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I Jeff Doesn't Use That Kind of Language ' ' . ' :: : : 7: ' It ' By ttBud"Fij
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1" . 5br: Hfff' LcTTE THtR.? fft"N . . , I SfvyvbH CW (N THE TOO STAN UP AMD TSU-TMS j .11 'wWr
' -BM m losing wn ,(. , fUCH . t,.(ev T)QH.T kNqw Htvr eewp. whw .you think. Ms
a : ; "E-' ithinkofu?
IWolgast Balks at Walsh ..
Refereeing Monday's Bout
Champion Lightweight Now Demands Privilege of
Selecting the Third Man In the Rilig
I Special to. The Tribune.
'rw ORLEANS, Oct. SO. Not ati5
V lirO with dictating ills terms, $10.-'
nnn, -win, lone or Iran-, tor a ton
J. round bout with Joe lUandot. and
8lso inserting a. clause thai there
must nol be a. rtng-cido decision. Cham
plon Wolgast dropped a. sniall-flizcd bomb
Jn I he ramp of Promoter Tortorlch Tues
day evening refusing lo acc.f.pl. Tommy
"tValsr an referee. Tom .Ion (if. tho rbam
jion'B inn tmger. bncked .up his protege,
and as a result there. Is sonic lively skirm
ishing for a referee, and the clialiocs uro
that "Wolgost will also dictate this fea
ture, iinltti Promoter Tortorlch takes a
Jlrnt stand aqd either forces "Wolgast and
Jon-is to .tdke Walsh or IDr. Barnes or
cailK t bout Qtf.
Those prnrfdnt .'it the stormy session say
that . WajBh lias bcn completely cllmi
n;.'!d. WolgaFt fitipgested four different
mon to officiate Ed Smith of Chicago,
who reforecd th' Jolmbon-Flynn bout;
Bl!ly Itocap and Jack- McCfuipan or Phila
delphia, or K. "W. Dickorson nf Grand
Rapids, Mich. Rocup Is AVolgasfH first
choice, while Harry Coleman, Mandofs
manas"!-. huh not -fully determined which
man would suit him best. It 15 almost
certain' that Coleman will not stand for
Smith refereeing the bout and tho iudlca
tlouH aro that Promoter Tortorlch will
Jiav. u assert his right to hkve a say.
"VTolfan also illel an objection to Dr.
Barnes, another local man. It Ib now
evident tkaf tho champion proposes lo
name the referee, something ho succeeded
in putting over In- the -Klvcra lisl't Inst
CHICAGO, Oct. '20. With a long, hard
.v-rlmmaso againat the freshmen the
.?I!,V,?,'0KJf'ri,JII,,,Vcra,ty yesterday began
vorlt for the PUrduo game. Tho 'varsity
team scored fretiiifsnlly. iau,
Aorthwcntcrn uiilvursjty co-cds hero-nf.el-
will attend football games without
companion from the other so. This was
the ruling of the university athletic asso
ciation after It discovered that 200 en
thusiasts tit Bloomlnglon made more
noise than p00 Jn .Uvanalon. N'ot that the
gins themselves, refused to cheer, but It
Is said they prevent the men from -paying
safflclcni attention to the game.
Separate, seetions on the bleachers -will
assigned to the men and women stu
dents who see the Purdue game next Sat-
'uly. when Jai-k Welch of San Francliico
was name.d.
So far a? can be learned, either TVoIfIi
pr Barnes l& acceptable to Mandot. Joe.
say his friends, IhiiM in thi game to funs
nnri nqunbble over a referee. He Is anx
ious lo tlghl Volgast, but will not permit
the champion to name his terms, the
referee. I inters and practically every de
tail connected with tlje tight.
The general public seem" to condemn
VVolpast's demands. CConvcrsatlons aro to
the effect thai Promoter Tortorlch should
either nam" the referee or call tho bout
off. for It was pointed out that Wolcart
is getting ?10.00n for his end. with" no
chance to lose unless knocked out- AVol
gast's action will hardly meet with pub
lie approval, as he pulled off the same
thing In other towns? where he has fought
apd got away with H In some Instances.
In New York, Philadelphia and even
Quitter. TIL. where h fought Fn-ddle
Daniels. WolgaFt accepted homo referees.
The name should prevail hero, .-ay follow
ers of ihe boxlnc game. Wolgasi's argu
ments against "Walsh may and may not
have merit, but there Is no reason -why
a capable official cannot bo found in this
Tt was gossiped about today thai WoN
gmit s opposition to Walsh i a result of a
squabble that occurred several years ago
In a fight between the champion and "Wal
ler Little. Conflicting stories were In cir
culation and it was Impossible lo obtain
sufficient confirmation of cither of them.
Asked why -Wolnasl objected to him as
rclcree, Tommy "Walsh said today that he
preferred not to discuss the subject, for
-It would servo no good purpose."
IWolgast Will Not Lose- Title --' -Unless
He Is Knocked Out
i HICAGO. Oct. 0 Ad Wolgast is not
Eofrg to lore that precious titlo of
his to Jo Mandot next .Monday night un
mxm he break a leg or something- equally
soriouf, not tj,0 result of a punch, happens
Iwith'Th- lH, W" Ior ten rounds
with the French baker boy and there will
il verdict when It Is over. He's too
toug.i tu hurt much in that sort of a
whirl, fcu n may not bo amiss to con
durc on what will happen to Adolph when
tll"n,P';f o Stti Francisco. to battle
R,,lr,'".tv,onty rounds to a decision
on rjianksslvJnsr afternoon in Jim Coff
. roths arena. Tltal inatchr Is practically
vv Kul s,l,n,0J'1 c;r,lilln 10 So through.
.c J,"" ?,vt'' I'''" very thing with
i VhlCv t.hc ol,lcr evening. Emll
b?ndled Rltrhie and Packy .Mcl-'arlan'l
tm months at one and the same timo and
i!i,1,,l.n ,n ,l0L every min-
tttc. But he knows Its much about Ritchie
as anybody. Thiry claims R. tenia might
have beaten "Wolgast had ljo met him be
foro "Wllllo splintered a writ bone, which
was weeks and weeks ago in a. training
bout out west. The lone time hn has
had Ike wrist in a plaster cast, also tho
layoff ((self, Thiry figures, are going to
be great handicaps to hi in If ,ho squares
off with the. champion on turkcv day.
Another point that Thiry mentioned was
that the woeks of Idleness will make V',?,
pounds all the harder for "Willie to make,
lie could ha,vc dono the. notch without
much trouble had he kept busy In the
arena, but now will find ,it a mighty,
lough Job so tough, Thlrv thinks, that
he won't bo himself at all if Wolgast in
sists on inn ringside.
And "Wolgasl told ug on his last visit
to Chicago that Ritchie would have to do
IS3 at gong time or there would be no
fight. things look none too bright
when one ponders over the chances for
Willie to grab tho highly prized Hght
wclght crown from the Michigan wild cat.
Coach Olcsen of Ihq university freshmen
went to Logan last. Saturday to soo the
Montana-Aggie game for the purpose of.
gotting a lino on the Montana team, which
plays hero Saturday. He remained until
Tuesday morning and upon returning" said
that the Mlssoullana aro a heavy, fast
aggregation and that they will give Utah
la close gnme. SInco the game tho Mon
tana team has been practicing with the
Aggies, but Coach Oleseh received word
yesterday from Coach Cunningham that
tho team would leave for Salt L,aka to
day or tomorrow, depending upon the
relative weather conditions Jierc and In
Logan. If tho field Is bettor in Logan
thau here, tho Montana boys will remain
with tho Aggies until tomorrow.
I Overcoats 1
I Sits ik off I
I I rants - a
m We'll be here till Saturday night. I
,''m M Sale continues till then. Jfl
tf R Specials in Furnishing Goods and Hats. B
I : Alf ord Bros. Co. I
II M "Clothes of the Better Sort,; B
Il B 15 West Second South till Saturday night. B
Ung Man f
New Leader Who Is
Confronted by Task
of Rebuilding Team
j J ..' . -'V'' wX, .
"1 ivZ 9 j
A second division soccer league was or-'
SaWzed al a. mcoling held last night of
the faalt Lake Association Football league,
riircc teams, the Ulah State National
bank, the Oregon Short Lino Englnoerlnsf
department and the Salt Lake Juniors
entered tho new organization and five or
six more teams arc cK'pccted to Join. The
schedulo for the second division clubs
will he arranged as soon as tho member
ship is determined and moan while the
learns will play "friendly" games. The
JJankers and Engineers plav Saturday.
Arrangcmontu for the big game Satur
day between Salt Lake and Provo were
completed at last night's meeting. The
gamo will bo pluycd al tho state fair
grounds, beginning at ?,:V,0 o'clock. Charles
M lilting or Mr. Tucker will referee.
The Park City team has claimed a for
feit of points from Provo for failure to
appear bust Saturday to give the 24 hours'
notice required by tltc rules. "It Is thought
Park City will consent to play this game
off at a future dale and drop Its claim
for forfeiture.
NEW YORK. Oct. P.O. Thomas ,T.
Lynch, president of the National league
does not agree with tho contention of
Horace Fogel, president of tho Philadel
phia club, that the league has no Juris
diction In tho matter ot Investigating
T'ogers alleged statements reflecting on
National league baseball umpires.
in a statement tonight Lynch -says ho
has been advised by John Conway Toole,
retained as counsel In tho Inquiry Into
Fogel s case, that If it is provcd'Fogel
made the assertions attributed to him.
ho may ho punished even to the extent
or barring him front further participation
In tho National league's affairs.
The league officials, according to
Lynch, aro unanimously Insistent that
l'Ogcls case be probed and that "appro
priate action" be taken "If It is found
that arty person bas been guilty of mak
ng falsa statements" reflecting on the
leaguos method In conducting champion-
w?ll,.0nJ?i,lsr Fogel's heating will bo
in this city November 26.
LAKE FOREST. III., Oct. 30 Six slu
uPt Si2fw.L,!t0 Fi'CSt" university started
nft wri11,0". fLn,nely-mUo walk to Bc
!w is" ,nat Lhcy "K,y bo Pres-ent af the
football game Saturday with Belolt coL-
iletS?, ?SSMl lni cllccJ1"?, their cloven to
Wi,: IVJV thc c,1'Hmplonsliip of the Little
Klvo. Thoy expect to arrive In Bololt Fri
day night or Saturday morning.
The students took 75 cents each to
cover Incidental cxpensos and Coach Ken
nedy presented them with complimentary
tickets to the game. Thoy carried food
I and blankets and will sleep in barns en
route. They havft been promised a free
rido back If Lake Forest wins.
Wasatch Wins Trora Price.
Friends of tho Wasatch academy of
Mount Pleasant are pleased over the
showing made by tho football team of
that popular Institution in its Initial game
Saturday agalnkt Price academv. The
va,P3lch boys mode 11 touchdowns and
held Price to 7 points.
Moran Outclasses Horn.
iMcKCViVN9' ct" frrank Moran of
Pitt.-burc. heavyweight, was awarded
the dj .-i.Mon o t-v CUarlle Horn of Faji
Praii- ;to aL tin end of ten rounds' of
fast 11 1.1 hrvc tonlgbt, iloian out
cIHied Horn from tht. btdrt.
John Walls, the American,
and Alfred Leblanc Have
Not Yet Reported.
BBRLIN. Qcl. no. All tho balloons In
ibo International race for the James
;ordon-Bennpll cup. which started from
Stuttgart Sunday, havo been accounted
for with tbo except Ion of the lie' d Franc,
of which Alfred Lohhiuc, France, Is tho
pilot, and Dusseldorf IL, piloted by tho
American, John Waits.
According to present figures. the
French balloon, piloted by Maurice
Blcnalms, wins, first place, having cov
ered about 1354 milcy. Thv English bal
loon, .Honeymoon, apparently comes sec
ond; JJtirlch. Switzerland, third, and
Rciehflugverem. Germany, fourth.
The Zurich, pilot M. De Bcauclalr,
landed Tuesday morning near Tolosk,
government ot Vllna. The Italian bal
loon Andromeda. A. N. Suelli. landed
Tuesday near (ho Prussian frontier.
II. E Honeywell, pilot of tho Uncle
Sain, landed at Kycf-chlza. fifty miles lo
Hie northeast of Dunn burg. In the Uus-t-lun
province of Vitebsk. Tho distau.-c
thur. traversed by (lie t'ncle Sain falls
ronslderably short of that accomplished
by thc French balloon PIcardie.
KANSAS CITV. Oct. ::o. The Kansas
City Aero club, whose entry tti the Gordon-Bennett
cup rare was the Uncle.
Sam, today telegraphed Secretary Knox
asking him to request the governments
of Norway, Sweden and Denmark to :itnrt
a search for the balloon Dubsoldorf,
piloted by John Watta, a Kansas City
man Failure to rcceivo any report of
.Watts or his aid la causing local mem
bers of thc club much worry.
That Boise high school's team is in
poor Khapo for its game Saturday with
Salt. Lake high is indicated by tltc fol
lowing from tho Boise Statesman of
Deep, dark loom. hung in dense
clouds over Cody park yesterday
afternoon during the practice of the
high school football team. Coach
Worthwlnc bad planned to give thc
linemen u. good workout in prepare -lion
for thc game with Salt Lako next
Saturday, but when the practice
started it was found that Hays, ren
ter, and Dahlbcrg. tackle.- bad de
cided to cut practice and so wore not
on hand. Robinson, another tackle,
is out wllh a bad knee and Kiugsley,
guard, is still siclc Before tho prac
tlce was over Harold Brown was
compelled to leave with an Injured
leg. Ilorrlo Is out of thc game with
hu infection, while Alexander and
Nourso wero Injured In the Caldwell
Haselton is tho only regular line
man who was able to go through the.
scrimmage. The scrubs, aided by
Principal Kyan. worn able to hold thc
wreck of tho flrsl team to a d to 6
tie. This showing by tho first team
-was ' very discouraging lo the fans
who have been hoping thai liolse
would be able to make at least a
fair showing against the crack team
from Salt Lake.
High school's fast football bunch ranks
high as scholars. Not one of Ibe entire
squad wan declared Ineligible as a re
sult of the examinations this wpek and
Coach Richardson bad a hard time to se
lect the substltutos for thc Boise game.
Ho finally decided on Johnny Wilson,
whoso exceptional work at halfback has
lief ltie.nlrliAiI ltl 11.. a it.
oisiingutsncd mm rrotn tho rest 0f the
surplus material, and Bob Jcsson. who
worked part of tho CI tun d Junction and
Ogdon games at loft end and demon
strated that ho can be classed with tho
best ends in the slate. These two men
arc the best possible In case of emer
gency and thc entire line can be shifted
if neccasary.
Thc bo.vs wero put through a stiff sig
nal practice, yesterday, working the open
plays for which Boise is famous. ar as
to familiarize themselves with this stvin of
offense. Mr. Callahan came down and
will again bo present this afternoon and
glvo the boys their Una I instructions be
fore leaving. Coach Richardson will ac
company the team, but It Is customary
for the veteran advisor lo givo tho boys
a final talk borore thev leave for a trip I
An assembly will be held todav for the
purpose- of giving tho boys a fitting send
off. The team leaves Friday morning and
a crowd of students is expected to ac
company tho boys to tho depot.
Manager McCurdy announced veslcrdav
that a game, with All Hallows college had
been arranged for the second team to
come off Monday of next week. This
gamo In but one, of a scries that the
younger team nlav preparatory o
their trio Into Co orado Thanksglvln- day
Coach Richardson h. anxious " fo"0 this
squad to beat the Tigers decisively ,Vd
s Jaltlrtp every nrecaution to have thflrtl
n the best popalblo form when they K
tho Colorado near-champs. "
Differ on Balls to Bo Usod.
K. Webber, thc Chicago hamJha.ll ex
pert has signified 1,1s wliyi"-,-to take
on Al Carlson of the Salt Lake fire de
partment In a. series of games, mpulsttin
ihat tho games be Pla.yed on a rogula oil
sized handball court and that regu it on
balls be used. As Carlspn has I ecom"
accustomed to the balls used on the V Ai
C A. courts which differ In sro and
weight from tho regulation, he l not will
Ing to concede, tho uso of the. ball stnu
lafed bv the Chlcagoan The two players
will inert today and try to adjust the difference,
Chicago Player Who
Says He Will Never
Again Don Cub Suit
'0 "X'fr.y J
Varsity Players Take
Straw Vote; Roosevelt
Leads In the Ballot
Tito University of Utah football leav
ers have heroine Imbued with political
fervor and last night, before lltov wory
willing to get down to practlc. they In
sisted upon holding a straw election and
voting for the president of the United
states. The count was made bv CorJ;h
Reunion and it was found that Roosevelt
was the favorite, although ho failed to eel
a majority of the voles. Eight wero east
for tho Progressive leader, seven for Wil
son and ono each for Tafl and Debs.
After the election thc men were ready
for work and a snappy scrimmage prac
tice was held with the freshmen.
It bad boon planned to have secret
practice for the rest of the week, but Hie
snow made the field sloppy and the men
went on the rronl lawn ror the after
noon's work. Tho lawn slopes sharply
and when tin; f realties aro uphill llinv
make things about as lively ror tho var
sity as could bo wished. Thc rrcshles
have occn taught the formations which
have been employed so far (his season
by the University of Colorado and they
are pretty formations, too. With these
well mastered the under classmen were'
given the ball and the benefit of thc slope
and varsity waa Instructed to "tear
things up."
This wa- no iasy mailer and before a
half hour wa,s up the scrimmage- hod lost
Us friendly aspect and took on the ap
pearance of a real game. The varsltv
found it difficult lo break up the pin's,
as the snow made the footing poor and
fighting Uphill is II0l Uie cas est th Vng ,,
the world anyway. ."' wi
However, when thc varsity had the ball
tho lino held so well that even on the
snow and fighting against Ihe grade lltcy
were able to maio consistent gains.
NEW YORK, Oct. ."O.-Wlth a vicuv of
deciding on a successor to the title of
heavyweight championship of the world
i I T Ivelly. representing Hugh Mc
lnusb the Australian promo tor? tod, li
stened a contract with Dan McKottrlck
manager for Joe Jeatmctte. HCiVttintK-
rhe contract calls for a series or five
By the terms of the contract. Mcintosh
Jeannettc S25.000. with ?he
Pi v lege of ii, pcr ce,n of ln, t '
celplji. with five round trip ticket' for
himself, manager and sparring partners
letter part of November In addition to
i.hC-n. r''1.'!10 M'V,l0h '111 dona e
, ib1 cioatlo of the world's
heavyweight championship.
Jeannctto Makes Poor Showirjr
?,mV ?9,R ,L't- SO If Joe Jean
net o and Jim Johnaon fought their levd
best at the Forty-fourth BtrpcL club o
night, heavywelghto need not add the
prowess of either to their other trouble;;
Jim and .Too wont through ten rounds of
cry slovenly boxing. At t.o time were
tho spectators knocked off their camn
stools with enthusiasm. Jeannctto ftt
tho big Philadelphia black do all the TfM l
Ing Joe didn't have tho steam or tho
inclination behind hl: punches! Ve nSln
clinched throughout, (wo-thlrdo of the
contest oclng while away In that fashion:
Adam Bedc Wins Stako
T NTSWfARKET. England. Oct. so
Louis Inaii'r Adarti Bede today won the
Cambridgeshire stakes handicap . The
Good Intent and Sinn Feinn, Played for umi.
Things," Finish Outside the Money onS
Track Likened to a "Sea of Mud." Wl
RUNNTrCG over a track which was
literally a "sea. of. mud," tho
horeo performed as usual nt
I-agoon yesterday afternoon, and
. the" faithful crowd of "regulars"
e.he?rcd the performances and forgot the
I discomfort? of cool weather. Tho track
was oo muddy thai the tjHUs worn by the
Jockeys wore quickly plastered and it
was difficult to tell until tho finish what
horse had won each ewent. The Indica
tions aro for improved weather today,
and by tomorrow the usual "Ladles'
day" c'owd will b In attendance.
DesoHe the unfavorable track condi
tions, the talf.nt waa In rare form and
had all the better of the bout with the
layers of odds. The public got off well
in the first wh;n Arthur Tlyman. backed
Into favoritism, 'made a. show of his field
to win by five lengths from Phil Connor,
a. long shot. N'a rli. the second choice,
closed well after being outrun thc first
part and finls-hsd third. Billy Myvr
opened favorite at S to 5. hut reeled
rapidly until 0 to 2 waB offered against
Ills chances at post time. As the horses
wero on their way to thc barrier, the
judges halted O'Brien, who had the
mount on Billy "Mycr, and cautioned hiu
to do his best. The hoy obeyed Instrue
tions. but the old horse would not ex
tend himself in the going.
A real good thing was upset in the sec
ond race when Good Intent, backed down
from S to 5 to close at 7 lo 1.0. finished
outside I he money; So heavy was the
play on Hie "good thing" that the book
makers were offering even money on the
field agalnHt him. Dave Nlcol. on Thc
l"ad, spoiled thc attempted coup. He got
Hie speedy Woolsthorpo gelding away
well and took him to the front at once.
Thc Fad has the habit of running out on
tho turns, but N'lyol kept him straight
August Belmont Taken
For Bookmaker by a
Race Track "Sherlocko"
By international News Sen tee.
NEW YORK. Of I. 00. August Bclmmit
was talklnc to a group of newspaper men
at thc United Hunts meeting at thc Bel
mont terminal this afternoon, fie was
telling them about his Rockrand colt.
Tracery, winner of thc St. Lcgcr handi
cap in England, and drew from his pocket,
two pictures of the splendid animal.
The reporters crowded elose about Mr.
Belmont and several of theui were taking'
notes, when suddenly tho big county de
tective who Is al thc track to look out'
for oral bettors loomed up a ltd surveyed
the group.
"What'd thc matter?" asked otic of tho
"I'm Just watching that bookmaker,"
replied the slouth, noddhur in the direc
tion of Mr. Belmont. "If he takes any
money "
But tlio explosion that followed .lt owned
Ms threat. Hehnont put the. pictures of
Tracery back In his pocket and had more
fun with tho detective than with the races
the rest of the afternoon.
By International News Service.
ii.,Thn?V1?' 0c.1, 30"-"ger Bresnuhan
h . u, been released unconditionally bv the
Cardinals find official notification o'f tho
h x'I,OHV:"'(,l0,,, lo President Lynch of
the National league.
-JSiIVVmiw lR ,,0Klti0 to know
r,mi?i ' "'resting information ate
has u' lv, l m rClrur mc;V,s tImt thc club
rw. alic1 ,ts u,olm 10 Roger's services
Roger becomes a free iiiT-nt and the
tV A. i,Vi. nr'1 ,cal 0,1 Ills scrvk-cs. After
thev all nave had the r say, the Amer-
ie!vicSSUC CU" StCP and Wd 'rSr'hls
today with his head enca!?! ifi"a S
waters on Seplcmbor l. 1G samC
Brouillard Bests Sicfcora.
and hugged thr rail aii 1"e
hnndlly by a Jeopth. 3 cftWgjfc c
n close pursuit of the
himself out In his ffft PWP, n
tiuhdted o,,S,ic the" f; ,JV S8f?
Illcn a whirlwind fro,,, k i$mj
and saved the place. nth rv.R-n
third position. "L IjMjjj
Oxer and Just RPlj divIdM r
Hie play in the thin rare'WSL
a luke-.warm third ehoieo, at J fit
latter prove,! the l.( in th i?JK C
won han.lllv by two lenuj. iK ,
war in Ihe race. .l --ni
bad-temprrd animal i, .vK-i'fi
long delay resulted Starl,r S
hold them at tho satr. f0r nlnhRlnS
half minutes before lie m tiWES
and Hie excessive. rtiv tnH himL R
tho stBrttf. .TiiKt Red rarrfK
winner throughout and lust-d iorim-' .
to save the nlac. Or'mjr uB-a
longest shot in tho raej, ivii IIihW- "
stumbled r-pi!?.tHlj. Hill rr? &
strong enough to hold his Wl&BUTE
Clay was- last. 'WLn
Another - good thin?1' -srr,i lmtH!
defeat in thn fotjrllt when "simm!
played from i to dovn tQjaL.
sliei unplaced and shonH n
warn. nt the atronir suppon, TBfTH'
nor turned ui in C. "W KenetlW J
showvd vast improveiiient or 'mMh 2
vious out. and won all tlie Mrfy S
lengths. Flying hurt: on ptmCffJT' 5
the plaee. bv tho .hirlst rjfiWn;
l"loron-e Kripp. on whom Faulcj
vorv poor race. II ke n-ltjtjjr
sPght es help to tli" marf. etlV
on her ovn .ouragc. AbounJ (aJPf.
route tor, far. ",I
Mandodero had only to- gulkp fcB1
the put. so offered for thi 0'QjMne
llbiili . :s easily pccotrl butisjHi
enre A. had littlo mnlptitlot)' (rKl!
Dutrh Courage ran lapp)lDtIhflti
track to his liklnz. ''lBtik
The final rare produce thf!9IEi
ish of the day. when P4ayRati!
in the last stride to win ny a
Frank Ruhrflaller. the lilter jE-,
in front of Green Iflt, the inR
third rholc-? The dinner "OTBli
to'bc sold -for $100, bat nOoUtflBlfe
Today's Lagoon Entiisii
I'lrjl vae-rutiirjlv count. ffllt'j,
rrar-ol-Jc Ami upwan .
Toil. Wt I oSa, :M
i.'.OS Arthur llymjn.tD?! IlfJ Fr?J W Mf
lf.09 Onhlgrcn 10?i III E4 fiUPL
150'' Dor. Prince . . 10)1 j: Asm
l!?'t ZlnkAur 103 -m:
Scrmifl race-I-'lvo futlon;.'. Sdlltf W
olds Km upnrJ. , .
i:.0i Tbi l:(iti llllMTI Eialh H
! us: Tiuit)5i).ist ..ni!HK f3ti itfJMi
imG) ThUtln Bfllc .I5ll.'-'3 M W.f
ltrf. Uo Harrison It. JOS
ThlrO nre-Plve (urkc;. ami MiW.
"hg Aulo Rtin lll'H" PJff101
io:.; Moih-r liolltK rit!i;lf.
IIS! PufC-Uinr lOir iHt
ronnti n'-oOna mill. Stmet
okl ami upn-irO. .. , , .JK!
USS Ulscontcat . .lHl Il '!l ,?tli
1C0I .t. O'Uiiitcrn .11:1 ''flL'W
HS3 ZorenMor . --111! ! WW-
(1C03I Mlnml HI . 'Mfr
Fifth rii-c Out mllf anI t"Hb 'Mf
107. Rcatrlc Seule .! J?
1135 Oiilas . ...10IMMJ XfilllX
Slxlli rnro-SIt furlongf. StllUf' ivk
olits nnd tipw.ird. . ii'M
KT0 Sir Darry.. . IM SMl-ltr-7
Tom Murphj-lW H .
(1500) CliorJc? BroB-n.lj 'VTTc
Today's Latonla Vztyfmk-i
Flmt raco-TUrco-Qimlcrs cf ?iKjl
CJVS Gitldn Post K U rniuMd. ,
E0i3 OoM Cfllor . " I-fHpTjbl
5SJ5 Over Hie Snd.10: KJ ?JTK
was Roy u iM fj sred
5.111 rrovinco I05t., BMrin?
Second race-Mile. "f:. miJK' 11
tflOl noncrall .. ...103 yWH U
Third re-Tbr-0UK Vll M .
CSU Com. Touch ....1M
filtD U and Queen !
Kn P.M Prior .... 0 gJ JjfpMfc" ,
E333 CorropUs ...W?l JiTcSMf,
Fourth race Three-auiitter e.
Tracker nor .. fJ ilSR,
6175 noy.l T .... Ig j
eow iootcur . y? g5 Ci?Hte
617.'. F. Crow!ar..llO IwTBff
Pitch race-Mile Ml VS? 'ou5 .
07 Sleotli mS'W
ESSs" I'll Pryon ..ICtl .i.iM-tit'JsMl
Sixth neo-MlIt xni "jpk l
0$T Fljtor Florence. U iKjLR-
m? coupln lut ...10 '' w rH
053 John Loul3 ....1011
Latonla Re8U;fiJS
Kirt r.ir, Hv and nfAB
in (Loftusi. -v..;o. 'JVfMfn.
olid: Plar of Dinube, . I , W?J S
Time-1:05 t-5. P TfK
BrlSdc. Portable. Cream n4 n-
107 (Turner). Sl.-'O. ,4D.
Du-ter. 103 (Henry). U. I'-VT UU
Bravo. 105 (rJro:). ' i H St1kbL W
M. Capihoii, MIe Gun l",'
tea Lnssfr. also iU; ...caKelJiBir
Third race. l WfBl
rr. J.?0. V.JO 4 if
Sue. W nt Green. "tW, , M?fru.. c
Fo-irih r- ''Wn ,
fMoie3Vort!Ov . fJ: ,&t fBHar
Fifth race, one ai" JL1 BS

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