substltntors." Five f5. Good Stores,
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ruling the court held that the constitu
tional provision making Judges of the
superior court Ineligible for other than
judicial positions meant that no judge
could bo elected to another office while
on the bench.
Judge Black Is on tho superior bench
of Snohomish county. In tho recent state
primary h won the Democratic guberna
torial nomination In a clobo contest with
his nearest rival. Ernest Lister of Ta
como. It is believed that Lister will be
selected by the state central committee
to hexid the Democratic ticket, hut Judg
Black will become a candidate for the
auprome bench.
Today's ruling was signed by five Jus
tices and concurred In by two others. Its
giKt was that it was the Intent of the
constitution builders to pre'cnt Judges
"scrambling" for offices. Two Justices
dissented from the ruling, while Indorsing
the sentiment.
SPRINGF1KLD. III., Oot. 10. Governor
Dencen. speaking tonight at a Republican
"love feast," raid Colonel Roosevelt has
no Just cause for objection to the course
of Illinois either before or since tho na
tional conveHtlon In Chicago.
"There were only thirty-four serious
contests in the Chicago convention." ho
said, "and Colonel Roosevelt told mo so
himself, asking me to modify the resolu
tion which I offered to include only the
thirty-four. 1 did not do so and kept tho
llgiiro of contests at the number which
had bcon agreed on originally by Gov
ernor Had Icy and the Rooescvelt man
agers. These thirty-four delegates would
not have changed the result.
"Ho protested against the southern
members and territorial delegates, but
to my personal knowledge It was Theo
dore Roosevelt eight years ago and four
years ago who prevented a change in the
system" of the election of these delegates."
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.. Oct. 10. Tho
Progressive party national and state
tickets are entitled to be printed on the
official ballot in Missouri, according to
a decision rendered today by Judge F.
A. Wurdoman of tho St. lyouls county
circuit court, who sat as a special Judge
here today.
The Republican state committee filed
the petition in the Cole county circuit
court to enjoin the secretary of state
from printing on tho official ballot tho
Progressive party's presidential electors
and slate ticket.
.Tudgo Wurdcman held that the state
primarv law did not repeal the former
law, which allowed candidates to be
nominated by petition, as wna done In
these cases.
The Republican state committee is ex
pected to appeal to the supremo court.
NEW TORK. Oct. 10. With the settle
ment of the Pennsylvania electoral dls
puto bv tho substitution of Taft electors
for Roosevelt men at llarrlsburg. all
electoral controversies In different states,
the Republican national committee an
nounced tonight, have "been satisfactorily
adjusted with the exception of that in
California, where the Roosevelt electors
remain on tho Republican ticket.
The follojving summary of states In
which the situation has been cleared up
was given out:
Illinois Four original Roosevelt elec
tors resigned and their places filled with
Taft men named by the state commit
tee. Indiana One elector understood to be
a Roosevelt follower, suppluntcd by
Taft men named by stato committee.
Iowa. Two Roosevelt men resigned,
Taft men In their places.
Maryland Roosevelt electors removed
and Taft men substituted by state com
mittee. Michigan Thrco Roosevelt men re
signed, Taft men In their places.
Minnesota Five Roosevelt men re
signed, Taft men named.
Nebraska Taft electors go on ballot
hv niillllnn.
' Kansas Roosevelt electors resigned;
Taft men substituted.
Ohio Six Roosevelt electors resigned,
Taft men substituted.
Oklahoma Two of tho ten electors are
Roosevelt men, but have agreed to vote
for Taft If he carries state.
Oregon Four of the five electors are
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Taft men. Win announced he would
vote for Taft If Rr.publlcane carry the
IM South Dakota-Taft men will bf. named
by petition.
SACRAMENTO. Cal . Oct. 10. Acting
Governor A. J Wallace refused today to
call a tpccl.il fusion of the legislature
to amend the primary lawn as was re
quested bv GuHtuve Brcnnfir, chairman
of the Taft organisation In San Fran
cisco. "It is a matter of common know,!
edpo of which those associated with you
could scarcely be lnnorant." i-ays trie mea
saKo to Brenner, "that, the provlnlons of
the constitution of the state are such
that no act passed by any seoBlon of the
legislature can become operative until
tile expiration of ninety dayn from the
date, of It? adjournment. The futility,
therefore, of calling an exthaordlnary nes
nlon Is apparent"
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10. The Taft
Republican state executive committee or
Cullfornla will take no further action
to ficcuro a place for Taft electoral
nominee-? on tho November ballot. Spokes
men for the committee made this un
qualified statement today, after htarlnsr,
of Lieutenant Governor Wallace a refus
al to call an extra session of the legls-
'"'"vo hnv exhausted every res-ourcc."
?.ild Milton L. Pchnillt. ! of the losnl
a-lvlsiirs for th commit t-. "and il.r
js nothlnir more m be d.in. It renialne
for the Tnft RepubltcanB of California
either to write In the names of the r
r.indldatcs on tho lvillot for c-ijt their
vote for othr nondnp)-.
Wilson's Voice Weak.
CHICAGO. On. 10. -Tired mil liwsp.
Go vernor Wood row Wilson reached U -enso
nt 10 o'clock today. Ills vokflf
almost con- and the governor fort red that
h" would be able to do no more than
Kreet the crowds nt some places where
i-necches had been scheduled.
It was also a source of repret to tne
nominee that he had found his trip cwol-I.-n
into twice, the size originally pl.mnert
Speeches were Inserted by tocal commlt
t Aits and train stopped sometimes un
out giving the covernor any advance in
formation so that he was compelled to
appear. The governor -mid today this
probably would be his last big trip of the
"They don't want to hear me speak.
they Just want to set me," said, the gov
ernor today. "Somehow, political meet
ings at which spe?i:h nre expected
hould be limited In attendance."
Saloon Men Barred.
I.OS ANGELES. Oct. 10. By a virtu
ally unanlmotiH vote, the California grand
lodge of M.mons adopted today a resolu
tion excluding from membership any one
engaged In the saloon business, and pro
viding that any Mason known by the
lodge tribunal of following this colling
shall be expelled from the order. Sell
ing of liquor In connection with a bona
fide hotel or restaurant Is exempted.
Children Chry
Salt Iaker In New York. I
NEW YORK. Oct. 10. Imperial, F. .
Carl 0. Kratzenstcin, manager J. C. H
Tanner druj' store, Santa Cruz, Cal , H
writes: "We have sold Foley it Co. 'm H
medicines for the past twenty years H
and have yet to hear onr first com- H
plaint, or of a dissatisfied customer. H
Their remedies are .pure-, made as rep H
resented, and contain no injurious sub H
stances. On the contrary, our cxperi- H
ence shows us that tho company's aim H
has always been to make health giving H
and health maintaining remedies." H
Schramin-Johnson, Drucs. H
Darkens (he Hair, Stops Dan
druff, Rilling Hair and
Itching Scalp.
"Pull oul one zray hair and a dozen
will take its placo, is an old sayinp,
which j., to a ureat extent, true, if no
steps are taken to top the cause.
When irray hairs appear it is n sipu
that Nature needs assistance- It is
Nature. ' call for help. Gray hnir. dull,
lifeless hair, or hair that is falline qut.
is not necessarily a sign of advancing
ape. for there arc thoufatds of el
derly peoplo with perfect heads of
hair without a sinzlo streak of cray.
When gray hairs come, or when the
hair 5eems to be lifeless or dead, aomo
good Tcliahle hainrestoring treatment
should be resorted to at once. Special
ists say that one of the best prepara
tions to use is the old-fashioned "saga
tea'' which our grandparents ueed. 1
Tho best preparation of this kind is 1
Wyeth's Sago and Sulphur Hair Rerao- 1
dy, a preparation of domestic sage
and sulphur, scicntificalb; compounded 1
with Inter discovered hair tonics anL
stimulants, the whole mixture being-
carefully balanced and tested by ex-
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur is clean H
aud wholesome and perfectly harmless.
It refreshes drj-, parched h:nr, removes
dandruff and gradually restores faded
or grav hair to its natural color.
T)onH delnv another minute. Start
using Wyeth's Sage nnd Sulphur at H
once and see what a difference a few
days' treatment will make in your hair.
This preparation in offered to tho
public at fifty cents a bottle, and is
recommended and sold by all druggists. (H
Arents Scbramm-.lohnson. Drugs.

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