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4 ..ii . : ' ' -Tic
Irrigation Congress and State
Fair Brought Many Pros
pective Investors.
Realt3r Men Realize That Pub
licit' Which City Received
Is Big Benefit. .
Th carnival spirit of state fair and
Irrlgaaton congress week having- sub
Mc'I, tbo real estate doulers are be
ginning to profit by the tremendous
amount of inquiry and publicity direct
ed to local real estate investments as
a result of the hosts of visitors. Some
dealers report actual sales to out-of-town
men who became interested in the
fplendid offerings of the Salt Luke mar
ket. Othors have opened negotiations
or are nursing' inquiries from tho visi- .
I hi tors tna probably will result in sales,
n Scorej of comments on tho remark-
01 Able values and attractive opportunities
Jo be ha in local real estate were
K heard from the visitors and many deal-
H tb were kept busy showing their wares
M to those interested. Suburban dealers
M -Were out. with their automobiles all last
W week showing the visitors over the
m ground.
I I Substantial Sales.
Sale of lots during the week was the
strongest feature of the market. Kew
additions opened in the southeastern en
virons of the city are proving oven
more popular than the old. ones, and
the suburban market is better now than
for many months, it is said. Taking ad
vantage of the fine fall weather the
promoters of various subdivisions are
pushing their improvement work to the
most, while the construction of homes
in these divisions continues unabated
from the summer season.
As an indication of the remarkablo
building growth the city is enjoj'iug at
present, the statement of a large pipe
manufacturing concern operating in
this section that it is behind in its or
ders bv nearly a hundred thousand tons
is significant. This compan' deals ex
tensively in pipe fittings for residences
and other buildings.
Houses in Demand.
The rental market continues strong,
the demand outstripping the supply for
the most part. Suitable apartments and
modern cottages are in great demand,
and dealers sa3 the city could stand a
large ex-pansion in this line.
That largo investors are in tho mar
ket Keeking good offerings in central
realty is indicated by the persistent
rumors of big sales in downtown proper
ty. One dealer reports two large deals
in progress, involving Third South
street and State street property.
This Is the Rear, Let Us Show Yoa the
You Will Find No Other Homes to Compare
With These.
201-202 Felt Building Phone Wasatch 3567
Salt Lake Statistics
Marriage Licenses.
Loufn W. Kelly and Octn. Liidwlc, Blnchani.
Waynn Footo anil Emllr Forccon. Cokevtlln.
Hyrum Covort and Mirr Ann Horrop, Kutlrr-
Emit HerdliiK and Irene Christie. Funds".
Kdward S. Klmbcr and Siule Durton. Provo.
Archlo Ellsworth And Oertrudo MoKlnuon. Car
fleld. Dert V. Rof.i nnd Mao Allwood. Rlkt..
John W. Howlck and Cirri Mnxivoll. Caldcr'r
station. 4
Fred C. IUnslnp, Pit; Princeton ovenue. slrl .
Edwin E. rilre. 10S7 South N'lnth Eon meet.
Louis Scaraclllo, 6 Lores court, slrl.
Curtis M. Dajninccr, $50 South Elvnth Bl.
James H. ScanUn. iO years, St. Mark's hospital.
October 10: septic mcningltlk.
Louisa Gellnar, 25 yenrf, Dolmont hotel. October
3; gunshot wound: homicidal.
Simon Radakovlch. Zl, St Mark's hospital. Oc
tober i: valvular dlseano heart.
Mary M. Dobbins, 6S year, 130S Eleventh Ka.iu
October 11; myocarditis.
Emily Swanton. S daH. St. Mark'n hoipltal, Oc
tober 10: broncho pneumonia.
Heal Estate Transfers.
W. P. Freebalncs nnd wife to H. S. KccsUum
B.nd n-lfo. part block 4S. ten-acre plat A.. J I
Katie McHenry to James McHenry, part lot
13, block 1G. flvo-acre plat A 60
Jamcx W. McHenry to Levydell P. McHenry.
lot 3, Felt's subdivision 1
John J. Durke. Sr . to Harriet L. lUuci.
lots 15 and IS, block 2. Eincnon Height
addition .. .r r,.'0
William R. Bowdcn and wife to It. B. Hnrk
ncss, part rectlon 4, township 2 south, rnni;o
1 oast .. i J030
Eleantlno Draschor ot al. to R. B. Tlarkncus.
part section 4, lonnnhlp 2 noutb. ranKo 1
cast , 6S(VJ
KlmbrpuKh E. Voorhe to- Alice Voorhes, lota
43 and I", block 4, and lots (. 65 and 6$,
block 5. Vulou HfllchU 100
J. P. Coclirano and wlfn to L. J. Hammond,
lot 5, ? nud 10. block 1. South Main Streci
addition S.'Oo
Mnry I, S. Hammer ct al. to James C. Bleak.
Jr., ami wlfo. pnrl aectlon 31. township 2
foiilh. rancn 1 east "g
E. B. Weeks to D. A. Stewart, lots 1SI and
1S2. Poplar Placp
Hjhcrlal NcerlnBR and wife to Thorn 8
Broadbent, lot 32. Country Club placo 10
U7llu F Kohn to Iwine Ferguson, pari, sec
tion 16. township S FOtith. range I c,it... F00
1. B Wcekt to Earl R. Crnlc. Iota 39 and
tO block T. Poplar firovo 6
N'cwton Bros Co. to A. i: White el al.. part
lot II. blo--k 17. flve ncre pint A 10
Frank fJrlll and v.lfo to Hanorn HukIip. lor
1. : and 3. block 4. Dek'i Third addition fi
Liiii Blarkmore to Alfred Blaekmoro. lot 13,
block 1. Temple Vljw addition 10
Wlllla BlrklliPhnw and wife to Charles Blrkln
thaw el al.. part lot 5. block CI. plat B. 10
Frank E. Scott nnd wife to Albert Merrill,
part lot 1. hlock 1X6, plat D 10
W. J. Caddell and wife to Loulsn D. Douq
lnp. part icctlon S. township 1 louth,
rancn 2 west i(w
r. D. Harding and wlfn to Mary XL "Wood
land, lot 10. Marjca.-ett niibOlvlslon J
Albert Toronto ami wife to J HadOeld. lots
4F, ii and 47, block 1. Oakland placo 10
John JTeath. Michigan Bar, Cnl.,
writes: "I was afflicted with kidnej
ami bladder trouble for nearl' six
years. Had n very bad spell some
time ago and was ttnablo to turn with
out help. T commoncod using Foley
Kidney Pills and can truly say I was
relieved at once. I take pleasure in
recommending Foley Kidney Pills. "
Schrumm-Johnsbn, Drugs.
TTerc is a remedy that will cure yoUT
cold. Why waste time and money ex
perimenting when you can get a prepa
ration that has won a world-wide repu
tation by its cures of this disease and
can alwa3's bo depended upon? It is
known everywhere as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, and is a medicine of
real merit. For sale bv all dealers.
1 I This is a Copy of Mr. L D. Snarr's Check,
l I Paying for Twsniy Mstaw Properties
H I I Mr. Snarr paid $60 per property, and received a 5 per cent discount for B
H I I his wholesale purchase of 20 properties. He is the type of man who looks
H I 1 before he leaps. After looking into the various investments that were offered I
H J I him, he decided that the town of Mid view offered the highest class and I
Hj? a most secure investment of any on the market. g
H I 1 Mr, Snarr knows the class of farm products that are produced in the 9
H ! I great Uintah Basin; and he knows the richness oC the various other natural I
Hi y resources here. He also knows that a town that has such a strategic location I
H I as has Midview, will receive the benefits of all this natural richness. I
HI 1 After buying his twenty Midview properties,Mr. Snarr expressed-him- I
H I self as being glad of the chance to get in on this proposition. 1
HI ! 1 Midview properties are now selling at $75 each for three or less, or $60 1
HI! j I each for four or more. M
H Tf yu will investigate, you will be glad to get in on this proposition, too. I
H Either, phone or call on us today. Get our illustrated booklet on Midview. . 1
I Inter-Mounfain Realty CoH 1
HI 1 "The Farm Shop" 8
HI 1 . I . Suite 205 Templeton Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. . 'V . I
H Phone Wasatch 686.
Half -acre and If
r " JT independence!
nil lilt 'Hmefield eF
fAi . $15 a month ,;, 9
A PJace of your own Right at the city's edge WSm
WiimW Deel,il3 evei7 man is a desire to own 13th South and 5th East. Two good
pf some land. To enjoy the splendid, free, car lines. Only a few minutes from of- Jlllll
out-of-doors life to reap independence free and shopping center. H
from his fruit and garden land and a WM
bank account worth while from his Mr. Wage-earner this is
vegetables and chickens. 9' iiilIP9
your opportunity sy
An acre or half -acre f dtJ and cou?l7 home a11 in one- Pic"
. rr A tm-e to yourself the enjoyment and sat-
m Homeneld Acres, the ideal garden isf action of a country 'estate. Breathe tPlliH
tract, is sufficient to bring you a good pure country air. Ilit
living and help you gain financial inde- i jtffigm
Cfil pendence- ' Only $ 1 2 to $ 1 5 cash jfj
Oh-iI-ct ?z:nn 4. teAn and a like amount each month will give WMvSm
SNt Uniy tK)t)UU TO 54U a you a select half-acre. But you must pll
7. h1f-rrp act at orice' Jt's selling fast. This
&$gj . dUC chance won't come again. Close-in land FS
jy including graded streets, broad cement is scarce and is fast doubling in value.
UL sidewalks, shade trees. An " abundant 8$$?
supply of water for ungating purposes. Don't delay. Buy One
The soil is perfect QfoMJJSFfarms'. :. KM
lMB Ideep, rich, black and loamy. Best truck Bp
ff garden land in Salt Lake valley. Under Call, phone or write. Our autos are at sjE
cultivation fourteen years. your service. ''V. j
" ' - Are you interested? v;- ....
sfpp Phones 3992 and 6392 '
w Kimball & Richards': if
56 and 58 Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah
S Am Putting Up a Fight for Your Business
This 1b no real estate ad. and I Every slght-seeiiif? auto In tbo dty np Us residence on Thirteenth Sonth wish, by making a small paymJ
am no real estate agent. This will brings tho visitors through Liberty and Third EaBt and lived to be 84 do-K-n and a small pnymont eaou
bo the last sale of tho Grand Haven park and everyone is delighted years old. These gentlemen could month. Aud yro will rnaKe oq pj-
Bubdivision. Every lot will be sold with it. havo picked out n residence in any ments to suit vourseir. upme au
without regard to price. I have Just aa soon aa you go south part of tho city and havo all tho seo me. lour terms are 0 J "'A
owned tho Grand Haven subdivision of Tenth south, you got out of the land thoy wanted for tho fencing of will be the last sals on tno wau
for the last twenty-five years. Iain fog and fumes of tho city. Un- it, but they wanted to live in the Haven subdivision, ino saie w"
selling it myself and I can savo derstand, there is a fog and fumoQ country where the air was clear and last for ten days, ir you saw tu
the buyor from 85 to 40 por cent which rises in tho valley every the water puro. God mado the conn- property and know the price icwou u
by buying direct from the ownor. morning and it hovers around tho try; it was man mado the city. To- not last ten hours. Aiy otxice . is v
Tho Grand Haven subdivision is 40 foothills of tho city till 11 o'clock day there is more building going the lots so you can soo waat yM wi
rods south of Liberty park, ono of almost every day. Everyone of tho up Bouth of Ninth South than thero buying. Tako the Vandainore cai
the most beautiful parks in tho west. pioneers that settled in tho valley is in any other part of the city. If ffet off at the corner of ooventn xj
The Wandamero car passes tho lots. lived from 30 to 40 years longer you look carefully at tho map you and Browning avonue, one ' "'.
In every city in the land the bost than tho ones that settled in the will seo that Liberty park is in the south of Liberty park. Any one jau
class of pooplo havo their residonco heaTt of the city. Por instanco, center of tho population. And the cannot find it convenient to coin
vicjny of a public park. A President Woodruff took up his rosi- Wandamero car lino has the best anQ 500 the lots during tho week,
public park is a lung preserver for dence at Eleventh South and Fifth service in tho city. Understand, I r . , ,,. f.n, Sundaa
you always get the fresh air that EaBt and lived to bo almost 90 yeara am no real estate merchant and you 1 1 Q Plari r10 , , . 1
cannot bo taken away from 3-on. old. Presidont John B. Windor took can make any terms with mo you afternoon from 3 to 0 0 cioqk. ..
PHILIP FINEGAN, Owner Office Hours From 1000 a. m. to

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