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I !j " (Continued Prom Page One)
j!;',lnbrrovr. Tho only roply declares that
I i. fiarroprcsentntions of tho powerB arc
ijr' '(?vafuo nnd wero made at too late a
If R ;'' niilitary- prospect are bo compli
L 1 -'cated that experts are tumble to make
f 'Wtinrpplic.ftics, wlillo tho political condi
JtJons aro still more complicated. Vienna
land St. Potcrsbnrfr nowHpapors nro
: Sprinting articlee hinting at bad faith,
j --''Jbo Austro-Hungarian press accitseB
lit " ' JfT"551'3- ' Kccrotly backing tho combino
l xions agalnBt Turkey. A section of
ftthcr French press blames Great Britain,
I 'Cdgclarinp that she prevented the povr
! rt efe front makinf: a strong stand against
fr 'Ttly to Participate.
l Enrope is amaJ'.ed at Turkey's failure
jjlj. to"accept tho Italian pcaco torma at this
y ,crfticaJ moment and is Trorriod bc
; rf Jciuse in Italy's participation in. the
' .-irar tliero in danger of drawing in tho
f.oUier powors-
j; -.All tho stock markets suffered a de
i Moralized, day. Berlin appears to havo
i iien. tho most distressed. British con
; S8 reached the lowest point in his-
it tory. The Bosnia, St. Petersburg, wiys
'' the fall in prices "way duo less to the
Balkan situation than to tho opora
L. flons of a clique of bear spocnlatorB
;yr anxious to onrich thcmsclvefl at the
! s, pnblic's expense.
bt s The British chancellor of the excho
J "quer, David Lloyd-George, in an ad
jjjj. ceres tonight, said):
y "Tho prospects seems to be that in
i JPvery short time tho eastern horizon
"trill "bo ablaze. Wo may express two
A"lopes that, the area, of conflagration
Will bo limitod and that, whatovcr may
be tho issuo of tho conflict between
tj ' the combatants, ono romilt will ensuo,
1 ; Vthat Hie boundary of freedom and good
'B'.govormiionc will bo extended."
p The British lied Cross society Is
, -preparing to sond largo contingents to
Pp tho front.
f LONDON", Oct. 1L Desperate fight
j Jng for tho possession oil Barana be-
iwcen the Turkish and Montenegrin
y armies in tho vicinity of Lake Scutari
is in progress.
. The- town hae been Topoatcdly taken
I auid retaken by both sides, says a dis--Witch
fi-om Ccttinjo today. "Turkish
, tijroops repulsed the Montenegrins after
another sharp engagement at Tnshi.
Tho Montenegrin general, Lazovitoh,
L has taken, tho place of General Boho-
vitcb, who committed suicide. -when the
j king reproved him on tho iicld of batfclo
for wasting ammunition. j
5 TenEion Increasing.
From all the capitals today enmc newu
i of Increasing tonslon and continual prep
t ' aration for war. and this hnu spread now
i to Ylorma nna 15ndapct. Reajisurlng
h statornpnts Viavo been Issued from scv
tj cral fiuartnrs, but undoubtedly with the
v. object of stcmrnltifr a panic of nulling on
M the bouiDc.
J The text of the note hnmleJ by the
rftpreurntHtiven of tho powers to the
Turkish government proves to be more
fecblo even Llinn was anticipated.
as It contains no jmsKOstlon that th
powers will undertake to suaranlc the
rxrryinp out of reforms In Macedonia
It is not lllcnlt- to hav, any effect In
allaying public f.?cllnR: In tho Balkann,
which in all for war.
Tho reply of the I3aJfcnn states, lllco
that of tho Turkish government, has
not yet benn dcllverod.
InTurkoy vrar Is accepted ao a eer-
Thn organization of small bands of
Bulgarian and Servian Irregulars to op
erate In certain dtslricts of IDuiopcan
Turkoy In iTescrlbed In a spyo.Inl dispatch
from Salonllci. Their work will be chief-
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jjl (AdvertlKcincpt)
ly that of Inciting the llago populations
Jn the frontior districts to rovolt, and.
In case of their rofusal to do so, the
bands are oald to have been ordered to
burn the houses and massacre the In
habitants. -Maltreatment Denied.
Th reports of maltreatment of tho
Turltlsh population In BnlBaria aro de
nied In a dlHpatch from Sofia, which de
clared that no insult of any kind had
boen offered to thii Turldsh legation or
consuls In Bulgaria.
Austria, sayw a "Vienna dispatch, in
tends to take immediate action in case
either Turkey or Scrvla. should invade
the SanJack of Nozlpazar.
Tho concentration of tho Servian forces
has been Impeded by a scarcity of trans
port facilities. Three main armies, ng
RTcratlnff 200,000 men, are being formed
by that country. One of them In mobiliz
ing ut the Taarlbro, on the Bulgarian
frontier, and is to co-operate with the
Bulcrarlan troops. Another la Rathcrlng
at Alllanovltch and Xlsh in preparation
to advance against XJBkup, while a third
Is mobilizing at KraJIevo intending to
penetrate the SanJack of Novlpazar.
Seventy Servian villages in the Sanjalc
of Novlpazar aro reported from Vienna
to havo risen againat the Turks. The
aiosleins are Bald to havo token awlft
reprisals and to havo mipprcssed the re
volt by executing all the ringleaders, in
cluding numerous priests.
By General Count Spiridovitcli,
President Of the Slavic Societies.
Special Cable to The Tribune.
PARIS, Oct. 12. OffloioJ Riuwia will
make effort to localize the war, but the
whole Russian population of 170,000,000 Is
ready to holp the weaker brethren In the
quadruple . alliance of Bulgaria, Servia,
Greece and Montenegro.
They have made a great stroke of pol
icy by pushing little Montenegro ahead,
with its population of 2.10.000. asalnst th
2o,000,000 of the Turkish empire Tho
whole Slavic race 1b proud of this hcrolo
step by King Nicholas, the greatest of
Slavs, ,"the glorious old eagle of Monte
negro," as they" call him.
Men and money will pour from Russia
aftor the llrst news tlmt Slavn have been
killed. Tou cannot push a Russian
toward aggrandizement, but he goes
aht;ad himself when the question
Ik of holplng the weak. "When tho Rus
sian people hear today of Christian mas
nncrcs by the Turks, they cannot be held
back from helping their brethren.
Has Powerful Relatives.
King Nicholas, now at the head of the
Montenegrin troops. Is a field marshal of
Russia, father-in-law of the king of Italy
and of the Grand Duke Nicholas, com-mapder-ln-chioC
of th Russian army,
numbering 6,000,000 nien.
Tho attitude of JPrancn and England
makes the tank of driving Turkev out
of IDuropo harder. "XVhat tho Slavic
races have to do and America will co
operate with thcro Is to create of Mace
donia and Albania Independent states;
Armenia must, have a Christian governor
genoralr Crete, JSplrus and the Island
must bo handed over to Greece: Old Sor
vla to, Servia; the strip of territory called
B.azar Sanjak, betwoen Montenegro nnd
Servia, should be given to MontonGgro.
That leaves Turkey, Adrlajiople and Con
stantinople with its provlnon and the
enormous lorrltory of Asia Minor.
The provinces seeking frocdom have
few Turks excopt troops. Tho people are
sr downtrodden they are afraid to cul
tivate the soil. Hence, the richest of
European provinces look like flesorls and
bring no income to tho Impoverished cof
fers of Turkey, whereas, if they were free
they would develop Into prosperous coun
tries like Bulgaria.
Causes of the War,
Tho caueii of this war s.ro:
First, Turkish misrule of her Cliri.i
.tlnn provinces, a disgrace to civilization.
There Is no blackoi' blot upon the civil
ized countries than tho way they have
permitted Turkey to tyrannise over her
Christian provinces.
Second, continuous massacre through
out the Turkish empire, massacres qulto
as frequent under the Young Turks as
when he whom Gladstone called Abdul
tho Damned reigned at Constantinople.
There are no enterprising newspapers
to publish tho red records of murder.
One can get no news out of the Turkish
empire, but If the American people want
to know the extent of the maaeaores let
them ask their missionaries in Armenia
and elsewhere
Turkish rulo of Christian provinces can
not he mended; therefore it should ba
Bourses in Panic.
LONDON. Oct. 12. The stock mar
ket closed weak and nervous today aftor
experiencing the most depressing weok
for some time. The weakness was due
to the commencement of wtit In the
Balkans, which caused a heavy fall in
prices in practically all sections.
Dealers in stocks took tho first unfa
vorable ocw3 from the near east ealm
ly. Thoy marked, down a few quotations
in a precautionary manner, nut when
panicky sclliue by Paris and Berlin
started in foreign shares, the relapse
became general, priucipall- in the spec
ulative departments. Tho fortnightly
Fottlemcnt, with heavy -differences to
meet caused locnl forced liquidation,
and, doHpito a temporary recovery on
hopes of the powers beinc Jible io
check tho waT, the hoaviness became
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Station Ei 365 B' Wow York, N. Y.
more pronounced Friday and toflay, and
ever3'thinir from conaola to kaffers do
clinod sharply.
Amoriean shares resisted tho vlopros
sion fairly well until Friday, vrhon
Wall street and the continent threw out
stocks freely, and today another Te
Inpso, duo to renewed continental sell
inp:, put valuoB ccnorally $2 to ;?5 lower
than last .Saturday, whi'io Canadian Pa
cilic lost 17 pointfl.
Cross the Border.
enoprin troops have crossed the bordor
into the Sanjak of Novipazar and aro
now attacking Sictitcu, according to of
ficial information received "by the portc
today. Sictitza. ia a town close to tho
Servian frontior.
Tnrks Fight Desperately.
LONDON, Oot. 12. Turkish fcroopn
on the Montenegrin frontier are offering
stubborn resistance to tho Montenegrin
advanco on Bcutari, according to tho lat
est advices from Podgoritza. Tho fight
ing has boen severe, both armies losing
heavily. The Montenegrin army iB ad
vancing in two columnB. one oporating
to the north of Iuho fcJcuturl and the
other having its baso at Antiyari, to
tho south oC Lake Soutari.
King Nicholas' infantry proved ad
mirable The heavy fijrbtlnff Invotvcd in the at
taeka by tho Montenegrins on the forts
at Schlpchlnck hill, Rofjame nnd Branya
coat In killed and wounded 600 tnon to
tho Turks and 400 to tho Montenegrins.
The arrival of the Montenegrin wounded
at the frontier gave rise To rumoro In
Cettlnjo that the Montenegrin army had
been defeated.
Other reports say that vlllagco on both
sides of the Boyana river, where tho Mon
tenegrin general, Martlnovttch, In said to
have met with a. choek from the Turku,
are In flamoB, and that Oeneral Vuko
tltch. who Is operating In the Boyana
district, has croesed the 1,1m river with
his troopa.
A Turkish account of the operations
from Salonlkl says the flghtlmr has neon
fierce, but that the Turkish troopn have
held their positions.
A special dispatch from Celtinje says
official Information has reached there
that tho Montenegrin troops vesterdii.v
occupied Byelopolle, In tho Sanjak of
Novlpazar. without rlstanco, and are
now marching against Cubanco.
Collective Note.
CONSTANTINOPLE. Oct 12. Tho text
of the colloctlvo note handed bv the rep
resentatives of tho powers to "the Otto
man government on Thursday iu asi fol
lows: "The undersigned, embassadors nf Austria-Hungary.
Great Britain. Franvc,
Russia, and Germany, have been In
structed by their respective trovcrnmnla
to Inform tho aubllmc porto that, the five
powers tako note of the Intention of Tur
key, publicly announced, to lnt.-oduce re
forms, and they will immediately discuss
with the porto, In the spirit of article 23
of the treaty of Berlin and the law of
1830. the reformn required in tho admin
istration of European Turkoy. and the
measures capably of assuring their ral
Icatlon In the interest of the populations.
It being understood that the reforms will
not affect the territorial Intcgiily of th
Ottoman empire."
Turkish Version.
c?STAJNTr.NOPLE. Oct. 12. Th- re
lief or tho town of Bema by Turkish re
inforcements Ik reported bv the mllltan
commander of Scutari today. M0 al-b
sa.ya tho Turks havo rroccuplrd Hip
neigh ts around tho town of Guslnyo n-ar
the Montenegrin frontier to the north
west of Podgoritza.
Bulgarians blow up two bridges betwen
Isllp and Kotschana during tho night, ac
cording to a telegram from Uukup.
Sultan's Proclamation.
LONDON. Oct 12.-."Tonr enemies an
gathering on the frontier, .seeking to
snatch your patrimony from you and to
destroy the happiness of your sons and
grandnons. It depends on you to prevent
thorn from treading one Inch of the pacrvl
soil soaked In tho blood of your ancestors
Fight with the courage of those anci-a-tors."
ThuB the sultAn of Turkoy today Is
sued a proclamation and ordered tht mo
bilization of his. army to defend the em
pire. Time Limit Expires.
ROMU, Oct. 12. Italy's limit of time
granted to- Turkey for tho definite con
clusion of peace expires today, after
wlitch. If nny clauflft of tho proposed
agreement Is not accepted by Turkv,
Italy will consider borself free to continue
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'A SOi- Ballard's lloiohound Linimenl 42c 'l. Kilmer's Swatnii Root 21c SI. 00 Kind's Discovery. .. .800 $ 1 .00 Jayno'a Kxpcctor- u.i
Syrup 42c .IO Vapo t'rosullno, at. .42c -'V UaiidTine. special 21c 1.00 Cutlcura Heeolvcnt. 33c ant 83a
aSS'-lNo Matter at What Schramm-Jo: nson Store You Trade, You'll Save Money MSgS? j
I for men and women..jFgS STMES " WISES THE CAES STOP" MTRROES.
j the "Gym," 25c' ncs I Store, 2nd So. N. 2 Store, Ma 5 Store, Main gM-' rest, Special
to $1,00. an(J w Temple. and Bth So. and So. Templo. and 1st So. and 3rd So. 39c, J pj

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