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I JWI1JI ' 7Ve w-j of ihe WotnensCkibs
I! pjpiITE interest of club circles ccu-
I tcrs xfriflsfc iww in tho animal
I mcetinK of the Utah State
Federation winch meets in
SprinyviUo Tuesday, Wcdnqsdny nnd
Tlnirpclay of the present wock. Tho
meeting will be :iu interesting c from
every point of view, providing as it
Trill "a new feature in tho state gather
ings, tho presence of a speaker of na
tional' prominence to.dificuss the subject
whiiih'will bo tho koynote of tho gath
ering, "Education." This speaker is .Dr.
Charles Zuebler of Boston, and he will
nd.drcss the women at' the first evening
meeting, on "Education and Life."
Asido'frora the club women ihcmaolvos
many citizens who aro interested are
planning to go down for the evening
meeting to hear this lecture.
The -club women will leave hero Tues
day morning on a special car leaving
aifs o'clock . over the-.Denver & Ivio
Grando and the first meeting wi 11 be
held en route. Rr this meeting many
of the- directors and officers whose
Aoraos.. are not in the city will come
feero Monday night to leave with the
official train . in the early morning. The
transportation committee has secured
the regular faro aiid a fifth for the
7ound trip, .based onTthe certificate
The visiting-delegates will be enter
tained by 'the hospitable Hub women of
the little town, but it has been arranged
J'ov Hie convenience of Che local club
women who aro all housekeepers, that
the mid-day meal during tho sessions
will be served at- a central place, for
all those in attendance. The meetings
of the federation will.bc held in flic
Third' "ward assembly hall, ' one .of
Springville?s most central and commo
dions' meeting places. .
Each club in ' the federation 'is en
titled to representation- by its-president
Hn and one delegate and among those who
E rrill go from the Salt Lake clubs are: Tho
M state president, Mrs. A. .f. Gorham,
H Mrs. C. H. MrMahon, Mrs. J. F. Cowan,
jjS Mj-s. 15. B. Critchlow, -Mrs. Charles E.
B orchards, Mrs. William C. .Tenniugs,
fflt Mrs. Lafayette' ITanehett. Mrs. Gould 13.
m' Blakely. Mrs. Kugenc B. Palmer. Mrs.
j Byron CuminTngs, Mrs. Sinclairc, Mrs.
I E. tV. Senior, Mts. Era D. Travis, Mrs.
Jl E. 0. Leaihenvood, Miss Jessie Mnx-
M well, Mrs.'Schrcck, Mrs. Alexander Mc-
M Curtain. Mrs. A. B. Gibson, Mrs. IL J.
HI Hay ward, .Mrs. Joseph Cohon, Mrs. C.
jgj T. Van Winkle, M"r.s..J, B. Porter, Miss
M Lydia Palmer. Mrs. ATdella Eardly.
ffl Mrs. .7. H. McUcnry. 3IY. Simon 13am-
flj bcrgor, Mrs. George liacon, Mrs. Charles
8 W. Watson, M.rs, L. Otlawil. Mrs. P. N.
H Cook. Mrs. .1. T. Jiclcss, Mrs. C. S.
juj Kinney, MissLucilo Francke, M!rs. Jiob-
jflj crt 0. Gcmnicll, Miss Lucy "Van Cott.
fit fl?s Florence .loiuiings, Mrs. W. A.
fij Xeldcn, Mi,s Amy 13. I5aton, Dr. Alico
m Houghton, Mrs. W. V. Adams, Mrs.
H .loscph F. Merrill.
Wt The meeting of t.lie Ladies' Literary
H Hub held Friday afternoon was one dc-
B voted entirely to enjoj-mcut, tho enjoy-
II mcnt which comes from a dip into somo
H of the best modern literature. Two
j writers of the present age, one of whom
has already laid down her pen, were
H taken up for a short period of study
H and an hour with a few of their writ-
SFjl ings. They were Edna Eerber, said to
m be the greatest short story writer of
H ' today, and Myra Kelly, who has only
X'hoto by Cooloy.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cohn, Well-Known Local Club Woman Who Has Been
Named as a Member of. tho Legislative Committee of tho Genoral Federation.
recently finished her oarthly work. Mrs.
W. II. Ferguson gave a ver- enthu
siastic talk about tho work of Miss
Ecrbcr, adding extracts from somo of
her works which have won much com
mendation. Mrs. Lodyard M. Bailey
took tho subject of Myra Ivelly, and
after a brief tallc on her short life,
she read two of her most fascinating
child stories, "Erionds" and "The Or
igin of Species." The music of the
afternoon was furnished by Mrs, F. S.
Murphy, who sang "Little Piuk Boao"
by Carrie Jacobs Bond, and an air from
Carmen. The entertainment committee
served tea later, giving an opportunitj'
for the club members to meet the new
! f
The American Woman 'a league will
hold the first meeting of the year on
Tuesday evening, Octobor 22, at the
homo of the president, Mrs. D. N.
Hughes. J 0-1 East Secoud South. Mrs.
Hughes will givo n talk on ''The de
lation of the American Woman's
League to tho American Woman's ."Re
public," and Mrs. M. N. Jiathbouc,
delegate to the federation, will givo
a report of the convention. Music will
be furnished by Miss jSTottleton 's or
chestra" and Miss Myrtle Rrown. Bo
sides tho president and delegate, the
league will be represented at the moot
ing of the federation hy Mrs. Kath
bone. Tho otiicers of tho league are:
President. Mrs. D. N. Hughes; first vice
president, Mrs. .1. A- .Johnson; second
vice president, Mrs, M. TJathbono:
recording secretary. Mrs. TO. S. Sasso:
corresponding secretary, Mrs. Howard;
treasurer. Mrs. G. 1C. Ott. Tho follow
ing named ladies constitute the board
of directors: -Mrs. A. Y. Taylor, Mrs.
C. S. Kinney, Mrs. A. T. Sanford, Mrs.
Gould Blakely, Mrs. L. 13. Hubbard,
Mrs. J. .1. Morris. Mrs. IJachcl Waite,
Miss Cclia McEall.
The Current Events and Current Lit
erature section of the Ladies' Literary
club will distinguish themselves at their
noxt meeting by taking up for con
sideration the subject uppermost in tho
minds of the men of the nation just
now. "Tho National Game." Mrs.
Robert B. Porter, whoso husband dis
tinguished himself last summer as the
best player in the University club's
nine vhon It played the Alta. club, will
prcsont tho topic, and it i& to bo pre
sumed that sho will be well coached
as to the points of tho game.. The otn
cr topics of tho aftornoon will bo a
review of the life of tho late emperor
of .Japan, a toviow of current ovcnls by
Miss Linda Josmip and a piano solo by
Mrs. A. P. Stono.
The Authors' club held the first meet
ing of the present season last Wednes
day afternoon and elected Mrs. William
M.' Stewart, as a delegate to represent
the club at tho coining meeting in
Springvillo. Besides Mrs. Stewart,
Miss Connelly, the president, will at
tend. The other officers an . Mrs.
L. Richards, vice president: Mrs. i 0.
Wilcox, socrotary; Mr, H. Benuion,
treasurer, and Mrs. W. .11. GaldorwooJ,
historian. , The programme committee
consists of Mrs. Stewart, Mrs, 10. Cris
mon, Mrs. Bonn ion and Mrs. J. E. Mer
rill. The United Daughters of the Confed
eracy held tho annual election of olli
cors last, Thursday at a. mooting held
at the homo of Mrs. Charles .11. Bodcl.
Mrs. W. D. Prosscr was ro.-clectnd .presi
dent, Mrs. J, 11. Belcher and Mrs. Bodel,
vice presidents; Mrs. Frank Laben, sec
retary; Mrs. .1. M. Silver, treasurer;
Mrs. S. F. Farroll, corresponding secre
tary, and M.rB. 1?. School ny, historian.
The next, meeting will bo with Mrs.
Belcher in the Louise apartment n.
The Koyal Noodle club was reorgan
ized after its an minor vacation, and the
first meeting was hold last Friday at
the homo of Mrs. N. Hubbard, 51S "East
Seventh South. Several now members
were admitted. T.t was decided to hold
the regular meetings ovory Friday aft
ernoon during tho fall and winter. Mrs.
A. Gimmcl of Ion Fifth East street will
entertain the club ucxfc week.
Tho Utah Mothers' congross will hold
its regular meeting tomorrow afternoon
with Mrs. Clarence 10. Allen at hor home,
020 First avenue. The mooting will be
mainly for business purposes, being
called for tho complcti07i of plana for
the study of the Montosorri methods of
education. Tho congress is to take up
tho study of the methods for tho sea
son. The Seekers' Litorarv club will meet
October 22 instoad of Octobor -15 at the
home of Mrs. Robert, J. Burdette, Jr.. 20
Harmony place A sketch of tho life
of the author, Harold Bell Wright, will
tho given by Mrs. E. It. Savage: also
the reading-of his book, "Their Yester
days" bv Mrs. E. C. McCullow.
There will be no meeting of the Cleo
fan the present week, on account of tho
stato federation mooting in Spring
villc. the topic giver of the time. Mrs.
Charles Wells, going to the state gath
ering as proxy for the president, Mrs.
William "D. Biter. Mrs. H. L. A. Cul
mer will also represent tho Hub at
Springvillc, going as the delegate.
. i
The P. E. O. sisterhood will meet
noxt Saturday afternoon with Mrs.
Gould B. Blakely. Mrs. J. It. Schrcck
will give a paper on "Tho Tnio Mean
ing of the P. E. O." Mrs. Druehl rrill
review "Current Events" and there
will be a musical number.
The art. section of the Ladies' Lit
erary club will meet next Wednesday
morning at 10:30 at the club houso.
In the study of Ttalian art Mrs. Thomas
Marioneaux will present the topic,
which is on " Carlo Dolce and Sasso
fcrrato." Banner hive No. 11 will give a char
ity ball and fancy drill by twenty-four
ladies in the Hotel Utah ball room on
Wednesday evening. October 10. This
drill is entirely different to anything
that this organization has given before.
Mrs. Belle M. nedge. doputv state com
mander will be a guest of tho hive. Del
egations from the surrounding towns
also will bo here.
Tho library of the Ladies' Literary
club, which contains- upward of 250
volumes, will bo open hereafter on Fri
days throughout the winter. Tho li
brarv is in charge of Mrs. 11. K. Kling
gendor, who will be on hand to allow
Hub members the privileges.
The tiny A'iow "Reading Hub will meet
tomorrow aftornoon at 3:30 with Mrs.
J. B. Davis at hor home, 10S Eat Sec
ond Smith street. Tho lesson will bo
on Panama. The tiew year books of
tho club will be out shortly.
Miss TToso A. Davison of Prod pricks
town. O., national lecturer for tho W.
r. T. V.. will sneak in Salt Lake to
dav. At 11 o'Hock this morning she
will deliver a lecture at the Liberty
Park Mothodisf church, and nt7:15 this
evening sho will appear at tho West
minster Presbyterian church.
Tho tourist nection of the Ladies'
Literary club will meet Tuesday morn
ing at the clubhouse 'to begin the Ktudy
of tho Chatoau district of France. Mrs.
James L. "Fran ken will road the lirst
The Ladies' Aid society of the Im
ninmiH Baptist church' will meet
Thursday. October 17, at the home of
Mrs. J. Berkley, 1S7 D street, at 2:30
p. m, All menibera aro requested to l)c
. 4
Tho annual mooting of tho Orphans
Homo and Day Nursery association will
he hold tomorrow at .'! p, m, at the
homo. Refreshments will be served and
a full attendance is urged.
M l
Tho Medic "Reading Hub members and
thoir wives were entertained by Mrs.
Ernest Van Cott nt her homo on Ninth
East street last Monday evening.
t 4
The Ladies of Lloyd Alliance will
hold the first monthly luncheon on
Wednesday at J2:30 at Unitv hall.
CompirjtlTo TveUlier dnU at Sfilt I-ike Cllr,
October 12. 112:
HlRlioiit lerniiorttnrn tod.-ij- wax in drsircn: IiIrIi
rst In thin month ulnee 1S7 ws SS ilccrccs: low
cat lust ulRht Kit 27 ilonitvw: lowest thin month
iilnee ISM wrt 33 6grcon; menu tuinporiunro for
loiUy was 45 ilcgrecn: normnl n-as SI defcrcci:
nccumulotcil exeem nliicc tho 'Jlr.it ot Ih; month
Ik tic iligtoca; accilmul.Urd cicwim sltioo .Iinunrr
I Is 3C ilrsreea; relative humidity at 6 . m. to
Axr xvn6 SI par cent; relative liumMlly nt 6 p.
tn. todnj- n-.n 60 jut cent.
Totnl precipitation for tho twenty-four hour
ending at p. in. wan none: lotnl for this month
lo Into Ir 1.2D liirhen: nrrumulali'd cxrcVi for
IIiIk month to dato Ik .7S of nu Inch: total' pre
cipitation dlnro Jnntliirr 1 to Jnf; ir j.',.0l Inches;
iiccumulatcil ox:w since January 1 In 2.G6 lnclicn.
Sun rlncs 0:31 a. m.; nun nets 5:.)I p. m.. Oc
tober 13. 101'J.
wi:ATiirca ouskrvations.
J TompoMluro. J
I' 3 r-
Stttloni. '
J.?1 S2 SO I MI'.-W
Chrytnno I E0 I 25 I .n-
'-hlMKO I SS I CO I TA ,6
Dun Molni I
Dodxo City r.l ' 44" I St '".si
IjuHUh T.2 .OX
i)ur.nSo .. r.2 go no .00
Grand Junctloo n? !i .".5 no
"V" 50 -S?. sr. M
!fD no fio .00
""ron 59 o :a .00
JacWiOllTllIn -,c, g 7 iq
Knun, City 50 fit It M
I.-1jci' ta 50 st .00
Los Anirelci -r, s( f,t 00
3lofJctta &i 55 so
Moorhead , ti; gt; -U"
Nt.- Oileaiu .. 75 ; 72 w
New York 7.. -0 7. 6: ;on
North I'UtU 15; 1 60 S2 .00
Oldahoma ,-'! C5 a j
I'hocnis su s; r.o .00
rocatollo ;o
Portland. Or 70 ",i i "!oo
rtnpld City I t Sfl 55 .011
nos(jburs , 71 to 00
San Dicco 76 M .no
St. ixjuia .: r.o ?2 t; .00
St. Paul r,0 m TA .S2
San Frnuclico .'. fiS 7 CO 00
Staltlc AS i;o 41 .00
Sheridan is r. ;x nn
Spokune : f.(v si I ".00
Tonopnh ) en fi; n .go
Washington 71 SI fll j .00
Wllllelou IS I ri sr, .00
Wlnncmiicca SS' (, so I .00
W. E. Tjinn wanted at once oy
friends. Business of importance. Was
last hoard from in Salt Lake Hty.
Write Mrs. J. L. iiascall, US Kent
street, Koekforfl, Til.
rrcrnumda lodo No. 1. O. D. II. S..
will give a dniico Wodnesdav, October
Kliat the 1. O. O. V. hail, livery
body welcome.
flicaji. forceful, reliable. Thousands
reed them ecry day.
Health and Beauty AdvieeiP1"
K. 3NI. S.: Su.Ilovr complexion, llvof-'
bloichoi, nlmpIcH and other cruptlonn of
tho Hkln Intllcato thj need ot a good
blood-tonic n nil liver-regulator. jjihhoIvo
otift otinco of kurdeii In one-lntlC pint of
iilcohol (not wIilHkoy), add onti-hulf eup
rul of sngiir and enough hot w.-itcr to
make n full auart. Tako one Uiblo
Mpoonful live minntcH before each meal.
Kartleno purlllcH tho blood, at-otiH&s the
liver, clours thrj ukln, restorcn lost ap
potltti itntJ Lends to strengthen and build
up the entire system.
J. W.: You can add greatly to your'
beau I y If you rub pyroxln on your :yc
browii with HiiKer-end. This inakon tltetn
Brow thick and Hllky. Applying pyroxln
ut Jah roots with tbumb and fore-llnKer
makes tlicm prow Ions and curly. Use
fiuillon and don't get pyroxln where no
Imlr in wanted.
Mrs, D.: Those ugly hairs can be
riulckly banished from your facs with a
paslti mndo with powdered delatonc and
water. This pto should remain on tho
halrj' Ktirfaec two or three minutes, then
rub off and wanh the skin and very trace
of hair hao vanished. Tho delatone treat
ment never fails 'and leaves tho akin free
from spot or blemish.
Annette; Tho affliction of over-fat-nos.'t
is to bo deplored at any age, but It
is a positive calamnlty to a. young and
pretty woman to become too fat In theRo
days when fanhlon dncroe3 tho slender
flpriirc tho onb' correct one. You can ro
duee your weight almost at the rate of a
potmd a day until you reach normal If
you will dissolve four ounces of parnotia
In 1J pints of hot water and tako a table
spoonful before each meal. You can buy
pynotla from any first class druggist.
It is a. harmless, fat-dlHsolver, and those
who tako It marvel at Its wonderful ef
fect. It makes ono look and feel younger,
brighter, more buoyant and energetic.
J"annie It.t To be sure a facc-lotlon Is
far better than face powder, but you will
have to be careful what yoit use .ib moBt
"liquid face powders" contain inJurloUH
ingredients that are likely to ruin your
complexion. Try tills Inexpensive one
which Is all right. Dissolve four ounceH
of spurniax. In a half pint of witch haael or
hot water and add two tonspoonfulfi gly
cerine. Rub this on your face, neck and
arms, and it will give your skin a very
pleasing, delicate tone. This loMon does
not rub off like powder and will remove
tlfat shiny, sallow look from your skin.
This preparation Is a wonderful skin
benutillcr and I find it excellent for rough,
red or sallow skins, frecltlcs and fikin
plmplcs. Mrs. David O.: The only reason why
many hair and scalP'Spcclalists advine
against frequent shampooing is the dan
ger tluit conies through the U3e of noap
f.'.?d ..lnf?,l',or nhaiiipoc.fi which"! W"
ht water, then rinsing thorouLhu"
rloar water. You can UnV, ViViu 1
often as you like as It vii"m' Wfi
your hair and scalp wonde rf y 1 1 ,enJ ffifl
relieve that llcblng se.iK,Uon un.i ltJl El"
your hair beautiful, nuiTy. anil ..
wlce thick. This Hl.ampo'o S?i-S
"r L': lf J'o only knew v.W
In the cheap, greasy cold
have been f;mearinfr 0 Vou.- rins jl KT
would never use them again nn ,lV J
ronlly harmful. Nover two aiVi.!1 aBIC
a greaselePH cream if y0U .lo'SS? 31?'
on your face. At a. maJl expound v0u
Jelly by ntlrrlng together nun alr,W,;lE&
stand over night two teuspowfula fl&i
cerlne, onn ounce almozoln and onciiE
Pint cold water. Uuo this regularly anl ' A
will alno removo tpilckly thoae blal
headH, and other efTccts of hoL wl-rVtlM
mich as deckles, tan and roMghKifW
the kln of Which you BDcak. Th Mvl V
only reliable cream I liavc wcr fo'uhrf'- IwM
removing wrinkles without loavhi '
sldn rough and flabby after 'inajsaa H
and for reducing tho size of Jars' al
collecting uorea.
Victoria.; Your scalp jiel3 a. J f-
Ftlmula tin? quinine halr-tonlc to vomt
the danrlriiff, stop Irritation and t,iW V- 1
hair. Gel from any drug store one-h l
pint alcohol fnot whiskey), and one ou!l
qulnzoln and mix It with on-half nUfl
water and you will have a much botW
tonic than any of those rcady-pm '
tonic? you have been buying. Brusli y to-i
hair dally and twice a week apply f t
tonic to the scalp, rubbing It In '-nnl -This
will do wonders for your OulT li T
lc3s, falling hair, and put your scalo it
healthy condition. This tonic' will" nr
your hair soft, sirky and lustrous. Ki rV
the scalp clean by frequent sharup fTlT"
with canthro.x and you will not have j wv
thcr trouble with your hair. 1 nil
"Enid S.: Your headaches nnd gn Wr?
ally despondent feeling very likely co fLt '
from your weak. Inflamen" eyei. J'mf,
should attend to tho matter ifntnodlatfl
or you may have to wear ulasses prrniwC '
nently. Get an ounce of cryalos and ifgtff",
solve it In a pint of water. Iut a ffW
drops in ca-ch eye two or three titncE-"
day and I am sure U will strengthen yfjST"
eyes wonderfully nnd remove your 'ULt
troubles generally. 1 find this a' splenfjih
remedy. 7t docs not smart the rsyes
Is fine for dull, tired, sore eves that litSyY
that over-worked feeling. (Ad vortlscmcKjftfl;
m Diamonds!
The Biggest For i
--dB Money at jrfjgi :
,i t?tii
r ter-.t:
nniFT these mrnings I?
XJ J X 1 J, Remind us that old L
WAIT! 2,58a'f
9 - The proper way to te
I -nm T7"ATT"n fo1 him iS to gQt
HEATER ( Use Less Fuel, '
I" ivm w They i Hold Fire Longer' i
INUW l Last Longer m7
. The ptt bake m
: ,
, . , :;spr,
llesi Sown Twb;-' Jg
. &i
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