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I Or! l Vi) N Scientist, Pictures His Overtaxed ' r
I i ffy till the Englishman 2,000 yoara
WtM a from now look like a depravod
Hi Doctor Forbes Ross, a distinguished Eng-
Hlfi Ilsb physician and scientist, has predicted
HI that he will. This prediction couched iu
HI remarkably picturesque and entertaining
H language was recently made before a
IB scientific London audience. It has aroused
Htm widespread interest and not a little amuse- ..
Hil ment. The most interesting passages
BjfjH from this entertaining address are printed
BjjUl elsewhere on this page.
HIM The basic idea of Dr. Ross's address Is
Hf that owing to the stress of taxation, the
H$ lack of food and the material difficulties
H ffi of exlrtence, only the most animal type
H M of Englishman will be able to survive.
HE l There will be no room, no means of
H P subsistence for the higher type of man,
HJH tne 'nneror ot culture and civilization,
Hjj!fj who requires abundant means and favor-
Hjj able surroundings for the development
Hj of his powers.
HIS The survivor will be a man who needs
Hi only food and none of the higher things.
H He will be an animal who possesses the
Hjr greatest ability to grab his food quickly,
HN find is not at all particular about its qual
HJH Ity. In Dr. Ross's words he will be a
Hjjy "creature of primordial qualities and
Hjl primitive Instincts," That means that he
HjS! must be of the gorilloid type.
Hf Some nervous Englishmen are now plc
Hj turing their descendants as a lot of ape
1 Hk0 creatures sitting In the ruins of
1 Westminster Abbey and listening to a
HI 0 large ape dancing and howling in place
ffl "the impressive services that are now
1 aeld in that historic shrine. The enter
al! i tainment enjoyed by these creatures
Ki would' resemble the beating upon a drum
1 like cake of earth, that is now said to
I givepleasure to small parties of African
J Doctor Ross has a well-established scien-
j t'flc reputation, but his address must be
I regarded as containing largo elements of
H! sarcasm and exaggeration; his reference
Hgj to the taxation policy of the present Gov-
H ernment as. leading to the degeneration
Hj of tn0 race is evidently a violent and un-
Hil scientific exhibition of political feeling. It
H I Is not frpm the extinction of the upper
H M social classes that England Is most in
H I danger of degenerating. The intelligent
H skilled workman is as high a typo of civIL
H lzation as any. The failure of the means
Hjj 01 subsistence must tend to the extinction
Hr of that tvPe of workingman and his rc-
H ( placement by a more primitive creature.
Hl In Predicting that the failure of the
H means of subsistence, the harder condi-
H i tlons of the struggle for life may lead to
H b a degeneration of the race, Dr. Robs is
H ' following well established scientific prin-
H J ciples. There aro many cases of animal
genera which have suffered extinction or
H HfVe un,d4er8no Profound modification na
H "je resuIt oE the failure of the food supply
Many races of mankind have certainly
M suffered extensive changes and degenera-
H wvi the ,Sme cause' Th0 absolutely
M barbarous and Ignorant natives who now
H . linger in Yucatan are descendants of the
H ISES?0 ,nCe covered Meo with
H splendid temples and cities. Their 11
H 5SeSn k f tribUted partly l the fait
H I TV, the :va.ter and f00d supply.
H 1 The most interesting instance f the
change in an animal race owing to lack
of food is to be found In the white ants
known as termites. William Morton
Wheeler, Ph.D., professor of Economic
Entomology in Harvard University, deals
with this point in the course of a long
and very interesting article called "Notes
About Ants and Their Resemblance to
Man" in the National Geographic Maga
zine. Professor Morton says In his introduc
tory remarks that the ants have solved all
the economic and political problems which
man has to encounter. Hence it is not
surprising that they should help us to
understand why Englishmen may change
into gorillas as tho result of inability to
make a good living.
We must remember that a haTd but
successful struggle for a living raises us
in the scale of evolution, but an unsuc
cessful one makes us degenerate.
Now tho white ants change a certain
proportion of their population Into sexless
workers, according to tho food supply.
The less food there is the more of these
workers there nru. They aro dreaTy, joy
loss creatures, underfed, having Just suf
ficient strength to drag them to their
True, to become a hopeless worker is
not tho same thing as becoming a gorilla,
but the case of the ants does show how
the food question may modify a race, and
It is the food question 'which, according to
Doctor Forbes Ross, Is going to modify
"The white ant queen," says Professor
Wheeler of Harvard, "lays a small batch
of eggs and cares for them till they hatch
as helpless, grub-like larvae. These she
feeds with her saliva, but as the supply
of this is meagre, the larvae grow slowly,
pupate prematurely, and emerge as very
small and feeble workers. They neverthe
less at once set to work to expand the
ooloov by opening up a gallery to the out-
bring In food to their starving mother a'
henceforth spend their days in foragi
enlarging tho nest by excavating ad',
tional galleries and chambers, and in roar
ing the successive broods of larvae fron.
the eggs which the queen is now able to
produce In quantities.
"The larvae are fed more abundantly
as the numbers of workers Increase, and
therefore, develop into larger and more
vigorous individuals. As time goes on and
at the proper season, male larvae appear
and develop, and the female larvae are
bo well fed that they can develop beyond
the worker stage and become queens.
"With the appearanco of these eexua'
forms the colony has reached maturity,
and although It may persist for man
yearB it merely repeats each year this
same cycle of feeding and rearing as
great a number of individuals aa possible
on the amount of foo dwbich the workers
can secure.
"Tho queen may live a rio-zr "onrs or
more, and each worker
may live three or four
years, but the male1?
usually live only a few a
weeks and die after th; .gj
nuptial flight, being ex VyjSH
hausted and knowing
neither how to feed Wt&mmZ
themselves nor how to .iiWynflW
during the development wlwmiffiw
of the ant colony Is the kIIhK
behavior of the work- JIill&li$
era, for though sterile MC'Tfe
and under ordinary cir- rmWWfM
cumstances, unable to jWi0&
lay eggs, they ncverthe- W&fwmzMF
ess exhibit all the JSSM f
other maternal instincts 0Em)
In an exaggerated de- WMm
gree'. The worker, as HPJPtP
we have seen, is a form jMwP&iW' ''Xi&
produced by inadequate P'JS
nourishment It is a VM'f 'A
hunger form eo Inured 'S2fi&'
to long fasting during ""gs&iic&
its larval life that even
when it reaches matur- (
Rot Raj-dCr LEVr Ut!? frm LWest TyPe of Monkey Through the Babo
Ross Beheves the Englishman Will Descend This Ladder. Above Is the Skull
ms Ape-Like Lines Compared with Those of the Modern Man in Outline.
..... . .-.'A '
Countrymen Reverting to a Prim- J
Hive Simian Type with the Food- p
' Grabbing Instinct Predominant M
:y it seems to prefer to starve,
for though greedy to fill Us social
stomach with liquid food when
ever iliere is an opportunity, It
dispenses this store mo3t gener
ously to tho larvae and Its sister
mils and permits very little of
U to pass tho valvo Into tho In
dividual stomach, only enough,
in fact, to maintain healthful
"Ants arc. therefore, the most
horoughgoing of communists, to
Ahom Individual possession as
h has no menulne beyond
"Ants are, therefore, the most thorough
going of communists, to whom Individual
possession as such has no meaning beyond
its benefit to the community as a whole.
"But even the worker's sterility, which
has given certain individualistic thinkers
tuch bad dreams, Is neither fixed nor irre
vocable. If tho colony has a very abund
ant food supply, or if Its queen dies, the
small, undeveloped eggs which are always
present In the ovaries of the worker, may
grow to full size, be deposited and devel
oped normally, though always or nearly
always Into male ants, because they are
not fertilized. Thus the joys of maternity
mnv fall to the lot of the worker, though
The Scientist's Strange Prophecy
By Dr. Forbes Ross.
THE average Englishman's face In
two thousand years will be that of
a typical criminal. It will be a
typical criminal face because the tendency
of nature is to Improve, but the tendency
of modern methods Is the reverse. The
reasons for this fore-
I CUSt are' firstly the
' tendency of the bet-
J S ler classes to curtail
J'' their numbers; second,
lne tendency of the
more dissolute and
r less Intelligent to mul-
less abundantly and less frequently than j jHj
to that of the queen." 1 H
Observation by naturalists among the h H
mammals indicate that if man degnerated j H
through tho narrowing of the means ol j jK
subsistence, he would revert to some - Wfm
earlier typo In the history of the race. I Bfl
Mongrel dogs, ill kept and not trained to P
do certain things like the best breeds, . m'
revert to something like the wild dog of
the African forest. :-
Evolution teaches us that man waa ,' 9
evolved from a creature rkin to the apea, VH
who vanished from the earth countless H
ages ago. Toward this typo the English j. . W
scientist argues that his :-ace is reverting. :
the present day cannot keep pace-wlth tha t fc;
fearful stress or taxation and other bur- ' I W.
dens which are being thrown upon its fj Er
shoulders. It Is being replaced by a mix- t Kp
ture of sheep and wild beasts. I jL-
Thrc is a distinction between the man j mfc-
who is made a criminal by legislation and 1 1
the man with the criminal instincts. The i W".
man who is made criminal by law may be lw
one who is really angelic but weak. What T L'
I mean by a criminal Is a man of the I w?y
gorilla type, utterly ruthless, without soul K. .
or conscience, a man who would commit 1
murder for a meal. But a man of weak
type, a man wltn a receding chin, instead ' By
of belug called a criminal and being tried i
WXWSSBmim . iVy 0,,t of " PrPcr Proportion. The
WmmWm fact? th Englishman w:;l
'mrmK-WlAi be that of n typical crimlna: with
P4V4'ml rrognathous jaws, receding forehead.
f&V :WMM,TMm broad, fiat nose, well marked canine
tWfwim teoth. small eyes, short neck, head set
''1'WsS&4 wo11 back bcLwecn the shoulders and
'v5efewSv a depraved gorilla countenance. Tho
s v.'; SwIfWi nation is being propogated mainly by
& : - yA-mfmm hose who retain their primordial quai-
flts4Mm - '"s and primitive Instincts. There-
P'SmUMm - xve n'st so back to the jxorlla
PMIwff&t' 1 '
an, Orang Outanss:, Chimpanzee, Gorilla and Gibbon to Man. Dr. Forbes
of the Galley Hill En.ishman, Who Lived 50,000 Year ro. Show-.
.. ;i .. - . : . .
as a criminal should be tried as a wcaK .,fcf ,
character. i $
During some time of Its existence the s R V
human being goes through all tho phases f:J
of animal creation. First ho is a mass of '5;.
protoplasm; then ho Is little better than ,
a sea anemone; then he is practically a i'
nsh with gill clefts; then a chicken; then
ho assumes mammalian form with Simian 1 5 - r
outlines and a long tail; then the tail SI" ,
gradually leaves him and at birth we have ;
a human being. There is a decided j f
resemblance betweon the human face and
that of many animals. There is a bird- ;.
like face, a sheepllko face, a cowliko face, BlUlt
a horselike face and a Simian face. The 1 , iirho
human faco is, therefore, a composite of clime
all other laces below man in creation, i '..jjj,
but the human face is an advance on j .
the faco of tho gorilla. The lower animals , I
have large jawboues upper and lower, that rs
projoct a great distance beyond their
eyes and, thereto: - beyond their brain, 'd
but when we reach man, we find that iSbe :
forehead, eyebrows, jaw3 and chin are IiUe
all in the same perpendicular line. The e .
only feature of the face projecting beyond
that line in a typical cultured human faco
is the nose. The eyes and nose of man- . en
kind aro quite correctly placed becauao ' '
mankind has nssumed an erect position. )
The eyes look forward because man. un- ( Sj1
like the crab, Is a croature that progresses 3
in a forward direction. aMan and tho apes .
are tho only living creatures who can ' j 13
keep thoir faco forward when looking f, Jf
aside. Tho horse, shoop and cow havo h.
to turn their heads round to look at any- jjQ
The degenerate man of the future will j tr
keep his eyes in the samo position be- ;: Hfeg
cause that will enable him to catch his u
food most effectively, but the noblo per-
pendlcular lino of forehead and chin will j jjrllgi
bo replaced by the receding forehead and ''ple
projecting jaw of a gorillcid creature "fljrer

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