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Bf f r- II bb1
Sewsol the Insurance World
I Rjrvation of Human Life.
' L AYs foitv-plx reports nnd addresses
TBKi &t "the Fourth National Con
;K roiuncKS. held at Indianapolis
!a twenty-wo of them related
'Bfrtf.lv to humnn life. One speaker.
KSSv W Wiley. dwelt at length
-BfffcV frightful mortality of American
wider one year of age.. He quoted
k in phow that during the hot
I 'HCL than 1000 infants die every
1 IKrtuchout the United States Horn
MTi lire preventable. He meu-
'BE the immense Glaughter every year
H nWud' automobiles and typhoid and
BEk' Ho recommended a swecp
H .BErni In the hablta of living of the
1 IK? He I of the opinion that
B" EftJ dav when mankind stumbled
H Mtea, coffelobacw an(1 aohol.
H IHftriiouUi wc be content with an
H IK life of forty-four years V There
Bi iKriwd evidence to show that man's
BJ activities are developed with
I Btir, and that tlx: age between GO
BJ 'IKfj Is more, productive for one who
Bf Yrd In accordance with nature. It
IHaYn from statistics that wo die slv
B Btfjjf before we reach the iniisl
V JHVif usefulness of man."
M IBylirr address of interest lo lnsur
Wm .BRirn wn on the subject of "Human
F B National Asset," by E. 13. Rlt
P Bks formerly Insurance commis
for Colorado, now conservation
Bbpdotier for the Equitable. Ltfe of
i 'E'ork. Wr. Klttcnhou.se paid a trib
i Bftj the "lierocs or the laboratory."
I Ers and the. clergy and others who.
Bfcrcidlni: the knowledge of disease
F Bfciiion. have reduced the death rate
E 25 'per cent in tho past, thirty
HJ. He deplored the fact that so ranch,
jfjf 'BjV money and energy is directed to
BE JIbcmcs that are contagious, such
H BBrplioid and smallpox, instead of
C prfventablo diseases, an Bright'
BjW. He said degenerate diseases of
Kkrt, Wood vessels and kidneys kill
t3C41 Kthaii H50.000 persons annually. "The
BJrf," ho suid. "sav that 60 per cent
Bjce deaths arc preentable if the dis
ts discovered in time." Tie then pro
IBm to an indictment of the. American
BE'tr for his "niggardliness" In
BFin? health departments.
BJjk much," says the American tax
H "will it cost to reduce our annoy
Bfflth rate to the lowest porHlblc
IKoQt $1.50 per capita at first, much
Bfttt: on," answers the health offi-
VKjy well," Fay the taxpayer, "here
"im IBsenU: wo will raw two bits' worth
BBmp lives. Thu rest will have lo
BrWtteiihouae quoted from statistics
.Bfaiv how negligent American cities
-jpthp matter of furnishing protection
:Bf public health, and insisted that
.'BfcgrMt national asset of human life
Bib li conserved. every business and
rBr onanlzstlon in Amcrioii. must do
Bkn share of the work. Ilr pointed
BJbt the. twenty-five minion of Amerl
.Bkollcv'lioldcrd are dlroctly interested
Bm proaiotlon of longeviiy iVoiu the
Bclal viewpoint, by reason of tlio fact
Ei "B'th? lower the. mortality it) jimonf,'
S Blftoldt'rs the creator tvlil he tho bo.v
jL Bthr larger thn dividends to pollcv
lr BJst, nnd the lower the cost of their
WA hiuronco. "It Is estimated." h ?aid,
m iHf. ahoul ?3Oi000.00O i? lost anmiallv
Wi wlponablo moitality amon? the in-
H& I.BftfSor TrvinK "Isher of the. Vale nni
3BJ tr. another srealcr predicted that
IS iB!?11 one 1,'Ly vouth, 100 ndddlA
m BmiiI 126 full life. If enumerated"
m Wk olfl R. A. Crotnoro. editor and
Kb Bfrtor r tIle s,lli Francisco Bulletin,
IB Kl com'i"co hltn Brlcht's lisea.so and
Bj are curable if ho would send us
JIb!" W0l'l'l attempt a denionstm-
W: wt ri,t 775,5 t5iat vrr- put j
M B.witn a younr phyjihilun who had
'Molfo. lie wa:i no IncrcduJoua at first
If BhcnuliI not tnko the treatment, al-
BT prc waJ 1,0 :harso. When his
Bi'Ccanie -'eino and ho was in bed
' darx room ho conswH;.I. Within four
His from tho dat thav Pulton's Dla
, i Compound v,m tout him he called
ur offlte in person to express his
jlcatlon and akcd what wi exp-ict--
Um to do. We replied that all we
i of him wan to call on Uditor Croth
; of the Bulletin and declare the r
' i. He did ko. But It senis tho difl
Wis not i-ntirclv ollmlnated, for
it three years llicreaft-ir his death
Iflh reported.
e do not make strojifr claims In yoimyr
T(f i and were prepared for failure. But
iW can measures Uic vnluo of IIiohu Lhreo
ndiUtl lo tlio patleiit'3 life? Who
Jl W It w.-uj not worth while?
1 liiIddlcaBfcd or over wc holc for pcr
hit. ' We in ninny rjiscs. (There have
'Uk i a ntirnbor who have ben cured over
, i yearn.)
315 ,0,'3 Diabetic Compound, can he had
Schramm. Johneon Drug- Co.,"
fill' J" for pamphlet or writo to John J.
wi'' ion Company, Son Francisco.
, KL- (.yiTertliicmcot)
. -
i ' "iftCKnuss aometimcs overtakes one.
iW. T1,.c, Cohinihlan DlHubillty policy
fjlf. rovldcs weekly bcnoflls for dlEabll
Jtrom any bodily injury or dla-
-J ijjiPWnd of protection most needed.
J- 'l policy l.s jKirtieulurly adapted
Mtt those wbo are protected agulniit
' i'i;h hy life insurance, or who capo-
lally ncca indemnity for loss of lime.
.,..J0HN JAMES, General Acjont
, ( wcitJent and health department, 710
i :.- Koarns Bulldlnn.
' ?r 1 Good, Live Apentti Wanted.
three RreaL apencies that must take up-
uV l0'Vrclcs. th0 conservaUon or human
life in the future: irh-3t. the nrsH- sec
ond, life insurance companies and third
PUtm0eir,1V,,n, t,0,1Ql' aUl '
paitmenl, he said, "should be the creat
e.st depaitment of the United Statea cov
crnment in the near fn"t,re'
Salt Lake Withdraws From 2acc.
At the second quarterly meellmr of the.
u h tc'n.Uon of Life UndJnvrit "vs
evening V"$CV?lsi club " Sday
hiduHH,, k l02l-. nianascr for the
ife thfs n i ,a!" moi't of, lh" beneficial
MozleJ i?r ,C n?m 1V"""' tomorrow. Mr.
Mozlcy left tor the east on Saturday on
he Los Angeles Limited. At thp mcet-iiig-
referred to the newly oloc d dc?e
jrale was Instructed to cHat Utah's vote
n lavor of Donver for the iDi: : conven-
bait Lako would pel next year's meeting
tio ,'11!;1- Wns Pt5l,,te'1 0,,t that "lie na
llonal hody was already plcdccd to San
1'Yn.nclsco for lOJS-the year of tho Pan
ama expos.tlonrthc members of the Utah
ffSu 31 a-v's Jneetlnp deen e
It Hdvisnble under the eircumstancea to
waiyc its claim and work for Denver.
Utah hn seven votes in the conventloii.
and these with tlie plr(iK0S ;,irt:adv -ivep
the Pener anoclation by other assbcin
tioiiR throuKhout the cotmtrv, makes It
alimist certain u):,t u,0 -'Quee.n CItv 0f
hft Plains will win nut. Other cltic's in
the raco are Atlantic City. Cincinnati and
Mctvopolitan's Agency Convention,
Asenls of the Metropoliutn Life of Saw
lork operatin,-? in Utah and Mojilana will
liold a convention in this city on Wednes
day. October 23. These meetings are
known as the ie president'?; triennial
convenliop. The Salt Lake meeting will
be honored wlih tho presence of hI" home
olui-em includlnir First vice President
Vlallcy Flske and Fotirth Vice President F
O. Ayrcs. These officials arc now on the
Pacific coast, where they are meeting with
their agrency force. They will be accom
panied to this city by Goorgo B. Scott, an
sletant Becrolary and manager: 75 . F.
Gedtre, assistant medical director; B. G.
Gait, superintendent of asenclos, all of
the Paclllc coast territory. Utah will have
a representation of llfty-elx delegates and
Montana twenty. The meetings will ho
held at iho Hotel Utah be:;) lining at 10
o clock on the morninsr of October z:. In
the ovcnlnp of the aame Jav a banquet
will be served at tlio Commercial club.
Arthur P. Huntingdon is the Metropoli
tan's superintendent for Utah and Ed
wurd II. Pander fills a similar position at
Butte, Mont.
Automobilo Insurance Available.
The registration returns of motor ve
hicles for six months of tho current vcar
show the production of 2.12.560 cars of all
kinds and there arc in uac at prenenl SS0.
000 Apportioned among th several utates.
Now York leads with 02.-I07. followed by
California with TS.tjOS. Colorado In tred
lted with U.OSS, Idaho 1080. Montana 330.
Nevada Wyoming 2.'12S. Washing-Ion
lo.WJ. Arizona '20$, Utah 1'200. There arc
of courne many more automobiles in Utah
than the report allows.
To formulate, a correct idea of this
class of Insura.nce, it should he slated that
a large proportion are insured nstiinnt fire;
a number n;rnlnBt burglary and theft,
while not a few of tho owners In addition
carry liability insurance.
Insurance Notos.
Next year's convention of fire chiefa of
America will ho held in New York City
somo tlrno during the month of Decem
ber, George B. Duncan of tho Ttellanc Life
and C. W. lfelser of the Continental Life
have been admitted to membership In the
Utah Association of Life Underwriters.
Tho Philadelphia JLil'c hi now repre
sented in Salt Lake City by the Utah
)!undliu,' company, of which B. IT. Ny
mnyer Is aecrctary and trcaaurer.
Augim Allntond. western superinten
dent of fisenclefi for the Reliance Iylfa
of Pittahuiv, Pa., with headquarters In
Lcnver, is in the city on a vlrdt to tho
company's atate manager, Georgo B. Dun
can. A. H. Ensign, a well-known local fire
insurance man. wprung- the following on
a few of his friends the other day: "If tho
apent couldn't hold tho renewal on Mra.
Ncwstyle'H millinery stock, could a policy
holder?" lilnslgn wan still living at last
Clavenco M. Kinney, manager for Ulnh
and Colorado of the liability department
of tho Travelers' TiiHuranco company,
with headquarters hi Denver. Is a Salt
LtLko visitor. ICinnoy until recently wa.i
special agent for tho company at Indlan
apulki Fred W. Van Meter, cashier for the
San Francisco general agency or tho Mu
tual Benefit iLifc. has been sentenced to
eighteen months In the San Qucntln pris
on for tho embezzlement of $10,000 of his
company's nionoy. He pleaded guilty.
The Southwestern Surety Insurance
I companv of Donulson, Tex., has applied
I for admission to Utah. S II. Boynlon,
tho company's supervisor of agents, Is
now in the :ltv for tho purpose or estaii
liHhing a state agency. The company will
write bond3. burglary, accident and
health and liability Insurance.
William J". Brill of San Francisco, man
ager for the Massachusetts Mutual Life,
and Will G. Tafflnder of the. Pacific Un
derwriter, stopped off in Salt Lako on
Sundn. They arts delegates to the na
tional 'convention of life men, represent
ing the San Francisco association, and aru
en route to Memphis, Tcnn.
A. special to tho Insurance Field from
Now York :aya that Bcrthau, Sclbach &
Borthau of San Francisco have been ap
pointed general agenti! for the Delawaro
Underwriters' Fire Insurance company
for the states of Utah, California. Arizona,
Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico
and Colorado.
9 ISAlways SoMgramo flgoplb EATg
JKn Have your wife come downtown once qD)
vmMr in a while and take lunch with you at
Y tlle Ry- You'll like it, and she cer-
tainly will appreciate your thoughtful-
'Wm 1 Cafe llour3....0:00 n. m. to 6:S0 p. -Sfiv U $
MM V Cafeteria Hours &kl u? ho 5 o-S W f
W I SScWiSS" S?:,.,.,'.da": S65 -x-!Sfo p::ns A
? CMFXrizRA ON ONDrooR -
5ssB 232 MAIN ST. ?s
i -
Secret and Fraternal Societies
All notices for Fraternal nerft
flenartinont ehould. be left with the
city editor not later than midnight
Ladies' Auxiliary to Typo Union.
irmI!.bVsl,,',eas '"cistlne of tho auxil
?I',ffl bc llela dy at Kagles liall. All
inemheis are requested to bc present.
i1LLa,,.:Ic'IIonU;,stc;,d leW Us rcg
lMekl?" "1ectlK Friday last with "a
good attendance. Ton applicants were act
S'LWi ,and candidates will bo initiated
next Friday night.
G. A. R.
Joincs c. Bice circle Ladies of the G.
, . " 1,,cct ,n regular session Tues-
,''lft!,oon nt 2:30 ,n ISoffles club room.
The Oliver O. Howanl AV. R. c. No. 1
will liold a card social at tho home of
Mrs. Elliott, 410 Kast Fourth South,
Jhurnday afternoon. The Mcsdamos Yicd
ner, teavoHon. Gurley, Zimmerman and
htewart will assist.
T,lV.a Avl11 b,! 11 regular meeting of Max-well-McKean
post No. 1, department of
Utah, G. A. H.. Saturday. Octohcr 10. at
S p. in., followed by a social hour of ning
Hg and dancing. The ladi3 of the auxil
Inrlcs are cordially invited. Visiting com
rades am warmly welcomed.
The regular meeting of -the Maxwell
Mclvean W. n. C No. Z will bo held lit the
I O. O. F. hall -W.'dliesdav nl '::;( -n. m.
Visitors are v.elcome-
There will be a regular meeting of the
Oliver O. Howard post No. 7 at the hall In
Postofiicc place this evening a.t 7:30. The
members of the post are urged to bo pres.
ent, and visiting comrades in good stand
lug will be welcome,
L. A. to B. R, T.
The ladies auxiliary to the Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen will meet next Fri
day afternoon In F. O. E. hall. Members
and visiting sisters arc assured a hearty
Fraternal Union of America.
Tlio committee of "RvergTeon lodge. No,
151, reports all arrangements completed
for the big social and card party which
Is given by tho lodge this evening in the
Odd Fellows' hall. Following the card
party In the upper hall, refreshments will
bo served In the.' dining room. TCvcrybody
Is assured a good --time ami all members
arc urged to join In and bring lliolr
friends with them. The Ladles' ISver
grocn club, together with a number of
the members of tho lodge, spent a moat
enjoyable evenina: at the homo of Mrs. R.
F. Aveson. 776 Second avenue, last Mon
day. A dcllclouii lunch was served by
Mrs. Avoson, and guessing games were ot
great pleasure lo those present. A short
business meeting will be held this eve)i
Ing al the hall, ami the officers are re
quested to meet promptly at 7:30 o'clock.
Danish Brotherhood.
Apollo lodge met lant Friday evening at
their lodgo room In the Odd Fellows hall.
Several matters of importance were din
cussed ami acted upon. It was reported
that a number of applications would be
presented at our next meeting. The
amusement committee is also planning for
something for that evening:, hut the de
tails could not bn learned at this lime,
hut will be announced later.
Danish Sisterhood.
The ball given by the Danish Sister So
ciety lodge, "Utah," No. fi?, at tho J. O.
O. F. hall lant Wednesday was a grand
success in every partlcuhLr. so much so
that the committee In charge engaged the
hall again for another dance on Novem
ber 1U. At the last meeting Olat Nllyon
was unanimously elected to lake charge
of the singing, which will make tho meet
ings much more interesting; also several
talented members In music have joined
recently. A big turnout is anticipated for
the meeting next Friday evening, owing
to the fact that several candidates will
bc Initiated at that time and the drill
team will ofriciate.
Banner hive No. 11 will bold regulai
review Tuesday, October In. at I. O. O.
F. hall. On account of extra business
to he transacted, the mooting will atart
promptly at 2 o'clock. There will bo In
itiation and Mrs. Belle M. Hedge, deputy
state commander, will bo present. It is
wilh sudnss that the liivo nolcH the
death of one of its members. Lady Mar
ohla Martin She had been a faithful
member for many yearj, and the sym
pathy or iho hive Is extended to her
husband and little- daughters, who arc
left without a mother's care. Tlic
time and place of Iho funeral will bt
announced later. All the members are
urgently requested to attend. The guards
will drill Monday afternoon in I. O. O. F.
hall, and In the evening at the Hotel
Utah prompt y at 1 o'clock.
.Liberty hive No. n. L. O. T. M.. will
hold regular review Thursday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock In T. O. O. F. hall. Tho
hivo is glad to welcome 7,ady llcdgo, the
dejnity state eommandcr, who Is here
and will bo with the hive Thursday.
Lillian Holllstcr hive No. la will hold
ItK regular meeting Thursday, Oclober
17, at Eagles hall, at S o'clock. All
members and officers are requested to
attend. Tho meeting of October 10 wa3
largely nttended. Deputy State Com
mander Mrs. Hedge was a visitor. She
was very woll pleased with the work.
Tho hive was also visited by the com
mander of hive No. 11. Mrs, Livingston,
and many oth'T members of the same
hive. The booth at the Sta.f fair was
a financial success.
Tout No. 2 had the biggest crowd of tho
lEcnson at the review of last Thursday
night. Four candidates? vein glvon the de
grees and an enthusiastic member provid
ed a flilo lunch. Next Thursday night,
somplhlng of interest to all members will
be dlocusned. The uniform rank will soon
begin regular drills and any member in
terested in this branch of the order is re
quested lo Join. The committee on enter
taining the lady Maccabees is working
hard to make tho evening a success.
-Woodmen of the World.
Descret camp -IOC bold a meeting, woll
attended and full of lnlnrest. last Mon
day evening. It bfling the regular wcukly
session. Routine business and social
entertainment occupied a greater part of
the time. As usual, the musical num
bers were highly appreciated. The boost
er committee 1h preparing a programme
of merit for tho open meeting to bo hold
in the lodge boll soon.
The social evening provided by the cn
torlainmeut committee of Camp 53, W
O W., on Tuesday, was enjoyed by all
in attendance. The entertainment wns
or a high-class order and each number
worthy 'of spocial mention. Thoso who
were not there miWHed one of the treats
of the e'eoson. There will bc business
of special importance, next Tuesday
Pythian SistcrB.
lre.nulouc temple No. S. Pythian Sis
tors, will hold it? regular meeting Satur
dav night. October 13. at IC of P, hall,
101 Second Eust. at 3 o'clock.
B. 1. T Auxiliary,
The auxiliary to the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers will hold a card
social Wednesday evening at S o'clock.
Tliero will be pr!zc3 and refreshments.
The social will bo held at Kagles hall.
Modovn Woodmon of America.
Excelsior camp 10982 held another one
of those rousing, well attended meetings
Tuesday laHt. AH the officera were In
their chairs and things went through
with a. hum. Many matters of Import
ance to the camp and its momlmrs were
trunsactcd. principal umonpr ihem bo'iif,
an arrangement to have Ur Aintsti-onsr
give one of his splendid talks to tho
members! of tho camp on Tuesday, Octo
ber 2". The consul has appointed a. com
ftilttee composed of Charlos Fowler, 1
Neighbor Coles and Dr. Brow null to prc- J
pare some, special features to help the,
evening In the wayof music, light re
freshments and cigars. One application
was voted on. The next meeting will be
on Tuesday, October 15, at S:lo p. m.
Ladies' Auxiliary,
Ladies' Auxiliary to Switchmen's union,
Sogo Lily lodge No. 20, hold a vorv in
tercRling meeting October 3 at the homo
of Sister Buyes. with nearly all members
present. Delicious refreshments were
served at the close and a pleasant hour
was spent. Tho next meeting will be
held October 17 at the home of Sister
carpenter, No. 2J Ostler's court. All
members aro requested to he present-
The Fraternal Brotherhood.
The children's festival given bv Utah
lodge was one of the most enjoyable af
,r.;s .of Ycttr- Tll hah was filled
I f tlYl hanrlost children one over saw,
mi"1? c.halrs about the hall were
tilled with tho parents and friends, and
by the smiles on their races one knew
that they worn enjoying it a much as th.
ciiiidren. 1 ho following programme was
rendered In a splendid manner: Musical
selection by Lucy and Charles Budd; re
citation. Thurman Peterson; Spanish
(lance, Agnes Dorius; duet, vocal, bv An
nie and Mary Jones: recitation, Elbcrtn
Parsoiw: song, Annie Jones; a storv. by
Vivian Whitehead. Then camo the candy
march, and all the children received a
box ot candy. The fish pond was a great
raorite Then came musical chairs,
Paul Jones" and the "Virginia reel."
in mo last named several of tho older
ones toolc part. The affair was con.Hid-
ik. ? ,a UCC;B-4 that it will undoubt
ecll. not be tnc last lime that the ehil
dieii will bo the guests of I he soeieiy
nfS0 J-0'1?0, Xo' 252 nclfl baby
party But first there were .-everal items:
of interest and importance Sister Budd
Mas, awarded tho watch. Tt was learned
iSSPlS Chavllo Ta.ylor was to
help as captain of the team. A surprise
S?J7i' ",V3?5 arrangrcd which was. hold at
mIc."0!11.1103 hom(- a""! Brother
fhr ir Tu?,0r wero "urpriscd When
the ciowd burst in upon Ihem, and again
-lib 'IT. Cr?tf'cr T,nv a Presented
iui a P"lr of handsome cuff buttons,
nee crKro-n mo,!th3 will undoubtedly
hoc great thingn h, the local lodgen. for
HcXTa1 "rcst i imtnlfestiny
wo& S thoffTc1 HPcaks fiC th
Salt Lake circle mot last Monday even
ing with all onioers preset. t Everyone
ivnlbLorn1ii5;clsht tor drt"'
Foresters of America.
n-lurtiSUrJJ,lk? No- 1 vrlM mccfc J" he
Laglos hall Tuesday evclng at 8 o'clock.
All members are requested to hi present
as business of Importance Is to bo con
sidered. Visiting brothers aro welcome.
On Wednesday night Ia3t Kremlin Ka
zan, Imperial Order of Muscovites, held
an enthusiastic session. Conmiltteeu re
ported that things ,-uo progresBing favor
ably for the big "bear hunt" in Novem
ber. Another meeting Is called for next
Wednesday night, at which all nobles are
requested to bo present.
Auxiliary to Mooso.
The ladies' auxiliary to tho Moose will
hold its regular meeting tonight at S
o clock In the Mooso hall.
The Loyal Order of Moose will hold Its
second social this season at the club
rooms on West Temple next Thursdav
evening. Dancing will be the chief at
traction of tho evening, though arrange
ments have hocn mad for Iho entertain
ment, of members who do not dnnco. The
affair is for members and their ladles
F. O. E.
Lively Interest and a large alleluia nc
featured Friday evening's session of Salt
Lake acrlc, No. 07. There a.r0 strong evi
dences that this fall and winter will bo
a banner one in substantial growth for
the order here. Thrco approved candi
dates were Initiated at tho last session,
two for the local aorio and one for the
lodge a.t Trinidad. Colo. The session of
next Friday will bc devoted to the rami
ly fioeiul for members and their families.
The committee On entertainment, com
prising John 13. Schlotterbcck, W. F.
Perry. XI. Grames, A. V. Pitts and Alonso
Corlcss, is working hard and will com
plet arrangements, with the assurance
that an evening of pleasure awaits those
who attend
John Vclhort, Fostor, Cal., slutci;: "I
have suffered many years with kidney
and bladder troubles, and altliouph I
have paid hundreds of dollars to doc
tors and have taken all kinds of lud
ncy medicines, X could never get any
relief until T tried Foley Kiduoy Pills,
and they offectod a complete cure. I.
havo never been bothered with my old
trouble since." Schrnmni-.Tohnson,
Drugs. (Advertisement)
WASHINGTON. Oct. in. Unsettled
rainy weather throughout tho gulf and
South Atlantic slates during tho flret part
of tho week Is predlctod by tho weather
bureau us a result of reports of a. tropic
alorm now entering tho Gulr of Mexico
from the Caribbean sea.
Elsewhere over the country (he weath
er will be fair for several days, savs the
weekly bulletin, "although a. disturbance,
of moderate Intensity, attended bv local
areas of precipitation, will develop over
the far west Tuesday or Wednesday,
cross the middle west about Thursday
and the eastern statca Friday.
"Seasonal temperatures will prevail
throughout the country until after the
paseago of this disturbance, when a
chungo to considerably lower temperatures
Is probabln over much of the country.
This change to colder will appear In the
northwest Wednesday or Thursday."
"I Never Closed My
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your liver to action.
Sugar coated or plain
at your druggist.
On Salt Lake City M
Real Estate
No Commission Charged H
235 Main Street m
Third Judicial district, in aiid for Salt
Lake county, stale of Utah; probate
division. In the matter of tho cslato
and guardianship of Henry Gordon
Jennings and Uuth Jennings, minora.
.Notice: "
Notice Is hereby given that in pursu
ance of an order duly made by said court
on tho lib day of October. 1912, the un- -dorslgncd,
its guardian of the persons
and estates of irenry Gordon Jennings
and Ruth Jennings, will sell at private
salo. subject lo the confirmation of said
court, all thu right, title and Interest of
said mlnoni, vis: an undivided two-fifths
of two-thirds Interest In and to tho fol
lowing real properly situate In the city
and county of Salt Lake, stale of Utah,
described as follows, to wit:
An undivided one-seventh of parts of
lots one. (I) and eight fS). block seventy
six (711). plat "A." Salt. Lako City sur
vey, beginning at tho northeast comer
of said lot one fn, thenco south three
(.1) feet, seven C7) Inches, thenco west
one hundred and forty-five (115) feel,
thenco north threo (3) feet seven (7)
Inches, thence west twenty (20) foot,
thenco north thlrly-flvo (35) feet,
thenco cast forty-ono Ml) feet, thence
south thlrly-fivo (.15) feet, thenco ast
fourteen (J4) feet, thonco north seven
teen (17) feet seven (7) inches, thence
east one hundred and ten (110) feet,
thence south seventoon (171 fe0t seven
'7) Inches to the. place of beginning.
Also a perpetual rlght-of-wny for all pur
poses over the following land: Commen
Ing one hundred and ten (110) foot west
of tho northeast corner of sold lot eight
($), thonco south twenty (20) rods,
thenco west fourteen (II) feet, thence
north twenty (20) rods, thenco cast
fourteen (It) feet, to tho plnco of ho
siuning. Also an undivided 127-771 In
terest in the- following described land,
to wit: Commencing at a point $S foot
and 1.9-25 incites north of tho south
east corner of lot S. block 7(7. plat "A."
Salt Lake City survey, nnd running
thenco north eight (s) foot, thonco west
one hundred and ton (110) feet, thenco
south eight fS) feel, thence east one
hundred and ton (110) feet, to the place
of beginning. Also a perpetual right of
Ingress and ogress to and from the floors
In the five-story brick building con-
slructed on iho lands above described nnd
other land adjoining the snmo. which
building Is known as the Constitution
building, through and over Iho main hall
ways on the ground floor and on tho sev
eral lloors above tho ground floor ex
tending east and west through that por
tion of said building, and also the per
petual right-of-way to and from snld
main hallways on said various floors,
through the branch hallways extendlug
from snld main hallways to the several
floors of said building. Ami nlno th"
; lolnt ownership and use with others of
(the elevator situated in and running to
land from said main hallways on said
last above described eight-foot strip of
Jand. and also the Joint use and owner
ship with others of the steam plant and
other machinery used in connection with
tho elevator service and heating and
lighting of said building.
An undivided one-seventh of lot 7.
block Vi, plat "A," Salt Lako City sur
vey, on and ofter tho 10th dav of Octo
ber. A. D 1912. and written bids will bo
received at the office of said Joseph A.
Jennings, room 301. Tribune building.
'Salt Lake City. Utah.
Terms of sale are as follows: Cash,
ten (10) per cont of tho purchase price
lo be paid on the dato of sale, and tho
balancH to bo paid upon confirmation of
sale by said cqurt. and tho delivery of a
f'u.irtllan of tho persons and "Elates of
Henrv Gordon Jennings and Ruth Jen
nings, minor.-.
Dated October -Uh. 1912. h 177
pTeatest Musical Attraction ever in the City! H
Together with WEISE the Hungarian Violin- H
'At the "Semloh-Louvre" Cafe Thursday H
Evening, October 10th. H
Solos! Duets! Trios! Quartettes!
POPULAR and CLASSIC! Miss Halcyon, the H
12-year-old "PRODIGY," wall astonish
Everyone by her wonderful Character
Singing: 6 p. m. to 12 p. m. daily. H
Under the Semloh Hotel H
Depart. Dally. Arrive.
71 P A TVT Ogden. Malad, Denver. Omaha. Kansas Q9ft A TW BBI
f .XO JA.. m . . City( Chicago. San Francisco. Ely and in- &J Ai 4.U. Hfl
termcdluto points. BB
8'fin A TW Osden. Logan. Pocatollo, Boise. Ashton- Ifi.nfl p TUT BVJ
.UU ii. ML.., intermediate Moutpeller. Going . . J.I.UU JT. iVi.
9:00 A. M. Motor flyer. Ogden. . . 5l00 P. M.
10:00 A. M. . Ogden and Intermedials points. . . 6:50 P. M.
ll:40A.M..OverUntI KnFtS' 3:15 P. M H
ll:59A.M..,Los AveBrX7n' Chlcnso . . 4:45 P.M. H
1:05 P. M. . OVK-,ana SSttr ac" . . 2:05 P. M. H
2:45 P, M... Ogden. Eolao. Portland. Butt. ... 4:50 P.M.
2:45 P.M. . Osdsn, San Franclico. 6:50 P.M. bbI
3:30 P. M. Motor Ogden, Brigbam. . . 9:15 A.M. H
4:30 P. M. . . rtcn' Br'fnrinterme-aIato?"e7, - - U 0 A. M.
Ogden, Denver, Omaha, Chicago (Pari: H
5:30 P. M. . CUy GrewJ iucr and West only . .12:40 P. M.
6:00 P. M. . . Motor ilyor Ogden. ,-. 8:00 A. M bbI
11:45 P.M.. Ogden, Botsfl, Portland. Butte- .10:30 A.M. bbI
City Ticket Office, Hotel Utah. Taleohone. Exehanga 15. H
- sv- : ' ' . -;- v- -.
Wnm lawn Town; . H
Visit the Tribune's Premium Dis-
plav and see the Splendid Articles bVJ
offered Headers. .
This Depnrtment is open be- jH
frweon 9 and 6 every day except
Sunday. . jH
- " IBBm

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