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SKr ' " (Continued from Page Twonty-five.)
is -vfrs J. Jtockwood of Con
innouiice tho cnaaceniont of
Sitcr. Laurn. to Gar 0. Ste
tfenefcr. Tho wedding will
a in tbn late lajl.
.a Mrs. J. K. Udaiiov have
d tho cnsaRcmont of their
Irene, to Joseph h. Bond, the
tc , take plnco this month,
i Mw. H. Parry announce the
nt ot their daughter, Mamie,
or B. Curtis, the marriage lo
0 early in November.
a Mrs. Henry T. Wells an
,o marriage of their daughtor,
to' Ernest, B. Harrison. The
took place Septembers, which
the birthday of tho bride.
aod Mrs. Willis Uliuo ami
e interesting little daughters,
ond Cynthia, will shortly bo
?ort Douglas, which is grati
g to thoir local friends, who
as sorry to lose the Harper
hose olace they tako. Major
take his now station some
cen the first and the 15th of
U Oswald and her daughter,
;1 Oswald, arc back after a
sin southern California, liav
the Leonard family ami
gome time at tho Hotel vir
ong Boach.
Iph E. Hoac lias returned
nil her daughter, Miss TCatli
U, in La Sollo femiuary in
b, Mass. Mrs. Hong spent a
n town during the week, hav
3own for (he Brown-Thomas
ne additions lo local society
A Mrs. Jack Leggat. forraor
, Mont., who have taken the
house at SfiU East South
cot, whero thoy aro .at homo,
nt was one of the friends
t tho Gilmcr-Sndlcr lea on
zabolb Hoffman, sister , of
Ifarkor. has gone lo Leavcn
)., called thorn by tho death
her, Mrs. G. A. Sehillo.
H- Jones, -Mrs. 0. C. Carl
rs. W B. Gaby aro lack
nncr spent in southern Call
rjorio Cnssidy has gone to
;re she will teach music.
H. Doolitt.lo has gone to
I, Tnd., where sho was called
ram announcing tho serious
her mother, Mrs. Payne,
wis en route a wiro came
;Mrs. Payne had died. Mrs.
rill remain there for some
her father and her sister.
made many warm friouds
hero when sho visited Mrs. Doolittlo a
few years ago. .
Mr and Mrs. T. N. McClollan and
two children and thoir sister, Miss Mcs
spnger. of Kansas City, aro here for a
short stay on their way homo from the
northwest and are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Walker.
Mrs. S. F. Whitney is here from
Pioehe, Nov., visiting Mrs. Harry Clark.
A number of affairs havo been given
ih hor honor. Miss Emily McAllister j
find Mrs. D. J, Williams having enter
tained matmco parties on Wednesday
and Thursday for her,
Mrs. R. L. Ilanncra is homo from a
visit or several weeks in Los Angclos.
Mr. and Mrs. David Kogawskv will
be at homo after today at 21 Holly
wood apartments.
Miss Lillian Gcsas will leave next
Sunday for tho east and will spond the
next six months visiting friends in Now
Mrs. J- G. J?ico and her small son,
Glon, and her daughter, Mrs. Corbin,
have gone to Los Angeles to spend tho
Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Gorham leave to
day for their home in Lo ftaysvillc,
la., after spouding a fow weeks with
Miv,nnd Mrs, A. .T. Gorham.
Mr. and Mrw. George Kommcrliug,
formerly of this city, have moved to
North Bend, B. C, to live.
Mrs. A. A. Bird, formerly of thin
city and Murray, has purchased a pear
orchard near Mc'dford, Ore., whore t?ho
will mako her homo.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Pcalo havo re
turn od from California, where they
havo been sponding tho summer months.
Thoy will bo at homo to friouds at tho
Fifth liast hotel. Miss Alma Pcale,
sister of Mr. Poalc, will visit with them
for a few duvs en routo to Chicago.
Mrs. .1. W. Hughes is back from a
slay of sovcral months with friends in
Mrs. B. White is hero from Los An
geles visiting Mrs. Isabol Pitts at her
homo on South Main strcot.
Mr. and Mjs. Willarfl V. Yco havo re
turned from a short trip to Denver.
Miss Emma Lucy Gates is hero from
Logan for a woek with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Gates.
Mrs. G. B. Lockhart is back from a
week's stay in Richmond and the fam
ily aro at homo for Hie winter at their
homo in Poderal Heights.
Mrs. Arthur 11. S. Bird. Mrs. L. B.
McCornick and Mrs. 0- .T. Salisbury
have gono to Now York, where they
will meet Mrs. M. B. Salisbury on her
return from abroad.
Mrs. W. H. Walker and daughter,
Lob Angel cs, where thoy will spend the
in tor with Tt. A. Walker, Mrs. Wal-
thoro CSrStw Wbo i8 iu business
Htor V? ' ?Va'ke.r . CIPcots to leave
later lor a short visit.
3-,!Ir? E' Bcst. """o u been in
vnwi10 f(?r.somo months, returned
tStof a 0m0 at tho Peer'
Mrs. W. E. I'orsons has gono to Bos
ton with her little daughtc'r for a fur
of some time. J
Mrs. William D. Bonohor and Mrs.
. X. Cannon and her small son left
during the week for the cast. Mr.
?ZCT n Urs- Kir in Chi-
lo to go to New York for a visit
Mrs - Cannon will spcnd the next few
w ,if ,n ?maha ."wit.li her mother, Mxa.
;ii and hc,r si8ter' Li8s ione Far
roil, who was hor guest here last year.
Pnrnc 7th0 intercsting visitors at
AnS ArnUBlawaf? Mrs'.W- H. Olds and
ant w. B. Wallace who are visitin"
Lieutenant and Mrs. Wallace for a time?
JJltiLTs whn is tho guest of Captain
and Mrs. George p. poml.
Mrs. Sam R,Moycr of Chicago, for
merly Miss Josephine Weil, will be horc
shortly and will spond a fow weeks
Z xrh-f V"? rr and ACrs. Max
M. Weil while Mir. Moycr is on a busi
ness trip to tho northwest.
The Misses Pearl and Daisy Savage
will bo horc during tho woek after hav
ing spent the summer at the Savago
ranch in Wyoming. Mrs. Savage will
oavc to spend the rest of tho fall at
the ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. "Ralph Howard Morrill
.arc back after a trip to Atlanta, Ga.,
and through the southern states lo Cal
ifornia, whero they spent tho bettor
part of tho summer.
Mr. and Mrs, Frank Fisher and Mr.
and Mrs. B. M. White returned early
in tho week from California, which
thoy Loured bv aulomobilo. Mr. and
Mjs. White left immediately for their
homo in Eagle, Colo.
B t
Mrs. 0. W. Towers Is back from a
visit with hor parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Whipple, in Burlington, T:i. Mrs. Pow
orR was called there by the illnoss of
her father, who is now improving in
-Mrs. Pauline Sands is bark -from
Payol.to, Ida., whore she remained over
to visit relatives on hor return from
California by wav of Portland.
Mrs. Frank B. Stephens is home from
a trip to Omaha, where sho was called
bv the death of her sister.
Mrs. David C. Dunbar is liome after
a summer sponl in southern California
visiting friends.
Ms. Arthur n. S. Bird has gone east
on a trip aud will be away a month
or six weeks.
The Misses Roberts of Liverpool aro
here visiting relatives on thoir way to
Snn Diego to visit their sister, Mrs.
Kadcliffo, formerly of Salt Lake.
Mrs. Seldon L Clawson has gone to
Berkeley to spend a few weeks with
Mr. and Mrs. Gwynne Officer (Iiobccca
' Mrs. T. T. Wilcox of Spokane is hero
i i
1 1 in l i WAY Slender Lines Without Discomfort
if mw yM, Guaranteed to reduce hips and abdomen
m v one to ve ncies' cecting the requisite
Wj0fJ fashionable lines.
Bly Elastine Gorestrelieve all strain, rendering
''SiM e corset exceptionally comfortable.
fl?l' vSvv ITlfWllI I I I W. B. Elastine-Reduso Corsets firmly 8up-
Vfflliyilv lllllll It I I port the bust and abdomen, coaxing the flesh
I' Hi II (y ( III int0 ongi slender lines, and holding the
AT' " ill 111 U 1 M' V I fi&urc crect an( graceful.
$M- ' HI II Wil 1 tool v!v W In -Style; Fashion's latest whim. Form-creating, they
JiiNI 111 lllMu m W show any figure, in cither street or evening costume, to
tl I InvL Vvfll vY superb advantage; wide range of models and sizes permits
t&M' llwlllll v W perfect shape and perfect fit for every figure.
l$nk I 11111 if Unbreakable steels, splendid fabrics, warranted not to
3-. ill II ) tcar or rea surclong wearing.
I III 1 1 P I llll Du V No. 786 as pictured, for short, tout figure, low bustj coulil
' I lUII I lllll III I and bntj8te i No. 785, imported coutil, No.
B(r 111'' I lllTl III III l I ( 789, for tall, wctl-dcvelopcd figures, medium buot; coutil,
lH- tnCt'Ura U4t' rnporte coul'
'k-Jt. 'BUm J 11 vl n I I give slender, fashionable figure-lines, grace- lervffl
ftlPW I lli 11 I fully modeled bust and artfully subdued bins. jC'VJii
I wM' a I II T' 1 I I Superior quality coutil and batiste, daintily I
ffix rjr- 1''' 1 I 111 trimmed. Guaranteed not to rust. Price SI up, (Wfjl
""lllllltt I 1111 1 average or well-developed figures; l jA
lmtl (vfesj H . I provide comfort without losing H 111
mWyMggmi modishlines. Medlumbust; coutil; ffipMI
,htWiXlt VffS?sHf!TO lacetrimmedjbosesupporters.Two PfflUirrt
f ' UKffli (&3 ajrJ strong hooks and eyes below front VWijiijjlj
P A 'T ,8jg 1 1 'jh adds form attractiveness to sheer, lacy waists, and keeps snug-fitting waists innocent
':Mj ' lfr ' of wrinkles. Light boning gives perfect support and tapering waist lines. W.
HWB tP7T,cirJtOT Brassieres being made and fitted over W. B. Corsets carryall the well-known W. B.
if S I E El Corset-Style, form -creating and perfect fit. 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50 at .your dealer.
' JftWElNGARTEN BROS., Inc., MAKERS, Broadway and 34th Street, New York
visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Bowles at
their home on First avenue,
Mrs. Hubert Pichards of Springville
who has been visitinc, friends in the
city for some time, has returned to her
Bishop F. S. Spalding is back from a
month spent visiting the TJintah reser
vation, Mr. and Mrs. Ii. L. Terry aro spend
ing a month or so in the east on a trip
combining business und pleasure.
W. C. Baker has been here from
North Yakima, spending the past few
days at tho ."Fifth East hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. George Airis have
moved from their country home for the
winter, nnd arc at home at 107 T
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Quigloy are
homo from a stay of several wcoks in
the cast.
Mrs. P. P. Williams of 2s'ew York
has been spending a few days at the
Hotel Utah greeting hor Salt Xiako
friends once more,
Mrs. John M. Wheeler is back after
having spent the summer in Portland
visiting her daughtor, Mrs. Walter Ev
ans. w
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Jeffs, who
vront to Honolulu on their wedding trip
havo cabled that' they sail for Japan
to spond tho early wintor.
Mr. and Mrs. Ailcne Caso and their
family have taken tho B. T. -Cannon
house in Federal Hoiphts during tho
absence of Mrs. Cannon and are at
homo there for the early winter.
Mrs. p. C. Schramm has returned
from a summer Bpont with friends in
the northwest, most of the timo haviug
been paascd on a ranch near Portland
with a Iiouho party.
Mrs. Sarah Boggs expects to leave
late in the week to spond tho winter
in Honolulu. She will spend a short
time in San Francisco before leaving.
Miss May me Noblo is back from a
visit with relatives in Sau Francisco,
having been with Mr. and Mrs. Hobert
Gould Smith and Mr. and .Mrs. Fred
Mrs. Osborne, who has been here vis
iking her daughter. Mrs. F. C. llieh
raond, and family, has returned to her
home in Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Doolcy arc
back from their honeymoon trip
through the eastern states.
n t
Mrs. W. 11. Jones, Mrs. 0. T. Carlson
and Mrs. W. D. Gaby have returned
from a delightful month's visit in Los
Miscellaneous Events
Utah castle, Royal Highlanders, will
S'vo an old-fashioned house-warming in
eir new home in tho Mackintosh
building Monday evening, October Id.
The Highlander orchestra will furnish
music. All mombers of the castle aro
requested to attend nnd bring their
friends. Any; Boyal Highlanders visit
ing in the city are cspecialty invitod
to attend and get acquainted. The
castle has changod its meeting night
to Wednesday and the first regular
meeting in the now hall will be hold
Octobor 16.
Mrs. J. V. Buckle, assisted by her
mother, Mrs. Mary E. Frink. enter
tained at an attractive dinner party
Thursday for Miss Nellie J. Haabrouck
prior to her departure for Cincinnati,
where she will resume her musical stud
ios at the College of Music. Covers
were laid for twelve. The floral deco
rations wcro erceptionallj' beautiful.
Miss Cecelia Gottstein will entorlain
at a musical on Wednesday evening
for Miss Helen Cohn, a bride of the
Mrs. Henry C. Hoffman will enter
tain at a largo tea at her home on
Monday, October 21.
Mrs. Richard Moore. Mrs. Klontz,
Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. E. C. MeCullow
will entertain tho ladies' .anxiliarj' oT
tho 0. R. C. next Friday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Moore, 913 West
Second South street.
ft n
Mrs. B. F. Bauer entertained at.
bridge Monday evening for Mr. and
Mrs. John Howell of San Francisco.
The Evergreen club and members of
the Fraternal Union, to the number of
thirty-five, wore ontertained Monday
evening, October 7, by Mrs. R. F.
Avcson at 776 Second avenue, and a
very pleasant time was spent. A mu
sical and literary programmo was ren
dered and a comic poem, composed by
F. 0. Peterson, bolng a "take-off"
ou tho lodge officers of tho loral lodge
of Iho Fraternal Union, was road by
II. E, Rawlingrt. Guinea iveru played,
after which a supper was served by the
hostess. Thoso present; were; Mr, and
Mrs. J 11. Kvorett. Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. W. D Crow
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Ilcurv Duncomb, -Mr.
aud Mrs. B. E. Smith, Or. A. 11. Carter,
Miss Carter, Mrs. Yaughau, Alice
Blomnnist, Mr?. Woodburn, Miss
Woodbiirn, Mary Frees, Mamie Frees,
l-yorcnco Frees, Rose Sinithen, Anna
Swain, Ruth Swain, Edith Swain, Marie
Aveson, Frances Avcson, Olive Avcson,
ir. E. Rawlings, Thorwald Larsen, l'
0. Petersen. Elmer Loveless.
H v
Miss .Itmie Hurl burl, entertained a
fow friends at cards Fridav evening
at her home on East First South, in
honor of Miss Arlio Johnson and Carl
Albert Sehmittgeu, Joseph FJynn
and Paul Bankin. were entertained lit a
loiip year theater parly given by the
Misses Grac) Kearney," Lucile Jenkins
and Minnie Wright, after which sup
per was, served.
Wednosdav evening nt S oVloek
Miss Kiln M. Meredith, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. A. II. Meredith, been me the
bride of J. A. Millynrd, the ooroinonv
being performed bv Judge -Morris at
the honle of the bride's parents on F
On Thursday evening Mis Hazel
Meredith untertniiiert a number of
friends iu honor of Alma Spencer, who
leaves shortly for Germany. The house
was benuti fully -decorated with roses
and chrysanthemums. Cards wore the
feature of the evening. On Thursday
Misa Miriam Jnr.obson nnd Morgan Da
vies will entertain a number of thoir
friends at the home of tho former in
Mr. Spencer's honor. On Friday Mr.
Spencer will be guopt of "honor at a
party given by Miss Ethel Valentine,
and tho following Friday Mis? Tda
Giles will entertain n number of
friends to meet him.
A social entertainment, card prly,
bawpiet and dance will be given by
Evergreen lodge of the Fraternal Uflioa
I 9rgl2 I I
eioateSuMouse. I
258260 MAIN ST.
I UR retiring-from-business sale is almost drawing II
I y to a close only a few days more in which to !
I ' buy the swellest dresses, suits and coats shown I
I in Salt Lake City at just HALF PRICE. We open I
our new store in Los Angeles Monday, October 21. I
I Come this week and save from $10.00 to $50.00 on I I
1 your purchases. Hundreds of Salt Lake women have I
filled their wardrobes from our beautiful assortment I I
I of high-class apparel. II
Hat Special for Monday I I
I Choice of Any Hat tfk f g- I I
I in the House, Vol- m M I
lies to $30.00 for V V-f I
I One lot hats, values to $7.00, choice $2.95. One lot hats, values I H
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at one-third off the regular prices. 25c hose, 17c; 35c hose, 25c; I H
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All This Season's Models j I
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these have to be sold this week. H
$6.00 Corsets for . .$3.00 $12.00 Corsets for . . $5.25 I I
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For sy the - and Max Held I
Silk Waists at Half Price j I
Entire stock fancy and lingerie. All fancy waists one-half price.
Don't be deceived, we are going to close out our women's part of the
business here not later than November 1. We will always be pleased
1 to see you in our new store in Los Angeles. The style of the new
I firm is Hosking & Gray, 523 Broadway. Jt
tomorrow (Monday) evening at tho T. 0.
0. F. templo.
Miss Hessio Willcs entertained the
members of the B. G. Sewing club
Thursday afternoon. Next week the
club will bo entertained by Miss Flor
ence James.
Misses Mamie and Hazel Xeedham
entertained Thursday afternoon in hon
or of Miss Grace Lambert. Bridge was
the game played.
The " B. H. G." club has issued invi
tations for a dancing partv lo be given
in Whitney hnll next Wcduesdny even
ing. A delightful affair of last Wednesday
evening was a unrly given bv Miss
Marguerite Ward. Those nrcst-nt were
the Misses Mamie, Xorrio aud Kath
arine Carroll, Miss Margaret Tavlor.
Miss Lelia and Margaret Scott. Miss
Hazel Mclveu, fr. and Mrs. Vern ICim
bn.ll, Francis and Leo Kiavenbuhl.
John Hurley ami Unimett Ward.
Tho Past Noble Grand dub was en
tertained last. Thursday by Mrs. llawke.?
and Mrs, Ebel at their home. The reg
ular order of business was transacted,
after which luncheon was served and
all spent a very pleasant afternoon.
Those present were Mesdnmcs Dawson,
Fisher, Rico, Plant. Finery, Watrotis.
Letters of a Slim-Made Woman
to Her Fat Sister
.Second Letter: On the Heritage of Over
JMness. t
Dear Sis: You've heard the adage "Like
I-'aihrr. Uke Son." Well. T never bctore
thought of It applying, to overfiitness unlH
loduv. CJuni Moure was here with her
IS-year-oWI hoy. lie Is enormous welch.-
nearly P.OO pounds. She came to ask how
I reduced myself 10 my present slim
Of eotirec. r told her about Mannola Pre
scription Tablets How they contain ex
actly the sainu Ingredients as the Mur
mola Prescription that took off my fat.
nnd assured lir they were perfectly
harmless. Said she'd bo willing; lo buy a
ton of them If they did any good at all.
The boy Is a tremendous eater and Is too
lazy to take any exorelse (all fat people
are), but you know T stopped starving
and cavorting long before I started to
tnkc iSfarmola.
That s the beauty of thin wonderful
method H isn't dependent upon any oth
er treatment. And I know I'M doing
that boy a favor.
In a few month? he'll be olld and
funooth-sklnned. with hotter tlgure and
health than evr berore and he nned
never again dreod the extreme obesity
that is now such n family trait.
If mons parentH knew that for Top they
could purchase h. large box of Mnrmola
Prescription Tablets from their drugget
or tho Marmola Co. (Farmci RWs., De
troll. Mich.), hereditary ovorftilncss
would be a thing of the past. Don't you
think ao? Affectionately. BETTY1.
Watkins. Brown. Dale, MorriB, Eatohel,
Browning, Drinkwater, Watts. Moore,
Jenkins, Hadley, Scovillc, Hawkes,
Ebel and Lepper.
The German piano tuner. Leave orders
at Consolidated Music Co., Exch. 134, or
Home, Wasatch -1703.
I'm llstonlng for a little voice that used
to whisper "Dad"
And cheer me up when I came home
a-feeling blue and sad. .
The voice Is still that used to cull
And say good-night at evening's fall,
And I'm alone, all. all alone,
With inem'rles of the past.
I'm wulohlng In the fire light's glow the
pictures of tho long ago.
The little coat, tha toys and things that
were the pride of "Sonny Joe."
And now a tear han awakened me
To bring the days that used to be
Fond inem'rles of the past.
I'm listening, watching, waiting, but I
know it's all In vain:
The voice I long for never more shall
whlspur "Dad" ogaln.
Perhaps In brighter realms noma day
wlieii all has passed away
1 may be 'wakened by that voice I miss
so much today.
J. M. Maddern,
Ice Cream
Tutti Prulli Ice Cream, Con
ford Grape Sherbet aud Rich
Yauilla lee Cream.
Delivered to your home for j
50c Quart
3 Phones Prompt Delivery
Order Early,
The mosfc compact tele
phone stand on the market.
Oan be had in either quar
tered oak or mahogany. $ -
Price Complete
$6.75 Up " 1 1
Dinwoodey's i
If the Sanitarium ;
Hot Springs Baths
were located in Chicago, New York H
or any large metropolitan center, H
their value would be considerably in I H
excess of $1,000,000.00. In Utah we
have so nianv natural blcspings that H
we do not fully appreciate the fact ' H
that these waters aro almost identl ' H
cal with those of the famous Carls- 'H
bad springs in German-. ' ' H

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